Thoughts on Samurai Jack season 5

Discussion in 'The Adult Swim/Toonami Forum' started by PapaGreg, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. PapaGreg

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    Nov 1, 2013
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    Well since the Honeymoon phase is long gone lets talk about the final season of Samurai Jack. For me I share the opinion with most of the public in that I felt it blew its load early and should've had more episodes but other than that I'm glad we got that this season its a 7/10 for me.
  2. Fone Bone

    Fone Bone Matt Zimmer

    Jan 19, 2004
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    The last episode should have been two, but I agree with Genndy that the bittersweet ending was necessary. It hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt. It was also very sweet, which is what Jack is all about.
  3. Light Lucario

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    I think that the season was overall pretty good. It started out strong, had a bit of a weaker middle due to the love story and a pretty satisfying conclusion. If the goal of this season was to get Jack to fall in love, they really could have handled that better. Granted, I still wish that they went for a father/daughter relationship between Jack and Ashi instead, but to be fair, it wasn't unbelievable that they'd develop romantic feelings for each other. It just came rather suddenly and took up a bit too much focus when we were near the end of the season. If they had a few more episodes to work with so that the romance could have been better developed, I think it would have been fine.

    I don't know if I would have given the finale a movie length runtime, but I do think having at least two episodes to fight against Aku and deal with the aftermath of Jack being back into his own time would have been better. Even though I still don't know how Ashi survived long enough to her wedding day, aside from making it more tragic, I was fine with the bittersweet ending. Jack having a perfect storybook ending wouldn't have really fit with the tone of the season or even the series as a whole. He was finally able to come back home and saved the future, but he lost his love and all of his friends in the process. He still would have to grieve those losses and I'm sure his PTSD won't ever go away completely, even after finally being able to fulfill his mission, but he was able to see the beauty of the earth once again and provided the chance for a better future now that Aku was gone.

    Despite its issues, Samurai Jack season five was really good and this is coming from someone who doesn't really like the original series all that much too. I don't know if Genndy will want to do something with Samurai Jack again in the future like he implied in the recent interview, but it would be neat if they explored the idea that Jack doesn't age. He can still be hurt and be killed, but he seemingly doesn't age anymore and that could still be the case after he goes back home.
  4. 90'sKid

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    Jul 17, 2015
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    I think as a whole the season was good aside from some pacing issues in the last couple of episodes.

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  5. Kitschensyngk

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    Aku births seven highly-trained, physically-skilled, yet sheltered and brainwashed daughters to kill Jack.

    One of them, Ashi, retains a feeling of natural curiosity about what she has been forcibly taught about the world.

    She ends up being the sole surviving Daughter of Aku, and rather than killing the samurai, she ends up travelling with him.

    During her travels she sees Aku's world for what it really is, shakes off the yoke of her upbringing, and even meets some of the people Jack helped throughout the series.

    In the end, at what seems like Aku's final moment of triumph, the part of him that is inside Ashi turns out to be his undoing.

    Sometimes from even the greatest of evils can come something good.
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  6. Dusty

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    1.) Great animation.
    2.) Good V/O by Phil LaMart and Grey Griffin.
    3.) Some decent humor.
    4.) Fun action.

    1.) Music sucked, I think James Venable is the only guy really able of creating and capturing the moments of the show, (music can help make it break a movie or show and this new composer helped ruin this for me.) Not saying he sucks, but his music didn’t feel at all like SJ, nor did it have true emotional oomph that Venable could pull off.
    2.) This was NOT Samurai Jack to me, (nastalgia glasses off,) this was not close to the tone or way Genndy said he wanted SJ to be, I know things change and mature but they threw in explicit crap and gore just “cause they could.” Not because it added to a single thing.
    3.) Jack’s ending sucked (the overall ending sucked Aku’s demise was way anti-climactic consider his reign of terror. And if all tv show characters Jak deserved a truly happy ending.
    4.) I don’t care if it was an Adult Swim show, I cant show this to my kids, as far as I’m concerned the show ended in 2005.

    I feel too many original players/crew were missing from the team. And I think Genndy just lost his real vision of the show due to having to wait so long (or IMO he did.)
    I wanted this to be awesome, but it was barely watchable to me (and I’m not hard to please.)

    Venting over, this was again all my personal opinion. I’m glad those who enjoyed it did, but for me it was nails on a chalkboard.

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