Toon Zone Talks To 'Justice League Adventures' Artist Christopher Jones

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    Toon Zone was able to get in touch with comic book artist Christopher Jones, who recently pencilled Justice League Adventures #10, to talk about his influences, his comic book work, and much more. Not only that, but we got some nice extras thrown in as well for your enjoyment!

    Toon Zone: Chris, can you tell us a bit about your self?

    <a href=""><img src="" align="right" border=0></a>Christopher Jones: Well, lets see. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've been drawing comics since I was a little kid, and professionally since about 1990. Preferred soft drink is Coke. Preferred pizza topping is pepperoni. In addition to doing comic book art I help run a science fiction convention in the Twin Cities area called CONvergence. We had over 1,800 attendees this year and will be holding our fifth convention in July of 2003.

    Toon Zone: How did you break into comics? Was it your always your first choice for a profession?

    Christopher Jones: My first professional work was on a book called Street Heroes 2005 for Eternity Comics back in 1990. The book was written by Steve Jones who I would later collaborate with on several other projects. He recommended to the publisher based on some amateur work we had done together. That series ran for three issues and was cancelled due to disappointing sales, but it got me started. And I've always wanted to work in the comic book field. I love drawing, I love telling stories, and I love the medium.

    Toon Zone: What do you consider some of your best comic work?

    <a href=""><img src="" align="right" border=0></a>Christopher Jones: I've really enjoyed the work I've done on Justice League Adventures as it's some of the most action-oriented stuff I've done. I recently completed artwork for a graphic novel based on Kolchak: The Night Stalker that will be released by Moonstone Comics in December. It's in a completely different, photo-realistic art style that was at the opposite end of the spectrum from the JL Adventures work. One of the stories I enjoyed doing the most was the "Secret Society of Super Villains" story I pencilled for JLA 80-Page Giant #1, just for the sheer number of characters I got to draw.

    Toon Zone: Onto animation, before your JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES work, were you a fan of the animated Batman and Superman?

    Christopher Jones: Oh, a huge fan. I've enjoyed all the series that have been done by that crew, from Batman to Justice League, but Batman is still far and away my favorite. Not only do I have a particular love of that character, but the writing on that show did such a brilliant job of getting into the psychology of not only Batman but all the villains. So often when you see comic book characters adapted for another medium they get screwed up and it seems the creators don't understand the characters or the material. But Paul Dini and the other writers really seemed to have an understanding for the core essence of these characters and really managed to strip away all the superfluous stuff and get down to the core character, often more effectively than in the comics. I think the animated series version of Batman almost has to be considered a definitive version of the character on the basis of the quality and consistency of the portrayal.

    Toon Zone: What other animated series do you enjoy, and have influenced you art wise?

    Christopher Jones: In addition to the Batman/Superman/Batman Beyond/Justice League stuff I really enjoyed Freakazoid from many of the same creators. I think the writing and art style of that material has definitely influenced my work. Other cartoons I enjoy would have to include the Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack on Cartoon Network. And there's The Tick and Invader Zim. The Simpsons is huge. When I was a kid I loved The Superfriends, Battle of the Planets, and The Herculoids.

    Toon Zone: What is it like to work on JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES?

    <a href=""><img src="" align="left" border=0></a><a href=""><img src="" align="right" border=0></a>Christopher Jones: I'm having a blast. I love the characters and the art style is fun to play with. One reason I enjoy this style as opposed to the more realistic style I've used on other books is that the "animation" style allows me to focus more attention purely on storytelling and composition rather than the fine points of anatomy and other detail. It's a different set of challenges.

    Toon Zone: What projects do you have lined up for the future?

    Christopher Jones: Well, as I mentioned the Kolchak graphic novel I pencilled will be out in December. It's titled "Fever Pitch" was written by mystery author Stuart M. Kaminski. I'm finishing up the pencils on a third issue of Justice League Adventures, and I'll be doing the pencils for a comic book based on film Free Enterprise, written by the film's creators Mark Altman and Robert Burnett.

    Thanks, Christopher!

    <a href=""><img src="" align="right" border=0></a>Christopher also informs us of a coloring error in Justice League Adventures #10. The coloring error was present on page 22 of the issue. According to Christopher, The script called for Superman to be dripping in green goo from the healing tank in the panel where he is looking into the mirror, and in the dialogue mentions being "literally green". And in the panel where Green Lantern points to the Martian Manhunter standing amongst the other League members, the Manhunter figure was supposed to be all green, indicating that the image was a construct of the Lantern's ring, since the real Manhunter was imitating Superman. But in the finished comic, both the dripping-goo Superman and the false Manhunter image were colored normally.

    Also, Christopher Jones informs us that he has artwork for sale on most of his previous projects. While Christopher does plan to have a website up soon for this artwork, he was able to provide us with a complete rundown of his projects to date. If anyone wants to inquire about the availability and price of a given page they can email him at Below is a list.

    DC Comics Work (Pencil Art):

    - Justice League Adventures - "Evano the Terrible"
    - Justice League Adventures #10 - "Must There Be a Martian Manhunter?"
    - Justice League Adventures #5 - "The Star Conqueror"
    <a href=""><img src="" align="right" border=0></a>- JLA 80-Page Giant #3 - "The Century War" (Luna Origin Sequence)
    - Silver Age Secret Files #1 - "Moonshine Encounter" (The Creeper Meets Hawk & Dove)
    - JLA Showcase #1 - "Flashback of Notre Dame"
    - Day of Judgment #3-5 (Breakdowns)
    - All-Star Comics 80-Page Giant #1 - "Way of the Amazon"
    - JLA Secret Files #2 - "Secrets of the JLA Trophy Room"
    - JLA 80-Page Giant #1 - "The Secret Society of Super Villains"
    - Young Heroes in Love #9, 10, 13, 17

    Recent work:
    -Pencils for a 46-page Kolchak graphic novel for Moonstone Comics

    Other works Include:
    -Image Comics, Malibu Comics, Eternity Comics, Caliber Comics, Sundragon Comics

    And ontop of that, Chris has provided us with alot of his pencil work for his recent work on Justice League Adventures and Kolchak, which can all be viewed by clicking on the links below.

    Justice League Adventures #5
    <a href="">Page #4</a> - <a href="">Page #5</a> - <a href="">Page #6</a> - <a href="">Page #7</a> - <a href="">Page #8</a>

    Justice League Adventures #10
    <a href="">Page #1</a> - <a href="">Page #2</a> - <a href="">Page #3</a> - <a href="">Page #4</a> - <a href="">Page #5</a> - <a href="">Page #6</a>

    <a href="">Page #9</a> - <a href="">Page #10</a> - <a href="">Page #13</a> ​
    A big round of applause for Christopher Jones for the great interview and all of the art material! Discuss This Story Here! Stay tuned for more news and updates here at TZN!

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