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The New DC Universe: DC You

Discussion in 'DC Comics and Collectibles' started by Frontier, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Post-Convergence, The New 52 is over and in its place comes DC You!
    DC YOU Presents 'New And Exciting Jump-On Points' For Its Characters | Newsarama.com

    DC Launches 'DC YOU' Campaign For June Revamp | Newsarama.com

    The New DC Universe: DC YOU 2015 Sampler | DC Comics

    If you're interested in trying out any titles, Comixology has available free 8-page samples of every book coming out under the DC-You branding. So check those out and see if anything jumps out at you :).

    Here's a sizzle reel featuring all the new and returning titles:

    [video=youtube;3j6IdtUmWU0] 3j6IdtUmWU0[/video]

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