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What is up with the Slang Gang in Avatar: Legend of Korra?

Discussion in 'The Nicktoons Forum' started by Lavenderpaw, May 8, 2012.

  1. Lavenderpaw

    Lavenderpaw Essense Of Love

    Jan 6, 2007
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    All right, I swear I love the story and the animation - even if the bending fights aren't even remotely interesting anymore - and for the most part the technology. But Lord, the slang and dialogue. If this spinoff is set in the 1920's, can't you just, I don't know, stick with slang and dialogue from the 1920's!?

    I thought the "skiddadle" and "doosie" things were cute and poked fun at the '20's but I wanted to punch the TV when Toph's daughter just blatantly says "What of it?"

    Sorry, wasn't aware we were in 1995! Then Korra said "kicked butt" and Mako and Bolin say the ever overused "Bro" thing. Can't they just use '20's slang andcan'tKorranotbeaMarySuewhomastersalleverelementswaytoquicklywhenitshouldtaketheavatarYEARStomaster likeRokusaiditshouldlordhelpmeshemasteredairbendingtoofast.

    Anyways, the little kids are awesome and the animals are cute but I just get irritated that this interesting followup has to devolve into "bro" and plot holes with Korra knowing the brother of Aang or the sister of Suki or whatever the creators do to Mary Sue her up the totem pole. God, she's a Mary Sue. She only exists to make googly eyes with Mako and combine Katara, Azula and Toph into one giant ball of Sue.

    Oh, and when Katara kept saying everyone was strong I wanted to pull my hair out. I half-expected her to pull a Yoda when Korra Sue was Sueing it up on the Firebenders who should have "kicked her butt" and say: The Force is strong with this one.

    Now where's a nifty little Yoda icon I can use to demonstrate my frustration...?
  2. Wonderwall

    Wonderwall Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 4, 2006
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    It's not a period piece though and it's not in the 20s it's just 20's inspired and since when is "what of it" 90s slang or slang at all?

    It kind of silly and you might as complain that they werent speaking chinese in the original Avatar despite clearly being set in a time that wouldn't have had english as the primary speaking language.
  3. Antiyonder

    Antiyonder Amalgam Universe Overlord
    Staff Member Moderator

    Sep 13, 2002
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    Considering that it's been 5 episodes and she hasn't mastered Airbending, I don't think it would be accurate to insist that she mastered it too fast.

    Plus the fact that she hasn't mastered it yet, plus her less than victorious encounter with Amon, I question if Mary Sue is an appropriate description.

    I wouldn't really find it to be much of a stretch that Katara divulged details to Korra about her friends and thus why she'd be know about Lin's relation to Toph.
  4. Light Lucario

    Light Lucario Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    May 11, 2007
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    I don't see why they would have to stick with the slang and dialogue from the 1920s. Like Wonderwall mentioned, the settings and technology is inspired by the 20s, but just because the setting is inspired from that decade doesn't mean that they should use everything from that decade. Using that dialogue would take people out of enjoying the series. Not to mention it would be really jarring given that they talked like that in Avatar: The Last Airbender. So, I don't quite see the appeal in using a dialogue like that could potentially make it harder for kids to get into and/or take seriously. If they're all talking like they're in the 1920s, it would just sound silly at times when it needs to be serious.

    Technically speaking, Korra did take years to master three of the elements. She was gifted at a young age to bend Water, Earth and Fire, but she wasn't a master at it and it took her roughly ten years to pass her element tests. Korra doing so well in those elements at a young age makes her more like a gifted student than a Mary Sue. Besides that, she's been unable to master Airbending, despite learning the other elements so quickly, made nothing but mistakes when she first confronts Amon and didn't know how to properly handle her feelings towards Mako. I think all of those flaws and not being able to handle challenges prevents her from being a Mary Sue.

    Plus, if you a problem with how fast Korra learned to master three of the four elements, then I guess that you see Aang as a Gary Stu considering he mastered three elements in less than a year.

    Considering that Katara was most likely her Waterbending teacher, as she did teach Korra how to heal with Waterbending, and that she knew Tenzin before she wanted to start her Airbending training, it really isn't hard to imagine that Katara would tell her about Aang's old friends/family members or that she would recognize a name based on any stories she could have heard for their old adventures. I was under the impression that a Mary Sue is a character that is perfect/has no flaws, which Korra has plenty of. So, the term really doesn't apply here and I wonder why you think she's a Mary Sue, aside from mastering elements relatively quickly compared to other Avatars.
  5. FriendlyMushroom

    FriendlyMushroom Knight of Sidonia

    Mar 31, 2007
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    Um, you were a fan of the original show, right? Then I'm not seeing what your problem could be. The setting is inspired by the 1920s, but it's not actually set in the real-world 1920s, so the creators are free to use whatever slang they want. Did you have a problem with Toph saying stuff like "sweetness" in the first show?

    As for Korra, how is does being proficient at bending at the age of 17 make her a Mary Sue? She doesn't compare to Aang, who had mastered all four elements by the time he was 13. Korra hasn't even airbended once; she's still progressing at getting the mindset down. Doesn't compare to how Aang was able to waterbend, firebend, and earthbend each within an episode without having tried it once before. The only thing that might be stretching things is having her discover most of her bending powers when she was 7 or so, but that's actually a necessary thing in order to have her proficient at earthbending, waterbending, and firebending at 17 while still respecting the "lifetime of study" to some extent. It really doesn't compare to stuff like Katara going from a novice waterbender to a master in a few months, Azula being a prodigy firebender and mastering lightning at the age of 14, or Toph essentially self-teaching herself earthbending to the point of being a master at 12. The creators chose to start the story when Korra is already significantly advanced in her abilities; that doesn't make further progression any easier for her. She's not a Mary Sue.

    Also, has it not occurred to you that Korra could have heard stories from Katara or read biographies and historical accounts? Heck, Jinora mentions to Katara that she had been reading all about her old adventures. Obviously this stuff has been recorded.

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