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Updated, Definitive, Unofficial, DC Animated Universe Timeline (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Discussion in 'The DC Comics Animation Forum' started by Fone Bone, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Fone Bone

    Fone Bone Matt Zimmer

    Jan 19, 2004
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    DC Animated Universe Timeline

    A timeline of events that happened in the DCAU in the order in which they happened.

    Some notes about this timeline.

    1. This timeline only consists of events that happened in the regular DCAU timeline. Erased timelines and alternate universes are only noted if they have a significant impact on the universe of the DCAU. That is why the alternate timelines of Hereafter and Once and Future Thing are ignored as they didn't shape the history of the DCAU.

    2. With two notable exceptions, I try as hard as possible to avoid events that aren't actually shown on screen. That is why, although it is definitely a huge event in the DCAU the Near-Apocalypse of '09 is not listed.

    3. This list assumes that the DCAU while not operating in STRICT Peanuts time, is not set by actual dates even if episodes themselves are set at a specific point in history (Static Shock's Romeo in the Mix and The Zeta Project's Lost and Found). I also will try to avoid mentioning the specific passage of years, so Batman can both be 30 years old in Peanuts time, or if you wish to acknowledge the passage of years 45 when Justice League Unlimited takes place.

    4. About Teen Titans: There has been a concerted effort among Teen Titans fans to wedge the show into DCAU continuity thanks to the Teen Titans episode "Lightspeed", and the Justice League Unlimited episode "Patriot Act", as they both featured voice actors from both shows (Micheal Rosenbaum as Flash / Kid Flash and Mike Irwin as Speedy) and say that Teen Titans could fit as a prequel to Batman: The Animated Series. While I'd like nothing more than to include Teen Titans, as it would make the DCAU even more well-rounded, I don't think those two little clues are definitive proof of it being canon. It COULD fit if you tried really hard, but so could Brainiac Attacks and Krypto the Superdog. A lot of big "buts" have to take place to make it fit.

    Everyone I know has a big but.

    The only way I'd have included it after much deliberation on Toon Zone is if b.t definitively said that it IS canon. And if he does it NOW after I posted the timeline, I am going to mail him a flaming bag of dog poop.

    5. About Superman: Brainiac Attacks:. Despite it using the same character styles as Superman: The Animated Series, and some of the same voices, the story is so inconsistent with the universe that it cannot possibly fit. Indeed Bird Boy at Toon Zone's review basically confirmed this. I am not going to include it in the timeline.

    6. About "Shadow of the Hawk" and "Ancient History": I am not including the history of what transpired due to the absorbacron because Dwayne McDuffie has explicitly stated that the entire situation was bogus. While I am more inclined to agree with Merlin Missy and others that it was more open to interpretation than Mr. McDuffie has insisted, the timeline only deals with solid facts relating to the DCAU.

    However, it has been reported to me by Revelator that Bruce Timm has said that there WAS some reincarnation going on, so I am going to compromise and simply report the history of Shayera and Katar Hol crashing to Earth from Shadow of the Hawk. I won't report how they died as we have seen two conflicting reports about that, but since we DID see their corpses at the end of Shadow of the Hawk it's obvious they DID exist.

    7. This timeline goes by production order and NOT airdate order with two parters grouped together. I HAVE however put episodes in the order they were set even if it doesn't jibe with production order.

    8. A LOT of this timeline is educated guesswork and conjecture ESPECIALLY regarding where Static Shock fits in with regards to Justice League and when Superman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures overlap. These are my best guesses and may be disproved in a future DCAU project.

    Final Note:

    Feel free to use this timeline for any of your fanfic needs. This timeline is different from the previous versions in that I have included every single episode and movie from the DCAU, no matter how seemingly insignificant. When I first wrote the timeline, I had no idea that a bit character in "Moon of the Wolf" and "Cat Scratch Fever" would become a catalyst for how things went down in JLU's watershed The Doomsday Sanction. From now on the timeline is based on the assumption that EVERYTHING is important and could possibly come into play in a future DTV movie or series. I know this will be a disappointment to people who have episodes they detest and try to pretend they don't exist. However, I try to make each and every episode have SOME greater value to the continuity at large even if it's done tongue in cheek (see the entry for Static Shock's Hoop Squad).

    Also feel free to correct any mistakes I have made. I will update the timeline accordingly and credit you for the catch.

    DC Animated Universe Timeline

    Part One

    Justice League Unlimited: The Once And Future Thing: Time, Warped: (The Big Bang of the Universe occurs.)

    Superman: Apokalips...Now!: (One planet splits into two which evolve into Apokalips and New Genesis.)

    Justice League: The Terror Beyond: (Atlantis sinks underwater after a battle with Ichthultu.)

    Justice League: Eclipsed: (After a war with the Ophidians, a tribe of warriors banish them into a crystal, and set guardians upon it to prevent them from returning and destroying the world.)

    Justice League: Maid Of Honor: (Vandal Savage is made immortal by a fallen meteor.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Shadow Of The Hawk: (A Thanagarian spacecraft carrying Shayera and Katar Hol crashes to Earth and the Egyptians who discover them worship them as Gods and make them their new rulers. Conjecture.)

    Justice League: Paradise Lost: (Hippolyta begins an affair with Hades, which ends with him being banished to the Underworld.)

    Justice League: A Knight Of Shadows: (Jason Blood is bonded to the Demon Etrigan by Merlin after the fall of Camelot to Morgaine Le Fey and his complicity in it.)

    Jusitce League Unlimited: To Another Shore: (The Norse God Odin tricks the Viking Prince into becoming endowed with invulnerability, instead of reuniting him with his true love in Valhalla. The Prince then sets sail to find a way to earn a hero's death and his ship becomes trapped in a glacier for centuries.)

    Justice League: Secret Origins: (The Imperium and the Alien Invaders invade Mars and start off a 500 year war between the Invaders and the Martians.)

    Justice League: Secret Origins: (The Imperium and the Alien Invaders are finally defeated, but J'onn J'onnz is the last survivor of the Martian Race. He traps the Alien Invaders, and stands watch over them while they are in suspended animation in a Citadel on Mars.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Apokalips... Now!: (High Father and Darkseid exchange infant sons in New Genesis Pact.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Ties That Bind: (Scott Free is tortured by Granny Goodness in her orphanage on Apokalips. Conjecture.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: Showdown: (Jonah Hex goes up against Ra's Al Ghul and his son Arcady Duvall.)

    The Adventures Of Batman and Robin: Avatar: (An archaeologist in Egypt finds the tomb of Toth Koperha and vanishes, never to be seen again.)

    Justice League: The Terror Beyond: (Cyrus Gold is killed and his body is dumped into a mystical Swamp.)

    Justice League: The Savage Time: (The Justice League re-fights WWII to defeat Vandal Savage. Green Lantern joins Sergeant Rock and Easy Company and battles Savage; Hawkgirl, Superman and Flash meet the Blackhawk Squadron. J'onn J'onnz infiltrates Vandal Savage's headquarters. Wonder Woman helps Steve Trevor on an espionage mission.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Patriot Act: (Spy Smasher stops Nazi scientists from implementing theirSuper-Soldier formula to create a race of Supermen. First known superhero in the DCAU.)

    Justice League: Fury: (Aresia is brought to Themiscyra by a captain after surviving a war and a shipwreck. Conjecture.)

    Justice League: The Terror Beyond: (Solomon Grundy rises from the dead.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: It's Never Too Late: (Young Micheal Stromwell loses a leg from a train accident saving his brother Arnold.)

    Static Shock: Blast From The Past: (Soul Power battles arch nemesis Professor Menace with aid of his sidekick Sparky.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Blasts From The Past: (Jax-Ur and Mala attempt insurrection of Planet Krypton, but are defeated by Jor-El. Jax-Ur claims sole responsibility for the attack and is sentenced to life inprisonment in the Phantom Zone. Mala receives a twenty year sentence.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: The Last Son Of Krypton: (Krypton explodes, Kal-El is last survivor. Brainiac saves himself, begins quest to collect information from the universe.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Little Girl Lost: (Krypton's destruction moves its sister planet Argos out of orbit, leading to the planet's slow death.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: The Last Son Of Krypton: (Kal-El is rocketed to Earth, and is adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Beware The Gray Ghost: (Young Bruce Wayne watches his favorite TV program The Gray Ghost with his father, which becomes a ritual that will hold a great significance for him later in life.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Monkey Fun: (Lois Lane's Colonel father Sam Lane sends her pet monkey into space, on an experimental mission and the rocket disappears.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Appointment In Crime Alley: (Bruce Wayne witnesses his parents' murder, is raised by Alfred Pennyworth, the family Butler.)
    Superman: The Animated Series: New Kids In Town: (Young Clark Kent meets the Legion of Superheroes and fights Brainiac, but his memories are erased.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: The Last Son Of Krypton: (Clark learns his Kryptonian heritage.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Double Date: (A young Helena Bertinelli witnesses crime boss Mandragora murder her parents.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Zatanna: (Bruce is trained by Zatarra the Magician, meets his daughter Zatanna.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Night Of The Ninja: (Bruce is trained by Yoru Sensai, and makes enemies with Kayodai Ken, the only man to beat him in hand to hand combat.)

    Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm: (Flashbacks show Bruce falling in love with Andrea Beaumont, their relationship, her father's (and the pre-acid bath Joker's) involvement with the Velestra crime family, Carl and Andrea Beaumont's subsequent hiding in Europe, and Bruce becoming Batman.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Mechanic: (Earl Cooper builds the Batmobile for Batman.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Robin's Reckoning: (Acrobat Dick Grayson is orphaned during a performance. Bruce Wayne takes him in as his ward. Bruce reveals his secret to Dick, and decides to train him to be Robin. Tony Zucco, the Flying Graysons' murderer, is kicked out of his uncle Arnold Stromwell's house, and begins a life on the run.)

    Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm: (The Gangster who will be known as the Joker murders Carl Beaumont on Sal Velestra's orders.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Clock King: (Temple Fugate takes Lawyer Hamilton Hill's advice and takes his break early, leading to a VERY bad day.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Mad Love: (The Joker is born when a mobster is accidentally thrown into a vat of acid battling Batman.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Pretty Poison: (New District Attorney Harvey Dent breaks ground on Gotham State Penitentiary, while Pamela Isley watches the extinction of the Wild Thorny Rose because of it.)

    Justice League: Wild Cards: (The little girl who will be named Ace by the Joker, is kidnapped by the goverment after she has been found to have driven her parents insane just by looking at them. Conjecture.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: Bane: (In a Cuban High security prison, Project Gilgamesh, a government project to create super soldiers goes horribly awry when Bane is created and escapes.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Joker's Favor: (Mild mannered accountant Charlie Collins crosses the Joker, who lets him live because he promises to do a favor for him in the future.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?: (Daniel Mockridge squeezes computer game designer Edward Nygma out of the profits he is entitled to after creating the wildly popular Riddle of the Minotaur game.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Heart Of Ice: (Victor Fries is transformed into Mr. Freeze due to a tragic cryogenic "accident", after Ferris Boyle learns Freeze was using company money to save his wife Nora from a terminal disease and disrupts the process, effectively ending both lives)

    The New Batman Adventures: Mad Love: (Harleen Quinzell is seduced into becoming the Joker's assistant Harley Quinn after treating him at Arkham.)
    Batman: The Animated Series: The Dark Knight's First Night: (A Batman with pronounced lips and chiseled facial features, beats up a group of criminals stealing jewelry and smoking illegally. He takes off as Commissioner Gordon arrives to arrest them.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: On Leather Wings: (Batman saves Kirk Langstrom who has turned into the Man-Bat after an experiment goes awry. Earliest point in the DCAU modern continuity and series premiere of Batman: The Animated Series.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Christmas With The Joker: (Batman and Robin confront the Joker who has taken hostages at Christmastime.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Nothing To Fear: (Batman has his first confrontation with the Scarecrow.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Last Laugh: (The Joker goes on a crime spree using a new form of laughing gas. Alfred is infected. Batman defeats Joker and manages to find an antidote for Alfred.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Pretty Poison: (Batman meets Poison Ivy who poisons her new fiance Harvey Dent because he caused the Wild Thorny Rose to become extinct. Batman defeats Ivy, and her monster plants and finds an antidote for Harvey.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: P.O.V.: (Detective Harvey Bullock, Officer Renee Montoya and Officer Wilkes have wildly differing takes on how Batman affected a police raid, and are temporarily relieved of duty. Montoya investigates and manages to get all three of their jobs back.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Forgotten: (Bruce Wayne temporarily loses his memory after Boss Biggis conks him on the head, and forces him to work in a chain gang, but Alfred rescues him.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Be A Clown: (The Joker takes Mayor Hill's son under his wing, but Batman rescues him.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Two-Face: (District Attorney Harvey Dent becomes the villain Two-Face after a run-in with Rupert Thorne; Batman vows to save his friend from himself.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: It's Never Too Late: (Batman convinces aging Mob boss Armold Stromwell to turn state's evidence against Rupert Thorne.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: I've Got Batman In My Basement: (Some kids rescue an incapacitated Batman from the Penguin.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Cat And The Claw: (Batman meets Catwoman (Selina Kyle) and they both face off against Red Claw. After Red Claw's defeat, Batman turns Catwoman over to the authorities for burglary.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Heart Of Ice: (Batman learns that Mr. Freeze was transformed from a scientist into a villain, and exposes Ferris Boyle's culpability in his transformation, while protecting Boyle from Victor Fries' vengeance.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: See No Evil: (Batman fights a man in an invisibility suit, and protects the man's daughter from him.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Beware The Gray Ghost: (Batman teams up with actor Simon Trent, the man who played the Gray Ghost on TV to stop a bomb plot. He reveals Trent's significance to his life when Trent realizes the Batcave is modeled after his headquarters on his old show.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Prophecy Of Doom: (Batman exposes astrologist Nostromos as a charlatan.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Feat Of Clay: (Actor Matt Hagen is turned into the creature Clayface by Roland Daggett's men. He is apparently killed while battling Batman, but Batman thinks his death scene may have been another performance.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: Make 'Em Laugh: (The Joker goes undercover to participate in the Annual Gotham Laugh-Off but is heckled off the stage. Conjecture.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Joker's Favor: (The Joker calls in his marker on Charlie Collins, who actually winds up helping Batman defeat his plot to kill the Commissioner.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Vendetta: (Killer Croc frames Harvey Bullock for a mob snitch's disappearance and Batman has his first confrontation with him.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Fear Of Victory: (Robin is nearly paralyzed with Fear when the Scarecrow infects him with his toxin but he and Batman manage to stop him from infecting a stadium full of people.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Clock King: (Temple Fugate reemerges to inflict his revenge on Mayor Hill, now known as the Clock King. Batman stops him and Fugate disappears.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Appointment in Crime Alley: (Batman's yearly pilgrimage to Crime Alley with Dr. Leslie Thompkins is interrupted by Roland Daggett trying to blow up Crime Alley to make room for new condos. He is unsuccessful but is still not implicated in his crimes.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Mad As A Hatter: (Obsessive stalker Jervis Tetch uses mind-control devices and the guise of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland to woo the woman he is stalking; Batman manages to stop him.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Dreams In Darkness: (Batman gets infected with the Scarecrow's fear toxin and is locked up in Arkham; He escapes and stops the Scarecrow from dumping the hallucinogen into Gotham's water supply.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Eternal Youth: (Batman rescues Alfred and his friend Maggie from a health spa run by Poison Ivy that turns clients into trees.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Perchance To Dream: (The Mad Hatter puts Batman into a dream world where his parents are alive, and he has never been Batman. He escapes, preferring to live a life that is painful but is at least real.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Cape And Cowl Conspiracy: (Batman tricks death trap specialist Josiah Wormwood into revealing where he hid a storage key, by duping him into a game of cat and mouse with the Batman.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Robin's Reckoning: (Batman and Robin finally corner Tony Zucco and take him down.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Laughing Fish: (The Joker tries to patent his smiling "Joker Fish", and Batman must stop his most ludicrous scheme ever.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Night Of The Ninja: (Kayodai Ken returns, now a professional thief, and battles Batman / Bruce Wayne and is finally beaten by him. He now knows Batman's secret identity.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Cat Scratch Fever: (Roland Daggett is behind a plot with Dr. Milo to infect a virus into Gotham's pet population, to spread to humans so he can sell the cure. Catwoman (recently paroled) gets infected, and Batman has to save her.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Strange Secret Of Bruce Wayne: (Blackmailer Dr. Hugo Strange uses his mind-reading device to learn that Bruce Wayne is Batman, and intends to sell the information to the highest bidder. Batman manages to discredit him.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Heart Of Steel: (The Computer HARDAC manages to replace important Gotham citizens with robot duplicants to replace all of humanity, but Batman and Barbara Gordon (whose father has been replaced) manage to stop him / it.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?: (Batman has his first confrontation with computer genius Edward Nygma, now going by the name the Riddler, who is seeking revenge on Daniel Mockridge.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Joker's Wild: (Batman must stop Joker from destroying a casino built in his image, because the owner is counting the Joker to do so to commit insurance fraud.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Tyger, Tyger: (Dr Emil Dorian turns Selina Kyle into an actual Catwoman to mate with his feline hybrid Tygrus. Batman stops him, and manages to cure Selina with Tygrus' help.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Moon Of The Wolf: (Dr. Milo blackmails Anthony Romulus into commiting crimes for him to cure his lycanthropy, but Batman stops him.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Day Of The Samurai: (The Ninja returns again, and kidnaps Yoru Sensai's star pupil Karai, to extort the fabled Death Touch from him. Batman saves her, and Kayodai Ken dies in a volcanic explosion.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Terror In The Sky: (Batman is convinced that Kirk Langstrom is taking the Man-Bat serum again, but this time it turns out to be his wife Francine who is infected. Batman manages to save her.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Almost Got 'Im: (Batman infiltrates a card game (posing as Killer Croc) with Two-Face, Poison Ivy, the Penguin and the Joker to find out where Joker has stashed a kidnapped Catwoman.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Birds Of A Feather: (Veronica Vreeland manipulates a reformed Penguin which convinces him to resume his life of crime.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: What Is Reality?: (The Riddler traps Commissioner Gordon in a Virtual Reality Simulator, but Batman and Robin manage to free him. The Riddler is left in a catatonic state.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: I Am The Night: (After Jim Gordon is nearly killed in a police raid, Bruce seriously considers the negative effects he's had of being Batman.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: The Lost Episode: (Clayface, posing as Rupert Thorne, hires Poison Ivy, Riddler, Harley Quinn and Joker to kidnap Robin, and try to do in Batman. Batman rescues Robin, and ultimately seems to wind up killing Clayface, although both he and Robin seem unaware of Clayface's actual fate. Conjecture.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Off Balance: (Batman meets Talia, and has his first encounter with Ra's Al Ghul's Society of Shadows and Count Vertigo.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Man Who Killed Batman: (Batman cons a nebbishy mobster into thinking he killed him, to gain evidence on Rupert Thorne.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Mudslide: (Clayface is apparently killed a second time battling Batman while searching for a cure. Batman does not seem to be aware of his first "death" that happened in The Lost Episode.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Paging The Crime Doctor: (Rupert Thorne's brother Dr. Matthew Thorne is forced to perform an emergency operation on Rupert with the help of a kidnapped Leslie Thompkins. After Rupert tries to betray them both, Matthew turns himself into the police.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Zatanna: (Magician Zatanna is framed for a bank robbery, and is helped out of her jam by Batman, who she realizes is the boy who studied with her father when she was younger.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Mechanic: (The Penguin uses Earl Cooper to take control of the Batmobile, but is defeated by Batman.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Harley And Ivy: (Joker kicks Harley out of his gang, and she winds up teaming up with Poison Ivy for the first time instead. The ladies wind up going on a successful crime spree (much to Joker's chagrin) and are brought down by Renee Montoya.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Demon's Quest: (Batman meets and battles Ra's Al Ghul, (who learns Batman's secret identity) who offers him the opportunity to be his successor, but declares him an enemy when he refuses. Batman learns Talia is Ra's Al Ghul's daughter, and defeats a plan by Ra's to destroy a good portion of the planet's population to protect the Earth's ecology.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Shadow Of The Bat: (Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl to help her father, when he is framed by the new district attorney, and Two-Face for taking bribes.)

    The Adventures Of Batman and Robin: Riddler's Reform: (After the Riddler tells Batman he's given up his life of crime, Batman tells him he can't stop himself, so he decides to finish Batman off once and for all. His death trap fails, and Batman refuses to tell him how he got out of it.)

    The Adventures Of Batman and Robin: Make 'Em Laugh: (The Joker gets revenge on the Laugh-Off Judges by using the Mad Hatter's Mind Control chips to turn them into the villains Condiment King, Pack Rat and Mighty Mom to ruin their careers. Batman and Robin manage to reveal this plot to the public.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Blind As A Bat: (Bruce has serious misgivings about the new Stealth jet created by Wayne Enterprises, because it has weapons systems. After the Penguin steals it, and terrorizes Gotham it is the last time he is willing to create a weapons system. Bruce is temporarily blinded but manages to defeat the Penguin anyways.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: His Silicon Soul: (A HARDAC Bat-Duplicant who thinks he is the real Batman, tries to restart HARDAC's mission of replacing humanity with robots, but his nature is so similar to Bruce's that he self-destructs when he mistakenly believes he has killed Batman.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Fire From Olympus: (Batman has his first encounter with deluded shipping magnate Maxie Zeus, who believes himself the God of Olympus.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Read My Lips: (Batman encounters his most bizarre foe yet when he goes up against The Ventriloquist, whose dummy Scarface calls the shots in their gang of mobsters.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Worry Men: (The Mad Hatter uses his mind control devices to make wealthy Gothamites (including Bruce Wayne) give him their fortunes without realizing it.)

    Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm: (Batman is reunited with true love Andrea Beaumont. He learns she is, in fact, the Phantasm, a villain seeking retribution on her father's killers by way of murder.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Sideshow: (Batman chases and captures an escaped Killer Croc.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: A Bullet For Bullock: (Batman teams up with Detective Harvey Bullock to uncover an assassination plot against Harvey.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Trial: (Batman's rogues put Batman and D.A. Janet Van Doren on trial at Arkham Asylum for creating them, but Batman manages to free Van Doren and defeat them.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Avatar: (Ra's Al Ghul attempts to divine the secrets of immortality by the Egyptian sorceress Toth Khopera. Batman and Talia manage to stop and then save him, but Talia maroons Batman in the desert rather than letting him bring in her father.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: House And Garden: (Poison Ivy attempts to reform but only on her terms Her attempts to create a family out of plants are thwarted by Batman and Robin, but not before she escapes)

    Batman: The Animated Series: The Terrible Trio (Batman goes up against spoiled college kids and defeats them easily.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Harliquinade (Batman recruits Harley Quinn to help him locate the Joker, who has stolen a bomb and taken the mayor hostage.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Time Out Of Joint (The Clock King returns, and uses time-stopping devices, to try to kill Hill again. He fails, and is taken in by the police.)

    Batman: The Animated Series: Catwalk (Catwoman decisively decides to return to a life of crime, this time aided by the Ventriloquist and Scarface.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: Bane: (Rupert Thorne hires a massive assassin named Bane to kill Batman but he fails.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: Baby Doll: (Batman battles Baby Doll, a former child star who has been driven insane.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: The Lion and the Unicorn: (Red Claw kidnaps Alfred to extract information from him from his days in British intelligence. Batman and Robin manage to save Alfred and stop her.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: Showdown: (Ra's Al Ghul relates the story of how Jonah Hex went up against his son Arcady Duvall in the Old West, so that Batman will let him take his aged son home.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: Second Chance: (While undergoing plastic surgery to heal his physical scars, Two-Face has himself kidnapped, and Batman has to confront his former friend.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: Harley's Holiday: (On her first day out of Arkham, a Harley Quinn who is TRYING to reform, still manages to get into a lot of trouble.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: Lock-Up: (Sadistic Arkham Ward Lyle Bolton is fired and re-emerges as the villain Lock-Up who is dedicated to punishing criminals.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: Deep Freeze: (Mr. Freeze is kidnapped from jail by billionaire Grant Walker. He uses Fries' wife Nora as collateral, to have Freeze give him the secret of immortality so he can submerge the Earth into a new ice age. Batman manages to convince Freeze that it isn't what Nora would have wanted, and Walker's plans are halted Now Freeze has the frozen body of Nora with him, where-ever he is.)

    The Adventures Of Batman And Robin: Batgirl Returns: (Batgirl teams up with Catwoman to stop a ruined Roland Daggett's latest plot. Catwoman double-crosses Batgirl and escapes. End Of Batman: The Animated Series / The Adventures Of Batman And Robin.)

    Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero: (Mr. Freeze attempts to use a live-organ transplant from a kidnapped Barbara Gordon to save his wife Nora, but Batman and Robin manage to stop him. Wayne Enterprises foots the bill to cure Nora. and she is revived anyways. although Freeze is still an outcast in the Arctic.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Old Wounds: (Bruce reveals his secret to Barbara Gordon, and also reveals that he knows hers. Dick Grayson confronts Bruce after learning Barbara is Batgirl. Dick gives up the mantle of Robin.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Critters: (Farmer Brown's mutant animals go on a rampage after a demonstration, so a judge orders Brown to cease and desist making them.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: The Last Son Of Krypton: (Clark moves to Metropolis, becomes Superman, meets Lois Lane, battles Kasnian agent John Corben, and meets and confronts Lex Luthor for the first time. Series Premiere Of Superman: The Animated Series.)
    Superman: The Animated Series: Fun And Games: (Superman has his first confrontation with the Toyman, who is out to kill mobster Bruno "Ugly" Manheim.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: A Little Piece Of Home: (Superman and Lex Luthor discover the Man of Steel has a weakness against a substance called Kryptonite, which are meteorites from his home planet, Krypton.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: The Way Of All Flesh: (John Corben is dying, and Luthor replaces his brain in an android body, and he becomes the villain Metallo.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Feeding Time: (After a chemical spill, janitor Rudy Jones becomes the energy draining villain Parasite, and kidnaps Superman to feed on his powers, before he is defeated.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: The Main Man: (Professor Hamilton repairs the rocket Superman came to Earth in. Superman meets and battles Lobo, who is trying to retrieve a bounty on him from the species collecting Preserver, but teams up with Superman to defeat the double crossing Preserver. Superman puts the Preserver's alien zoo in his new-found Fortress of Solitude.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Stolen Memories: (Superman takes his repaired Kryptonian rocket for a test run. Superman meets Brainiac, who has made contact with Lex Luthor, claiming to want to help mankind, but secretly wanting to gather all of it's information in orbs, and then destroy Earth. Superman retrieves the orb containing Kryptonian knowledge from Brainiac's ship, after defeating him and destroying his ship.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: My Girl: (Clark's former sweetheart Lana Lang begins dating Lex, and uses her position to spy on him for Superman, who she knows is Clark. After Lex tries to have her killed, the relationship doesn't last.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Tools Of The Trade: (Kanto supplies Bruno Manheim and Intergang with technology from Apokalips. Darkseid and Manheim meet. as Manheim is taken to Apokolips.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Two's A Crowd (Superman recruits the Parasite to find out where a comatose man named Earl Garver has hid a bomb in Metropolis)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Blasts From The Past: (Superman releases a Kryptonian criminal named Mala from the Phantom Zone, but quickly realizes she is unstable. She frees another Kryptonian named Jax-Ur, and the pair tries to conquer Earth, before they are defeated by Superman, and returned to the Phantom Zone.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Ghost In The Machine and Justice League Unlimited: Divided We Fall: (Brianiac forces Lex Luthor to build him a new android body. He infects Luthor with nanotechnology, so he can control him before Superman defeats him.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Action Figures: (A amnesiac Metallo befriends two small children after washing ashore on a volcanic island. He regains his memory after Superman comes to rescue the kids from a volcanic explosion and they fight. He winds up buried in lava, although he does escape at some point.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Live Wire: (After being electrocuted at a concert, shock jock Leslie Willis is transformed into the villain Livewire, who tangles with Superman.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Target: (Lois is the target of assassination attempts by scientist Edward Lytener, a former friend and mentor. Superman saves her and Lytener is taken to prison.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Identity Crisis: (A failed clone of Superman created by Lex Luthor named Bizarro attempts to become the Man of Steel, and winds up saving Lois Lane's life.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Mxyzpixilated: (Mr. Myxyzptlk, a reality altering being from another dimension, challenges Superman in a mind game to prove who is the superior specimen. He loses to Superman repeatedly and spectacularly.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Absolute Power: (Jax-Ur and Mala escape from the Phantom Zone and take over the planet that rescues them. Conjecture.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Speed Demons: (The Flash (Wally West) challenges Superman to a race around the world, but soon they are both pulled into a conflict with Flash's Rogue, the Weather Wizard.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Double Dose: (Livewire escapes from prison, and frees and teams up with the Parasite to take down Superman, but both are defeated.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Solar Power: (Edward Lytener returns as the villain Luminus, and uses his technical knowledge to turn the Earth's sun red to depower Superman. Superman manages to reverse the condition and defeat Luminous.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Mxyzpixilated: (Mxy returns, and is quickly tricked by Superman. Conjecture.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Brave New Metropolis: (Lois Lane visits an alternate dimension where Superman and Lex Luthor rule Metropolis with an iron fist.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Monkey Fun: (Titano returns from space, and wreaks havoc when he grows to an enormous size due to a side effect of being in space for so long and coming into contact with an alien organism. Superman and Lois manage to relocate him to his own island.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: The Promethean: (Superman clashes with General Hardcastle over a giant space creature which has come to Earth.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Mxyzpixilated: (Mxy returns, and is quickly tricked by Superman. Conjecture.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Father's Day: (After a battle with Kallibak, Superman gets his first glimpse of Darkseid, who swears to conquer Earth.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: The Hand Of Fate: (Superman goes to Dr. Fate for help, when the demon Karkull emerges and threatens to destroy humanity.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Bizarro's World: (After wandering the Arctic, Bizarro discovers the Fortress of Solitude, and learns Krypton's fate from Brainiac. He tries to recreate Krypton's destruction in Metropolis. Superman stops him and finds an entire planet for him to "defend".)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Prototype: (A military man is the test subject for a new supersuit from Lexcorp, but the inventor John Henry Irons warns Luthor that the suit isn't ready because of the neurological problems the suit may cause. After Sgt. Corey Mills goes on a rampage, Superman tells Irons that when the suit is ready, he would welcome some help.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Mxyzpixilated: (Mxy returns (after three months of preparation) and is quickly tricked by Superman in three seconds. Conjecture.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: The Late Mr. Kent: (After investigating a death row inmate's claims that he has been framed for murder, Clark Kent is witnessed to have died, and Superman realizes he can't re-emerge as Clark without giving up his secret. Superman discovers the inmate was framed by Detective Kurt Bowman, and brings him down. With help from Lana Lang Clark conducts a plausible explanation for how he survived. Bowman realizes Clark is Superman in the gas chamber.)

    The New Batman / Superman Adventures: World's Finest: (Batman and Superman meet and discover each other's secret identities while battling Lex Luthor and the Joker, who have teamed up to destroy Superman. Lois Lane and Bruce begin to date, when she discovers his secret, and decides it is too much for her to handle.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Sins Of The Father: (Tim Drake Becomes the New Robin after Two-Face kills his father, is rescued by Batman, and discovers his secret; Dick Grayson returns from traveling the world, takes up the mantle of Nightwing.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Growing Pains: (Clayface returns and confronts Batman and Robin.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Holiday Knights: (Harley and Ivy take Bruce Wayne on a Holiday shopping spree; Clayface battles Batgirl in a mall at Christmastime; Batman and Robin take on the Joker on New Year's Eve; Batman has his yearly cup of coffee with Jim Gordon on New Year's Day. First episode produced of The New Batman Adventures.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Cold Comfort: (Mr Freeze returns and wreaks vengeance on Gotham citizen's most prized possessions, and is revealed to now be only a disembodied head.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Heavy Metal: (John Henry Irons fixes the Supersuit he built for Lex Luthor, and takes up the mantel of Steel, while saving Superman from a vengeful Metallo.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Mean Seasons: (Model Paige Munroe, now known as Calender Girl, begins her seasonal rampage in Gotham to get revenge on the executives who wanted younger models during the spring. Conjecture.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Double Talk: (Despite his old gang trying to trick him into making Scarface return, Arnold Wesker is finally cured and living in a half-way house.)

    The New Batman Adventures: You Scratch My Back: (Nightwing (Dick Grayson) makes his Gotham debut, and tangles with Catwoman.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Never Fear: (Robin has to reel Batman in, after the Scarecrow's new fear toxin takes away his fear instead of causing it.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Mxyzpixilated: (Mxy returns and is tricked by Superman into writing his name backwards TWICE, supposedly ending his mind games with Superman. Conjecture.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Mean Seasons: (Calendar Girl begins her summer campaign of terror. Conjecture.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Apokalips... Now!: (Darkseid begins his first invasion of Earth, and kills Bruno Manheim. Orion comes to Earth to warn Superman. High Father declares Earth under his protection under the New Genesis Pact, and Darkseid is forced to leave, but not before killing Detective Dan Turpin.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Joker's Millions: (The Joker's reform is short-lived after inheriting millions of dollars from an old mob boss when he spends more than he realizes he had. The Penguin reveals himself as a reformed businessman now running the Iceberg Lounge.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Love Is A Croc: (A love-sick Baby Doll teams up with Killer Croc on a crime-spree, before he double-crosses her, and Batman and Batgirl bring them down.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Mean Seasons: (Calendar Girl strikes again at the fall harvest. Conjecture.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Torch Song: (A pyromaniac obsessed with his singer ex-girlfriend, becomes the villain Firefly, whom Batman must take down.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Warrior Queen: (Queen Maxima of the planet Amerac, tries to force Superman to become her mate.)

    The New Batman Adventures: The Ultimate Thrill: (Batman confronts thrill-seeker Roxie Rocket, and gets into a tussle with the Penguin along the way.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Mean Seasons: (Calendar Girl is finally brought to justice by Batman and Batgirl during the holiday season.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Critters: (Farmer Brown returns and unleashes his mutant monsters upon Gotham, although Batman, Robin, and Batgirl manage to stop them, and bring him in.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Cult Of The Cat: (After stealing jewels from a cat worshiping cult, Selina Kyle retreats to Paris.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Little Girl Lost: (Superman finds his "cousin" Kara in stasis near the planet Argos' remains. She takes up mantle of Supergirl, and confronts Granny Goodness.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Where There's Smoke: (Superman encounters a metahuman thief named Volcana, who is on the run from the government, who had been exploiting her fire based powers by holding her captive.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Animal Act: (The Mad Hatter hypnotizes animals from Dick Grayson's old traveling circus, but Nightwing and Batman manage to defeat him.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Old Wounds: (Nightwing relates the story of why he quit being Robin to Tim Drake.)

    The New Batman / Superman Adventures: Knight Time: (Brainiac takes over Bruce Wayne using nanotechnology, and Bruce (and Batman) goes missing. Superman impersonates Batman, and teams up with Robin to find Bruce and defeats Brainiac.)

    The New Batman Adventures: The Demon Within: (Batman introduces Tim to Jason Blood, who is bonded to the demon Etrigan. A Witch-boy named Klarion manages to separate them to make Etrigan do his bidding, but Batman is able make Jason whole again. Klarion is currently sitting on a shelf in the form of a statue.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Absolute Power: (While investigating a black hole, Superman finds out Jax-Ur and Mala have escaped the Phantom Zone, and are leading an alien world with an iron fist. He manages to defeat them both, and they are sucked into the black hole, freeing the planet from their tyranny.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Legends Of The Dark Knight: (Three kids relate their ideas of who Batman is, and witness him take down Firefly.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Obsession: (Toyman stalks a woman named Darci Mason, who turns out to be a robot he built. Superman defeats him, and Darci keeps him in a suitcase.)

    The New Batman / Superman Adventures: Girl's Nite Out: (Supergirl and Batgirl team up to take down Livewire, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. They relate each other's secret identities.)

    The New Batman / Superman Adventures: The Demon Reborn: (Batman tries to save Superman from Ra's Al Ghul and Talia, who kidnap him in an effort to use his Kryptonian DNA to rejuvenate Ra's after the Lazarus pit fails him. Batman frees Superman, and they both defeat Ra's.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Chemistry: (Bruce Wayne is tricked into marrying a plant woman of Poison Ivy's. After she is destroyed, the honeymoon is over.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: In Brightest Day...: (Kyle Rayner becomes Green Lantern, after Abin Sur gives him a power ring as he dies.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Superman's Pal: (Superman gives Jimmy Olsen a communicator to call him for help, which results in all of Metropolis calling Jimmy Superman's Pal. Superman rescues Olsen from Metallo, who had kidnapped him to draw Superman into a trap, but is defeated.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Little Big Head Man: (Mr Mxyzptlk frees Bizarro from his planet, and tricks him into wreaking havoc in Metropolis. The Council from the Fifth Dimension punishes Mxy for his tricks, and temporarily removes his powers, to force him to entertain Bizarro, whom Superman returns to his planet.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Beware The Creeper: (The Joker tosses reporter Jack Ryder into the same chemical vat that turned him into the Joker, and Ryder emerges as the zany superhero the Creeper.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Unity: (Supergirl stops an alien Preacher from taking over Ma and Pa Kent through mind control. and dominating Smallville.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Mad Love: (After nearly managing to kill Batman, Harley Quinn is tossed through a window by the Joker, and resolves to never trust him again, a resolve that is short-lived.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: A Fish Story: (Superman frees a kidnapped Aquaman from Lex Luthor, after sea creatures wreak havoc in Metropolis.)

    The New Batman Adventures: Judgment Day: (Harvey Dent creates a third personality to balance out Two-Face's nature, the Judge, a vigilante whose campaigns against the Penguin, Riddler and Killer Croc go too far before Batman reveals who is behind them. End of The New Batman Adventures.)

    Superman: The Animated Series: Legacy: (Superman is brainwashed by Darkseid into believing he is his son, and attacks the Earth. Lois reaches him before Lex Luthor and General Hardcastle aim a Kryptonite Bomb at him. Supergirl is nearly killed by the bomb, and Superman is captured. Lois breaks Superman and Supergirl out of prison, but Supergirl is shot. Superman takes her to S.T.A.R. Labs and forces a scared Emil Hamilton to cure her. Superman battles Darkseid, but doesn't manage to end his rule on Apokalips. Superman finds he has lost the trust of a great many people. Lois and Superman kiss. Series Finale of Superman: The Animated Series.)

    Gotham Girls: The Vault: (Harley Quinn annoys Poison Ivy while they break into a vault. Series Premiere.)

    Gotham Girls: Lap Bat: (Batgirl chases Catwoman to get back a stolen statue, and is temporarily turned into a cat.)

    Gotham Girls: Trick or Trick: (Harley tries to find a present for Poison Ivy.)

    Gotham Girls: A Little Night Magic: (Zatanna uses magic tricks to defeat burglars on her night walk.)

    Gotham Girls: More Than One Way: (Harley, Ivy and Catwoman all go after the same statue.)

    Gotham Girls: Precious Birthstones: (Catwoman celebrates her birthday by stealing a priceless necklace.)

    Gotham Girls: Pave Paradise: (Poison Ivy convinces the mayor of Gotham (NOT Hamilton Hill) to not pave over a plant sanctuary using force.)

    Gotham Girls: The Three Babes: (Ivy tells Harley a fairy tale in prison.)

    Gotham Girls: Gardener's Apprentice: (Harley has a heck of a time looking after Ivy's plants when she goes out of town.)

    Gotham Girls: Lady X: (All four Gotham Girls team up to stop the crime spree of a new villain named Lady X.)

    Gotham Girls: Hold That Tiger: (Catwoman gets help from Zatanna in saving an endangered tiger.)

    Gotham Girls: Miss Un-Congeniality: (A contest for the Miss Criminal Mastermind competition is undermined by Batgirl.)

    Gotham Girls: Strategery: (Poison Ivy teaches Harley how to plan strategically.)

    Gotham Girls: Baby Boom: (Harley Quinn is temporarily turned into a baby by a toxin of Ivy's.)

    Gotham Girls: Cat-n-Mouse-n-Cat-n-Mouse-n: (Catwoman outwits herself in a time loop.)

    Gotham Girls: Bat'ing Cleanup: (Barbara relates to Commissioner Gordon on the phone how her night was.)

    Gotham Girls: Cat Sitter: (Harley Quinn babysits a baby tiger for Catwoman.)

    Gotham Girls: Gotham Noir: (Harley Quinn imagines herself as a private investigator.)

    Gotham Girls: Scout's Dishonor: (Harley opens her own girl scout troop.)

    Gotham Girls: I'm Badgirl: (Batgirl goes on a crime spree after accidently coming into contact with Poison Ivy's toxin.)

    Gotham Girls : Ms-ing In Action: (The entire male population of Gotham disappears while Batgirl is chasing Catwoman.)

    Gotham Girls: Gotham In Pink: (While the city investigates the disappearance of all of Gotham's males, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn break into the Gotham Police Dangerous Evidence Vault.)

    Gotham Girls: Hear Me Roar: (Despite being the one who botches catching Harley and Ivy, the new female commissioner blames Batgirl, and declares her help is not wanted anymore.)

    Gotham Girls: Gotham In Blue: (Batgirl and Catwoman both go through the things of transgendered detective Selma Reesdale, and team up to solve the mystery of the missing men They soon discover Harley and Ivy have unwittingly taken the device that made the men disappear After confronting Harley and Ivy, the device is set back to normal by Batgirl, and the men all reappear.)

    Gotham Girls: A Cat In The Hand: (Commissioner Gordon blames Catwoman for the men's disappearance after Harley and Ivy escape, and although Batgirl tries to convince him otherwise, he is uncharacteristically hard-nosed about it, and declares a war on costumed villains with a brutal hand.)

    Gotham Girls: Jailhouse Wreck: (After a final appeal to Jim Gordon, Batgirl takes matters into her own hands and frees Catwoman and a recently captured Harley and Ivy, to protect them from police brutality, and is declared Gotham's Public Enemy Number One.)

    Gotham Girls: Honor Among Thieves: (Batgirl catches up to Ivy, Harley, and Catwoman, and makes them keep their promise to help her.)

    Gotham Girls: No, I'm Batgirl: (Three sightings of Batgirl all across town turn out to be Catwoman, Harley, and Ivy, who are creating a diversion for Batgirl to break into the dangerous evidence vault, where she meets Detective Reesdale.)

    Gotham Girls: Signal Fires: (Batgirl tricks Reesdale into giving her a tour of the vault, and steals evidence that was taken from Mr. Freeze and escapes; she confronts her father as Barbara and after he tells her he has evidence implicating Batgirl, she pushes him off of the building into the Bat Signal.)

    Gotham Girls: Cold Hands, Cold Heart: (The body twitching in the Bat-Signal turns out to be a robot like Batgirl predicted. Batgirl suits up and goes after the person who commissioned the robot: the Mayor's assistant Dora Smithy, sister to Nora Fries. She blames Freeze and his costumed ilk for putting her sister through misery. Batgirl points out that Mr. Freeze was the one who saved Nora's life Horrified, Dora accidentally falls into a cryogenic chamber, and is accidentally turned in a female version of Mr. Freeze, before she is taken away to Arkham. Series Finale.)

    Static Shock: Flashback: (Virgil Hawkins' mother is gunned down in a riot in Dakota. She also leaves behind husband Robert. and daughter Sharon. Virgil's future Superhero self, Static, travels back in time to save her but fails. However he DOES manage to stop the villain Ebon from setting off an earlier Big Bang. and says goodbye to his mother.)
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    Part Two

    Justice League: Secret Origins: (Astronaut J. Allen Carter is replaced by an alien invader after landing on Mars, and discovering the Citadel J'onn J'onzz is guarding, although J'onn is currently in a hibernation cycle. Conjecture.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Doomsday Sanction: (Cadmus creates a monster called Doomsday from Superman's Kryptonian DNA, and conditions it to hate him, so he will attack him if Superman ever goes rogue again.. Conjecture.)

    Justice League: In Blackest Night: (The Manhunters and Kanjar Ro convince Green Lantern (John Stewart) that he accidentally destroyed a heavily populated planet. Conjecture.)

    Justice League: The Brave And The Bold: (Gorilla Grodd attempts an insurrection of Gorilla City using mind control technology but is defeated by Chief of security Solovar. Conjecture.)

    Justice League: Secret Origins: (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, J'onn J'onnz, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Hawkgirl, and the Flash form the Justice League after defeating the Imperium and his Alien Invaders from taking over the Earth. Series premiere of Justice League.)

    Justice League: In Blackest Night: (Green Lantern is put on trial for a planet's destruction, but the Justice League clears his name. The Manhunters attack Oa, but are defeated by John Stewart.)

    Justice League: The Enemy Below: (Aquaman stops an insurrection of Atlantis by his brother Orm with help from the Justice League, but not before losing his hand.)

    Justice League: Injustice For All: (Lex Luthor is outed as a criminal and is diagnosed with Kryptonite poisoning. He organizes first Injustice Gang to destroy the Justice League. which includes Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Shade, Star Sapphire, Copperhead, Ultra-Humanite and the Joker. Ultra-Humanite builds a suit to contain Luthor's illness, and betrays Luthor to a captured Batman.)

    Justice League: Paradise Lost: (Diana returns to Themiscrya and confronts sorcerer Felix Faust, who frees Hades from the pits of Tartarus to seek Ultimate Knowledge. Hades kills Faust. With the League's help, Diana manages to banish Hades back to Tartarus. For bringing men onto Themiscyra, Hippolyta exiles Diana from the Island.)

    Justice League: War World: (Superman confronts despot Mongul for the first time on War World, and he, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and J'onn overthrow him to put gladiator Draaga on the throne.)

    Justice League: A Better World: (In an alternate dimension, Superman assasinates President Lex Luthor, leading to the formation of the Justice Lords. Conjecture.)

    Justice League: The Brave And The Bold: (Flash, Green Lantern and Solovar stop Grodd from taking over Central City and blowing up Gorilla City.)

    Static Shock: Shock To The System: (A chemical explosion at the docks in Dakota known as The Big Bang grants Virgil Hawkins electrostatic abilities. He takes up the mantle of Static. His friend Richie Foley is the only one who knows his secret. Series Premiere of Static Shock.)

    Static Shock: Aftershock: (Static has his first confrontation with Hotstreak, and learns Edwin Alva and the Mayor of Dakota had something to do with the Big Bang.)

    Justice League: Fury: (Aresia sets up the second Injustice Gang, (which includes Solomon Grundy, Copperhead, Star Sapphire, the Shade, and Tsukuri), and creates a plague to destroy all men on Earth. She is defeated by Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl.)

    Static Shock: The Breed: (Static confronts Ebon and the Metabreed (which includes Talon, Shiv and the reluctant D-Struct) for the first time.)

    Static Shock: Grounded: (Static fights a giant amoeba creature, which has become infected with Big Bang serum.)

    Static Shock: They're Playing My Song: (Static confronts Rubberband Man, who is trying to get revenge on a record producer who plagiarized his music.)

    Static Shock: The New Kid: (Virgil attends a new school for gifted students sponsored by Edwin Alva, (who is determined to learn everything about Static) where he meets a girl named Daisy and confronts Alva's genius helpers, Specs and Trapper for the first time. Specs and Trapper are defeated, and Daisy transfers to Dakota High with Virgil.)

    Justice League: Legends: ( After a battle with Lex Luthor's mecha robot, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, J'onn J'onnz and Flash are transported to an alternate universe, where they meet the Justice Guild, who were comic book characters in our universe. After defeating the monster that made the entire world an illusion, the League returns to Earth.)

    Static Shock: Child's Play: (Virgil convinces a boy with the ability to imagine things into existence that his step brother is only using him to commit crimes.)

    Static Shock: Sons Of The Fathers: (Virgil has to contend with Richie's father's racism, and with Ebon, who has learned Richie is Static's friend, and kidnapped him. Static saves Richie who is reunited with his father.)

    Static Shock: Junior: (Edwin Alva's son becomes the villain known as Omnifarius, (who discovers Static's secret) and after a battle with Static, is turned into a stone statue.)

    Static Shock: Winds Of Change: (As Virgil and Richie have a falling out, the Big Baby known as Slipstream terrorizes Dakota.)

    Static Shock: Bent Out Of Shape: (After escaping from prison and setting up a false identity, Rubberband Man begins a relationship with Sharon Hawkins, and decides to turn himself in, and do his time after helping Static defeat bounty hunters Puff and Onyx.)

    Justice League: A Knight Of Shadows: (Morgaine Le Fey tries to use J'onn to acquire the Philosopher's Stone, but is stopped by Etrigan, Batman, Diana, and Flash.)

    Static Shock: Replay: (Static defeats a former Child star named Johnny Morrow after he frames Static for his crime sprees with his duplicating powers.)

    Static Shock: Tantrum: (A distant Virgil has a hard time with speaking at a memorial in his mother's honor. Static uses lessons he learned from his mother to defeat a rampaging metahuman. Virgil decides to speak at his mother's tribute after all.)

    Static Shock: Sunspots: (Sunspots temporarily wreak havoc with Static's powers.)

    Static Shock: Trouble Squared: (Specs and Trapper are fired by Alva for their latest failure, and return in souped up costumes and powers, to kidnap the statue of Edwin Alva Junior. Alva convinces Static to save his son, and Specs and Trapper are defeated.)

    Static Shock: Brother-Sister Act: (Sharon suspects Virgil is actually Static, but Virgil manages to convince her otherwise with help from the Metahuman Mirage. who helps him take down her brother Boom.)

    Static Shock: Static Shaq: (With help from NBA star Shaquille O'Neal (whom Virgil reveals his secret to) Static successfully avoids Ferret and two other Metahumans discovering his secret identity.)

    Static Shock : Frozen Out: (At Christmastime, Static helps a troubled Metahuman girl named Permafrost who is homeless and mentally ill.)

    Justice League: Metamorphosis: (Simon Stagg conducts an experiment and turns Rex Mason into Metamorpho, who stricken by grief, attacks his old friend Green Lantern. With Lantern's help Stagg's plans are thwarted, and Mason learns to cope with his new situation thanks to his fiance Sapphire Stagg.)

    Static Shock : Bad Stretch: (Rubberband Man decides to become a superhero after his time is served, but his reputation is almost ruined by Ebon, who turns out to be his brother.)

    Static Shock: Pop's Girlfriend: (Virgil gets in trouble with Robert's new girlfriend who is a police officer, when he protects his secret identity by running away from her.)

    Static Shock: Attack Of The Living Brain Puppets: (A girl named Madelyn Spaulding uses the Big Bang powers she received from a man named Ragtag to control the minds of Dakota High students into voting her class president. She also uses her telepathy to learn Virgil is Static. Static defeats her and a brain overload puts her in a coma.)

    Static Shock: Power Play: (Ragtag gives Richie superpowers temporarily, and he takes up the mantle of Push. When they wear off, he goes to Ragtag for a boost, but Ragtag will only give him more if he agrees to commit robberies for him. Richie refuses. and Static takes down Ragtag and the two kids he has working for him (Run and Jump).)

    Static Shock: Consequences: (While showing off battling Puff and Onyx, Static accidentally gets Daisy hurt. After Rubberband Man points out that Static was equally to blame, Static defeats Puff, and Daisy awakens from her coma.)

    Static Shock: The Big Leagues: (Static meets Batman and Robin and takes on the Joker, who has come to Gotham to recruit Metahumans.)

    Justice League: The Savage Time: (The League relates their World War II adventure to Batman; Diana visits Steve Trevor in a retirement home.)

    Static Shock: Duped: (Static and Rubberband Man stop a Bang Baby named Replikon from destroying Rubberband Man's music career.)

    Static Shock: Hard As Nails: (Batman discovers Virgil's identity and after battling Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (who are manipulating the Bang Baby Nails to commit crimes). Robin (Tim Drake) is with the Titans. Bruce Wayne funds a potential cure for the Bang Babies and reveals his own secret identity to Static.)

    Static Shock : Static In Africa: (Virgil visits Africa with his family, and teams up with local hero Anansi the Spider to defeat the villain Osebo the Leopard.)

    Justice League: Wild Cards: (The government teaches a group of metahuman kids to become living weapons. Conjecture.)

    Justice League: Twilight: (Darkseid and Brainiac form an alliance to take down Superman, but fail when Darkseid double-crosses Brainiac. Darkseid is apparently killed in battle, but Superman isn't so sure. Brainiac is loaded into the Watchtower computer.)

    Static Shock: Gear: (Richie Foley discovers he has superpowers too, and takes up the mantle of Gear.)

    Justice League: Tabula Rasa: (Amazo, a powerful android with the power to duplicate powers and abilities, is used by Luthor and goes into the galaxy to seek knowledge. Mercy Graves is in charge of LexCorp.)

    Static Shock: The Usual Suspect: (Static and Gear wrongly pin the crimes of a new Bang Baby monster on a tough kid.)

    Justice League: Only A Dream (Ordinary convict John Dee is fused with a telepathy machine, and uses his new found powers to haunt people in their nightmares as Dr. Destiny. Batman takes him down.)

    Static Shock: She-Bang (A girl with enhanced abilities takes up the superhero mantle of She-Bang, and wedges her way into Static and Gear's exploits after learning their secret identities. Static learns that agents from the government are trying to capture her and her parents. who created her in a lab for the government. who ran from them after becoming attached to her. Static manages to stop the agents. and She-Bang and her parents leave Dakota on the run.)

    Justice League: Maid Of Honor: (Vandal Savage attempts a takeover of Kasnia, and the world but is defeated by Wonder Woman. Diana discovers Batman's secret identity.)

    Static Shock: Flashback: (Virgil convinces a new Bang Baby named Time-Zone to use her time traveling powers to take him back to the Dakota riots to save his mother. His mission is unsuccessful although he does get to say goodbye to her. After realizing how dangerous her powers are, Time-Zone erases herself from existence.)

    Justice League: Hearts And Minds: (Green Lantern and the League are alerted by Killowog that Lantern's old flame Katma Tui is being held captive by the maniacal cult leader Despero on his home-world. Despero is defeated and J'onn J'onnz uses the life force of the Pytar to revitalize Despero's home-world.)

    Static Shock: Showtime: (Sleazy producer Bernie Rast convinces Static to participate in a reality show. Before long Static wises up and quits.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Doomsday Sanction: (After Doomsday becomes too powerful to control, Cadmus sends him in a rocket into space. He manages to break free of the rocket however.)

    Justice League: A Better World: (The Justice Lords cross over to our universe to bring order to our world. Doomsday rockets back to Earth and is lobotomized by the Justice Lords' Superman. Luthor helps the League take down the Justice Lords and is granted a full pardon. He is currently looking into politics.)

    Static Shock: A League Of Their Own: (Static meets the Justice League, as Brainiac is freed from the League's computer and takes over Gear.)

    Static Shock: Blasts From The Past: (A superhero from the 1960's named Soul Power comes out of retirement to help Static defeat Soul Power's old nemesis Professor Menace.)

    Static Shock: The Parent Trap: (A villain named Bigfoot kidnaps She-bang's parents, and Static and Gear help She-Bang save them.)

    Static Shock: Romeo In The Mix: (While working on a music video with Lil' Romeo, a Bang Baby named Leech kidnaps Static, along with Ebon, Hotstreak and Talon to take their powers and go on a crime spree. Static manages to stop him with Romeo's help.)

    Static Shock: Toyz In The Hood: (Static and Gear team up with Superman, who is tracking Toyman and Darci Mason to Dakota. Darci tries to double-cross the Toyman and he destroys her.)

    Justice League: The Terror Beyond: (Dr. Fate and Aquaman recruit Solomon Grundy to stop the arrival on Earth of the Old One Ichthultu. Grundy is killed in a battle with Ichthultu after befriending Hawkgirl, although he does manage to take the Old One out before he dies.)

    Static Shock : Future Shock: (Static travels forward in time and meets Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis) and his future self.)

    Static Shock: She-Back (Madelyn Spaulding (who has awakened from her coma), discovers she has new powers, and tries to take over the Meta-Breed. She-Bang returns after the government agents stop chasing her, and makes a general nuisance of herself.)

    Static Shock: Fallen Hero: (Static and Gear team up with Green Lantern, and save his reputation after Sinestro frames him for robberies.)

    Static Shock: Army Of Darkness: (Static and Gear encounter the Night Breed or Metahumans that are allergic to sunlight, and convince them not to trust their new boss, Ebon.)

    Justice League: Eclipsed: (After an attack on a temple guarded by Mophir, the Ophidians take over the League, and attempt to destroy humanity, but are stopped by Flash. Glorious Gordon Godfrey drums up anti-League sentiment on his television show.)

    Static Shock: Hoop Squad: (Static teams up with four NBA players who have become government agent superheroes to free a kidnapped Gear. In undoubtedly what is a coup for Cadmus, the government learns Static is Virgil Hawkins.)

    Static Shock: No Man's An Island: (Static and Hotstreak are chained together, and kidnapped by Edwin Alva's men, and taken to a remote island to save his son. They escape and free a kidnapped Gear, Talon, and Rubberband Man, but decide to use their powers to help revive Alva Junior anyways. With the help of a machine and Static and Hotstreak, Junior is restored.)

    Static Shock: Linked: (A former friend of Sharon's has to give up his future basketball career by revealing he is a Bang Baby in order to stop his former friend from wreaking havoc.)

    Static Shock: Where The Rubber Meets The Road: (Specs and Trapper return to steal a bomb from Alva, and Rubberband Man has to fight with his illiteracy to defuse it.)

    Static Shock: Wet And Wild: (After a Big Bang cure is botched on Aquamaria by Hotstreak, scientists manage to cure her once and for all, giving new hope to the Bang Babies.)

    Static Shock: Kidnapped: (Robert Hawkins learns that Virgil is Static after being held for ransom by the villain Omnara, who discovered Static's secret identity.)

    Static Shock: Power Outage: (The Big Bang is reversed for most of Dakota, but Static and Gear retain their powers, and are even given a considerable boost. Hotstreak and Ebon however are fused into a giant monster and are now presumed missing. Series Finale of Static Shock.)

    Batman: Mystery Of The Batwoman: (Three women take up the mantle of Batwoman to take down the Penguin, Bane and Rupert Thorne. Bruce flirts with Barbara, who seems to think they have a romantic relationship. Conjecture.)

    Batman: Chase Me: (While at a dull dinner party, Bruce Wayne fantasizes about an exciting chase with Catwoman. Conjecture.)

    Justice League: Hereafter: (Superman is thrown into the future by an invention of Toyman's, but the League thinks he died. He returns from an alternate future, and helps the league prevent it by going off with them to defeat the present-day Vandal Savage.)

    Justice League: Secret Society: (Gorilla Grodd forms the third Injustice Gang called the Secret Society, and almost winds up disbanding the League. The Society includes Shade, Giganta, Sinestro, Parasite, Killer Frost, and Clayface, and are defeated by the League.)

    Justice League Unlimted: Shadow Of The Hawk and Justice League Unlimited: Ancient History: (Archaeologist Joseph Gardner comes upon a device in an Egyptian tomb called an Absorbacron, which gives him the memories of Katar Hol, and convinces him he is the re-incarnation of him and that Shayera is his ancient lover. He soon after changes his name to Carter Hall and begins stalking Hawkgirl. When he touches the Absorbacron, it unleashes a dark part of his personality, and the villain Shadow Thief is born. Conjecture.)

    Justice League: Comfort And Joy: (J'onn J'onnz spends Christmas with the Kents while Green Lantern and Hawkgirl celebrate Thanagarian style. The Flash and the Ultra Humanite team up to make sure orphans have a Merry Christmas.)

    Justice League: Wild Cards: (The Joker frees the Metahuman kids created by the Government, and sets up the Royal Flush Gang to aid in a Las Vegas bomb plot. John Stewart and Shayera Hol begin a relationship.)

    Justice League: Starcrossed: (The Thanagarians invade Earth. The League's identities are revealed to each other; Hawkgirl quits the league after her betrayal of the league and subsequent treason to the Thanagarians. Series Finale of Justice League.)

    Batman: The Brave And The Bold: Night Of The Batmen: (As the Batman from The Brave and the Bold's Universe is sidelined by injuries, DCAU Batman Bruce Wayne is recruited by a group of bizarre extra dimensional Batmen to fill in for him. Conjecture.)
    Justice League Unlimited: Hunter's Moon: (Hro Talak and the rest of the Thanagarians return home and quickly lose the war with the Gordanians. Their race is enslaved, but not before Hro Talak sacrifices himself to deal them a crippling blow. Some of the army escapes to a remote planet.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Initiation: (Green Arrow is witness to the reformation of the League, which now includes almost sixty members including Supergirl, Captain Atom, the Question, Black Canary, Hawk, Dove, Booster Gold, Jason Blood / Etrigan, the Creeper, Zatanna, Vigilante, Shining Knight, Dr. Fate, Huntress, Elongated Man, Aquaman, Vixen, Red Tornado, Fire, Ice, Steel, Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., Aztec, Mr. Terrific, Orion, Atom Smasher, Metamorpho, Wildcat, Dr. Light, and Crimson Avenger, among others.)

    Justice League Unlimited: For The Man Who Has Everything: (Mongul invades the Fortress of Solitude, and puts Superman in a deep hypnotic sleep, which gives the heart everything it desires, with the plant known as the Black Mercy. A visiting Batman and Diana free Superman, and an enraged Superman pummels Mongul, until the Black Mercy is placed on the villain himself.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Hawk And Dove: (Lord Ares uses the unstoppable Annihilator Armor to wage war in Kasnia. The armor is neutralized by Hawk and Dove and taken to the Watchtower.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Fearful Symmetry: (Supergirl, the Question, and Green Arrow are witness to a government conspiracy, and learn Supergirl has been cloned by the Government and (but unknown to them) Emil Hamilton, who extracted her ova while operating on her during the events of "Legacy". General Hardcastle is killed by the clone named Galatea.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Kids Stuff: (In order to defeat Morgaine Le Fey's son Mordred, who has banished all adults to another world, the sorceress temporarily turns Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern into children. They trick Mordred into aging himself, and he becomes a decrepit old man who has to be nursed for eternity by Le Fey.)

    Justice League Unlimited: This Little Piggy: (Batman goes to Zatanna for help, when the sorceress Circe turns Diana into a pig. Circe agrees to reverse Diana's condition if Batman will agree to bare his soul.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Return: (Amazo returns, all powerful and immortal, after traveling the galaxy to find out from Luthor the meaning of life. Dr. Fate grants him sanctuary and we learn Hawkgirl is living at his tower as well.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Greatest Story Never Told: (While the extended league defeats the dark wizard Mordru, Booster Gold saves the world.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Ultimatum: (A covert government group dedicated to fighting the potential threat of the Justice League called Cadmus, creates cloned superheroes called the Ultimen, and uses them build a defense against the Justice League. The clones are unstable however, and eventually go insane and die. The League meets Amanda Waller who knows Batman's secret identity.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Dark Heart: (The League uses an energy cannon from the Watchtower to neutralize the alien threat of the Dark Heart, to the government's chagrin.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Wake the Dead: (Solomon Grundy's corpse is raised from the dead again, and Shayera must put him down. She learns that she is free to rejoin the league anytime she likes. Amazo learns he is powerless to stop chaos magic. Green Lantern is now dating Vixen.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Once And Future Thing : Part 1: Weird Western Tales and Part 2: Time, Warped (Shayera rejoins the Justice League, and Green Lantern learns via an erased timeline that he and Shayera will have a son who becomes the hero Warhawk.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Cat And The Canary: (With help from Green Arrow, Black Canary convinces Wildcat to stop participating in Meta-brawls, and shuts down Roulette's business; Green Arrow and Black Canary start a relationship.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Ties That Bind (Mr. Miracle, Big Barda and Flash rescue Kallibak from the clutches of Vermen Vunderbar, to retrieve Oberon from Granny Goodness. They double-cross her, and imprison Kallibak on Earth to retain stability on Apokalips. Darkseid is still presumed missing.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Doomsday Sanction: (Lex Luthor announces his candidacy for President of the United States. Batman confronts Amanda Waller. Cadmus turns out to include Amanda Waller, Emil Hamilton, General Eling, Hugo Strange, Tala and Dr. Milo. Dr. Milo frees a captured Doomsday, who kills him and goes after Superman, who he believes to be his enemy. After his recapture, Doomsday is sentenced to the Phantom Zone by Superman.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Task Force X: (Cadmus sets up a Suicide Squad comprised of former criminals (including Deadshot, Plastique, Captain Boomerang and the Clock King) to retrieve the Annihilator armor from the Watchtower. Their mission is a success.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Balance: (Felix Faust traps Tala in a magic mirror. Diana receives a power upgrade after returning to Themiscrya to free Lord Hades from Felix Faust, who has stolen the Annihilator from Cadmus. She is also told by Hades that he is her father but chooses to disbelieve him.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Double Date: (J'onn J'onnz kicks Huntress out of the League for disobeying orders. Huntress seeks retribution on Stephen Mandragora for her parent's murder with help from the Question, but changes her mind when she sees his son Edgar. Mandragora is taken to prison, and Huntress begins a relationship with the Question.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Clash: (New League member Captain Marvel accidentally endorses Lex Luthor for President. Superman suspects Lex Luthor is going to set off a bomb and battles Captain Marvel to find it but realizes he was wrong, but only after destroying the housing project Lex had set up for charity. After this fiasco, Lex's poll numbers go up, and the League is discredited. Captain Marvel quits the League. Lex and Amanda Waller share drinks.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Hunter's Moon: (Shayera confronts Paran Dul and Kragger on a deserted world, after a phony distress signal leads her, Vixen and Vigilante there. She learns the final fate of Hro Talak.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Question Authority: (General Eling recalls Captain Atom to government service. Lex Luthor learns his cancer is gone. The Question sees what the Justice Lords Superman did to their world's counterpart President Luthor and is convinced it is the future. He attempts to assassinate Luthor so Superman won't, and is captured by Cadmus. Superman confronts Emil Hamilton at Cadmus Headquarters. Superman and Huntress rescue the Question, but are halted by Captain Atom.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Flashpoint: (Superman battles Captain Atom while Huntress and Question escape. Lex remotely operates the Watchtower's energy cannon to fire on a now abandoned Cadmus headquarters. Waller recruits Galatea to lead the Ultimen in an assault on the Watchtower.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Panic In The Sky: (The League's founders decide to turn themselves over to the government because of the energy cannon. The extended League defeats the Ultimen's assault on headquarters, while Supergirl stops Galatea from destroying the Watchtower. Batman clues Waller into Luthor's dirty dealings. Luthor attempts to build an android body for himself based on Amazo, so he will become immortal and have superpowers. The League and Waller confront Luthor, who reveals he is the brains behind Cadmus, and then turns out to be possessed by Brainiac.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Divided We Fall: (The League battles Luthor / Brainiac but he manages to escape. He attempts to retrieve the Dark Heart to make himself more powerful. After a fierce battle, the League is defeated except for Flash, who uses the Speed Force to sever Luthor's connection to Brainiac. Flash is apparently killed but Superman decides NOT to kill Luthor. The League soon realizes that Flash isn't dead but trapped inside the Speed Force, and they rescue him. The League takes down the energy cannon, and decommissions the Watchtower. The League is nearly disbanded, but public outcry changes the founders minds.)

    Justice League Unlimited: I Am Legion: (Grodd forms a Protection racket for Supervillians to destroy the Justice League, and recruits Luthor into the group (which includes Grodd's lover Tala, Bizarro, Giganta, Killer Frost, Sinestro, Metallo, Atomic Skull, Dr. Polaris, the Key, Silver Banshee, Toyman, Devil Ray, Rampage, and many others) by tantalizing him with a piece of Brainiac. He has Luthor steal the Spear of Longinus from Blackhawk Island to prove his loyalty. Agent Faraday introduces himself as the League's new government liaison, and the League's new Metrotower is introduced.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Shadow Of The Hawk: (Carter Hall introduces himself to Shayera, and they go on an archaeological dig in Egypt to unearth Thanagarian artifacts. He tells her is actually Hawkman, and that they were lovers in a former life. After a confrontation with the Shadow Thief, Shayera isn't sure what to think.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Chaos At The Earth's Core: (After a battle on Skartaris, an ancient world at the center of the Earth with Warlords and Snake people, Green Lantern and Supergirl interrogate Metallo, who had been trying to procure mass quantities of Kryptonite. His brain shorts out right before he can give them any evidence.)

    Justice League Unlimited: To Another Shore: (Grodd enlists Killer Frost, Devil Ray and Giganta to steal the corpse of the Viking Prince, whose ship has been discovered frozen in a glacier. At a global warming summit Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Jonn Jonnz manage to protect the Prince after Jonn reads Giganta's mind. He was unable to get too much information however, as her brain shorted out. Diana gives the Viking Prince a eulogy in space as Jonn decides to leave the League to get closer to humanity after Diana convinces him he has been stuck on the Watchtower alone for too long. Mr. Terrific takes over monitor duty at the Watchtower.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Flash And Substance: (While battling his rogues gallery of villains (including Mirror Master, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, and the Trickster) on the day of the grand opening of the Flash museum, (which Batman and Orion also attend) Flash meets reporter Linda Park.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Dead Reckoning: (Deadman calls upon Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, when the Secret Society puts all of the Monks at his monastery into comas in order to fulfill Grodd's plan of turning everyone on Earth into apes. Deadman possesses Batman and causes him to shoot and accidentally kill Devil Ray, causing an imbalance in the spiritual world, and making it so he cannot get the rest he seeks. The monks all wake up. Luthor shoots Grodd, and takes over the Secret Society, and Tala becomes his new mistress.)

    Justice League Unlimited : Patriot Act: (General Eiling takes a Nazi super-serum which turns him into a hulking monster in order to confront Superman but battles Green Arrow, Vigilante, Shining Knight, Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., Speedy and Crimson Avenger instead. Eiling decides NOT to kill the heroes and flees and is still at large.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Great Brain Robbery: (While Luthor uses a captured Grodd and his mental powers to try to unlock the piece of Brainiac, Dr. Fate performs a mind-read on Flash that causes him and Luthor to swap bodies. Luthor tries to escape the Watchtower in Flash's body, while Flash tries to bluff his way into the Legion of Doom. Dr. Fate is successful in switching their bodies back, to Tala's chagrin.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Grudge Match: (Lex Luthor gives Roulette the idea of having all-women Meta-brawls. and she uses Grodd's mind-control technology to get Black Canary, Fire, Shayera, Diana, and Vixen to fight in cage matches. Huntress manages to free Canary and they both free the others. Nightwing is seen in Bludhaven, the city he now protects where the meta-brawls take place.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Far From Home: (Supergirl, Green Arrow and Green Lantern are transported into the distant future, and only Green Lantern and Green Arrow return. Superman learns from them that Kara decided to stay to be with a distant relative of Brainiac whom she has a crush on.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Ancient History: (Shadow Thief kidnaps Green Lantern, Hawkman and Shayera, and exposes them to the Absorbacron revealing his true nature, and shows them images of their past lives in Ancient Egypt in a doomed triangl. Hawkman reabsorbs Shadow Thief. and tells Shayera she is meant to be with Green Lantern. Green Lantern tell Shayera about their future son Warhawk. but says he is staying with Vixen; Shayera visits Batman to have him tell her about her son.)

    Justice League Unlimited : Alive!: (Lex Luthor tries to resurrect Brainiac with Tala's help, and uses the Legion Of Doom headquarters as a spaceship to go to the last known coordinates of Brainiac's in space. A frustrated Tala frees Grodd from his holding cell. and Grodd convinces half of the Secret Society (including Rampage, Parasite, the Shade, Dr. Polaris and Killer Frost ) to battle for control against Luthor. Luthor's side (including Toyman, Bizarro, Sinestro, Atomic Skull and Giganta) wins, and Luthor pushes Grodd out an airlock into space. Killer Frost kills the rest of the Legion who were on Grodd's side. A being named Metron tries to warn Lex against resurrecting Brainiac, but he doesn't listen, and accidentally brings a souped up Darkseid back to life. Darkseid blows up the Legion headquarters, (but not before Sinestro saves the remaining members and Luthor hijacks a Boom Tube to Earth) and returns to a warring Apokalips to announce that he plans to destroy Earth, and then New Genesis. Luthor and the Society go to the Metro Tower to warn the Justice League that Darkseid has returned.)

    Justice League Unlimited : Destroyer: (Superman and the League enter an uneasy alliance with Luthor and the surviving members of the Secret Society after Darkseid sends his Apokalips army to invade Earth. Superman, Luthor, and Batman go up against Darkseid. Diana is thrilled when J'onn J'onnz returns to the League to help save the Earth. Metron takes Luthor to the Source Wall to find a way to stop Darkseid. Superman has one final battle with Darkseid. Luthor returns and offers Darkseid the Anti-Life Equation which sends both of them to another dimension. In return for their help in saving the Earth, the League give the villains a head-start before they chase after them to bring them to Justice.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Epilogue: (After a battle between the League and the second Royal Flush Gang Batman comforts a dying Ace.)

    Batman And Harley Quinn: (Poison Ivy and the Floronic Man attempt to create a virus to turn all animal life into plant-based life-forms, and Batman and Nightwing enlist her former partner Harley Quinn to convince her to not go through with it. Swamp Thing attempts to dissuade the Floronic Man but ultimately decides not to intervene, leading Batman to set the Floronic Man on fire. Later on, Harleen Quinzel briefly returns to psychiatry in the form of a TV show host unlicensed therapist.)

    Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker Flashback: (Joker mind-rapes Tim Drake into becoming his protege after abducting and torturing him for information (including Batman's identity), puts a microchip with his DNA on it into Tim's neck to control him in the event of his death, and confronts Batman and Batgirl at the abandoned Arkham Asylum to their horror. Tim is not fully over on the Joker's side however and kills him. Harley Quinn is presumed killed in a battle with Batgirl but she manages to escape.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Epilogue: (Amanda Waller starts Project Batman Beyond to ensure that there will be a Batman of the Future.)

    Batman Beyond: Lost Soul: (Computer magnate Robert Vance transfers his consciousness into a computer before dying of a brain disease.)

    Batman Beyond: Rebirth: (Bruce hangs up the cape and cowl after having to use a gun in battle.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Epilogue: (Amanda Waller rewrites the DNA of Warren McGinnis to turn his reproductive material into Bruce Wayne's.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Epilogue: (Terry McGinnis is born to Mary and Warren McGinnis, but both are unaware that he carries Bruce Wayne's DNA.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Epilogue: (Amanda Waller hires the Phantasm (Andrea Beaumont) to assassinate a young Terry McGinnis's parents in the hopes to drive him to become a new Batman. Andrea balks, saying that isn't what Bruce would have wanted and spares them.)

    Batman Beyond: The Call: (Superman is taken over by the creature known as Starro. Conjecture.)

    Batman Beyond: Ace In The Hole: (A dog escapes from a life of brutal dogfights and Bruce Wayne finds and adopts him. He names him Ace.)

    Batman Beyond: Bloodsport: (The Stalker gets into a hunting accident after being mauled by a jaguar and has to have his spine replaced.)

    Batman Beyond: April Moon: (Dr. Peter Corso meets his new assistant April, and falls in love with her, and they are married soon after.)

    The Zeta Project: Lost And Found: (Ro runs away from the orphanage, and joins up with a street gang for protection. Conjecture.)

    Batman Beyond: Rebirth: (Derek Powers forces a hostile takeover of Wayne Enterprises, and is now a controlling interest in the company. Terry McGinnis discovers Bruce Wayne's secret. Terry's father is murdered on Powers orders; to seek justice and revenge Terry becomes Batman. Derek Powers is doused with radiation poisoning. Bruce Wayne and Terry begin a partnership. Series Premiere of Batman Beyond.)

    Batman Beyond: Black Out: (Terry meets and battle a metahuman assasin hired by Derek Powers named Inque, who discovers the Batcave.)

    Batman Beyond: Golem: (Willie Watt bonds with the Gotham Golem, and wreaks havoc on the kids who picked on him. He is sent to juvie, but still has residual traces of his powers.)

    Batman Beyond: The Winning Edge: (Bane is revealed to be a decrepit old man in a wheel-chair, the years of Venom polluting his body beyond repair.)

    Batman Beyond: Unmasked: (Terry unmasks himself to a young boy in danger to stop him from being scared so he can be rescued from a fire. The criminal organization / cult Kobra learns the boy saw Batman's face, and kidnaps him, and tries to use a mind-reading device to learn his identity. Batman saves him, and Kobra believes the boy never got a good look at his face. Conjecture.)

    Batman Beyond: Dead Man's Hand: (The Royal Flush Gang returns to seek vengeance on Batman and they are now an aristocratic family who have passed down the mantle through generations rather than Metahumans. Terry falls for Ten, the daughter of the group.)

    Batman Beyond: Meltdown: (Mr Freeze is given a new human body by Derek Powers, and tries to atone for his sins. When the new body fails Powers tries to have him killed. He battles Powers' alter-ego, Blight (whom Batman meets for the first time) and is apparently killed in battle.)

    Batman Beyond: Heroes: (A new superhero team is in Gotham called The Terrific Trio, comprised of Magma, Freon and 2-D Man. Their DNA breaks down, and they are betrayed by their friend, and die in a confrontation with Batman.)

    Batman Beyond: Spellbound: (Batman faces a villain with mind altering powers named Spellbinder. Terry McGinnis meets Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Terry's friend Jason's Mom marries Big Jim Tate.)

    Batman Beyond: Shriek: (Derek Powers hires Walter Shreeve to use his sound based weapons to kill Bruce Wayne. After he is revealed as the villain Shriek, he battles Batman and loses his hearing in the fight.)

    Batman Beyond: A Touch Of Curare: (Barbara Gordon reveals the details of her history with Bruce to Terry, as he battles an assassin named Curare, intent on eliminating her husband, D.A. Sam Young. After Curare fails her mission, she is hunted by the Society of Assassins.)

    Batman Beyond: Disappearing Inque: (Inque escapes captivity with the help of an accomplice, and Terry must find a way to stop her from re-entering the Batcave. He is saved by Bruce, who has taken up one of his old Batsuits. Inque escapes after faking her own death.)

    Batman Beyond: Ascension: (Blight is revealed to be Derek Powers, and battles Batman, and is now missing. Derek's son Paxton Powers now gains control of Wayne Powers.)

    Batman Beyond: Joyride: (One of the Jokerz takes over an experimental jet plane, and Batman teams up with a security agent to track him down before the weapons aircraft overheats and explodes.)

    Batman Beyond: Splicers: (Batman stops a gene splicer named Dr. Cuvier from turning Gotham's latest gene-splicing fad into a criminal enterprise.)

    Batman Beyond: Lost Soul: (Robert Vance's grandson agrees to free Vance's consciousness from the computer, and download him onto the interne,t which causes havoc in Gotham. After a battle with Batman, he takes over the Batsuit, and Terry has to defeat him on his own. Armed with one of Bruce's old utility belts, Terry manages to stop the renegade Batsuit and destroys Vance's program.)

    Batman Beyond: Bloodsport: (The Stalker hunts Batman for the first time, and finds out his secret identity.)

    Batman Beyond: Hidden Agenda: (Max Gibson discovers Terry's secret after he saves her from the Jokerz.)

    Batman Beyond: Once Burned: (The final nail in the coffin of Terry and Ten's starcrossed romance is her being unwittingly duped by her family into stealing jewels to pay off a phony kidnapping of her family. Batman throws away the note Melanie had meant to give Terry.)

    Batman Beyond: Hooked Up: (Spellbinder starts a virtual reality game room that is so addictive, he gets kids to commit crimes in exchange for it. Max is one of his victims.)

    Batman Beyond: Rats: (Batman saves Dana from a kid who lives in a sewer with only rats for friends after he kidnaps her.)

    Batman Beyond: Mind Games: (Batman helps a little psychic girl trapped by the Metahuman organization called the Brain Trust. led by a woman named Bombshell. and Mandragora's son Edgar.)

    Batman Beyond: Revenant: (Batman discovers the ghostly happenings at Hamilton Hill High are actually caused by Willie Watt. who has some of the power from the Gotham Golem left over.)

    Batman Beyond: Babel: (Shriek holds the city for ransom with his sound-wave weapons. by saying he'll only stop once Batman is turned over to him. Batman is ready to turn himself in. but manages to defeat Shriek in a fight before the deadline.)

    Batman Beyond: Terry's Friend Dates A Robot: (Terry's friend Howard has a synthoid made to be his new girlfriend. but she goes haywire after he dumps her. and Batman has to stop her.)

    Batman Beyond: Eyewitness: (Terry, Bruce and Barbara's secrets are jeopardized when Spellbinder makes Gordon believe she witnessed Batman murdering Mad Stan. The plot is revealed before Gordon captures Batman. Mad Stan is in one of Spellbinder's virtual games.)

    The Zeta Project: Lost And Found: (Zeta, a synthoid android assassin who can take any person's form, is told by the government to impersonate and then kill Eugene Dolan. After spending time with Dolan's family, Zeta learns that Dolan was innocent of the crime he was suspected of, and was NOT a member of the terrorist organization Brothers Day, so he refuses to kill him. After that he refuses to kill anyone else. and the government believes he has gone rogue. and sends Agent James Bennett to capture him so they can reprogram him. Zeta begins his life on the run from the government.)

    Batman Beyond: Zeta: (Terry meets Zeta and helps him escape Bennett when he learns his story.)

    Batman Beyond: The Last Resort: (Terry stops a sadistic juvenile hall instructor from abusing the troubled teens the center takes in.)

    Batman Beyond: Final Cut: (Curare returns, taking out the Society of Assassin's members. The last one blackmails Batman into helping him by hiding a bomb in the city. After he is finished by Curare (thanks to a mistake on Max's part) she helps Terry locate and stop the bomb. Curare escapes. Terry confirms to Max that Bruce Wayne is in fact his silent partner.)

    Batman Beyond: Armory: (When Big Jim Tate goes bankrupt, he turns to pulling crimes under the guise of Armory before he is caught by Batman.)

    Batman Beyond: Sneak Peek: (A tabloid journalist uses his device with the powers of intangibility to discover that Terry Mcguinnis is Batman, and that Bruce Wayne was the original Batman, and plans to air the story on his TV show. At the last minute his molecules become unstable because of the device, and he falls into the center of the Earth.)

    Batman Beyond: Plague: (Agent Bennett convinces a reluctant Batman to team up with the Stalker to find the Kobra agent Falseface who is unknowingly carrying a plague to be spread over Gotham. The mission is a success.)

    Batman Beyond : Eggbaby: (Terry has to care for a toy doll for a school project. while battling Ma Mayhem and her dim-witted sons.)

    Batman Beyond: April Moon: (A criminal named Bullwhip forces Dr. Peter Corso to build prosthetic enhancements for him and his friends, (after he claims to have kidnapped his wife April) to commit crimes. Batman catches up with Corso and learns his story and about April. Bruce figures out that Corso put fail-safes into the weapons he built timed by a code-word. While spying on Bullwhip with Batman, Corso learns April is in fact in league with Bullwhip. Batman figures out the codeword. and defeats Bullwhip and his gang. Dr. Corso and Bullwhip manage to escape. and Corso is prepared to take his revenge on Bullwhip.)

    Batman Beyond: Payback: (Batman has to stop a new vigilante named Payback who goes too far in avenging kids slighted by grown-ups. Payback turns out to just be a troubled kid.)

    Batman Beyond: Sentries Of The Last Cosmos: (A billionaire uses video game crazy teens to trick them into believing their stealing the rights to a video game creator is actually a part of the game itself, before Batman reveals the truth.)

    Batman Beyond: Big Time: (Terry McGinnis' old childhood friend from juvie, Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow, returns, and Terry gets Bruce to offer him a job. Charlie uses the job to return to his criminal ways. and is doused with a chemical explosion that turns him into a hulking monster.)

    Batman Beyond: Untouchable: (Batman defeats a villain who has stolen a power suit made for a girl with a devastating illness, to commit crimes with the power to not be touched.)

    Batman Beyond: Where's Terry?: (Terry goes missing and Bruce tries to find him and reluctantly allows Max to help. Terry meanwhile is in the sewers trying to avoid a vengeful Shriek, while saving a troubled kid. Bruce tricks Max into being arrested to let her know that HE is the one who calls the shots. Terry and Bruce defeat Shriek.)

    Batman Beyond: Ace In The Hole: (When Ace the Bathound goes missing, Terry tracks him to his former owners who have returned him to the dogfights Bruce rescued him from. The dogfights are shut down, and Ace is returned to Bruce.)

    Batman Beyond: King's Ransom: (Melanie / Ten is reformed and helps Batman take down her family. Paxton Powers is arrested for a plot against Bruce Wayne. The Royal Flush Gang is dissolved after Queen catches King cheating on her.)

    Batman Beyond: Betrayel: (After Big Time returns, a guilt ridden Terry tries to help him one final time, but Big Time betrays him. Big Time falls off of a bridge after a battle with Batman and is presumed killed.)

    Batman Beyond: Out Of The Past: (Ra's Al Ghul returns in Talia's body, and is killed once and for all after offering Bruce the rejuvenating powers of the Lazarus Pit. Bruce declines to have more treatments.)

    Batman Beyond: Speak No Evil: (A gorilla with enhanced intelligence named Fingers helps Batman stop the poachers who killed his mother, that are tracking in illegal animals. Terry releases Fingers into the jungle after they defeat the poachers.)

    Batman Beyond: Inqueling (Inque goes to the daughter Deanna she abandoned for help after her latest escape from Batman. Inque's daughter Deanna double-crosses her after stealing her fortune, and Inque is apparently killed during a battle with Batman. Batman warns Deanna that she now has a new enemy, and that Inque probably isn't dead. He is right.)

    Batman Beyond: Unmasked: (Terry recounts the story of how he saved a kid who got a look at his face, and the trouble it caused to Max. The boy still remembers what Terry's face looks like.)

    Batman Beyond: Curse Of The Kobra: (Karai trains Terry McGinnis in martial arts, and dies saving his life from Kobra agents led by a young man named Zander, who kidnaps Max. Batman defeats him after Zander splices himself with dinosaur DNA.)

    The Zeta Project: The Accomplice: (Zeta meets Ro, an orphaned runaway who refuses to help in a robbery with the gang she was in, Zeta is still pursued by Bennett, and Ro joins him on his life on the run. Series Premiere of The Zeta Project.)

    The Zeta Project: His Maker's Name: (Zeta learns his creator is Dr. Eli Selig and sets out to find him to clear his name.)

    The Zeta Project: Change Of Heart: (Zeta reveals his identity to save a little girl.)

    The Zeta Project: Remote Control: (A bratty kid genius named Bucky creates a remote control to control Zeta, to get a sleazy scientist named Tannor to admit he stole his invention.)

    Batman Beyond: The Call (Terry is offered to join the Justice League Unlimited by Superman (who defeats a ressurrected Inque) which includes Aquaman's daughter Merina known as Aquagirl, John Stewart and Shayera's son Warhawk, Micron, Big Barda and a new Green Lantern to try and discover who is trying to bump off the League members; Superman and Bruce have a chilly reunion. Terry and Bruce discover that Superman is the traitor after Warhawk fakes his own death. Merina discovers Superman has been possessed by Starro, who quickly takes over every member of the League but Terry. who manages to stop its plot to take over the world. Superman uses a Boom Tube to return Starro and it's spawn to its own planet. Superman again offers Terry a chance to be a full-time member of the League, but he declines.)

    The Zeta Project: The Next Gen: (Zeta goes up against Infiltration Unit Seven, and manages to stop it from destroying its new target by destroying it with help from Bucky.)

    Batman Beyond: Countdown: (Ro meets Batman here, and Batman stops Mad Stan from using Zeta to destroy Gotham. Last episode of Batman Beyond produced.)

    The Zeta Project: Westbound: (Zeta and Ro avoid Agent West on a hover-train they are trapped on.)

    The Zeta Project: Hicksburg: (Ro and Zeta return to the town where Ro's foster family resides in order to get more information about her brother Casey.)

    The Zeta Project: Shadows: (Batman helps Zeta take down a reconstructed Infiltration Unit 7 after mistakenly confusing it for Zeta. Ro and Batman already know each other. Wayne Powers still exists. IU7 reboots and programs itself with Zeta as his next target.)

    The Zeta Project: Crimes Waves: (Zeta and Ro are framed for the kidnapping of a rich kid and have to rescue him to clear their names.)

    The Zeta Project: Taffy Time: (Zeta confronts the bounty hunter Krick for the first time who has taken Agent Lee hostage. Zeta frees Lee and injures Krick's eye. Lee allows Zeta and Ro to escape and is finally convinced that his intentions are benign.)

    The Zeta Project: Ro's Reunion: (Ro hopes are falsely raised by the promise of being reunited with her brother on a TV reunion show. After she realizes it's a scam, she and Zeta both manage to escape.)

    The Zeta Project: Kid Genius: (Bucky asks for Zeta and Ro's help to rescue his parents, who have been turned into children. and kidnapped by Dr. Tannor.)

    The Zeta Project: Absolute Zero: (Zeta accidentally traps Dr. Selig in cryogenic suspension, before he can talk to him, and risks his freedom to save his life. Agent Lee quits the NSA.)

    Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker (Bruce regains control of Wayne Enterprises. The Joker returns, (controlling Tim Drake's body) and battles Terry for the last time. Terry destroys the microchip and frees Tim from the Joker's grip forever. Tim, Barbara and Bruce are reunited.)

    The Zeta Project: Wired: (After tangling with some kids who wanted to turn Zeta into spare parts, Zeta is finally captured by Bennett. Bennett discovers a strange node on Zeta, and begins to reboot him from scratch to erase his memories. He fails, and Zeta finds Ro who had come to rescue him, and they flee.)

    The Zeta Project: Hunt In The Hub: (Zeta and Ro are in a desperate fix of being trapped in a city known as the Hub by a sleazy scientist, who worked on the Zeta Project, and are forced to steal things for him. However they turn the tables on him, and bring him to the authorities and escape.)

    The Zeta Project: Ro's Gift: (Ro is kidnapped by the Brain Trust after they mistakenly think she has metahuman powers, and Zeta saves her, and stops them from setting off a bomb.)

    The Zeta Project: Quality Time: (Ro is trapped on a submarine under a coral reef with Bennett's son whom Bennett has taken on a working vacation. Zeta and Bennett reluctantly team up to save them both and Zeta and Ro escape.)

    The Zeta Project: Resume Mission: (Zeta and Ro stop a reassembled IU7 from hurting a boy.)

    The Zeta Project: Lost and Found: (Krick chases after Zeta to avenge his injury to his eye and Zeta malfunctions. Ro calls Bucky for help, and they manage to save Zeta and escape Krick.)

    The Zeta Project: On the Wire: (Ro finally reunites with her brother Casey who is a reporter. Casey is tempted by his editor to turn Zeta in but helps him and Ro escape. Ro and Zeta learn Casey is going to use his position in the media to drum up positive awareness for Zeta.)

    The Zeta Project: Cabin Pressure: (The NSA raids Bucky's house and captures him. Bucky sends out a distress signal and Zeta and Ro rescue him. Bucky begins a life on the run, but tells Zeta and Ro he will still be keeping in touch with them.)

    The Zeta Project: The Wrong Morph: (Zeta accidentally frames a crippled boy for a crime, and has to set things right and implicate the real criminal.)

    The Zeta Project: Eye of the Storm: (Zeta and Ro come across a pair of squabbling brothers who fight tornadoes with the help of a machine, and help them come to terms with each other.)

    The Zeta Project: The River Rising: (Zeta finds himself in a precarious position when he is trapped in a town of tech-phobic Amish-type folk. After it is revealed he is a machine, the townspeople try to destroy Zeta but after he rescues them from a flood, they help him evade the NSA.)

    The Zeta Project: The Hologram Man: (Dr. Selig reveals to Zeta unknowingly that he was programmed with free will in his secret node. Bennett overhears. Selig is apparently killed after a conflict with Brother's Day. Or is he? Series Finale.)

    Static Shock: Future Shock: (Static meets Terry and his future self after a trip through time to rescue Future Static from Kobra.)

    Justice League Unlimited: The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped (A Man named David Clinton and his wife Enid get into a never-ending argument.)

    Batman: The Brave And The Bold: Night Of The Batmen: (As the Batman from The Brave and the Bold's Universe is sidelined by injuries, DCAU future Batman Beyond Terry McGuinnis is recruited by a group of bizarre extra dimensional Batmen to fill in for him. Conjecture.)

    Batman Beyond: 75 Anniversary Short: (The Batcave is set under seige by a horde of Bat-Duplicant Robots.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Epilogue: (After learning that he is Bruce Wayne's son, Terry McGuinnis confronts an elderly Amanda Waller about the real truth about him and Bruce Wayne, and she reveals it all.)

    Superman: New Kids In Town: (Brainiac escapes the Legion of Superheroes by escaping into the past.)

    Justice League Unlimited: Far From Home (Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Supergirl are brought a thousand years into the future by Brainiac 5 and Bouncing Boy, to save the rest of the Legion of Superheroes from mind control by Tharok and the Emerald Empress. Supergirl falls in love with Brainiac 5 and decides to stay in the 31st Century.)

    Justice League: Hereafter. (A Metropolis 10,000 years in the future is shown, where people live in peace, and a Superman statue is still erected.)
    Major thanks to Style 92!

    Thanks also to World's Finest which was invaluable in giving me the production order for the episodes. Style 92 and Bird Boy were also appreciated for their input regarding Superman: Brainiac Attacks. The History of the DC Universe was also a great help.

    Thanks also to Singularity (Twice!), DerekPowers, DisneyBoy, Spectre, The Old Maid, Toddman, Frank White, Doomsday, Captain Clown and Mr. Obsession.

    Additional thanks to 90's Cartoon Man and Revelator. Thanks also to everyone at Toon Zone regarding imput on whether Teen Titans fits into continuity or not.

    Super Extra Special thanks to Yojimbo for helping me work out a few of the kinks with the dates. His timeline is even better than mine even if mine is more "complete". He actually researched when the ancient history stuff happened. Above and beyond he went!
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    #2 Fone Bone, Aug 25, 2006
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
  3. Yojimbo

    Yojimbo Yes, have some.
    Staff Member Moderator

    Jul 13, 2003
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    Zoinks! A lot of work, well done.

    Thanks for the mention, Fone Bone. I haven't got any TZP or SS on tape so I couldn't speculate on them for my version of the timeline...which explains my unending desire to see both series get DVD treatments. Right now, I have things that I could put a fixed year on. Hopefully, I can get around to another pass of adds after I finish some other projects.

    Kudos, Fone Bone, you take the cake, or pie as it may be.
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  4. FunTurtle

    FunTurtle Member

    Feb 21, 2004
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    (Message removed by poster)
  5. Grimlock

    Grimlock Active Member

    Mar 31, 2004
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    Impressive, thank you.
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  6. Zero X Marquis

    Apr 10, 2006
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    I'm sure this is impressive, and I'll read it when I have an hour or so to spare, but how can something be definitive if it isn't unofficial? (Don't pay attention to that, it's just a characteristic flaw that I have)
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  7. SpaceOddity

    SpaceOddity Guest

    This is insanely awesome. I'm starting to introduce my little brother to the DCAU, and this will be a great resource as far as continuity goes.
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  8. Singularity

    Singularity Dullard.

    Aug 23, 2004
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    The removal of Supergirl's ova to create Galatea during "Legacy" isn't mentioned.
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  9. Harlan_Phoenix

    Harlan_Phoenix Active Member

    Apr 10, 2004
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    That was some of the most pleasurable skimming of my life.

    I am pleased.
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  10. Fone Bone

    Fone Bone Matt Zimmer

    Jan 19, 2004
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    I was GOING to include it after you reminded me but it wasn't shown on screen. But since it WAS important I lengthened the Legacy entry a bit and decided to mention this fact in a past tense fashion in the Fearful Symmetry entry, so you get an extra credit just the same. Thanks!

    Thanks for the compliments guys!
  11. Tyke

    Tyke Active Member

    Jul 16, 2003
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    I printed this out. It's 34 pages long, and I will roll it up and carry it in my back pocket for eternity.

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  12. Captain Clown

    Captain Clown Member

    Aug 7, 2004
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    1) It's "definitive"
    2) What makes you so sure about the placement of the stuff that happened in Epilogue? Specifically the RFG fight
    3) Shouldn't The Lost Episode be addressed, if only to say why it's not included in in timeline?
    4) Maybe the "true future" shown at the very end of Hereafter should be noted?

    But yes, nicely done...
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  13. Cortez2301

    Cortez2301 Active Member

    Jan 30, 2006
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    Thanks alot.This timeline is just pure amazing.I'm going to save it somewhere.Thanks man you're the best!!
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    #13 Cortez2301, Aug 27, 2006
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  14. Fone Bone

    Fone Bone Matt Zimmer

    Jan 19, 2004
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    I placed it after JLU because Amanda Waller is the League liason instead of King Faraday. The fact that I put it before the ROTJ flashback is just conjecture on my part but I had always assumed Batman had left the League at that point because if not he would have had them looking for Tim too.
    I've never seen it, so I'm not even sure if it's canon. I left out The Dark Knight's First Night and Justice League: The first Mission because I wasn't sure if they were canon or not either. I can guess the Batman pilot MIGHT be but the JL pilot isn't so I thought it would be weird to include one but not the other.
    Ponders that. It's something I have considered but we really didn't get a good look at it. I think I will though, now that you mention it because I don't really have to be super specific about it. Thanks!
    Thanks again!
  15. Trevor Balena

    Trevor Balena Active Member

    Aug 6, 2002
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    While I agree with its placement on your list, I didn't get the impression that Waller was the liason yet; Batman's line was something like "Waller. I should have recognized your hand in this," or something to that effect. If Waller worked with the League regularly, Batman would have assumed she was arriving to act in that capacity, not because she had something to do with the RFG specifically. Example: Superman didn't say to Faraday that he "recognized his hand in this" when he showed up in "I Am Legion", did he?

    But either way, the creative team has stated that that sequence is the last event in the "present day" to occur (with the exception of the ROTJ flashback), so your timeline is correct.

    By the way, do you want me to point out all the typos and spelling errors I noticed? I'm not being an ass, I'm honestly asking if you want them brought to your attention.
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  16. Captain Clown

    Captain Clown Member

    Aug 7, 2004
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    Well, if you're wrestling with the idea of TT being canon I'd figure the lost episode would be a shoe-in.

    Either way, you should watch it, because it's really, really cool.

    Having read through some more of that timeline I have to say... yow... it truly is a monumental achievement of geekdom. But it must be perfected!
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  17. sdp

    sdp miscrave

    Dec 12, 2004
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    nice to see you post again.

    that timeline looks amazing, with a tad of boring ;)

    at least to my ADHD-ness ;D

    yet its appreciated a lot.
  18. theRedDeath

    theRedDeath Active Member

    Feb 27, 2006
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    The dismissal of Teen Titans irritates me, because those of us who believe TT is a part of the DCAU base it on more than JUST Lightspeed and Patriot Act. So boo on you for neglecting that research.

    As far as i'm concerned, this is the DCAU's Timeline:

    Short, simple, visual, and to the point.

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  19. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Active Member

    Mar 13, 2002
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    But how/why are some series attached to the timeline in more than one spot?

    And what are these reasons beyond what's presented in Lightspeed and Patriot Act?
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  20. theRedDeath

    theRedDeath Active Member

    Feb 27, 2006
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    Some series are in more than one spot because some series overlap with each other.

    Other reasons for TT to be in continuity? Lots of little things:
    -In "Flash and Substance" a KidFlash costume, that matches KidFlash's in Lightspeed, is seen in a display case in the Flash museum.
    -A movie poster for "Wicked Scary" from the TT episode "Fear Itself", is seen in "Wake the Dead".
    -The dimension Herald travels through is the same dimension the adults are banished to in "Kids Game"
    -The pizza place the Titans eat at is seen in a JL episode, the name of which I forget. (sorry)
    -Batman refers to a Titans team existing in an episode of Static Shock.
    -The Superman:TAS volume one DVD set has a pop-up feature which blatantly says TT is in the DCAU.

    And then there's a bunch of stuff then doesn't necessarily say it's in the DCAU, but does happen to fit the chronological order of TT being in the past before B:TAS. Such as Robin's early years never being touched on in B:TAS, and how Wally in JL is the same age Nightwing would be.

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