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Witch Hunter Robin

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by Kitschensyngk, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Kitschensyngk

    Kitschensyngk Worse than one of those little blue crunchy things

    Sep 3, 2006
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    '''''Witch Hunter Robin''''' is a supernatural [[anime]] series produced by Japanese animation studio [[Sunrise]].

    Twenty-six episodes of the series aired in Japan from July 2 to December 24, 2004. The series is licensed in North America by Bandai Entertainment and has aired in the U.S. on [[Cartoon Network]]'s [[Adult Swim]] block and in Canada on YTV.

    SOLOMON is a secret global organization whose main goal is to hunt and capture witches, who in this modern age are ordinary humans with supernatural powers such as telekinesis, ESP and the like. The Japanese branch of SOLOMON, also known as the STN-J, differs from other branches in that witches are captured alive with help of a substance known as "Orbo" which neutralizes their powers.

    15-year-old Robin Sena has been hired as their new replacement hunter after their previous hunter is killed under mysterious circumstances. Robin is a craft-user who has the power to summon fire at will, which is proven to be unstable and erratic on her first day with the STN-J. Throughout the series she starts to question the morality of their witch-hunts, and as her craft continues to develop, wonders if she can trust her new coworkers and if one day she may be hunted herself.


    '''Robin Sena'''
    : ''voiced by:'' Akeno Watanabe (JP), Kari Wahlgren (US)

    : ''voiced by:'' Takuma Takewaka (JP), Crispin Freeman (US)

    '''Miho Karasuma'''
    : ''voiced by:'' Kaho Kouda (JP), Wendee Lee (US)

    '''Yurika Dojima'''
    : ''voiced by:'' Kyoko Hikami (JP), Michelle Ruff (US)

    '''Haruto Sakaki'''
    : ''voiced by:'' Jun Fukuyama (JP), Johnny Yong Bosch (US)

    '''Michael Lee'''
    : ''voiced by:'' Hiro Yuuki (JP), Dave Wittenberg (US)

    '''Chief Shintaro Kosaka'''
    : ''voiced by:'' Shinpachi Tsuji (JP), Doug Stone (US)

    '''Takuma Zaizen'''
    : ''voiced by:'' Michihiro Ikemizu (JP), Jamieson Price (US)

    {| width="100%"
    | Original Story<br>'''Shukou Murase<br>Hajime Yatate'''

    Director<br>'''Shukou Murase'''


    Character Design<br>'''Kumiki Takahashi'''
    | Color Design<br>'''Takako Suzuki'''

    Director of Photography<br>'''Hisao Shirai<br>Katsutoshi Sugai'''

    Music<br>'''Taku Iwasaki'''

    Music Production<br>'''Victor Entertainment'''
    |Animation Production<br>'''Sunrise'''

    Production<br>'''Bandai Visual<br>Sunrise'''

    Producer<br>'''Kenichi Matsumara<br>Tsutomu Sugita'''
    | U.S. Licensor<br>'''Bandai Entertainment'''

    ADR Production<br>'''Bang Zoom! Entertainment'''

    ADR Direction<br>'''Eric P. Sherman'''

    ADR Script<br>'''Crispin Freeman<br>Tony Oliver<br>Kristi Reed'''

    '''Opening Theme'''
    * "Shell" by Bana
    '''Closing Themes'''
    # ''Episodes 1-14, 16-25:'' "Half Pain" by Bana
    # ''Episodes 15, 26:'' "Shell" by Bana (instrumental)
    ==Episode guide==
    : ''See under [[Witch Hunter Robin: episode guide]]''.

    [[Category: Anime TV series]]
    [[Category: 2000s animated series]]

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