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The Magic School Bus is getting rebooted by Netflix

Discussion in 'The toonzone - General Animation Discussion' started by PowerZord, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Troy Troodon

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    I just watched the whole first season-- and man was it underwhelming! First two episodes were hard to sit through, the next three were better, another couple were tolerable, and the rest were just... 'meh.'

    I'll say this much about it, this new show isn't bad by any mean, the show did have a lot of good ideas in terms of storytelling and character, and using those while trying to be educational, but much of the context wasn't properly used very well.

    For starters... yeah the animation is not very good. Sometimes it looks cheap, other times there is a little more effort, but for the most part it's just a major disappointment; and the character designs themselves were unappealing. Although the choice of clothing and fashion for most of the characters were nice, but the style of character art... yeah not so much. But the background art was good though.

    Then there's the problem with the characterization of some of the characters, particularly the girls; and one among them being the new girl, Jyoti... Oh Jyoti.

    I really don't get Jyoti as a character, like where did she come from and how does she know what she's doing?! Is she from the Future? Or is she in fact one of the same people as The Frizzles?! And what's her place in the class?! Is she the perfectionist of the group? I can't say that since that's usually Dorthy Anne's position, and here they really took it up to 11 with her! She can't exactly be the abrasive, spunky one either since that's Wanda's title... or at least it was now that they made her act more like Phoebe since she left. In fact... why do we need Jyoti at all? I get maybe they want to add more diversity but still.

    In fact the real irony is that this show didn't even have to use the same class as the original! Yeah if you think about it, the previous show took place back in the 90s where as this one takes place in 2016, and already there's this massive time jump in decades in the span of just one year, from 4th to 5th grade! If this is going to be a continuation of the original series, why not have a whole new class of students-- maybe even including children of the original class! Perhaps confirming fan ships like Ralph/DA or Arnold/Wanda. Wouldn't that be more interesting? Wouldn't that be a more subtle nod to the previous iteration?!

    Then again if they did want to use the same class, then maybe this should have been a full on reboot. Sure reboots are a dime in a dozen already, but it can still be done right. But if they did want a continuation of the original there are other ways this could have been accomplished, like follow the original class in high school or college, or again focus on the kids of the original students. Either approach would have more the skip in time and place more adequate and cause less of a clash between the two shows; and that's especially going for the difference animation quality, character art and coloring, and this decision to replace one character for another who seems to perfect to even be a character in of herself

    And oh my God I just realized this is almost the same approach as the new PowerPuff Girls! Think about it, a new show that's supposedly a reboot of the original series, then made to look like it's a continuation of the original, and then made with bad or unnecessary changes that just end up hurting the integrity of the original, be in terms of character art, animation quality, character changes, or removing elements altogether that actually helped made the original stand out. And then of course there's a drop in writing quality as well, grant not to the same peek as the new PPG, but it is here as well, at least to some degree.

    But like I said earlier, the show does have plenty of good ideas, it's just that they weren't used very well. But I will say this much though--

    The show, at least does try to be educational, and they do have some fun or funny elements to go with it; and while I'm still not keen on Kate McKinon's performance as the new Miss Frizzle (Her sister btw) I do think the new character herself does still retain some charm, and even seems expresses more responsibility for her students. (not that I'm dissing the original Frizz but that's neither here or there) And as cheap as the animation is, it is passable for the most part, and while the character art is significantly worse, the aesthetics and cosmology are more up to date and the background art, and even some of the animal models is actually pretty beautiful; and the music in the background's good as well.

    Overall this show is tolerable, not one of the worst animated shows, but not one of the best either.

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