Untitled Marvel Live-Action TV Series (Disney streaming) Pre-Release News & Discussion(Spoilers)

Discussion in 'Marvel Live-Action Movies and Television' started by MDawg, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Disney's upcoming streaming service will be hosting a Marvel-based live-action series.
    Yes, it's really light on material right now, but it looks like it won't be anything already announced, but something completely new. Maybe a place to get Damage Control, Inc? I wonder if the Netflix series will slowly pull away to Disney's service if it is a success.
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  2. Rick Jones

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    The Marvel show could be New Warriors, though they did seem to want to launch in 2018.

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  3. Frontier

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    I think I've heard rumors that the Netflix shows might migrate into this service so Disney has all their Marvel properties under one roof, streaming-wise, and that it was partially why they were looking to obtain 21st Century Fox for their catalogue (plus the X-Men and FF).

    I'm curious if it's related to the John Ridley or Laurence Fishburne projects...
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