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Which stories will you place in the 5 years gap between Original Dragon Ball and Z's beginning?

Discussion in 'The Adult Swim/Toonami Forum' started by Israelite Wolfman, Sep 13, 2017.


Would you like to see such a Dragon Ball project gets an animated/manga adaptation?

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  1. Israelite Wolfman

    Israelite Wolfman New Member

    Aug 16, 2017
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    Let's play on the "the Dragon Ball Gang hadn't met each other for quite a while and Piccolo is still a villain". Which will lead us to create stories where only some of the cast are teaming up with Goku for a given threat.

    For example: I'd put an arc where Colonel Silver (a well designed yet a wasted character) is the main villain, taking place 3 months after Goku and Chi-Chi's wedding. Silver obtained new technological enhancement for himself (sorta like that Pilaf Gang GT's pilot robotic suit) from Parfe,a former disciple of Dr. Gero (whose name is a pun of "Parfait"), and some new underlings who help him in tracing the Dragon Balls to gain World Domination (with the Dragon Radar they've stole from the Pilaf Gang), they begin their chase for the goal under the heroes' nose and once they've obtained 5 balls Bulma will get up on them and will send Yamcha, Goku and Krillin to do some sniffing that will eventually lead to confront "the new and improve" Silver himself and will take him out.

    Edit: Don't forget, even against Raditz Goku had a tough time flying, so in this point in his life don't expect him to be able of performing/demonstrating his marvelous Z and beyond techniques and abilities.
  2. SuperFan2024

    SuperFan2024 Shoo fly.

    Jun 10, 2016
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    Eh, I would like to see this happen just in case if Toriyama, Toyotaro, or Toei run out of ideas past Dragon Ball Super, but I don't think that having stories within the time gap in that period would be all that hype. Sure, it sounds interesting, and of course i'll watch it since it's more Dragon Ball, but because we've already seen Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super, there's really no point to it.

    But, if anything, I would like to see the real canon version of Gohan's birth and how he was raised until the start of Z.
  3. Israelite Wolfman

    Israelite Wolfman New Member

    Aug 16, 2017
    Likes Received:
    I'll give Toei & Toriyama some ideas that can fit in that time gap (where Piccolo is plotting to take over the world yet doesn't do anything for five years?? That's plain stupid-lame writing); the following quote is an idea given to me by a user called "htisme91" in Reddit.com/R/Dbz: "Yamcha and Krillin feel that Goku needs a bachelor party before he gets married (although the two plan it for things typical males enjoy), and they along with Tien and Chiaotzu go have a night on the town that, after a bunch of humor that plays on Goku's naivete and Tien's social awkwardness, ends up with Chiaotzu getting lost.

    It turns out that Piccolo recruited Mercenary Tao as they have the mutual goal of Goku's destruction, and while spying on their debauchery, Tao spiked the drinks of the gang and then stole Chiaotzu to use as a lure to him and Piccolo. The gang goes to Baba's to locate Chiaotzu, and she unveils new fighters to fight for a fortune that the gang defeats easily: Grandpa Gohan (to see how far adult Goku has really come), Cymbal (Yamcha just gets him as the odd one out), Drum (Tien avenges his loss), and Tambourine (Krillin gets revenge on his Killer).

    With the location of the lair revealed (make it a castle or something), the gang goes there, and Mercenary Tao takes on Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha in a room filled with traps to help negate their ability edge on him while Goku faces off against Piccolo. The three use teamwork with each other to take out Tao.

    Goku and Piccolo have a struggle like their tournament match, but without tournament rules, Piccolo fights more dirtily, and threatens to use Chiaotzu as a shield because if he dies, he can't be wished back. Knowing this, Goku lets his guard down and takes some brutal hits. While Piccolo is distracted, Krillin and Yamcha launch Kamehamehas at him from behind, and Tien rescues Chiaotzu while Piccolo is hurt by the Kamehamehas.

    Goku is in pretty bad shape and can't move, and Piccolo is still standing. As Piccolo goes in for the kill, Chiaotzu uses his telekinesis to move Goku out of harm's way. At that point, the four humans use their main energy attacks, with Chiaotzu using a Dodon Ray, Tien using a Kikoho, Krillin using a Kamehameha, and Yamcha using a Spirit Ball. Piccolo is critically weakened, and as the humans grab Goku (carried via telekinesis until they can get Nimbus), he swears their fight still isn't over and that it'll continue again someday, which Goku concurs.

    As the gang takes Goku to Korin tower for sensu healing, he comments that they threw him an amazing bachelor party with such a fight and that they must have been really good friends to risk their safety and get Piccolo and Tao in on the action. Krillin and Yamcha fall over in gag style at the fact that their friend entirely misunderstanding the events of the past couple days, commenting to each other about how great theirs will be when they get married."

    And here is my idea from that very same post of mine: "Tien exploring his ancient (let's say 1/32) Three-Eyed Clan ancestry could give depth to his character, getting to know his distant-family members who are still around would only benefit his background (as long as it isn't kitschy as Sheldon J. Plankton's episode of the same theme) and wouldn't make him such a "weird bird" in the view (may explain why he never bothered too much about being "unique" among Humanity, as he knew there are others like him out there). Let's say that Master Shen and Mercenary Tao plan on getting revenge on him while he visits his hometown with Chiaotzu and Launch and kidnap his youngest relative (girl "cousin") and give him an ultimatum of confronting them ALONE in the forest near-by in midnight, he faces them and though he's no match for their combined might, he manages to prevail by using his telepathy with Chiaotzu who frees the girl behind their back, cleaning the room for Tien to go all out and blast them a-la-Team Rocket style with a Tri-Beam."

    Seems to me like these stories are worthy to be adapted in an anime or at least at a manga form.
    #3 Israelite Wolfman, Sep 14, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
  4. Dan's Revenge

    Dan's Revenge Gooood kittyyyy

    Apr 17, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Well let's see... Gohan was what... 4? At the start of Z...

    I figure Goku rides with Chi-Chi on the nimbus as they travel the world together seeing numerous new sites - with Goku getting some sparring sessions in between --- and handily winning them all. I think maybe they go to Vegas where Goku learns how to gamble and ends up winning loads of money - which he spends in one sitting with all the food he consumes... Perhaps somewhere in that time is when Gohan is conceived.

    Roshi is still reading magazines while training Krillin and Yamcha more. Tien and Chiaotzu do their own personal training with Launch by their side. Puar and Oolong also reside at Roshi's place but even like Bulma at times go on and off between there and Capsule Corp.

    Piccolo like we see him at the start of Z is possibly doing his own personal training in the middle of nowhere. It's rumored [by me] he makes friends with a rabbit - then eats it...

    Bulma puts up with Roshi's 'ways' while being near Yamcha.

    After Gohan is born, Goku instantly tries to teach him fighting moves as a baby, which numerous times causes Chi-Chi to smack Goku's face, and it hurts our saiyan warrior. The day Gohan takes his first steps? Goku wants him to fly. Chi-Chi sends Goku out into the world to train for months so that their baby can attempt to grow up human. Goku returns a short while later to see if his son can fly yet only to see him doing schoolwork as early as age 2. Goku's dumbfounded, but Chi-Chi says she knows what's best. As for Ox King, he simply has just been taking it all in - sometimes attempting to do what Chi-Chi doesn't want Goku to do when she's not around.

    Dr. Brief continues to do his sciency stuff while Mrs. Brief continues to sugar-shock everyone with her baking.

    Pilaf, Shu and Mai are casually stealing small items as they try and figure out a home for them. There are many failed attempts mostly caused by Pilaf - with Shu and Mai being punished.

    Crane Brain never sees Tien, Chiaotzu or even Tao again. Tao continues to be a criminal doing basic criminal things. I believe Crane gives up entirely being a master and retires from the business. He begins to save little by little per retirement check until he decides to buy a mansion with a few bowling alleys, swimming pools, and shoot why not, a golf course. Of course, he continues building up on those savings in Z until it comes to fruition - and after realizing he can't afford anything he goes broke and lives under a bridge somewhere and somehow has a decent life.

    Nam and his family never run out of water from the roaming lake after settling in there. They are highly grateful and continue to prosper.

    Korin has some negativity meeting Goku because it means living with the mooch Yajirobe. After all, I believe in Z we hear Korin tell him he doesn't need energy.

    Fortune Teller Baba continues telling fortunes at high prices while her fighters simply train and await the next challengers they're given. Nobody naturally human that we haven't seen in the series never makes it beyond the first fighter - in fact, they always lose in a matter of seconds whether K-O or surrender. Goku returns here one time during his eviction from home but just to train - could care less about a fortune. Knowing even he has his limits he loses a close rematch to Spike the Devil Man. Goku never returns here after.

    Upa grows up into a fine gentlemen and meets the girl of his dreams. They settle in at their camp with Bora growing a little stronger as well as Upa. They watch over the tower more though Korin never seems to acknowledge - possibly because Yajirobe is near him.

    Popo and Kami do what they have been since before meeting Goku.

    While other characters are on my mind, that is all I shall give. Any other characters I missed shall remain missed.

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