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World's Finest Writer's Corner The Gotham Knights [C] - The Dark Knight Sequel

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Young Justice, Mar 12, 2007.

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    The Gotham Knights


    To read my The Dark Knight fanfic, the story which this fanfic is a sequel for, please check http://forums.toonzone.net/showthread.php?t=179244


    Suggested Cast (by the year 2011)

    Batman/Bruce Wayne – Christian Bale
    Harvey Dent/Two Face – Aaron Eckhart
    Dick Grayson/Robin – Alex Pettyfer (with hair dyed black)
    James Gordon – Gary Oldman
    Alfred Pennyworth – Michael Caine
    Barbara Gordon/Oracle – Emmy Rossum
    Oswald Cobbepot/Penguin – Robin Williams
    Edward Nygma – Ryan Gosling
    Lucius Fox – Morgan Freeman
    Tony Zucco – Bob Hoskins
    Ed Skeevers – Terry Crews
    The Joker – Heath Ledger
    Dr. Harleen Quinzell – Rachel McAdams
    Pamela Isley – Rebecca Hall
    Waylon Jones - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko from Lost)
    Victor Fries - Thomas Kretschmann
    Johnathan Crane – Cillian Murphy
    Reneé Montoya – Rosalyn Sanchez
    Leslie Thompkins – Vanessa Redgrave


    Based on comics published by DC Comics.


    Meeting room at the Wayne Enterprises heads office. The room is full of senior executives. Lucius Fox starts the talking:

    - Hi everyone. I know Bruce Wayne is late, as he always does. But I think we can start our meeting. We are gathered here to talk about the project of the re-urbanization for Narrows. This is a big and ambitious project to help saving that poor part of our city.

    While Fox was speaking, the room temperature appeared to become higher and higher. The executive men were loosing their ties, the woman, started unbuttoning their blouses.

    - There’s no conditioned air up here? – Asks one executive.

    Then the people start to fell unwell. Their arms and legs start to be too heavy, paralyzed. All executives start to go down to the floor, fully paralyzed. In the end, Lucius falls too.


    In the meeting room. Now it is filled with plants all around the floor and the walls. Standing up, with bare feet, a woman wearing a lab coat, talks:

    - I hate men. But not only men. The women also. As a matter a fact I hate all mankind. We don’t deserve to live in this planet. We don’t deserve to exist together with those marvelous creatures. – The woman holds gently a flower. While he was speaking we have a glimpse on her id tag and it states: Pamela Isley. Waynetech Botanic Dept.

    She stands up in front of another lab employee. A man in his late forties. The man is standing up, but fully paralized

    - So, Jason. Jason Woodward. You thought I would never discover that you and your bosses here at Wayne were turning my Botanist research into biological weapons. Shame on you. But I’m not really mad. To prove that I will forgive you by giving you a kiss.

    Pamela kisses Jason on the mouth. His skin starts to become green and very dry. Jason dies poisoned.


    Gotham City at night. A high-speed black vehicle travels using the rail for the high ground Wayne train. The vehicle heads toward the Wayne Tower. Inside the vehicle, Batman is sitting inside a cockpit. A voice talks with him:

    - Batman, it’s Oracle. I’m uploading to you the data I’ve compiled from the Pamela Isley computers down there on Waynetech. She was working on a lot of Botanist researches. It appears that she flipped out violently after knowing that her immediate boss, Jason Woodward, was using her work to create and sell biological weapons to terrorist organizations. Without our knowledge, of course.

    - Of course – Batman responds – Remind me later to fire him.

    - I think we don’t need to. He is very likely to be dead by now.

    The vehicle is heading toward a train wagon in the same trail.

    - Wait a second.

    Batman stops the conversation, and pushes a button in his console panel. The Bat-train moves itself to the upper side of the high ground trail, contouring the wagon. After, the Bat-train goes back to its normal position and continues going directly into Wayne Tower.

    - What were you saying, Oracle?


    Batman breaks in into the meeting room. He faces Pamela:

    - It’s over Pamela Isley. You have to surrender now.

    She throws a biologic compound against Batman, but nothing happens.

    - I know the details of all your research, Pamela. Including the antidotes that you have injected in yourself, so you could be immune to your own poisons.

    - Do you know the present and assembled? – asks her, very angry.

    - Lucius Fox and the others. They all work for Wayne. – Batman answers.

    - They run Wayne Enterprises. This company, as all the others, is destroying the planet. Pollution, deforestation, over harvesting, and all for more of the thing they have too much to begin with. Money.

    - I understand your frustration, Pamela. Most of the world feels the same way. But it isn’t the way to do it.

    - I don’t think you’re the one to talk about appropriate behavior. Although, why are you being so civilized? What are you planning?

    A beeping device starts to sound on Batman’s belt.

    - I was merely buying time.

    He pushes a button in his belt and all the sprinkles start to pour water. In this moment, all the plants in the meeting room start dying.

    - Nooooo! – Pamela starts to gets desperate, and falls by her knees.

    - I was waiting for the power defoliant that I’ve poured into the water system finished mixing properly in all parts of the building. This is only a demonstration of what’s to come if you don’t end this. Now.

    Batman continues to talk:

    - Surrender, Pamela, or in ten seconds, I’ll trigger all the sprinkler system of the building. Surrender, or all the plants you spread for this building will die.

    - I wanted to do the right thing. – Says her, sobbing.

    - Perhaps, but in the wrong way.


    Arkham Asylum interior. While Pamela is escorted to her cell by some guards, they pass by the cells of Jonathan Crane, Victor Fries and Waylon Jones.


    Several months, afterwards. Reneé Montoya, police detective of Gotham City enters in the office of the newly promoted to chief of police, James Gordon.

    - Gordon. Here’s my report on the “Penguin” investigation. I couldn’t find out anything.

    Gordon answers:

    - Since the return of the rich guy Oswald “The Penguin” Cobblepot, the Chinese mafia is getting more power. Of course the facts are connected. Damn! It’s been months and we couldn’t find a single proof or lead. – Gordon gets annoyed.

    - And the good news doesn’t end here, chief. The D.A. office is starting to push us about our official position regarding Batman.

    Reneé leaves, and Gordon talks with himself:

    - I can’t work with D.A.’s office like I could with... Like I did before.

    Batman appears in the dark.

    - I don’t know if I can protect you in this one.

    - That won’t be and never was necessary – Answers Batman.

    - I miss him.

    - Me too.

    - Do you know... – Gordon gets to continue the conversation, but when he looks to Batman, he was not there anymore.


    Wayne manor, at night. Alfred opens the door that links the cave to the manor interior for Bruce Wayne:

    - Long day, sir? Ah, forgive me. They’re all long days, aren’t they?

    Bruce looks to his desk:

    - What are these?

    - They are circus tickets sir. Your mother used to do a charitable donation, I believe. She did enjoyed attending to this particular show in the old days.

    - I know Alfred. But this time, Wayne Foundation missed the boat. Oswald Cobblepot is bringing the circus to Gotham now.

    - The so-called “Penguin” sir?

    - Yes. He returned from Europe recently and is rebuilding his family’s name into Gotham’s high society. But in the same time he is getting more control of the city’s underworld. This circus launching party is he trying to hide those actions. This party will be a perfect occasion to look on Cobblepot much closely.

    - So do you need me to prepare you’re tuxedo suit, Master Bruce?

    As Alfred are excusing himself he moans:

    - Let’s only hope that you won’t need your other suit, sir.


    Cobblepot manor. It is placed in a small cliff, by the sea. In front of the manor in the road we see a road sign indicating that this manor is placed between Gotham and Blündhaven. A gala party is happening. The launching one for the Haly Circus season in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne is accompanied by Barbara Gordon, in her wheel chair. Bruce is wearing his classic tuxedo. Barbara with thin and sophisticated glasses and a classic black dress.

    - So, Bruce, the rumors that Cobblepot was rejected by his own parents when he was a child are true?

    - Apparently yes. He was sent to Europe during his childhood, and he spent most of his grown up days in Hong Kong. Now, after his parents’ death, he returned to Gotham.

    - The death of the Cobblepots was kind of controversial, wasn’t it? Do you think Oswald had something to do with it?

    - I don’t doubt it, but I’m still investigating. I couldn’t find any proof of that. If he is indeed guilty, he has managed to hide it very well.


    Oswald Cobblepot, in his early 50’s. Short, fat, with a big and un-proportional nose, and yet very elegant in an all white suit. He is wearing a monocle and smoking a cigarette on the end of a foot long holder. He is also using a cane. His cane has a penguin head detail in its rounded part. Cobblepot is circulating on the party, escorted by a high society lady, Veronica Vreeland. By his side are the Flying Graysons. Oswald comes to Bruce

    - Hi, Bruce Wayne. My name is Oswald Cobblepot. So we finally meet each other.

    - Nice to meet you too, Oswald. Excellent party.

    - Thanks. I would like to introduce you to the stars of the circus that I’m bringing to Gotham: The Flying Graysons. John, the father of the family of aerials is also the circus manager.

    - Please to meet you, Mr. Wayne. – Says John Grayson. – I was acquainted to your parents. We are very sorry for them. My sympathies.

    - Thanks John. It’s nice to meet people that knew my parents. I’ve always felt sorry for not having seeing one of your aerial performances. I mean, with my parents... But I will seize the opportunity to finally watching your show tomorrow at the circus opening.

    - Mr. Wayne, this is my son, Dick Grayson.

    Dick is a 19-year-old boy. He’s wearing a black suit but not a tuxedo.

    - So, Dick, it’s true the rumors that besides your excellent skills on the aerial performances, you is also a black belt in Karate?

    - Yeah. The oriental philosophy helps me a lot to focus when I’m up there, on the cradle. It also helps me to direct better our natural inner angst. Do you know what I mean, right?

    - Yes, I do. Indeed.

    - So, Bruce, don’t you want to introduce this beautiful girlfriend of yours to us? – Asks Dick.

    - Ahem. I’m sorry. Everyone, this is Barbara Gordon. She is the chief of police James Gordon’s niece. She works for me at Waynetech. She is one of our most finest computer experts

    - Hi, Dick. How are you? Thanks for your compliment.

    - Don’t mention it.


    In the entrance of the party. Tony Zucco, rival of the Cobblepot on the Gotham underworld control, manages to crash the party with a group of friends. Oswald gets annoyed:

    - That is some nerve of Zucco showing up here like this. But nevermind, it would be nice to rub on his italian nose, my ascension to the Gotham high society.


    Later, at the party. In the huge aviary that stands aside the manor. John Grayson is talking to Tonny Zucco and some henchmen:

    - So, Mr. Grayson. It was very unwise from your part to refuse my transportation proposal. I’ve got a lot of stuff that needs to be transported across the state lines, and you cross a lot of them. It was perfect. It was a shame that you didn’t accept it.

    - My circus is not a transportation service, Zucco. We already discussed that.

    - I know, I know. But to make things even worse, you had to accept the Cobblepot’s offer? I was hurted by that, you know?

    - Mr. Cobblepot made me a legitimate offer. Why would I refuse?

    - It’s only that Gotham City is some kind of dangerous these days. A lot of accidents, you know? It would be a shame if something happened. These aerial performances are dangerous aren’t they? You way up there and the ground being way down here...

    Dick and Barbara, are seeking for a tranquility moment away from the party and take the path to the aviary. Dick sees his father in an awkward conversation:

    - Is there a problem, Dad?

    - No, son. These gentlemen are just leaving, right, Mr. Zucco?

    Zucco and his henchmen leave displeased by the ending of the conversation.

    - Dick, I’ll go back inside also. But, please, stay here with your friend.


    In the aviary, Dick and Barbara talk:

    - Do you know that bird, Barbara?

    - Which one?

    - That one, with a red chest. The Robin. My mom likes to call me this way.

    - Robin? Why?

    - It’s because our show red suits. And because she thinks I “fly” on the trapeze.


    The next night, at the General Hospital of Gotham. A TV set inside a patient room:

    - Good evening. This is Gotham TV news. This week we had the second anniversary of the incident that put our former district attorney Harvey Dent in a coma. The criminal only known as Joker has thrown a recipient full of boiling acid in Dent’s face. It all happened in the courtroom during the trial of the criminal clown. The Joker is, today, locked up at Arkham Asylum.

    Harvey Dent is laid down in the hospital bed, with his face all wrapped up with medical bandages. His vital signs start to change, indicating that he is coming out of his coma.


    Dick flies in the cradle together with his parents during the opening night of the Haly Circus in Gotham. All of the city’s finest are present. Cobblepot, the sponsor. Bruce Wayne and one of his gorgeous female companions. Barbara and James Gordon. The audience goes crazy with the act of the Flying Graysons without the safety net. The rope of the cradle starts to show some signs of fatigue and rupture.


    At the Hospital, Dent awakes. Still disoriented, with his face covered with bandages, he looks to his right hand and sees that he is holding a coin. It’s a coin with two heads. But he notices that one of the faces are scratched. Little by little, he is remembering about the things that happened to him and the brief moments in which he was out of the coma. Flashes of his memory: The two faced coin from his father. He killing his own father. The pact between Gordon, Batman and him. The death of Salvatori Moroni. Joker throwing acid in his face. He scratching one of the faces of the two faced coin. He picks the coin. Throws it up and catches with his hand. The windows of his hospital room are wide open and the bed is empty.


    During one of the John and Mary Grayson’s act, without his son Dick. The rope breaks apart and they fall right in the middle of the big top. All present are horrified. Dick watches from up in the trapeze, and sees his parents dead down on the ground. Bruce looks at this scene and sees a Deja-vu of himself, as a child, together with his own dead parents.


    In the sewers. Harvey is wandering with the bandages still covering his face. In another part of the sewers there’s a big and strong African American man in the shadows. We see some of him from the few parts illuminated. He has a strange skin. It resembles the one of a crocodile. The big guy gets prepared to attack the newly arrived on the sewers, his territory. Harvey sees this big black shadow coming towards him:

    - It’s you already Batman? You find me quickly! - He grabs an iron pipe on the floor and continues – Come on, Batman! Let’s find out if you can beat me!

    The strong man is suprised and changes his approach. He shows himself in the light. His teeth are frightening sharpened. His eyes are reddish.

    - So do you hate Batman as well? By the bandages on your face I assume you are Harvey Dent. Nice to meet you, my name is Waylon “Killer Croc” Jones.


    In the next night, Bruce and Alfred welcome the desolated Dick Grayson in the Wayne Manor, just after his parents funeral. Dick is accompanied by some of the circus performers. One of them talks to Bruce:

    - We would like to thank you Mr. Wayne for taking care of all the paperwork. We have to make our own adjustments. John was the circus administrator. Now I’m getting the job. The Graysons, as you know were part of our family at the circus. We are devastated. We would like to take care of Dick from now on, but this process requires time, do you know?

    - Yes, I do.

    - So, thanks again for taking care of Dick in this troubled times, Mr. Wayne.

    - Don’t worry. The Graysons were friends of my parents. It's the least I could do it.

    The new circus administrator leaves Dick with Bruce and Alfred. Dick was silent with an angry face.

    - I’m very sorry Dick. I know what it’s like. My parents died when I was a child. I’m here to help you in this difficult moment.

    - I know what you’re thinking. But it wasn’t just a simple accident. My father always checked the ropes...

    Bruce looks through Dick and sees the Batman signal on in the city’s horizon.

    - We have a lot to talk, Dick, but unfortunately I have an urgent appointment that I have forgotten. Please, excuse me.


    Gordon is at the top of the police building. Batman shows up.

    - Something on the circus accident? – Asks Batman?

    - We’re investigating but it appears to be a real accident. I’ve called you here on another reason: Harvey Dent has escaped from the Hospital. We’re searching for him since this morning but no one knows where he could be.

    - He is severed injured. He couldn’t go far. I will find him.

    - I’ve been re-reading the Moroni’s case file and I’ve seen evidences that Moroni was already dead when Dent injected the Joker’s poison antidote in him.

    Batman remains in silence. Gordon gest annoyed:

    - How long have you known?!?

    Batman is still silent.

    - How long?!?

    - I don’t believe that a man who stood on this roof, who made a promise, a bond, with each one of us, would cross the line. I won’t believe it.

    - What if you are too close of the situation? What if your judgment is impaired? What if you’re wrong?

    - What if I’m not?

    - Find Harvey. You know what needs to be done...


    Dick is wandering through Wayne Manor and by accident enters a bedroom. He grabs a hairbrush in front of a mirror.

    - What are you doing in here? – Asks Alfred

    - My mom had a brush like this. She would brush her hair before every performance. My Dad would get so mad. He never wanted us to be late for a show.

    - I would guess that a younger natural curiosity would bring him upstairs to a room, which is clearly closed off. This was Master Wayne’s parents’ bedroom. And While I’m sure he’d like nothing more than for you to have free run on the house...

    - Why he is really doing this, Alfred? Taking me in? I’ve heard he is some kind of Playboy...

    - It’s not really my place to say for certain. But, as you already know he lost his parents very early. In addition he happen to have the misfortune on witnessing his parent’s death as well.

    - Yeah, we’re both orphans...

    Dick stares on his image in the mirror.

    Bruce Wayne, as a child, in front of the same mirror, holds the same hairbrush as Alfred enters Thomas and Martha’s former bedroom

    - I remember my mother using this. She would brush her hair whenever they went out together. My father would stand over there. Tying his tie. Growing impatient. Never wanting us to be late.

    - Perhaps is a little too soon to be in this area of the house, Master Bruce. I know how special this room is and it will always be well kept. But for right now, why don’t you come downstairs to the kitchen? I’ll make you whatever you desire.

    - What’s going to happen to me Alfred? Are they going to let me live here with you?

    - I... it’s not really my place to say for certain. But, I will endeavor in every way I can to see to it you brought up in the same manner your parents would.

    Staring at his image on the mirror, Bruce says, with a very low voice:

    - I’m an orphan and I will have to get used to it.

    He turns himself to Alfred:

    - I’m all alone now, Alfred.

    The butler hugs the child, without saying anything.

    Dick Grayson turns himself to Alfred:

    - I’m all alone now, Mister Pennyworth.

    Alfred puts his hand in Dick’s shoulders:

    - I can only tell you, Mr. Grayson, something I wish I had said a long time ago to someone else. You are not alone. I imagine you will never be again.


    Arkham Asylum at Narrows. Several boxes spread by the corridors. A lot of men working for moving companies are taking the boxes away. One of them talks to the other;

    - All this work just because we have to move these loonies out of here to that other house in the country.

    - It was because of that project from Bruce Wayne. At least these wackos are going to be very far from this neighborhood.

    In the maximum-security area, the Joker is incarcerated in his cell. Trapped in a straitjacket. He looks to the shadows across the corridor

    - So, Batman, are you there, aren’t you?

    Batman steps out of the darkness.

    - I assume it was easy for you to enter here because all this moving away mess. But it wouldn’t stop you anyway.

    - I want information about Dent, Joker.

    - Do you know something Batsy? I’m loving this moving for the country side. The calmness will do wonderful to me, he he he.

    The Joker continues:

    - But why are you worried about our former D.A, Batman? Are you worried that he will do something nasty? Killing again maybe? Ha ha ha ha ha.

    - You are the one who should start to worry, Joker. Harvey could come from you, seeking revenge.

    - Ha ha ha ha, I’m couting on it!

    Joker starts to laugh with more intensity and asks:

    - By the way, little Bat, how is going James Gordon’s niece? Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Batman gets very angry and is about to snap and loose totally his tempers. A guard gets closer and Batman disappears in the darkness. The Jokers continues to laugh even louder.


    A few days later. In the docks of Gotham City, Zucco and Ed Skeevers, an African American mobster, second in the Zucco’s chain of command, are in an office, monitoring a delivery of laundered money and weapons. Zucco is very relaxed, wearing an undershirt with suspenders and smoking a cigar:

    - It was an accident. The rope just broke and there ain’t nobody who can prove otherwise. So quit worryin’, will ya, Eddie?

    - Maybe we should wait things settle down. Get chill.

    - No, we continue our business. I’m gonna take down that circus and with it the Penguin’s deal. If he thinks he would use our idea to promote him in the high society he is so very wrong.

    - Y’know, those acrobats you whacked. They got a kid who might squawk.

    - Hey, I got ears too. He’s campin’ out with that rich guy... that Bruce Wayne...


    Outside, near the dock there are a few vans waiting. Inside the vans are a lot of Asian mobsters, armed to the teeth, waiting for attacking the delivery. A few miles away, in a yacht, Cobblepot is with two chinese women, who are wearing very expensive suits and are twins. The women are the second in command from Penguin’s mafia organization. The Penguin and the women watch the attack distantly through a telescope.

    - Carol and Sandra, all men are ready?

    They nod their heads confirming.

    - Excellent. I’m sure these rumors that Zucco has something to do with the accident in the circus are true. It’s time to pay back a little.


    The vans break into the dock and the Chinese mobsters get out shooting against Zucco’s people. In the dock’s office:

    - Ed, something is happening. I have to get out of here, but you have to stay to protect our weapons and money!

    A huge gunfight takes place, with deaths and explosions in every place. In this moment Batman shows up and starts to attack henchmen from both sides. Skeevers is shot in the arm. The Asians explode a part of the shipment and get away with a little advantage. In the yacht the telescope lens of Cobblepot gets lightened by a little red dot. A small metal bat, connected with a rope breaks the lens making Cobblepot to fall. In the other side, at the docks, Batman retracts the rope of his grapnel gun.


    Inside the docks, Skeevers hears a noise of people getting beaten up. He came inside his office and sees his henchmen beaten and blood wounded. When he enters the shipment area he meets Killer Croc and Harvey Dent, with suit and overcoat, with a white glove in one hand and a black one in the other. The face of Dent is covered by the shadows. Eddie, frightened asks:

    - What is this?

    - What needs to be done – Answers Harvey.

    - What the hell is supposed to mean?

    - How much longer did you think I would let the your boss Zucco tear Gotham City in half? Splitting this city between good... and evil. My city.

    Harvey Dent comes out of the shadows and shows his face, partially disfigured. The half of his face is scarred by the acid burns.

    Batman invades the docks, throw a magnesium bomb into Killer Croc and kick his back, defeating him. Harvey holds Skeevers like a hostage:

    - Batman. Again. And Again. The courts will send them back to prison or Arkham. They will escape and we have the same problem. Again. And Again.

    - Harvey..?

    - Harvey is gone. Two-Face is more like it, don’t you think?

    - If you pull that trigger, how are you different from Zucco?

    - That’s Jim Gordon talking. You know the system doesn’t work. That justice can decided like the flip of a coin.

    Two-Face tosses his coin. He grabs it with his open hand and the scratched face comes up. Two shots. Ed Skeevers falls dead by Two-Face feet.

    - Two shots to the head. If you ask me, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

    Batman tries to talk his friend out of it:

    - You still believe in Gotham City. You were married here. You want to start a family. If nothing else thik of your wife, Gilda.

    - Gilda..?

    - Give me the gun, Harvey.

    Two-Face hesitates for two seconds but then he uses the back of his gun to beat Batman in the head:

    - Nice try.

    Batman falls unconscious.


    Later in that same night, in the police building. In a room with little light we see Detective Flass in his desk. A sinister voice from outside the office:

    - Working late again, Flass?

    - W-who..? – asks Flass a little frightened.

    - You have to answer for Harvey Dent. Somebody facilitated Zucco’s meeting with the Joker that day. The day the justice was split in two. Innocent or guilty. Like this coin. One side clean. The other side scarred.

    The coin flips in the air several times.

    - Please don’t kill me, mister Dent...

    The Flass head is laid down on the desk. Blood is everywhere staining a lot of books and papers. Batman hands pick up some blood with the tip of his fingers. We see his angry face and behind him, in the windows, the Bat-signal is showing in the sky.


    The roof of police station. The sign of Batman is on. Two-Face is stading next to the edge of the building, looking to the city below:

    - I’ve killed twice tonight. I did what needed to be done. For now.

    Batman comes from behind of Harvey in the shadows:

    - Why?

    - I did what needed to be done.

    - You’ll never convince me of that.

    The door that gives access to the roof opens. It’s James Gordon.

    - Harvey...! My God... What’s happened to you...?

    Harvey talks to his former allies in the war against crime.

    - There won’t be any judges to be bribed. No witnesses who will disappear. Ed Skeevers and Flass are dead. I killed them. A new time from Gotham is beginning.

    - We’ll get you help. – Batman responds.

    - You’re the ones who are gonna need help from now on. – Threats Two-Face.

    - Harvey, you betrayed everything you believe in. – Says Gordon.

    - Not everything. Harvey is never coming back, Jimbo. Get used to it. Particulary to help a pair of old fools. Don’t try to follow me. Killer Croc could be a master of the muscle use but he is too an excellent sniper.

    Killer Croc is pointing with a long distance rifle from a distant rooftop. In his telescope we see Gordon being targeted.

    - If you touch me, Bats, he kills Gordon. – Says Harvey, disappearing in the darkness.

    A moment of silence. The Batman silhouette is merging with the city horizon.

    - Was it worth it? – Asks Batman.

    Gordon is in front of the door that leads to the building

    - Hmmm?

    - The promise we made to bring down the underworld of Gotham. To arrest the Joker. What it cost us. Barbara and now Harvey.

    - If you’re asking me “did the good guys win?”. At that time I thought so. – Answers Gordon looking to Batman standing next to the edge of the roof.

    - Now I’m not so sure. – Gordon says looking away. Batman is no longer there.


    Later in that same night. The roof of the Wayne manor. Top of the one of the manor’s towers. Dick Grayson is standing next to the edge, in the dark. Batman appears and surprises Dick.

    - You went out there tonight. To the circus. Don’t bother denying it.

    - Batman..?! What are you doing here? What do you know about me?!

    - I know enough.

    Dick looks to Batman with anger:

    - I keep thinking about what happened. My father always checked the lines. It just couldn’t be an accident.

    - It wasn’t.

    - What..?

    - The trapeze rope that snapped. It was made to look like it was worn out. But I found traces of an acid on the rope. Just enough. And I’ve seen what that acid can do to people.

    - I want to help.

    - You will when the time is right. I promise.

    - I remember seein’ a guy talking to my father at the Cobblepot’s party. He said something that has bothered my father. He was a short fat guy.

    - You should go back inside now.


    Batman is arriving at the cave. Alfred is awaiting him.

    - I was wrong about Harvey, Alfred. I’ve had this evidences he has left Moroni die but thought it was incorrect. That Harvey couldn’t do it. I can’t afford to be wrong again.

    - There’s nothing wrong with being wrong, sir. Even I’m not infallible on the occasion.

    - Batman can’t be.

    Batman starts to take his mask off.

    - I... never discussed that with you, Alfred. But I was nearly ready to tell Harvey, just before... his accident.

    - Tell him what, sir?

    With his mask off, Batman continues:

    - The truth. About who I am. About my parents. All of it.

    - Then, give how things turned out, aren’t we glad that you didn’t?

    Bruce, with a sad face, answers:

    - Maybe, Alfred. Or maybe if I had told him, Harvey wouldn’t have pushed himself so hard. He might have trusted me more, if I had trusted him... But now I’m alone again in this crime war of mine.

    - Master Bruce. As I should have told this to someone a long time ago: you are not alone.


    A few days later. Bruce arrives at his office in the Wayne Tower. Lucius Fox and Leslie Thompkins are waiting for him.

    - Good afternoon, Mr. Wayne. – Greets Lucius.

    - Hello, Bruce. How you’re doing? – Says Leslie.

    - I’m fine. So how is our project of re-urbanization of Narrows?

    - Everything is going according to plan. The people of the neighborhood are supporting our cause. First they were afraid that they were going to leave the area, that our project was to create a fancy modern district and removing all the poor people from Narrows. But since they get the idea that we were going only to remove the poverty and the slum houses and replacing them with proper building and houses, they just loved it.

    - That’s excellent news. And what about Arkham?

    - The transfer is going according to plan as well. The original manor that belonged to Amadeus Arkham in the country side of Gotham is already restored and is now ready to receive the asylum interns.

    - And the Martha Wayne clinic is also almost ready for starting receiving patients. – Adds Leslie.

    - I’m very happy to see you directing this clinic Leslie. My father would be very pleased to see you working in a facility that was named after my mother. And what about the towers?

    - One of them is finished. The other is still in works, but everything is on schedule.

    In the work place that has become Narrows, two giant towers stand in the horizon. One is finished, sparkling. The other only showing its structure of titanium bars and some walls completed.


    Bruce continues his visit, now in the Waynetech facilities. Barbara hosts him and introduces Bruce to a new employee:

    - Hi, Bruce, This is Edward Nygma. Our newest acquisition for Waynetech.

    - Nice to meet you, Mr. Wayne.

    - The pleasure is mine, Nygma.

    - Although he is somewhat young, he is considered one of the most important people in the Internet security area. – Adds Barbara. – He will be in charge testing our new legal system for the Gotham’s judicial department.

    - I’ve heard that you were a hacker, Edward, is it true? – Asks Bruce.

    - As most of the electronic security experts, Mr. Wayne. You have to have been one of the bad guys to know how to stop them.

    - I see – Bruce answers with a little worry in his face.

    - But he is now “reformed”, so to speak. Bruce. He was indicated by a lot of respectable companies. – Clarifies Barbara.

    Bruce and Barbara leave the Waynetech offices. When they’re alone, Barbara completes:

    - Don’t worry, Bruce. I’m watching him closely.


    Later in the end of the day, Barbara says goodnight to his colleague Nygma and heads home. Edward, then, opens in his computer a secret program called The Riddler. A bunch of Batman information opens in the screen. Newspaper stories about possible Batman apparitions. Police reports about him. He continues reviewing all the information until he reaches a note about the Batman attack in the docks. Beside that file, there’s another one showing the Gotham’s underworld hierarchy. In one of the heads of that diagram, is the name of Oswald Cobblepot. Nygma smiles.


    In that same night. One of the circus wagons has its lights on.

    - So, you are the new circus administrator? If Mr. Zucco has to come out here again, it’s gonna be bad. – Says someone inside the wagon.

    Dick Grayson is in the top of the wagon seeing the interior from the top window. A mobster is punching the circus integrant in his stomach.

    - It’s gonna make what happened to the Graysons look like the funhouse.

    A rock breaks the windows and hits the henchmen in the face.

    - Who the...?

    The mobster comes out holding his gun.

    - Who’s ever out here, you’re messing with the wrong...

    A wood staff hits the mobster hand, making his gun to drop. Dick Grayson, with an all black karate training suit, is holding his Bo, a wood long staff used in marial arts.

    - What do you know about what happened to the Graysons?

    Dick realizes that he is surrounded by three mobsters armed with knifes and bats. He starts to fight, defeating most of them, but is hitted in the head by some of them and falls. Dick, on the ground, looks up and sees his attacker above him. A shadow is cast above the mobster. The shadow starts to grow and Batman appears menacing flying against the mobster back. Batman hits the guy and presses his face into the dirt.

    - Tell Everyone. This circus is off limits – Threats Batman with his sinister, almost demonical voice.

    Dick looks everything from the ground, but finally looses his consciousness.


    Dick is sleeping in a bed. He starts to awake.

    - What... What is this place?

    He looks around and sees Batman and his cave. A lot of vehicles, facilities and computers.

    - I never thought to give it a name. – Answers Batman.

    Batman looks to Dick and continues:

    - I once was almost ready to start trusting someone. If I did it, maybe things would be different now. You want to find out who killed your mother and father.

    - Yes – Answers Dick, avidly.

    - I can’t let you go out there untrained. All you’ll do is get hurt or worse.

    - Why do you care what happens to me? I mean, I see more of you than that guy Wayne who was supposed helping me.

    Batman is showing his back to Dick. He starts to take of his mask. Dick looks to him surprised.

    - Dick.

    Bruce Wayne is now looking to Dick, dressed as Batman:

    - I know we have a lot to talk about...


    Some days later. At the Iceberg club, one of the covering business of Oswald Cobblepot. He is sitting by the dance floor, in his private table surrounded by gorgeous women and one of the Chinese twins. The other Chinese twin woman comes to the table and talks someone at Cobblepot’s ear. He stands up and leaves with her.

    Oswald enter his office at the club. The Chinese woman informs him:

    - Mr. Cobblepot, all of our systems have been hacked by some virus.

    Cobblepot looks to the screen and an animated character waits. The character is dressing a green suit and top hat with a lot of black question marks printed on them.

    - He calls himself Riddler. He demanded to talk to you.

    The Riddler character says a riddle to Oswald. In his home, in front of his ultra portable notebook, wearing a headset with microphone, Edward Nygma answers:

    - A penguin.

    Cobblepot gets annoyed:

    - What the f* is that thing?

    - Please calm down Mr. Cobblepot – says the Riddler virus – I’m a new player in Gotham, and I’m in the special supplies business. I have something to sell to you. Something that you will be very interested. But as a trust proof I will give to you a free piece of information. Just to get us started.

    The Riddler says another riddle. Oswald gets even angrier and draws his gun to blow off the monitor screen.

    - Darkness – answers the Riddler. – This is the common factor of all Batman apparitions.

    Cobblepot gets calm and holds his gun.

    - If you want to get rid of Batman for a while you have to make your movements in daytime.

    Cobblepot smiles while all the club computer systems are cleared by the virus.


    The Dr. Harleen Quinzell is supervising the transfer of to the Arkham Asylum interns to new facilities at the old Arkham manor. The Joker is being moved through the corridors, wearing a straitjacket and a muzzle. Harleen talks to the guards moving Joker, but it appears that she is really talking to him:

    - Do you know that this Asylum was created by the end of 19th century? It was an idea from the Dr. Amadeus Arkham. After the death of his mother he decided to use his family manor to build the asylum. By the seventies, it was transferred to Narrows. Now, more than 30 years later, it comes back to this place.

    The Joker is placed in his cell. He is loosed form the muzzle and the straitjacket. The guards leave. Dr. Quinzell stays alone with the Joker.

    - What do you think of our new home, Joker? – Asks Quinzell, smiling.


    Outdoors next to the asylum. An explosion opens a wall in the new facility. At the same time another explosion destroys the only bridge over the river that separates the asylum and the road to Gotham City. Two-Face and Killer Croc enter by the wall destroyed.

    An asylum employee tries to active the police alarm. But he is caught by the neck. Killer Croc is squishing his throat, in a brink of killing him.

    - Wait, Croc – says Harvey Dent.

    Two-Face throws his coin and the unscratched side falls up. Dent knocks the employee out with a punch and active himself the police alarm.

    - What are you doing, Two-Face!? – Asks, Croc, very surprised.

    - Let’s move. Soon we have company around here.


    Harvey and Croc pass by the cells of Crane and Isley. They free them both. The whole group heads to another corridor. The cell of Victor Fries is refrigerated. Very similar to a cold-storage chamber. Killer Croc explodes the cell door. Harvey, standing by the door talks to the Doctor:

    - Victor, the opportunity knocks on your door. If you agree to help me, you will receive a lot of money. The exact money you will need to continue your researches. To help your wife. To help Nora.

    - You are the Harvey Dent, no? The once ally of the Batman?

    - Harvey Dent is no more, Victor. You can call me Two-Face. Join me and you have a chance to get even with the Bat, too.

    - I’m inclined to accept you offer, Two-Face. But, you know? I can’t leave this refrigerated room, or I’ll die otherwise.

    - I know it. I have another refrigerated place to you, Fries. Wear this protective suit while we are escaping from here. – Harvey says, throwing a rubber suit to Fries.

    Victor thinks a moment about it and ends up accepting the offer. He puts on the protective suit and leaves his cell with the other fugitives.

    - Croc, get our friends out of this place. I have other business to take care of.


    Outdoors next to the Arkham Asylum. The SWAT troops are waiting next to the river, in front of the destroyed bridge. All policemen look up and see Batman passes up them gliding towards Arkham.


    Harvey gets to the Joker cell, but it’s empty. Dent follows through some corridors and after walking to some wings, sees Joker escaping with Dr. Quinzell. Before Dent starts to pursue them, he is knocked by Batman.

    You have to surrender, Harvey – says Batman, not knowing that Joker is escaping. – You could get plastic surgery, rebuild your life. Your life with Gilda.

    - Who the hell is Gilda? Don’t kid yourself, Batman. The Scars are a little more than skin deep. Here we are again, you and I. You always standing up between I and the true justice.

    Harvey pushes a button in a control remote. All Arkham Asylum cells get open.

    - It’s your choice now Batman. You can stay here and try to stop me, or go after the fugitive interns, before Joker gets away from this god-forsaken place. If you need, I can borrow you my coin.

    Batman has a flashback. He sees in his mind Joker crippling Barbara, torturing Gordon and throwing acid in Dent. Batman goes after the clown criminal, without knowing that he has already escaped. Harvey continues his way of revenge.


    The Joker and Dr. Harleen get to the end of one of the asylum’s wings. A window that leads to the river way down below. Harvey gets to them. The Two-Face hits a punch in the doctor and throws her aside. The Jokers starts to laugh:

    - So Harvey, finally you are showing your true face.

    Dent draws two sub-machineguns, one in each hand.

    - Don’t you have to throw your coin first, Harvey? – Asks Joker, with a grim smile on his face.

    - Your coin throw has happened a way back, Joker. And you’ve lost!

    - No! – Screams Quinzeel, throwing herself in front of the Joker and getting with him a lot of bullets from the machineguns.

    The two of them break through the window and fall into the river. Two-Face looks down to the river below and goes away.


    The rooftop of the G.C.P.D. Central Station. Gordon is standing by the edge looking to the city:

    - So, we all agree. If we need to meet, it’s only to be up here. Never in my office.

    Gordon is wearing an overcoat and behind him are a group of police officers. One of them is Reneé Montoya. The others are one big and fat white guy, eating a donut; a young tall and skinny African American guy; a young Asian American woman and a tall and strong African American man. Each one of them is holding a file. Behind them, the Bat-signal.

    - Each of you has been given a file of a famous Arkham Asylum intern. They are now fugitives and I have reasons to believe they are working together with Harvey Dent. Ok, Reneé, you get Pamela Isley.

    - Yes, sir.

    - Bullock, you get Waylon Jones.

    - The Croc, sir? Yikes. Can I trade my file with Montoya? – Asks Harvey Bullock, finishing eating his donut.

    - No. – Answers Gordon. – Bennet, you get Johnathan Crane. Do you have a problem with that?

    - Should I? – Asks Ethan Bennet.

    - Yin, because of your connections to the Chinatown, you will have the Cobblepot file. This thing of Harvey is going to grow big and I bet the Penguin will be somewhat involved.

    - Ok, sir.

    - And Hardback, you have the file of Victor Fries.

    Mackenzie “Hardback” Bock, the tall and strong African American man makes Gordon a question:

    - I didn’t understand something about Fries. How did he get him out of the Arkham? I mean, doesn’t he have to be in a refrigerated room to survive?

    - The refrigerated thing is only part of his psychosis. He doesn’t really need to live in the cold. He only thinks he needs. Harvey has must convinced him somehow that was safe to leave his cell. – Answers Gordon.

    - Anyway, I will take care myself of the Harvey Dent file. – Completes Gordon – You were have chosen very carefully for this job. The only clean policemen of Gotham City. I hope you don’t disappoint me.

    - What about Batman, sir? – Asks Bullock.

    - What about him? Batman isn’t part of this operation. Should he hamper you in any way... take the appropriate measures.


    In the caves beneath Wayne Manor. A robotic man is hit by a wood stick. On top of a lot of stalagmites, Dick attacks robotic moving targets with his Bo. A training very similar to the one Bruce Wayne has performed in the Ra’s Al Ghul monastery. Somewhat revolted, Dick complains while dodges the robotic attacks:

    - I should be out there with him. Not stuck in this cave with these bats. I’ve trained. I’m ready!

    Dick breaks one of the robots’ head with his stick and tosses it way. The head falls near Alfred’s feet, who happened to be there, watching Dick Grayson’s training.

    - That will be coming out you your allowance.

    - He thinks I’ll get hurt. He doesn’t trust me. – Complains again, Dick, now standing next to Alfred, after finishing his training session.

    - On the contrary, Master Grayson. I hope you are aware how extraordinary it was for him to share his... secret with you. Truly extraordinary. But, A bit of advice: He is training you to help you seek justice for your parents’ deaths. And only that. Any other plans you may have had in you head are woefully premature.


    In one abandoned gallery in the sewers, Harvey talks to his associates. He is sit down in his desk. An office desk, very similar to the ones you see in a lawyer office. Jonathan Crane is wearing a suit, with his Scarecrow mask on. Pamela Isley is sit on top of Harvey’s desk. Behind her is a small green house. Victor Fries is wearing a dark blue rubber suit with only his face showing and googles. Fries also holds a long gun attached in a tube on his back by a thick hose.

    - So, do you all like your new accommodations? I have some trouble to get all your stuff here.

    - Where are these “Millions” you have promised us, Two-Face – Asks Victor.

    - I have taken one warehouse filled with untraceable laundered cash that belonged to Tony Zucco. When this job is done, you will all get what you promised and more. Of course the advance you get will do fine for now, won’t it? And besides, there’s our mutual hate of Batman.

    - I don’t care about the money. I only want to crush Batman’s back. – Says Croc, very angry.

    Pamela leans on Harvey:

    - I hate all man, you know, but you are very interesting. It’s one kind of man who can come up with a plan, and another who can see his plans well executed. I like that kind of man. I like you.

    Pamela tries to kiss him, but Harvey stops her.

    - Harvey Dent is a married man, Pamela. Get out of here.

    Behind Harvey, there’s a photo of Gilda Dent, his former wife.


    Dick Grayson is in the cave of Batman, training some martial arts movements.

    - So, you are really improving, Dick. – Says Barbara Gordon, in her wheelchair.

    - I do what I can. It’s a shame that Bruce doesn’t share you opinion. Stopping by to make a visit?

    - Yes, I wanted to know how you’re doing. We hardly spoke after the funeral. Alfred told me about Bruce’s plan to train you to capture the murder of your parents. I was shocked to know how he decided to trust you like that. I have to work much harder to get my job here – Plays Barbara.

    - I’m doing well, given the circumstances. I’m happy to see you here, Barbara. And I was actually worried about you too. Since the escape from Arkham. The Joker’s body was not found.

    Barbara looks at him with a sad expression.

    - I’ve been reading Bruce’s files. I know what happened to you. Why you are in this wheelchair. I’m so sorry Barbara.

    Barbara starts to cry a little:

    - I remember that night vividly, if it had happened today. But as each day passes, I’m managing to win this war against the trauma of being crippled by that monster.

    - How do you do that? I feel the same. I see my parents die every time I close my eyes. I have to do something about it. – Asks Grayson, touched by the Barbara’s feelings.

    - I don’t know what I could have done it if it wasn’t for my job, as Oracle, helping Batman.

    - I think I can understand what you mean – Confirms Dick Grayson, firmly.


    Cobblepot manor. Oswald is watching the afternoon news.

    - Good afternoon, Gotham City. A group of masked criminals attacked a bank agency in the downtown. The attack took place today’s afternoon. The bank is supposed to belong to one of Anthony Zucco’s associates, indicating that this event is connected to the raising crime war that is plaguing Gotham. Although most of the criminals have escaped, no victims were killed or hurt. It happened so because of an intervention of a policeman that has ignored orders and entered the bank alone. This policeman was not found afterwards and is believed to be Batman in disguise.

    Oswald smiles:

    - Although Batman tried to stop my con, everything has happened just according to plan. That Riddler tip was marvelous.

    One of the Chinese twins woman approaches:

    - Mr. Cobblepot, two packages has just arrived for you. We’ve searched for bombs or poison. Both are clean. This palmtop was in one of the packages.

    The palmtop is given to Cobblepot. When he holds the device it turns itself on. On the screen, the Riddler virus. In the other side of the line, Edward Nygma is in front of his computer.

    - So Penguin, did you like the tip?

    - It worked fine, Mr. Riddler. So, now what do you really want?

    - Please, Mr. Cobblepot, first open my other package.

    The Chinese woman opens the package and inside there’s an unknown electronic controller.

    - I think it would be better to go to your aviary to test this new toy of yours, Mr. Cobblepot.


    At the aviary. Cobblepot is holding the palmtop and the electronic controller. Together with him are the Chinese twins and some Asian mobsters. The Riddler says a riddle in which the answer is “birds”. After that he continues:

    - This controller that you are holding, Mr. Cobblepot, can roughly control the minds of any bird. The only thing you need to do is point some target with the laser aiming device that this controller has, press the button and all birds in a area of dozens miles will attack furiously this target. But this device will only execute one demonstration. A real device will be send to you after you’re made your offer.

    Oswald smiles diabolically and looks to one of his henchmen.

    - You are the only one that got caught today in the bank. Thanks to my lawyers you are here today. Too bad for you that I have good lawyers.

    The Penguin turns the controller on, points to the henchmen and activates the device. All birds suddenly wake up and get alert. The henchman gets scared and starts to run away. Cobblepot continues to aim at him. The birds leave the aviary by a top window and fly towards the running mobster. They catch him with all their fury and crush his body. Oswald looks to the palmtop:

    - How much do you want for this little toy, Mr. Riddler?


    The caves beneath Wayne Manor. Dick Grayson is making some aerial practices in a trapeze built inside the cave. Bruce Wayne is preparing his suit and gadgets to go out in a mission that night. Alfred asks:

    - The policeman disguise worked today, sir?

    - Yes, but it was much harder to do the job with all those people. In daylight. I found this at the bank.

    Bruce shows Alfred and Dick, who just have finished his training session, a green card with a question mark on it. Dick turns the card back and reads a riddle that was printed on it. Bruce says the answer.

    - The bank assault was connected with the war between Zucco and Cobblepot. I have to find out what this riddle means. – Says Batman, already full costumed and ready to go out.

    - Bruce, maybe it’s ... – Dick starts to talk with Batman.

    Batman gets into his train vehicle and goes fast towards the city.

    - What did I do? – Asks Dick, resentful.

    - Do not take it personally. Master Bruce has these... moods.

    - I could help him, if he’d just ask me.

    - Yes. I imagine you could, Master Grayson. But I am quite certain he will never ask.

    Dick looks down to a lot of sketches of names and costumes for what could be a Batman partner.

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    A few weeks later. Chief James Gordon is down in the sewers. He is wearing a SWAT combat suit, holding a heavy pistol gun. With him are the other policemen from his special unit: Reneé Montoya, Harvey Bullock, Ethan Bennet, Ellen Yin and Mackenzie “Hardback” Bock. Completing the operation are other SWAT soldiers. Gordon commands:

    - Our leads get us here in the sewers. It appears that Harvey and his friends are hiding here now. There was a time that he was my friend. But now he is Two-Face. It stops now.

    Gordon continues instructing the policemen:

    - Montoya, you come with me. Bennet, Yin, Bullock and Hardback take the other tunnel. We stay in constant contact. No Heroics. Not on this case.


    Far away from there, Batman comes running by the subway railroads with his train vehicle. Oracle talks through the speakers:

    - Batman, the local of Gordon’s attack is five minutes away.

    - Gordon has been keeping me more in the dark these days. I was very luck do discover this operation in time to go there and help. Out of respect for him I have decided to be in the shadows. For the moment.

    - Be prepared, there’s another train in the way.

    - Activate the trespassing command.

    Barbara looks at her screen computer. There’s a detailed scheme of all Gotham’s subway system. All routes, train positions, the updated location of Batman’s vehicle and its route. Barbara activates the trespassing command and a line gets drawn in the diagram.

    Inside of a subway train, the passengers see their train stops in the middle of a tunnel. It happens to another trains as well. The Batman vehicle comes running toward a train that is blocking its passage. A few meters before, it enters to a detour and goes to the rail by its side. The passengers look a black vehicle passing with full speed by the side of their train. When the Batman train does the trespassing, it returns to its original rail in another detour in a few meters ahead.


    In another part of the sewers, a lot of walls and pipes are frozen with ice stalactites. The floor is full of ice as well. Victor Fries is getting ready for the battle. Harvey Dent is standing next to him:

    - Have you ever been in love? – Asks Fries.

    - What the hell that got to do with anything? – Says Two-Face playing to toss his coin.

    - When you are dealing with me, it has to do with everything. I do not care what your larger plans are. It is only about the money you have promised me.

    - So you’ve said Victor.

    Killer Croc enters the frozen sewer chamber.

    - Croc, tell everyone to take a different tunnel. They won’t find all of us. And Fries, remember, if I don’t get out, you’ll get nothing.


    Gordon, Montoya and a few SWAT soldiers are walking to a flooded sewer corridor when they see a lot of ice floating in the water.

    - Ice in July...? – Questions Reneé.

    - We’ll have to go back another way – Answers Gordon.

    Gordon and Montoya look to their reflections in a huge ice wall.

    - Victor Fries. Well, we knew Two-Face wasn’t alone down here. – Confirms Gordon.

    - This hasn’t started melting. We’re getting close – Adds Montoya.


    In another part of the sewers, the other policemen are getting closer to the villains. They listen to a sound and turn on their targeting laser beams.


    Gordon and Montoya get to a more frozen chamber. They are ready to attack. Both of them and the SWAT soldiers are pointing their guns, ready to shoot anyone any time soon.

    - G-getting colder. – Comments Montoya.

    On a higher floor of the sewers, Victor Fries comes out of the shadows and shoots his liquid nitrogen gun on Gordon and his team.

    - You should not have come this way.

    A frozen solid wall is starting to form.

    - We’re not for you Victor. We want Dent, and only Dent. – Warns Gordon, shooting to the ice wall.

    Victor makes another shoot against Montoya. He misses the target, but he hits a wall behind her. The wall gets frozen and breaks apart falling into Montoya’s head.

    - Montoya! – Yells Gordon.

    Gordon takes Montoya from beneath the wall remains.

    - Cough, Cough.

    - Are you all right?

    - Yes I do. If he hasn’t missed the shot I would be transformed into a TV dinner.

    - I’m taking you back up to.

    - Like Hell you will. Go get Dent. I just... need some time to get my circulation going.

    Gordon gathers the other SWAT policemen and leave Montoya behind.

    - Leave your radio on.

    - Yes, sir...

    After Gordon is gone, Montoya turns to the other side and points his flashlight mounted into his pistol gun. A huge black pointed ears shadow is cast on her.

    - Oh... I had a feeling you’d be down here, too.

    Batman comes out from the shadows and stands in front of her.

    - I know I don’t need to say this, but... Watch over him, okay..?

    - Don’t worry, I will.


    Gordon is almost turning a corner in one of the sewers corridors.

    - Montoya?

    - Right where you left me – Answers the Latin policewoman through his communicating device.

    - Bullock? Bennet? Yin? Hardback? All of you, report in!

    - Crackle. Gordon? Krizk. Blam! Disss. Bennet... Blam!

    - Bullock! Where are you?! Look for a marking on the tunnel. Bullock?!

    Gordon turns away and gets back from where he was coming from.

    - Bullock, I’m coming!

    Gordon and the SWAT troop get to a high floor chamber with a lot of stairs and water pipe devices.

    - Bullock! Yin! Bennet! Hardback!

    - Help! – Screams someone a few meters away.

    Gordon and the troop draw their guns and get ready to shoot.

    - I’m here guys. Is everybody there, together?

    In the flooded floor, Bullock, Bennet and Mackenzie are down, screaming of fear. Gordon aims this flashlight to the shadows and sees Harvey Dent holding Ellen Yin as a hostage:

    - Don’t come closer Gordon or she dies.

    - Shoot him sir! Don’t worry about me!

    - Let her go.

    - What are you going to do to me, Jimbo? We both know you never had the guts to do what needed to be done.

    - Kill him! – Ellen Yin orders.

    - You’ve got two choices. I shoot you down. Or you surrender.

    - I always have two choices Gordon. But in this case the choices you pointed are wrong.

    Killer Croc appears and throws an impact grenade towards the SWAT troop. He punches Gordon and grabs his throat. Dent throws Ellen Yin away against others soldiers. Batman jumps on Croc and makes he release Gordon. Batman throws a gas bomb to gain some time.

    - Gordon, take your men out of here. I’ll guarantee the necessary time.

    Gordon and a few SWAT soldiers that were recovering from the grenade explosion start carrying the other policemen that were affected by the fear gas of Scarecrow. They manage to retreat to a previous chamber.

    Batman throws a net weapon and traps both Pamela and Crane. Croc is recovering from Batman’s stroke and exchanges a few kicks and punches with the masked hero. Batman uses a concussion bomb to get Croc away. In the middle of the fight, Batman gets cornered by Dent. Two-Face is pointing a big and heavy pistol gun to him.

    - This is a special gun, you know? It shoots two armor-piercing rounds simultaneously. Your suit will not hold against it, Batman.

    - Don’t you have to throw your coin before shooting me, Harvey? – Teases Batman.

    Dent gets annoyed and he feels increasing his compulsion of throwing the coin. He ends up not resisting and throws it. Batman uses this split second to throw one of his Bat-shurikens and hit the coin in mid air. The coin is tossed away. Harvey gives up on Batman and goes after the coin. Croc is regaining an attack position, but Batman is already in an escape route.

    Batman gets where his train vehicle is stopped. He opens the cockpit and when it was almost fully closed, Victor Fries manages to hit a partial liquid nitrogen stream inside of the vehicle interior, freezing one of Batman’s arms reaching to his shoulder. A good portion of liquid nitrogen also hit parts of the vehicle exterior. Before the Batman train leaves, Killer Croc runs and attaches himself to the vehicle. Batman’s train goes away with full speed.


    Alfred and Dick were in the cave, monitoring the attack. Barbara was doing the same in hers HQ at the Gotham’s Clock Tower. They communicate with themselves through a videophone.

    - Batman was hit. The temperature of the cockpit is way too low. His vital signs are dropping very quickly. He could be unconscious. – Informs Barbara, very concerned. – But I’m controlling the vehicle and I’m taking him back home.

    Barbara looks to the monitor that is showing the exterior of the vehicle.

    - Oh my God! Killer Croc is attached to the vehicle!

    She types some commands in her keyboards but nothing happens.

    - I’ve tried to activate the exterior defenses of the train but it’s not working. The frozen shot must have destroyed them. Dick, Alfred, I can’t bring Batman back! Otherwise, Killer Croc will get his way into the cave.

    - You have to bring him back, Barbara – Argues Dick.

    - I can’t. Batman would never agree to it.

    - There’s no other alternative Barbara. He will die in minutes if he doesn’t get here fast. Trust me on that, please. I’ll make it work. Everything will turn out ok.

    Barbara agrees reluctantly.

    Dick puts his circus performance suit: Dark red tights with little details on yellow and green. He grabs a spare utility belt from Batman, his wood stick Bo. He ties up a red piece of cloth with two holes for his eyes on his face, making a mask.

    - Showtime!


    The Batman train gets to the cave and Croc jumps from the vehicle ready to fight. By a higher place, Dick jumps throwing a bunch of bombs on Killer Croc.

    - Here is my welcome committee.

    He hits a kick in the villain and after that a series of Bo strokes. Killer Croc gets a little stunned but he manages to grab Dick. As if he was hugging Grayson, Killer Croc starts to squish Dick’s back.

    - I don’t know who you are boy! I would prefer to this to Batman, but you will serve to me as an appetizer.

    Dick manages to release his arms and puts into Croc’s mouth a lot of knocking gas bombs. The bombs explode and Croc starts to chuckle badly. He staggers by a few meters and then drops down to the floor.

    - Cough, Cough... There are your appetizers, Croc. Don’t forget to chew before swallowing.

    Inside the vehicle Batman finally gets unconscious.


    Bruce is lay down on a hospital bed inside the cave. Alfred with his medical clothes checks the vital signs of his employer while he helps Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Barbara, who is looking through the videophone, and Dick, watches everything.

    - The effects of the frozen liquid are very severe but Bruce will live. – Tranquilizes Leslie.


    Bruce Wayne is in his bed, recovering from the Victor Fries attack. Alfred is sitting next to him.

    - Good morning, Master Bruce. How do you feel?

    - I’m feeling well. Getting better, I think. How much time I’ve been out?

    - Only one day, sir.

    - And what about Dick and Killer Croc? The last thing I remember... – says Bruce, trying to get up.

    - You don’t need to worry, Master Bruce – Tranquilizes Alfred, stopping Bruce from getting out of the bed. – The Master Grayson is rather well and that monstrosity of Mr. Jones was already delivered to the authorities.

    - In that situation I was not supposed to be brought home. I gave specific orders....

    - I know, Master Bruce. It was Master Grayson’s idea actually. But thank God that he did it. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here now, having this conversation. He is proving to be quite a young man, sir. He reminds me a lot of someone else. Someone you know intimately.

    - I have been encouraging him into this, but I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do. I mean, after I’ve started my career as Batman, I’ve participated directly or indirectly of almost all my enemies’ origins: Joker, Harvey Dent, Pamela Isley and Victor Fries. And now I’m bringing a boy to this bizarre world. A young man that could be carrying on with his life.

    - Sometimes things need to get worse before they get better. You say Batman have helped creating this villains, but now, sir, you have the chance to inspire the creation of something else entirely. – Concludes Alfred, with a smile on his face.


    Dick enters the room where Bruce is still recovering.

    - Bruce, are you ok?

    - Yes, Dick. – Answers Bruce. He waits a moment and continues talking. - You have disobeyed my orders in the cave, Dick. You have put yourself in danger.

    - But it was the only way to save your life, Bruce. You would be dead if we didn’t brought you back home like that. And rules? Come on! You break rules all the time when you wear that Bat suit and jumps on Gotham’s rooftops every night.

    Bruce smiles.

    - In this business you have to work by the rules. But sometimes, and only sometimes, you have to know when to break them. And more important, which rules you are allowed to break. That night at the cave could have been much worse. If it wasn’t for you...

    Dick smiles timidly, very surprised.

    - Alfred told you about your plans, your idea. Can I change your mind?

    - No way.

    - Years ago, when I’ve thrown a gunfire into the water, I decided to channel my rage to do something about my feeling of loss. Now I see in you the chance to help you cope with your own loss and guide you into being a better man for it.

    Bruce raises his hand, preparing to start an oath. Dick does the same.

    - You have to choose a symbol. Something basic, something elemental. Just like I did when I decided to become Batman.

    - Robin. That’s the name I want to be known.


    Dr. Leslie Thompkins takes care of Bruce recovering by day. By night, he, in a wheelchair, Alfred and Dick work together in the equipments, gadgets, suit and vehicle of the newest hero of Gotham.


    Barbara Gordon is at her house in the Gotham Clock Tower. She is sitting in front of her computer. She is doing a normal review on the electronic reports of Waynetech. Suddenly she notices that there is something wrong on the files of a secret project. Is the project of Jervis Tetch. A project that studies how the brain waves actually work. It was on the animal testing phase. The animals tested were birds.

    She starts to track down the electronic signatures of the supposed hacker. She enters into links, gateways, checking IPs, looking for the identity of the invader. When she thinks she is almost getting an important piece of information, she discovers it was not her that was hunting the hacker, but she was hunted herself. The Riddler virus appears on the screen, shooting a list of riddles on a stunning speed. She quickly puts all hers systems offline.


    Harvey Dent is alone, at his office in his hideout, down in the sewers. The room is dark. The only light is the one that comes from a notebook computer.

    - So, did you read my message, Mr. Riddler?

    - Yes, Two-Face. – Answers the virus. He repeats a riddle that was posted in one online message board. A riddle that the answer is the number two. – It was too easy for me, you know.

    - Of course. I don’t want to talk to you about riddles. I have a job for you. I heard you are selling special products in Gotham, is that right?

    Harvey Dent doesn’t wait for the Riddler to answer and continues talking:

    - As you probably know, the whole basis of artificial thought is binary. Do you see the irony? The whole language and logic of computers is contained in two values: Zero and one. Zero. One. Zero. One. Into infinity.

    Harvey continues to talk while he walks through his “lawyer” office.

    - Two values that can be made to mean anything. The sum of the human knowledge in just those two.

    The coin flips on the air.

    - Zero and one. Two sides of a coin. Two possibilities leading to endless possibilities. One number out of place and everything can go from order to chaos.

    Dent takes the computer screens and grabs it to his front.

    - What if there were thousands of numbers out of place?

    - Do you mean hack on the cops’ computer records? – Asks the Riddler?

    - The cops, the courts, the prisons, the district attorneys. What if we knocked down the whole house of cards? Total Pandemonium! And we’ll be at the center of it all! Playing both sides against the middle!

    - I think I have just the right thing for you – Concludes the Riddler virus.


    In the next few weeks, the underworld of Gotham has suffered a lot of causalities. Two-Face, holding one pistol gun in each hand kills a lot of gangsters in a restaurant owned by Tony Zucco.

    Johnathan Crane, with his Scarecrow mask on talks into the ear of an important politician bought by Cobblepot. The corrupt man screams of fear, runs and dives through a window, falling to death.

    A woman from the Zucco’s family is driving a car when a bunch of plants starts growing from below the seats. She lost controls of the vehicle and crashes into a tree. The car starts to get on fire. Pamela Isley passes by the side of the car and leaves the crime scene.

    An armored car transporting prisoners stops because of a traffic light. A bomb explodes below it. Waylon “Killer Croc” Jones opens the rear door and escapes.

    At the Iceberg club, a lot of people are frozen dead. One of the Chinese twin women is one of the dead people. The other is being arrested by the police. Gordon orders to the guards:

    - Taker her to away. She killed some policemen during the gunfight. What a mess... And to get things worse, Victor Fries managed to escape. Where the hell is Batman now?


    A few days later. At a press conference the woman who is the mayor of Gotham, Marion Grange makes an announcement:

    - Dear people of Gotham. Today it’s a great day for the people of our city. Today we declare finished our new judicial system, more modern and updated. A system that will help us to fight more efficiently against the crime that is haunting our city. A system that will bring justice again to Gotham. And with you now, the man who made all this happen: Bruce Wayne.

    - Thank you, Mrs. Mayor. About 30 years ago, Gotham City was passing from one of its most difficult times. The poverty was taking over the city, engulfing more and more of our working citizens. It was in that scenario, because of one of those people, desperate with the growing poverty, that my parents were murdered. I, more than anyone, know that the lack of opportunity can turn a man into a criminal. The Thomas Wayne Foundation project with the partnership of the Mayor’s office is to eradicate the poverty of Narrows together with the creation of a new judicial system, fighting crime in both ways. Helping citizens to not enter in the criminal world, by giving them opportunity and bringing down to justice, the ones that decided not to use those opportunities for the good of our city. Thank you very much.

    The crowd applauds Bruce’s speech.

    - Nice speech. – Adds Lucius Fox.

    - Thanks Lucius. By the way, I never thanked you for that extra spelunking gear that you provided me.

    - Don’t mention it. Your guest, Grayson, appears to share with you the taste for the extreme sports, doesn’t he? I hope he likes the base jumping set I’m giving him as well.

    - I’m sure he will. – Says Bruce, leaving the press conference, unnoticed.


    At the cave. Bruce dressed as Batman appears in the top of the stairs that link the cave with the manor. He says to Dick:

    - It’s time.

    Dick starts to put on his suit. All parts are dark red. They are made of a rubber like material, similar to a body armor. Boots. Gloves. A dark red utility belt is on a table. Dick picks it. He picks up his gadgets as well. Dark red shurikens and boomerangs. All with a bird shape. He sets his cape. In the chest part of the armor, a bird insignia. Finally he puts his mask on.


    In the Tony Zucco’s penthouse. He is making his suitcase, preparing his things to leave in a hurry. He talks to himself nervously:

    - I have to leave town immediately. That nut case of Dent is hunting me down. I can’t stay here anymore. Nicholas, the helicopter is upstairs? It is ready?

    Nobody answers.

    - Nicholas? Where the hell are you? Why do I pay you for? Are you deaf?

    Suddenly the lights are out. A sinister voice talks to him. It’s coming from the dark:

    - You have to answer for the Graysons murders, Zucco.

    Zucco grabs his gun and points it to the dark. He is very nervous. Cold sweating.

    - Hey! How’d you get in here? Where’s the boys?!

    - You boys are no more – Answers the sinister voice.

    Zucco shoots four times against Batman, but he misses.

    - I know all about the acid you got to pour on the trapeze ropes. The same acid you provided Joker to burn off Harvey Dent’s face.

    - Damn you rat! – Exclaims Zucco, firing his gun and running to an exit door.

    He runs up a stair, continuing to shoot his pistol. He is gasping, with short breath. Zucco opens the door that leads to the roof of the building. A Bo stick hits his hand hard, making his pistol gun to fall. Robin, with his suit very similar to Batman’s, just more thin and streamlined, and with a dark red color, uses his Bo again to hit Zucco’s head and the mobstar falls down.

    - You can’t run away, fat man! You will rotten in jail! – Says Robin, standing over his parents’ murder.

    Suddenly two shots hit Zucco in the head. The helicopter that was waiting for Zucco starts to fly up. From inside it, Two-Face shows up.

    - I’m sorry kid. I know, as your mentor, that you would like to bring him to justice. But, you see, I had a previous debt with him. The debt is now paid.

    Batman gets to the side of Robin and sees Two-Face escaping in the chopper.


    Inside the helicopter. Killer Croc is piloting. Harvey is sitting next to him, with a head set with microphone:

    - So, Riddler, are you fully online?

    Edward Nygma is in his home, in front of his notebook:

    - Yes, I’m only waiting your command.


    In the old hall of records, where still there are a lot of judicial process in paper format, Jonathan Crane, with his Scarecrow mask on, creeps the hell out of some employees. He leaves by the front door, where, in the interior of the place, the fire starts to grow high.


    In the gala party for the new judicial system. A lot of man dressed with tuxedos and women with fancy long dresses are dead, frozen or covered by plants. One of the dead people is the Comissioner Akins. Victor Fries and Pamela Isley are wandering at the party murdering a lot of guests. Two-Face’s voice talks while the killing spree happens in the party:

    - The first thing we do: Let’s kill all the lawyers. This is only the beginning. A roomful of dead attorneys should slow the wheels of justice. We break the system! We clog the courts and snarl the legal machine and cram the prisons. We kill judges, jurors and layers. Until Gotham screams to a halt. And District Attorneys... we kill a bucketful of them. Self-serving pompous creeps like Harvey Dent.

    Lucius Fox, Leslie Thompkins and Marion Grange manage to escape the party helped by James Gordon and other policemen as they fire against Victor Fries and Pamela Isley.


    Harvey at the chopper, talks with Riddler:

    - Punishment... and rehabilitation. The paradoxically opposed forces of the two-faced system I once served as Disctric Attorney Harvey Dent...

    Two-Face tosses the coin and grabs it with the same hand.

    - ... And whose judgment I now hold in my hand.

    He points to a notebook placed in his lap, inside the chopper.

    - With but two keystrokes, Command and enter, I can scramble the entire judicial and correctional system. Making the guilty innocent and the innocent nonexistent. But should I press those two keys? Should I destroy the system or try to repair it?

    Harvey tosses the coin again.

    - Vengeance or rehabilitation?

    The coin falls with the scratched side up.

    - Vengeance. And it serves right for being half-defective already. Flawed enough to make criminals like Joker not to die but being locked up in an institution, waiting his time to escape and kill again.

    Two-Face presses the two keys on his notebook keyboard.

    - And now, let the force of binary chaos begin!


    The roof of the Police Headquarters. Gordon is waiting. Batman arrives.

    - Harvey Dent has attacked again, Batman.

    - I know.

    - A lot of deaths, including commissioner Akins. The Police department is pure confusion. Mayor Grange is hospitalized and in the meantime I’m in charge of the police force. We have to know what’s Dent is up to.

    - Maybe we shouldn’t be so willing to play Dent’s game.

    - What choice does he leave us?

    - We must look past that.

    - Why did he wanted to kill those lawyers?

    - Dent was a lawyer. A prosecuting attorney. He hates himself. He hates lawyers.

    - Maybe there’s a connection between these lawyers. I can bring up the city court’s files and get a list of lawyers associated with Harvey Dent. We can also check that against dinner party guests.

    - Leave that to me, Gordon.

    - The dawn is almost upon us. The sun will soon appear. It’s time for you to live, isn’t it? – Asks Gordon, but Batman is no more there.


    The next morning, in a rainy day. Blackgate state prison is a huge concrete facility built encrusted on a giant rock by the sea. The only access from the land is by boats. One of the guards commands:

    - Next! Step up to the yellow line and state your name and number!

    - Jason Craig, 723495. But I’m tellin’ ya, I ain’t even had no trial yet! – Complains one prisioner.

    - This computer printout says you did, just like everyone else here... Although I sure don’t know where to put all you people...before the next busload is delivered.

    In one precinct station downtown, a bus is loaded with a lot of prisoners. A policemen complains:

    - ...Can’t overload me like this! There’s too many prisoners for the restraint chains!

    - Sorry, Merkel, but I can’t keep’em out here in rain. Not when they’re bringin’ more out to me in ten minutes.

    In another precinct, a lot of releasing notifications are being delivered. A lot of criminals are being released incorrectly from jail.


    Blackgate state prison. A lot of prisoners are complaining:

    - Shut up! I didn’t do it! Cut him! Get outta here! You stink!

    - Silence – Commands a tall and old man firing up a shotgun. He is bald, wears glasses and a suit, and has a grey mustache. – The next one who opens his mouth will be locked up one week in the solitary.

    The old tall man talks with a prison guard:

    - In case you didn’t notice, this is the Blackgate prison and it’s placed in an island. Our space is limited. We can’t accept more prisoners.

    - We don’t have a choice, Warden. The ferries continue to arrive.

    - I know! And packed!

    Up, in a higher floor or the prison, in the women’s wing, the oriental woman who works for Cobblepot watches the arrival of the new prisoners.


    Oswald Cobblepot is supervising the restoration of the Iceberg club after the Victor Fries attack:

    - We need to gather all our people. That nutcase of Dent will pay for attacking me like this. He killed Carol! He wasn’t wise on making a Cobblepot mad!

    The Penguin’s mobile phone rings and he takes the call. Cobblepot smiles

    - So, the Blackgate, unh? I have an idea. Gather all our people that are behind bars in the prison and tell them to prepare for creating a riot. We’re gonna use that confusion to get Sandra out of that hell!


    Barbara is at her office in her flat located in the Gotham Clock Tower. She reads a lot of judicial system reports on screen. Intrigued, she talks with herself:

    - There’s something wrong here... These prisoners couldn’t be transferred to prison, they haven’t been on trial yet.

    She types some commands and it shows on the screen that the access for the judicial system is denied. She tries to override it but she fails. The feedback system to her is a riddle. She makes a call:

    - Batman, I think I know what the Two-Face plan is.


    Blackgate, dusk. The rain is giving a break. The warden and one guard are looking the prisoners’ movement from his office up in a higher floor:

    - This is getting absurd, sir.

    - Delay dinner. We’re going to put them in the cafeteria. We don’t know who is innocent and who is guilty. Who is doing thirty days or thirty years. The situation is perfect for a rebellion!

    A tall and strong Chinese prisoner gathered with others from his gang is starting a protest. A guard tries to repress it:

    - Take them back to theirs cells.

    - We want to eat. We know our rights! – Scream the prisoners.

    - Keep the new arrivals sepa... mnf – A guard is dominated by the tall Chinese thug.

    - Let’s finish them – Says another prisoner.

    - Tell everyone to wait from my signal – Orders the tall Chinese criminal, the leader of the rebellion, opening a door that leads to the security tower.

    The Warden is by the window of his office when a searchlight focus on him:

    - The searchlight! What’s going on down there!

    The tall Chinese thug fires a lot of rounds with a heavy machine gun, placed on the security tower, against the Warden’s office window. The window breaks into million pieces and the Warden jumps to the floor. He manages to get his phone:

    - Police! This is Blackgate prison. We have probl... – The Warden can’t finish his sentence because the phone gets destroyed by the machine gun shots.

    Sandra Wu-San, the oriental woman who works for Cobblepot hits a karate stroke in one female guard and together with other female prisoners starts an escape.


    Gordon is in a police car, heading Blackgate prison. Montoya, who is with him, gives a report:

    - A harbor police platoon was trying to invade the prison but they where destroyed.

    While Montoya says that we see a Police boat loaded with armed policemen getting near Blackgate. When the boat reaches the dock for the invasion they are slaughtered by the heavy machine gun.

    Gordon gets a call in his cell phone. It’s Batman.

    - Gordon, pull back your men from near the Blackgate. Later, tonight I’m going in and finish this riot. We don’t need to risk other policemen lives.

    - Ok, I’ll hold it. Let’s hope your solution works.

    - It will, Gordon. Another thing: The entire judicial system is being controlled by Two-Face. Suspend all the legal proceedings. He is trying to create chaos in Gotham by destroying the city’s capacity of judging and keeping the criminals locked up.

    - Oh, my god...

    After Gordon hangs up the phone, a gas bomb explodes in front of the driver. He screams of fear and makes the police car crash.


    The night falls in Gotham. Two helicopters cruise the city’s skies. One of them is a big and old military chopper, piloted by Killer Croc. Victor Fries and Jonathan Crane are in it also. The other helicopter is a little and agile one. The one who was from Zucco. Dent is piloting and Pamela is with him. Harvey talks with his headset with microphone:

    - Riddler, we can start the next phase.

    In this moment a lot of buildings of Gotham are powered out, without lights.


    Bruce and Dick are in the cave. They are getting ready to go to Blackgate. Barbara enters in the videophone:

    - The Riddler virus is also controlling the city’s electricity. Exactly half of Gotham is powered out. The cave is running on emergency generators.

    A panoramic view of the city shows how is the appearance of the half part without power. One of the twin towers is lightened, the other not.

    - Dent is in the live news – Informs Barbara.

    The screen switches for the Dent’s annoucement:

    - Dear, Gothamites. Your judicial system is a joke. An expensive gift from a playboy millionaire who never wanted to use his money to really stops the crime in Gotham. I will blow this so called twin towers with a bomb and show you people how real justice can truly be served.

    The camera focuses behind Dent and shows the big and old military helicopter.

    Dick starts to talk:

    - We have two major problems now, Bruce. You have to go against Two-Face. Let me handle the Blackgate.

    - Prisoners are dangerous, Dick. They won’t be scared easily.

    - Fear is your weapon, Bruce. I’m just a kid in a modern combat suit. Mine is how the criminals will underestimate me.

    Robin leaves the cave in a dark red motorcyle. It is covered by a ceiling just like if it was a car. Batman leaves the cave in a very little black airplane. Inside the wings, two rotors create the lifting, while a turbine in the back generates the propulsion.


    A few miles away from Blackgate, Oswald Cobblepot watches the riot from his yatch:

    - Sandra will get here any moment.


    At the security tower, the prisoners fire against the police troops standing in the land next to Blackgate Island. In another point of the land near Blackgate, the Robin cycle starts to get close to the prison. The prisoners shoot the cycle, but it is armored. Robin uses an electronic aiming device to target the tower. A missile is launched and when it hits the tower, a gas bomb explodes, making all of the prisoners inside it, unconscious.

    The red cycle ejects Robin at full speed and hits the break, stopping near a cliff. Robin flies towards the security tower defeated.

    - Cannonball!

    He makes an acrobat move, turning his body in his own axis, and after that, he opens his cape, and glides directly into the prison.


    Next to one of the exits for the prison docks, Sandra Wu-San hits a guard. She is very close to freedom.


    Gas bombs. Punches. Kicks. Net traps. One by one, the rebel prisoners get being defeated by Robin. Finally, the oriental leader, in one of the security towers, is fallen by Robin’s feet. At this moment, Bullock and the other policemen enter in the prison together with a SWAT troop.

    Up in the tower, Robin sees with his binoculars, Sandra Wu-San entering Cobblepot’s Yatch.

    - You won’t escape this time, Penguin.


    The Batman plane get near the twin towers where are the Dent’s helicopters. Batman pushes a button in the console and a bunch of missiles head to the rooftop exploding in gas bombs. Dent puts on a gas mask:

    - Put your gas mask on! Start the fans!

    Two giant fans, one on each tower, start to run dissipating the gas Batman’s bombs released.

    Batman jumps from the plane, which is now flying in automatic mode, and starts to glide to the east tower. The one with the lights out. The one who holds the big helicopter. Killer Croc hits several machine gun shots at Batman and his body falls inert.

    - Ha! I killed you Batman. It was too easy! I was hoping to crush your back, but that’s fine.

    Killer Croc turns the Batman body over and realizes that it’s only a dummy. When he starts to turn back, he is knocked out in the neck by the kick of the real Batman.

    Just after that, Victor gets close and shots a liquid nitrogen stream at Batman, who gets hit. The vulnerable parts of Batman suit, the eyes and mouth are covered by googles and a gas mask. Batman falls into the floor, with his chest and abdomen fully frozen. Batman’s suit starts to turn into a reddish color, indicating that the temperature is rising. The ice melts very quickly. Batman stands up, disarms Fries with a batarang. With a punch he almost puts Victor in knockout. Batman seizes the vulnerability of Fries and tears his protective suit apart. Victor falls into the floor, agonizing, felling in his mind the effects of his body being warmed to death.

    Batman now faces Scarecrow.

    - You’re a fool, Crane. I’m using a gas mask, and even if I didn’t, you fear gas can’t work with me anymore.

    - Who says I’m gonna using it with you? – Crane shots his gas charge at Killer Croc, who is starting to get conscious from the Batman hit.

    Killer Croc gets insanely furious and jumps against Batman.

    - The animals are much more dangerous when they are afraid, you know?

    Batman dodges the Croc’s punches and hits a few kicks and strokes with no apparent effect. Croc grabs Batman and throws him in the floor. Waylon Jones falls over Batman, raging, trying to strangle him. Batman put his leg on Croc’s chest and throws him to Batman’s back, just like a Judo stroke, hitting Crane. The two of them are knocked out.

    Batman stands up, picks up the Victor Fries freezing gun and heads to the Helicopter. He freezes the bomb mechanism disabling it. He looks to the other tower and sees Pamela Isley and Harvey Dent waiting for him.


    Barbara tries desperately to take back the control of the city. At each operation she attempts to log in the system, it is responded by a riddle. While she does that, she also is trying to locate the real position of her virtual enemy. The real person behind the Riddler virus. At each round she is getting closer. Suddenly she manages to get the full information. The operator of the Riddler virus is:

    - In my building!?! – Asks Barbara, very surprised.

    She looks back and sees Edward Nygma, with his ultra portable notebook. She was tracking him down, but so he was too. Nygma hits a stroke in Barbara’s back neck and she falls to the floor. Nygma looks to the consoles and screens and sees a lot of interfaces with the Batman’s system.

    - Well, well. So I finally get what drove me to this god-forsaken city. The answer of the greatest riddle of all: Who is Batman? I planned if I provided some resources to the criminal players of the city, I would end up facing the Batman himself. It worked quicker than I expected.

    Nygma looks to Barbara fallen in the floor and continues

    - By the turning of these events, being Barbara Gordon, the head of Waynetech, the hacker employed by Batman, I can only say that Batman is really Bruce Wayne. Ahahahahah. Why didn’t I think of that? It’s so obvious. The billionaire child looses his parents, grows up and starts to dress like a bat to fight crime.

    Nygma is so full of himself that he doesn’t notice that Barbara is waking up. She looks to Edward’s back:

    - Chair. Forwards. Full speed.

    The wheelchair accelerates rapidly and hits Edward strongly. Nygma falls into his knees, stunned.

    - Backwards and Fowards. Full speed. Two times.

    The wheelchair goes back a little and strikes two more hits in Edward. Nygma falls to the floor. He looks into Barbara’s eyes. She is in the floor too. She hits a karate stroke into Nygma’s neck defeating him. Barbara manages to climb back to her wheelchair with no difficulty. She types a few key commands in her keyboard. In the outdoors, the city of Gotham is lightened again.


    Robin, with his cycle is following the Penguin’s yacht, using a coast road. The boat is moving toward the Cobblepot manor. The Penguin’s henchmen try to hit the cycle with theirs machine guns, but there’s no success. The yacht ports to the dock and all people on board go running inside the manor.

    Robin gets to the property gate and breaks in with his motorcycle. A thug gets ready to shot a bazooka missile against the Robin’s vehicle. The missile destroys the cycle, but just before it, Robin uses the ejection seat and flies high.

    The Penguin is in the land just beside the aviary. He picks up his bird control device, aim at Robin, who is gliding above and activates the firing button. All the birds from the aviary fly towards Batman’s new partner. Robin, holding his cape, activates a button in his hand palm. The assassin expression of the birds’ faces changes. The birds that were, before, going towards Robin, now fly with him. Robin glides with his new friends towards the Cobblepot manor.

    - Come on my friends, let’s finish them!

    A lot of henchmen are stroke by the birds’ claws. Inside the aviary a few birds attack Cobblepot. Robin, still gliding hits a kick in Oswald. The Penguin, covered by bird claws scratches and injuries, takes his cane and activates a device, turning it into a flamethrower. Robin protects himself with his cape and disarms the mob lord with a bird-shuriken. Robin and Penguin start a fight. Cobblepot, despite of being fat, is quite a fighter. He uses a penguin head, which was in the rounded part of his cane, as a blade device and tries to cut Robin’s suit. Robins dodges the strokes, and manages to hit a few Bo strokes in Penguin, knocking him down.

    - This was for having involved my parents’ Circus into your underworld war.


    Batman jumps from one tower to the other. He continues to use his googles and gas mask. When he reaches the other tower, Pamela throws at him some sort of a biological dust. This dust starts to transform into plants that are growing and strapping Batman’s body. The heat device in his suit is activated again and the plants die due the excessive heat.

    - You can’t do that! My plants are dying!

    With an impact bomb, Pamela is putted out of the game. In this moment Harvey calls:

    - Batman, over here!

    Batman turns back and sees Harvey Dent pointing a gun to James Gordon who is kneeled before him.

    - What is about you, Gordon and I regarding rooftops? We always seem to meet in such places.

    Batman takes his googles and gas mask off.

    - Congratulations, Batman. You’ve managed to defeat all my goons. But I know you are a good detective. When you defeated my men in the other tower, and the bomb didn’t exploded, you already have figured out that the whole bomb scheme was just a decoy. A thing to attract you here.

    - Let Gordon go, Harvey. This fight is between just the two of us.

    - The three of us, do you mean? But you are wrong Batman. You and Gordon are equally guilty. All the bad things that happened to this city is your fault Batman. And is Gordon’s fault as well, since he allowed all that to happen. If it wasn’t for your stupidity of doing all things by the book, The Joker wouldn’t have been survived and destroyed my face. Skeevers, Flass, Joker and Zucco are dead. Now it remains Gordon and you and after that, my vengeance will be complete.

    - Harvey, think it better. Give yourself in. For old times sake – Says Gordon, trying to reason with his former ally. – We’re used to be friends. To have dinner together. You and I and our wives.

    - I don’t have a wife. I’m not Harvey Dent. When will you both understand that?

    Batman doesn’t say anything. He stands still, facing Two-Face

    - Don’t you say anything Batman? I know. I understand you. You’re waiting for the best time to act and defeat me, but this is not going to happen. Let’s do this. I will toss the coin as usual. You know of course that I’m not bad entirely, I have a good side and if the coin fall unscratched, I will let Gordon go. But if it falls on the scratched side, Gordon will die.

    Batman picks one Batarang with his hand that is hidden beneath the cape.

    - But please Batman, don’t try to cheat, like you did back there in the sewers. I will not tolerate that. If you shoot my coin with whatever your gadget is, Gordon will die.

    - Before you toss this coin Harvey, I think you need to know something. – Says Batman – I, once, have considered telling you who I really am. Back then, before Joker’s kidnapped Gordon and the trial, I have trusted you as a real friend. But that series of unfortunate events prevented me from doing it. And then you were back from your coma and decided to go with revenge. Revenge is not justice, Harvey. I certainly know that. You have crossed the line, and you have to pay for it. But there’s rehabilitation. If you give yourself in, and start now acting differently, maybe, just maybe, we could be back on track and you could earn my trust again. But if you kill Gordon, Harvey, this possible reality will be ruined for good.

    Two-Face doesn’t say anything. He stares at Batman’s eyes for a moment. A moment that appears to last forever. He tosses the coin. It flips in the air. It takes forever to fall. Harvey catches it. He looks to the result.

    - You’re lucky, Gordon. You’re free to go. – Says Two-Face, throwing Gordon to Batman.

    - It’s over now, Harvey. Give yourself in. – Orders Batman.

    Two-Face is with his hand palm up, and the coin is with its scratched side up.

    - You have Gordon, but not me. You can’t have both things, Batman!

    He presses the coin with a finger from his other hand, like it was a button. The small helicopter explodes, destroying the entire rooftop. Batman pushes Gordon to the edge of the building. They both fall to the ground. Batman shots his grapnel gun. A bat shaped grappling hook flies high until it gets attached to a concrete wall. Batman holds Gordon by his arm, preventing him to fall.

    - A second bomb. I should have foreseen this.


    A few days later, in the Gotham Courthouse. Oswald Cobblepot, with a lot of bandages because of the birds’ scratches and injuries, is being prosecuted. The judge says:

    - Sandra Wu-San, fugitive from the Blackgate, was not found. Since it was not proven that Mr. Cobblepot has helped in her escape I declare this procedure a mistrial because of lack of evidence.

    Cobblepot cheers up the result. In the audience, Gordon and the policemen from his special unit look angry to the Penguin. Bullock stands up and tries to make a scene, but he is hold by his colleagues.

    In the hall, leaving the Courthouse, Cobblepot, escorted by his lawyers, is approached by a justice employee.

    - Are you Oswald Cobblepot?

    - Yes – Answers one of the lawyers.

    - I have to give you this.

    The lawyer opens the document. He and Oswald read it. It’s an eviction order.

    - What the hell is that? – Asks Cobblepot, with anger.

    He picks his cell phone and makes a call. In the other side of the line, at his office, Bruce Wayne takes the call.

    - Hi, Mr. Cobblepot. How you’re doing? Yes, I was very enchanted by your property when I first visited it in your party for the Circus, do you remember? It felt to my ears that it was registered on the name of one of your relatives back in England. I’ve made them an offer they couldn’t pass. By the way, your folks were very friendly about selling the property where they knew it was you that was living on it. Funny, isn’t it? I need you to leave the property by the end of the month, Mr. Cobblepot, if it was not too inconvenient, of course.

    Buffing with anger, Cobblepot makes a bird like squawk e throws his cell phone on the floor, breaking it.


    New Arkham Asylum. Edward Nygma is lock up in his cell. A shadow takes shape against the moonlight. The shadow has pointed ears. Nygma turns around and sees the Batman silhouette.

    - Riddle me this... Who is that under Batman’s mask? And now the world is my oyster. Right, Bruce?

    - What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence? – Asks Batman.

    - What..?

    - What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence?

    - “Time to get a new fence”. Everyone knows that riddle. It’s worthless.

    - That’s why I have nothing to fear from you. You already had the chance to reveal my identity to everyone, but you didn’t. I know you, Edward Nygma. I know your kind. Maybe better than you know yourself.

    Batman grabs Nygma by his neck.

    - Riddles are your compulsion, your addiction. And a riddle that everyone knows the answer to is... “Worthless”.

    Nygma gets angry and tries to argue back, but finally he gives up. Batman glides in the night, moving away from the Arkham.


    Dusk from a sunny day, in the old Cobblepot manor. Now it is called The Flying Grayson’s Circus School and Orphanage. In an opening party, the new institution is funded by Wayne Foundation. Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Leslie Thompkins and Lucius Fox watch several circus acts performed by children. Inside the aviary, Dick and Barbara talk:

    - I was worried about you Barbara. About you and Nygma.

    - I know how to take care of myself. But it was weird, you know. There I was, facing a maniac again, but I haven’t felt fear. I’ve pulled myself together and did what was necessary. It felt good.

    - Good to hear that. I’m very happy for you. This whole superhero gig is therapeutical after all.

    - But I feel guilty. I failed on him. On Bruce, I mean. I’ve let Nygma join the Waynetech. I’ve even recommended him. If it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t be able to help Harvey and you know the rest.

    - Don’t be too hard on yourself, Barbara. You were tricked, deceived. It was his fault and only his. We are working for Bruce, and of course we have to maintain the high standards. God knows I know that. But we need to lighten up a little. After all, we are not The Batman. – Plays Grayson, smiling.

    Barbara is touched by Dick’s comments and holds his hand. She looks to him and ask:

    - What about you? What are you doing with your life now?

    - I’m going to take care of this Circus school. I think my folks would have like it. But I’m also using this manor as my headquarters, to help me fight crime here in Blündhaven and occasionally in Gotham.

    - Bruce told me it was your idea to buy Cobblepot manor. I know he deserved it, but why here?

    - It was because of this beautiful aviary. It was here, in this manor that we first meet. And it was in this aviary that we first make our private conversation. – Says Grayson, looking into Barbara’s eyes. – And, after all, Robin is also a bird, you know?

    Dick Grayson kneels before Barbara and kisses her.


    The Gotham City Police Department Rooftop. Gordon is standing next to the Bat-signal turned on. Batman appears:

    - Congratulations, Commissioner Gordon.

    - Thanks Batman. You once asked me if it had been worth it. All the casualties we had to bring the bad guys down. Every time I think about it, I see it wasn’t really our choice. It was something we had to do. And we’re still going to. There’s plenty of work ahead of us. Cobblepot was not convicted. The Joker and Dent’s bodies were never found.

    - We will find them. And something tells me that there’s still hope for Harvey.

    Gordon continues:

    - Back then; in the rooftop with Harvey, you said to him that you have considered telling him who you are. Did you have considered doing it to me also?

    - Yes.

    - But you didn’t.

    - No.

    - Why?

    - I think this is not important to you. Our mutual trust has reached another level. It doesn’t require that.

    - You’re right. Let’s leave it this way. I think it’s better. I understand that you’re working with a young partner now.

    - A colleague, yes. We will be working sometimes alone and sometimes together.

    - I’d like to meet him sometime.

    - Don’t worry, Gordon. You will.

    The Batman airplane cruises the Gotham skies. Robin is piloting it. A rope is released from the plane. When it passes above the Police building rooftop, Batman grabs the rope. Batman and Robin fly into the city’s dark skyline.

    The Gordon cell phone rings. He answers it:

    - Yes, darling. Things are wrapped up for tonight. I’m going home.

    Gordon turns the Bat signal off.


    The End.
  3. Oh look I'm...

    Jan 10, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Well, well, I see you took my advice about theatricality a bit... literally.

    That was interesting, to say the least. Quite some twists that might please or displease, depending on the viewer, but I thought it was good all round. However, I have one major peeve. Truthfully, it's not really a criticism, when you think about it.:sweat:

    I disagreed with your choice of an actress for Poison Ivy. Something tells me that you made the decision for Ms. Hall simply and purely because she was in "The Prestige." I saw that movie too, you know. While she's a great actress, I honestly have to say that I don't think she'd fit the part of Poison Ivy.

    Personally, I would've selected either Lori Loughlin or Lisa Edelstein for the role. But again, I don't get paid to judge talent or skill, so what I say doesn't really matter, does it? :shrug:
  4. Young Justice

    Young Justice Silent Master Apprentice

    Jun 29, 2002
    Likes Received:

    Thanks for your feedback and your compliment. I'm glad you like it.

    You are correct, I've suggested her because of her work with Nolan in "The Prestige". I don't know. I think she would be ok for the role. I didn't spend to much time thinking about it.

    Bear in mind that my version of Poison Ivy doesn't have any superpowers and does not dress herself in a green supervillain suit. She is merely a botanist that flips out because of a psychosis derived from her love for the plants.

    I liked your suggestions but I think they are a bit old for the part. They are older than Chrisitan Bale. I think Poison Ivy would have an age between Batman and Oracle.
    #4 Young Justice, Mar 12, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 12, 2007
  5. Oh look I'm...

    Jan 10, 2007
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    Really? Huh. I thought they were quite the fitting age for Poison Ivy. Actually, I wasn't basing my choice on age, but on talent and... looks.;) Sorry, the inner-hetero in me got loose again.:p
  6. Young Justice

    Young Justice Silent Master Apprentice

    Jun 29, 2002
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    Lori Loughlin was born in 1964 and Lisa Eldenstein in 1966. Lori would be 47 by 2011 and Lisa, 45. I think Pamela Isley would have to be in hers early 30s at most.
  7. Oh look I'm...

    Jan 10, 2007
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    Duly noted, but I still insist that those two are no where near past their primes, respectively.;) :evil:
  8. Young Justice

    Young Justice Silent Master Apprentice

    Jun 29, 2002
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    I agree with you. I find both of them more than fine. I just wouldn't choose them for the Pamela Isley part on my fanfic.
  9. Oh look I'm...

    Jan 10, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Formal Apology

    Dude, I totally understand. But before I get another PM from the mod, I have something else to say.:sweat: :( I am really, really sorry about my "inner hetero" comment.:eek: :eek: If you're offended, I offer my deepest apologies.:sweat: I posted that comment without even thinking about it, and I'll try to be more careful. Just so we're all on the same page, I was simply saying that I found Lori or Lisa attractive enough to fit the role--well, because they're both attractive women (IMO). However, you're right, they might be too old by 2011.:eek:

    And you're right: it's your choice of who should be Poison Ivy. I just thought I should offer some imput, that's all.

    I feel really embarrassed. I'm sorry if I upset you, I really am.:crying:

    I also hope that this doesn't detract from the awesome work you've presented as an author. I think your idea for Batman could definitely work and succeed, and I look forward to seeing more great stuff from you.:D :D
  10. Young Justice

    Young Justice Silent Master Apprentice

    Jun 29, 2002
    Likes Received:

    Don't worry man, I'm not offended at all. I am sorry too for the lack of emoticons in my previous posts. I was re-reading them and I saw that they maybe could be interpreted as offended replies. That's one of the worst things about internet: It's hard to see what the other person is really meaning.

    About the atractiveness of Rebeca Hall vs the others you suggested: I think Rebecca is atractive, but not so much, not in the usual idea of sexyness. But my Poison Ivy doesn't have all that sexy side developed, so I think she could suit for the story I was writing.

    Feel free to comment. The cast part is just a suggestion. I think it helps the reader to enjoy better the story. The reader can imagine the actors actually speaking their lines. And this saves me from writting tons of words of description. :)

    But it's only a suggestion. If someone puts a name that I think it's a better choice for the role I will definately change.

    The thing was that I didn't agree with the suggestions you've made, and I explained why. But feel free to re-read my story imagining Lori or Lisa as Poison Ivy.

    Please, don't. I'm not upset at all.

    Thanks again for your compliment. This idea of Batman that I wrote here is far from being mine. It's most Nolan's idea that I have extended to the other Batman characters. And the story is a combination of several Batman comic books. I've only managed to mix and match them to tell the story I wanted to tell.
  11. Oh look I'm...

    Jan 10, 2007
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    Okay, that's good to know.:anime:

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