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The NEW Perils of Penelope Pitstop (Hanna-Barbera fan-fic)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Author's note: I've had an idea for this rolling around for a good while now, but before I get into the story, a few things need to be explained.

    Understand first that "Wacky Races", where Penelope & the Ant Hill Mob made their debut in 1968, was based on "The Great Race", and it's generally been assumed the show was set in the present day, as opposed to the spinoffs that followed the next year.

    The original "Perils of Penelope Pitstop", taking its cues from the silent film era melodramas, was in fact set in the late 1920's. Penelope's racing gear in "Races" reportedly was of a 1930's design, so there exists the prospect of a time warp, but I don't think so. It's safe to assume that "Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines", the other spinoff, was also set around the 20's, which would be peace time following WWI, or much later.

    But, we're focusing on Penelope here, so let's try to link things together.

    What I've decided to do is create a motivating point for Sylvester Sneekly (Hooded Claw) to make a run at Penelope's fortune. Thus, the series will now be reset around the time of the Stock Market Crash of 1929, 40 years before the cartoon. 17 episodes were produced, with virtually no final resolution. In Book 1, we'll find out exactly what happened to Penelope, Sneekly, the Bullys, and the Ant Hill Mob.
  2. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Book 1: Last Chance for the Hooded Claw

    Chapter 1:

    Setting: Winter 1930.

    The Hooded Claw thought he'd finally won. He'd left Penelope Pitstop, bound & gagged, buried underground, and with almost no chance of the Ant Hill Mob finding her this time. Especially considering the Claw had found a means to keep the Mob busy, by sending Federal marshals after them on some trumped up charges.

    As Sylvester Sneekly, the Claw returned to the scene of his crime, only to discover the Mob & the marshals----working together---to pull Penelope from the pit. Sneekly tried to turn around and leave, but Clyde spotted him and pointed him out to the marshals. Sneekly was promptly arrested.

    "You can't do this! You can't prove a thing!", he protested.

    "Oh, that's where you're wrong!", Clyde replied icily. "You left something behind."

    The marshals showed Sneekly a wallet with his ID and $200 inside. Then, it dawned on Sneekly that he was missing his wallet when he returned home! His fingerprints were all over the cement mixer used to bury Penelope, who was being attended to by Softy & Pockets. In his haste to leave, Sneekly had forgotten about the wallet, which had fallen from his pocket while trying to avoid Chuggaboom, the Mob's sentient vehicle.

    A few weeks later, Sneekly was put on trial, along with the Bully Brothers, on multiple counts of kidnapping and attempted murder. Sneekly had lost a large sum in the Crash, and sought to recoup his losses by eliminating Penelope from the picture and claiming her fortune for his own. He claimed that Penelope's father had nearly swindled him out of the money, but that was a bald-faced lie. Sneekly was sentenced to 18 years-to-life.

    A short time after, Penelope turned 21 and now had access to her trust fund. With the Mob having been pardoned, she found them jobs in her father's company. With the Claw & the Bullys out of commission, life was good again. Penelope eventually got married and would move on to less strenuous pursuits. As for Sneekly, sadly, he died in prison, but not before writing a memoir detailing his entire scheme, and marrying a missionary he met in prison, who helped rehabilitate him. Syl Sneekly died on October 30, 1942, after serving 12 years of his sentence.
    Setting: Winter 1943.

    Bart and Brutus Bully had long been released from prison after turning state's evidence against their former boss. The twins had tried to go straight, and even had been given gainful employment by the Pitstop family, despite all the trouble they caused. With Penelope long gone after getting married, having relocated to France, the Bullys needed direction.

    Enter the new Hooded Claw. Far more sinister than the original, this Claw served the Nazis and sought to recruit the meanest, toughest S-O-B's he could find. The mission statement, however, remained, however chillingly, the same. The Claw wanted the Pitstop fortune, and Penelope! The Bullys didn't quite understand. They knew that Syl Sneekly had died a few months earlier, but they didn't believe he'd let someone else assume the name of the Hooded Claw. They fought, but it was a losing battle, as the Claw had a weapon that Sneekly didn't have. A metal claw fitted over his right hand, which he used to slash the throats of the two enforcers. Both Bullys died that day, leaving the new Claw to start fresh.
    Just who is the new Hooded Claw? And what is his connection, if any really exists, to the Pitstop family? We'll see in chapter 2.
  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    News of the new Hooded Claw reached the Pitstop family mansion in Atlanta. With Penelope having long since moved away, it was thought the Claw wouldn't show up looking for her, but he did, and killed the family butler, Herbert, while the family was away on vacation.

    Meanwhile, Penelope, now known by her married name as Penny Harrington, was in Los Angeles, living the easy life with her husband, Matthew, and their two children, son Philip and daughter Prudence, the latter a near spitting image of her mother. However, Matt was drafted into the Army, leaving Penny and the kids by themselves. On August 1, Penny received a telegram from her mother, informing her of Herbert's death and the emergence of a new, nastier Hooded Claw.

    "Who in their right mind would adopt the identity of that nasty Hooded Claw?", Penny thought to herself. Now in her 30's, Penny was employed as a secretary with a local law office, and had settled into a quiet life without having to look over her shoulder.

    Three weeks later, Penny received even more bad news in the form of a telegram, purportedly from the War Department, informing her that Matt had been killed in action. At the same time, she had read that the Claw had made his way to Los Angeles, and seemingly was closing in on her. But, the question was how could he, if he wasn't aware she was married?

    On September 15, Penny got her answer, when the children were abducted on their way home from school. Around 6:00 (PT), she received a phone call from a man claiming to be the Claw, complete with German accent, who told her that if she wanted her children back, she had to meet him at a specific place, namely, Cinader Park, at midnight, and all would be settled.

    That night, Penny went to a local library and went through the archives for newspaper accounts of the original Claw, Sylvester Sneekly, her former guardian. He simply was avenging himself on her parents because he thought he'd been cheated out of his money. This Claw, on the other hand, simply co-opted the identity for his own purposes, and "settling old business", as it were, was just a means of establishing himself. In order to beat the Claw, Penny thought, maybe the original needs to come back to life........

    She walked into her bedroom and opened her closet. On the top shelf was a box that had been sealed for more than a decade. Inside was Syl Sneekly's old Hooded Claw attire, which he had bequeathed to Penny before his death in the hope that she would forgive him for betraying her trust. Penny knelt down and said a quick prayer, then opened the box........

    Around midnight, the Claw had Philip & Prudence, both blindfolded, bound, & gagged, at Cinader Park.

    "Either your mother surrenders herself to me, or she watches you die here tonight!", he hissed.

    "No one dies tonight.", a voice said.

    "Who was that? Show yourself!"

    A masked figure, dressed in green, emerged from behind a tree, but the Claw pointed a gun.

    "So! Pitstop sends a proxy to take her place. She doesn't care about her brats or her husband!", the Claw thundered.

    "You can remove your mask, Matt.", Penny replied, icily, removing the hood she'd worn in place of Sneekly's domino mask. "You thought you could fool me and my family, throwing a scare into Mom & Dad, by faking your death. I thought you loved me!"

    "You figured it out, didn't you, dear?", Matt asked. "I wanted the money, nothing more or less, but after our wedding, I couldn't bear to leave you."

    "And the Nazis?"

    "All part of the cover. We're at war, remember? I needed to throw the authorities off the trail, especially after I'd fulfilled my goals. Making the new Hooded Claw a Nazi sympathizer was the easiest thing I could think of, and of course it'd cast doubts about the loyalties of the original."

    "You lousy, no-good rat! How could you betray me like this?"

    "I found out how easy you were on our wedding night. I played you like a fiddle, Penelope. I needed the four of us to run away from it all. I wanted you to fund our trip to Berlin, Rome, Tokyo, etc., and away from your nosy parents, but now, you leave me with no choice!"

    "Actually, Matt, I have all the cards.", Penny said, her voice now more confident. "Ok, boys!"

    The Ant Hill Mob, reunited for one last mission, swarmed over the Claw, freeing the children. Within seconds, Matt was in custody.

    "Once I found out your secret, Matt, I made a couple of phone calls. One was to contact the Ant Hill Mob. The other was to a divorce lawyer. We are through.", Penny said, removing her rings from her left hand.
    Matt Herrington, aka Harrington, was sent to prison, and Penny put the costume away, back in the closet, never to be used again. 10 year old Philip, though, marveled at his mother's heroism.

    "I think the original Claw might be proud of you for avenging him."

    "Oh? How's that, Philip?"

    "It says in this newspaper article that Mr. Sneekly died from food poisoning while in prison, and that the Nazis had tried to recruit him six months before his death."

    Penny read the piece, which Philip had clipped from the Herald-Examiner earlier that day.

    "I guess you're right, Philip. As bad as Mr. Sneekly turned out to be, he was still as American as you and I."

    10 days later, Penny and the kids visited Sneekly's grave, and Penny laid flowers on it and the Bullys' graves.
    Penelope wouldn't marry again, and she passed away in 1967 at 57, the result of an accident while babysitting a neighbor's child. Prudence, now 33, was checking her mother's mail the day after Penny died, and received a letter from Clyde, the leader of the Ant Hill Mob. An eccentric, anonymous millionaire was organizing a series of road races across the country, and wondered if Penelope might be interested. Prudence inherited her mother's interest in auto racing and penchant for adventure. She was still a dead ringer for her mother, who remained eternally youthful at her passing.

    As for Philip, now 34, he himself was married with two kids, and had relocated to Philadelphia, where he was working for an accounting firm.

    8 months later, at a press conference to announce the launch of the Wacky Races, race organizer Merrill Quigley was introducing the contestants when a leggy blonde, dressed in a red racing suit and helmet walked up to the podium and introduced herself as.........Penelope Pitstop, the Glamour Gal of the Gas Pedal. Prudence was honoring her mother by adopting her identity, and her life would never be the same again.

    End Book 1. Book 2 covers the period after Wacky Races.
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  4. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Book 2: Whatever happened to the Wacky Racers?

    Setting: Spring 1969.

    Chapter 1:

    Wacky Races organizer Merrill Quigley announced on March 21 that there would not be a 2nd season of the Races. Quigley had lost a lot of money on the series, and needed to cut his losses, despite the fact that Penelope (Prudence) Pitstop had offered to help him out financially. He turned her down, choosing not to risk putting her family in the same position.

    After the final race, Prudence began dating fellow driver Peter Perfect (real name-Peter Purdy), who had developed an interest in her during the season, even moreso upon learning her true identity and her family's history. The two were seen together at the Indianapolis 500 in May, and there were rumors of the couple getting into the Indycar circuit. In those days, though, female drivers were more of a novelty, and Peter didn't want to race unless he was sure his girlfriend was also in the field, feeling she could motivate him more.

    In September, Professor Pat Pending organized a reunion of the drivers and a 1-time-only race----in Indianapolis. The race was being done for charity, and Penelope nosed out Pending and Peter to get the checkered flag.

    Afterward, Penelope returned to her home in Los Angeles, while Peter headed back to his modest home in Nebraska, still hoping to join Indycar, but now convinced he no longer needed to be tethered to Penelope, though they continued a long distance relationship. A year later, Peter moved to LA, his racing career over after an injury in a Grand Prix race he entered in Brazil, and took a job as a mechanic.

    Prudence had also abandoned her guise as Penelope, and had settled into a new career as a social worker. She & Peter resumed dating in earnest, and on Christmas Eve, Peter proposed to her. Prudence wasted little time in saying yes, and the couple were married a year later, on Christmas Day, 1971.

    After returning from their honeymoon in January 1972, the Purdys were stunned to find their LA mansion having been broken into and vandalized. What hurt Prudence more, though, was a reminder of a bitter memory. The sign of the Hooded Claw, an old family enemy, left on the wall in the living room via spray paint. Concerned, she & Peter checked her mother's grave, and found that it, too, had been violated.

    "Who would do such a thing?", Peter inquired. "Shouldn't we contact the police?"

    "Normally, honey, I'd say yes, but this is personal.", Prudence replied. "This is family business."

    Meanwhile, Matt Herrington, Prudence's father, was in New York, attempting to reconcile with his former in-laws, but to no avail.

    "I don't think either of your kids want any part of you, Matthew.", Phyllis Pitstop said. "Not after your betrayal when they were small."

    "They didn't understand any more than I did.", Matt countered. "All I want to do is make it up to them. I did my time."

    "Oh, they understand, all right.", Phyllis replied, holding a Wembley revolver. "Penelope, God rest her soul, thought she had found Mr. Right when she married you, but her heart was crushed. I don't think the kids could deal with seeing their father again. Good day."

    Matt left, making a mental note to try to locate his offspring, even if it killed him----or them.

    Even though her racing career was over, Prudence was also a secret agent in her spare time, working for an organization known as GOOD, and Peter joined her after the wedding. While on assignment in Panama, Prudence was suddenly called home on March 1. Instead of returning to LA, she went to New York, to find her grandfather, Paul, had died supposedly of a heart attack, but there were more clues suggesting the return of the Hooded Claw. Returning to LA, she found Peter waiting for her with a box he'd found.

    "This was in one of the wall safes", he said. "I think this belonged to your mother."

    Prudence opened the box, finding a modified Hooded Claw costume that Penelope had made nearly 30 years earlier to save her & Philip from Matt's machinations, along with a note. Penelope had intended that the costume would only be worn again to serve the cause of justice, but she had seen no need. She had hoped Philip would inherit the costume, but he had no interest. Prudence went into her room and tried it on, and it gave Peter quite a fright to see his wife wearing a green mask and tights.

    "You do realize if you go out dressed like that, the Police will come for you instead of your father.", he said, having read of past accounts. "Maybe a change of colors is in order."

    "Honey, you're right!", Prudence exclaimed, removing her mask. "The only way to beat the Hooded Claw is with another Claw, one of a different color."

    And so begins the career of the Golden Claw, who will face off against her father in chapter 2.
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  5. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    Pat Pending had gotten auto racing out of his system and was back in his lab when he got a call from Peter, asking for a favor.

    "It's my father-in-law. He's out of prison, and my wife is afraid he's stalking her and her brother, or anyone else associated with us. She's decided to become a masked vigilante, and wants to know if you can develop some weapons for her.", Peter said.

    "Oh, dear me!", Pending exclaimed. "I haven't heard from either you or Penny since the race in Indianapolis. By all means, come on down. I think I can help."

    Later that night, Pending was stunned again, seeing Prudence in a gold bodysuit and mask as the Golden Claw. Pending was well aware of her mother's past, having done his research.

    "This is twice today you & Peter have given me a bit of a fright, dear.", he said.

    "Sorry, but this is a bit of a rush.", Claw replied. "It's not that I want to be a full-time superhero, like Batman for example, but I need to protect myself and my family."

    "Luckily for you, Miss...."

    "Make it just 'Claw" when I'm in costume", Prudence warned. "The fewer that know about this the better."

    "Very well. Now, let's get started, and we'll start with the cape......"
    Philip Pitstop had moved again, leaving Philadelphia for a job in New York with his wife & kids. He was stunned to find his father, dressed as the Hooded Claw once more, in his living room. Wife Felicia and their twins, Penny & Paul, were bound and gagged on the sofa, with Felicia struggling to free herself.

    "Have you lost your mind, father? We told you we were done with you!", he exclaimed.

    "You & your sister are weak, just like your mother. Your grandfather has passed on, and your grandmother's in ill health. Soon, the Pitstop family fortune will be mine. All mine!" Matt said evilly as he lurched toward Philip. So focused was he that he never noticed the Golden Claw enter through the window and free Felicia & the children. In a trice, she moved on to Matt, and quickly overpowered him.

    "W-w-who are you?", Philip inquired. Golden Claw simply motioned for quiet as she bound Matt and carried him out. The Hooded Claw was left for the police to find, with a note incriminating him in the death of Paul Pitstop, via poisoning. Prudence had stopped at her grandparents' home first as herself and conducted a discreet, independent investigation, then passed her findings to Professor Pending. Some time later, Prudence, now in a modest dress & heels, paid a call on her brother. The twins regaled her with the story of a "faceless lady in yellow" who'd saved them from certain death. Prudence decided now was not the time to confide in Philip about her secret. Especially considering she may need to become Golden Claw again to help the rest of the Wacky Racers.........
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  6. hobbyfan

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    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 3:

    Matt Herrington was put on trial for the murder of Paul Pitstop. Prudence, Philip, and the twins testified against him, and when asked to explain her whereabouts when the Golden Claw appeared at her home, Prudence covered herself, saying that she was "away on business" and had been alerted to news of an intrusion in her home. Matt was sentenced to life imprisonment, but vowed he would avenge himself on his wife.

    Upon returning to Los Angeles, however, Prudence had another problem to deal with, as Peter greeted her with some disturbing news.

    "Professor Pending is in the hospital.", Peter said. "I'm told it's a heart attack, but you don't suppose....."

    "I don't think Matt would've put two and two together so quickly.", Prudence replied as she unpacked and placed her costume in a hidden compartment of her closet. "I don't suppose there's more?"

    "Oh, there is, dear.", Peter replied. "Mr. Quigley called, and said there aren't plans for a 2nd annual race in Indianapolis. The Wacky Races are, for all intents & purposes, finished."

    Prudence walked into the kitchen and found a letter from Clyde, leader of the Ant Hill Mob.

    "Why didn't you open this one?", she asked.

    "Look at the envelope. It says 'for your eyes only'".

    Prudence opened the envelope. Clyde and the Mob were now working for GOOD, on Prudence's recommendation, but now Clyde was the only one left after a failed mission. An audio tape that accompanied the letter told the tale of how the Mob, undercover at a circus, had been systematically eliminated, one by one. Clyde, the last man left, escaped to save his own skin, and had tendered his resignation from GOOD. Prudence crumpled the paper and tossed it in the trash, and burned the tape after playing it.

    There was more bad news. An attempt to send the Slag Brothers back to the Lost Valley where Quigley found them went awry, and now the Slags are wanted by the Police. Red Max, thankfully, has returned safely to Austria. The Gruesome Twosome had gone to Romania, and Dick Dastardly, oddly, was in prison, on income tax evasion charges, which he claims are false, since he never made any money from the Races, or so he says. The soldiers in the Army Surplus Special had been reassigned to normal Army duty, but Private Meekly was killed shortly after arriving in Vietnam on a USO tour.

    The next day, another letter arrived, this one from Rufus Ruffcutt, who was now living in Arkansas, having bought some land with his winnings. Luke & Blubber Bear were now living the easy life down there, too, having returned home to Fayetteville. However, as Rufus wrote, he & Luke were being threatened, and offered Prudence & Peter a vacation as a means of getting them to Arkansas to investigate.

    That same night, the Purdys arrived in Little Rock, where Rufus greeted them and drove them to his new home, which he built himself. Unbeknownst to the three of them, a shadowy figure trailed behind, watching their every move. Two nights later, the figure made his move, and went after Luke first, as he lived just a short distance from Rufus. However, he tripped an alarm, which Rufus had installed for his friend. Rufus & Peter heard the alarm, and headed for Luke's. Prudence was in the kitchen when Peter burst in suddenly.

    "We'll be back, love.", he said. "Something's happened to Luke."

    "Be careful, Peter.", Prudence warned.

    Minutes later, there was a horrible explosion. Prudence headed for Luke's cabin herself, only to see it in flames. There was no sign of Luke, Rufus, or Peter. Changing into Golden Claw, Prudence reached the cabin, to find the mystery man headed down the hill on the other side. A twirl of her cape rendered Prudence invisible, and she leaped onto the roof of the man's car. Meanwhile, Luke, Peter, & Rufus had recovered. Blubber Bear had pulled them out of harm's way just in the nick of time.

    "Whut in tarnation is that?", Luke asked, pointing toward Prudence.

    "Golden Claw? Here in Little Rock?", Rufus added. "Sounds to me like you've got your own guardian angel, Pete."

    "Indeed I do.", Peter replied, blushing & chuckling. "I just hope my wife is okay."

    Golden Claw had made her way into the car, and found a familiar face at the wheel.


    "So! The infamous Golden Claw!", Dick sneered. "I hoped we'd meet someday."

    "What is wrong with you, trying to kill your friends?"

    "They were never friends of mine!", Dastardly countered. "As for killing them, don't you think I should've won a race once or twice? Those glory hounds made my life miserable!"

    "Serves you right!", Claw replied, handcuffing Dastardly to the steering wheel. She hit the brake and forced the car to stop, then slammed Dastardly's head into the wheel, knocking him out.

    A short time later, the state police arrived and arrested Dastardly, but couldn't locate the Claw, who had switched back to Prudence and rejoined her husband. Back at the Ruffcutt cabin, Prudence explained everything.

    "Dick lied about being in prison.", she said. "He had Muttley type up that letter, as you could tell from the spelling errors."

    "You mean, the letter we got from Clyde?", Peter asked.

    "Yes. The Mob are still together. Dastardly was working a scam at a circus, got caught, and tried to lie his way out of it. He made up the story about the Mob because, as I found out by calling Clyde, they were on their way to another assignment."

    "And what of Muttley?", Rufus asked.

    "He quit on Dastardly."

    A few days later, the Purdys returned to LA, but only to sell the house and move into the Pitstop mansion in New York, where they lived happily ever after.

    End Book 2. End of story.
  7. Kenny E. McCall

    Kenny E. McCall We fight like cats!

    Aug 3, 2002
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    Hey Hobbyfan,

    Good stuff! What a great way to delve into the history of Penelope Pitstop and the Wacky Races. I wonder if Muttley would join his brother Mumbly in GOOD?
  8. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Muttley & Mumbly, depending on what source you read, are either brothers or cousins. I'm going to have to come up with something along those lines.

    I've got a few ideas percolating up topside (meaning in my head, of course), and they'll roll out one at a time. Right now, I'm working on my current Wonder Twins arc. Just too bad I can't use them (especially Jayna) for an avatar, but I've gotten along fine without an avatar for nearly a decade, so why break something that isn't?

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