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Untitled Canine Hero fic (To be continued)

Discussion in 'Story Board Workshops' started by Baltofan, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Baltofan

    Baltofan Active Member

    Nov 13, 2002
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    Untitled Canine Hero teaser trailer

    Based upon Spider Man 2

    PG rated

    I had just started today with this trailer, but I had to rewrite it all, as I erased it all by an accident, so here’s my new version of the trailer.


    Flash the Wonder Dog



    Lil’ Lightning

    New York City:

    Flash and Banzai they had a stride with each other, as Flash he had killed the father of Banzai in a fight, and Banzai he wanted to avenge his father for what Flash he had done.

    But Flash and Banzai they known each other since they were pups and they were the best friends until Flash he discovered that the father of Banzai was a villain, as Flash he got older.

    Flash he starred in TV ads, but he shifted job, and he presented the American Top 40 on the radio, but his clumsiness in his real life made him loose his new job.

    One day was Flash giving his role up as hero, and he threw his costume out in the garbage can, as he returned to his normal life.

    Later on, were both Flash and his girlfriend, the female poodle Georgette having a dinner together in a restaurant by Grand Central Station, and they talked about a marriage.

    But suddenly was a car flying through the window, as the female hyena Shenzi she stood outside the restaurant.

    Shenzi had the same power as Krypto from a necklace she had found in the mountains in Africa, and Flash the Wonder Dog he could not stop Shenzi by himself.

    So the dog found his costume, and took it on, as he gathered his old canine friend Krypto, and Thunderbolt and Lil’ Lightning from London in England.

    Now it’s up to the four canine heroes to stop Shenzi!

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