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The Hardest Goodbyes (Wonder Twins fan-fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    As we all know, the Wonder Twins were written out of Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show after 3 appearances. This story will help explain just how they "left the team".

    As the 1984-5 school year begins, Zan & Jayna, in their civilian identites as college students John & Joanna Fleming, are in their senior year at Metropolis College, and looking toward getting associates degrees. John in Electrical Engineering, Joanna in Theatre Arts & Criminal Sciences. Her minor is----wait for it---Zooology.

    However, everything's about to grind to a halt.........

    Chapter 1:

    Setting: November, 1984
    Place: Metropolis

    This wasn't an ordinary date for Joanna Fleming and her boyfriend of three years, Daily Planet reporter Jimmy Olsen. In fact, Jimmy had her blindfolded after they'd left Weisinger's, a popular 5-Star restaurant in the city.

    "Jimmy? Where are we going?", she asked.

    "You'll see soon enough, honey.", Jimmy replied, reassuring her that everything was fine. Their destination was a surprise.

    A short time later, the couple reached a modest cottage just outside the city. Jimmy led Joanna to the door, then, even though they weren't yet married, carried her over the threshold and into the house as she finally removed her blindfold.

    "Oh, my! What is this, Jimmy?"

    "It's your new home.", Jimmy replied as he put Joanna down. "Come, I'll show you around."

    "But what about----"

    "Your old apartment at the Anderson Arms? The building's been sold, and the new owners are converting it into an office building, so everyone had to find new living spaces. Didn't your brother tell you about that?"

    "No. I don't think he really had a clue."

    "Anyway, honey, this is a project I've been working on for the last two months when not at work or with you. One of my old college professors had passed on, and since he had no next of kin, the city took possession of the house, and put it up for auction. Once I heard about the Anderson building being sold, I knew I had to get you your own place."

    "So you bought the house?"

    "As part of a group from the Planet. Clark Kent, Steve Lombard, & Lois Lane all chipped in."

    What caught Joanna's attention, more than anything, was that Jimmy had set up a private closet in her bedroom for her costumes, just the way she had it at the Anderson Arms. He even bought her a hot tub, of all things.

    "Ohhhh, Jimmy. You didn't need to---"

    "It's okay, baby. Look at it this way. You've got a room just for your workouts, and the hot tub to relax in after."

    "I've got this all to myself?"

    "Yep. John & Mary Lou moved to another apartment building, rather than share the cottage. I think John's finding out about this right about now, too."

    Two weeks later, however, things would soon change. It started at the Hall of Justice, where Ron Raymond, the younger half of Firestorm, was trying to flirt with Jayna while both were being tutored by the other half of the Nuclear Man, Professor Martin Stein. After class, Jayna took Ron aside.

    "We've had this discussion before, Ronnie. I do not appreciate being hit on, especially when you're aware I have a boyfriend.", she said sternly.

    "But Jimmy's out of town now, isn't he? Working on a major story? You know what they say. When the cat's away, the mice will play.", Ronnie replied.

    "We've heard the stories about you flirting with the other female Justice Leaguers.", Zan put in, as he poked his head through the doorway. "Anyway, something has come up, and I think you need to be in the main hall, sis."

    Minutes later, a sub-space message was received from the twins' home planet, Exor. Xhi Xan, the prime minister, was addressing the team.

    "Our world is in the midst of a civil war. As much as we would like to have you come to Exor to help us, it is preferred that the conflict be kept, as you Earthlings say, in-house. To that point, Zan & Jayna, we need you to come home and help us."

    The Twins looked at each other.

    "We will do what we can for the sake of our homeworld.", Zan said, volunteering himself & Jayna for the mission.

    Soon, a teleportation beam appeared, taking the twins back to their home planet. Now, the question was, would they ever return to Earth?
    In chapter 2, we'll go to Exor, and see just how much has changed since the Super Friends' last visit in 1979 (Super Friends, 1st series, issue 21). However, what does this do to Jayna's relationship with Jimmy? Find out next time.
  2. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    Three days had passed since the Twins had left, but Superman suspected something was amiss, especially when he & Wonder Woman were going over the Justice League's video logs.

    "This is strange.", he said. "It doesn't appear as though Zan & Jayna actually made it to Exor at all!"

    "But how is that possible?", Wonder Woman asked.

    "Take a look at the data on the log."

    The Amazing Amazon studied the video log's data bank. It showed that the message they received wasn't from Exor, but rather somewhere on Earth.

    "I think we'd better check with the prime minister on this.", she said sternly.

    A short time later, Tran Tollik, the first elected president of Exor, appeared on the video screen, and was briefed about what the Super Friends had been told. He shook his head.

    "I am afraid, my friends, that you have been deceived by your own kind. There is no conflict here on Exor. If there was, we would've called you.", he said. "We were expecting Zan & Jayna to return here one day in the future, but not under such circumstances."

    "We'll get right on the case, then, Mr. President.", Superman declared. "Thank you for your help."

    "My pleasure, Superman."
    Meanwhile, the Twins found themselves on what looked like the surface of their home planet, but Jayna noticed immediately that something was wrong.

    "Uh, Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.", she quipped.

    "Now who's being spacey?", Zan needled, remembering all the times his sister had jabbed him for being so dense.

    "Take a look around you, brother of mine.", Jayna replied. "We're on a soundstage or a theatre. On Earth!"

    "So what's with all these cables?", Zan asked, holding a jumper cable that had been attached to his arm. Both Zan & Jayna had cables on their arms, legs, & necks, plus a collar around the neck areas. They quickly removed the cables, and then, Jayna pulled out a bobby pin to unlock the collars.

    "Next thing you know, you're going to be looking to add a utility belt to our costumes.", Zan quipped.

    "Actually, I've been thinking of doing just that. Seems to me that whomever brought us here was in an awful hurry and didn't secure these cables to disable us."

    "Oh? Any ideas?"

    "I'm not sure. The first order of business is to get out of here and see where we are."

    They soon found a back door and left, discovering to their stunned surprise that they were on familiar ground----at least to Jayna.

    "We're at UCLA!", she exclaimed. "I didn't think I'd ever be back here again!"

    Elsewhere on the campus, three men were in the genetics lab with two student subjects. Fraternal twins Janice and Joshua Medman, who had been strapped to chairs and the other ends of the cables, were straining to break free, unwilling to wait any longer for whatever experiment they'd signed on for.

    "You bumbling idiots! You should've brought the Exorians here to the lab, instead of the theatre!"

    Dr. Moon, the criminal geneticist the Twins & Superman had put in prison three years earlier, was raging at his two assistants, Dr. Dennis Yeung and Dr. Kenneth Chiang, who had arranged for Moon to use their lab to conduct his latest experiments.

    "We told you, Dr. Moon, that we couldn't chance bringing them to the lab too soon, with the rest of the faculty present.", Chiang said, apologizing profusely. "We had to store them somewhere, but we didn't count on them coming to so quickly."

    Outside, the Twins heard the commotion.

    "You've got to be kidding me.", Jayna said softly. "I thought we'd seen the last of Moon. He should still be in prison."

    "There's such a thing as parole, sis.", Zan reminded. "Moon must've been a model prisoner."

    Inside, Moon had instructions for Chiang, Yeung, and some hired gunmen.

    "Find the Wonder Twins, and bring them here to me!", he demanded. "Fan out! Now!"

    The goons left first, and were met by a 40 foot tall T-Rex, who blocked their path. Jayna gathered them in her paw.

    "Tell Moon it's over.", she growled. "We're no one's slaves."

    Jayna dropped the gunmen into a waiting dumpster. Zan, meanwhile, had slipped inside, and led Yeung & Chiang back to the lab. At the same time, the Medman twins, dressed in replica Wonder Twin costumes, had managed to free themselves, and engaged the three daffy doctors. Janice, a gymnast & martial artist, dropped Yeung with a judo throw. Josh, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, took a scalpel and held it to Moon's throat.

    "You lied to us, Moon. You said you were making up for past mistakes, but it's all a lie! Tell me why I should let you live!", he screamed.

    "Killing him's not going to solve anything.", Zan warned. "That's for the courts to decide his fate."

    Presently, Moon was led outside. Jayna deactivated, and led the police to the goons. Around the same time, Jimmy arrived with Superman, but stayed out of sight for now.

    "I figured you kids would've handled this on your own, but I wanted to make sure Dr. Moon didn't slip away this time.", he said.

    "Slip away?", Josh asked. "How? The last anyone knew, you Super Friends busted him three years ago."

    "That's true.", Jayna said. "I take it, though, Superman, that there's something we didn't know about until now."

    "Exactly, Jayna.", the Metropolis Marvel said. "Moon claimed, falsely, that he had diplomatic immunity as an ambassador to the US from China. That's how he avoided jail time. He stayed underground until he felt the time was right. This time, though, the federal authorities will have a field day with him."

    Superman escorted the Medmans to Parker Center, so they could swear out a complaint against Moon. Meanwhile, Jimmy & Jayna were alone.

    "Superman brought me along because there was something I wanted to tell you, and it just couldn't wait.", he said.

    "Oh? Please don't tell me you're leaving me."

    "I'm not, honey. You mean too much to me. You've given me something I haven't had, a stable, lasting, loving relationship. That's why I bought the house for you. It was just the first phase. This is phase 2."

    Jimmy got down on one knee and pulled a small box from his jacket pocket.

    "Jayna? Will you marry me?"
    Ohhhhhh, boy. Jimmy's ready to take the plunge, but is Jayna ready to say "I do"? We'll find out in chapter 3.
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  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 3:

    With trembling hands, Jayna held the ring, a 24 karat gold diamond. Tears were welling up in her eyes.

    "Jimmy, I thought we were going to wait until----"

    "Until after you graduated, Jay? I had to accelerate things when I thought you'd be away for a long time on Exor.", Jimmy replied. "I was afraid of losing you, just like I lost out on Lucy Lane. I couldn't take that chance."

    Lucy, Jimmy's on-again-off-again ex-girlfriend, had gotten married several months earlier to an airline pilot she met in San Diego, and had left Metropolis, this time seemingly for good. Jayna fell into Jimmy's arms, and finally regained her composure after several minutes.

    "Ohh, Jimmy, of course I'll marry you!", she exclaimed. They embraced and were in the throes of a long makeout session when Superman returned. Zan briefed him quickly.

    "I think we may need the jaws of life for those two so Jayna can take you back to Metropolis.", Superman cracked.
    The next day, at the Hall of Justice, the rest of the Justice Leaguers were filled in, as Jayna showed off her ring. Firestorm was not present, as he was away on a case.

    "Have you set a date yet?", Wonder Woman asked.

    "We have. It'll be in one year's time, right around Christmas.", Jayna replied. "That gives us time to get the invitations prepared and mailed, and have everything else organized."

    "One question, sis.", Zan put in. "What about when we get back to campus? They'll start asking where Joanna got a ring all of a sudden."

    "Easy answer, brother dear.", came the reply. "Joanna's not wearing the ring just yet. Jimmy & I decided to wait on that part of the equation until after graduation, and not a day before, the better to protect my dual identity."

    "Looks like the pressure's on you now, Zan.", Superman said. "You kids have said you wanted this to be a double wedding."

    "I know, but the problem is, right now, I'm single."

    That made Jayna do a double take.

    "Wait. Did I just hear that correctly? You & Mary Lou have split?", she asked.

    "I'm afraid so, but it is no fault of mine. I really don't want to discuss it here. Not yet, anyway."
    Back at home, Zan filled Jayna in on what had happened with Mary Lou Turner, his long time girlfriend.

    "I came home from work the other night, and I didn't have a chance to tell you this before we went to the Hall yesterday.", he began. "I found a note on the kitchen table. Mary said something had come up, and she'd be away for a few days, but then there was another note on the back of the letter. Turns out an old friend of hers, and I use the term loosely, showed up, and all Mary can tell me is to wait at least a few days. If I didn't hear from her, I was to contact her parents back in Gotham. I'm afraid something bad is going on."

    "So who's the old friend?"

    "Tyler Michaels. You might remember him as "Terrible Tyler" from high school."

    Jayna paused for a moment as the memories came rushing back.

    "I remember now.", she said. "We busted him when we were freshmen. Caught him running a drug & gambling operation on campus."

    "Right as rain, sis.", Zan replied. "Mary dumped him, and not the other way around, as he'd tell people, after she found out about the drugs while she was in 8th grade, before she met us, and he was a fourth year junior."

    "Fourth year junior? How?"

    "Flunked one too many exams as a freshman, and was left back a year. Mary's folks were against her dating him in the first place, especially when he was keeping her out well past curfew a few times. Turns out he forced her to help him with some robberies. She didn't want to ruin her chances of going to college, so she turned him in anonymously, and mailed some of the stolen loot he gave her to the police. Odds are, I think, he's coerced her again, but for what, I don't know. All I know is that she isn't coming back right away."

    Meanwhile, two masked figures had entered the Metropolis Diamond Exchange. Mary Lou was wearing a ski mask over a stocking mask, just as Tyler was, but she wasn't thrilled to be an accessory to a robbery again.

    "Just keep an eye out for the cops.", Tyler told her. "This shouldn't take long."

    "There are better things to do than this.", Mary Lou protested.

    "Oh? Like going back to your bland, boring boyfriend? Don't know what you ever saw in him in the first place. I need to do this, to take care of some old business. Once we're done, you can head home, and our account will be settled. You won't hear from me again."

    Tyler retreated toward the safe in the back of the building. Looking this way & that, Mary Lou ducked into a nearby ladies room. She peeled off the black jumpsuit she'd been wearing, revealing underneath the familiar rainment of the Night Phantom. Swapping the ski mask for her usual Phantom hood, she stored the jumpsuit & ski mask in a ventilation shaft, she then crept toward Tyler. Pulling a bolo from a pocket in her costume, Mary Lou twirled it and tossed it at Tyler's feet, just as the police arrived. Hearing the sirens, Mary Lou ducked out of sight, retrieving the other clothes, and slipped out the back door before anyone noticed. Since the Diamond Exchange was just a short distance from the campus, Mary Lou went there, and used a campus phone. Back at her new apartment, John picked up the line.

    "Where are you, honey?"

    "At the college rathskeller. Just bring some clothes for me, would you, please?"

    Soon, the lovebirds were reunited, and Mary Lou filled John in on what had happened when they returned home.

    "He showed up with a gun, forced his way in. He provided the jumpsuit and mask, and the extra stocking. He didn't know I was wearing my Night Phantom gear for this trip.", she said.

    "Good girl. I was starting to worry."

    "You really shouldn't have, babe. Thanks to your sister, I've learned how to take care of myself."

    "Funny you should mention Joanna, hon'. Wait until you hear the latest......"
    Right after Thanksgiving, the gang reunited at Luigi's in Gotham City, and only Jessie Franklin & Mary Lou were privy to the fact that Joanna was soon to be getting married.

    "Oh, man.", Jessie said. "So it's going to be two down, two to go, right?"

    "We've still got a year to plan.", Joanna replied. She explained away not wearing the ring by saying it was in a safe place, and that it would be official in another few months. Meanwhile, the manager summoned Mary Lou to the phone.

    "It's your father.", he said. "Very urgent."

    "I'll take it in the office.", Mary Lou replied. Seconds later, she came back out, and motioned for the twins to leave with her.

    "What's wrong, honey?", John asked.

    "Tyler's out of prison already. Somehow, he made bail, and is here in Gotham. He's tried calling the house five times looking for me, and had the gumption to tell Dad that I'm supposed to do something with him this weekend, or he'll make it difficult for the family going forward."

    "Blackmail of the worst kind.", Joanna replied. "What's his angle anyway?"

    "He claims he's got a marriage license with my name on it, and he's trying to tell people that we've been married all this time!"
    Yikes! It's only getting worse instead of better, and it looks like the Night Phantoms will come out of retirement to help one of their own. Chapter 4 comes next week.
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  4. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 4:

    Back at the Turners' house, Mary Lou & the Twins studied the "license". It was pretty obvious that Tyler Michaels had a stolen license, or at least a photocopy thereof.

    "He whited out the original dates and names except for this one date on top.", Joanna said, pointing at the date marked at the top of the page---December 24, 1977.

    "What are the other dates he was trying to imply?", Mary Lou asked.

    "He said you supposedly married him on Valentine's Day, 1979, but we all know he was in prison at the time."

    "I've been in touch with the Hall of Records at City Hall.", Paul Turner, Mary's father, said. "The license itself was left in a trash can. It belonged to Robert & Rose Porter, who were married on Christmas Eve of '77. Their nephew works at City Hall, and found the missing license after it'd been reported stolen by a clerk. The kid turned it in, then contacted his aunt & uncle."

    "Anything else?", Mary asked.

    "One other thing. Seems Tyler left behind his gloves, and has to find a bathroom to wash the whiteout from his hands."
    A few hours later, Mary Lou received another phone call from Tyler, this time instructing her to meet him at Luigi's at midnight, or else. She then called John.

    "We'll get on it right away, honey.", he promised.

    "No, babe.", Mary replied. I need Joanna alone on this one. It's Night Phantom business. You just have to be the wheelman. I can't risk this escalating any further."

    Soon, Joanna emerged from her room in her black outfit, ready to go.

    "You knew all along you were going on a Phantom mission.", John said sternly.

    "That's because there's one other detail that Mr. Turner didn't let on, that I already knew about.", Joanna replied as she donned her mask. "Mary's not the only girl Tyler's fixated on."

    "Wait. You don't mean-----"

    "I'm afraid so, brother. Seems he thought I was a little too affectionate when I gave him a bear hug to trap him."

    "Oh, boy. Does Jimmy know about it?"

    "I told him the whole story on the phone while I was changing outfits. He made some choice crack about me and animal magnetism."

    "Well, you've been raped by guys in wolf masks, and...."

    "Spare me the bad memories."
    At Luigi's, Tyler Michaels was waiting with a justice of the peace, held at gunpoint. Jessie, Joanna, & Mary Lou happened to see this as they approached the restaurant.

    "Oh, no, this is worse than we thought.", Mary said.

    "Not to worry, ladies, I'm taking a back road into the restaurant.", John said as he made a sharp turn. "We can't let Tyler win this war."

    "Are you sure she'll be here? Alone?" Reverend Posey asked.

    "If she wants to live, yeah.", Tyler replied. His eyes were bloodshot from a lack of sleep, and a few other matters.

    John and the girls approached from a rear entrance. Joanna suddenly had a brainstorm.

    "Change of plans, girls. It's time we put Tyler in his place.", she said.
    Tyler turned around and suddenly found Mary Lou, seated at a table, lit only by a single candle.

    "How did she get here without us seeing anything?", he screamed. He led the parson inside, and forced Mary Lou to take her position beside him. With the gun aimed right at him, the preacher began the abrupt ceremony, as Tyler produced a ring. Mary refused to recite her vows, making Tyler even angrier.

    "I'm running the show now, woman!", he snarled. "You belong to me and no one else! Y'hear?"

    "Oh, I hear, and I'm sick of hearing it!", Mary replied icily. "Why don't I let you hang out and think about it?"

    With that, Mary whirled and hit a roundhouse kick that sent Tyler sprawling, stumbling into a trap that had been hastily set up. Within seconds, he was hanging by a leg, screaming. Suddenly, he was released, and set upon by the Night Phantoms, who promptly handcuffed him and led Tyler outside. There, Commissioner Gordon was waiting. The Phantoms departed without a sound. Rev. Posey was unharmed, and swore out a complaint against Tyler. Meanwhile, in the back of the restaurant, the girls had changed clothes and left.
    Two days later, Rev. Posey returned to the restaurant for lunch with his wife, and sought out Mary Lou.

    "I just wanted to thank you.", he said. "You were very brave the other night."

    "Oh, that really wasn't me.", Mary admitted. "I have a very special friend that took my place."

    "Ah, I'm aware of that, but I also know about you and your commando team.", Posey replied. "Young Mr. Michaels might not have noticed the difference, but, heh, I certainly did."

    "Well, thank you, sir. As long as my secrets remain with you and God."

    "And they will."
    A month later, the gang gathered at Luigi's again for a New Year's eve party. There, John finally popped the question to Mary Lou. However, Joanna & Jimmy were back in Metropolis, watching the ball drop.

    "Do you think John finally took the big step?", Jimmy asked.

    "I certainly hope so.", Joanna replied. "I just don't want us getting married without him & Mary doing the same on the same day."
    Ah, but as Robert Burns wrote, the best laid plans of mice & men often go astray, as the Twins will discover in chapter 5.
  5. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Going forward, we'll focus on our individual couples as they move toward their wedding day----assuming they get there, of course. As we're about to see, the road is about to get rougher........

    Chapter 5: Jimmy & Jayna.

    Setting: February 1985.

    It was about a week before Valentine's Day, and Jayna was trying out some dresses in the privacy of the cottage she maintained as Joanna. The doors were locked, and the curtains were closed. She looked at herself in the mirror, dressed in a sparkling red number. She started to spin when the phone rang. It was Jimmy, who was parked in the back of the house, waiting to enter. Jayna quickly unlocked the back door, then ducked into her bedroom. When she emerged, it was as Joanna, now with a blonde wig (she ran out of the special hair dye) and contacts, and dressed in a modest creme colored dress with matching nylons and heels.

    "I can see you're ready, honey.", Jimmy said, kissing her as he handed her a bouquet of roses. "I couldn't let this wait until V-Day."

    "Ohhh, Jimmy, they're so beautiful. Let me find a vase and some water.", Joanna replied.

    Shortly, the couple had dinner at Weisinger's. Dinner, however, was cut short, when Jimmy took a call from Perry White, and was needed at the Daily Planet. He picked up the check, paid for the meal, and the couple soon departed.

    "I wish I could let you go on this one, babe.", he said, "but Perry said it was too dangerous even for you."

    "Oh? What's the assignment?", Joanna asked.

    "I'm being sent out of town for a few days. Before we left, I had to cancel our reservations for Thursday at Weisinger's. Unless you've got monitor duty that night, you're looking at----"

    "I know. Being alone on Valentine's Day. This will be three of the last four. I'm used to it by now."

    Jimmy put Joanna's hand in his to offer comfort.

    "Don't take it so hard, baby. I'll more than make up for it when I get back home. I can't say anything further about this story at the moment."

    "Sounds like a top secret government job. Oh, Jimmy, be careful."

    "You know I will, honey. I always am."

    Jimmy dropped off Joanna at home and headed for the airport. His next assignment for the Planet took him to Washington and a NATO conference, and he'd be gone for at least a week. Once home, Joanna put a call in to Jessie Franklin in Gotham City.

    "Jo! I didn't think I'd hear from you before the wedding.", Jessie said.

    "You're not busy, are you?"

    "Nope. I got laid off from my job on Friday, and I have an interview on Wednesday for another."

    "Wait. You dropped out of school?"

    "Had to. Dad's injured and can't work, and I had to drop out before the start of senior year. I thought I told you. I guess not. Anyway, I was working as a secretary for a law office here in town, but business has not been good, so they laid me off. I think I'm going to take up modeling instead."

    "Are you willing to spend a couple of days in Metropolis? Jimmy's gone out of town on assignment, and had to break our date for Valentine's Day. I just don't want to be lonely when I'm not in school."

    "Oh, Joanna, I wish I could, but a large chunk of home time is spent minding Dad while Mom's at work. Can't you take a weekend here?"

    "I suppose I could. I can fly in after class on Friday and spend the weekend in town. I need to do some shopping anyway."

    "Great. I'll see you on Friday. I've got to go. Dad's ringing his bell for me."

    "See you then, Jess. 'Bye."

    As luck would have it, the Twins were on monitor duty the next three nights, and Jayna confided in her brother about Jimmy being away.

    "Aw, man, are you sure Jimmy couldn't arrange for you to go undercover?", Zan asked.

    "No, he couldn't. He's being very tight-lipped, but one of the stringers at the Planet spilled that he'd gone to Washington."

    "Jupiters! The peace conference is there! Maybe they needed Jimmy to cover?"

    "Exactly. Now, I'm stuck here in town until Friday. I'm spending the weekend with Jessie back in Gotham and doing some shopping."

    "Not exactly the best solution, but you really can't go hunting for a temporary replacement for Jimmy, either."

    "True, and I'm not putting myself out for the perverts, either."
    But Joanna did find a date for Valentine's Day in Stan Bigley, who had just broken up with his girlfriend, and needed a date for a Valentine's dance at Leather & Suede's Dance Hall, being promoted by Metropolis College. Joanna agreed on one condition. She was taking a cab home after the party, not accepting a ride with Stan, as he'd already been cited for DUI & DWI twice each in the last year. Around 11, Joanna called for a cab, and one arrived at 11:15. But instead of taking her home, the driver had other ideas.

    "We have to make a pit stop first.", he said as he locked the doors in the back of the cab. Joanna couldn't unlock them, and, next instant, sleeping gas emitted from hidden nozzles under the seat as a window appeared between her and the driver. Within seconds, Joanna was unconscious. The driver then pulled into an abandoned video arcade, which had been closed two years ago when the building was condemned by the city. The arcade games had long since been relocated, leaving an empty storefront, save for a pool table. The driver carried Joanna inside, and bound her, drawn & quartered, to the table. Three masked men emerged from hiding.

    "Good job, Leo.", one said. "We've been waiting a long time to do this little witch, and this time, she has no tricks, no chance of escape. She's ours."
    Uh-oh! Could it be that the Wild Wolves, or at least some of them, have returned? Joanna does have some backup, but will Mary & Zan get to her in time? The answer is in chapter 6.
  6. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 6:

    Stan had run as hard and as fast as he could, trying in vain to catch the cab before it sped out of sight. His best buddy, Rob Cochrane, followed Stan in his car.

    "Where did they go?", Rob asked.

    "Don't know.", Stan replied, panting. "We need to go to the police."

    Meanwhile, Joanna was just coming to. She noticed that the ropes were a little loose, as if Leo, the cabbie, was in a hurry. She slid her wrists free, then untied her ankles, and retrieved her coat & purse, which her captors hadn't bothered rifling though just yet. She pressed against the wall to listen in on their conversation.

    "By now, she should be waking up, but if she thinks she's got a free pass outta here, she's got another think coming.", one said. "This time, she's mine!"

    Joanna found a rear exit, and slipped out, going upstairs instead of out the door. Reaching into her purse, she found a little surprise that Jimmy had dropped in for her----his Superman signal watch, along with a note, which read:


    If you need the big guy while I'm gone......



    Joanna pressed the button, then waited on the roof. Downstairs, the wolf pack broke their meeting to find their captive gone.

    "Idiots! You were supposed to secure her!", the leader screamed.

    "You're the one who's in a hurry!", Leo responded. "You haven't changed!"

    Meanwhile, Superman responded to the signal, and Joanna briefed him on what happened.

    "First thing we're doing is taking you home, and then I'll track this wolf pack.", the Man of Steel said sternly. "You have school in the morning."
    Hours later, the wolf pack returned to downtown Metropolis, hoping to find Joanna, but got Superman instead. Joanna had changed to Night Phantom, and trailed the action from a safe distance, maintaining radio contact with her mentor. Sure enough, it was Cameron Elliott, former leader of the Wild Wolves, who was leading this pack.

    "You won't hold me for long, Superman. My lawyer will have me back on the streets by dawn, and then, the hunt starts anew!", He said, defiantly, as he was being hauled away. Once the police left with the Wolves, Superman contacted Joanna.

    "I can't figure how he got out of prison.", Joanna said. "He's supposed to be doing 10-life for statutory rape."

    "You've told me before how he is wealthy. From what I've heard, he bribed a few people on the parole board to secure an early release. This will send him back to lockup to finish his sentence.", Superman replied.

    "That's not what worries me. If he's got his memory back, he knows who I am!", Joanna replied, worried.

    Three days later, Elliott and his confederates, Lance McNall and Sam Post, stood before a district court judge. Trial would be held later that week, and, as Superman promised, Elliott was convicted of violating his parole, and sent back to prison. McNall & Post got 3-5 years each for their part. Leo Granger, the cab driver, was still at large, however.

    By the time the case went to trial, Jimmy was back in Metropolis, and spent the weekend with Joanna at her house. Despite her experience, she was still a little emotionally fragile, and Jimmy did all he could to comfort his fiancee.

    "There's just one thing that would make me feel better.", Joanna said one night, dressed in a sheer blue nightgown and slippers.

    "And, that would be-------wait. You can't be serious!", Jimmy replied.

    "Jim, we still have a little more than 10 months before the wedding. I need to know if we can have a family, for both our sakes. I realize any child we have will have my powers, but not my limitations. Can we at least try it, Jim? Please?"

    "Well, if you don't mind waiting until we're closer to the wedding. If we do it now, and you do become pregnant, we'd have to push the timetable forward to satisfy a few folks."

    "I suppose you're right, but can we at least try it tonight?"

    "Hmmm, okay, honey, but we'll do it the safe way, based on what we've read in the news recently."
    Three months later, Joanna earned her associates degrees from Metropolis College, as did brother John, and returned to working at the Daily Planet alongside Jimmy. While on a lunch date with Wendy Harris, though, Joanna began to feel sick and light-headed. Wendy offered to take her friend to the hospital, but Joanna refused.

    "Wendy, that's the last place I'd want to go right now.", she said. "You & Jimmy are the only ones on the Planet staff who know my secret, and I'd rather keep it that way. Just take me home."

    "Well, ok.", Wendy replied. "I'm not the one who's pregnant, though."

    "Y-you mean?"

    "I could tell from the radiant glow you had on graduation day. However, I also know that this may be causing some issues with your body chemistry. I know where we should go, though."

    "So do I. The Hall of Justice!"

    Soon, Zan joined his sister and Wendy at the Hall, where Jayna was being examined by Wonder Woman, who confirmed Wendy's deduction.

    "There is no doubt. You're soon going to have a baby.", she said. "You & Jimmy will soon be parents."

    "How far along do you think she is?", Zan asked.

    "According to my instruments, two months. The baby will be arriving right before the wedding."

    Shortly thereafter, Wendy returned to the office and gave Jimmy the news in private.

    "Jeepers! I knew this would happen.", he said.

    "I thought you were using protection?", Wendy asked.

    "I was, but she insisted on going without it one night. I think she's succumbed to peer pressure, Wendy, but this is just between the two of us."

    "Got it. No one else in the office will know until Joanna goes on maternity leave sometime, oh, I don't know, in November?"

    "That would be the best thing."

    Later that night, Jimmy was at Joanna's bedside at home, when she had a specific, special request.

    "Jim? Can we move the wedding to the summer?"

    "If that's what you want, baby, we'll do it, say, July 4?"

    Now Jayna's expecting, which puts her on the inactive list. We'll take our leave of her & Jimmy and focus on Zan & Mary Lou in chapter 7.
  7. hobbyfan

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    Jun 9, 2002
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    The Wonder Twins made one final visit to the Hall of Justice, where they were formally graduated from the unofficial academy. With Jayna's pregnancy, they would remain on the inactive list indefinitely, which Zan felt was for the best. Little did he know that his own future would soon be cast into doubt........

    Chapter 7: Zan & Mary Lou.

    "I'm sorry, John, but business has been bad of late. It's no fault of yours, you've been reliable, nothing short of sensational, but the flow of customers into the shop has slowed to a trickle the last few weeks. I have to let you go."

    Curt Bradley, the owner of the auto repair shop where John had been working since college, handed him a termination notice. The shop was closing, leaving John unemployed. He didn't want to have to explain this to Mary Lou once he got home, but as he soon found out, he didn't have to. The apartment was empty. A note was left on the kitchen table.


    There isn't going to be a double wedding. I've called off our engagement, and, well, this is going to be hard, but we need to be apart. I have some more personal matters to attend to in Gotham, but please, for both our sakes, allow me the time to address this matter myself. I'll call you when I'm finished with this.

    Love you always,

    Mary Lou.

    John sank in his chair. This was the last thing he wanted.

    Back in Gotham, Mary Lou was dealing with a much bigger problem.

    "Does John know about this?", her mother asked.

    "No, and I don't think I want to burden him with it right now.", Mary replied. "He's going to have to get on without me for a while."

    "I've been in touch with Dr. Corday. Your appointment is tomorrow at 11 am."

    "Thanks, mom."
    John didn't take long finding another job. Mr. Bradley had given him a good reference, which landed John a job at Metro Auto Repair & Service, about half a mile from the Daily Planet. Three weeks into his new job, John got a visit from Wendy. When he told her that Mary Lou had left him, Wendy's face dropped.

    "Oh, I'm so sorry.", she said. "Did you guys have a fight?"

    "No. She simply left one day and left a note behind. Said it was something personal.", John replied. "The timing is just terrible. My sister recently decided to push her wedding forward, and wanted us to do the same."

    "I know about Joanna and her pregnancy.", Wendy reminded. "What could possibly have made Mary leave you?"

    "I don't know, and it's that unknown that scares me."

    Wendy offered a comforting hand.

    "Why don't we have dinner together, and we can talk about it?"

    "How does Friday sound?"

    Wendy stayed with John that weekend, but before she could even think about getting past first base with him, the phone rang. It was Mary Lou.

    "Honey? Are you ok?", John asked.

    "I don't think so. Not after what Dr. Corday told me.", Mary Lou replied.

    "Oh? What's wrong?"

    "I have breast cancer."
    Ohhhhhh, boy. Now, things have gone from bad to worse. We'll find out more in chapter 8 next week.
  8. hobbyfan

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    Chapter 8:

    "How could you lie to him like that?"

    Paul Turner stood in the doorway of his daughter's bedroom as Mary Lou replaced the phone. His tone of voice suggested not anger, but disappointment and disbelief.

    "After everything that young man has done for you the past 8 years, the least you could do is tell him the truth.", he continued. "You don't have breast cancer. You're...."

    "I'm sure John will figure it out.", Mary Lou replied.

    Back in Metropolis, John was poring over a Gotham City phone directory he kept on hand in case of emergency. Good thing, in this case.

    "I thought so.", he said.

    "Thought about what?", Wendy asked.

    "Dr. David Corday is an obstetrician, Wendy. That means that Mary is, like my sister, expecting."

    "But who's the father, if it's not you?"

    "I don't know. I think Mary's afraid of how her parents would react if she & I had a child with my powers, which would give away who I am once and for all."

    "If it means that much to you, John, I can do some digging for you, and save Joanna the trouble of doing some investigative reporting."

    "Corday's office is in the same building as our personal physician, Dr. Dundee", John put in. "I think this is better suited for Joanna, and if you want to go through with it, I suggest you chase this story off the record."
    Three days later, Joanna made an appointment with Dr. Dundee, who set her up to meet with Dr. Corday. Upon learning that Mary Lou was soon to be marrying into her family, he decided to forego doctor-patient confidentiality and advise Joanna on the status of Mary Lou's pregnancy. Later, Joanna met with Wendy for lunch.

    "Mary's about a few weeks behind me.", she said. "Dr. Corday said that she wants the baby's father kept a secret."

    "Oh, boy, that is not good.", Wendy replied.

    "I felt the same way. It isn't Tyler Michaels, who had tried blackmailing her a while back, so that's a break, but I can't figure out who she'd sleep with just to have a baby."

    "Given all the friends you girls accumulated at Metropolis College, there's always a chance she has a little black book for occasions like this. I'd have John try to locate that book if it's still in the house."
    Joanna & Jimmy agreed to move the wedding date back to their original date of Christmas Eve, since the invitations had been printed and were ready to mail, and to make changes would cost them more money. Meanwhile, John & Wendy began dating, as Mary Lou continued to be evasive regarding her pregnancy. One night, returning from a dinner date at Weisinger's, Wendy happened to see Mary with someone else, and motioned to John that maybe they should follow-----at a discreet distance, of course.

    "It's risky, but maybe we can finally get some answers.", John said.

    The trail led back to Leather & Suede's. John had Wendy wait in the car while he went inside. Mary Lou was at a table with her date, a blond gentleman whom John guessed was about the same height as he. He then caught the man's reflection in the mirror at the end of the hall, and froze. Seconds later, he left the club, and he & Wendy went home. Once there, he got on the phone with Joanna.

    "You're not going to believe this, sis.", he said.

    "Try me, brother."

    "Seems Mary's hooked up with an old friend of ours. Someone we thought had already been spoken for."

    "Oh? Who could that be?"

    "Your ex, Lew Watson."

    Joanna fell into her chair, and nearly dropped the receiver.

    "Y-you don't think she's telling him everything, do you?", she asked.

    "I don't know. I think she had Lew sleep with her to avoid the idea of having a mutant, but I heard her mention the word 'sterile' in connection with me. Sounds like she's dreaming up a cover story as she goes."

    "Then why didn't she confide in you?"

    "That I don't know, either."
    Three days later, Lew & John met for lunch at Luigi's. Feeling guilty, Lew decided to own up.

    "I think it's an epidemic.", he said. "Things didn't work out with Vanessa, so I was looking to find someone else."

    "Wait. You mean to tell me you and your CO broke up?"

    "We got married, honeymooned in Nova Scotia, but a year later, she filed for divorce, due to irreconcilable differences, and was discharged. I too was discharged about six months after that, and came back to Gotham. Then I heard you & Mary were engaged. She called me one night, and asked me to sleep with her because you were sterile or barren and couldn't have kids. We made a whole weekend out of it. I think when she realized she was pregnant, she couldn't deal with the guilt of cheating on you, so she called off the engagement."

    "We wouldn't have had that if she had made a pitch to me to have a surrogate impregnate her. I've done some reading on that subject. Had she confided in me about her plans, it wouldn't have been considered cheating. At least not the way I see it."

    "But what about her folks?"

    "That's the real problem, old friend. When she told me over the phone she had breast cancer, I knew she was trying to cover for both of us. Her dad was upset about it, and called me a couple of days later to apologize. He's trying to get her to do the same."

    "Look, John, we all make mistakes. I know I've made my share, and it cost me Joanna. She's, what? Six months away from getting married?"

    "Yes. She sent you an invitation."

    "I got it. It's sitting at home, waiting for me to RSVP and mail it back. I'm actually very happy for her."
    Later that night, John received an urgent phone call from Jimmy, asking him to meet his prospective brother-in-law at Metropolis Hospital.

    "What's the emergency, Jim?"

    "It's Joanna. She's been in an accident!"
    What could be the worst that could happen? Find out in chapter 9.
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    Chapter 9:

    "So what exactly happened?"

    John & Jimmy were in the waiting room at Metropolis General Hospital, and had been there some 2 hours while Dr. Dundee attended to Joanna. Jimmy finally broke his silence.

    "We both know she wasn't supposed to do anything really strenuous to protect the baby.", he began, "But you know Joanna. She didn't want to wait for me to come by and fix a leaky roof. She went up to the roof herself, and slipped on some loose tiles. She went right through the picnic table I just bought, and the ladder landed on top, pinning her to the ground. She was screaming for help when I came by to pick her up for dinner. The rest you know."

    "The most we can hope for is that she didn't lose the baby.", John replied. Just then, Dr. Dundee emerged from the operating room.

    "I'm sorry, boys, but we couldn't save the baby.", he said. "Joanna is resting now, and will be kept here overnight for observation."

    "How bad was she hurt, Doctor?", Jimmy asked.

    "Bruised sternum, a couple of cracked ribs, which we can patch up in the morning."
    24 hours later, Joanna was back home, confined to her bed per doctor's orders. Jimmy prepared some vegetable soup for her dinner.

    "Oh, honey, you didn't have to.", she said quietly.

    "Hey, you know the doctor told you to take it easy, especially with your ribs.", Jimmy said. "Rest for the weekend, and then you can come back to the Planet on Monday."

    "What else did he have to say?"

    "That you might've been better off waiting until after the wedding, but then, he's said that to at least a couple dozen women younger than you."

    "I've learned my lesson, Jim.", Joanna replied, sitting up slowly.
    Three months later, Mary Lou & Lew eloped in Las Vegas. Wendy had left the Planet to take a TV job in Los Angeles, and John was now dating Jessie, but both were upset by Mary Lou's decision to elope, rather than have a church wedding.

    "Something about this just doesn't sound true.", Jessie said one night over dinner. "That's not like either of them to leave us out of the loop."

    "Word I've heard is that it was a sudden decision on Lew's part. I guess he had a falling out with his folks.", John replied. "In fact...."

    "In fact, he hasn't been home at all since returning to Gotham. I called his house the other day, and his mom said she didn't even know he was back in town. Neither did his dad."

    "You know what I think, Jess?"

    "What, handsome?"

    "I think we need to look further into this, starting with a visit to West Point."

    John picked up the phone and called Joanna, who wasn't home. Instead, she was with Jimmy at a movie. When they returned to the cottage, Joanna picked up the message and returned the call.

    "It only gets worse, brother.", she said. "Jimmy & I had the same idea you did, and we called ahead. They say Lew had never gotten his discharge from the Army, and that his wife is.........."

    "Dead?", John asked.

    "'Fraid so. They found her body sprawled on her bed at home some six months ago. No sign of Lew."

    "Then there's no sense in going to West Point."

    "No, not unless we get a search warrant."

    "Any other ideas?"

    "Just one. I've got a bad feeling about this."
    The next day, Jessie & the twins flew to upstate New York, hoping to find some answers. Their search led them to a wooded area just outside of Poughkeepsie, where a couple of hunters had called the state police with an unusual find. A limbless man, hung on a tree. Jayna noticed that the body was strung up by a dog tag. Upon closer examination, she stifled a gasp, and rejoined Zan & Jessie.

    "Find anything, sis?"

    "It's just what we feared, Zan. Lew's dead, and whomever's taken his place may just have designs on doing the same to Mary Lou. We have to hurry."
    "You really shouldn't have tried to disobey orders. Your curiosity might just be the death of you yet."

    Mary Lou strained against her bonds. Tied to a chair, gagged and naked, she pleaded with her eyes at the man she thought was Lew, the man she had just married, who was now looking to perform an emergency abortion on her unborn child. Abruptly, the man stopped when he heard a noise coming from the next room. Next instant, he was slammed across the room, held in place by a block of ice, as Zan entered, wearing the form of an iceman, and very angry.

    "You've made your last mistake, butcher!", he snarled.

    Jessie & Jayna quickly freed Mary Lou, who retreated to another room to dress.

    "You're the ones who've made a fatal mistake!", the man said. "I anticipated the three of you showing up ahead of the cops, so I wired the entire room with explosives. They'll soon go off, and the cops'll find five charred bodies in the wreckage!"

    "Sorry, but those explosives are already dead.", Jayna replied. "The only place you're going to be going to is the nearest mental hospital."

    Ernest Cobbard had served at West Point with Lew under Vanessa. A nervous breakdown led him to be dishonorably discharged several months back. Obsessed with Vanessa, he had a plastic surgeon remake his face to look like Lew's, and when Lew confronted him one night, he killed Lew and dismembered him, then strangled Vanessa to death. Cobbard, now dressed exactly as Lew would be, came to Gotham, and charmed Mary Lou into sleeping with him, unaware that he had every intention of killing her, too, so that the baby would be sacrificed to a cult he belonged to, or so he said.

    "Truth is, Cobbard was going to sell the baby on the black market and then disappear.", Jayna concluded. "What I don't get is how he knew we'd be coming."

    "I think I've got the answer to that one.", Jessie replied. "Remember, he was there when Lew was stationed there the first time around. A lunatic like him might have been privy to certain secrets, just by an accident of chance."

    "As it turns out, Cobbard had mental issues before enlisting, and somehow kept things under control, else he'd never have gotten to West Point.", Zan put in. "His ex left him rather unexpectedly, and he didn't know how to deal with it."
    Lew was given a proper burial at Gotham Cemetery. Mary had her marriage to Cobbard annulled due to false pretenses. But as for plans for the double wedding...........

    Three days before the wedding, Cobbard escaped from prison, and sought out Mary Lou, bent again on taking the baby. This time, he holed up at, of all places, the now abandoned boarding house of Professor Nichols, who'd retired and moved to Florida. The twins took the bait, as John & Joanna, and entered the house. Suddenly, there was a terrifying explosion. Cobbard emerged from his hiding place, thinking it was over, and left. Had he bothered to look up, he might've seen the twins leaving as well.

    Later that night, Cobbard broke into the Watson house while Lew's parents were away, hoping to find anything that Lew had pertaining to Joanna and/or John. What he found instead was a doberman, who sprang up on top of him and forced him to the ground.

    "Too predictable.", Jayna growled. "You couldn't accept what had happened to you, so you want to live someone else's life. Apparently, they need to improve security at Bellevue."

    Cobbard was charged with two counts of murder. Zan & Jayna attended their own funerals, but only Jessie, Jimmy, & Mary Lou seemed to understand.

    "I guess this means the wedding's off?", Jimmy asked.

    "I'm sorry, honey, but this case convinced me that now isn't the time for us to marry.", Jayna replied. "Maybe someday we'll try again."

    "I'll always love you, Jayna.", Jimmy said as he kissed her one final time.

    "What happens now?", Mary Lou asked.

    "We're going away for a while, perhaps to start a new life somewhere else.", Zan replied. "We'll keep in touch."

    With that, Jayna transformed into a dragon. Zan mounted her back, and the two flew away.

    Mary Lou gave birth to a baby boy, whom she named John Christian Turner, on January 14, 1986. She & Jessie moved into Joanna's old home in Metropolis, just to keep the "home fires burning", in case their friend ever came back home, and to use as a base for the Night Phantoms, should they decide to come out of retirement. It would be a long time before the Twins would return to Metropolis.

    In Hallandale, Florida, Carter Nichols was stunned to see his young charges one night. He had heard about the explosion in Gotham, but understood that they needed to make everyone believe John & Joanna were dead, and that only the professor, Jimmy, Jessie, Mary Lou, and a few others knew the truth.

    But as we'll see soon enough, that will soon change.

    The end.

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