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World's Finest Writer's Corner Wishing Upon a Fallen Star

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Gold Bug 2, May 28, 2012.

  1. Gold Bug 2

    Gold Bug 2 New Member

    May 12, 2012
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    Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to the nintendo franchise. All rights reserved from the video game of Kirby's Dreamland are in soul possession of the HAI company.

    Authors Note: I wrote my fanfiction on the NES version of Kirby's Dreamland because I think that the original game could have had some promise as a cartoon in the early 90's. This is in no way like the 2000's version of the Kirby cartoon, Kirby Right Back at You. My main attempt for making these chapters on the game is to give a full discriptive back-story of the loveable pink fluffball of a hero.

    I hope that everyone likes the story. Enjoy:

    Story One: The Rogue Knight
    Chapter 1 “Destination: Dreamland”

    The room was completely dark, except for a little spotlight shinning on a pink ball on the marble floor. The ball had little glove-like hands and short, rounded feet, but it was motionless all the same.

    A deep voice echoed through the darkness, “Our experiment is a success! The star warrior is made from our specific specifications. A small, pink rounded form that can expand as it engulfs it’s enemies. And it can learn special effects from the evil creatures among Dreamland below us. The few from Whispy Woods, like the spark monster. Another from a flame monster. A third monster who carries bombs. And lastly, the most powerful of them all, a creature who clutches the Dreamland blade.

    “Will this creature be able to defeat it’s first objective, the demon tree deep within the Whispy Woods? It’s all up to the pink fluff ball known as Kirby.”

    The pink ball stirred, stood up and looked up into the light above him. He blinked a couple times until he said to it, “Piku? Chi piku criba. Vick driga chiba?”

    “It is all right, Kirby.” The creator urgently tried to calm him. “The light will not harm you. I’ve created you to save the land called Dreamland. It is a half a million miles below us…so you’ll arrive there within ten minutes.

    “Now, I must tell you about your sucking power. When you inhale a creature with a lesser power…say a mushroom demon…you’ll take in the outer mushroom shell and leave the innards. It’ll still hop about, so what you must do is spit back the shell at the exposed mushroom. Do you understand?”

    Kirby shook his head and shifted his feet. It continued to stare into the light, holding it’s hands over his head while the creator cleared his throat.

    “Very well, onto the next set of monsters. The second set of monster is the ones who hold special powers within themselves. These usually show powers such as spark, flame and even the powerful Dreamland sword. When you ingest these creatures, you must digest it through your system. This process will go through your stomach within a couple of seconds and the you’ll be able to use the special powers the creatures that you’ve eaten. Do you understand?”

    Kirby said, “Kriba chi, niba.” and shook his head.

    “That’s good to hear. Now’s the time to send you on your journey. You’ll ride the galactic star down to Dreamland. Get yourself ready for the journey – I will see you back here when you’ve defeated the warlord King DeeDee.”

    Kirby shook his head, ran out of the small light and into the darkness. As soon as he did, the room lit up. This startled him a bit as he jumped a few inches. While glancing toward the left, he saw a marble door. The handles were square…not at all odd for Kirby’s home planet. His small feet scurried across the white and black tiles. The handle for the door was too small for him. He had no choice but to inhale air, expand his size and reach for the handle. As he turned it, the metal creaked.

    Opening the door revealed a dark courtyard before him. A huge arch lay to the north. And above the arch was a statue of Kirby’s grandfather, Pilo. Below the arch, a single, white star twinkled there. This was his chance – and no one around to see him – in case he stumbles off of it.

    Running like an odd little fluffy poodle, Kirby waved his arms wildly about, arriving underneath the arch. Boarding the star in the middle, his stomach lurched. The star shot off from the platform. A few specks of star dust scattered all around the arch. Like millions of shooting stars scattering throughout the eternal blackness of space, the dust rained on top of the arch, lightly blanketing it.

    Neat, Kirby thought. I can’t believe I’m leaving home. He zoomed around a moon and hurtled toward the world of Dreamland. Within ten minutes, the white star crash landed on the planet, scattering into millions of small particles and he hurtled into an apple tree. A huge red apple shook from the branches and smacked Kirby on top of his head.

    A loud groan came from him. He inhaled the apple that lay just a foot from him. Expanding into twice his regular size, he crouched down, ingested the apple through his stomach and sighed in relief. “Piku, cachi!” Kirby said in relief, as he enjoyed his meal. He whipped his head and ran away from the tree, headed toward the woods and he would soon find out what adventure he would have to endure in the world of Dreamland.


    Darkness of the Whispy Trees:

    For in the east, the wind blows rough
    All of a sudden from the ground
    And through the air with such a sound,
    The Darkness of the creatures dig dip within
    The Whispy Forest of light from years past.

    Come to the land of dreams...
    Dream of it, you may seem
    Of the reluctant bunch...you certainly are...
    What is the dark heart which slowly kills the bark?

    For some hero to come to it's aid
    Of legendary status it'll soon be laid
    Upon the crown of the pink fluffy ball
    The hero engulfs the evil...but what of it will soon behold?

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