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Toon Zone Mafia 2: Rules (ALL PLAYERS MUST READ!)

Discussion in 'Reality Bytes' started by Zach Logan, May 11, 2007.

  1. Zach Logan

    Zach Logan We are Maji!

    Apr 17, 2002
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    There are twenty members here in the Toon Zone Community. FIVE of the members here are part of a vicious mafia which plans to kill one person from your community each night. Your only defense is during the day when you, the community, has the power to execute a suspect who you suspect is part of the mafia. You better be right though, because there are people out there who know who the mafia is, or are able to save you. If the community gets all the mafia members, they win. But if the mafia is left standing, the community is left in ruins.

    There are several roles that you can be part of, I will private message one if you are not an innocent:

    Narrator - That's me, I narrate the story!

    Mafia - The mafia are the ones that kill you during the night. If you are a mafia member you probably don't want to reveal who you are to the community, because if you say you're in the mafia, they're going to want to kill you before you kill them. Mafia members must consult with one another to decide which victim they want to kill. They will private message me who they want to be the Godfather and that person will PM who they want to vote off. Please only tell the narrator this information.

    Angel - The angel has a chance to save someone he thinks is going to die. He doesn't know who the mafia is, but if he wants to save the community, he better guess who the mafia is going to kill next. He also better try and not look like he's the mafia, because if the town kills him, they might be in trouble.

    Doctor - The doctor takes over when the angel is dead. His role is much the same but it will not be revealed until the angel dies. If this person is killed before the angel, then no one will be there to save you once the angel dies.

    Detective - The detective can't kill anyone but he will know exactly who the mafia is. Each night he will ask if someone is a mafia member and I will reply whether he is or not. He will try and persuade the public to vote for certain people. If he reveals who he is, he runs the risk of getting killed off by the mafia.

    The Immortal - This person will be able to live even if he is targeted at night, but this role will shift to a new member every five "days," if the game can last that long. He will only be immortal at night...

    The Mayor - This is someone elected by the group the first day. This person will receive double the votes of the average person (two votes), and can act as the leader of the community. However, this person can himself be in the mafia, so watch out. Every two "days" a new election will take place, much like a real mayor gets reelected every two terms. You will have the option to reelect him or elect someone new. All we need is a majority for this, not everyone needs to vote.

    The Bounty Hunter - This person is an innocent, but has the OPTION to kill someone he thinks is in the mafia. He is the true enemy of the mafia. This person only has five bullets in which to kill, so he must remain alert and aware.

    Innocents - The rest of the community are called "innocents." They have no role, but they are the one's who decide your fate during the day. If you don't get a PM from me (by 7PM EST on Sunday), you are in this position.

    These are your roles, now this is how the game works...


    Day (Played Sundays through Wednesdays)
    This is when innocents discuss who to vote off who they think are mafia members. Aside from the first day, one person will be voted off every day. All opinions will be discussed publicly, though private discussion is allowed. The more you defend yourself or accuse someone else, the better chance you probably have at surviving through the day.

    Night (Played Wednesdays through Sundays)
    It's when all the magic happens. First the mafia will choose someone to kill. Then the angel will choose someone to save. Then the detective will ask if someone is in the mafia, to which I will reply either yes or no. Then everyone will wake up to find someone dead, or no one dead.

    Okay everyone, I'll be Private Messaging people for the next couple of hours. Good luck (and try and survive)!

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