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Untitled Fox and the Hound II prequel (To be continued)

Discussion in 'Story Board Workshops' started by Baltofan, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Baltofan

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    Nov 13, 2002
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    Untitled Fox and the Hound II prequel (To be continued)

    A Fox and the Hound II fic

    Based upon the movie Walk the Line

    PG rated


    Chip’n’Dale Rescue Rangers

    Oliver & Company

    The Fearless Four (Die Furchtlosen Vier)

    Thunderbolt (101 Dalmatians I & II)

    Las Vegas 2006:

    The Singing Strays held a concert in the Circus Circus hotel in Las Vegas one summer night, and after the concert, were Cash thinking back to his past.

    Once upon a time in Tennessee:

    Cash he were raised in a farm in Tennessee with his family, and he lived with his father and his mother.

    Cash he wanted to be a police dog, and one day were he leaving his father and mother, as he left Tennessee when he got younger, and he traveled away from the state.

    New York City:

    One day were Cash ending up in New York City, where he chose to live for a while, and he found a backyard in a block of flats on Coney Island near the place, where the Steeplechase Park once stood.

    For a time were Cash working as a police dog on Coney Island, and he worked together with Plato and Thunderbolt.

    The three dogs also worked with The Rescue Rangers, and as Cash worked with the police, did he begin to sing about his new job and his past.

    One summer evening where Cash taking a walk along the beach on Coney Island, and there were he meeting the female dog Dixie.

    Cash got interested in Dixie, and Cash he said to Dixie ‘Hi! My name is Cash, and I’m new in this city!’ as Dixie said ‘Hi! I’m Dixie!’

    Dixie continued ‘I lived and worked in Los Angeles as a movie star, where I starred in musicals, but I lost my job, and I ended up on the streets in L.A.!’

    Then were the two dogs going to take a walk along the empty beach, as the sun began to set over the former Steeplechase, and the two dogs stopped up by a bridge on the beach to watch the sundown.

    Cash he stayed with Dixie in her classier backyard on Park Avenue later that night, and they found out that they could sing, as they howled at the starlit sky from the top of a flat.

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