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    Toon Zone Animation Wiki Forum Rules

    1. As usual, all general rules for the TZ forums apply to this forum. Please adhere to them the same way you would anywhere else.

    2. Every TZ Wiki article has a "discussion" link that will create a discussion thread for that article. You can also create a discussion thread from scratch. If you do, please provide links to the subject(s) of discussion.

    Whichever option you use, it's important to include some sort of content in the first post that will start a discussion, just like with any other forum. Possible ideas include but aren't necessarily limited to the following:
    • A question about the article or its subject matter
    • Constructive criticism about the content or structure of the article
    • General suggestions about how to improve the article
    • Informative discussion about the article's subject matter (see this thread for a good example)
    3. Sometimes, discussions will arise about how to handle a given article in the Wiki. In these situations, it is particularly important to show respect and courtesy to your fellow posters. We will pay special attention to this aspect of Toon Zone's rules and standards. Some areas of Wiki discussion elsewhere on the internet have this problem, but here at Toon Zone all points of view about the content of the Wiki will be respected and heard. If there is difficulty in resolving a specific discussion after all arguments have been made, the moderators will make the final call.

    4. To help avoid clutter, certain areas of discussion should be addressed in specific threads. If you'd like to discuss a broad topic or the Wiki project as a whole, we encourage visiting Project Feedback Thread. If you have a question about using the Wiki, make use of Ask a Wiki Question, Get a Wiki Answer. For guidelines about writing articles for the Wiki, visit the TZ Wiki Guide. The forum should be used for discussion about the Wiki's content.

    5. Should it happen, Vandalism of any part of the TZ Wiki will be treated as at least a warnable offense against the poster responsible. Three warnings make a user eligible for banning. The Animation Wiki is the result of Toon Zone's collective work, and any attempts to troll it and undermine it will not be tolerated.

    Toon Zone Animation Wiki FAQ

    Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check out this FAQ. The Toon Zone Animation Wiki was created so that all of us on Toon Zone can share our knowledge about our favorite aspects of animation. We may not know everything, but if we work together and share our knowledge with the world, we will achieve great things. A Wiki is like a puzzle; even if you only contribute a single paragraph at a time, you are placing another piece of that puzzle.

    This is a community effort, so never be afraid to ask questions or seek help in getting a page created. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses, and the Toon Zone Animation Wiki will succeed if we come together and work as a unified force. Below, you will find a list of questions and answers designed to help all of us come together and get on the same page as we work on the wiki. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask them in Ask a Wiki Question, Get a Wiki Answer.

    Why should I contribute to the Toon Zone Animation Wiki?

    Not only will you be involved in a community effort that will allow you to get to know your fellow Toon Zone members, but you will be able to share your love for your favorite aspects of animation as well. For example, if you love an animated program and wish to encourage more people to watch it, creating a page on the Toon Zone Animation Wiki and explaining what the series is all about and who the characters are could entice other people to check the series out.

    If a page for the animated program already exists, you can simply edit it and make any changes that you feel are necessary in order to improve upon it. Making the TZ Wiki the ultimate source of information about animation the internet is a big goal. But if we all work together and share what knowledge we have, we will steadily come closer to that goal. Your help an important part of making that happen.

    I only have one small contribution to make. Should I bother?

    Of course! The Toon Zone Animation Wiki is built by small contributions. Whether you’re adding something new or editing something old, any change that helps make our wiki more informative is a welcome one. We encourage you to contribute any information about animation that you have.

    Why should I participate in the Toon Zone Animation Wiki when there’s Wikipedia?

    Our goal is that the Toon Zone Animation Wiki will become a more reliable source for animation information due to our focused objectives. Wikipedia’s accomplishments are incredible and we do not wish to take away from its success, but its massive wealth of knowledge has resulted in some pages being less informative than others, particularly in regard to animation. We believe that, with the help of people like you, we will be able to fill in the gaps and provide people with all of the information about animation that they could ever need.

    I want to help! Which pages should I work on?

    You can work on any page that you want to work on, but the Toon Zone Animation Wiki encourages people to contribute information for the aspects of animation that they are most familiar with. If you need some help getting started, try visiting the Wiki's article index. You can also see the special pages for wanted pages and wanted categories to see what topics have been linked to in the Wiki but do not yet have an article created for them. The stub category lists articles have incomplete content.

    How do I start a discussion thread about a page? What should be discussed?

    You can click the word “discussion” at the top of a page on the Toon Zone Animation Wiki and a thread will automatically be created in the Wiki forum. If a discussion thread already exists, you will be redirected to the discussion thread. Ideally, what you should discuss with the other members is what you believe should be done to improve upon the page. You can make suggestions about adding or removing content, or you could ask a question in order to get some help with a problem. You should also discuss significant changes to an article that you or others have made. In other words, you can discuss anything about the page that you believe would help make it better.

    How do I know what’s a stub article and what isn’t?

    If a page is too short or has missing sections, it is considered to be a stub. Ideally, a page is no longer a stub if an individual can visit the page, read the contributed work, and leave with an understanding of what the page was about. In that regard, a page doesn’t need to be extremely long in order to lose its stub status; it merely needs to be informative.

    Can I use other websites in order to contribute to the Toon Zone Animation Wiki?

    There is nothing wrong with doing research by visiting other websites and then writing new information in your own words in order to make a contribution. However, you are not allowed to copy and paste information from another website unless you are the original author of the information. Please keep in mind that you should always be skeptical when doing such research, as a lot of information online is incorrect and you should always have multiple sources before you trust something that you’ve read. We encourage all users to remain vigilant in order to ensure that false information doesn’t make its way onto the Toon Zone Animation Wiki.

    What is the Toon Zone Animation Wiki’s policy on spoilers?

    This is what the Wiki Guide has to say about spoilers:

    Though it may eventually be possible to implement spoiler tags for the Wiki, this feature isn't yet available. No final decision has been made on whether to allow their use when it is. For now, please avoid spoilers as discussed in the Wiki Guide.

    I’ve found information on the Toon Zone Animation Wiki that is false. What should I do?

    You can edit the page and change the information yourself in order to make it accurate. If you are changing or removing significant facts, you are encouraged to click “discussion” at the top of the page in order to go to the page’s discussion thread and make a post explaining the change.

    A page on the Toon Zone Animation Wiki has been vandalized. What should I do?

    A case of obvious vandalism can be dealt with by visiting the article’s history page, opening the last good version of the article, and saving that version of the article in place of the vandalized entry. It's also important to make note of what's happened in the article's discussion thread or to notify a moderator about what's happened so that appropriate action can be taken.
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