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Yellow Submarine

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by Kitschensyngk, Sep 15, 2009.

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    '''''Yellow Submarine''''' is a 1968 feature film directed by [[George Dunning]] at [[TVC]]. It is noted for its psychedelic visual style, developed by the artist [[Heinz Edelmann]].

    ==Plot synopsis==
    The idyllic Pepperland, home of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, is invaded by the music-hating Blue Meanies who turn its inhabitants to stone. The sole survivor is Old Fred, who escapes in a yellow submarine and arrives in Liverpool, where he enlists the help of the Beatles. Together, the five travel through varous weird and wonderful locales in their quest to free Pepperland from the Meanies.

    <dt>The Beatles
    * ''voiced by:'' John Clive (John), Geoff Hughes (Paul), Peter Batten (George), Paul Angelis (Ringo)
    <dd> John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr--the Liverpudlian superstars who journey in the submarine to Pepperland. Played by their real life counterparts during musical numbers and in the live-action segment that closes the film.
    <dt>Old Fred
    * ''voiced by:'' Lance Percival
    <dd>The captain of the Yellow Submarine, although he insists that he can't even make his soap float. Referred to as "Young Fred" by the elderly Lord Mayor.
    <dt>Chief Blue Meanie
    * ''voiced by:'' Paul Angelis
    <dd>The maniacal leader of the Blue Meanies, so mean that he insists his comrades only ever answer his questions with "no".
    <dt>Blue Max
    * ''voiced by:'' Dick Emery
    <dd>The Chief Blue Meanie's long-suffering right hand man.
    <dt>Jeremy Hilary Boob, Ph.D
    * ''voiced by:'' Dick Emery
    <dd>The Nowhere Man, a strange creature befriended by the Beatles when they end up in the Sea of Nowhere.
    <dt>The Dreadful Flying Glove
    <dd>A giant blue glove with a booming laugh that smashes Pepperland at the behest of the Blue Meanies.

    ==Production history==
    Following the completion of ''A Hard Day's Night'' and ''Help!'', the Beatles were contracted to release one more film for United Artists. The idea that the final feature in this three-picture deal would be animated came about due to two factors: one was that the band had grown weary of their time-consuming stints as actors; the other was that [[Al Brodax]], who produced the band's animated TV series (titled simply ''[[The Beatles]]''), had made a verbal agreement with the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein that he would be allowed to turn the series into a feature film if it were successful enough. The fact that the band was not happy with the series contributed to their minimal involvement with the film.

    The project was handed to T.V.C., the British studio that handled most of the animation on the American-produced series. George Dunning, the studio's founder and the film's director, rejected the TV series' visual style and instead hired the designer Heinz Edelmann to give the film a look inspired by the psychedelic pop art of the period. The film's style impressed the Beatles so much when they visited the studio that they requested a live-action cameo.

    During the final weeks of production, Peter Batten, the voice of George and a deserter from the British army, was arrested, and Paul Angelis had to fill in for him.

    The film was stylistically inflential, with British advertisers commissioning animation studios to imitate its look in their work; when describing the state of British animation in the 60s, [[Aardman Animations|Aardman]] co-founder [[Peter Lord]] described the film as "a beacon".

    At the 1984 Olympics Arts Festival, an international panel of animation enthusiasts placed ''Yellow Submarine'' third on a list of the fify greatest animated films ever made

    According to the tabloid newspaper ''The Daily Mirror'', Queen Elizabeth II identified ''Yellow Submarine'' as her personal favorite film.

    In 2009, Robert Zemeckis and Disney announced plans to produce a CG motion-capture remake of the film, aiming to release it in time for the 2012 London Olympics.
    {| width="100%"
    | Director<br>'''George Dunning'''

    Original Story<br>'''Lee Minoff'''

    Screenplay<br>'''Al Brodax<br>Jack Mendelsohn<br>Lee Miniff<br>Erich Segal'''

    Designer<br>'''Heinz Edelmann'''
    | Animation Directors<br>'''Bob Balser<br>Jack Stokes'''

    Additional Sequence Director<br>'''Edrich Radage'''

    Special Effects<br>'''Charles Jenkins'''

    Background Supervisors<br>'''Alison de Vere<br>Millicent McMillian'''
    | Line Producer<br>'''John Coates'''

    Production Coordinator<br>'''Abe Goodman'''

    Associate Producer<br>'''Mary Ellen Stewert'''

    Original Songs<br>'''The Beatles'''

    Musical Director<br>'''George Martin'''
    | Producer<br>'''Al Brodax'''

    Animation Production<br>'''T.V.C. London'''

    Production<br>'''Apple Corps<br>King Features'''

    Distributor<br>'''United Artists''' (USA)

    * ''The Animated Movie Guide'', edited by Jerry Beck
    * ''British Animation: The Channel 4 Factor'', Clare Kitson
    * '50 Fascinating Facts That One Never Knew About the Queen', ''Daily Mirror'' 30 May 2002
    * [http://www.awn.com/mag/issue1.4/articles/deneroffini1.4.html AWN: The Olympiad of Animation]
    * [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063823/companycredits ''Yellow Submarine'' on the Internet Movie Database]

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