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The Graduation Day Chronicles, book 2 (Archie & friends fan-fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Preamble: Sorry about the delay, but TZ had some issues over the weekend such that I couldn't get on to post. Anyway, we'll pick things up with Jughead. Mind you, this will be a shorter book.

    Disclaimer: All characters, save for those created for this story, are copyright Archie Comics
    Chapter 1: Jughead & Ethel: The chase is over?

    For years, Ethel Muggs had one goal in mind, convincing Forsythe "Jughead" Jones to be her boyfriend. What stood in the way were 2 things. First & foremost, there was Jug's preference for food, and second, Ethel herself. Tall, gangly Ethel's big problem was her buck teeth.

    So, prior to the start of senior year, Ethel's parents paid for surgical procedures to file down her two front teeth so that they'd match the rest. Next, a little plastic surgery was in order, and by the time September rolled around, and Ethel tried out to keep her spot on the cheerleading team, even principal Weatherbee was stunned by her new look. So, too, was Jughead.

    After some encouragement from his best friend, Archie Andrews, Jughead decided to take a chance, and asked Ethel out on a date, particularly, the annual Halloween dance. Caught by surprise, Ethel accepted. Going as a pair of "androids" thanks to some costumes designed by boy scientist Dilton Doiley, Ethel & Jughead were the hit of the party.

    Their relationship went into overdrive around Valentine's Day with a double date with Dilton and exchange student Banni, from India, who had also been interested in Jug before settling on Dilton. Upon graduating, the couple went to as many parties as possible, and Ethel helped Jug make plans to host a party at his house.

    But, not long after that, things went south. Jug was accepted at New York University, but Ethel, unable to afford the tuition, opted instead for Riverdale City College. Jughead promised to stay in touch via e-mail, and he'd be home one weekend a month to visit. Ethel thought about it and agreed.

    Around Halloween, a week after Jug had been back home, Ethel decided to surprise her man by heading for New York, bringing with her the android costumes from the previous year. Jughead had been sharing an apartment with Chuck Clayton, whose girlfriend, Nancy, was attending Fashion Institute of Technology. Chuck was back home for Halloween, having previously made plans with Nancy, so Jug was alone on October 30. He'd been playing his drums, preparing for the return of the Archies a few weeks later, when he heard a knock on the door. Seeing it was Ethel, he hugged her, and walked her in.

    "Chuck said you left a message on the voicemail before he left for home.", Jughead said. "So much for the element of surprise."

    "My dad insisted on it.", Ethel replied, as she draped her legs across Jug's lap. "You haven't made any plans for tomorrow, have you?"

    Jug looked at the calendar. Halloween was the next night.

    "I sent you an e-mail this afternoon to see if you were interested in coming up for the mixer.", he said. "You must've been in transit."

    "Wait.", Ethel replied, checking her I-phone's e-mail. "Ah, here it is. Tomorrow at 7 at the rathskeller. Good thing I brought our droid costumes."

    "That saves on springing for new outfits. Let's see if we can't make it two in a row."
    Ah, but there would be complications. Three hours before the party, Ethel, dressed in costume under a leather coat, stopped at a local neighborhood grocer to buy some soda. After paying for her purchase, Ethel left the store, and walked right into the arms of a passing patrolman.

    "Hands up! You're under arrest!", he called.

    "B-b-but I haven't done anything!", Ethel protested, handing the officer her receipt for the soda.

    "Oh? Were you at Times Square earlier today?"

    "No." Ethel was lucky her mask didn't completely muffle her voice. "I slept in this morning."

    "What about your partner?", the officer asked, pointing at Jughead.

    "Same thing."

    "I'm afraid I'll have to take you two in until you can verify your story."
    Uh-oh! A case of mistaken identity is only going to get worse in chapter 2.
  2. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    Within ten minutes, Archie had driven to the precinct where Ethel & Jughead had been detained. To his relief, bail wasn't needed, as the real "androids" the police were after had been taken into custody in the interim. Sgt. Sam Bowers had briefed the three.

    "We had a report on two supposed panhandlers wearing Star Wars droid costumes at Times Square hassling tourists and citizens.", he said. "Your friends, Mr. Andrews, had the misfortune of wearing similar outfits, causing the confusion."

    "So it's not safe for them to go to a school party as androids, then.", Archie asserted.

    "Exactly. I can give you the number of a costume shop down the block so they can order something for your friends on short notice. They could have something there now, since they'll be open for another three hours."


    Soon, Ethel & Jug had swapped their 'droid suits for "The Fly" from the movies (Jug) and "Wasp Woman" (Ethel), modeled after the original film from the 50's. To their surprise, the police had made arrangements to pay for the costumes to compensate for their detainment. Unfortunately, they didn't win best costumes at the party.

    "The androids would've probably placed us in the top three.", Jug told Archie over the phone the next day. "You'd think the police would be hearing from lawyers for the rights holders about these beggars."

    "I thought the same.", Archie replied. "Apparently, the movie studios' licensing departments either don't know or don't care."

    Ethel was on her way back home to Riverdale, with both of her costumes, and Jug's, in the trunk of her car.

    "This was not a good idea.", she thought. "I should've remembered there's been issues with the beggars in Times Square."
    Three weeks later, Ethel got a call from Jughead.

    "Have I got a surprise for you.", he said.

    "And that is?", Ethel asked, excitedly.

    "I'm transferring after the semester. I'm coming home."

    "Why would you do that? Thought you liked it in New York."

    "The experience over Halloween was one thing. Freshman hazing is another. I have to keep looking over my shoulder for Duke Brazelton and the Alpha Chi Alpha boys. I didn't pledge, but they're hazing any freshman for no reason. Seems administration is in no hurry to stop them, either."

    "Why not call the police?"

    "I talked to Sgt. Bowers yesterday. Their investigators talked to Brazelton and his boys, and they had alibis, which happen to be as fake as their promises."

    "Jug, honey, if you leave, they win."

    "Not if I deny them the satisfaction first."

    Two days later, as Jughead was heading for the parking lot, he noticed the tires on his car were missing. He u-turned, and walked straight to the dean's office. As it happened, Brazelton and two other boys, Shawn Snyder and Ben Caprici, were already in police custody.

    "Mr. Jones! We were about to send for you!", Dean Alan Cleminger said. "We had witnesses that saw these three take the tires off your car."

    "Fine and dandy, but my mind's made up.", Jughead replied. "I'll press charges of harrassment and theft against these three bozos, long as I get a promise that this will result in their expulsion from the school!"

    "Expulsion? I don't understand."

    Jughead then ran through a laundry list of Brazelton's hazing stunts, none of which were actually sanctioned by the fraternity. He then turned to Brazelton.

    "What gives you the right to hassle any freshman not committed to any of the frats on campus? To me, you're little more than a lowlife thug, sponging off your wealthy parents to justify your bullying. What in God's name did I ever do to you in the first place?"

    "You turned me down, townie. No one does that.", Brazelton sneered. "Ask around. Any freshman or underclassman uncommitted to a fraternity is open season."

    "No, they're not, and you knew that, Brazelton.", Cleminger fumed. "Mr. Jones is not the only one who has fingered you for harrassment. I've got 20 other complaints, most of them from women, and there are witnesses who will swear they can prove you were on site. In fact, five of them had to be taken to the hospital, and your parents will foot the bill for them all!"

    "No, they won't. That's your responsibility!"

    "Wrong! It's yours, Brazelton, and as of this moment, you and your entire fraternity are hereby disbanded. I've been in touch with the national headquarters, and they've revoked your charter!!! You, Mr. Brazelton, are hereby expelled, effective this instant!"
    The next day, Jughead returned home. Ethel had kept his transfer plans a secret from the rest of the gang, allowing Jug to spill the beans himself. Come January, he would be joining Ethel at Riverdale City College, but he would finish out the first semester at NYU, taking mid-terms upon his return to New York. His tuition was being refunded.

    On November 29, before Jug could leave for NYU, he had a surprise waiting for him at Pop's Place. Sherri Snyder, Shawn's sister, sat at his table.

    "Something I can do for you, Sherri?", Jug asked.

    "I heard you were transferring after the semester. I'm really sorry to hear that, knowing my brother had a lot to do with it. However, I think you don't know the whole story."
    In chapter 3, we'll find out what the story is.
  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 3:

    "My brother and Duke wanted to exploit your fame as a member of the Archies.", Sherri explained. "They figured, we've got a celebrity on campus. Let's have some fun. They didn't think you'd respond the way you did. Leaving wouldn't be the smartest of moves, because in Duke's warped mind, it means he's won."

    Jughead thought about it for a moment. He wanted to be with Ethel, which is why he was transferring. He was, after all, a little homesick.

    "I'm sorry, Sherri. I've already filed the transfer papers.", he said. "Sure, I've got a couple of friends in New York, attending another school, but the whole idea was to keep the band on the down-low until after the season. My heart, though, belongs here."

    "I'm sorry you feel that way, Jughead.", Sherri replied. "I could help you, but as I found out, you already have a girlfriend."

    Sherri rose and left.

    The next day, Jughead returned to NYU, only to discover that the papers, which had been left at the registrar's office 5 days earlier, were waiting for him in Dean Cleminger's office.

    "An unexpected development has come up, Mr. Jones.", Cleminger said. "Seems someone felt it best that you remain here instead of transferring."

    Cleminger opened the side door, revealing Ethel, who had decided to transfer after getting a late scholarship grant.

    "I don't get it.", Jughead said. "You told me you supported my decision to come home."

    "I did.", Ethel replied. "But, then, there was an issue with a scholarship grant I'd applied for in the spring. It finally got through, and City College let me transfer on the spot. Your dad said you'd already left when I called last night."

    "Well, I do have room for a roommate in my apartment........."
    Chuck Clayton, meanwhile, had quietly left NYU earlier in November, transferring to an art school closer to Riverdale, creating the opening filled by Ethel. Jughead understood why Chuck wanted out, since he was feeling the same way, until Ethel decided to come to NYU.

    At Stanford, Dilton Doiley was settling in nicely, and his past fling with Banni, an exchange student from India, had become a memory. In time, though, he'd filled the void in his heart when he met another Banni. Bonnie, this time. Bonnie Rieger, like Dilton, was a freshman, but was on the cheerleading team. To that end, Dilton made sure he'd attend all of Stanford's home games and selected road games.

    On September 24, after practice, Bonnie was to meet Dilton at the library before a dinner date. When he got there, around 6, Dilton was in for a shock when he met Bonnie's father.

    "Good evening, Mr. Rieger.", he said. "This is a surprise."

    "I'm sure it is.", Edmund Rieger said icily. "Where's my daughter?"

    "I'd like to know myself. The last I knew, she had gone to cheerleading practice, and that was around 2."

    "Did you talk to her today?"

    "Yes. We had a class together. I swear, Mr. Rieger. I am telling the truth."
    Dilton's innocent, but when you're a stranger, unfamiliar with the surroundings as he is, suspicion comes naturally. Or does it? In chapter 4, we'll find out what happened to Bonnie.
    #3 hobbyfan, Sep 2, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
  4. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 4:

    It took some time, but Dilton convinced Ed Rieger of his innocence. After returning to the campus, Dilton began checking the usual spots where Bonnie might've been, starting at the library. Using his TSI training, Dilton searched for clues to Bonnie's disappearance that the campus police might've missed. When he reached the gym, he met with Bonnie's cheerleading coach, Sara Rutherford.

    "She was here for practice, and I think she was the last one to leave.", she said. "Let me check the locker room."

    Minutes later, one of the other coaches came racing in, frantic.

    "I've found Bonnie!!", Tiffany Sargent, an assistant volleyball coach, cried. "She's in the pool!!"

    "But that's impossible!", Coach Rutherford replied. "We checked there earlier."

    "I don't like the sound of this.", Dilton thought to himself as he walked to the swimming pool. Bonnie was found dead, lying face down in the water. Dilton called Ed Rieger on his cell phone.

    "Mr. Rieger, I'm afraid I've some bad news about your daughter."

    "There is just no way this could've happened without any of the faculty seeing the body.", Tiffany said when interviewed by the police. "The coaches checked the pool at least twice and found nothing."

    "What that means, then, is that Bonnie was kidnapped, murdered, and the body was left in the pool to wash out the killer's fingerprints.", Dilton said. "It happens in the movies."

    "So it does.", Campus Police chief Sam Washburn said. "Your alibi checks out, Mr. Doiley, but do you know anyone that would want to kill Bonnie, and if so, why?"

    "I think I do.", Dilton replied. "Chalk it up to blind, petty jealousy."

    Four days later, Chief Washburn called Dilton into his office.

    "I've got a couple of witnesses that tried to claim you were in the area where Ms. Rieger was killed, but, as we both know, you were on campus at the time of the murder. We know the body was dropped off in the swimming pool after school officials and my staff had checked it twice."

    "Sounds to me like whoever did it saw me as a rival for Bonnie's affections, and that the killer didn't like that Bonnie had taken a shine to me as soon as I got here a month ago.", Dilton replied. "Any DNA samples?"

    "Yes, but multiple hands were involved. We're processing the samples now, as we speak."

    "When I met Bonnie, she said she had ended a relationship that had gone south, and ended badly. You wouldn't happen to know if she'd been seeing anyone in the area, would you?"

    "Well, she was a local girl. Her ex-boyfriend, Matt Massey, is a junior here. He's carried a chip on his shoulder ever since they broke up over the summer. The story is she caught him cheating on her with another woman."

    "Or it could've been something else entirely.", Dilton thought to himself.
    On October 1, Dilton accepted a date with Tiffany, who felt a wee bit scared when Dilton met her at the gym.

    "Something wrong?", Dilton asked.

    "Y-yes.", Tiffany stammered. "I got a phone call 10 minutes ago from some guy, saying it was over, and he was going to deal with it himself, the same way Bonnie was dealt with."

    "I take it it was on the answering machine? The light is blinking."

    "Y-y-yes. I called campus police after I called you. I'll play it for you."

    Dilton listened intently to the tape.

    "Tiffany, you really shouldn't talk to strangers. Bonnie did, and now, she's gone. You'll be joining her soon enough. We don't talk to townies from the other end."

    Soon, Chief Washburn arrived, with his son, Darryl, a junior.

    "What are you doing here, townie jinx?", Darryl asked. "You eastern townies need to learn the rules around here!!"

    "That's enough, son.", Chief Washburn replied. "You owe Mr. Doiley an apology."

    "Why should I? He stole my girl, and now, she's dead."

    "One doesn't link to the other.", Dilton replied. "Coach Sargent, would you play the tape again, please?"

    Tiffany replayed the tape. Darryl walked over and stopped the tape, then pulled a knife out. He went to plunge the knife into the tape cartridge, but his father stopped him.

    "Why, Darryl? What is wrong with you?", he asked.

    "None of your business, old man.", Darryl snapped. Two officers grabbed him, taking the knife away, and read him the Miranda rights.

    "Darryl gave himself away, Chief, by trying to destroy the tape. His DNA was on Bonnie, wasn't it?", Dilton asked.

    "Yes, it was. Bonnie found out Darryl was involved with drugs and wanted nothing to do with him after that. He's been going to class stoned all season, because he sees that as his only release from his troubles. The DNA test revealed he'd killed Bonnie after taking her off campus following practice, then brought her back and left her in the pool, not knowing we'd get his DNA. Funny thing. He wanted to be a cop, like me, but he ruined his chances with his drug use."
    A couple of days later, Dilton accepted a date with Marisa Lange, a junior majoring in criminal sciences, just like Bonnie. Maybe there was hope for Dilton after all.
    The end.
    #4 hobbyfan, Sep 8, 2015
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