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The Reluctant Chick Magnet (Super Friends fan fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Preamble: Yes, this makes two Super Friends fan-fics in a row. I've taken an extended break from doing Archie and Scooby-Doo stories, and there'll be some fresh material down the road. This story follows along the same timeline as the last one. All characters are copyright DC Comics/Warner Bros./Hanna-Barbera, except for original characters created for this story.
    Chapter 1:

    Setting: March 1982.

    It was Spring Break, but for the Wonder Twins, Zan & Jayna, vacationing in some place like Daytona Beach would have to wait. Jayna had barely arrived in Metropolis before being summoned to the Hall of Justice.

    "All I know is we've been given an undercover assignment.", Zan told her when she arrived at the Hall. "Superman said he'd fill us in as soon as he came back from his meeting with Inspector Henderson."

    "And as soon as we get our instructions, I'll have to place a phone call and cancel my dinner date.", Jayna replied quietly. "I have reservations at Weisinger's."

    "And you still have them, honey.", Jimmy Olsen said as the Daily Planet's ace investigative reporter/photographer entered with Superman, greeting his girlfriend with a kiss.

    "You mean---you're on this case with us, Jim?"

    "Exactly. I'll let Superman fill you in."

    "Thanks, Jim.", the Man of Steel replied. He handed a picture to Jayna.

    "That is Andre Dzuban, an internationally known jewel thief. Reportedly, he's been spotted in Metropolis after escaping from Interpol 2 weeks ago. I would guess he's been casing the various jewelers in the city, or even the Metropolis Museum."

    "Why the Museum?", Zan asked.

    "There are some valuable, actually priceless, gems that go back hundreds of years that are on exhibit at the Museum, Zan.", Superman replied. "Age doesn't mean a thing to a thief like Dzuban. He's only interested in the bottom line."

    "Bottom line?"

    "What he means, brother, is how much he can make off the theft.", Jayna replied. She handed the photo back to Superman.

    "What do you want us to do?", she asked.

    "Jayna, you and Jimmy will keep your dinner date at Weisinger's, but I believe that actually calls for Joanna to appear?", Superman said.

    "Yes, it does. We're due at 7, which means I have about an hour to change outfits."

    "Don't worry about that. You'll be fine."
    Just before 7 pm, Joanna Fleming arrived at Weisinger's on the arm of Jimmy. It was the couple's first date since Christmas break. Just their luck that the waiter assigned to their table bore some resemblance to Andre Dzuban. As he delivered the couple's dinners, the waiter stumbled over a lump in the rug. Only Jimmy's quick thinking prevented a total disaster.

    "Got it.", he said, catching the tray and helping the waiter set it on the table.

    "Thank you, monsieur.", the waiter said, grateful. "I had asked the manager to have the rug looked at when I came in 4 hours ago, but due to the heavy dinner traffic, he hasn't had a chance."

    As the waiter returned to his station, Joanna noticed that he had dropped something, a shiny silver bracelet that fell under the table. She knelt down and picked up the bracelet, but waited until the couple left the restaurant to show it to Jimmy.

    "I'm almost certain that waiter is Dzuban. He, too, is going undercover.", she said. "This bracelet fell out from under his sleeve."

    "There's a good reason for that, honey.", Jimmy said, examining the item. "The clasp is broken. He was wearing it rather loosely. I'll see if I can fix it when I get home."

    The next day, Jimmy, unable to repair the bracelet, brought it with him to work, planning on taking it to a jeweler to effect the repairs. Around 10 am, he was called away on assignment, and left the bracelet in a drawer in his desk. Clark Kent (Superman) walked by and noticed the drawer was slightly ajar. The bracelet shined under the office lights.

    "Hmm. This is one of the bracelets that had been stolen from Haney's yesterday.", Kent thought to himself. "How Jimmy came to have it, I don't know, but a quick repair job will have this good as new."

    Later that afternoon, Jimmy returned and discovered the bracelet had been repaired, but couldn't figure out how, except for a note left on his desk from Superman. On the roof of the Planet building, he met with the Metropolis Marvel.

    "I think Dzuban's working at Weisinger's while he's in town.", Jimmy said. "According to Joanna, this fell from his sleeve last night, and landed under our table."

    "It was stolen from Haney's Jewelry around this time yesterday.", Superman replied. "Judging from where the break was, it was broken upon contact with the carpet."

    "From multiple drops, I'd guess. Joanna checked for stray shards before we left, but didn't find any."

    "I'll take this back to Haney's. They'll be happy to have this back."
    Around 10 pm, a masked man entered Haney's, and stole the bracelet. Superman moved to intercept him, but was stopped when the thief turned, revealing a Kryptonite necklace.

    "I knew you'd try to stop me, Superman, but I have plans for this trinket.", Dzuban said arrogantly. "Fortunately, I came prepared."

    "So did I!"

    Night Phantom suddenly appeared, and grabbed the necklace off Dzuban's neck.

    "Come and get it, Frenchie!", she called, taunting the thief. Dzuban gave chase, but the lithe, leggy adventurer scaled the fire escape and reached the roof----where Jimmy was waiting with a baseball bat.

    "Better hurry, honey.", she said. "Dzuban's not far behind."

    "Not a problem, Phantom.", Jimmy replied. He broke the Kryptonite off the chain, and tossed the chunk of alien rock up in the air, then swung for the fences. The jewel sized meteorite landed in a dumpster some 450 feet away. Dzuban reached the roof, but was quickly overpowered. Phantom bound Dzuban with the chain as Superman approached.

    "Good work, you two. I'll take Dzuban back to police headquarters.", he said.

    As Superman flew away, Jayna started to remove her mask, but Jimmy stopped her.

    "We're out in the open, honey.", he reminded. "You don't want to compromise the Night Phantom so quickly, do you?"

    "Ohhh, you're right, Jim. I'm sorry.", Jayna replied. Impulsively, though, she raised the brim of her mask and kissed him.

    The bracelet was returned to Haney's for the second time in as many days the next morning after going through police impound. There, Inspector Bill Henderson received a shocking message from Clarice Haney, the owner's daughter.

    "This looks like it was polished before it was brought back yesterday by Superman.", she said. "I didn't think much of it at the time, Inspector, but there is an odd glow to the bracelet now."

    "So there is.", Henderson said. "There must be something to this bracelet that made Dzuban want it so badly."

    "From what I understand, Inspector, it was made from some very strange ingredients. As if a love potion was mixed with the metal within."

    Meanwhile, at the Daily Planet, one of Superman's Justice League associates, Zatanna the Magician, was in the office to be interviewed by Clark to promote her show at the Civic Theatre later that night. In the privacy of Clark's office, he & Zatanna discussed the Dzuban case.

    "Didn't you notice those jewels on the bracelet, Clark?", she asked. "The story is that those jewels were laced with some kind of magic love potion. Now, I'm not sure if that's true or not, but if I were you, I'd have Jimmy Olsen checked out, because if he made contact with the jewels, the potion will have gotten on him, if there is a potion."

    "Great Scott!", Clark exclaimed. "Not just Jimmy, but Joanna as well!"
    Well, we know that by this point, Jimmy and Jayna are very much a couple. But if Zatanna's right, and she crosses paths with Jimmy........! Come on back for chapter 2.
  2. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    At the Hall of Justice, Jayna was questioned about the bracelet.

    "I wasn't taking any chances.", she said. "I wore white gloves with my outfit, and used a napkin to pick up the bracelet."

    "Smart thinking.", Wonder Woman said. "Problem is, we've been told there might be something to the bracelet besides its potential market value."

    "Such as?"

    "How about a magic love potion?"

    "A love potion? Jimmy doesn't need to have anything like that!"

    "I know that, Jayna. The two of you make such a beautiful couple, but if Jimmy's bare fingers touched any of the jewels on the bracelet, he may have come into contact with some sort of potion, if the legends are true."

    "What do you want me to do?"

    "You've got another date with Jimmy tonight?"

    "Yes. I'm maximizing the time I can have with him while I'm in town, and..."

    "Say no more. You'll see the results for yourself first hand."

    Later that night, Jimmy & Joanna took in Zatanna's show. As they entered the theatre, an usher gave Joanna a half dozen roses. She looked around, and noticed that every woman in the theatre had also been given a bouquet.

    "I wonder that this is about.", she thought to herself. The answer came soon enough, when the usher returned with an envelope for Jimmy. Inside was a note, asking the reporter to meet Zatanna backstage.

    "I think I need you with me on this one, hon'.", he whispered.

    "Are you sure?", Joanna asked.

    "Just a hunch."
    Two hours later, after the show ended, the young couple met with Zatanna backstage. The Mistress of the Occult leaned seductively against her makeup table, but when Joanna entered with Jimmy, she realized that.....

    "Ah, my plan worked.", she said, closing the door.

    "Plan?", Jimmy asked.

    "The aroma from the roses was meant to offset the effects of the love potion you have in your system, Jimmy. I'd say it worked to perfection."

    "Well, I wasn't swarmed, if that's what you mean."

    "Exactly.", Zatanna replied. Using her wand like a doctor's stethoscope, she examined Jimmy, confirming her suspicions.

    "I had these roses specially made, if you will.", she said. "The natural aroma of these roses wipes out what's left of the potion. I really don't think you'd want to be distracted when you and Joanna are together, do you?"

    "No, not at all."

    "Please wait outside. There's something I have to discuss with Joanna in private."


    As Jimmy stood outside holding the roses, Zatanna & Joanna talked things out as it related to him.

    "As long as he has the roses, or if you're with him, he shouldn't be in any danger.", Zatanna said. "With the bracelet back at the jeweler's, and under heavy guard, I don't think we'll go through this again."

    "I wouldn't be so sure, Zatanna.", Joanna replied, as she reached into her purse for her communicator. It was Batman, who was on monitor duty.

    "There's been another break-in at Haney's Jewelers.", he said. "Superman's away off-world, so..."

    "We'll be right there, Batman.", Zatanna said. To Joanna, she said, "We'll have to bring Jimmy with us. Your brother will be with Batman. I already have a plan in place."

    "Then maybe I need to find a place to change, and....."

    "No need.", Zatanna replied. With a wave of her wand, Zatanna helped Joanna morph back to Jayna, then brought Jimmy in. Within seconds, the trio vanished via teleportation, and materialized at the jeweler's, where Batman & Zan were waiting.

    "Was it Dzuban again?", Jimmy asked.

    "No, Jim. Different thief this time.", Zan reported. "However, we did find Dzuban. How he got out of jail, I don't know."

    Inside the store, Jimmy and the Twins found Andre Dzuban, or what was left of him. The thief had been reduced to little more than a skeleton.

    "He messed with forces beyond his ken, as you also have."

    Jayna turned, to find Clarice, but she appeared......different. Zatanna knew who she was.

    "Circe.", she said. "What can you tell us about the bracelet? Was it stolen again?"

    "No, but something of greater value was. I will show you.", came the reply. Circe explained that the real Clarice Haney was away on business, and she simply took Clarice's place for a few days.

    "After our last meeting, I decided to settle down, and try the mortal life for a change. Clarice and her father took me in as an employee. About six months ago, I had been promoted to assistant manager. Around that time, Charles Haney received the bracelet and some other rare artifacts that were to be showcased at the museum. I warned him about the love potion, and advised him to use gloves to handle the bracelet, which he & Clarice did faithfully."

    "So what was stolen?", Batman asked.

    "A Philosopher's Stone. I'm sure you've heard of alchemy?"

    "I'm acquainted with it, and have heard of the stone."

    "I was so tempted to steal it myself, but the Haneys have been good to me. When they learned of another find in Columbia, I offered to go, but it was decided that I would stay and assume Clarice's identity, so the customers wouldn't miss her. She's due home tomorrow. However, if the stone were to fall in the wrong hands...."

    "We get the idea.", Jimmy said. "But who would steal the stone, if it wasn't Dzuban?"

    "Oh. That little, ill-mannered weasel. He became obsessed with the bracelet, and wasn't interested in the least bit in the stone. However, he decided to try to intercept the other thief, and paid for it with his life. As for the stone, it's in the hands of some fellow named Wolfingham."

    "J. Wilbur Wolfingham.", Jimmy repeated. "I know the guy. Rich with delusions of grandeur."

    "Precisely. He will be expecting Superman to come after him, but as we all know, Superman is vulnerable to magic, which is where you come in, Zatanna."

    "I think I get it. There are some sort of safeguards preventing you from going near the stone, so you need us to find it for you.", Zatanna replied.

    "Correct, but I only need two of you to go after the stone."

    Circe concentrated, and, seconds later, Jayna & Zatanna morphed, involuntarily, into a pair of ravens, tasked with the mission of locating the Philosopher's Stone. Jimmy's eyes widened in disbelief as the two disappeared into the night sky.

    "We can follow them.", Batman said. "They'll need our help."

    "Yes, but from a distance.", Circe warned. "You don't want Wolfingham to realize he's being followed, do you?"

    "She's got a point.", Zan said. "Since she's controlling my sister, I can't use my powers."

    "Then, this is a good time for you to utilize your other talents that I've helped you with.", Batman said.
    Meanwhile, Zatanna & Jayna had followed the trail to Wolfingham's mansion, just outside Metropolis. Neither could speak, but could communicate telepathically.

    "You don't believe Circe has reformed, do you?", Jayna asked mentally.

    "I have my doubts, but I do have a suspicion about who might be working with Wolfingham."

    Inside the mansion, Clarice Haney was bound & gagged, seated before Wolfingham's house guest.

    "I dare say, is this necessary?", Wolfingham asked.

    "Oh, it is. Circe has made her move. However, I have the stone, and with it, all the power in the world."

    Felix Faust pulled the stone out of his pocket.

    "You're dealing with things you don't understand, woman.", he told Clarice. "None of this would be happening if you didn't deny me this stone when I inquired about it at the store three days ago."

    The stone began to glow, and Clarice felt like screaming.......
    Needless to say, to be concluded.
  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 3:

    "Mr. Faust, I don't think this is necessary."

    Wolfingham had found his courage, and, as a result, had spared Clarice's life for the moment.

    "Ah, you're right, Wolfingham. This is intended for Circe. That minx and I have had our issues over the years. She thinks she can fool the mortals into thinking she's changed her ways.", Faust replied as he replaced the stone.

    Outside, the Batmobile pulled up. Zan had hoped he might be able to communicate with Jayna, but all he got from her was some excited caws.

    "She can't talk.", Batman reminded. "Neither can Zatanna, as long as Circe controls them. She's acted in good faith by using them on recon. Now, it's just a matter of finding the stone."

    "Not so hard.", Jimmy replied. "It's in there, but I doubt Wolfingham would know what to do with it."

    The reporter started toward the estate, but Jayna blocked him with her wing, and shook her head. Slowly, a fine mist emitted from the ground. The ravens disappeared, as Zatanna & Jayna reverted to normal. Simultaneously, Circe contacted Batman.

    "I've restored the ladies for now. I may have them change back to ravens for a quick getaway once you find the stone.", she said.

    "We know it's inside.", Batman replied, "However, I don't think Wolfingham knows what he's got."

    "It's not just Wolfingham. An old friend of yours is involved."

    "Felix Faust. Of course! He would be the only other one interested in the stone!"

    "Any ideas, Batman?", Zan asked.

    "Faust won't expect it if we attack from underground."

    "Say no more, Batman. I think I've got an idea on how we can get in.", Jayna said. "Ready, brother?"

    "Do you need to ask?"
    Inside, Faust conjured a pile of money. At least $10,000 worth.

    "I'm told you were offering as much as $5,000 for the stone. I can give you double that amount, and more. You don't need it anyway.", he said.

    "Are you sure about that, Mr. Faust? I'm a collector of rarities and antiques, not a sorcerer like you. Money's no object, my fine fellow, so if you want the stone, it's yours.", Wolfingham replied. Clarice's muffled protest was all but ignored. Faust trained the stone on her, and turned the jeweler into gold.

    "That is for your ignorance, young lady.", Faust said.

    At that moment, Jayna, now wearing the form of a gopher, led her team through a self-made tunnel to the kitchen. From there, they could see what Faust had done. However, before she could deactivate her powers, the shapely Exorian caught sight of a flash of golden light.

    "We've been made! Everyone down!", she cried.

    "I sensed you'd be here, Batman, but I assumed Circe would be your date for the evening, instead of bringing your friends.", Faust called. "The stone is mine! Forever!"

    Ah, but Faust hadn't counted on a gust of wind suddenly rising. Zatanna, a raven once more, stood in the doorway. Now, she was able to talk, but it was Circe's voice emitting from her throat.

    "No, Felix. You never were the smartest of mages!", she declared. Using the raven's wings, she directed the wind into the living room, forcing the stone from Faust's hands, and into Jayna's. She then handed the stone to Batman, who placed it in a lead box in his utility belt.

    Faust pulled out his wand, and sent the raven hurtling toward a nearby tree. The psychic backlash had its effect upon Circe at the jewelry store, as she was rendered unconscious as well.

    "It's up to you and me now, Jimmy!", Jayna said. "You know what to do?"

    "Absolutely, babe. Fastball special on the way!", came the reply.

    Cradling Jayna in the palm of his hand, Jimmy sent her toward Faust.

    "Have to make this count.", she thought. "One shot, and one shot only!"

    However, Faust picked up her approach, and redirected her back toward the others with a wave of his wand. Behind him, Zatanna, restored to normal again, recited one of her backward spells, and transferred the spell cast upon Clarice to Faust, leaving him frozen in his golden form. Wolfingham simply fainted.
    Much later, the stone was delivered to the museum. For Circe, it was no longer about power, but her time at Haney's had come to an end.

    "I've learned a valuable lesson this day.", she said. "One I should've learned a long, long time ago."

    "Are you sure you can't stay?", Clarice asked.

    "I am sorry, Clarice. Faust has, for all intents & purposes, blown my cover here. I still have issues elsewhere that must needs be attended to."

    Circe then turned to Jayna & Zatanna.

    "I could not deal directly with Faust, as you had surmised, and thus I had to use you as my avatars. Through you, I discovered the value of teamwork. Perhaps one day, we can meet again, but under more pleasant circumstances."

    "Perhaps we can.", Zatanna replied. "Except next time you decide to change either one of us into any avatar you can think of, you may just let us do the talking. Faust is not used to me being a shapeshifter like my friend here, and hearing my voice coming out of the raven's mouth would've scared him even more."

    "Perhaps I'll take you up on that, Zatanna, one day. Farewell!"

    As Circe left, Zatanna was struck by inspiration, and whispered something in Jayna's ear.

    "Are you serious?", she asked.

    "It's for one night only.", Zatanna replied. "The final night of my residency at the theatre."
    Three nights later, Zatanna's final show at the Metropolis Civic Theatre opened with a dramatic reading of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven". Jayna acted as Zatanna's assistant, and both wore raven's heads as part of their costumes. The poem was read by Clark Kent, who shyly admitted backstage he'd missed out on all the fun.

    "I was so tempted to use my powers and turn into a humanoid raven, but Zatanna suggested having her use a spell on both of us instead.", Jayna said afterward as Jimmy gave her a loving peck on the cheek.

    "Well, you know what they say.", Bruce Wayne chimed in. "Birds of a feather will flock together."

    "Good thing Robin's not here to hear that priceless crack.", Zan quipped. "Speaking of missing the fun."

    "Oh, he heard all about it.", Wayne replied. "He's got a bone to pick with Jimmy, however."

    "Eh? Why's that?", Jimmy asked.

    "I'll answer that, honey.", Jayna replied. "Robin had his chances with me, but never took the opportunity. So, he thinks you're feathering your love nest with me at his expense."

    "Oh? Tonight, I was treated to a raven's head on a fox's body."

    "Ohhhhh, Jimmy!"

    "I think I'd better take the lovebirds home before things get out of hand.", Clark quipped.
    The end.
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