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Walt Disney Television: "Hello Ladies"

Discussion in 'The Entertainment Board' started by Steve Arino, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Steve Arino

    Steve Arino Member

    Jul 6, 2015
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    Hello Out There From TV Land,

    Steve Arino here, wanting to share with you information about some of my all-time favorite Disney shows from 1954 to the present day.

    I'm starting off with information on my favorite recent Disney sitcom, which only lasted 8 episodes in 2013.

    Its name: "Hello Ladies."

    "Hello Ladies" began life as a stand-up comedy routine by Steve Merchant.

    Steve, who began his career as a writer for Ricky Gervais (the British comedian who created, among other shows and movies, "The Office"), decided in 2011 to do a stand-up comedy tour about his search for a wife.

    Well received in Steve's native England and the UK, christened the routine "Hello Ladies," and soon after a British TV special aired later that year, to favorable reviews (the Special of which was later issued on DVD by Universal Studios Home Entertainment), American writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg decided, in late 2012, to write and create a situation comedy pilot based on Steve's stand-up routine, with the concept pitched to The Walt Disney Company (distributing the show as ABC Studios).

    In a Disney rarity, the HBO Television Network picked up the series rights to "Hello Ladies," with the series produced by Four Eyes Entertainment in association with Quantity Entertainment and Distributed by ABC Studios.

    Steve was cast on the show as Stuart Pritchard, an Internet Designer by day who spent his nights searching for his one true love--with disastrous results--accompanied by his tenant, Jessica Vanderhoff (Christine Woods, formerly of "FlashForward," an ABC Studios Production based on the book by Rob Sawyer of Toronto, Canada), a struggling actress and writer; Wade Bailey (Nate Torrence, futurely of Disney's 55th Animated Feature Film, "Zootopia," where he played the Obese Officer Clawhauser), a man struggling to cope with the end of his failed marriage to Marion (Crista Flanagan); and Kives (Kevin Weisman, formerly of the hit Disney Spy Thriller "Alias," created by J.J. Abrams for Disney, airing for 5 years on ABC from 2001-2006), a Physically Disabled man Paralyzed in a Wheelchair who, despite his Physical Limitations, was much more comfortable and confident with women than Stuart ever was--a fact Stuart hated about him.

    Before I continue, I should clarify that Kevin Weisman, who played Kives on "Hello Ladies," IS NOT a wheel-chair bound, physically disabled man; if anything he can walk, talk, etc. just like anybody else who isn't wheel-chair bound or physically Paralyzed a la Chris Reeve in his final 10 years of life.

    Anyway, "Hello Ladies" began its 8-episode run on HBO on September 29, 2013, airing Sunday nights at 10 P.M. ET / PT right after the Season 4 debut of "Eastbound & Down"; even before the show debuted, I, on a personal note, loved the concept and the fact that Stuart, the lead character, is a lot like me in the sense that he tries too hard to maintain and keep relationships with women, hence his permanent bachelor status.

    The show's debut had Stuart attend a Party with his tenant Jessica's friend, Courtney (Sarah Wright Olsen, married to movie actor Erik Christian Olsen), a fellow actress friend of Jessica's, with his smashing a table full of Alcoholic Beverages and the discovery of a Condom in his pocket.

    Subsequent episodes of "Hello Ladies" had Stuart, among other things, kicked out of a Pool after labeling gay men in derogatory terms; riding a Limo in a vain attempt to save his friend Wade's marriage; and go on a date with a woman, with disastrous results, especially after the woman he went out on a date with told him to "**** Off!"

    The last regular episode, the Series Finale, aired on HBO on November 17, 2013, right after the Series Finale of "Eastbound and Down." In the finale, Stuart finally manages to score a date with a hot blonde model, Kimberley (Heather Hahn), whom he manages to convince to go skinny dipping with him (Heather having bared her naked butt at the start of the skinny dip).

    After learning of his tenant getting fired from "NCIS," Stuart's conscience started kicking in, and he cut the skinny-dip short and began consoling Jessica--a rare moment of kindness in Stuart; unfortunately for me, 2 months after the episode's telecast, HBO canceled "Hello Ladies."

    Had the show been given a 2nd season, I personally would have loved to have seen Stuart gradually learn the error of his wicked ways, like me in my real life with women; in the TV Movie Adaptation airing on November 22, 2014 on HBO (aptly named "Hello Ladies: The Movie"), Stuart enlisted Jessica to pretend to be his girlfriend so he could impress his now-married ex from England; the plan backfired when Stuart and Jessica began to have real, sexual feelings for each other.

    A year later, in movie's time, Stuart and Jessica end up together permanently, despite his having kicked her out half-way through the film.

    Anyhow, overall, I loved "Hello Ladies" and wish after HBO canceled it that it had been given a 2nd season on another network e.g. Netflix, FOX or even ABC.

    In fact, many reviewers such as Variety Magazine critics, and I agree with them, proclaim that minus the Profanity and Brief Nudity, it could easily well have been a Broadcast Network sitcom on Fox or ABC or CBS or NBC or even The CW.

    As noted earlier, "Hello Ladies" was produced by Four Eyes Entertainment in association with Quantity Entertainment and Distributed by ABC Studios.

    "Hello Ladies" is Distributed for Syndication by Buena Vista Television.

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