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Teen Titans Fan Fiction Titans: MAX (J)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Death58, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Death58

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    Jul 20, 2005
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    EDIT 9/6/2014: Working on preparations to shorten this fic. I'm not going to be able to keep up with it as I originally planned, but I don't want to leave an unfinished story lying around. In the coming weeks, I'll finish this fic finally, so never fear lurkers. It will also serve as my over do goodbye to the forums. I cannot overstate how important this fan fiction board was to me when I was younger, and it's time for me to stop dipping into the old nostalgia tank. So--as of the time of this editing--I hope to see you guys next week to kick off the end. Much love.

    Wow. I'm back. I couldn't be happier to be at the old forum again.

    I've been reading a bit of "Punisher Max" lately, and to say the least it's been addictive. If you know anything about that, then you'll realize that it's a series that has a very harsh tone. Plus, "Max" is just an awesome monicker to tack onto a title.

    So--in 2010 I said that I was going to stop writing Titans Fan Fiction, but that just doesn't seem to be the case because I still love them after all these years.

    I'm back again with an on going series. It consists of a couple of story arcs that tie into the overall story . Each arc will be a different plot line, but it ties together in a way that is pretty much exactly like you would find in a comic book. This is not tied into my former Fan Fictions in any way, though I doubt that anybody even remembers them at this point.

    For a frame of reference, this takes place after the events of Season Five of the Teen Titans.

    Anyway--without further hubbub, lets kick off the premiere.

    Rated JOKER for Strong Language, Extreme Violence, Gore, and Some Sexual Content.

    Don't Say a Word


    It seemed as though the wind was picking up energy with almost static electricity in the air promising a deadly storm ahead.

    Beast Boy forced himself to stay standing in the same spot. He didn’t dare to move, not a single a muscle. Those few steps forward wouldn’t do anything at all. It was a pointless endeavor.

    The trees waved around him, looming over him in the dim light of the night. Rather than a pitch black, the sky was somewhat blue, the clouds eating up any hope of a new dawn. Then—he felt it in his chest.

    From his core to his eyes, he felt the pain waling up inside. The sobs came out so violently, so quickly, that he wretched over collapsing onto the ground. There—right in his focus—lay a plaque that seemed ironic at that moment.

    “A Teen Titan, a True Friend.”

    A few weeks before.

    The bar was dingy, filled with smoke and forgotten dreams. Up at the counter, a man was slumped over next to his stack of empty bottles, a cigarette burning to ash in his unconscious hand. His clothes were dingy, stained from every type of food imaginable. The thick hair atop his head seemed to be caked in grease from lacking proper washing for the past year or so. He reeked of cheap booze and stale smoke.

    “Ya’ look down on yer’ luck, friend.”

    His booze hazed sleep ended abruptly as he looked up to a man in a well tailored suit that probably cost more than the rent of a cheap apartment.

    “So the next drink’ll be on me, aye? Ya’ look like ya’ need it.”

    The broken man put the remains of his cigarette in an ash tray ahead of him, glancing up at his current savior; anyone was a savior if they offered to buy the next drink. He smirked, “You have—You have no idea.”

    The man in the suit sat next to him, taking his cap off and setting it on the bar, “Oh—I’ve been in yer position before.” He motioned two fingers at the bar tender, “After some heavy nights o’ drinkin’, I finally got me act togetter.”

    “I think I’m a little past that. . .” The beers slid back on, the bar tender eyeing the sullen man. He stretched a bit, and in a surprisingly felt swoop nursed his beer a little, “You sound like your getting ready to give me a business pitch, friend.”

    The suited man simply giggled, not even touching his drink, “Maybe I am? Would ya’ be willin’ to listen?”

    “Look, if you haven’t noticed, this is the type of place where people like me can be forgotten.” With a big gulp this time, the ragged man sat his drink back on the bar, rubbing his hand through his untamed beard. “I don’t—I’m not stupid. I’m drunk, not stupid, and chances are a big shot like you coming down here to talk to me in some pi** ant little bar in the slums of Jump City can only mean that you knew who I was before all,” he motioned to his appearance, “this.”

    “Oh aye. You were funded by some big backers in the day, with yer research bein’ what it was.” He smirked, brushing some crumbs off his tailored pants, “I wasn’t takin’ ya’ fer an idiot, not someone a’ your stature. I know all a’ tha details on “The Little Bird” project, how it fell through and whatnot Mr. Elliot.”

    “Then you must realize that I don’t want to be anywhere near it anymore—or in bed with the people I was in bed with.” Elliot reached in his tattered jacket for his pack of cigarettes, making the sullen discovery that they were gone. “Who are you? Are the big and bad afraid I’m going to speak to the wrong people? If that’s the case, s**t, save the build up and kill me now. It’s not like I have anywhere I have to be anymore.”

    “Mr. Elliot, I am not here to kill ya’. If that were the case, youda’ just went to sleep fer the night, and that would be that.” The man in the suit produced a new pack of cigarettes, sliding them over to Elliot. “In this case, I’m a business man doin’ businessey things. What if I were to offer ya’ all the fundin’ you’d ever need?”

    Rejecting the cigarettes, Elliot shook his head, “I’d say that you were full of crap. The investors all pulled out at the first sign of trouble when that stupid kid stole the most important—”

    “That ain’t the case now.” The man leaned forward, the smiling wiping across his face even bigger, “Ya’ see, I’m not wit’ tha former employers ya’ worked fer, so I could give a s**t less what any investors think a’ yer work. Mr. Elliot—I’m in the business a’ revenge.” He leaned back again, relaxing his demeanor, “Obviously, ya’ know the Titans.”

    “Obviously.” Grabbing the pack of cigarettes and swiftly shoving one in his mouth, Elliot searched for his lighter without success, “What do you have in mind?”

    The man produced the lighter, the tip of the cigarette just starting to burn a brilliant orange, “How about tha’ beginnin’ of a beautiful friendship?”


    “Hey—Hey Raven…”


    “Hey—Hey Raven!”

    “WHAT!? What are you doing in my room!?”

    “Are you awake?”

    The sun beamed through the now open curtains like the hellish light a person experiences in the throws of a horrid hangover. Raven darted straight up in her bed, her seething eyes finding a little green person with a huge smile holding back the curtains to her large windows.

    Beast Boy bellowed triumphantly, “So are you ready to experience the BEST-DAY-EVER!?”

    “My thoughts on that as of right now would have to be no—I-am-trying—to sleep!” In an indigo blur Raven burrowed underneath her sheets, shielding her body from the deadly rays of the sun.

    Not even slightly taking the hint, Beast Boy stupidly hopped up onto the bed, shaking her violently, “But come on! It’s not every day that the two of us get to go to only the best theme park in the city—The Magical Forrest Adventure!”

    Even muffled, her anger struck a harsh chord, “Beast Boy—if you do not get off my bed now, you’re about to have a magical adventure through my window.”

    Beast Boy pulled the sheets back, revealing the demon that lay below, “Pleeeeaasse? It’s noon already! Half the day is gone!” He smiled, giving her a kiss on the forehead, “Besides—it’s not every day that you get the Beast Boy date experience!”

    She tried to conceal the smirk that was bubbling up from the kiss on the forehead, but it still somehow managed to find its way out when she stared into his green, pleading eyes. “Okay, I’ll get up. However, if you ever shake me out of bed again, I will end you.”

    BB giggled, “Deal.” He quickly made his exit from the room with a hop in his step, closing the door behind him. Raven sat in the bed a moment, rubbing her eyes in a bit of exhaustion.

    It didn’t take her long to get ready. It was the same thing every day, after all; make up, black leotard, a bit of finessing with her hair, and one of her many cloaks. Ready to take on the day, she made the long journey from her room down to the living room. Sat in the chairs in front of her were Robin and Cyborg, playing a video game pretty intently while yelling at each other at levels that should have been shattering every window in Titans’ Tower, with Starfire on the far end of the couch trying to take up knitting as a hobby. Everything that Starefire wound up making would be odd, malformed clothes that nobody in their right mind would dare to look at, much less to wear. Beast Boy was in the kitchen, tossing a pan into the air violently to make a show. He was cooking his “world famous” tofu eggs, something that the rest of the group cringed at the very mention of.

    “Raven—I’m just finishing up your breakfast!” With his chef hat on, it was obvious to see that he was taking the utmost pride in his current work.

    “Uhm—Thanks Beast Boy.” Please let me get through without throwing up. She walked over to the couch, peeking over the virtual combating Titans.

    “OH—you are so goin’ down now, Robin!” A huge explosion on the screen seemed to signify the end of the battle. “Booyeah,” Cyborg cried out in victory.

    Robin replied by throwing the controller down on the ground, “Pfft—I wasn’t really trying.”

    “Competitive much, little man?” The smug smile on Cyborg’s face seemed to burn right into the very fiber of Robin’s being. The boy wonder simply gritted his teeth, trying not to say anything else. “Ya’ know Robin—it’s okay to cry, especially when you just got your butt whipped as hard as ya’ did.”

    “Cyborg…” You could almost see the fumes coming off of Robin’s head, a sullen expression of anger and defeat taking over his entire face.

    Starfire glanced up at the two, “Friends, there is no need for such harsh words. How about you take these nice scarves that I have knitted for you as a peace token between you?” Dumbfounded silence was what Starfire got in return for her offering.

    They immediately got back into bickering, “Come on! Just admit it, Robin, Cyborg is better at this than you! I can help you get the words out, just move your mouth like--”

    “Children!” The two turned back around to Raven with puppy dog expressions of guilt, “Am I going to have to take your toy away?” The video game system began to lift in a pool of black energy.

    “Uh—No, no, we’ll stop.” Cyborg turned around from Raven in fear that the video game console was about to take a flying leap across the room.

    “Yeah—we were just—playing.” Robin forced an awkward smile that seemed like something a sociopath would do to fake emotion.

    “Voila! Hey Raven, heads up!” Beast Boy’s food was apparently ready, but Raven wasn’t ready for the heap of food to come flying across the room on a plate. She turned just in time to get covered in an explosion of tofu eggs. From beneath the mess, her eyes pierced through. “Oh—uh—Sorry. Heh. . .yeah.”
    “Ya’ look like a million dollers, sir.”

    In some mechanized rhythm, the metal door in front of them almost disassembled as they passed through. Obviously, the security there was going to be a lot better than what Elliot had experience before.

    Elliot now clean shaven, hair styled, and suited up from one of the finest tailors in the city smiled in victory, “I definitely feel like it.”

    “Ya’ should.” The man that had come to him in the expensive suit, with promises of riches and vengeance, had given Elliot everything except for. . .

    “You still haven’t told me your name.” Elliot stepped through the doorway, into the darkness of what was obviously a large room from the echo.

    The man simply smiled at Elliot. “Names are fer’ people that exist. I don’t, in a matter a’ speakin’. If yer’ needin’ to call me somethin’, just refer to me as,” the lights in the room illuminated, “Mr. Calypso.”

    The room held everything that Elliot could have ever wanted to continue his experiments. Every wall was lined with displays, there were large tubes over to the side, an atom displacement vacuum sealed chamber, and even what looked like a store of electronics in the next room large enough to build anything he needed to build.

    “Is this to yer fancy, Mr. Elliot?”

    Elliot smirked at the surroundings in disbelief. “To pay for this--who are you working for—God?”

    “He would prefer ta’ remain anonymous, but he refers ta’ himself as such on accasion’.” Calypso smirked, putting on his cap. “Ya’ have work ta’ do, Mr. Elliot. I’ll leave ya’ to it.”

    The door they had entered closed rapidly, leaving Elliot to his play room. The Teen Titans were about to get a dose of vengeance, long over due.


    Hot and crowded.

    Beast Boy better be glad that I like him as much as I do. I hate theme parks. Raven’s thoughts were cut short as she was dragged along deeper into the park, brushing past tons of children being dragged by parents in the same fashion. He had a tight grip on her hand, trying to get her to the back of the park in a “fail proof” strategy to get to the best rides in the back of the park where people wouldn’t be at yet. The humidity was thick enough that this running toward the back of the park made her feel soaked from the back of her head to the lower part of her back.

    “Scuse’ me, comin’ through!” Beast Boy had no qualms about running anyone over that just so happened to be in his way.

    “Beast Boy, can we—can we slow down a little?”

    “Come on Raven! We need to get back there before everybody else makes their way there!”

    The fake rain forest theme the park had going on annoyed Raven. Around every corner was some sort of animatronics bird, tiger, or whatever animal that one would find in every place but a forest. It was a mash up of creatures that were there just to look cool. Every single ride in the park was themed after one of the animals.

    The Janglin’ Jack Rabbit!

    The Great White Cracklin’ Cruise!

    Bumper Bear Cars!

    Of course, being the new girlfriend, Raven was still in a stage of the relationship where she tried to support the things that Beast Boy was interested in. She had even picked up a comic book or two, which had actually turned out to be something that she was interested in. The success of reading the comic books was the only thing that had sold her on even trying out the idea of coming to the theme park in the first place.

    Finally, after trudging through the cheerful wasteland, the two had reached their destination. It was a roller coaster that was simply named, “The Beast”. The idea that this was BB’s favorite ride no longer seemed to be in question as to why.


    Beast Boy was taken back by her as they both got into line, “Uh—Yeah! It’s only the best ride ever of all time, Raven!”

    They stepped into line, which was not clear of people like Beast Boy had planned. The line waiting time was estimated at an hour and a half. Raven stared at the sign that explained her fate for the next hour. It’s only an hour—just stay calm and don’t hurt anyone.

    After twenty minutes or so, waiting in line was very similar to be locked in prison for Raven. Trying the best of her ability to stay there, she couldn’t take it anymore. She tapped Beast Boy on the shoulder, hard. There was no response. He was focused on something in the distance outside the line. Beast Boy was hard focused on something that made him tremble slightly.

    “Beast Boy, what. . .” He had reason to stop, reason to tremble. A chill went up her spine as she found what he was staring at.

    The name fell out of Beast Boy’s mouth like a sharp pain, “Terra.”

    With access to his former research, however Calypso and his benefactor had procured it all, it took only half a week for him to get back to where his project status had been before. After that, it only took another week for “The Little Bird” project to be finished. At the moment of completion, on cue Calypso made his appearance back in the lab. He made a swagger over to Elliot, a big smile drenched across his face.

    “Mr. Elliot, I am—ta’ say the least, I’m impressed.” He clapped his hands together, “Ya’ managed all this in just over a’ week! I knew ya’ were the man ta’ get the job done right an’ quick.”

    “I just can’t believe that it’s finally finished—it feels like I’ve been working on this for years.” As big as the accomplishment was, the fruit of his labor was only about the size of a gulf ball. He held it up in between his fingers, staring at it like it was a grand treasure.

    “Great!” Calypso gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder, “Are ya’ ready ta’ give it a whirl?”

    “Oh—Oh no. I still need time to test it—and to find a test subject who would be qualified to use it.”

    Calypso’s demure quickly shifted to that of a silent rage. “Mr. Elliot, we don’t have time ta’ test it. Me benefactor wanted it out on the field as soon as it was completed. It was tha’ terms a’ our deal.”

    Elliot felt the subtle shift in the air, “Well—I—Give me a few days to find someone suitable to-”

    “So we can spend anotter week trainin’ him? Think a’ it this way—yer the one that made it, ya’ know how it works, why not take things into yer own hands?” Calypso was trying the hard sell, now. Suave, charming, but Elliot wasn’t buying it.

    “I couldn’t. I mean—it’s dangerous-”

    “Revenge always is, Mr. Elliot.”

    Panic began to creep up the edges of Elliot’s being, “I—I mean—the surgery alone would require me to. . .”

    Calypso took off his cap, setting it on the console in front of them, getting dangerously close to Elliot. “Don’t ya’ worry about that, I’ll take care of it.”

    A sharp pain sifted into the back of Elliot’s neck. The world around him began to shift around in liquid shapes, his limbs starting to go limp beneath him. Calypso snagged the device out of his hands before Elliot finally tumbled to the ground. All the lights from the ceiling began to have blurred traces in his vision.

    Calypso set the device on the console, rolling up his sleeves as he looked down at the fading man before him, “My employer wants someone with belief on tha job.” With a smile, Calypso leaned over, “Ya’ got belief. Ya’ got hate in yer eyes. This was meant ta happen, Mr. Elliot.” As the world began to fade away in a black pool, Calypso raised an eyebrow, “Tha Titans aren’t gonna’ go out inna’ explosive battle, but inna’ dead silence from tha inside out.”

    The world was now the size of a peek hole to Elliot.

    “Thomas, yer gonna’ be that silence. An’ when it’s over, a hush is gonna’ fall over the entire world…”

    To Be Continued. . .

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    Jul 20, 2005
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    Here is Don't Say a Word: Part Two!

    I've been reading some comments on my old stories. Indeed, I'm writing this more for pleasure than for feedback, but the nostalgic part of me still wishes the old regulars still frequented the boards. It's odd to think I'm one of the last ones. However, with as much time time that has passed, I understand why no one exactly comes out of the woodwork anymore.

    Anyway, rather than bore you with my self involved ramblings, I think I'll just let you read and formulate your own opinion. Without further adieu--

    Don't Say a Word


    Two Years Before.

    “Would you care for a drink, Mr. Elliot?”

    Even in a temporary set up, this office was much bigger than anything that Thomas Elliot had ever been in before. It was set at the top of on of the largest sky scrapers in Jump City, with a panoramic view of it all from behind the desk of the man he was sitting across from. The entire ceiling was made of thick glass, and occasionally there would be a bump from the creatures lurking behind it in the water above. It was an odd feeling to know that there were great white sharks above his head.

    “Mr. Elliot?”

    “Oh—Uh—Sorry Mr. Luthor.” Elliot shifted in his seat nervously, trying desperately to focus on anything else except for the fact that Lex Luthor was sitting right in front of him. “Sure—I’ll—Yes, I’ll have a drink. Thank you.”

    Lex walked over to a small table in the corner, the finest malt liquors that money could buy encased in ornate bottles. He dropped ice into the two glasses, carefully pouring the liquor into each, “So—it seems that there was a little problem last night.”

    “I—Yes, there was, sir. A—uh—A break in.”

    Lex grabbed the two glasses, striding over to hand one to Elliot, “I’m afraid that isn’t good for business, Mr. Elliot. Not at all. . .”

    Taking a sip from the glass, he kept down what little scotch he could, “The security detail on the building wasn’t exactly—well—it wasn’t ready for a break in of that magnitude.”

    “Really? Hmm.” Luthor took a quick swig, setting the glass down as he sat on the front of his desk. He looked down on Elliot, “Do you know much about Joseph Stalin?”

    Looking to the ground, Elliot vaguely replied, “Not-Not really. . .”

    Lex leaned back a bit with a smirk on his face, “Stalin, of course, had led a powerful regime over Russia. He had worked long and hard to achieve his goal of power, and it paid off in spades. However, as his power grew, so did his paranoia of the people around him. Stalin began to believe that everyone was out to get him, and considering the political landscape of Russia at the time, a coup was not out of the ordinary. This led him to become desperate, even so much as to keep a conscious eye on those he had called friend for many years.

    “He expelled many out of the party on the idea that they were indeed out to get him. Depending on who you would speak to about this, some would simply call him crazy. That really he had nothing to worry about because he had such a grasp on the country. I wouldn’t call that crazy. I would call it—survival. He kept his power because he was always looking over his shoulder, never missing a detail.”

    Elliot simply shrugged, “Mr. Luthor, what does this-”

    “You should have taken a cue from Joseph Stalin.” Luthor finished the rest of his drink, making his way back to the large chair behind the desk. “Considering what you were developing—where you were developing it—you had every right to be paranoid. In fact, you should have had preparations in place for the Teen Titans to break into the facility every single day that you were there!”

    “I-I-I-uh-I know, Mr. Luthor. I was just-”

    “Being an idiot.” Luthor slammed his hand on the table, a vein bulging from the side of his head, “I’ve dropped millions into this project! The device was costly to make! Those components aren’t something that can just be found everywhere, especially when it comes to biomechanic mesh.”

    “I can make another device, it won’t take very long Mr. Luthor—I promise!”

    “Thomas.” A horrid little chuckle escaped from behind Luthor’s lips, “If you aren’t getting the picture already, you are dumber than I thought—you’re fired.”

    With that, Elliot got to his feet in a panic, “Mr. Luthor, even if this project is based around the Raven girl, it has other applications that could be used on the field against-against-”

    “It’s too expensive for mass production, which is what I would need it for. Failure of this magnitude is simply something I will not afford.” Turning around in his chair Luthor stood up to face the skyline out the window, his back facing Elliot like an insult. “Please—leave Thomas, while you still have your dignity.”

    Thomas slumped toward the door, his spirit broken.

    “Oh—and Thomas—any word about this to anyone—and I won’t hesitate to end more than just your career.”

    Where am I?

    Where the f*** am I!?

    My face. I can’t feel my—


    My head—Oh god my head. It hurts. . .

    “Wakey, wakey, eggs n’ bakey.”

    Who is that?

    “Who’s there?”

    “It’s ya old pal! Tha lad that set ya up wit’ tha sweet digs in tha first place.”

    “Wh-What have you done?”

    It’s black—can’t see…

    “I turned ya’ into a weapon a’ mass destruction—no one would dare f**k wit’ you now.”

    “D**n it! God d**n it, what have you done to me!!!?”

    “Lemme’ move this back a bit. . .”

    The world came into crystal clear color suddenly, replacing the pitch black that had been there before. Thomas glanced around the room at every single detail, panic and rage filling him up simultaneously. He tried to move, but it was of no use. Large, leather straps kept him bound to the cold metal table he was on. In the corner of Elliot’s vision, leaning on a preparation table and sipping on a glass of whisky was Calypso, draped in a butcher apron sprayed with blood.

    Calypso held his glass in salute, “I didn’t think ya were gonna’ make it, but ya pulled through wit’ flyin’ colors.”

    Thomas shook the table as hard as he could in convulsing spasms, screaming at the top of his lungs, “YOU SON OF A B***H! ANSWER ME! WHAT DID YOU DO!?”

    “Calm down, lad, ya just been through major surgery.” Calypso sat his drink down, walking over to the table with a reassuring pat on Elliot’s head, “Yer gonna be fine, Mr. Elliot. Just fine.” Grabbing the leather straps and unhinging them, Calypso had a big, friendly smile, “Welcome ta a whole new world a’ potential.”

    Once he was free enough, Elliot sat straight up on the table, grabbing Calypso’s neck with as much pressure as he could. A look of death was in his eyes. He wanted to watch the little nuances of Calypso as he took his final breath, to watch the final traces of his soul flutter away into the ether. Across the room, something caught his eye; a mirror. He dropped Calypso from his grasp, almost floating to the mirror across the room.

    “Ugh—There were—Ugh—There were side effects of tha bio mesh.” Calypso steadied himself on the operating table, cursing under his breath for a moment, “So—Yer gonna’ hafta’ get used ta those bandages.”

    “Th-This is my face now?” A flash of the life that he could have had before him hit him like a bullet, and the idea that life would never happen now washed over him just as quickly.

    “Like I said—tha bio mesh was a little tricky. Seemed ta want ta attach to everythin’.” With a shrug, Calypso poured another drink, “I did tha best I could.”

    In a black energy, Calypso lifted off the ground, the glass breaking as it hit against the concrete floor. His body was completely rigid, muffled grunts escaping from him. Elliot was the one holding him with his new power—a complete realization of “The Little Bird” project.

    “You’re going to have to give me a very good reason as to why I shouldn’t kill you now, Mr. Calypso.”

    Beast Boy rushed backward in the line, trying to fight his way through the crowds of people out to where he had seen Terra. Shortly behind him, Raven made the same effort, anger etching its way into her every tiny push. The crowd thinned out finally at the mouth of the line, but Terra had seemingly vanished into thin air.

    “Beast Boy lets just-”

    “Raven, I have to find her!” Beast Boy ventured out into the park by himself, forgetting to drag Raven along by the hand this time.

    She didn’t follow. There was no point to it. Beast Boy and his obsession were going to carry him to the ends of the Earth now to a place where she didn’t belong. In that moment, Raven would have given anything for Beast Boy to grab her hand or kiss her on the forehead. Her own attachment to the green Titan even took her by surprise.

    “D**n it.” She ventured of behind him, slowly, uncertain of what was about to occur.

    After a good hour or two of searching for Terra in the park, there was absolutely no trace of her. The girl had always been good at covering her tracks—and this was no exception. Beast Boy stopped searching, pausing on one of the wooden bridges that overlooked a small stream. Raven stepped beside of him, trying desperately to look positive with an overworked smile.

    “She’s gone.”

    “I know.”

    He slammed a fist down on the railing, “I don’t understand—I mean, why is she messin’ with me like this?”

    “I-I don’t know.” Raven averted her eyes from him, staring at a lone duckling swimming in the stream below, “She’s been through a lot, Beast Boy. It’s not exactly like she took the easiest life path in the world. . .”

    “I just—I still. . .” He trailed off, gazing over at Raven, noticing the devastation seeping out into her body language. “Never mind—I guess I’m just crazy. I guess she’s crazy. Do you want to go on the Bumper Be-”

    “This—This won’t work.”


    Raven held firm to the railing, her knuckles turning more pale than usual, “This won’t work. We—Us. You still care about her so much. I feel like I’m just a place holder, Beast Boy.”

    He tried to comfort her, “Raven, no—I mean, it was just a big part of-”

    Backing away, Raven held up a hand, “Stop it. I saw the way you looked at her. It’s okay. I’m not angry. I get it.”

    With a kiss on the cheek, she vanished into the crowd.
    It was the finest desk money could buy. Cherry wood, a glistening finish, mixed with electronics that could essentially control the entire building from that one position. Lex Luthor’s office in Jump City hadn’t changed a bit since Elliot had been there last. There were even new improvements on it such as a larger case for scotch, more sharks in the tank above, and even a new balcony to walk onto. It was gorgeous.

    Elliot leaned back in the chair, a smile coming across his face. This feeling of power was invigorating, like every atom in his body had been electrified. He had always been the person that was treated horribly, giving everything up for this project or that, never having time to just sit and enjoy a nice scotch on the rocks while taking in a beautiful view. This time, he was doing exactly that.

    The vacation was cut short when the door to office burst open. A security team of three stood in the doorway, barking orders.

    “Stand up from the chair and put your hands on your head, now!”

    “Don’t try anything or we will be forced to shoot!”

    “UP! NOW!”

    When the chair turned, the security guards almost hesitated for a moment. What they saw was a man draped in a long, brown trench coat. Underneath, it was obvious that he was wearing the best body armor money could buy. The most shocking feature about him was the fact that his head was wrapped in bandages so thick that you couldn’t see his face at all. Just two grey eyes, and a mouth which was curled into a smile.

    “Gentlemen,” Elliot walked over to the table where the scotch sat, “would any of you prefer a drink?”

    “We need you to come forward with your hands up! We will fire!”

    “Oh—Stop that.” In a mess of black energy, the doors shut behind the three guards, and their guns inexplicably flew out the window. “There—now we’re all a little more relaxed, aren’t we?”

    Like tendrils, the black aura wrapped around them, dragging them floating into the air. Casually, Elliot poured himself another drink, taking a small sip. Smacking his lips at the end of it, he sat the glass back down.

    “Are you absolutely sure none of you would like to sit down and talk like dignified men?” Elliot saw the alarm that the guard in the center had on his belt. Even restrained by Elliot’s power, the guard was resilient enough to almost press the button. Hopes were dashed as the little device floated away from the guard and into the hands of his captor, “That—was a horrible decision, friend.”

    “When we don’t—When we don’t come back, there will be an entire tactical team up here in just short of five minutes!”

    A playful frown wiped across Elliot’s face, “Oh my—what ever will I do?”

    The man began to scream bloody murder as his body began to contort in awkward directions. The other two watched on as their partner screamed louder and louder. His chest began to shake like it was under pressure, then suddenly it squeezed in on itself, those loud screams instantly stopping in a faint gasp and a waterfall of blood pouring from his mouth. With that, the man fell to the ground in a disgusting heap.

    “Anybody else want to play hero?” The other two guards stopped fighting against the energy around them and simply stayed motionless, their eyes fixed upon their captor. “Well—Really, it’ doesn’t matter. You’ll both be joining him soon enough. In fact, the entire building will shortly if the time on my watch is correct.” Elliot walked closer to the guards as they tried to strain away from him, “Boom, boom.”

    One of the guards broke, tears streaming down his face, “Why are you doing this?! W-Who are you?”

    Elliot paused for a moment. It was a new world, so he would need a new identity. He chuckled at the very thought of what he was about to say, remembering what Calyspso had mentioned just before Elliot went under for the surgery.


    To Be Continued. . .
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    Don't Say a Word


    Two Years Before.

    “Do it Robin! That is an order.”

    There was a twinge of guilt as Robin looked at the man on the ground before him. His eyes were filled with fear. The man seemed only to focus on the half completed device that lay in front of him, a fear that was unfortunately going to come true.

    “Apprentice—you take the device now! Unless you want unfortunate repercussions-”

    “I know!” Robin held the communication device in his ear firmly, the impulse to shatter it into a million pieces coming over him. Without any further hesitation, Robin grabbed the device, making a swift run toward the door.

    “No—No please—That’s all I have! I’ve put everything into it!”

    As the door to the lab opened up, Robin turned back to look at the now standing scientist. The boy wonder gave a simple plead of forgiveness in a moment of silence. He turned back to the mission at hand and exited out the door. The light from the outer hallway vanished behind the door closing. The scientist was left alone in a dark room, the sound of churning computers being the only sound in the sullen room.

    “P-Please…Oh—Oh God!”

    He collapsed to the ground, holding the computer console next to him for dear life. The man was left weeping, alone. Destroyed.

    A failure.
    “—continuing coverage. To recap for those of you just joining us, Luthor Corp. was struck a difficult and tragic blow last night as the Jump City offices were the focus of an alleged terrorist attack. Around 11:30 last night, eyewitness described the event as watching the building collapse in on itself in a horrid burst of flames. The police were not reachable for comment as all department resources are currently being used to help in the effort. However they did release estimates on casualties, which are expected to number in the thousands. The families of those that were lost in the attacks have started candle light--”

    Ahead of them, the building lay in rubble, smoke stacks from it bellowing into the air just barely grazing the clouds. The sirens around the area were deafening, mixed with cries and sobbing at the horrid sight. The Teen Titans stood watching on at the scene, overwhelmed with a feeling of uselessness.

    Throughout the night, they had been raging against the remnants of this disaster. The Titans had helped teams get out survivors, move rubble, basically any dirty work that they could take care of in a pinch. It didn’t matter, though. All those people had still died—without apparent reason.

    “I’m not gonna’ lie man—I’m gettin’ tired.” Cyborg wiped the bead of sweat from his human brow, “We’ve been here goin’ on twelve hours now. . .”

    Robin moved out of the way of one of the medical teams raging through, “We should have been here to stop it.”

    Starfire piped up from the ground, “But—How? We did not know that an event such as this was going to occur.”

    “She’s right, Robin. This side swiped us just as much as anyone.” Cyborg glanced over at a mother holding her daughter firmly in her arms, trying to stop the child from crying when she herself was taken over with sobs.

    “Guys—We’ve done all we can here. We need to go back to the tower and regroup.” Raven thought of mentioning that they needed to rest, but she was almost certain none of them would be sleeping a wink for the next few days.

    “This is bad.” Beast Boy collapsed to the ground, holding onto his knees, “This is really bad.”

    Cyborg glanced at the small canister in his hand, “Maybe—but I think I found somethin’ that can help.”
    “You’ve been beat down ya’ whole life.”

    Hush leaned back in his chair, staring at the television with bemusement. His thoughts were steadfast on what Calypso had said to him.

    “I’ve given ya the opportunity ta be a power house, ta get exactly what ya want outta’ ya life.”

    On the screen, the people scurried about like mice running to their holes.

    “Ya can be whoever ya want ta be now, get paid a handsome plot, an’ then ya’ get ta exact perfect vengeance on all tha people that ruined ya.”

    Vaguely, a smile began to form on his face.

    “Tha job I got for ya is vague in instructions—so go ta town, lad. Do whatever it is ya been wantin’ ta do.”

    Calypso was smart. He had saved his life with a few choice words. Of course, nothing less could be expected of a business man of his status. The whole city was about to shake to its very core, and the destruction of Luthor’s building was just the beginning. The Titans were about to get a taste of it all, too.
    Beast Boy had separated off from the group. Had it not been for the tragedy in the city, there might have been more focus on the awkwardness between BB and Raven. Lying back on his bed, the television playing constant coverage on the situation at hand in the background, Beast Boy thought of Terra. The young Titan was still haunted by her, especially given that her last appearance in his life had been a young school girl that seemed to remember nothing of the Teen Titans. What hurt the most was growing up and leaving her behind, because it was obvious that she did remember everything and that she wanted to move on.

    Why did she have to come back? He leaned up on the bed, staring out the window. The skyline of Jump City was still suffocated with smoke, but the only thought in his mind was the girl, maybe as a mechanism to escape the terrible sights he had been witness to the night before. I was happy with Raven. Raven—I can’t believe I was such a jerk. . .

    With a growl, BB fell flat on his back, staring at the ceiling. Things between Raven and he had been good for the prior few weeks. Their relationship was still in a new stage, but it had been a long time since BB had felt that he had a true friend ever since Terra. Raven and Beast Boy had spent many long nights talking over coffee about weird ranges of topics. That initial moment of what got them together in the first place still made his head spin. . .

    “I know it’s hard for ya, Rae.”

    “Well—I suppose there are more difficult things in life.”

    “Come on—having an interdi-dimetional-”


    “Yeah—that thing. Having a-uh-demon guy for a dad has gotta’ be tough.”

    It was four in the morning, and the only sound in the tower aside from their talking was the rain hitting hard against the windows outside. The two sat on the carpet in front of the couch, cups of coffee in hand. Strange deafening silences filled the conversation between replies. It involved a lot of making eye contact, then looking away awkwardly when things began to get too intense.

    Leaning her head back on the sofa, Raven sighed, “If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have my powers. I wouldn’t be here with all of you.”

    Silence reared its head between them again, just for a moment. Beast Boy plopped his cup on the ground, shifting into a small kitten, jumping on Raven’s legs and meowing. A giggle escaped from her as she slowly patted his head.

    “So—If we’re on this vein of conversation—how did you get your powers Beast Boy?” Raven’s question made the small kitten pause for a moment.

    He jumped back to the ground, shifting to his human form, “Ah—Come on, you’ve probably talked to Robin about it.”


    BB scratched the back of his head nervously, “Well—I mean—we should talk about something else, it’s kinda’—like—sad.”

    Tilting her head, Raven traced the emotion across Beast Boy’s face; it was pain. “I’m sorry, I just assumed with the way you were. . .”

    “Bein’ the clown and stuff? Yeah—I get that a lot.” He watched as Raven stared down to her coffee cup awkwardly. “It’s nothin’ like having a demon dad.”

    A frustrated sigh escaped from Raven, “Don’t compare yourself to me—everyone has their own baggage.”

    BB simply sat down beside her, staring out the window in front of him, watching the waves around the island crash hard against the beach below. “My parents are—were scientists. Ya’ know, they were just tryin’ to make the world a better place. The two of them were awesome together, ya’ know? It was like watchin’ two dancers doin’ their thing when they were in the lab together. Mom and Dad were makin’ some—medicine or somethin’ that would help cure cancer.

    “You remember when they found out about those wild boars that got cancer by spreadin’ it like some kinda’ virus? Well—my parents figured that maybe there was like—somethin’ similar to that in people. It was rad, even to little me back then, to think that the to a’ them were makin’ something that would get rid of cancer. I didn’t know what cancer was at the time—but I trusted that Mom and Dad just—you know, just knew what they were doin’. They—uh—they made this thing that rearranged our DNA and stuff.

    “I-I wish that I was—that I was smart enough to know how unstable it was when I was little.” The line of thought stopped there as Beast Boy went somewhere far away in the recesses of his mind.

    Raven let him off the hook, “You don’t have to-”

    “I was a little kid. I didn’t know that bad things could happen if I accidentally knocked over a bottle.” The corners of his eyes began to water, “I didn’t know that it was going to explode just from bein’ broke on the floor. I-I didn’t know.” He wiped away the tears violently, “I remember the house on fire, and everything bein’ just all blurry. Then I woke up a couple weeks later with green skin and some—some guy tellin’ me that Mom and Dad were—were gone. That-That they didn’t make it out. . .”

    Raven watched as the green Titan broke more and more.

    “I didn’t know, Raven. I didn’t know! I didn’t know. . .” Tears flooded down his face, “I-I-I was just a kid. I lose them and I’m just—I’m just a freak in the eyes of everyone that-”

    “No.” With a tiny giggle, Raven put a soft hand on his cheek, “You’re not. You-”

    “It was my fault, Rae, mine.” He collapsed in on himself, sobbing. The war hardened Raven put an arm around him, holding him as tightly as should could, promising over and over that the bad times were over, that he was safe.

    Beast Boy snapped back from the memory quickly. With firm fists, he tried to wipe it away with his tearing eyes, rolling over to his side. The smoldering city out the window made it hard to think about himself anymore.
    “This wasn’t some amateur, Robin.” Raven stood atop the tower glaring at the city, her emotions numbing themselves after the horrors that had seen. People’s lives destroyed but a senseless act of violence. Innocents caught in the midst of a war they weren’t a part of.

    “We may need outside help for this one, Raven.” Robin walked across the roof top of Titan’s Tower with a strength that only he had in these situations. A cool head. “I don’t mean the honorary Titans. We need the Justice League.”

    “We could call them.” Her vision finally diverted from the choked sky, “We’ve done the heavy lifting already, there isn’t much else to do but to find out who did this.”

    Robin clenched his jaw nervously, “Do you think we’ll be able to in time to stop this person from doing it again?”

    “Cyborg found traces of nanobot charges at the explosion site. He found one of them that didn’t go off, so he’s checking the insignia on it to figure out who has that kind of firepower besides Luthor.” Raven shook her head, “I don’t know what the right thing to do here, Robin.”

    Lowering his gaze to the ground, he sighed, “That makes two of us.”
    What light sleep Beast Boy managed to achieve ended quickly when there was a knock at the window. Groggy eyed, his eyes managed to make out a silhouette floating on top of something. Reacting quickly, he leaped from bed to the floor, bed sheets flying in every direction. It took a second to realize who was tapping at the window.

    “Aren’t ya’ gonna’ let me in?”

    Terra floated atop a boulder she controlled, a big smile etched into her face. BB quickly ran to the button beside the window to open it. The large plate of glass slid out, and she was able to float in gracefully on the boulder, her hair caught beautifully by the wind outside.

    “How did you—Why did you—What are-” The overwhelming emotion finally took Beast Boy over and he hopped on top of the rock with her to give a huge bear hug, “Terra!”

    “Don’t touch me!” Terra looked away, almost ashamed or embarrassed for a moment. “Uh—Sorry. I just—some things—come with me.”

    The decision didn’t take Beast Boy long, as another boulder floated in beside her. His eyes lit up for the first time in ages, “Okay.”

    As the two floated out the window, Robin and Raven got a full view of the two leaving the tower. Raven's eyes dulled at the very site of Beast Boy leaving with her. Robin looked over to Raven, her eyes fixated on the two venturing off into the night.

    "It's best to leave it alone, Robin."

    Robin glanced out to Terra, "I don't like this, Raven. At all."

    Raven finally broke the fix she had on them and simply looked to the waves crashing against the rocks below, "It's his life. He can do what he wants. . ."

    "That's not what I mean. She came out of the blue just to take Beast Boy off someplace. Don't you find that strange--especially since last time she took him--"

    Raven finally broke, "I know!"

    At a loss of words, the boy wonder still attempted, "I mean--Raven, I--"

    "I'll go after them. Make sure nothing happens."

    Robin put a hand on her shoulder, "No, you're too emotionally in--"

    "Stop! Stay at the tower in case she tricked us again. I don't want us be caught off guard with another ambush." With that, Raven shared a bitter acknowledgement with Robin, and in a black energy she flew off the Titans' Tower into the dark night. With a strike of lightning in the distance, the world cackled in thunder at the unfolding events.

    To Be Continued. . .
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    Right, then. Premiere time. The summary for this is sketched out for the rest of the arcs of the story. So, if you have some time on your hands, get ready. This is going to get a bit messy.

    Edit: I'm not certain why, but the font size is a bit funky. I'll mess around with it a few times to see what I can do.
    Edit 2: Fixed. Woo, it's been a while.


    Don't Say a Word


    Three Years Later.

    The glass door to the diner fell open awkwardly, a stumbling figure ratcheting through the entrance way. It was a woman, obviously battered badly from the scars that lined her face. As she moved, her thick hair trailed behind her in indigo tangled strands, an obnoxious odor of whiskey lingering like a perfume as she passed each filled table. Most of the patrons took a moment to figure out what it was exactly they were witnessing, but given the late time of night, it wasn’t too far to guess that she was looking for a place to get lost.

    Using the tables as make shift crutches on her path, the woman’s limited focus did manage to spot the perfect little booth in the back adjacent to the restrooms. As she made her way, she noticed the dilapidated state of the diner. The counter was tan with old coffee stains, the ceiling tiles yellow and stained from smokers before the laws against it, and there were putty marks lazily slapped over holes that could have easily been from bullet marks.

    When she had finally arrived at the little booth, she held onto the old table to get the world to stop spinning for a moment. Then she took off her long, white pea coat, tossing it lazily in one of the seats. With the utmost focus she could muster, she squeezed around the table slowly, landing hard on worn fake leather of the seat. Upon impact, her body rag dolled into the long windowsill beside of her. In a daze, she allowed the cool of the glass to sink into the side of her cheek.

    The world outside danced its midnight dance. Headlights sped by in long tracers. Vaguely lit bodies trailed by quickly. A crackle somewhere off in the distance promised of a long awaited rain storm in the normally dry climate of Jump City. That was when she noticed a slight bit of crimson oozing down the window in front of her.

    “Raven. . .”

    Her dazed eyes fixated on the new person across the table from her. He sat there with a goofy expression on his face, made all the more startling by his green skin. They sat in silence for a moment, just looking at each other, a flood of memories flowing between them like a magnet.

    The name fell from her lips like a mantra, “Beast Boy. . .”

    “You look rough. I mean, you realize that your head is bleeding, right?” The little green man tapped a little part of his forehead. “Look at you. You’re better than this.”

    “Stop talk—talking to me.” She paused for a moment. “I need coffee.”

    “You need a shrink.”

    Raven lifted herself off of the window, wiping the blood off that remained with failing results. “Liquor is cheaper, Beast Boy. Much cheaper.”

    “I can’t argue with that. Do you want me to order you some food? You totally need something on your tummy right now.” Beast Boy held up a finger for a moment, trying to capture someone’s attention in the diner.

    “Just—You know, no. No food. Let me be drunk for just a bit longer. . .” Beast Boy’s hand suddenly was engulfed in a black aura, taking a straight shot journey to the table top.

    “That’s so not cool.” The aura lifted quickly. He snapped his hand back, shaking it in the air for a moment, “You seem in the opposite of a good mood right now.”

    “What are you talking about? I’m in the best mood.” She paused for a moment, exclaiming proudly, “Drunk!”

    “Rae, that doesn’t count as a mood.”

    “It does when you’re celebrating your twenty—twenty second birthday.” Raven leaned forward, almost falling face first onto the table. Righting herself, she grabbed at the little chrome napkin container, rummaging out a pile of napkins. In a mess, she began to dab the blood from her head, “So, what are you up to these days?”

    A broad smile etched across Beast Boy’s face, “Livin’ the dream.”

    “Well, I’m sure as hell glad that someone is. . .ow. . .” She winced, changing tactics from wiping to dabbing.

    “So—are you going to the wedding?”

    Pausing, she glared at him in bitter silence.

    BB chuckled nervously, “I’m going to take that as a no. . .”

    “My Titans membership is revoked since I’m a crazy person, now.” She cackled, “You of all people should know that.” In frustration, she rummaged for a small make up mirror hidden in the pocket of her coat. Opening it on the table, she began to use it as a frame of reference for the wound on her head.

    “Just because you aren’t a Teen Titan anymore doesn’t mean you can’t be there.”


    “A-Adult. . .Titans. . .I don’t know. . .” He tapped his fingers on the table top in a nervous jitter.

    She lowered her eyebrows, trying to stretch the skin of her forehead to see the damage in the mirror, “I don’t want to see them anymore, Beast Boy. Homicidal rampages happen to turn the superest of heroes off. I guess they have this code against taking out the trash, so they don’t want to see me, and again, I don’t want to see them.”

    “You—did what was—I mean, I’m not sayin’ it was right, but you did what you had to do to survive when the city went all. . .” He twirled a finger beside his head.

    “That still doesn’t mean I would show my face to the world’s brightest, best, and most super’s wedding.” She leaned back, content with the all of the crimson she had wiped away from her face, “Besides, everyone that comes into your life just leaves anyway.”

    “That’s a little over. . .uhm. . .what do you mean by that?”

    “Where have you been for the past three years? You left when I was just eighteen, and we were in love.” Snapping the makeup mirror shut, Raven stuffed it back in the pocket of her coat.
    Beast Boy shook his head slowly, “I didn’t leave.”

    “Yes, you did. With Terra that night, you left me Beast Boy, just so that you could live a much happier ever after with her.”

    “That’s not what happened, Raven.”

    She rolled her eyes, leaning back in the booth seat, “Just shut up. . .”

    “Do you not remember?”

    Her speech strained through gritted teeth, “Shut up.”
    “Hush. . .”

    Raven slammed the table, “I SAID SHUT UP!”

    Every patron of the diner was now focused intently on Raven. Every muscle in her body retreated backward into the depths of the seat as she realized that there wasn’t anyone sitting across the table from her. She was alone.



    Beast Boy watched the city lights below speed by like fireflies. His peek over the edge of the floating boulder only lasted for a moment though, as his vision caught back up to Terra. Oh man, I shouldn’t be here like—at all. Terra’s blonde hair floated on the wind like some sort of fairy flitting about. Raven is—Raven is going to hate me because this looks bad. This looks really bad, but we aren't really together anymore. I mean--I need to talk to her.

    “What are you thinkin’ about, Beast Boy?” An ethereal voice snatched back all of the running thoughts coursing through the green Titan.

    “Uhm,” he chose his words carefully, “I’m—I mean, I don’t know why I should feel guilty, but there’s—there’s someone—else—now. . .”

    Terra’s visage didn’t change at all. “Well, it’s been a long time.” A smirk lightened up her face, “Things change, sometimes for the best.”

    “Y-Yeah.” Scratching the back of his head, he searched for some piece of conversation to break the tension. “Where have you been?”

    “Just kinda’ everywhere.” The lightness of her face faded away, “I needed to figure me out. You know, outside of all of this.”

    “We could have helped you. I’m just saying.” The bitter edge in Beast Boy’s tone shot through Terra like a lightning bolt.

    In desperation, she tried not to be so blunt. “No.” It was a failed attempt. “I love you guys, but you were part of the stuff I needed to be away from.”


    Terra sighed, “I couldn’t be a super hero anymore. How could you expect me to help anyone when I can’t even help myself?”

    “We were your friends. You didn’t have to be a hero, Terra.” He stood up from the floating rock, turning away from her. “You just had to be—you.”

    “Is it Raven?”

    Beast Boy flinched at the sudden implication, “What? That—that jumped backwards a bit. . .”
    “Is Raven the “someone else”?” BB’s silence spoke volumes to Terra. “I’m happy for you—you two, I mean. Really. You guys deserve it.”

    Silence appeared between the two again like an unwelcome guest. Beast Boy sat back down on the boulder, reaching his hands around his knees. The uncertainty of the situation sat on his shoulders in the form of guilt. Lowering his head, he silently thought of why he had taken her hand to go with her on this night.

    “I do still love you, though. I always will, Beast Boy.” Terra’s blush appeared in the dying beams of moonlight.

    “I. . .” There were no words.

    “We’re almost there, so you might want to brace yourself.” Her eyes were glistening now, Beast Boy feeling the reaction to his silence radiating.

    He stood up, balancing himself as the boulder began to make a slow descent toward their destination. The landscape below was dotted in strange stones that were threatened to be overtaken by the unkempt weeds that chocked the life out of anything in the area. When they were finally on the ground, it was obvious that Terra had brought him to a graveyard near the edge of town.

    “Why did you bring me here?”

    A flood of pain entered Terra for a moment, her body tightening up disgustingly, “I—I needed to. . .”

    Stepping off onto the ground, Beast Boy took in the area with bewilderment, “I hate to sound ungrateful for getting an awesome ride on one of your flying rock thingys, but I don’t normally like to hang out in graveyards after midnight.”

    “I just—I needed to bring you here. I have to show you something.” The yellow aura of her power died away. Terra hopped off the boulder, navigating quickly through the labyrinth of monuments.

    “Terra—is everything okay?”

    Her stride stopped as she stared up for a moment, like she was trying to remember something very important. “I just—can you trust me?”

    “I. . .”

    She held up a hand in protest, “I know, I have a bad track record in the past with all of that, but I just—I have to do this.”

    Beast Boy put a hand on her shoulder, “Okay. I just wanted to know what we were doing here, but yeah. I’ll trust you.”

    From underneath her thick, blonde bangs, her eyes radiated back at him, “Thank you.” Pointing at a tree at the top of a hill ahead, Terra stated, “It’s just up there.”

    A tan, gravel path led up to the gnarled tree. The little road itself was strewn in soda cans, bottles, and what looked like the remnants of someone that had a firm addiction with Cheetos. Pebbles crunched beneath their feet, lining up with the storm that was starting to swirl chaotically above them in a mess of black clouds. As the two finally made it to the foot of the hill, the final beams of the moon fell away into the overwhelming force of the coming rain.

    Terra got to the top of the hill first, staring awkwardly at the tree that was in front of them, “Beast Boy. . .” Some sort of plaque was etched into the bark of the tree. “I don’t. . .know. . .”

    “What is it?” Something fell into the pit of his stomach as he felt the weight of fear beginning to crush her words. “What’s wrong?”

    “I. . .”

    Beast Boy’s eyes widened as a black object flew through the air at him. He felt it enter his chest, a geyser of blood vomiting out onto the ground. With a few stumbled paces backward, he stared at Terra in shock. Grabbing at the spike in his chest, he felt the coolness of the stone, the perfect shape of it all. Heaving heavily, he just kept mouthing the word, “Why?”


    It seemed as though the wind was picking up energy with almost static electricity in the air promising a deadly storm ahead.

    Beast Boy forced himself to stay standing in the same spot. He didn’t dare to move, not a single a muscle. Those few steps forward wouldn’t do anything at all. It was a pointless endeavor.

    The trees waved around him, looming over him in the dim light of the night. Rather than a pitch black, the sky was somewhat blue, the clouds eating up any hope of a new dawn. Then—he felt it in his chest.

    From his core to his eyes, he felt the pain waling up inside. The sobs came out so violently, so quickly, that he wretched over collapsing onto the ground. There—right in his focus—lay a plaque that seemed ironic at that moment.

    “A Teen Titan, a True Friend.”

    The world shifted backward underneath Beast Boy, the ground harshly clutching his fractured frame. Twilight began to seep around the edges of his vision as he stared at the sky, gasping for air that would never come. Cool rain drops began to trickle gently from above on the rims of his cheeks. He flinched at the few that descended on his eyes, but only for a moment. A blank visage replaced the twisted shock that had lined his face.

    The Teen Titan was gone.


    Minutes Before.

    I shouldn't have ended it. Maybe I can still save us. That harpy is not going to steal him from me, or trick us this time, or do anything without me knowing it first. Raven kept them in sight, but still remained far away from Beast Boy and Terra. Please, please, please try something. It didn’t take long for the two of them to land on a plot of ground at the edge of the city. Waiting for them to descend, then leave the little boulder, she landed behind a tree on the edge of the cemetery.

    It was disgusting to see how comfortable they seemed together. The two of them weren’t touching, but it was obvious that they were at the very least lost in their own little world together. In fact, it seemed like their interaction was somewhat easy. Calm down, you don’t want to blow this place off the map by losing control of your emotions. Leaning back against the tree, Raven breathed in heavily and exhaled slowly.

    Twirling back around, she sleuthed behind the many stones that jetted out from the ground, focused on the two figures making their way up the path. What the hell is she doing h-

    “Miss, I’m going to have to see an invitation.” Raven’s entire body froze, her limbs dragging into her body like she was a puppet. She was also surrounded in black energy that looked shockingly familiar to her own powers. “Without sounding like an overly cliché villain,” levitating from the ground, she turned to face her attacker, “and I am a villain(make no mistake), I’m afraid you weren’t invited to this little party.”

    The man in front of her was draped in a thick, brown trench coat. Aside from his eyes and mouth, the rest of his head was wrapped in bandages. With his hand raised, Raven could tell that he had some kind of telekinetic abilities. Hush was a man in the middle of his victory lap.

    “Let me go. . .” The threat had dropped her voice a few octaves.

    “Oh, alright. You can come.” The whites of his teeth began to glisten, “It’s a bit premature, and I can’t promise you a table—oh! I forgot the popcorn!”

    As she struggled, the two of them floated off into the air. From a distance, she could see that Beast Boy and Terra were at the top of the hill.

    “Beast--!” Raven’s head snapped back as her jaw was clenched shut by force.

    Hush put a finger to his mouth, “Quiet, this is the climax of the scene.”

    Hush waved his hand, something shooting out from beneath the branches of the tree, splintering straight into Beast Boy’s chest. His body wretched back disgustingly, and she watched his essence pour onto the ground. Raven’s eyes widened in absolute horror as tears exploded down the sides of her cheeks as she watched helplessly from the air. His body heaved to the ground, motionless.

    “You know, I’m actually glad that you showed up tonight. I know, you didn’t get to hear the exchange, but the point is that Beast Boy died thinking Terra had killed him! That’s not. . .”

    Hush prattled on like something far in the distance. There was nothing to be done. Raven still struggled desperately, panic filling her. Her stomach churned as her eyes remained fixed on Beast Boy’s lifeless body. Then they began to lower toward him, BB’s blank stare never again moving from the building storm in the sky.

    Terra stood in confusion near the nape of the tree, mouth agape, her body frozen in shock. All the world had become so far removed from the young girl that she wasn’t even conscious of the man appearing in front of her for a few moments.

    “Terra!” A hundred yard stare drifted in a haze from Beast Boy to the man that had come from the sky.

    “I don’t know. . .I don’t know why I. . .I led him here. . .I just don’t know, I just, I know I had to do it, I had to do it, and I don’t know why. . .” Terra’s frail frame began to shake.

    “Listen, you were great. Really. I mean, you are one of the most honest young performers I have ever met.” The bandaged man reeked of victory, “In fact, I don’t even think you understood that—well you aren’t real.”

    Terra’s shifted her head blankly at him, “What?”

    “Yes, you see there is one element I haven’t revealed yet. I will, though!” With another hand, the ground at the bottom of the tree exploded sending Terra down in a shockwave.

    A body in late stages of decomposition rose from the depths. Choppy blonde hair lined its head in patches. It was dressed in a black shirt and yellow shorts. Raven had finally started listening to Hush’s psychotic ramblings once more.

    “You see Terra this is your biological body. Well, not your body, but the real Terra. You are an android version of the young girl once known as Terra.” Hush cackled, “I programed you with all of her memories, killed the original Terra, uhm—let’s see—launched you on Beast Boy to where the real Terra was buried, and then made Beast Boy think you killed him by stabbing him with a spikey rock.”

    There was nothing in Terra that could even begin to process what was said to her.

    “Yeah. Wait—yes, that’s all there is to your story. At this point, I’m only torturing a phantom, I know, but why not? Life is short.”

    Terra tilted her head slowly, “Wh. . .”

    “I know you’re a teenager, but can’t you say something else? Change it up a tad, maybe?” Hush waited for a response, but nothing came. Instead, he replied by sending the android into a tree. It exploded into pieces, the branches hanging above catching fire almost immediately. Terra was no more.

    Hush glanced up at Raven with the disappointed look a parent would give a spoiled child, “Don’t get all huffy just because you didn’t get as big of a part as the other two did. I was going to get around to all of you Teen Titans eventually, so please don’t worry. Let me think of something here. . .”

    The energy around Raven dissipated, her body falling to the ground like a ragdoll. In heavy breaths, the she recovered from impact only stumbling a bit in a dead run to Beast Boy’s body.

    “Beast Boy. . .” She shook him in desperation, “Stop this, get up! Stop it right now. . .please.” Clutching his head to her chest, she held the fallen Titan in a slow rock. “I need you to wake up now, okay. I just—I need you to wake up Beast Boy.” The rocking became faster as the panic in her being began to hit entirely, tears flooding out in gushing drops that resembled the quickening pace of the rain. “You can’t be gone, I don’t want you to be gone. P-Please Beast Boy, don’t be gone. Don’t be gone. . .”

    To Be Continued. . .[​IMG]
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    911 dispatch, what seems to be the problem today?”

    “I—there’s a young girl here. Eighteen or nineteen years old. She’s—She’s covered in blood. . .”

    “May I ask whose calling?”

    “Nancy Marrow—listen, I really need someone down here as soon as possible. She’s—I don’t
    know if she’s on drugs or. . .”

    “Is she responsive?”

    “No she’s—she’s not. Please, I don’t know if it’s safe to be here with her. . .she looks like—like one of those super hero kids.”

    The few steps she could muster led Raven into the street. She stood for a moment, looking bewildered at a strange sign that hung above a green alcove jetting out the side of a building. It simply said, Tofu Everything. It wasn’t anything particularly special. Green letters with red bolding the outsides of them. Tilting her head to the side, Raven continued to stare at it, hypnotized by the word Tofu.

    Heat shed off the ground in humid, foggy wisps. Raven felt the damp heat on her bare feet, the concrete covered in a layer of water that looked like a mirror in the reflections of the lights. Above her, the sunlight began to pierce through the last few storm clouds that lingered. As rays of the sun floated across the ground, the strange little sign ceased its function for the night.

    Flinching her head back in reaction to little lamps lining the sign going dark, Raven’s gaze emptied focus on anything.

    . . .momma’s gonna’ buy you a mocking bird. . .

    Turning toward sideways to the mouth of the street, Raven strolled like a zombie across the yellow line in the center of the road.

    . . .and if that mocking bird don’t sing. . .

    Something bright shot straight into the retinas of her eyes, blinding Raven for a moment. She stumbled backward a bit, holding a hand up and furrowing her brows at the intruder of her peace.

    . . .momma’s gonna’ buy you a diamond ring. . .

    Headlights that were moving really quickly one moment stopped the next in a screeching halt. She felt the cool, metallic chrome of the bumper against her legs tapping her gently.

    How’s it go? I don’t. . .I don’t remember how it—where am I?

    An old woman lunged out of the car. She was heavy set, but there was definitely a panicked bounce to her step. Shielding herself a bit behind the door, the woman stared in confusion and fear at Raven.

    Hush. . .little. . .that’s how it went. Hush little baby. . .

    “Oh my—are you. . .?” The woman stood mouth agape as she took in Raven’s full figure.
    Raven simply took the driver in for a second then looked off as if remembering something long forgotten. She sang, “Don’t say a word. . .”

    The wrinkles in the old woman’s face furrowed in rising concern, “What?”

    “I’m sorry.” Raven’s head floated into focus at her questioner, “I was trying to remember a song. I couldn’t remember the lyrics.”

    “Dear, are you okay? What happened to you? What are you doing in the street?”

    “I’m going to a theme park today with my boyfriend. Can you please help me? I don’t know where he is.”

    The woman stepped from behind the opened door of her car, trying to comprehend what was going on with the strange girl in the street. Raven’s indigo hair was matted and tangled, like someone had dragged her by it. Blood drenched down the side of her face, her right eye almost completely blood shot. A flimsy piece of black fabric hung from her shoulder, barely covering anything down to her stomach. From there, the girl was almost nude from the waist down, claw marks and bruises lining most of her pale flesh. The only thing differing was a mass of blood covering over her stomach, but it was difficult to tell if it belonged to Raven.

    “I’m going to call someone—just stay right there. . .” The woman fumbled in the pockets of her denim dress for a moment, producing a cell phone. She took a few steps away from Raven, still keeping an eye on her. After a few moments of rapid speech, the woman hung up her phone.

    “They’ll be coming in just a few minutes. . .my god. . .”

    Raven continued singing, taking little notice of the woman anymore, “Hush little baby. . .hush, hush, hush, hush, hush. . .”

    “Don’t say a word

    Don't Say a Word
    There was a private waiting room for the intensive care, families. Cheap lamps sat on square, Ikea value priced wooden tables. Robin locked his gaze out the window, staring at the still smoldering ashes of Luthor’s tower looming over Jump City. He glanced back at Starfire and Cyborg, who sat silently together on the couch a few feet away.

    “I don’t know the right thing to do here, Cy.” Squishing the skin of his forehead together, he turned back to the others, “There are a lot of people that need us out there right now.”

    In a low tone, Cyborg interjected, “They’re gonna’ have to wait. . .”
    “If we aren’t there to--”

    Cyborg’s gaze snapped from the ground, “To help them!?” A sarcastic chuckle fell at the back of his throat, “Man, we can’t even help ourselves right now, and you want us to go runnin’ in there to help a bunch of other people?”

    “We’re the Teen Titans. It’s what we signed on to do, okay. All of us did.”
    With his mouth agape, Cyborg shook his head, his human eye beginning to tear up,

    “Beast Boy is gone, man. He’s—He’s gone. Dead. Do you—do you even get that?”
    Robin swallowed, “I know.”

    “Raven is—god knows what the hell happened to Raven last night!” The lumber Titan bolted from his chair, “We have to stay right here, Robin! We owe it to her!”


    “No, damn it! No ‘but’! Raven needs us!”

    Robin fired back, “The people out there need us too! Look—I’m not saying that—that this doesn’t hurt, but we can’t feel it right now. We don’t get that luxury.”

    “So losin’ someone we love an’ feelin’ bad about it is a luxury, now? What kind of nonsense is fallin’ outta’--”

    “Stop it! Right now!” The argumentative two shifted their gaze in shock to the meek, little Starfire. “Stop fighting, please. We have lost a dear friend, and another is badly hurt.” She shook her head slowly, “There is enough bad in the world at the moment, so if you cannot be nice to each other, then just be quiet.”

    Cyborg conceded, flinching in guilt, “S-Sorry, Star.” He took the chair across from her, placing his face in his hands.

    Trying to hold his ground, Robin attempted to say something that would make it all better. His hand went up for a moment, but they snapped back down as he found himself diffused by Starfire’s outburst.

    “Robin, I have always admired your passion for being a crime fighter, but I cannot share in it now.” Starfire stared at her hands, her thumbs wriggling nervously on each other, “If—If you feel you must go, then do so, but the two of us will not be coming with you.”

    Raven snapped awake in thick sweat, her eyes darting around in confusion at her surroundings. A quick survey of the room yielded the dim moonlight quivering through the window, white sheets, white walls, and a white gown drenched across her body. At the middle of her leg, her Tameranean friend was quietly resting. The world came crashing back down on top of her in fractured memories, each worsening the painful pit in her stomach. Her body wretched in a sob as Raven shot forward.


    In a flurry, Raven’s eyes began to glow with a black aura, her hand aimed straight at Starfire’s head.

    “Calm yourself, Raven! You are safe!”

    Twitching away, Raven’s power died down. She stared at Starfire with a strangely longing gaze, wishing that the young girl had answers to anything that had just happened. Raven crunched into a ball, crying out in a howl.

    “It’s okay. . .it’s okay. . .”

    Starfire clasped her hands around the little figure in the ball of bed sheets, desperately trying to make all of the monsters go away.

    “I could destroy the entire hospital, you know.”

    “I know that, but t’would be useless by now.”

    Hush’s eyes narrowed as he let the binoculars drop to his side, “Why do you say that? With, “Why do you say that? With my abilities, I am a god.”

    Calypso shrugged at him, his gaze fixed ahead at the hospital in the distance, “They know yer’ comin’. They know.” He produced a cigarette, gently scorching the end of it with a sort of flair you would expect a man to light a cigar, “Ya may be a god, but without the element o’ surprise, you’re useless.”

    “Well—they don’t know when I’m coming.” Hush gritted his teeth, “Besides, someone of your status has no right pushing me around.”

    Exhaling a plumb, Calypso shrugged, “I’m guessin’ that ya’ fergot who gave ya’ those powers?”

    “I haven’t forgotten,” Hush spit at him. “Remembering that fact doesn’t negate that I’m much more powerful than you now, and far more powerful than anyone they’ve ever faced.”

    Calypso stared at the end of his cigarette for a moment, “Ya’ made them angry. Ya’ gave em’ an enemy, an’ on top o’ that ya’ removed their conscience.”

    “The green one?”

    “That. . .and what ya’ did to tha’ girl.”

    “So what should I do?”

    Calypso began to burn at the edges of the cigarette, watching the white paper cringe to black, “Let the slow burn take hold. Ya’ fight em’ now, they will give ya’ more of a fight than you can even begin ta’ imagine. If you let em’ rot from the inside out for a while. . .”

    Hush raised an eyebrow, “So just leave them alone? Not get my vengeance?”

    “Patience.” The cigarette was now a pile of black, scorched paper, “Let em’ burn until they’re nothin’ but ashes.”

    There was a moment of silence as Hush considered the options before him. It didn’t take long until he found himself raising Calypso into the air with his growing power, “Listen to you? You have no jurisdiction over my life anymore. No one does. No one can tell me what to do!”

    Calypso tilted his head to the side, rage siphoning out of every pore in his face, “Excuse me. Who the hell do ya’ think I am?”

    In a beam of white light, the aura snapped away around Calypso’s body. He rushed toward Hush, grabbing him by the neck in one swift movement. As his fingers dug in the edges of Hush’s neck, a pointed laugh fell from Calypso in bursts, the grip growing ever tighter.

    “How dare ya’ presume that yer’ more powerful.” Spitting in Hush’s face, Calypso smashed him across his head, “You—are—a—lacky. Ya’ do what me benefactor tells ya’ to do, am I clear?”

    “C-Crystal. . .”

    “Good.” He let go of Hush, his body collapsing the hard top of the roof, “Ya’ are to leave em’ alone, now.”

    “Your bull**** about them—about them being better. . .” Hush coughed, surprised to see blood spurting out the edges of his mouth. “You and I both know that I could destroy them easily. What are you really doing?”

    “Breakin’ their spirit, boy. I’m breakin’ their spirit. Then. . .invasion.”

    To Be Continued. . .

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