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Toonstruck APM Music List

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by tymime81, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. tymime81

    tymime81 New Member

    Mar 5, 2015
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    Little Symphony: Spooky Scherzo (Title Screen/"Bad Credits") - Sam Fonteyn
    unknown title "FLUFFYEQ" (Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun Show) - Keith Arem (non-APM)

    State Processional (Castle Main Theme) - Barrie Hingley
    Papa's Playtime (Bricabrac's Lab) - David Farnon
    Fawlty Minuet (a) (Footman) - Andrew Hall
    Swan Lake Suite: Danse Des Cygnes (Castle Cellar) - Peter Tchaikovsky
    Thieving Magpie Overture (Town Center) - Gioacchino Rossini
    Slip 'n' Slide (Bakery) - Stephen Bulla, Jeff Kidwell
    Kidstuff (Dough and Mee) - Stephen Bulla, Jeff Kidwell
    Romantic Interlude (Ms. Fit's Costumarama) - Len Stevens
    Jacksons Morning Brush (Tavern) - Paddy Moloney
    On with the Race (Pub Organ) - Dennis Farnon
    Mr. Plod (Fingers) - John Charles Fiddy, Otto Sieben
    Whodunnit? (Malevolated Meadow/Farm) - Steve Race
    The Nutcracker: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun) - Peter Tchaikovsky
    William Tell Overture (excerpt) (Farm/Barn) - Gioacchino Rossini
    A Day by the Sea (a) (Marge and Polly) - Dick Stephen Walter
    Spring Song (Songs without Words) (Forest) - Felix Mendelssohn
    House of Horror (excerpt) (Malevolated Barn) - William Farran

    Turkey Trot (Shuttle) - John Longmire
    Waldlauf (Fork in the Road) - Gerhard Trede
    Gay Activity (Wacme Exterior) - Clive Richardson
    Happy-Go-Lively (Wacme Interior) - Laurie Johnson
    Workaday World (Jim's Gym, Cutopia Arcade) - Jack Beaver
    The Untouchables (a) (Security Guard) - Nigel Beaham-Powell, Bella Russell
    Gay Time (Outhouse) - Alan Perry
    Backporch Blues (d)/(a) (Wild West Train Tracks) - Richard Myhill

    Panther Prowl (B.B. Wolf) - David Farnon
    Stealth by Night (Woods, Wolf Den) - Jack Coles
    Mister World (Street, Seedy's) - Gerhard Trede
    Tragicomic (Sad Seedy) - Dennis Farnon
    In Danger (Robot Showroom) - Brian Bennett
    Hide and Seek (Robot Maker) - Richard Harvey
    The March of the Ants (Prison) - Sidney Crooke
    Acts of Heroism (a) (Outlook) - Trevor Duncan
    Weird Science (a) (Portable Hole Dimension) - Nigel Beaham-Powell, Bella Russell
    Drama Link (f) (Meanwhile...) - Hubert Clifford
    Smouldering Fury (b) (Feedback, Goggles and Lugnut) - Trevor Duncan

    Nefarious' Castle
    Bowler Hats (excerpt) (Snout) - David Farnon
    Ho, Ho, Ho! (Snout) - Dick Stephen Walter
    The Nightmare Begins (b) (Dungeon, Climatron) - John Devereaux
    (added sections???)
    Final Encounter (b) (Main Theme) - Stephen Baker
    (added sections???)
    Fun Fair (Clown Door) - Dick Stephen Walter
    Haunted House (Spike's Room) - David Farnon
    Closing In (a) (Knight Hall, Bathroom) - Bill Connor
    Lullaby (Music Box) - Johannes Brahms (non-APM??)
    Primary Objective (b) (Kitchen, Control Room) - Graham Preskett
    Footsteps of Horror (parts of both versions) (Armory) - William Farran
    unknown hip-hop beat (Boombox) - ?
    The Killing Machine (a) (Rec Room) - Bill Connor
    Joyful Waltz (Study) - Zdenek Bartak
    The War Machine (Top Floor) - Richard Harvey
    Where Danger Lurks (Ms. Fortune's Room) - Ronald Hanmer

    Sport Show (Ending Credits) - Gerhard Trede

    Toonstruck 1 unused tracks/Toonstruck 2

    Barber of Seville Overture (early Castle Main Theme) - Gioacchino Rossini
    Commemoration (alternate Castle Main Theme?) - Barrie Hingley
    Fashion on Parade (early Bakery) - Ronald Hanmer
    Highland Fling (early Tavern) - Dick Stephen Walter
    Clog Dance (early Tavern?) - Dick Stephen Walter
    Peer Gynt Suites: Morning Mood (Normal Meadow) - Edvard Grieg
    Silent Screen (a) (Carecrow) - Nigel Beaham-Powell, Bella Russell
    King Conga (found in the data for Carecrow's screen) - Dennis Farnon
    Knife Edge (b) (early Dungeon, Climatron) - Richard Harvey
    Knife Edge (a) (early Rec Room) - Richard Harvey
    Primary Objective (a) (Nefarious' Castle 2nd/3rd Floor Landing) - Graham Preskett
    Time for Terror (alternate Armory?) - Jack Dorsey
    A Shadow of a Doubt (early Top Floor) - Richard Harvey

    Saw Theme (Swamp, Attic) - William Trytel
    Armies on the Move (Frank's Lab/Cyro Crypt, Frank's Lighthouse Top alternate) - Richard Myhill
    The Dawn of Man (Frank's Lab/Cyro Crypt alternate?) - Richard Myhill
    Spaghetti Western (a) (Wild West) - Dick Stephen Walter
    Rodeo (a) (Wild West alternate) - Dick Stephen Walter
    *Marche Slave (likely an excerpt) (Attic alternate) - Peter Tchaikovsky
    *Francesca Da Rimini (ditto) (Dentist's Office) - Peter Tchaikovsky
    *Tango D'amore (a)/(b) (Dentist) - Henryk Kuzniak
    Surveillance (Robot Workshop) - Brian Bennett
    Benedictus (Castle Ramparts/Courtyard) - Richard Myhill
    Smouldering Fury (a) (PTP Headquarters Sleeping Quarters) - Trevor Duncan
    Gothic Towers (a) (Tower of Power, Castle Ramparts alternate) - Richard Myhill
    Graveyard (Supply Center) - Johnny Pearson
    Wildwasserfahrt (Frank's Lighthouse Top) - Gerhard Trede

    Symphonic Dances - Allegro Moderato E Marcato ("Good Credits") - Edvard Grieg

    Most of Nefarious' Castle is sourced from The Hollywood Series: Dangerous Games, but seems to have been edited, and in some cases, appears to have had new sections of music added.
    The unused music is sourced from here: http://www.lebostein.de/toonstruck/daten/TS_MUSIC LIST_960911.pdf
    Tracks marked with a * were very likely to be replaced eventually. (A tango for a mad dentist??)
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  2. tymime81

    tymime81 New Member

    Mar 5, 2015
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    cutscene music (incomplete)
    Based on this YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFA6DBCEC79A77898

    0:22-0:50 Sense of Threat - John Fox
    *sting edited in
    1:10-1:23 Drama Link (k), (l) - Hubert Clifford
    1:26-1:36 Drama Link (m) - Hubert Clifford
    1:38-1:46 Storm at Sea (a) - Dick Walter
    *nother short cue
    2:05-2:06 Orchestral Effect (d) - Dick Walter
    2:07-2:27 Finger Pickin' Polka - Sam Fonteyn
    *more drama
    3:05-3:22 Finger Pickin' Polka - Sam Fonteyn
    3:59-4:09 Mystery of Life - John Fox
    4:10-4:16 Constant Menace - John Fox
    *mysterious music
    4:28-4:40 unknown title "FLUFFYEQ" (original music by Keith Arem)
    *drama sting?
    4:47-5:18 unknown title "FLUFFYEQ" (original music by Keith Arem)
    5:32-5:59 Lonely Hearts Club - Otto Sieben; David Bell
    *pretty music
    6:16-6:25 Funny Little Man - Wyn Henry
    6:26-6:34 Brass Flourish (l) - Barrie Hingley
    *stately music
    6:52-7:32 Old Prague Theme - Zdenek Bartak
    *dramatic music
    8:01-8:20 Dramatic Cue (f) - Ronald Hanmer
    8:21-9:38 King's Coronation - Barrie Hingley

    cutscene 1, 9 (calling the Footman)
    Brass Flourish (a) - Barrie Hingley
    Orchestral Climax 12, 13, 14 - Gregor Narholz

    cutscene 2 (mouse)
    Flight of the Bumblebee (non-APM?)

    cutscene 3-4, 6-8, 10, 24, 30
    (uses regular bgm)

    cutscene 5, 17, 20 (Drew tries strength test)
    They're Playing Our Tune - Dennis Farnon
    Showtime Fill (b) - Gary Kettel
    Take a Bow 2 - David Lindup
    Trumpet Talk - Dick Walter

    cutscene 11, 18 (Jim's acrobatics)
    Barber of Seville Overture - Gioacchino Rossini (?)
    Fully Fashioned - George French
    Showtime Fill (b) - Gary Kettel
    Showtime Fill (k) - Gary Kettel

    cutscene 12 (Ms. Fortune reports to Nefarious)
    *evil music w/ bells
    Drama Shock (d) - Richard Harvey

    cutscene 13-16 (Wacme demonstrations)
    *imitation woodwinds
    *pizzicato strings (same?)
    Orchestral Effect (c) - Dick Walter
    *harp glissando
    Gay Time - Alan Perry

    cutscene 19 (barn Malevolated)
    Dramatic Impact 3 - Ivor Slaney

    cutscene 21 (giving wine to BB)
    Drag - Paul Gerard
    Drama Link (b), (g) - Hubert Clifford

    cutscene 22 (escaping wolves)
    Jazz Furioso - Gerhard Trede
    Orchestral Climax 12, 13 - Gregor Narholz

    cutscene 23 (Nefarious commands henchmen to get Drew)
    Life or Death - Jack Beaver
    Dramatic Cue (h) - Ronald Hanmer
    Dramatic Cue (d) - Ronald Hanmer

    cutscene 25 (Carecrow receives costume)
    Acts of Heroism (c) - Trevor Duncan
    Life or Death - Jack Beaver

    cutscene 26 (Seedy bowls)
    Silent Screen (a) - Nigel Beaham-Powell, Bella Russell
    Waltz of the Flowers - Peter Tchaikovsky (check version)
    Runaway Train (b) - David Farnon

    cutscene 27 (bear bowls)
    City Sound - Gerhard Trede

    cutscene 28 (Drew bowls)
    Showtime Fill (b) - Gary Kettel
    Big Show Theme - Robert Sharples
    Dramatic Impact 2 - Ivor Slaney
    Down the Pan (b) - Dick Walter
    Dramatic Cue (a) - Ronald Hanmer

    cutscene 29 (transition to part 2)
    *evil music
    0:19-0:52 Teddy Picnic (a) - Andrew Hall
    0:52-1:10 Mounting the Scaffold 1 [#35.03] - Gregor Narholz
    *foreboding music
    *stately music
    *more drama
    4:33-4:47 Dramatic Cue (e) - Ronald Hanmer
    4:48-4:59 Dramatic Cue (d) - Ronald Hanmer
    *even more drama
    5:55-6:50 Dramatic Cue (g) - Ronald Hanmer
    6:53-7:27 The March of the Ants - Sidney Crooke
    7:29-8:01 Dramatic Cue (c) - Ronald Hanmer
    *goofy cue
    8:06-8:27 Mischief (a) - Andrew Hall
    *some more drama
    9:19-9:38 Powercrash - John Fox
    *short bit
    9:41-9:59 Finger of Fear - Fredric Bayco
    10:07-10:47 Finger of Fear - Fredric Bayco
    10:48-12:05 Rescue - Cecil Milner
    12:06-13-25 Terror by Night - Hubert Clifford (edited- added bits maybe?)
    *evil music w/ organ
    *kpm drama?

    cutscene 31, 39, 44-45, 53
    (no music)

    cutscene 32 (henchmen put on guard)
    Teddy Picnic (a) - Andrew Hall

    cutscene 33 (Spike’s balloon animal)
    Hall of the Mountain King - Edvard Grieg (check version)

    cutscene 34-35 (fishbowl)
    Orchestral Climax 16 - Gregor Narholz
    Orchestral Climax 1 - Gregor Narholz

    cutscene 36 (Nefarious takes off)
    Mounting the Scaffold 1 [#35.03] - Gregor Narholz (most likely)
    Armed Attack 1 [#46] - Mladen Franko

    cutscene 37 (Nefarious on camera)
    *evil music

    cutscene 38 (gator guards)
    Shock Discord (a) - David Farnon

    cutscene 40 (Spike knocked out)
    Games Played in the Dark - Richard Harvey
    Once Upon a Star - David Farnon
    Orchestral Climax 4 - Gregor Narholz
    *some bits edited in
    Shock Discord (a) - David Farnon
    Shock Horror (a) - Dick Walter
    *scary music
    Swan Lake: Waltz - Peter Tchaikovsky (check version)

    cutscene 41 (gators on ice)
    *some scary bits (part of regular bgm?)
    *classical (Strauss)
    *classical (Tchaikovsky)

    cutscene 42 (boiled fish)
    Orchestral Climax 5 - Gregor Narholz
    *extra trumpets?

    cutscene 43 (heat turned off)
    Drama Link (i) - Hubert Clifford
    Orchestral Climax 1 - Gregor Narholz
    About Turn - Dick Walter

    cutscene 46 (misplaced dynamite)
    Dramatic Impact 1 - Ivor Slaney
    Drama Link (k) - Hubert Clifford
    *some pizzicato

    cutscene 47 (gators blown up)
    Pure Chintz - Richard Myhill
    *comic cue

    cutscene 48-50 (sunglasses)
    *piano glissando

    cutscene 52 (hypnotized Drew)
    Haunted Space Whines (Hanna-Barbera sound effect)
    *opening chord?
    Drama Link (c) - Hubert Clifford
    Drama Link (j) - Hubert Clifford
    Alto Sax (a) [CAR-0155 #83] - Ib Glindermann
    Drama Link (e) - Hubert Clifford
    House of Horror - William Farran
    Sugar Cane Samba - Dennis Farnon
    Ridin' High and Handsome - Glen Sutton, Norris Wilson
    Russian Dance (a) - Andrew Hall

    cutscene 54 (Drew with sunglasses)
    Main Street - Gerhard Trede
    Haunted Space Whines (Hanna-Barbera sound effect)

    0:02-0:57 *something Dangerous Games-ish
    1:00-1:02 20th Century Gothic (d) - Matthew Cang
    1:11-2:33 Hit and Run - Ralph Dollimore
    2:38-3:50 Night on Bald Mountain - Modest Mussorgsky; Fiachra Trench
    3:56-4:18 Danger Ahead - John Fox (added harp maybe?)
    4:19-4:21 *???
4:21-4:33 Shopping Around - Clive Richardson
    4:34-4:35 *???
    4:36-4:41 Dramatic Cue (d) - Ronald Hanmer
    4:42-5:05 Orchestral Climax 8 - Gregor Narholz
    5:05-5:07 Orchestral Effect (f) - Dick Walter
    5:07-5:26 *magical music
    5:27-5:41 Funny Little Man - Wyn Henry
    5:42-5:49 *buildup and stings
    5:49-5:50 Bat Stabs - David Farnon
    5:51-6:21 Climax for Strings 7 - Gregor Narholz
    6:22-6:25 Dramatic String Effects 5 - John Fox
    6:25-6:29 Drama Link (b) - Hubert Clifford/Climax for Strings 7 - Gregor Narholz
    6:30-6:39 *depressing music
    6:40-6:44 Glimmering 38 D#Min - Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestral Colours (check)
    6:44-6:58 Smouldering Fury (a) - Trevor Duncan
    6:59-7:37 Shopping Around - Clive Richardson
    (…end credits)
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