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Trapped In Hyperspace: Official Press Release

Discussion in 'toonzone News Archive' started by Jeff Harris, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. Jeff Harris

    Jeff Harris Creator/Webmaster, TXB

    Apr 25, 2001
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    It has been shrouded in secrecy ever since it was first announced at CNX and Toon Zone. Now, the network has provided the official press release to the next Total Immersion Event: Trapped In Hyperspace:

    Toonami Becomes Trapped in Hyperspace
    September 16-20

    Week-Long Total Immersion Event Integrates Cartoon Network and CartoonNetwork.com

    On Monday, September 16, Toonami delivers its latest Total Immersion event - Trapped in Hyperspace. Weekday afternoons, TOM, the animated host of Toonami, transmits action programming to fans from his space vessel, The Absolution. But, on September 16, when The Absolution's onboard computer system, Sara, is invaded with a virus, the operating system begins shutting down ultimately trapping the ship in hyperspace. Before transmission is completely lost, TOM must find a way to locate and attack the virus that is corrupting the system.

    TOM will urge viewers to log on to Toonami.com where they can join him in his quest by playing the 3-D Trapped in Hyperspace game. Online, Toonami fans will have the opportunity to pilot TOM's virtual ship through Sara's operating system, battling the virus with an array of weapons. Throughout the week, fans will be given codes on-air during Toonami which can be utilized online to enhance gameplay. Online registrants will have the opportunity to register to win one of several Nintendo prizes. The action culminates on Friday, September 20, when players will reach the final level of the Trapped in Hyperspace game.

    Last year's event, Toonami: Lockdown, a five-day interactive event, rocketed Toonami and CartoonNetwork.com to some of their best numbers, earning huge ratings increases compared to the previous year. During the week-long event, the Toonami action-adventure programming franchise earned a 2.5 overall household rating. The largest increases came among Boys 9-14, with an overall weekly rating of 8.3, marking the highest rating for the demographic in the history of Toonami. Additionally, almost one million registrants signed on to play the Lockdown game, contributing to CartoonNetwork.com's most trafficked week in its history with more than 72 million page views.

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