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Teen Titans Fan Fiction Winds of Fate: The X Factor (Teen Titans)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Destiny_Smasher, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Destiny_Smasher

    Destiny_Smasher Epic Fail

    Sep 17, 2004
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    Well, now, after months of trying to register for these boards for the sole purpose of getting this fanfic up, let's see what happens...:sweat:
    I could type some insanely long explanation as to the origins of this fanfic, etc., but, for now, I won't bother.

    If people actually start reading it, I may explain a bit behind its purpose.

    What you need to know?

    -This fic takes place right after Season 1 of Teen Titans.

    -This fic directly ties in with 'Quest for a Destiny!', a very large fanfic crossover project I have spent almost 4 years on so far altogether.

    -This fic does contain spoilers for any Teen Titans fan who doesn't want anything ruined. This includes spoilers of later episodes, too. I would explain this, as well, but you'll just have to find out as you read.

    - This fic contains explicit language, but I wouldn't say it's packed with it. Also, later on, there is some semi-graphic violence. I don't know what level it will reach, but it won't be meaningless. Anyway, just to be safe, this story is intended for teenage audiences and older.

    For now, I'll post up the Prologue, and I'll go from there. If there are any questions, do feel free to ask, either here or by E-Mail. I'd be very happy to clear up anything, as this fic has a lot of things going on when it picks up.

    Anyway, here you go. Enjoy it.

    Oh! Almost forgot...I guess the best rating for this would be Teen. It contains some foul language here and there, and I guess some stuff later on will be kind of...not-for-little-kid material.

    I'm aiming for a teenage audience here.

    ---*<Begin Transmission>*---

    The Q4D! Saga...

    Winds of Fate: The X Factor

    Prologue- Wind's Whispers

    The city was deep and relaxed, in its prime time. The glowing rays of the sun had just fled from the navy skies, and small traces of them remained, stretching out their fingers to the residents of the city.

    The day had been a calm and peaceful one, and for the Titans, that was good and plenty. Not a speck of villainy was to be spotted all day, despite their patrols. And so, they rested on a triangular rooftoop, starving to eat their long-awaited dinner.

    The air was rather warm and inviting, the summer zephyrs pleasant to the touch. A nice, long breeze flew by, and a slightly tan-skinned girl with deep red hair smiled as she felt it pass over her. She had eyes that glowed with emotion, and had a dainty-looking form. She sat patiently, her arms folded in her lap neatly. She was being relatively quiet, abosorbing in the atmosphere.

    However, she was quickly broken out of her evening dream as bitter voices began to puncture her thoughts.

    "NO! Listen, man, I WILL NOT eat meat!!" came a kind of high and defensive tone.

    "Come ON, B, just this once?!" a deep, smooth voice spoke back.

    The owner of the first voice was standing up, his hands on the table, his face beginning to fume a bit. He was a little unique in comparison to other people, for he was green. His eyes were very expressive and wild. He was Beastboy, a marvel with the power to transform into creatures at will. Very flexible in combat situations.

    "No is NO, Cyborg! You KNOW there's no point, so give it up, man!" he grumbled to the broad person who sat to his left on the circular, red table.

    In physical appearence, he was a machine, but at heart, he was human. Composed of metal, plastic, wires, ciruitry, skin, and flesh, he was an odd sight. But a formidible foe, for sure. He had a spirit as tough as the steel that plated his head. And his eyes...One was a glowing red light, the other a sharp human one. Any flesh that was shown on him was of a brown color. He was Cyborg.

    "Oh, PLEASE! Every damn time we order pizza, I never get my meat! I need my protein! Why do you keep denying me the "All Meat Experience"?! Come on, I'll pay for my own, just lemme me eat some red stuff, for Superman's sake!"

    He was getting a little worked up, and it showed as one of his super-strength arms pounded into the table, shaking it a little more than was neccessary. His face got nervous immediately, and he scanned around in shock, hoping he hadn't drawn too much attention.

    A calm and relaxed tone came from Cyborb's left, and it's owner had an exhausted look about him.

    "Guys...Can't we just order? It's really not that hard a task..." He let out a deep sigh and slumped over in his seat, resting his head in his arms, which were folded across the plastic table.

    The red-haired girl cleared her throat and proposed timidly, "I am eager to experiment upon our pizza with some mint frosting..."

    Beastboy and Cyborg, who had just began to bicker a bit more stared at her dully, and BB muttered, as if this was routine, "Star...Mint frosting ISN'T a topping on pizza...Remember...?"

    Starfire, an alien being with super natural powers, let out a disappointed sigh and murmured politely, "I understand your view, Beastboy, but I do not understand...Is there a law somewhere that states that mint frosting is not permitted to be placed on pizza...?"

    Beastboy gave her the most puzzled look any of them had shown all day, and he couldn't come up with an answer.

    "Uh..." He blinked a few times in confusion, and the leader of their little band came in to settle the matter. His eyes were cloaked by a black mask of sorts, which only covered them, so they appeared as white spaces on his face. He had messy, black hair, and a tight outfit of red and green, with a yellow belt and cape to finish it off. He was Robin, the leader of the Titans.

    "OK, listen...Starfire...MOST people don't eat...minty...stuff...on their pizza...Then again, most people don't drink MUSTARD..." he paused a moment to reflect. "But ya know what, Star? You're not normal. Psh," he chuckled warmly, "NONE of us are normal, let's face it!"

    A few laughes came out from the bunch, except one. She had remained still and silent for the past while, not even moving. She sat in her seat, her eyes closed, her hands stretched out in a meditative pose. She had dark and depressing eyes and shining, silver hair which ran down to her shoulders. Those eyes were almost expressionless at the time, which was what she was trying to acheive. She was Raven, by far the most mysterious of the group.

    Out of nowhere, it seemed, she suddenly burst out a comment. It was monotone and dim, but a comment, nonetheless. Her voice also had a slight bit of raspyness to it. Just barely.

    "...Why don't we just order and get out of here...?"

    Starfire let out a sigh and answered, "I apologize for the inconvenience, friends. I was merely making a suggestion."

    "No, no, no, wait," Robin spat out, waving his arms around. "Ya know what, guys? How long has it been since STARFIRE got to choose the pizza?"

    There was utter silence as the others stared in dismay, almost knowing what was about to happen.

    "We're supposed to be a team, and teams are fair, right?"


    Robin cleared his throat, uncomfortable from the lack of communication. Starfire, meanwhile, was staring at him expectantly.

    "Right...So, I say we let Star pick tonight." He coughed out a bit as he finished by saying, "Mint frosting it is..."

    There were no objections, at least not any verbal ones, and the long-haired girl was delighted.

    "Oh, Robin, I thank you dearly! Thank you, friends, for joining me in my curiosity!"

    "No prob," Cyborg murmured dully.

    "You bet," Beastboy muttered, his eyes wandering.

    "Mm hm," Raven hummed, as plain as ever.

    Robin sucked in a deep breath, laid back in his seat and mumbled, "See? Now, was that so hard...?"


    A set of shining, solid teeth sliced apart the odd food viciously, and the tongue that rested within the mouth seemed pleased. His partially mechanic arm reached out for another piece of this strange delight, his mouth watering for more.

    "Man!" he cried, shaking his head in astonishment. "This is pretty GOOD!"

    "Really," Beastboy agreed, his voice muffled from the sea-green plastered pizza in his jaws.

    Raven's narrow eyes were glaring at the unique food in dismay, and she seemed to be pondering whether or not to try any. If she didn't QUICK, it was all going to be gone.

    "Not hungry, Raven?" Robin muttered, noticing her statue state.

    She didn't reply, nor did she acknowledge his existence- but Robin was used to that, and let her continue.

    Starfire's gleeful eyes sparkled with happiness as she let her jaws dive into her third slice of 'Pizza a la Mint'.

    "Whoa, Star," Beastboy chuckled, having just completed his first piece. "Don't wanna choke on that..."

    Starfire began to attempt to speak, but realized that her mouth was full- a rude gesture, if her memories on American Culture were correct. It was hard, trying to remember all of their odd customs. But Starfire had an excellent memory, and was motivated just by the chance to learn something new.

    After having gulped the food hastily, she let out a few coughs, her hands slapping her face to stop any material from flying around.

    Beastboy almost jumped out of his seat, but before anyone got worried, Starfire cleared her throat and murmured, "Sorry," her face beet red.

    With a nervous laugh, BB sat back down, sighing of relief.

    "See?" he muttered, shaking his head. "I'll admit, though, Star, this is wicked stuff..."

    The green monster rubbed his gloved hands together and grabbed his second slice eagerly, while Cyborg was working on his third, not bothering to pay any heed to those around him.

    Raven finally decided to wait until they got home to eat, and began to meditate once again.

    Starfire stared at the creation before her in thought, then her eyes lit up. She raised up her hand and waved it a bit, trying to catch some attention from the people wandering around the tables in uniform.

    "May I request the presence of a 'waiter'?" she asked loudly, excited.

    One responded, and came rushing over to their round, red eating surface.

    He was kind of short for his age, and a medium build. About seventeen, from the looks of it. His legs were strong and firm, and his arms were almost equally so. His smile was inviting, and he adorned a white sweatshirt and slightly baggy blue jeans. White rubber gloves were on his hands, meant to prevent any of his skin from getting on food. A black baseball cap with the words, 'Pie in the Sky' printed in crimson red on its surface rested on his mess of light brown hair. The same logo was also on his white shirt. He almost had sideburns, and slight traces of black hairs were visible under his nose. His nose, in fact, was kind of round and slightly large. He spoke out to them in a casual tone.

    "What can I do for ya, Miss?"

    Starfire blushed at him, feeling slightly odd inside at first, but she dismissed the feeling as best she could and made her request.

    "Dear serviceman, may you deliver a bottle of...-" She had to think a minute to remember the word for it. "-mustard...please?"

    The teen worker paused, quickly surveyed the food upon the table in perplexment, but shrugged and nodded.

    "Uh...Sure, Miss...Comin' right up. Just gimme a sec, okey dokey?"

    Starfire nodded, smiling at the waiter warmly. "Many thanks, Sir..." she murmured, trying to pry her eyes away from his own. There was something about them...They glimmered with mystery and spirit, almost like the stars themselves. When Starfire stared into them, she felt a surge of emotion flood into her. It was strange to her, indeed. The other Titans didn't seem to notice all too much- they were too busy scarfing down mint pizza.

    Starfire watched the young man walk off toward the counter near the roof's edge, and she noticed that in his big back pocket there was nestled another hat. A bright red one.

    She then realized in dismay that the pizza was almost gone, and reached out to snatch a last to herself, placing it on her plate gingerly.

    "Who's that guy?" Robin muttered, staring at the waiter curiously. "Haven't seen him around..."

    Starfire paused, unsure herself.

    "Must be new here," Beastboy suggested with a shrug, a piece of baked dough covered in green cream in his grip.

    "Yea," Robin mumbled with a shrug. They came to this place frequently, and new faces didn't appear all too often.

    Starfire waited patiently, not even looking at her pizza. Her eyes were up in the air as she pondered who this person was. For some reason, he struck her as a very unqiue person. Different from everyone else there. It was quite puzzling to her...

    Her thoughts were popped like a bubble when a yellow tube with a sharp, pointed top was placed before her, and that odd boy gave her a grin.

    "There ya go!" he declared. "Have a nice night, guys..."

    "Will do," BB cried as the figure began to walk away, leaving Starfire feeling a bit shaken by his sudden presence.

    Beastboy's eyes glanced over at Starfire, who, no pun intended, looked starstruck. He let out a chuckled and poked out playfully at his red-headed friend.

    "My, he was nice." Starfire's shimmering eyes met his for a moment. They were narrow and sly, as he raised his brows up and down in a joking manner.

    "Um..." She did not quite know how to take this gesture, and decided to pass it off.

    Raven was too busy muttering to herself in deep thought, Cyborg was too busy engulfing mint pizza with his jaws, and Robin was too deeply lost in the atmosphere of the evening- so none of them noticed Starfire gleefully squeezing mustard onto her already...unique pizza.

    Beastboy stared at her like she was insane, realized she was STARFIRE, and proceeded to eat his own pizza without a second thought.

    Starfire scrambled to get a sufficient amount of the yellow stuff on her food, and she lifted it to her lips and opened the 'hatch doors.' However, just before it arrived on her tongue, a sound shattered their dinner.

    It was a scream. A female one, coming from about a hundred yards in front of her, and about ten stories down. The pizza slipped out of her hands and plopped on her plate in surprise. Why now, of all times?

    Robin jumped like a bolt of lightning and cried out, "Titans...Moof!!" There was still some pizza leftover in his mouth.

    One by one, they all snapped into action, bounding away to fight the crime that dared to intrude on their evening. Starfire lagged behind by a second or two as she swallowed her piece in two bites and soared off like a bird.

    The teen who had served them a minute ago spun around in alarm, sensing that someone was in danger. His eyes shimmered with seriousness, and he reached up his arm to remove the brand-name cap from his head.

    It slapped against the cement floor gentley, and the boy tore the white gloves from his hands, letting them land softly next to the hat. He ripped off his white sweatshirt to reveal a crimsom red tee shirt. Now that the white shirt was gone, you could see that his blue denim jeans were in reality overalls, and two straps loosely hung over his shoulders, golden, shining buttons holding them in place.

    He began to pound his black-sneakered feet against the stone beneath him, and he reached out into his huge back pocket to pull out that bright red hat. He shook it a bit, trying to unfold it, and he placed it on his head roughly, fastening it a little as he reached the building's edge.

    His cap was completely red, except for a spot on his forehead- a white semi-circle rested there, and printed in this space was a big, almost glowing red 'M'.

    "Time to get down to business," he muttered to himself as he tossed his body off the building nimbly, soaring down to the chaotic streets below.


    End Transmission


    What do you think so far? We've touched nothing, of course, this is just introducing the main characters, I guess.

    By the way, any guesses as to who this figure is? This is a DC comics place, but I'm sure the basic image must be familiar to some of you.

    If you guessed Mario- Nintendo's mascot- you'd be correct.

    That's all I'll say for now, but there is quite a story behind it, indeed.:evil:
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  2. oneeyemonkeypie

    oneeyemonkeypie D_S needs a hobby...

    Sep 9, 2004
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    WAHHHHH! Teenage mario!? WEEEEE!
    where did you come up with that idea???

    oh man, I almost fell outta my chair reading that.
    *phew* I gonna need a minute.

    I'm guessing you got an explanation? (Starfire making goo-goo eyes at mario? definately didn't see that one coming.)

    I never thought about it, but mario would have superpowers compared to an average person. Nice first chap. If you've been working on it for years, then I assume you have some more chapters. post them frequently.

    Also-Raven's hair is blue, not silver.

    Ps.-Is pie in the sky a reference to Oasis? I remember one of their songs was like that.
  3. Crowgirl

    Crowgirl Active Member

    Sep 7, 2004
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  4. Destiny_Smasher

    Destiny_Smasher Epic Fail

    Sep 17, 2004
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    Geez, I wasn't expecting so many replies so quickly...But, hell, no complaints here!

    Um...Well, I figured that the Prologue would indeed spark curiosity.

    Now, then...

    To clear up some misconception...

    I haven't been working on this single fic for years. This fic is ONE PART of a HUGE crossover project I've been working on for years called 'Quest for Destiny!'

    'Winds of Fate' is the division that it falls under- simply put, a division for shorter novels that focus only on a certain group of characters rather than the ENTIRE cast, which is currently comprised of over 50 characters that all have roles that intertwine with each other who I keep tabs on to the best of my ability...


    I'd link to my other fiction, but I'll wait a while first. :evil: Wouldn't want you reading everything in a day, there'd be no suspense.

    That was the prologue, by the way- I'm currently working on Chapter 12, and they only get longer as I go. I have been working on this particular fic over the course of a year now, though, along with two others.

    Yes, I did make Starfire a bit shy about Mario, but don't worry about that, because one main aspect of this fic is a Robin/Starfire relationship.

    I'd tell you more about important elements, but that would ruin it, so that's all I'll tell you for now.

    Concerning 'Luigi, Bowser,' etc...

    You'll just have to wait in see. ^_^ But you will be surprised, I can assure you.

    And another thing- this fic DIRECTLY ties into my main one, and the whole idea is to focus on how the Teen Titans enter my main work. Bear that in mind.

    But I can assure you this- the questions will be answered sooner or later, so just be patient.

    I'm roughly halfway through the fic, and awesome ideas just keep flooding out, and I know you'll enjoy what I have in store.


    Whoa, there I go ranting again. You probably want to see Chapter 1, huh? :sad: Yeaaa....

    For the record, I wrote the Prologue over a YEAR ago, when Raven was my least favorite. I didn't quite understand her back then, so I didn't really like her a lot...

    However, as I wrote about her in my fiction, she quickly became one of my favorite fantasy characters.

    Her hair isn't really blue, either...I consider it to be more of a silvery-blue, but...It's not really all too important, now is it?

    ---*<Begin Transmission>*---

    The Q4D! Saga...

    Winds of Fate: The X Factor

    Chapter 1- Crossroads of Chaos

    A maniacal chuckle erupted from the creature before them as he pulverized Cyborg, senting the mechanical young man flying into a parked car. The impact was rough, and the car was crushed with a loud crunching sound.

    The laugh was high, quick, and frightening- but the Titans were anything but cowardly.

    It's owner was a thin and lanky fellow. He had very skinny arms and legs, and a tall head. Long, thin locks of pale green hair dangled down over his face, each one reaching almost to his feet. They flew around crazily as he moved. His eyes were wide and insane, and his grin was equally so- though it was much dirtier looking than his eyes. He had a long, pointy nose, like a cone. His outfit was one made almost entirely of treebark, oddly enough.

    He let out another psychotic giggle as Raven blasted a shadowy fire hydrant at him, which she had ripped from the sidewalk with her powers.

    The villain simply lashed out one of his arms, which amazingly stretched out like a whip, and lashed the hydrant back at her with stunning force and accuracy. Raven was caught off guard at close range, and she, too, was knocked backward.

    The other Titans were working on hacking away this creeps small army of freaks. Each one looked like a little tree- like him- but they weren't as tall, and much weaker than he. In numbers, however, they were becoming a nuisance.

    "What's UP with these things?!" Beastboy cried as he transformed into a green and black panda, scarfing them down like snacks.

    "I have not the slightest clue," Starfire admitted in a shout as she fried about five of them with a nicely aimed beam of energy. She shot it from her palms, and it exploded upon contact with the black pavement.

    Robin was a little distant from them, and handling himself just fine. He'd kick one, punch another, lash out his boomerang at the next...They were small fry. But they were getting ANNOYING.

    Just as his fist bashed into one's head, crushing it into a mushy gree pulp, Robin looked up when he heard a shrill cry.

    It was the boss of these creatures, and he looked satisfied as a few of his odd, vine-like locks of hair joined together to form a thick rope, which wrapped around Robin, clutching his tight.

    He couldn't break free, though he struggled. His body was lifted into the air, and he grunted in annoyance, helpless.

    An innocent face stared in shock when it realized what had just happened, and a gasp erupted from its mouth.

    "Robin!" a sweet voice cried in fright. "Do not worry, Robin, I am coming!"

    As she sped through the air, her hands out sharply, her shining red hair flapped like mad. As she closed in on the target, green orbs of light and heat formed in her fists, and she prepared to let them fly. However, she didn't notice the pointy object that came whizzing straight at her until it was too late. A sharp dart of sorts struck her in the neck, and she cried out in pain as some strange substance seeped into her body. Whatever it was, it made her fall asleep in a matter of seconds. Her body was speeding through the air at a high velocity, but was snatched by one of the villain's vines like a frog's tongue on a fly.

    Another squeaky snicker poured out from the oddball's mouth as he danced with glee, two of the five in his possession.

    Robin continued to fight, but he could feel his body numbing, as well.

    "DUDE!" Beastboy cried, nimbly leaping over some of the sproutling freaks and dashing at the creature.

    "You're gonna be sorry, man!" he declared boldly, as he hunched over and tranformed into an emerald-colored bear, running as he did so.

    "I ain't out for the count just yet!" came the booming voice of Cyborg as he, too, came rushing in, his arm extended in its cannon form.

    As the two came dashing in, the lanky man had to think fast.

    He came up with his strategy as large, neon blue beams of plasma came soaring at his face, directly from Cyborg's arm.

    The clever woodland guy stuck out his odd nose, letting it absorb the impact in full.

    "YEA, baby!" Cyborg cheered- but too soon. He skidded to a halt as he noticed the stranger's cone-shaped nose was glowing blue, and he looked unharmed.

    "Aw, ****," he mumbled to himself in dismay, as his own attacks were used against him, the power of all of his shots ramming into his body at once in a turrent of blue.

    He twitched like crazy, his system scrambled, and collapsed to the pavement.

    The half-man, half-tree whirled around to see this green bear lunging for him, but was prepared. As he had reflected Cyborg's attacks with his nose, his arms and dug into his huge mess of 'hair' and pulled out two large beehives.

    The beehives were launched liek bombs at Beastboy, who snarled in surprise as they exploded with insects. At first he continued, as if they ahdn't hit, but he quickly realized these weren't ordinary bees. The green and white striped bugs injected his body with the ame toxin that had struck Starfire and Robin, and he soon warped back to his neautral self, rolling into the ground harshly.

    In utter joy, the madman scooped these two new trophies up, very pleased with himself, and let loose one of his insane laughs. But a slightly scratchy tone interrupted his fun.

    "...A word of advice...Stop giggling like a child...And cut your hair while you're at it..."

    It was Raven, who came gliding toward the beast, ready to avenge her fallen comrades, who were all knocked out cold.

    The tree-man snorted in defiance and prepared to lash out his vines. But as they whipped through the sky, they smacked harslhy against the black barrier that raven had formed around her body.

    "Nice try," she muttered, raising her palms.

    She blasted the group of vines back with a little effort, and swerved around the creature, ready to strike.

    But this criminal was not ready to give up just yet. He still had some more tricks.

    His nose- that odd and bulbous monstrsity- began to pulse a purple color, and he focused his sights on following this pale-skinned girl as she came in for the kill.

    But when Raven was about to dish out her power, a purple missile punctured her forcefield, shattering it like glass. Her foe's flying nose exploded in a cloud of purple dust, and Raven fought to stay in control of her body. But her eyes were blinded, they stung...She felt herself give in to this strange poison...

    And the last of the Titans fell to the clutches of this psychopath.

    He screamed in delight at the task he had accomplished. For months he'd developed his tactics, ready to annialate the Teen Titans. It had paid off.

    "MREHEHEEEEEHEEEEEE!!" he wailed joyfully. "The pathetic Titans have fallen to the hands of the WHOMPING WILLOW!!"

    As a barrage of frightening laughed flew into the air, the man danced around, waving the teens in the air within the grip of his long hair.

    "Dammit, do I hate it when they talk in third person like that," someone muttered to himself as he stormed onto the scene.

    It was the strange waiter from the 'Pie in the Sky' pizza parlor, garbed in his unique outfit.

    He landed on the pavement nimbly, absorbing the fall with ease. As he rose up in an erect position, he straightened his red cap, which looked maroon in the early night's dim light.

    He stood tall, his fists clenched, about twenty feet away from the Whomping Willow. His eyes were slightly glazed, and righteous justice emitted from him. Some of his fluffy brown hair poked out of the back of his hat, and it rustled in the air gentley.

    The 'gifted' tree glared at him in utter surprise and confusion.

    "What is this?!" he shrieked. "Who are YOU?" The bark-covered man crouched slightly in a defensive position.

    The teen before him put up his fists before his face, stared him down cooly, and responded with a calm grin about him.

    "My name's Mario...And I'm your worst nightmare, pal..."


    Pain. It burned through his whole body as it woke up groggily. The pain was unbearable, coarsing all around him. He let out a moan and tried to open his eyes. But when he did, light began to flood in, which caused even more irritation. He squinted them shut again in agony, and growled slightly.

    His ears were functioning fine, though, and he could make out voices coming from around him. The first one to meet his eardrums was very sweet, gentle, and sounded a little timid.

    "They'll be fine...I'll do what I can..."

    Another one responded from a little farther away. This one was kind of cocky, almost. It had spunk and attitude to it, but also a firm sense of justice and freedom.

    "Don't worry too much. You look too tense. Just relax, and do what ya do..."

    She hummed shyly back, "Mm hm..."

    Suddenly, Robin felt a warm breeze blow by him, and he felt his pain begin to melt away. It was gradual, but he could definitely feel it. He was dying to open his eyes, but he did so slower this time. They adjusted to the light well, and he could make out figures standing around him, though it took a while to see the details, as everything was still blurry.

    As it turned out, Robin was laying on a carpeted floor in a warm and oddly familiar room. His good pals were sprawled all along the floor of the room, slowly gaining conciousness. Robin was finally able to sit up, but not too fast. Pain was still clear and present, but not so much so, and the memories of what had just happened flashed through his brain like lightning. As quickly as these thoughts flew into his brain, his body was up on its feet, and he was scanning his environs frantically.

    In amazement, he soon realized exactly where he was...The living room of Titan Tower. Cyborg was hunched over the round coffee table. Starfire was lying on the red couch. Raven was in the recliner off to the side, and Robin could only see her chin, as her head was propped back. Beastboy was on the ground beside Robin, and the leader of the Titans was now standing in shock, staring at the big screen before him. He was breathing heavily, and realized he was still pretty worn out from his previous fight.

    "Whoa, there, buddy," came the male voice Robin had heard. He felt two firm hands latch onto his shoulders, which made him twirl around in fright with a cry.

    The figure before him was a teenage boy, about his height. Robin didn't focus on details at the moment- all he knew was that a stranger was in his house.

    "Geez, cool yer jets, bro," the kid eased him, sticking his palms out like a sheild. "You still look kinda banged up. Might wanna sit down a bit, huh?"

    "Who are you?!" Robin spat out suddenly, backing away a little bit in alarm.

    The stranger sighed with a smile, shaking his head slowly.

    "Dude, just chill, OK?"

    Robin paused, calming slightly. Something about this kid let him know that they were on the same side. It was his face, his sharp expression. The jade eyes that radiated attitude.

    The leader sucked in a deep breath, noticing that everyone else was still out of it, and returned his gaze to this odd teen. He didn't look familiar...

    Beside his eyes and his arrogant smirk, Robin also noticed he had some small, blach hairs coming out of the bottom of his chin. Poking over his forehead were a few spikey bangs of various sizes. And running down the back of his head was a smooth set of spiney hair that pointed downward, mostly. All of that hair was blue.

    He wore a light jacket that was white with puffy blue cuffs. Small yellow lightning bolts ran up his sleeves. In the middle of his chest was a nifty design- a buzzsaw like shape that was a deep blue. A zipper ran down the middle of it. There was no shirt underneath the jacket- not that Robin could notice.

    He had sky blue windpantswith white stripes down the sides. On the front of each leg, running lengthwise, the words 'Gotta Jet' were printed in white, block-ish writing. Traces of white socks poked up out of his sneakers, which looked very snazzy.

    They were red, with white lines intricately running down them. The heels had glowing greenish circles on their outside.

    Robin's breathing was still deep, and he still looked slightly unsure.

    The teen rolled his eyes, his arms folded across his chest.

    "Listen, buddy, I just helped save your ***** from that gay tree, and ya don't trust me?"

    Robin blinked in confusion. RIGHT! That's what happened! They were getting their butts kicked by that freak...

    "Wait," he mumbled, puzzled. "YOU beat that guy up?"

    The figure shrugged and nodded. "Well, yea, I helped."

    Robin blinked a few times, staring at him in awe.

    "You mean, after he beat us up, you came in and finished him off...?" Robin felt strange saying that. Since when were there other other heroes in town?

    The blue-haired boy nodded slowly, his eyes wide, as if he thought Robin was a moron.

    "Yea, pretty much..."

    Robin sighed deeply, abosorbing it in. He glanced at all of his comrades, feeling their were all OK. He crossed his arms and paused in thought.

    "So..." he began slowly. "Uh...Who are you? Why did you save us...?"

    The kid nodded, flashing a cocky grin. He put his fists on his hips and announced his answer boldy.

    "I'm Sonic. And I don't need a reason to help people, do I?"

    Robin shrugged, feeling that this guy had strong beliefs in justice.

    "I guess...W-Wait...So..." He shook his head, sorting all of his thoughts.

    "You beat up the villain, and brought us all back here, all single-handedly...?" There was suspicion in his tone.

    Sonic chuckled at him and tossed his right arm.

    "Psh! I wish! Nah. I've got groupies, ya know!"

    Robin froze and quickly searched the room, but they were the only ones there.

    "Groupies...? Where are they?"

    This Sonic character tapped his fuzzy chin a little and glanced around the room. Sounding a little unsure, he replied.

    "Ehhh...Well, I'll bet they're all lookin' for somethin' to eat." A laugh came out. "Yea, especially Mario..."

    Robin cocked his head, curious.


    Sonic turned his head back to Robin and muttered, "Oh, yea. He's our leader and everything..."

    Robin grinned in realization.

    "So you're telling me you're part of a team of crime-fighters, too?!" he asked eagerly.

    Sonic shrugged, and as he answered, he slicked back his hair with his left hand, which was encased in a black biker's glove.

    "Guess you could say that..." The spikey-headed kid seemed a tad confused as he pondered the thought. Robin's averted to other matters.

    "Allright, so...Everybody's gonna be OK, then?" he checked hastily.

    "Oh, sure. Everybody's good. Just need a lil' sleep, ya know?" His green eyes narrowed at Robin's white spaces for eyes. "Speakin' of which, you look like you're really missin' out...You need to take a chill pill and nap, dude."

    Robin shook his head, frowning.

    "I'm good, don't worry. Listen, you need to show me where these other guys are..."

    Sonic let his arms drop and tilted his head a little.

    "Sure, man, whatever." A devilish smile crawled across him. "Hope you can keep up."

    Robin stared at him strangely. "What are you talking about? I LIVE here."

    By the time he'd finished his sentence, the kid had whizzed out of the room in a blue blur, yet leaving everything in tact as well.

    Robin blinked in amazement for a few seconds before another thought came to his attention.

    "Wait a minute...This is OUR HOUSE!! Who invited you in here?!"


    The cool air slowly wafted by the teenager's face, which had traces of bristles under the nose. He sniffed the crisp air, his cautious eyes glancing around alertly. A soft hand creeped up to his face and scratched his chin roughly, then disappeared.

    A figure was staring at him from behind, unbeknowest to the boy. She was a little younger than him, and was smiling warily.

    "Hey," she said calmly.

    "Whoa!" the kid jumped, banging his head into the white door of the refridgerator. He yelped quietly, and rubbed his hand through his messy, light brown hair. He spun around slowly to see one of his friends, and he smiled smugly.

    "What?" he asked, smiling, as he slowly stood up and closed the door, still tending his 'injury'.

    The dark-skinned girl was grinning at him dully.

    "Mario..." she mumbled. "This isn't our home...Are you sure it's right to be snooping around their food?" Her eyes were sad and a dark, deep blue.

    Mario chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his neck with his bare hand.

    "Well, uh...I mean, ya know, if it weren't for us, they'd be screwed. Besides, we've already made ourselves at home, right?"

    The girl shook her head slowly and sighed, crossing her thin arms over her chest as she leaned her back against the island that rested in the middle of the kitchen.

    "Mario, we did the right thing, but...We shouldn't be poking around their things, ya know...? Besides, I don't feel like I'm at home..." Her depressed blue jewels wandered around the room nervously.

    Mario glanced at her from head to toe for a few seconds before he answered calmly, "You've already got your shoes off..."

    The brown-skinned young woman tossed her head back in frustration and growled, "Mario, I NEVER wear shoes!"

    Mario shrugged lightly, smiling in a bit of embarrassment as he stared at her cute, bare feet.

    "Meh, whatever," he mumbled casting the thought aside. His face took on a solemn tone suddenly as his eyes soared around thoughtfully.

    "Hey...Tenochtitlan," he mumbled shyly.

    She let one smooth arm drop, while the other clung to it gracefully. "Mm...?"

    "Do you think...that everything's gonna work out...?" He sounded a little unerved.

    As he returned his gaze to hers, he saw the worry in her icey, white eyes.

    She let her head bob a little, unsure. She had to think a moment before she could respond.

    "Um...Wh-what do you mean...?" she inquired quietly, her gaze gradually returning.

    Mario sifted his hand through his puffy maple hair a little, trying to relax his brain as he mumbled, "Well, ya know...Ya think they're gonna accept us...?"

    Tenochtitlan's eyes were now furrowed and a dark brown.

    "I don't see why not..." she murmured firmly. "We DID save them, afterall. I'm sure that they could use our help...Why else would we be here...?"

    Mario nodded slowly in agreement, letting his arm flop over to his side again.

    "Yea, I know...I'm as confused as you are...I was just wondering what you thought...You seem to always be right, after all." A smile crept over his face as his sight met hers.

    She was smiling warmly back at him, her golden yellow retinas half covered by her eyelids.

    Her soft, dark hands wandered onto the counter to gently scoop up the big red cap that had been sitting there. She ran her fingers over it, almost mesmerized, then slowly raised her hand and went to pass it to her friend.

    He stepped closer to her and reached out for it with his big, sculpted hand. Much to Tenochtitlan's surprise, he playfully slapped it on her head, messing around her long, braided locks of soft, black hair.

    She giggled and pushed him away roughly.

    He chuckled a little and countered by shoving his hat down over her beaming, pink eyes and her shining, white grin. He always seemed capable of making her laugh. A familiar voice interrupted them, and they almost jumped. When she realized who it was, though, Tenoch smirked and roughly shoved Mario away, sending him bumping into the refrigerator.

    "Whew! I was HOPING you guys didn't chomp all the grub!" Sonic had called out, just before Mario hit the fridge.

    As the smooth acting guy slickly walked into the room, he glanced at Tneochtitlan, then at Mario.

    "Psh. Get a room, guys," he muttered with a grin, knowing exactly what kind of reaction he was about to get.

    "Hmph. Get real, Sonic," Mario protested smugly. "You know nothing's going on..."

    Sonic chuckled warmly as he punched Mario on the shoulder, easing him to get out of his way.

    "I know, man, I know...I'm just jokin' with ya," he mumbled warmly, reaching his arms into the array of food.

    Tenoch was suddenly quiet, her eyes a dark blue. Neither of them noticed, and she let the thought go, her retinas changing into an emerald green before Sonic noticed her standing there, staring at the ground, holding an apple in his hand.

    "What's up with you...?" he murmured curiously.

    Her head jerked up, her dreadlocks flipping around. She slowly removed the red cap on her head and tossed it to Mario, who caught it with ease.

    "Uh...I'm just...-" her kind voice trailed off, not really sure what her problem was.

    "We're a little worried about what's goin' on," Mario admitted as he slipped his hat back on, feeling at one with himself as he did so.

    Sonic had swallowed a bite, and just before he munched into it again, he responded.

    "Ahhh...Yea..." His teeth sank into the sweet, red fruit. He added more, his mouth full. "Ah ohh hut ya mean," he attempted.

    Tenochtitlan finally spoke, fiddling with the object wrapped around her forehead.

    "Mm hm. I'm a little nervous, I guess..." Now that she thought about it, she was losing confidence. She blanked out for a minute, not paying attention to their conversation, wandering through her thoughts.

    Why am I here...? Where did I COME from...? Who AM I...?

    She became frightened for a moment when she realized the truth- she didn't have a good answer for ANY of those questions. At least not an answer she knew was correct. She felt she KIND OF knew the answers...She wanted to get out of these thoughts, and she didn't realize her eyes had turned black. As she awoke from her fear, she realized her hands were playing around with her hair, and she hastily dropped them, hoping the other two hadn't noticed. She felt much more comfortable when she noticed they were scarfing food out of the fridge like animals. Then again, they hadn't really eaten all day.

    They didn't have any money to get food WITH. They didn't have any home to go to...It was as if they just arrived there out of nowhere...

    Tenochtitlan was hoping with all her heart that these 'Titans' would accept her and her friends. They didn't have anywhere else to go...

    It suddenly snapped in her brain that this wasn't their place, as much as she wished it WAS, and she scolded, "Guys! What are you doing?!"

    Mario poked his head out of the fridge and grinned, his mouth empty for once, and he tossed a banana at her.

    "Your favorite, right?" he mumbled as he dug back into the pile of consumables.

    Tenoch's stomach growled as she stared at the yellow fruit in awe between her delicate looking fingers. She had to force herself to place it on the island she was next to, wincing from her hunger.

    "Yea...Thank you," she murmured back sadly, still not comfortable here. Now that she thought about it...How did he know that...? Ugh...Things were SOOO confusing right now...Maybe it would be best to just forget all the complicated stuff and try and relax.

    "Hey...Where's Link...?" she suddenly inquired, her eyes narrow with curiosity.

    Mario laughed and muttered, "I dunno...But he better haul ass if he wants some food!"

    Tenoch placed her palms on her hips and snapped, "Guys! Stop being pigs!"

    "Don't WORRY," Sonic assured in a grunt, removing himself from the cold storage box, traces of color on his face.


    End Transmission


    Huh? HUH? What do ya think?

    By the way, Tenochtitlan is an original creation of mine, and there's quite some mystery behind her. Her role is very crucial in my main work, and that's why she's in this one, too.

    By the way, it's pronounced [TAY-NAWSH-TEET-LAHN]. -_-' It was the captial city of the Aztecs...But Tenochtitlan is supposed to look African, I guess...:shrug:

    Whatever. :yawn: Bring on the comments, people.

    Keep in mind as you read this fic- as we progress- that I really strive for character development, especially on Raven. This isn't apparent until later, butit's CRUCIAL, so please tell me what you think of the characterization as we go.
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    you are a PROLIFIC writer. this fic sounds like a HUGE investment in time. please, link to it when you see fit. don't make me hunt it down and post the url. *grins evilly*
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    I am not one for long posts, so I'll get to the point. AWESOME!!! thats all I have to say. Mario as an eating machine is a nice touch.
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    However, I see it fit to keep you guys suspended...as you put it...'for the time being.'

    Sorry. I just actually want some replied here before I run out of Chapters. I want some gradual feedback, ya know?

    Oh, yea. Here ya go. Next time I may wait for a couple more posts, though.

    ---*<Begin Transmission>*---

    The Q4D! Saga...

    Winds of Fate: The X Factor

    Chapter 2- Home, Sweet Home

    "Guys, I'm serious," she whimpered nervously, hopping a little in fear, her purple eyes wandering around the room.

    "Tenoch, cool down," Mario mumbled, shaking his head as he, too, pulled his face away. He, however, hadn't eaten as hastily as Sonic, and wasn't nearly as messy-looking.

    The dark-skinned young woman sighed and placed her right hand on her forehead tiredly. Her head hurt a little, confused from all the thoughts mixing through it. It was too much compared to what she was used to...What WAS she used to?!

    Tenochtitlan was a beautiful girl, who looked about 18 or so, and had a very strange outfit in comarison to the people who lived in the city she was currently in. She had thin, slender arms, and smooth, strong legs. Her arms and legs certainly had muscle in them, that was for sure, and it was clear when she fought. But based on her appearence, you couldn't tell. There were no shoes on her elegant feet, but there were a couple ankle bracelets of gold. She wore an ancient-looking skirt of sorts. It was as black as night, and it was kind of short, cutting off just a little above her knees.

    Farther up was her cute stomach, which was showing between her shirt and her skirt. It was a little thin, but not too much so.

    Her shirt had no sleeves, and was white in color. A unique illustration of a yellow sun was printed on its front, while a picture of a black moon was on her back. Along her thin arms were various pieces of jewelry. A gold bracelet rested on her left arm, just above her elbow, and was tight enough where it stayed there. On the other arm was a silver one, which ws located down near her wrist. A simple, shining black ring was fitted on her left ring finger. On the other arm's wrist there was a gray bandana with yellow stars pirnted on it, but it was tied around as if it was a bracelet itself. A thin metal chain dangled around her neck, and a flat, black crescent moon of metal was fastened to it, which hung just above her breasts. On each side of her pretty face were ears, of course, and each one had an earring.

    Her right ear held a flat, metallic piece that looked just like an item known as a 'Shine Sprite,' which was a glowing gold. And on the opposite ear dangled a similar earring made of silver and shaped into what was known as a 'Power Star.' On her smooth forehead was a shimmering circlet colored gold. A round gem was fastened within it, right in the middle of her head. The color of the gem varied, just like the color of her own mystical eyeballs.

    Then there was her soft, straight hair, which she had a decent amount of. It was tied in lots of braided dreadlocks, which loosely hung down a bit past her shoulders. Poking over her circlet a little were individual strands of her puffy, black hair.

    Then there were the most important and most noticeable features about her- her eyes. She had stunning eyes that immediately grabbed attention, and there was a very mysterious quality to them. They changed colors like a mood ring. This was because, actually, they were like mood rings. The eyes, they say, are the windows to a person's soul. Tenochtitlan's were a perfect example. They shifted color with her emotions. This way, when one looked into her eyes, you could usually determine how she was feeling in her heart. Which made it a little difficult for her to hide her emotions. And she was a very emotional person, indeed. The jewel that rested on her circlet shared the same quality, and changed with her eyes, at least when she wore it.

    The last piece of her ensemble was a wooden staff, which was almost as tall as her, and very strong. Three large, very skinny metal rings hung loosley from a hole just below its tip. Guess what colors they were? That's right- black, silver, and yellow. Odd marks were engraved in its sides, and the top held firmly to a sharp rock with the same properties as the one on her forehead.

    Mario, while wiping his mouth, glanced up at her, and instantly felt bad for her when he saw her distraught look.

    "Tenoch...You OK?" he murmured, a little puzzled. "There's nothing to worry about...Everything'll work out just fine, you'll see."

    She opened her squinted eyes slowly, and Mario saw their purple tone. She looked confused.

    "It's not what's going to happen that I'm worried about...It's what ALREADY happened..." She looked away, blushing slightly, and Mario and Sonic exchanged equally perplexed glances.

    Suddenly, as interrupting as Sonic had been when he entered the room, was another voice very familiar to them. It was solemn and a little grumpy.

    "Gee, guys, thanks for inviting me to dinner..."

    Mario's eyes lit up, happy to escape the dreary mood Tenoch had set up.

    "Link! Heh-ey, man! Where have YOU been?"

    The blond-haired boy shrugged as he stepped in, noting the timid-looking girl and the eager-eyed boys. He looked tired, small bags forming under his eyes.

    "Ugh...I've been looking for a good place to sleep, but...I mean, I'm afraid I'll wind up sleepin' in one of these freaks' places..."

    Link was a fairly muscular guy, but not too broad. He was a little taller than the others, and a lot more serious-looking, at that. He wore a black leather vest around his chest, which had three golden triangled arranged in a triangular form on it- a symbol known as the Triforce. He wore a dark green sweatshirt, and brown gloves that cut off at his fingers. Baggy pants of an even darker green and deep brown army-style boots finished up the bulk of his outfit. He had a neat set of slightly darkened blonde hair. Bangs poked out over his face, slightly to the left and right, but not in the middle. An odd, short hat sat upon his hair. It was round, short, and a pale blue. Upon its center was a small Triforce contrasted against a red circle. Thin red stripes ran around the hats sides. On his pierced right ear was a small, sky blue earring, completing his look. He looked about 17 or so, and was a handsome young man.

    Tenochtitlan huffed, crossing her arms stubbornly, her eyes red and firey.

    "See? This is too awkward! I can't deal with this. Hey, are any of them up yet?"

    Sonic scratched his short little goatee a bit and mumbled, "Well, that cape kid was up when I was there..."

    "Oh, they're wakin' up?" Link wondered sleepily.

    Tenoch began to stumble out of the room, tossing her staff haphazardly onto the island as she did so.

    "They're in the living room, right?" she hastily questioned as she departed.

    "Yea," Sonic called back as he glanced at her walking quickly down the halls.

    "Where are you going?!" Mario shouted curiously.

    "I'm going to apologize!!" she cried back, not even looking or stopping.


    Robin was stepping through the halls of the tower slowly, dazed from the evening's events. He'd decided to leave everyone to rest where they were for the moment, and went off in search of these 'groupies'.

    He was really confused, and the headache he was experiencing didn't help.

    Who had saved them, why? How did they know where the Titans lived? If they were super heroes, why hadn't he heard of them before? And where the he** was he GOING, anyway?

    After he paused, took a deep breath, and squinted around himself in the night's darkness, he realized he was aiming toward the brightly lit kitchen, though it was off a bit, around a corner to his left. Yea...OK, OK...He knew where he was headed, now...

    That Sonic guy had said something about food, hadn't he...? What gave him the right to go pillaging their kitchen, though?

    Just then, Robin had the wits scared out of him as a shadowy figure turned the corner, coming within inches of him before realizing a person was there. It was a girl, slightly taller than he, and she let out a sharp, short shriek of surprise as she jumped back, grasping her chest as if to prevent her heart from pounding out of it. Robin also let go a cry of shock, but not nearly as loud as hers.

    A distant voice that sounded vaguely familiar to Robin caled down the halls from the kitchen in concern.

    "Tenoch?! You allright?!"

    Tenochtitlan's eyes, which were purple at the time, though Robin didn't notice, darted from him to the hallway. She paused a moment and nervously shouted back, "Uh...I'm fine! Just...I just tripped, ya know...It's kinda dark out here..." Her worried expression turned back to Robin's ever perplexed one.

    "Ya sure you're OK?" the voice checked.

    "Uh, oh, yea...I'm OK, don't worry..."

    "Well, be a little more careful, huh?"

    Tenoch's left hand was fretting with a small braid, and she yanked it off when she noticed.

    "Uh...Hi," she mumbled shakily.

    "Y...Y-you must be the leader, right?"

    Robin crossed his thin arms over his chest, cocked a brow, and answered cooly, "Yea, that's me. Who are you? Why are you here?"

    Tenoch bobbed her head, embarrassed, and attempted to explain.

    "Well, uh...See, you guys were in a jam, and we came and helped, and we brought you here, so...-" she trailed off, fidgeting with her hair again, but not realizing it quite yet.

    Robin nodded slowly, feeling confident this much was true. Something about this girl made him feel he could trust her, though he didn't even know her one bit.

    "Wait. OK, OK...I know that, but...Listen, where are the others?" he demanded, trying to sound like he wasn't angry. He WAS, in a way, but it was more irritation.

    The dark girl continued to fiddle with her braid, twirling it between her fingers, and mumbled an answer.

    "Umm...Th-they're all in the kitchen, so...Listen," she spoke out firmly. "I'm really sorry about us coming in like this, we just..."

    Her eyes, which were still violet, wandered. "We don't really have anyplace to GO..."

    Robin felt a wave of sympathy for the girl. She seemed too innocent and honest to be mad at, and Robin felt his annoyance melt away.

    "Oh...Well, er...Listen. I just wanna talk with your friends, or whatever, and try to figure out what's going on here, OK?"

    Tenoch smiled shyly at him, hoping he wasn't upset.

    "Uh huh." She nodded quickly, her hair bobbing around. "Follow me, allright?"

    As they paced through the dark, Robin rubbed his temple and thought to himself, "Whoa...This has been one he** of a night so far..."


    He stood there, amazed, perplexed, and yet...He felt kind of happy. These strangers, they...They didn't really feel like strangers. They felt like friends. Being the leader of the group, Robin decided that he could make the decision he was about to make.

    "Weellll..." He rubbed the back of his neck, hoping he wouldn't regret this choice later. "I guess I don't see why you can't hang out here for the night. It's the least I can do right now after you helped us out back there..."

    Mario, who Robin recognized from the 'Pie in the Sky' parlor, grinned and roughly patted him on the back.

    "Allright, Cardinal! Thanks a mil, man!"

    Robin smiled, somehow feeling sure this guy was just joking with him.

    "It's Robin," he corrected with a smirk.

    "Right, right. Whatever ya say, Bluebird!"

    The baggy-clothed boy wandered off a little from Robin, glancing about the room, his eyes narrow. He propped his red hat up a bit to see better.

    The others continued, not noticing.

    "So you guys are heroes, too, huh?" Robin murmured, amused. He was leanded up against the island, just as Tenoch had been minutes before.

    "Yea...I guess you could call us that," Sonic muttered, tapping his foot, his hands at his hips.

    "Didn't you say that before?" Robin inquired slowly.

    Sonic's eyes bulged a bit, and he nodded.

    "Yea...I'm amazed you remember. You looked STONED, man..."

    "Still DOES," Link added, elbowing Sonic.

    Robin sighed, shaking his head. It wasn't unlike what he experienced every other day. He pressed a question.

    "So...How did you guys GET here? I mean, why don't you have anywhere to go to...?"

    He was answered by utter silence and totally puzzled expressions. Tenochtitlan's was pale and afraid, her eyes black as midnight. Robin had noticed the odd way her eyes changed color, but didn't quite ask about it yet. He didn't want to be rude. He could worry about that later. Right now, he wanted to get everything sorted out and go to sleep.

    "We don't really have a good answer for that right now," Mario admitted, wondering why everyone else in the room looked so upset. He was still looking around for someone, trying to figure out where they could be. He seemed oddly calm about it amidst the nervous atmosphere.

    "...Huh?" Robin muttered, shaking his head quickly in confusion.

    "Uh...Nevermind," Mario grumbled, trying to change the subject. "Where's Tikal, guys?"

    Everyone instantly glanced at Sonic.

    "Wh-what?" he squeaked.

    "She's YOUR girlfriend," Link muttered with a huff.

    "Well, yea, but...How am I supposed to know? I think last time I saw her she was heading upstairs, but..."

    Tenochtitlan shrugged, kicking her bare feet across the tile floor.

    "She's fine, I'l bet. Probably looking for us..."

    "Yea," Sonic agreed.

    Robin know realized there was a fifth of them. Hm.

    "Whoa, whoa, wait..." He stood up sraight, sticking up his palms in confusion.

    "Allright...So...You guys don't know how you got here...You have no place to go, and you've got super powers?"

    They all nodded slowly, looking a bit ashamed of themselves.

    "OK..." Robin grinned confidently.

    "I've got the perfect idea..." He crossed his arms again, and glanced at them all carefully. "Why don't you guys join the Titans?"

    There was another moment of tranquility as they all stared at one another. Tenochtitlan and Mario exchanged glances and practically spoke when they did so.

    Tenoch's pink eyes said, "I guess I shouldn't have worried," while Mario's smirk replied, "I told ya so."

    "Hmmm..." Mario tapped his chin carefully, rubbed the fuzz under his nose a bit, and acted as if he was really considering his answer carefully. "Why not?"

    Robin smiled at that answer as he muttered, "Well, I figured since you were able to take down that stupid tree guy..."

    "Yea, yea. You guys could NEED us if you fight like THAT," Sonic added in, punching Robin's shoulder.

    They all spat in their comments for a few minutes, kind of in a mixture. Robin broke it by saying, "I'm gonna have to check it out with the other guys tomorrow, but...It's gettin' real late. And I'm bushed."

    "Yea," Link added, yawning, which caused Tenochtitlan to yawn drearily and Robin to follow.

    "Well..." Robin groaned, beginning to leave the room.

    "Let's look for a place for you guys to crash, what do ya say?"

    "Sounds friggin' good to me," Sonic mumbled sleepily as he followed Robin out of the room.

    "The tower's pretty big, and I'm almost positive we've got some guest rooms around somewhere..." Robin announced quietly as they exited the room, walking out into the black halls.

    Mario landed in front of Robin with a light thud- he'd nimbly hopped over them- and stuck up his hand into the air. It ignited in flames, and he kept his arm up like a torch.

    "Lead the way, Rooster," he said slyly.


    A groan escaped his mouth as his eyes opened slowly, letting in the dim morning light that seeped through his window shades.

    His eyelids twitched, not wanting to let too much light in at once, but they finally opened all the way, and the green teen drearily rose himself out of bed. His legs and arms were sore, he noticed, standing up with a stretch.

    Blinking at his bedroom in perplexment, he acknowledged the fact that it was a new day. It didn't even ocurr to him what had happened the night before. The toxins of the Willow's strange poison still jarred his memories a bit.

    "Man..." He mumbled, scratching his butt roughly. His keen nose quickly picked up a delicious scent that wafted through the Tower. Whatever it was, the source was very nearby. "Sweet!" he cried, dashing for the door with a toothy grin. For once he was excited that it didn't smell like tofu.

    But as he burst through his door, and into the still dim halls, he froze at what met his eyes, and he felt his gut get queasy. He felt his face get warm, his eyes glaze over. A very pretty girl was walking through the halls, toting a tray of pancakes drenched in syrup with her. She had brown skin, beautiful eyes, and an arrangement of long, thin braids. It was Tenochtitlan, but Beastboy had never seen her before in his life. Those eyes captivated him, drew him inward...Granted, the 'bod' was to his liking as well, but...Something about those eyes made him feel faint. They were a bright orange at the moment, and as they met his, they shifted to a pink, much to Beastboy's surprise.

    "Oh! Hey, good morning...Beastboy, right?" she greeted, giving him an inviting smile.

    "Oh, my morning just got REAL good now that YOU'RE here," Beastboy murmured in awe, just quiet enough that she couldn't quite make it out, his face dreamy and lost.

    Tenochtitlan cocked her head at him, a little confused, but retained her smile.


    Beastboy caught himself hastily and fumbled around.

    "Oh, uh, yea. Morning there..." He rubbed his neck a little. "Er...You're a new face. What's your name?"

    She squinted her eyes and smiled, answering. "I'm Tenochtitlan. Nice to meet you. Robin's told me all about you." She reached out her soft hand to accept his, grasping the plate she held with the other, and he shook it eagerly.

    "Uh...Oh. Pleasure's all mine," he responded, trying to sound calm. "What brings YOU here?"

    As her eyelids peeled open to this comment, BB noticed the blue color that rested beneath them.

    "Ummm..." She bobbed her head a little, unsure as to how to answer the question.

    Beastboy immediately felt pain just looking at her upset face, and he quickly retracted his question.

    "Oh. Uh, listen, if it's personal, no big. I understand."

    Tenochtitlan's eyes shifted to a pale yellow and she smiled and looked back up at him shyly, blushing just barely.

    "That's OK," she mumbled. "Honestly, I don't know how to answer you. I DON'T know what brings me here. All I know is that I'm here..."

    Beastboy was a little confused, but it didn't matter.

    "Oh!" Tenoch almost jumped, realizing she had a plate of food in her hands. "I...I was bringing breakfast to you. I hope you like it."

    Beastboy let his mouth open, almost drooling. He was famished. He wanted to reach out and snatch it like the beast he was, but his concious told him that this would be rude. Amazingly, his conciousness won.

    Tenochtitlan grew slightly nervous and turned her head around to the direction she had come from.

    "I, uh...I don't know where you like to eat, but..."

    Beastboy snapped awake from his gawk and motioned her to follow himt o his room.

    "Uh...This is good," he told her as she placed it on his black, ebony dresser. "You make it yourself?" he wondered.

    She shrugged, shaking her head.

    "No. Mario made 'em. He's a much better cook than I am."

    Beastboy cocked a brow as he picked up the fork on the plate, trying to remember how to USE one properly.

    "Mario?" he mumbled. "Who's THAT?"

    Tenoch lightly slapped her forehead.

    "Oh, sorry. He's...He's one my friends."

    Beastboy stuck his fork through a single pancake and swallwed it whole.

    Tenoch let out a quiet giggle as she continued.

    "Actually, soon enough he may be YOUR friend..."

    Beastboy licked his lips of the syrup that stuck there, his mind jumping from food to this stranger.

    "What do ya mean?" he muttered.

    "Well..." Tenochtitlan sat herself down on Beastboy's odd bed gracefully, and as he stood there next to his dresser, fork in hand, he felt captured by the way she landed on his cushion. Her smile, her bright yellow eyes, the way her soft hair was tossed into the air. She totally dominated his mind and heart for a few seconds, until he caught himself staring.

    The girl finished her sentence, not looking at Beastboy directly.

    "Last night you guys were defeated by a strange creep, and...we saved you from him..." She was speaking slowly and thoughtfully.

    Like the roar of a lion, that whole event flashed through BB's brain, and he jumped in realization. He suddenly felt incredibly stupid that he hadn't even thought of how that all turned out.

    "After that, we brought you here, and...Your leader, Robin, talked with us..." She had a saddened tone as she ended the little tale. "We...don't really have anywhere to go, and...Robin suggested we join your team..."

    Beastboy's eyes lit up with instant delight and he cheered, raising his arms.

    "Yes! Sweetness!"

    Tenoch was slightly surprised at his sudden act, but quickly recovered and let out a snicker.

    "So, I take it you agree with him already, hm?"

    Beastboy smiled timidly and answered, "Well, I guess you could say that..."

    Tenochtitlan gazed around at the jungle-like room. It was a bit of a mess, but...she didn't mind. For some reason, it...It felt like home. Where WAS home...? NO! She had to stop asking herself these questions, or she'd go mad! After clearing her throat quickly, she jumped off of the bed and began to leave for the door.

    "Um...I have to go help Mario in the kicthen, so...I-I'll see ya later. It was very nice to meet you, Beastboy!"

    As she left the room in a hurry, Beastboy murmured to himself dreamily, "You have no idea how nice it was..."


    "You put them all in their beds?" Sonic asked incredously. "H-How did you manage THAT one?"

    The timid and quiet girl he was talking to answered in her soft, slightly low voice. "I used my...my powers..." she mumbled.

    The blue-haired young man paused, reflected, and nodded. "Ohhh...So ya just, like, levitated 'em, or something?"

    "Yes," she answered calmly, her arms folded up behind her back.

    She had a fluffy, long hair that ran down the length of her back. It was a pale orange color, and was like silk in texture. Two poofy sections of it rose over her forehead, and a studden gold headband ran over her head behind the bangs. She had deep, lonely blue eyes. Her build was thin, and she didn't appear very physically strong. A white shirt with short sleeves covered her bosom, and its bottom arched upward over her stomach, leaving it bare. Its color was gold and had a green jem in its center. She wore a very roomy denim skirt, which hung just about where her knees were when she standed erect. Sandals were on her feet, which had straps that crawled across the top of her foot. Her skinny arms had thick, neon blue bracelets on each, the color of the midday sky. Her outfit was simple and more relaxed than the clothes of those around her. She was Tikal.

    "Are you guys hungry?" came a relaxed voice from behind them as Mario stood over the stove, cooking pancakes and bacon in frying pans with ease.

    "I could go for some chow, man," Sonic answered. He turned to his girlfriend and asked, "You look pretty starved. Why don't you eat some?"

    She nodded in agreement, almost smiling.

    "That would be a good idea," she muttered.

    Two figures entered the room, both in mid conversation. They were Link and Cyborg.

    "-then I took my sword and hacked the bastard's arm off," Link said grimly, swiping his arm in a downward motion.

    "Aw, ya, baby," Cyborg said with a grin. "You and me- we got some sparring to do later on, lemme tell ya that."

    "AFTER we eat," Link added.

    "You bet, man," Cyborg agreed heartily, staring at the food being prepared.

    "Oh, hey, guys. Morning there," Mario greeted, tipping his red cap slightly.

    "Oh, yo, man," Cyborg greeted, nodding. "You this Mario I'm hearin' about?"

    "That's me, bro," Mario answered casually, taking a spatula and slapping pancakes onto a plate.

    Cyborg's eyes lit up- one literally- when he saw the bacon being cooked.

    "Aw, he** yea!!" he cried in joy. "That's what I'm talkin' about! No tofu for me, da**it! You da man!"

    Mario chuckled as he added a decent portion of pork to Cyborg's packed plate and handed it to him.

    "Enjoy," he said, still laughing a bit.

    "Don't worry," the metal-man answered as he ran for the living room merrily.

    "Hey, hey, hey!" Link cried out jokingly. "Where's MY food?"

    Mario shook his head, still smiling, and answered, "If ya don't leave me alone and let me make it for the other guys, you're not gonna get any," he answered with a sarcastic strictness.

    Tenochtitlan came speeding into the kitchen in a rush, and skidded to a halt, slipping a little on the tile floor. A slight thud could be heard as she stopped. She winced and limped a little.

    "You allright?" Mario asked, a mix of concern and a laugh coming out.

    She had a half-frown on and whimper as she answered, "I think so." She sounded in pain, but holding back a laugh.

    Robin's head poked into the doorway as he asked casually, "Nice goin with breakfast, guys. How about we put on some music, wake everybody up, huh?"

    "You bet!" Mario said with a nod.

    "Sounds good," Link muttered, shrugging.

    "Oh, please!" Tenoch agreed, having just recovered from her 'injury'.


    End Transmission


    Huge investment of time? This fic? Well, yes...

    You want see a huge investment of time? My WHOLE set of fiction is a huge investment of time, and this one novel (or short novel) is only part of it. ^_^ Biggest damned crossover fic I've ever seen, I must say.
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    we-elll. I've gotten a lot more into this fic than i thought i would, i must say. since they forgot everything, is this the beggining of your huge fic, or just a side story in the main one?

    you look STONED. I LOVE IT!

    also, we bleep out hell, but not bastard? and i like where the BeastBoy/Tenochtitlan thing is going. Beast Boy vs Mario. yeah!

    enough disjointed thoughts. very, very good. make sure you tell me where to find this huge fic some day.
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    Dusjointed thoughts, indeed...

    OK, well...

    First off, this fic is a branch off from the main one- don't fear. I will certainly link you to the main one sooner or later. ^_^ That's one point to reading this one: to get involved and want to know the whole story about what's going on, as I don't tell everything. I answer all the questions I establish, but...a lot is left out.

    I look stoned? :confused: How the hell can I manage that when you can't see me and I'm not stoned at all...? :sweat:

    As for hell and bastard...

    My apologies. I tried to take out the censoring, but I didn't review the whoel Chapter- only ones that caught my eye.

    See, when I first posted it up, I wasn't sure if they were accepted, but once I found out they WERE accepted, I let loose and didn't censor them anymore. So be patient with that. You can tell what the words are, anyway, can't ya?

    As for Mario vs Beastboy...

    :eek: Um...What in Koriand'r's name are you talking about???

    Hm...*glances at Chapter quickly* Uhhh...Yeaaaa...I SUPPOSED maybe that's an assumption, but...

    I don't want you thinking that Mario and Tenoch are romantically linked, 'cuz they're not. Mario's already GOT a girlfriend back home- her name is Peach. :rolleyes: And he certainly remembers her, though he may not mention it much.

    However, you're still going to have to wait for more replies until you see any more of this. Sorry, but I'm not givin' output if there's no input.


    OHHH...Stoned...yea...hehe...:sad: Riiiight...:rolleyes: Been so long since I've read this stuff...
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    I see. Sorry about confusing you.

    My only fear is that the reader will become so bogged down trying to remember all the characters that they will forget the plot. But we'll just have to wait and see. Keep it up.:D
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    That was very nice. I like how you have a bunch of superheroes put together to form a team. Extremely cool. Also, your character, Tenochitilan, is that the name of a pokemon? She's very cool.

    Post more or suffer.:evil:
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    OK, then...


    A POKEMON?! :sad: Well, I mean, I like Pokemon...I have my own Pokemon characters in my main fic, but...

    Nonono! Tenochtitlan is my own original creation. Her name derives from the capital city of the Aztec Empire- what's now called Mexico City.

    I would LOVE to tell you more about her, but that would be ruining plot, now wouldn't it? (By the way, you can just call her 'Tay,' as the Titans do later on.)

    "the reader will become so bogged down trying to remember all the characters that they will forget the plot." :frylock: Ummmm...yeaaa...

    See, if you have trouble with that, then you may have trouble with this fic. So far, none of my readers have complained about that. I know all the characters seem overwhelming, but believe you me, this is NOTHING.

    Currently, I am keeping track of the chronology, personality, etc. of over 50 characters over the span of what I have done in the Destinia Saga, as I now call it. Trust me, it gets complex, like a spiderweb- and I LOVE it, and so do my readers...even though they probably don't see all the links that connect things...

    Anyway, the whole point to this fic was to only focus on the Teen Titans and how they get involved with the bigger scheme of things.

    Trust me, though, you won't be worried or confused about the plor later...I think...You'll be much more likely to be wondering what's happening next with all the little subplots put into it. A lot of these are basically relationships between characters. Romance? Oh, yes, lots.


    Yea, by about Chapter 15, things get more complex. But I'm only on 12 right now, sooo...

    Oh, right...Yea, I guess that's enough feedback for an update.

    <+--->*<Begin Transmission>*<---+>

    The Q4D! Saga...

    Winds of Fate: Teen Titans- The X Factor

    Chapter 3- Up and At 'Em!

    The living room of Titan Tower was alive with the vibrant sounds of rock organ, electric guitar, and singing. The energetic tune that blared from the surround sound speakers made sure that everyone was awake by now. Breakfast was still being prepared in the kitchen by a nervous Tenochtitlan, whom Mario had assigned to complete the task.

    Cyborg had just finished scarfing down his meal and had plunked his plates in the sink eagerly, ready to 'get down with his robo-self.'

    Link stood calmly, his stomach full and happy, and he watched the girl before him struggle to get Raven and Starfire's food prepared.

    In the living room, Beastboy and Mario were jamming like maniacs to the music that filled their ears, singing the lyrics in first person. They were dancing in their socks, Mario on the couch and Beastboy on the table. They were wild, swinging the arms around as if they were playing invisible instruments haphazardly.

    "When there's trouble you know who to callll...TEEN TITANS!!

    From our tower we can see it aallll...TEEN TITANS!!

    When there's evil on the attack- you can rest knowing we got your back.

    And when the world is thrown out of controollll...

    Teen Titans- GO!!!"

    The grinned silly smiles and screamed the words loudly and proudly. Robin was leaned up against a doorway that led down one of the Tower's many halls, his arms crossed and an equally silly smile slapped upon him. He hummed along with the up-beat music calmly, but he was very excited with these newcomers to the team. Or, at least, he thought it would be best for them to be on the team...

    "With our super powers we uniiiiite...TEEN TITANS!!

    We never met a villain that we liiiiiked...TEEN TITANS!!

    We got the bad guys on the run- we never stop 'til the job gets done.

    And when the world needs heroes on patrooollll...

    Teen Titans- GO!!!"

    The two lunatics hopped crazily from their stands and dashed around the livingroom, trying to get the others to join in.

    Robin laughed at them and shook his head, while Sonic complained that he was still eating through the eggs he chewed. Cyborg, however, chuckled and got up, attempting to play non-existant drums.

    "We never know who we'll tangle with neeeexxtt...TEEN TITANS!!

    All we know is that we are the beeeesssttt...TEEN TITANS!!

    We'll set 'em straight and tell 'em what is right- we'll strike 'em down with all of our might.

    And when we're done we'll all head back on hoooommme...

    Teen Titans- GO!!!"

    Off in the kitchen, Tenochtitlan was sweating with fright and worry, whimpering all the way. Her eyes flashed from orange to purple in quick succession as she tried to flip pancakes, eggs, and bacon- and doing horribly.

    Link finally noticed how much trouble she was having, lost in his own thoughts, and rushed to help her out.

    "Geez!! What the hell are you DOING?!" he cried out, noticing that the food was in danger of becoming un-edible.

    Tenochtitlan jumped back out of his way, her eyes watering.

    "I-I-I don't know!!" she cried. "It's not like I've ever COOKED before!" she defended shakily.

    Link huffed and revived the situation, while Tenochtitlan realized what she had just said- how did she KNOW that? But...Now that she thought about it...She had no memories of using a stove, a frying pan, or being in a kitchen such as this...She felt confortable, yes, but at the same time, it felt very unfamiliar...

    "Well, you're gonna have to learn to cook, then," Link snapped back. "Why did Mario leave you in charge?!" Link didn't sound angry, really, just annoyed that his food had almost been burnt.

    "O-O-OK," Tenoch quickly stammared back.

    Link sighed deeply, feeling that it was safe to calm down his arms from flipping, and turned off the stove slowly.

    "Listen...Could you go and find whoever's up for food next?"

    Tenoch nodded and hurried out the door, wishing to make up for her mistake.

    As Link brushed back his hair in relief, he glanced at the mystical wooden staff leaned up against the wall beside the doorway and sighed at the dark blue gem on its tip.


    Her eyes burned with annoyance as she paced through the empty hallway, the noise slowly increasing in feriocity to her ears. What were they DOING...? She was not ready to commence her day...How could she meditate properly with this racket going on that could be heard throughout all reaches of Titan Tower?

    "Good morning, Raven," Robin shouted with a sly smile as she paced by, her cloak on, hood and all, as if to hide herself from the morning's warm rays.

    "Not quite," she murmered, not loud enough for Robin to pick up.

    She steadily stepped forth, past the psychotic boys, straight to the stereo's controls, which lay near the big-screen teleivision.

    She promptly reached out a small hand and pushed a red button. The roaring sounds were killed instantly, and she almost smiled with satisfaction and relief.

    "Wha?!" Beastboy cried.

    "Yo, Rave!" Cyborg demanded. "What're you DOIN'? We were listenin' to that!"

    "Exactly," she answered cooly, walking right past them as if they were shadows. "I'm trying to clear my mind, and hearing our pointless 'theme song' is infuriating me..."

    The two Titans frowned dully, while Mario simply stood there, staring at her back as she paced off. He had a thoughtful look about her, and a hint of a smile.

    "Ah," he mumbled. "Figures you have one of those..."

    "What's that?" Beastboy muttered.

    "Ya know, a...Er...Well, one of those dull, gothic people that want to huddle up in a corner and die because the world is so mean..." He spoke as if it were nothing amazing- which, to him, it wasn't.

    "Dude, I don't CARE," Beastboy snapped back. "We live here, too, and we wanna listen to some tunes."

    "Majority rules!!" Cyborg declared, raising a finger.

    Mario shrugged slowly, beginning to leave toward the kitchen.

    "Whoa- where are YOU going?" BB wondered. "Aren't you gonna hang out here with us some more?"

    Mario paused and answered carefully, "You guys do what you want. I'm going to get my OWN breakfast- I've starved."

    Beastboy froze as his stomach gurgled, as if on cue.

    "Yea..." he mumbled. "Come to think of it, I didn't get enough earlier..." He looked up and chased after his new friend, crying, "Dude! Wait up, man!" He promptly shifted form to that of a hawk as he glided away, leaving Cyborg to ponder what to do next. He decided to see if Robin wanted to go a round in 'Soul Calibur II,' but he quickly noticed that Robin had vanished, as well.

    "Aw, MAN!" he moaned, tossing his arms. "Where da he** did everybody go?!"


    A somersaulting young man flew into the room and nimbly landed on the tile floors of the kitchen, a knee and a palm on the ground. He hopped to his feet and spun 180 to see Link sliding some food onto some plates.

    "Eh?" he mumbled, surprised. "Link, where'd Tenoch go? Wasn't she supposed to be cooking?" the kid asked.

    "Cooking?" Link moaned incredulously. "Is THAT what you call what she was doing?"

    Mario frowned as he walked up to the stove, smelling the warm aromas sternly.

    "What do you mean?" he mumbled curiously.

    "Mario," Link spat out, eyeing him like he was a nut. "The girl's never COOKED before in her life...She almost burnt everything..."

    Mario tossed his arms.

    "So what?" he shot back casually. "How is she ever gonna learn if she doesn't try it herself?"

    Link paused, and nodded slowly, seeing his point.

    "Guess you're right," he murmured.

    "So where'd she go?" Mario questioned suddenly, scratching his nose a little. He really needed to shave there, didn't he...?

    Link huffed. "Oh, I dunno. I think I scared her off," he answered smugly. "She went to go get the others."

    Mario nodded and grabbed himself a plate of food. He fumbled around a few drawers, looking for the silverware, and found it on his third try. Not bad.

    As he pulled up a stool and sat at the island, he couldn't help but feel at home. This was his kind of place. Very roomy, kind of public, yet plenty of private spaces. Reminded him of the good old Academy of Magic...Hmm...Magic...Academy? The phrase sort of slipped on through his mind, but...Now that he thought about it, he couldn't quite grasp it. Oh, well.

    The screech of a bird of prey rang through the halls, and moments later, the two teens were shocked to see a green hawk change shape into Beastboy, landing before the stove. His eyes were glazed over at the thought of more of those mouth-watering pancakes flooding into his jaws. A little drool dripped on the floor, and Mario chuckled.

    "Whoa, whoa, buddy," he said, shaking his head. "You'll get your food."

    Beastboy grinned. "I KNOW," he cheerfully answered. "I'd better," he added slyly, his eyes narrowing.

    He suddenly froze, his eyes wide and sad.

    "Hey! Wait, where'd that one chick go...Teekonoqu-"

    "Tenochtitlan," Link grumbled with a smile.

    Beastboy blushed, his emerald eyes wandering. "Right."

    "She'll be back," Link answered. "Went to go get your red-head pal."

    "Oh," BB nodded in relief. "Allright."

    "Why do ya ask?" Mario wondered, having just swalloed some bacon.

    "Oh, well, uh..." Beastboy fiddled with his hair a little nervously. "I just...We started talkin', and...-"

    "Yea, she's pretty cool," Mario told him. "You should get to know her better. She can be a little melodramatic sometimes, but...Meh," the capped crusader shrugged calmly. "She's one of the nicest people I know."

    Beastboy smiled at that comment, but he suddenly looked very curious and thoughtful.

    "Where are you guys from, anyway?"

    The two sighed and shook their heads.

    "Not here," Link responded dully.

    Beastboy scratched his chin roughly, baffled by the whole concept.

    "Yea, Tekila...Er, Tenoch...titlan...Yea, she told me you guys might be staying with us..."

    Mario nodded, gulping down some scrambled eggs.

    "'Bout the size of it," he agreed. "At least, that's what Robin suggested."

    The green monster was intrigued. If Robin wanted them here, then it was fine by him. After all, they all seemed cool enough. As he thought about it more, he got excited. More Titans to the team? Wow. This was big! It would totally change things...

    He suddenly jumped with delight as he heard that calm, lovely tone ring through his ears. The one he was waiting to hear.

    Tenochtitlan came dashing into the room, giggling along with Starfire. The two of them had beaming smiles on their faces, and were eager to eat.

    Beastboy stood idly by as they both picked up some food and sat down at the island alongside Mario.

    "'Mornin' there," the young man greeted cheerfully.

    Starfire's eyes widened in surprise as she realized who it was. She'd known that Titan Tower had new guests, but...This one wasn't entirely a stranger! Her face turned red as those mysterious blue eyes of his captured her.

    "You are the waiter that served us last night, are you not?" she inquired slowly, in a murmur. A smile crawled across her face.

    Mario nodded. "Yea, that was me. Mustard and mint frosting, eh?" he gave her an odd look, but proceeded to eat his food without a second thought.

    Starfire shrugged, a little embarrassed, and decided to eat some before she continued her conversation.

    Beastboy had let Link fill up his plate, and was chomping it down at a steady pace, not even looking at it. He was too engulfed by this new girl, Tenoch. He couldn't hear what they were saying, he was too engrossed by her beauty. Her eyes...They were pink at the time. They were the loveliest pink he'd ever seen in a LONG time, so he thought.

    Finally, his fork stabbed the plate directly, and he looked down to notice there weren't any rations left on it.

    Link gave him an amused glance.

    "Wow...You love eggs and bacon, don't ya?" he noticed.

    Beastboy's brows furrowed and cocked as glared at the blonde boy.

    "What are you TALKING about?" he grumbled. "I HATE eggs and bacon..."

    Link's eyes widened, and he let out a laugh.

    "Oh. Forgive me. You just ate five pounds of 'em!" He chuckled as his head shook slowly.

    Beastboy's eyes darted to his plate to see the shreds of yellow and brown that remained.

    "BLECH!" he cried out, tossing the plate into the sink nearby as he made a dash for the bathroom.

    Link jumped in shock as the green kid came whizzing by, and sighed deeply as he picked up some bacon from what little was left and chewed on it slowly, savoring the rich flavor.

    "Oh, geez...Yea, THAT was quite a mess..." came Robin, who had overheard their conversation as he entered. "That Mad Mod was a MORON...I sure as hell hope I don't have to go through anything like THAT again..." He frowned and began to grumble a little, shaking his head.

    "Sounds like fun," Mario mumbled, scratching his chin.

    "How is that?" Starfire questioned, puzzled. "It was not very entertaining at all..." Her brows furrowed a moment in thought when Mario snickered at her, messing with his hat's brim a bit. "Oh," she moaned. "That was your sense of...sarcasm, correct?"

    "Right, Star," Robin chuckled, patting her back a little.


    "Whoa! Hey, BB!" Cyborg cried from the coach, a small device in his hand. Beastboy was slowly wandering through the room behind him, looking slightly unwell.

    "Check this out, man!" the machine-man yelled, gesturing Beastboy to have a look.

    The green kid decided there couldn't be much harm in it, and groggily shifted himself to lean on the sofa's back, eyeing the screen in a half-asleep manner.

    "Look at the way thee damn fish rip that thing to shreds, yo!" Cyborg was clearly overjoyed at watching the bloody mess before him onscreen as chunks of flesh and blood spewed out everywhere. Beastboy squinted, not sure he was seeing properly.

    "Dude..." he murmured. "Since when do you watch Discovery Channel...?"

    Cyborg's face froze, his eyes wide for a few seconds. He blinked, pushed a button on the remote in his hand, and asnwered quickly, "I don't..." and turned his head to see a football game.

    Beastboy paused a moment, too dazed to realize what just happened, and proceeded back to the kitchen slowly.

    No sooner had he left the room had Cyborg clicked his button again and cheered on the array of pirahnas.


    About a half hour had passed. Everyone in the kitchen had chatted away, everyone had eaten breakfast, except Raven, and Robin had rounded everyone up to have a meeting of sorts in the briefing room. It was incredibly large, and rested just beyond the living room. A large screen was against the wall, with a control panel to match it.

    "Allright, guys," Robin announced. "Time to discuss business..."

    His eyes wandered around to make sure everyone was present, and was slightly irritated to see Raven still gone.

    "Gah," he groaned. "Where's Raven?"

    "No idea," Beastboy shrugged.

    "I thought she went to do some more of her damn meditatin'," Cyborg muttered.

    "Raven!!" Starfire called out, hoping the caped crusador would hear.

    Mere seconds later, she was standing behind the lot of them, only her cold face visible. Vapid, as always, she murmured, "You called...?"

    "OK, good!" Robin cried out, his hands forth.

    "Guys, listen up! I know this morning has been real hectic. We have some guests, new faces...We're tryin' to get to know eachother here..."

    Surprsingly, they were all silent and serious.

    "The reason we're here is because I have a proposal...I have hereby invited these new friends of ours to join the Titans. Now I have to ask you guys if you're allright with this...What do you say?"

    Raven's eyes bugged out in shock for a moment as she scanned the group, trying to absorb these faces in that she had yet to know. How could he be so hasty in something like this?

    Starfire's eyes lit up with enthusiasm, however. What more could she want than more friends?

    Cyborg grinned devilishly. New groupies, huh? That meant more people to kick in video games, more people for target practice, and more people to carry the work-load!

    Beastboy was overwhelmed with happiness. Two new girls...One of 'em was taken, but...The other was all his!! And he was set on trying his luck.

    "Count me in on that vote!" he gleefully shouted, raising his arm giddily.

    "Hell yea!" Cyborg agreed.

    "I concur!" Starfire cheered.

    Raven had been studying everyone's faces, trying to decide how annoying they would be. Then, she met a blond-haired boy with a sharp face and sharper eyes. She felt her insides melt, which didn't happen very often. She fought to prevent her face from turning red, but to no avail. A grin even seeped over her, and she felt...kind of happy...?!?! What was going on?! Her eyes, if only for a second, became brilliantly glazed and joyful.

    "Wh-why not...?" she mumbled as everyone stared at her in perplexment, struggling to maintain her dullness.

    After a moment of silence, the sound of an explosion rang out. They all spun to see the large screen behind them cracked, and sparks spewed out of it crazily. This only added more to Raven's embarrassment.

    (ontrol, control...)she told herself in thought. (You can't be like this, gotta stay calm...) Raven's powers were kept under wraps by her dullness. They were powered by emotions. If Raven got too emotional, she couldn't control herself.

    As they all looked back at her, Starfire giggling, Link utterly confused, the control panel promptly ignited in flames, causing them to all cry out in surprise.


    End Transmission



    Ahhh...And so begins when I started realizing how fun writing about Raven could be...

    I may or may not have said this, but I used to actually dislike Raven...

    And then I watched the show more and wrote this fic, and I began to understand her better and like her a lot...She's now one of my favorite Titans...I know there's only five, but...I like 'em all, I just like Raven a lot more than I used to, so she gets some crucial plot later.

    As I said, you're in for a roller-coaster ride, so make sure you're buckled. We're still going up that really tall hill at the start- ya know, where it clicks and it's all slow, and...Yeeaaa...

    And then, later on, about where I am, we start the real ride.

    Crowgirl, I would have to say that your avatar IS cute. ;)

    That reminds me, Jinx will be a prominent character later on...

    And Terra? Yea, she's comin' in, too. Don't hate her, people. She's not evil. Never was on the show, either. Just misguided and angry- like many teens.
  13. oneeyemonkeypie

    oneeyemonkeypie D_S needs a hobby...

    Sep 9, 2004
    Likes Received:
    meh? that's my word. how dare mario say "meh!"

    just kidding. I do like the chapter, especially how all the characters are more mature versions of their original characters. and i didn't say that I would lose track of the characters, just that other people might. If you say they dont, then it's all good.
  14. rrarbecy

    rrarbecy I'm Back!

    Sep 10, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Raven is my favorite character, and you have opened the door for me to play around with her later in my story.

    I love confusing things, so I should like the rest of your story. By the way, a BB/Tenoch relationship would be nice, and, if there is a BB/Tenoch relationship, I am interested to see how it would be complicated by Terra. Possibilities, possibilities. Post more.
  15. raven54

    raven54 aaaawww... I heart rocks, too!

    Sep 11, 2004
    Likes Received:
    hey X i'm really starting to like your story! Veeery interesting. No wonder Rae melted- Link is such a hot videogame character;) By the way, Reid, didja know "meh" made it all the way to the snowy desolate wasteland of Minnesota? Cuz it did...
  16. Reket

    Reket ~>Random Cliffy Lover

    Sep 8, 2004
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    starting to like it??? It was very good since the first chapter. I enjoyed it then and still enjoy it now! My fic is not that long yet, but I'm getting chapter 3 in sometime today!
  17. Destiny_Smasher

    Destiny_Smasher Epic Fail

    Sep 17, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Wow. Lots of replies...

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but are you all girls...? :eek: Just wondering...:sweat:

    Everybody thinks I'm a girl when they meet me online...

    Sooo...Let's see...

    Crowgirl, don't be hatin'. If you hate Terra for those reasons, then you're being just a cold jerk. Everyone has feelings. I'm sure YOU'VE made mistakes in your life that YOU regret, too.

    Raven54, everything you said is PERFECTLY matched with my opinion, and it IS what happened. I mean, COME ON. When someone who acts pretty mature all of a sudden changes...When asked, "Why do you hate us?" and replies, "Because you were BORN," I'm detecting some slight immaturity there, and Terra's real self never acted like that. I won't give anything away, but I CAN tell you that Terra will NOT become a villain. That's it, that's all I'm sayin' for now. I actually think you'll like her.

    'She basically killed (or at least tried) to kill our young heroes!'

    Don't be so quick to judge. That's why the Titans feel so left out, you know. People judge them before they KNOW them.

    That's why they all feel left out, and that's something that I focus on later.

    Regarding romantic situations- don't worry. I'll touch on that a LOT. Matter of fact, the Chapter I'm working on right now focuses solely on that. The 'In Tower' romance escalates quite a bit.

    But this story does begin going down a much darker road by the time we get to the Chapters beyond 10. Just warning you and stuff.

    Oh, right. Well, all those replies deserve to have Chapter 4 put up, eh?

    :sad: Actually...A whole section of Chapter 4 didn't come out right on the site I have it up on...:yawn: Damnit...That whole set of flashbacks didn't come through correctly...

    One thing that has been frustrating me is that fact that I can't seem to use the same thought-quotes throughout all the sites I post my fiction on. First it was <>, but that SO did not work. Then it was [] and {}, which stuck for a while, but even tjose don't work on the main site anymore, I don't think.

    I guess I'll just have to stick with (), or something. I don't know. You'll know when they're thought-quotes, I can assure you of that. :p

    Sorry for the delay...I'll try to do an quick-edit job on Chapter 4 today. If you're lucky, I'll get it up in a coupel hours...If not, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow after I get out of school. Sorry about that. But the burst of enthusiasm for this fic drives me to edit that section so it doesn't suck. :shrug:

    Many thanks, people. You'll love what I have in store, I know ya will.

    And soon enough I'll tell you where you can go to read my other three fics. ^_^ Then what fun you may or may not have.
  18. Crowgirl

    Crowgirl Active Member

    Sep 7, 2004
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    I do not hate Terra, I never did. The thing was, and is, anyone can be swayed, but it takes a real fighter to say that they are sorry and prove it, like Terra did. I am not saying Terra is completely evil, just that she made that oh-so-sweet speech: 'I wanted to anniliate you and your pathetic friends.' 'And now, I never want to see your faces again.'

    Seemed evil to me

    Oh yeah, you want to insult my opinion, please tell it to my face. I don't really like it when people post it for the whole world to see.
  19. Destiny_Smasher

    Destiny_Smasher Epic Fail

    Sep 17, 2004
    Likes Received:

    Not entirely sure who that last comment was directed to, but this IS a forum. Opinions will be openly posted, and opinions OF those opinions will be posted up, too. I mean, if you don't want your opinion insulted, don't post it up here for all to see...*sweatdrop* Not trying to be a jerk, it just makes sense, ya know...?

    I personally think you're being just as cold as the Titans THEMSELVES were, though.

    "She ruined my car. That seems pretty evil to me."

    Seriously, you're reminding me of that line. Blech. This was BEASTBOY'S fault. I'm telling you, Terra becamer a jerk with Beastboy's help-or did you forget?

    "Of course, Terra, I'll always be your friend."
    "Slade's right. You don't HAVE any friends...:mad: "

    Oh, no, breaking his promise wouldn't piss her off ONE BIT, I'm sure. Terra was SO CLOSE to breaking free from Slade, but OHHH NO, Beastboy had to break down and have a fit.

    Besides, Terra was just acting immature and irrational. I'm sure there's been at least one time when you acted like a jerk and regretted it, right? Aside from that, you even agreed- Terra admitted her wrongdoings and atoned for her sins with her LIFE. That's anything but evil.

    Everyone has two sides to them, Crowgirl. I'm a very firm believer of this, and have yet to come across anything that proves my theory otherwise. You can't love if you can't hate. That's BIG in this story, and in ALL of my fiction.

    What Terra DID was evil. But Terra herself was never truly evil. I don't think a person CAN be 100% evil. It's impossible. However, Terra was overcome by hatred, and all the rejection she'd faced in her life was the cause of that hatred.


    Oh, right...Anyway, it'd be great if this didn't degrade to a 'Is Terra evil?' debate and all that. I'm sure there's somewhere ELSE in these forums to do that.

    <+--->*<Begin Transmission>*<---+>

    The Q4D! Saga...

    Winds of Fate: Teen Titans- The X Factor

    Chapter 4- A Question of Trust

    There he sat, his eyes deep and thoughtful, lost in the past. It had been a grand day, no reports of crime...Everything was as it sould be...Or was it?

    He wasn't so sure anymore. About anything. All he was sure about was that he could use all the help he could get. And that from this point on, he was part of the team. He wasn't going to make a mistake like that again. Not only had he let them down, but he'd let himself down. What he didn't quite realize, however, was that there were more people there for him than he gave credit to. Thoughts from a week ago flashed through his mind as he sat in the dark, staring at a piece of metal. It was black, and in the shape of a semi-circle, with the right edge cracked. It had been broken off of that bastard'ss face when it had been slammed by Robin's foot.

    As he stared at the cruel reminder of those events, he shuddered.

    (Admit it, Robin- stealing for me was a thrill, wasn't it?)

    He clenched his teeth and he tried to sort it out. He didn't enjoy serving Slade, he was forced against his will...But maybe part of him DID enjoy it...

    (Robin...You are my best friend...I cannot live in a world where we must fight. If you are truly evil, then do what you must.)

    He could perfectly picture her face at that moment, and she was torn apart by his hostility that night. She floated there gracefully, her eyes utterly afraid and bursting with tears. He just couldn't do it. He had to disobey.


    But before he could do anything else, Slade sent his devices into action, instantly paralyzing his friends, ready to kill. Faced with the decision to either listen to Slade and attack his friends...Or to watch them die...Robin felt he had no choice.

    (I'm sorry...)

    He flinched as he remembered blasting her fiercely with that heat ray. His brain screamed with regret and pain. Starfire deserved anything but that. Robin had failed to realize just how much she mattered to him...and how much he mattered to her. His mind flew like a jet to later on. After Slade's plan had been discovered. After his friends had come to help him.

    (Everything OK?)

    (I am...sorry...)

    (YOU'RE sorry...? For WHAT??)

    (When things were bad, there was a moment when I truly believed you were...like Slade...I doubted you, and for that, I am sorry.)

    All the pain and frustration he had caused them...And what did he do when faced with it all? He RAN. That BASTARD...Why was he doing this? All for an apprentice? Robin roared to himself. Slade was up to something beyond that...Perhaps it was simply the satisfaction of making the leader of the Titans suffer emotionally, physically, AND mentally. Or maybe it was something more...But WHAT? What was it about the Titans that he sought after so?

    And what would he do when he found out about these NEW members...? It suddenly hit Robin. What was he doing, dragging five innocent souls into this mess?! What if something happened to them as dire as what almost did a week ago? He wouldn't be able to live with himself.

    All the pieces of paper hanging on the black wall, small devices littering the table he sat at...All of it...What did it matter? Why the he** should he care about Slade?!

    He went to throw that shattered piece of mask away, but paused. He stared at it for a moment thoughtfully.

    Jolted from his thoughts in the dark, the metal door behind Robin slid open smoothly, shedding a blinding light into the room. It was blinding to him, at least. There she stood, sure enough, her elegant figure equal in beauty to that of her heart.

    "Robin..." she murmured sadly, as she stepped into the room.

    "Star...?" he mumbled, turning to look at her.

    The 'hi-tech' door slammed shut again, and Star slowly approached the table where Robin sat. He could make out her expression from the light that bounced off it behind him. It was concerned and restless. He quickly dropped the mask on the wooden table, letting it rest amongst other objects. It wasn't all dark, there was a small light hanging from the ceiling, which cast a dim glow.

    Neither said a word until Starfire reached his side, and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

    "Robin, are you feeling well...?" she asked, sounding a bit nervous.

    "Don't worry about me, Star, I'm fine," Robin answered calmly, glancing at her with solemnity.

    "I just needed some time alone to think..."

    Starfire's face saddened as she realized what was bothering him.

    "We have already discussed this, Robin..." she began. "All is forgiven. We know that the reason why you served for Slade was to protect us..."

    Robin sighed and let his head drop into his folded arms.

    "I know..." he moaned, slightly muffled by his own arms. "But that doesn't change what happened...I've been letting you all down lately...First the Red X, then-"

    "Robin," Starfire interrupted. She was not one to interrupt, but she couldn't stand to listen to him put himself down so much.

    "There is no changing what has happened...But that does not mean you should feel so bad...We all are to blame, we all have played our part...But what has happened has happened, and could not have happened any other way..."

    Robin lifted his head up and stared at her pretty green eyes, and he asked slowly, "What makes you say that...?"

    Starfire gave him a half smile. "We are still alive, are we not? And we are still friends..."


    "Much better, don't ya think?" Mario asked with a toothy grin, rubbing his upper lip proudly.

    "Um...Right," Beastboy mumbled. "You shaved...So what?"

    Mario rolled his eyes and sighed. "Do you think I should try and grow a real mustache or just keep shaving it?"

    Beastboy shrugged incredulously. "I don't know!" he said with a chuckle. "It's not MY face!"

    "I know!" Mario murmured.

    "Do whatever you like," Link grumbled, trying to end it.

    "OK," Mario responded simply, letting himself sit back down on the couch.

    "So, then," he mumbled, cracking his fingers nimbly. "Teach me how do this...uh...What was it again? That really cool thing..."

    Cyborg, who was sitting on the coach next to him, laughed. He was gripping a grey device in his hand known as a 'Wavebird.'

    "OK, OK...It's called Guard Impacting," he began to explain. "It's a defense technique that throws your opponent off balance just long enough for you to strike them off guard."

    "Ohhh," Mario said with a nod. "I see. Yea, that'd be pretty helpful...So, what do I push to do it...?" He stared at his own 'Wavebird' in perplexment. Yet he held it expertly, oddly enough.

    "Well, you tap the control stick toward them and press 'B'," Cyborg said quickly, eager for a match.

    "OK, OK..." Mario mumbled. "Allright, then let's go at it, shall we?"

    Cyborg grinned devlishly. "I thought you'd never ask..."

    Mario flicked his thumb around, selecting a character. One in particular caught his eye, and he froze, thoughts flooding into his brain. Images of fairies, Sages, and triangles...

    "...What's up with this guy?" Mario demanded calmly, trying to hide his amusement.

    "Oh, him?" Cyborg murmured, not paying full attention, glancing at Beastboy's glowing face. He seemed to be itching to play himself.

    "That's, uh..."

    "Link," Beastboy spat out quickly, without a second thought.

    Mario stared at the young man on the screen in disbelief. Link?

    It was at that moment that all three of them froze in realization. They stared at the boy on the screen. He had blonde hair, a green tunic, blue eyes...And he grasped a sword with a blue hilt. Not quite the same as the Link they knew, but STILL...

    "DUDE!!" Beastboy exclaimed, thrilled.

    "No kidding!" Cyborg agreed, grinning. "It looks just like him, man! That's friggin' awesome!"

    "SWEET!" BB cried, dashing to get the real Link's attention.

    "Dude, Link, man!" he called to the boy, who stared thoughtfully at a painting hanging on the hallway wall, just beyond the living room.

    "Huh?" his eyes turned to the green-faced kid.

    "You SO have to check this out!"

    Link sighed. "What is it now?"

    "On our video game, there's this guy that is SO like you! He even has the same NAME as you, man!"

    Link blinked in perplexment.

    "Um...That's nice," he mumbled, showing no interest, it seemed. Beastboy felt a little disappointed. He thought it was pretty cool. It'd be like him seeing someone who looked like him on some TV show, sharing his same name even.

    Shrugging, Beastboy morphed into a chimpanzee and scampered back to the living room. He briskly clambered up the back of the sofa and sat between Mario and Cyborg on the sofa's back.

    On the screen, two characters were waging war, fierce slashes and swings flying through the air. It was an entertaining sight.

    Cyborg's eyes were bulging with disbelief as he jammed on his controller in frustration.

    "What the hell, man?" he murmured in awe as his character fell to the ground at the hands of this odd 'Link' character, whom Mario controlled with the will of his hands.

    "You kicked my ass..." Cyborg mumbled in dismay, shocked. "You sure you've never played before...?" His eyes were wide and wondrous as he glared at Mario incredulously.

    "Nope. Never. Don't even know what the NAME is," Mario admitted calmly. "My Link took out your Necrid, dude."

    Cyborg nodded, frowning with a competitive fury. "Geez, man...That's WHACKED..." he grumbled, quickly preparing a match.

    "I take winner!" Beastboy declared hastily, waving his arms, his normal form regained. He fell off the back of the sofa, only to jump back over it and shove Cyborg to the side, stealthily swiping his video game controller.

    "Soul Calibur 2 rocks, doesn't it?" he said slyly, smiling with glee. "And you're about to fall to the hands of the master, baby!"

    Mario laughed at his friends confidence. "Bring it," he said smoothly.

    "So, Cyborg, who should it be? Kilik? Seung Mia...?"

    Cyborg pondered a moment. "Kilik, dude," he answered. "Kilik's pretty cool."

    "Yea," BB agreed, pressing a few buttons.

    Meanwhile, down the hall, Link's eyes were glued to the walls, observing the various artworks.

    What he didn't notice was the figure in the shadows, staring at him nervously. She stood, hiding under her cloak. What was it about this boy that made her feel so different?? She had to figure it out...It was more than his looks...But he WAS handsome, there was no denying...

    (Don't lose control,) she grumbled inwardly. She was doing well in managing her emotions, but she secretly feared deep inside that they'd come back if she DID talk to him. She just...felt drawn to him. Yes, he was handsome, but...He...There was something about him. For some reason, she felt he understood her.

    (...Should I try to talk to him...? Why would he even want to talk to me, anyway?) she thought to herself nervously. From an outward glance, many thought Raven to be a emotionless drone, but she was anything but. She just needed to keep her emotions under control, or else she'd blow up Titan Tower or something...She felt so out of tone, standing there. Something about him made her feel this way, and she wanted to know what it was.

    Creeping along like a serpant of some sort, she slithered over to Link, frozen in her tracks behind him. Quivering a bit, she shakily murmured, "Uhh....Hey, Link..."

    Link paused and slowly turned around to face her shy, hidden face with his deep blue eyes.

    "Huh...? Oh," he smiled. "Hey, there. Uh...Raven, is it?"

    She returned his smile, feeling embarassed as she did so.

    "Hey..." she mumbled, trying to regain her calm tone.

    Link stared at her for a few moments awkwardly before asking slowly, "So, uh...Yea. Hi. What's up?"

    Raven blinked, realizing she'd lost herself for a moment.

    "Oh! Uh...Sorry, I got lost in my thoughts, and...Ya know, happens a lot, I meditate sometimes and..." She cleared her throat, feeling stupider by the minute.

    "You OK...?" Link quizically asked.

    "Fine," Raven spat out quietly. "I'm fine. I just wanted to know if we could...I dunno..." She'd gotten back some of her 'Raven-ness.' "Maybe we could hang out...I mean, we're gonna have to get to know eachother...or something like that...aren't we...?"

    Link saw right through her mumbles. For some reason, Link felt perfectly comfortable about it. It happened all the time, he had many a fangirl. Right?...Wait...How did he remember that...? Oh, well. It felt fine with him. The more the merrier. ^_^

    "Sure, Rave...Where shall we go...?"

    Raven pondered a moment, appearing unexcited- Link knew otherwise.

    "How about my room...?" Raven timidly suggested.

    "Sounds good," Link answered slyly. "Matter of fact, I need to figure out where MY place is gonna be. I was thinking that spiffy study near yours..."


    "It's just all...Creepy," she whispered slowly, gazing around at the room before her, admiring the streets below. "This place...It feels so much like home...And yet...It feels so different..." Her eyes glinted with a brownish glow as she pondered her situation.

    "Are you worried...?" came the innocent voice of the long-haired girl at her side.

    "No...I don't think so..." She sighed, shaking her head as her eyeballs shifted to purple. "Maybe I AM worried...I don't know, Tikal..."

    "Tenochtitlan," Tikal said solemnly, nudging her friend's shoulder with her skinny arm. "You can talk to me about it..."

    "I know," Tenoch muttered. "Because we're friends..."

    Tikal smiled, nodding. "Exactly..."

    "But WHY are we friends...?" Tenoch whimpered, confused. "I can't remember us talking or anything..."

    Tikal's eyes saddened as she noticed Tenoch's blue hue. It was a tell-tale sign she was upset.

    "Do you really need to know why?" she whispered calmly and thoughtfully. "Think about it...No, wait..." She pushed back a few bangs from her eyes as she wondered a moment. "Don't think about it...FEEL it..."

    Tenochtitlan finally let her blue eyes meet Tikal's, and she sighed slowly, her shoulders sagging.

    "...Tikal...I know...I feel our friendship...I know it's there. I just don't understand it. I mean, I just feel so confused..." She bobbed her head, leaning back on the couch tiredly.

    Tikal let out a very similar sigh herself, and leaned forward, resting her chin in her palms, her elbows on her thin legs.

    "Tenochtitlan, don't be so critical...I mean...Look at Sonic and I. We're...together...But yet I cannot remember us going out...I can't remember us hugging, I can't remember us talking...I don't remember us at all...And yet...I still feel drawn to him. I care about him, and he cares about me. We're romantically attached, but...Perhaps we never were...Perhaps we've never met until the other day..."

    Tenoch was slightly lost, but she got the point. It didn't matter right now what she remembered, only that she knew within her heart what was right. The answers would come soon enough, she felt.


    "You think so...?" Beastboy murmured, sounding unsure.

    "Positive," responded the other voice. It was a little low, and had a strong sense of justice to it. It sounded comforting, and yet at the same time, it sounded as if its owner was just as confused as the green-faced young man.

    The boy's bright emerald eyes deepened in thought as he pondered, grasping the small device close to his ear.

    "But...What makes you so sure...?" he muttered skeptically.

    "Psh. Listen, B, I can't promise you anything..." A sigh came through the phone's small speaker. "I've been in quite the mess lately myself..." As he said those words, frustration and exhaustion were clear.

    Beastboy's eyes sank with sympathy.

    "Really?" he mumbled, regretting having brougt the topic up. "...What's up? You...wanna talk about it...?"

    The figure on the other side paused, contemplating. "Eh...Nah. I won't waste your time. Just...Listen to me, though, I know the girl."

    Beastboy was totally perplexed.

    "You DO?" he whispered in disbelief.

    "No way..." He furrowed his brows in doubt.

    "YES way," answered the voice.

    "Really?" the green eyes lit up with excitement. "Well, geez! They're having memory problems and junk, they don't remember where they came from, so maybe-"

    "Sorry, I can't..." the voice interrupted, as if expecting that reaction, knowing exactly where it was headed.

    Beastboy paused, even more baffled. "...Wha...? Well...Wait, if you know her, then why not...?"

    The tone from the other side sighed and explained quickly. "I know her very well, but she doesn't really know me. I can't help, it's not my duty."

    "...Dude, WHAT are you talking about?" Beastboy had a slightly frustrated tone and about him.

    "Beastboy, just listen. I know exactly how you feel right now." There a sense of longing about the teenage-sounding boy now. "Don't ask why, I just do, OK...? Uh...Call it a 'super power,' if you will, like yours..."

    Beastboy grinned. "Sweet! I get it now! You can like, read minds and stuff! Awesome!"

    There was a slight chuckle as the boy answered, "Well, yes, it IS awesome, but I can't read every mind. If I could, I wouldn't be in the mess I'm in..."

    "Oh...Right...Sure you don't wanna talk?" BB questioned curiously.

    "Ugh...Don't worry about it, it's just...It's my problem, and...Yea."

    "OK..." Beastboy muttered, a semi-smile on him. "That's cool. I understand."

    "But trust me on this, B, she could use somebody like you to help her out. Don't feel afraid to be open with her."


    "Good man...Well, uh, if ya don't mind, I'll let ya go. I'd like to talk to one of your other buds, ya know?"

    "No prob, big D," Beastboy responded. "We'll hear from ya. Good night!"

    "Yep. Good night. Oh, and by the way, you can try all you want to beat that Mario guy, but no matter how fast your reflexes are, you'll still lose..."


    Beastboy sat on his bed, baffled. How did he know that Mario had royally whomped everyone's butts in Soul Calibur 2?


    End Transmission

  20. starburn1116

    starburn1116 Member

    Sep 10, 2004
    Likes Received:
    that was really good
    as to the terra thing
    i am a stubborn person and a creature of habbit
    as hard as i try i cannot change my opinion
    but i will keep said opinion to myself since this argument seem to upset certain people

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