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Will Vinton

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by MonkeyFunk, Dec 14, 2008.

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    '''Will Vinton''' (born November 17, 1947) is an American animator and originator of the term "claymation".

    Will Vinton's first nudge towards clay animation came during his time at Berkley's University of California, where he studied filmmaking and architecture, along with physics. Inspired by the architect Antonio Gaudi, who would make clay models of his early building designs, Vinton developed an interest in clay modelling which became a part of his experiments in filmmaking at the university. After graduating, Vinton teamed up with an old friend from university, [[Bob Gardiner]], to make the 1974 short ''[[Closed Mondays]]'', which won an Oscar for Best Animated Short. The pair teamed up to make another short, 1975's ''[[Mountain Music]]'', before going their separate ways.

    After going solo, Vinton founded [[Will Vinton Studios]] in Portland, Oregon. The company created a number of short over the next few years, funded by work in advertising; the studio was resonponsible for animating such iconic characters as the [[California Raisins]] and the Domino's Pizza [[Noid]], both originating in 1986. In 1985 Vinton made his feature film debut with ''[[The Adventures of Mark Twain]]'', a compilation feature in which a clay likeness of the writer tells a selection of his stories.

    Phil Knight, owner of Nike, became majority shareholder of Will Vinton Studios and went on to dismiss its founder in 2002, renaming the studio [[LAIKA]] three years later after Vinton sued for ownership of his name. Following this loss, Vinton went on to start another company, [[Freewill Entertainment]].

    ==Selected Filmography==

    * ''[[Closed Mondays]]'' (1974)
    * ''[[Mountain Music]]'' (1975)
    * ''[[A Christmas Gift]]'' (1980)
    * ''[[James Weldon Johnson's The Creation]]'' (1981)
    * ''[[The Adventures of Mark Twain]]'' (1985)
    * ''[[A Claymation Christmas Celebration]]'' (1987)
    * ''[[Meet the Raisins]]'' (1988)

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