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Teen Titans Fan Fiction The Wolf's Return

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Dragon, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Dragon

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    Aug 27, 2006
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    Thank you. I worked rather hard to write him as accuratly as possible.I am still trying to format chapter 4, so that may take some time. Aside from that, thank you for reading and replying to my story. It is always a pleasure to read comments, and see that a tale works. So once more, I thank you.

    Ta ta for now!
  2. Dragon

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    Aug 27, 2006
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    Finally, The fourth chapter is complete. As this is a turning point in the story, I would appreciate it if you told me what you think. As well, thank you for replying, not to mention reading my story. Well, without further ado, chapter 4!

    Chapter 4

    She double checked before leaving. It was so hard to do any thing, and she wasn't used to being so earthbound. She needed a practice run, and the combat simulator was more interested in saying security alert, than training. Shouldering her bag, she darted out the door, to the garage. Her sharp eye immediately saw one of the many redbirds, and she grinned. There was no way she wasn’t getting any practice in. And besides, he’d let her borrow it in the past, why not now? All she had to do was not crash it. If she did that, she’d be stuck in training for the rest of her visit, not to mention build it again. She grabbed her helmet, and cranked the gas. In a roar of exhaust, she sped toward the mainland.


    Robin scanned for Slade. The report had stated that he was robbing the electronics store. Robin couldn’t help but wonder about this. Slade wasn’t one to rob a store; that was too petty. It was enough to give the Boy Wonder a shiver running down his spine.

    “Come on, guys. Let’s do this,” he called to the other titans. “And remember, Slade is really tough to beat. Don’t let him get the best of you.”

    “Yeah,” Beast Boy grinned. “That’s your part.”

    Robin looked away, muttering. All the other titans knew of his obsession with Slade. In fact, it was the point of many jokes now, seeing as nearly every time he saw Slade, he nearly lost control of his temper. He snapped out of his reverie just in time to notice it: a faint hint of movement in the upper corner of the room they were investigating. But it wasn’t Slade, no; this movement was far too familiar.

    “Come on out,” he called. “I know it’s you. You need way more time in the simulator.”

    “So what if I do?” a voice called out, causing he other titans to exchange glances. To them, it seemed as if Robin knew the figure, and knew them very well.

    “Come on. You know I know you too well to be fooled.” Robin said with a grin.

    “Huh, do you know how much I hate getting stuck in-doors? I couldn’t resist tagging along.” The figure said.

    “Well, seeing as you’re here, you can come. But you’d better not have trashed my bike.” Robin replied.

    The figure sighed, and jumped down. The cape swirled in the air as she made a perfect touchdown.

    “Hey.” Batgirl said. “And how’d you know I took your bike?” she couldn’t help asking.

    “Yours is back in Gotham.” He replied dryly. Batgirl looked down sheepishly.

    “Um, you know, it’s more than just wanting to see you again that brought me here.” She said.

    Robin stopped walking. “Huh?”

    Batgirl sighed. “I promised not to tell.” She said. “But it’s apparently really personal. I don’t know the whole story, though.”

    “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the dream team.” An all too familiar voice said.

    The titans looked up. There, in plain sight, was Slade. Narrowing his eye, he jumped down.

    “It’s about time you arrived; I’ve been waiting for a while to test my newest robot on you.” Slade said. Pressing a button, he called out what was without a doubt the weakest robot ever.

    “I would’ve tested it sooner, but someone kept breaking it.” He said glaring into the shadows.

    A figure in the shadows glared back.

    “Well,” Robin stated, “are we going to take this thing and Slade out or not?”

    The others nodded, and the fight began.

    The figure ran full pelt to the electronics store. His enemy was in there, as well as his target. If he didn’t get there, he might lose his target again, this time, for good. He gulped, focusing on the warehouse. The moon rose over the rooftops, bathing his body in the light. The figure grinned. The rising moon gave him the strength that he needed, and an extra burst of speed. He let out a howl of joy, and ran full tilt.

    Robin was losing, and he knew it. They had taken out the robot with relative ease, but the, a whole bunch of goons had shown up. And Slade was back on his case.

    Pinned to the floor, he couldn’t help but watch as Slade brought a pole screaming towards his skull. Right before it hit, a figure barreled into Slade, causing the pole to smash into the ground barely an inch from his skull.

    Robin got up shakily, to view the newcomer. He was dressed in much the same manner as himself, and even had a symbol on his breast. But some of the main differences were immediately apparent.

    From the pointed ears, to the bushy tail, to the sharp claws, it was apparent what his rescuer was. But the, Robin reflected, why should he be surprised? After seeing the wonders of the world, and others, he began to wonder why he hadn’t realized it sooner. His rescuer was a werewolf.

    The beast grinned at, him, and leapt at the dark figure in the shadows. With a howl, it unsheathed its claws. It easily landed on a beam, near the figure. The figure, was unfazed, however. Robin caught the glint of a tossed coin, and the face that landed up.

    The figure in the shadows carelessly drew a gun, and with a single shot, blew the beam out from under the werewolf.

    The werewolf looked down, and gave a groan that told Robin that it had been through this before. In a flash, the clues and hints fell into place for Robin.

    “Not again.” He grunted to himself, and fired a grappling hook, catching the beast in mid-fall. He set it on a beam, and ran towards both his most hated enemy, and worst nightmare. He extended his Bo in mid flight, and spun it at Two-Face. The gangster looked surprised, and realized that the secret was out.

    “We’re going!” the thief called to Slade. “The kid figured it out! We have to regroup!”

    Slade nodded his understanding, and sent Beast Boy flying into Raven, who was not at all pleased, or surprised, to have an elephant land on her.

    The two super villains ran into the night, blending into the shadows. Robin, however, did not seem to notice this, however. He only saw the werewolf, the face of a friend he had thought lost to him forever.

    The wolf jumped down and to the surprise of the other titans, embraced Robin, tears streaming down his muzzle. Slowly, he returned to human form, and then took a step back.

    “Hey, bro,” said Christopher Grayson. “Miss me?”

    Robin could only smile. “More than you know.”
  3. TorchLighter

    TorchLighter two sides, same coin

    Oct 14, 2006
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    Obviously there's more to Chris Grayson than meets the eye. A werewolf? I'm pleasently surprised. I was expecting the Grayson to be involved with Slade. Spend too much time reading Matt A's Fiction...

    Great story!! Strong character representation, great storyline. Looking forward to more.
  4. Dragon

    Dragon Member

    Aug 27, 2006
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    Thank you! I felt that adding a bit of depth would be interesting. When I saw the movie Batman Forever, I enjoyed the fact that, in this interpretation, Robin had a brother. I became intrigued as to what kind of hero Chris would be. Obiously Robin is a very on top of the ball character, who loses sight of the goal when it comes to Slade. I hought that by making Chris a werewolf, he would have a better chance at survival. But, unfortunatly, you will have to wait a couple of chapters to learn what happened on that fateful night. Also, I wish to thank every one who has read my stor, 309 at the last cout, and also those who have replied, most notably SecretNinja and TorchLighter. I enjoy both positive and negative feedback, as it tells me just what others think of a story. I must be doing something right, though? I just wish I knew what it was...
  5. Dragon

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    Aug 27, 2006
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    Well, the next chapter is done at last. I am sorry it took so long, part of it was hard to write the wording for. This chapter is basically just a flashback of how Robin became Robin. Oh, and if anyone knows the names of the gangsters in the comics, i'd appreciate it if they'd state those names. I wanted to put them in this chapter, but couldn't remember them. as soon as I know them though, I'll edit this chapter. well, without further ado...

    Chapter 5

    The team, complete with Chris; gathered at Titans Tower. Robin sighed, knowing that he had to do this.

    “I owe you guys an explanation. I have for a while. But, with everything going on, day in, day out, it didn’t really seem to matter that much. Besides, why spoil your fun? But now everything’s different. An old enemy of mine dared to show his face, and put you in danger. He might not seem dangerous, but he can take a life, based on the flip of a coin.” He took a deep breath, as though he were poised on a high dive off of Niagara Falls.

    “My name wasn’t always Robin, and it might change in time. Star already knows as much. Rae knows part of the story, but only two people know the whole story. And know that you’re in this mess; you’d better know how this came to pass.

    Richard Grayson ate a meager dinner, as he waited for the show to begin. Some might think his impoverished, but anyone who knew anything about the circus would know better. You couldn’t go on without ballast in your belly, but you couldn’t go in fully loaded either.

    Chris, his older brother, came in and sat down beside him. “Hey, bro? I need to talk to you about something. I don’t want to come out straight and say it in front of Mom and Dad just yet; I don’t know how they’d take it.”

    Pushing his spiky black hair back, he took a deep breath, a sure sign he was excited.

    Rick grinned. It was a girl. It had to be. There was nothing else that could bring out such a reaction in his brother. But even he couldn’t believe his brother’s good fortune.

    “I’ve been offered a position in the Vere Dolf circus.”

    Rick was stunned. The Vere Dolf circus was the most prestigious show on the circuit! Very few were ever invited to join. And his brother had been selected!

    “Go for it!” he encouraged his sibling. “A chance like this occurs once in a blue moon!” he knew, of course, the irony behind his words. That night was a blue moon. He had heard some in Gotham call it the Hunter’s moon. Other’s said it was a sign that Two Face was abroad. Gulping down the last of his dinner, he headed to the tent to begin the act. Chris got up, and followed his brother to the tent.

    The act went flawlessly. The Lion’s Mane was a stunning success, and the Tiger’s Eye and Dragon Breath were perfect. But the gem of the evening was the Death Drop. He was performing it for the first time. The announcer told the audience a few brief facts about it, passing over the fact that it was with no net with surprising ease. Rick grabbed the handle. Mustering all his concentration and strength, he leapt off the platform, his body arcing gracefully across the sky.

    At the height of his jump, he let go, allowing the bar to swing back to his father. He turned in midair, once, twice, three times. He exhaled, watching as time seemed to lend a hand by slowing his fall. His father flew up beside him, as though he was riding the wind. On the return, Rick threw his arm up, to lock wrists with his father. In a smooth blur they swung back to the platform. Glancing down, Rick’s keen eyes saw two things. Bruce Wayne was in the audience, and the ringmaster was bound and gagged. A figure looked at the unblemished coin in the palm of his hand. “You’re lucky,” the figure whispered. “Fate has chosen, and you have won…Life.”

    Rick gulped. This figure meant business. He landed on the platform, and faked a smile for the audience, giving it strength through adrenaline. Just then, the figure strode out. It was obvious to Rick, that everyone else thought he was the ringmaster. Until, of course, he started speaking

    “Ladies and Gentlemen. Please remain calm. We are going to kill all of you!”

    Harvey?” The mayor asked, “What are you doing here?”
    “What am I doing here?” Two Face asked. “Why, I am here to demand that the city hand over the Bat to me.”

    “But why?” the mayor continued.

    “Because,” replied Two Face, “I want to see Batman broken, bleeding, bashed, burned, bruised; in other words, dead. Now hand him over like a good mayor, and the coin may favor you. Otherwise,” Two Face flipped his coin. Showing the scarred surface, he said. “Otherwise, you die.”

    Pandemonium broke out, with people screaming, here, there, everywhere. Rick felt oddly secluded, and simply watched, as two men, a notorious gangster duo, dragged out a cheesy cartoon shaped bomb. But the numbers counting down were all too real.

    Rick’s dad leapt into action at once. “Rick! You disable the bomb somehow. Honey, you, Chris, and I will give people a chance to escape.” Rick nodded, and helped his parents hoist the bomb up to the top. Grabbing it, Rick lifted it outside. He glanced around, looking for a way to get rid of it. He didn’t know the first thing about diffusing bombs, and doubted that the “snip the red wire” would work in real life.

    He caught sight of the river. Hoisting himself up, he grabbed the bomb and flung it into the river. A few seconds later, three things happed. The bomb went off, a gunshot rang out, and he heard a muffled thump. Fearing that one of the audience had been hit, he rushed back to help out his parents. Looking down, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His parents and brother lay sprawled on the floor, a scarred coin lying next to them.

    The other Titans stared at him as he gulped down a glass of water. Beast Boy was stunned, and Cy and Star were looking at him in a sort of sympathy. They too, had experienced loss close to their hearts. But that was nothing compared on how Raven felt. She thought she had had a rough childhood, but to see all his family’s hopes and dreams dashed in an instant, that must have been really tough. Even Batgirl couldn’t speak, as she saw the grief on her friend’s face. The only semi cheerful one was Chris, who had never heard it from this perspective before.

    “Wow! So that’s why you were so edgy after the Drop! That explains a lot. I thought you died in the explosion.”

    With the ice broken, BB jumped right in, with a comment.
    “Hel-lo! Am I the only one with a brain? Vere Dolf? It sounds almost just like Werewolf!” he glanced at Chris “Which you happen to be!”

    Chris chuckled. “I will tell my story, once Robin’s done.”

    Robin finished his drink, and prepared to go on.

    Rick looked up in awe at what he had discovered. Glancing about, he spotted the best car he had ever seen. A guy would have no trouble in that car. He grinned as he looked inside. The keys were still in the ignition. Starting it up, he took it for a spin around Gotham. He loved the way people stared at him. It made him feel special, and not as though he was a target either. He spun the wheel, and drove into an alley. A gang of street punks was harassing a girl, and so he stopped and jumped out to help, completely forgetting who normally jumped out.

    "Well, well, well," sneered the lead punk. "Where's your suit Batman, or should I say, Batboy?"

    Rick gulped. This, he had not expected. He had to bluff his way out of this one, fast. "It's at the drycleaners. Got a problem with that?"

    The punks just laughed. Taking a deep breath, he started throwing kicks and punches every which way. Fortunately, his parents had insisted that he take some martial arts classes to improve his reflexes and his acrobatic skill. As it was, he beat the bullies just long enough for their terrified victim to slip away.

    The gang leader looked taken aback at this. With a whistle, he summoned more of his minions from the shadows. Rick fought hard, but numbers were against him. Then, to his amazement, and anger, Batman jumped down, sending the goons scattering in terror.

    He should have been pleased, but all he could think of was how this man had not shown up, not been able to save his family. He threw some punches at Batman, but none got through. In the end, he was reduced to tears, and couldn't go on. But he promised himself one thing. He would become a hero, and avenge his parents.

    A few days later, his chance arrived. Two Face disrupted a party hosted by his hidden accomplice, Edward Nygma; to rob a host of rich people, and Bruce was investigating a lead, and was overtaken by the BrainBox. Fortunately, Batman showed up, and chased Two Face from the building. Rick raced out of the building, and was just in time to see Batman disappear down a slim tube. He ran as fast as he could, and saw Batman buried in a pile of rubble.

    Plunging his hand in, he pulled the Dark Knight free, much to the older man's dismay and frustration.

    Bruce promptly gave him a dressing down. In his anger, Rick stormed from the mansion and ran down the road. He vented his anger for a few days, and, then, upon hearing that Bruce had been attacked, rushed back to the mansion. He spoke to Alfred, and crafted a suit of his own.

    Together, the Dynamic duo rushed to stop Edward Nygma, revealed to be The Riddler, and save Bruce's girlfriend, Dr. Chase Meridian, who was kidnapped by the terrible two.

    Batman went by air, while Rick, who had taken the name of Robin, went by sea. The villains appeared to be prepared, however, and managed to capture Robin.

    Robin woke up a few minutes after being subdued by Two Face. Batman was given a choice of who to save. The Dark Knight nearly fell into a trap, but was able to outwit the two. Riddler pulled the trigger, and Robin felt his body spiraling horribly out of control. He managed to quickly control his descent, and was saved, to his own dismay and relief, by Batman. The two quickly became partners, and continued to stop evil.

    Robin finished his story. The others were silent as they digested all of this information from their friend. But something was puzzling Beast Boy.

    "Uh dude? If you were Batman's sidekick, and she's Batman's sidekick, and you met each other, but now you're with us, then how are you two connected?" said the changeling, referring to Batgirl.

    Robin rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. "She kind of helped Batman and me when we were on thin ice. Mr. Freeze was trying to freeze Gotham, all while we were trying to overthrow Poison Ivy's hormone charms, also called love dust to the weak of mind. Being a girl, Batgirl wasn't affected."

    Beast Boy was satisfied by this explanation, knowing that Robin had meant no wrong in the "Weak of Mind" comment, seeing as he didn't have a clue as to what hormones were, or even if they were edible.

    Robin turned to his elder brother. "Now, it's you're turn," he said with a grin.
  6. Dragon

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    Aug 27, 2006
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    Finally, I can post the latest chapter. It took me ages to get it just right. It is a bit shorter than my other chapters, save the prologue. I am also thinking of placing this onto Fanfiction.net, and hope that those who frequent it enjoy it.

    Now, I should have done this a while ago, but here is a small disclaimer. I do not own any of the characters in here, or the show. I don't really own Chris, seeing as I am just building off him. still, sometimes no original characters are best.

    Chapter 6

    Chris grinned a toothsome smile. “You bet I will, little bro.”

    Settling into a comfortable chair, he began his story. (A/N- the rest of Chris’s story, save for the Titans comments, is told in Chris’s POV)

    I woke up, feeling cold. At first, I thought I was in bed. Then, I realized that someone had pulled the sheets too high. It hit me in a flash. I was dead. I panicked. My limbs began shaking, my head started spinning, and my heart started pounding…

    Wait a minute, my heart was pounding? I breathed a sigh of relief. Your heart didn’t beat if you were dead. Sitting up, I threw the sheet off me. I was outside the circus tent, but not yet in the ambulance. No-one was paying attention to me, so I took the time to get out of there, after doing a bit of faking. I ripped the sheets, and let some of my blood, which was coming from one of my many wounds, drip on the sheets

    It had to be my own, you see. I couldn’t afford to use a substitute, in case they did DNA testing on it.

    After this task was complete, I ran for the outer limits of Gotham. I knew I would be safe in the woods, close to the Earth. Just as you, brother, have longed for the sky, so I, had an affinity with the rocks, and trees, and good fresh earth.

    It took me almost no time to get to the woods. Once in, I knew I could never be harmed again. I found a cave, after running awhile. It was in the Rockies, and the environment was perfect. What more could I ask for?

    A few days later, I put on a disguise, and headed for Weresian, the closest town. I stocked up on clothes, with what little I had. I learned a lot about my surroundings, then.

    First of all, Weresian uses a barter system, and is completely cut off from the outside world; a bit like the Amish people. They specialized in hand crafted goods, and fresh food.

    The only things from the outside world are the newspapers. A lot of them. One of every paper on earth, actually. This means that they can know exactly what’s going on at any given time. They have great satellite TV too, though that’s all made in Weresian.

    I was able to pick up a lot of information there, and really hit the library hard. The books, oh, how many there were. And on every single subject from around the world. Scrolls from High Atlantis, not new Atlantis like the water- guy, Aqualad, right?

    I became very good in those subjects, though I never strayed far from my cave. After a few months like this, I started acting like a local, carving things to sell in the town. I was best at stone, and thus had a lot of materials.

    Using the scrolls, I learned how to carve diorite, obsidian, and even diamond. I could make anything in less than ten minutes, although how, I never did figure out. But still, it felt pretty cool.

    All in all, things were going pretty well, up until a couple of years ago. It started at the market. I had just traded some wolf carvings for a newspaper from Gotham, when an old man grabbed my arm.

    “Why are you reading that paper, boy? It has no bones to it. You will die if you read that.”

    He chuckled to himself. “Actually, I made up the dying part. But the fact that it’s so dry, now that was true.” He sighed. He reached into his bag, and handed me a different paper.
    It was one I had read, but hadn’t paid much attention to. At first, I couldn’t understand the big fuss he was making over it. It was dated a couple weeks after I left, and the headline was simple. But reading it a second time, I realized the enormity of my situation.

    The headline was “TWO FACE’S BODY NOT FOUND”

    The old man stared at me. “There is a rule, here in Weresian. We call it the law of death. It is simple, but states that unless a body is found, they are still alive. And even then, they can still return.”

    I gulped. If that was the case, you were in big trouble.
    Robin held back a shudder, but barely. “Well, apparently these people are really clever, and they could have saved us a lot of trouble.”

    Chris was a bit confused. “How so, Bro?”

    Raven could see where this was going.

    “If we had known that saying before, we would not be facing him now.”
    She stated in a monotone voice.

    BB yawned. The titans were all tired. The rest of Chris’s story would have to wait for morning

    There you go! Sorry, I still don't know what's wrong with the fonts, but R&R! The story is going to really kick off now. So if you have any theories on what's happening next, I'd love to hear them! maybe I'll even use one! Ah well, my cave needs cleaning, it's full of brimstone.

    Ta Ta for Now!
  7. Dragon

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    Aug 27, 2006
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    Sorry for not updating. I have Writers block, so do not expect another chapter until I find a good bit for the next chapter. and thank you for the 512 reads!
  8. KurtmanJP

    KurtmanJP Cartoon Dog Fanatic

    Oct 21, 2008
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    I really loved this fanfic and I have some questions of my own regarding it. I hope they aren't too weird but it would mean a lot if you could reply back:

    1. When Christopher was crying at the end of the chapter, were his tears specifically streaming:
    A: Down the bridge of his muzzle and collecting at the tip of his nose
    B: Down the side of his muzzle diagonally, past his lips and onto his jaw

    2. Exactly how would Christopher react and what would he say to me if I licked those tears streaming down his muzzle with my tongue? Because every time I read the part where he cries, I fantasize licking those tears streaming down Christopher's muzzle, just running my tongue along his snout and licking every last drop away to comfort him as he cries.

    3. Dumb question I know but exactly how salty would Christopher's tears taste on my tongue if I licked his tears from his muzzle while he hugged Robin?

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