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World's Finest Writer's Corner The Ghost at the Institute (An X-Men Fan Fiction) Part 1

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Rabbitearsblog, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Rabbitearsblog

    Jul 6, 2011
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    Written by : Rabbitearsblog
    Series: X-Men
    Rating: T- For some violent images.



    It was a dark and spooky night and a young boy was walking alone by a secluded river. His mind was occupied, as he sat by the river and looked at his reflection in the dark water. He was not a bad looking boy: blond hair, blue eyes and his ears slightly pointed, but he knew that he was not an ordinary boy. No, he was a mutant. A young mutant who attends a special school called theXavier Institutefor Higher Learning, which is basically a school for young gifted mutants like himself. The young boy kept staring at the river, pondering about his powers, which is the ability to shape shift his body at will, until suddenly, he felt a cold chill in the air.

    The young boy hugged himself tighter as the air got colder and colder and when he turn around, he saw a large white figure coming towards him. The large white figure was wearing a long white dress, but there was something terrifying about this young apparition. The apparition had long dark blue hair that covered its face where the boy could not see it and it kept coming closer and closer…

    The young boy tried to run away, but he found his feet to be stuck in the ground mysteriously. The boy tried to get his feet off the ground, but they would not budge. He even tried shape shifting into a rock, but he realized with stark terror that his powers would not work.

    The large white figure came even closer to the boy, while the boy continued to struggle wildly, but it was too late. The white figure was now inches from the boy’s face, with her blue hair waving in her face…

    …suddenly, the dark blue hair from the white figure’s face is lifted and was shown was a face so distorted and so frightening that the boy barely had time to scream before the white figure fell upon him…

    Chapter 1: The White Ghost

    At that moment, three adult mutants were driving in a small black Toyota car. The three mutants driving on that dark road were known as the X-Men, earth’s mightiest mutant protectors. The three X-Men members in the car were Piotr Rasputin, a Russian mutant who can turn his skin to organic steel and whose codename is COLOSSUS, Kurt Wagner, a German born mutant whose appearance looks demonic, but is extremely good natured and has the ability to teleport anyone and himself anywhere he desires and his codename is NIGHTCRAWLER and Kitty Pryde, a young woman who has the ability to phase through any kind of matter and whose codename is SHADOWCAT. The three X-Men were on their way back to the Institute after spending a day in the city together and they were exhausted from their nightly exploits.

    “Whew, man, I’m so tired, guys. I didn’t think you could do so much dancing the rumba all in one night!” said Kitty.

    “Well, I must admit
    Katzchen, it was a very delightful night to be out,” said Kurt.

    “I agree. It is rare that we even have a peaceful night out together,” said Piotr.

    “Hey guys, how about we try this again another night? It could make our days!” said Kitty excitedly.

    “Try again? Hmmm….I wouldn’t mind some more outings like this in the near future,” agreed Piotr.

    “You two certainly agree on everything, don’t you?” asked Kurt slyly.

    “Oh no, no, no way! It’s not like that! What makes you think that?” Piotr and Kitty both stuttered embarrassedly.

    “I thought so,” said Kurt satisfied.

    “Humph!” both Piotr and Kitty huffed.

    While the three were still driving, suddenly a white figure popped out unexpectedly on the road in front of the car.

    “PIOTR! LOOK OUT!” shouted both Kitty and Kurt.

    Piotr swerved the car sharply to the side of the road and came to an abrupt stop by a tree. The three X-Men then quickly got out of the car and frantically searched the road.

    “What the heck was that?!” asked Kitty startled.

    “I don’t know, but it looked like a white figure or something of that nature,” said Kurt.

    “Whatever it was, it is gone now,” said Piotr.

    The three X-Men looked towards the road and saw that the white figure had vanished into thin air.

    “Okay, now this is officially getting spooky. Let’s head back to the mansion,” suggested Kitty.

    Piotr and Kurt agreed and got back into the car and drove off towards the mansion.

    Not long after the three X-Men left, then the large white figure phased through the tree and saw the three X-Men drive off.

    “Beware of the beings of the dark, mutants,” said the white figure in an eerie voice that sounded like a thousand insects, “For they will feed upon your very souls and take what is theirs!”

    The white figure then phased through the ground and was gone.

    Chapter 2: A Frightening Discovery!

    A few hours later, Kitty, Piotr and Kurt finally made it back to the Xavier Institute and got out of the car.

    “Guys, I still can’t shake that creepy feeling about that weird white figure in the road. It’s like it’s a ghost or something,” said Kitty uncertainly.

    “I don’t know. It seems odd that it would be a ghost. Besides, ghosts do not exist…do they?” asked Piotr uncertainly.

    “Well Mein Freud, we have gone against stranger things than ghosts. Besides, we are mutants and I cannot imagine anything stranger than that,” said Kurt.

    “Right…” said Piotr and Kitty smugly.

    “I mean that, you know, we are beings who have fantastic powers and ghosts have fantastic powers, so in a way, we are no different,” said Kurt embarrassedly.

    “It’s okay Kurt,” said Kitty slyly.

    “Yes, my friend, we know you mean well,” said Piotr just as slyly.

    “Really or are you two got something evil planned for me?” asked Kurt uncertainly.

    “Maybe,” Piotr and Kitty both said slyly.

    “Oh no!” said Kurt panicking.

    “Oh yes!” said both Piotr and Kitty maliciously.

    Suddenly, the doors to the Xavier Institute opened suddenly and out came Henry “Hank” McCoy, whose codename is BEAST. Unfortunately, Hank looked disturbed and he said, “Oh! Kitty, Piotr and Kurt! Thank goodness that you three have arrived here! There is something amiss in the Institute and it seems to have affected one of our students!”

    “What happened?” asked Kitty, Piotr and Kurt.

    “Come inside and I’ll show you three!”

    As the three X-Men joined Hank inside the Institute, a white mist suddenly comes swirling behind the three X-Men, unbeknownst to the X-Men and just as the doors were closing, the white mist zips through the doors and gets inside the Institute.

    Kitty, Piotr, Kurt and Hank are now inside the Institute infirmary and what they saw made their skins crawl. On the table, lays a student whose skin is now bleached white and whose eyes were sunken in, making him look like a dead corpse.

    “Oh my god…” said Kitty.

    “What happened here?” asked Kurt.

    “One of the students found this boy lying around the school grounds this morning, as white as a sheet. This young boy looks like he is dying, but his body system is still stabilizing. Unfortunately though, not only is this boy’s unconscious, but it seems like his powers are gone.”

    Kitty, Piotr and Kurt looked at each other in shock and then Piotr asked, “What kind of terrible force has affected this boy?”

    “It’s hard to say. The strange thing about this whole incident is that it doesn’t seem to be a mutant who has caused this kind of harm upon the boy. No, it seems like a sort of…supernatural being that has caused this,” speculated Hank.

    “Supernatural Being?” asked Kitty, Piotr and Kurt in shock.

    “As in ghosts, witches, vampires, you name it! However, it’s strange that such a being has found a way to come towards the school without any of us knowing about it. Strange indeed…”

    “Okay, this is getting weirder and weirder every time,” said Kitty.

    “We got to protect the students from this…being of sorts before it gets to anyone else,” said Piotr.

    “I agree. We just need to know where this supernatural being is at and what we can do to stop it,” said Kurt.

    “I’ll set up the security system for the institute to seek out supernatural waves so that way, the students can be more alerted,” stated Beast.

    Little did the four X-Men members know, the white mist that entered the school was silently lurking around the health infirmary doors and spying on the X-Men. The white mist lingered around for a few minutes and silently slinked off down the hallways of the institute, looking for fresh prey to feed upon.


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