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We need to talk about Little Helper or 'Little Bulb' for the Ducktales reboot

Discussion in 'Disney/Pixar Forum' started by thomas2313412, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. thomas2313412

    thomas2313412 Active Member

    Nov 9, 2011
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    Guys,We need to talk about one character in the reboot and that's Gyro's Little Helper or Little bulb in the original Duck Tale series,You see he was considered not only a dearly companion to Gyro Gearloose but an ally to the Duck Universe mainly the stories by Carl barks and also in the original Ducktales series.

    In the reboot however Little bulb will be upgraded as an on and off big mecha which could be useful because when bad things happened, Little Helper or Bulb will transform into a big mecha to help the Duck family get out of troubled situations similar to Gizmoduck later in the show however one thing that bothers me is that TVtrope claims that Helper or Little Bulb will be on the side of the villains according to the opening sequence ,I mean do you think it's a bit ridiculous having one of the allies from the original duck comics and the original Ducktales to become a villain ,it feels kinda wrong even though new viewers don't know him.

    I mean Helper or Bulb will probably be corrupted into a one off villain probably due to some virus turning against the duck family in some future Ducktales (2017) episode or maybe that the opening credits tricked us all into thinking Little helper or the Bulb is on the side of villains.

    Or maybe it's a different little bulb or helper who is a big mecha against the duck family

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