The Eyes of Temptation (Archie and friends fan-fiction)

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    It's been a while since I last wrote a fan-fic, but with Halloween right around the corner, I think it's time we returned to Riverdale, at least in our version of things. All characters are copyright Archie Comics, save for new characters created for this story.

    Chapter 1:

    "Has anyone seen Veronica this morning?"

    Archie Andrews stood outside the Biltmore Hotel in New York, hands on hips. The Archies had just concluded a short summer tour in support of their new CD, "Graduation Day", and the record company had paid for their hotel accomodations. On July 16, it was time to head home. Everyone was present, save for Veronica Lodge, which was a bit of a problem.

    "I just talked to the desk clerk.", Reggie Mantle said as he emerged from the hotel. "Ronnie checked out an hour ago, and left with some Middle Eastern guy that she met when we played at Mohegan Sun the other night."

    "That's trouble.", Betty Cooper put in. "Her mother sent an e-mail warning us about this Abdul Azir or whatever his name is. Said he wasn't to be trusted, but you know Ronnie. She sees a good-looking guy, and she throws you fellows off to the side in a heartbeat."
    The tour bus pulled up to the parking lot at Riverdale City College, where Forsythe "Jughead" Jones would be transferring from City College of New York in the fall, around 11:15 am. Hermoine Lodge and the family's major domo, Hubert Smithers, awaited.

    "She's not here, is she?", Hermoine asked. Archie shook his head.

    "She checked out around 8 with that Abdul guy you warned us about.", he said. "The desk clerk said he overheard Abdul telling Ronnie he was taking her to Egypt on vacation for 2 weeks, and that she'd be home at the end of the month."

    "Two weeks?? She is supposed to be leaving for London with her father on Monday morning!"

    "Now, it's starting to make sense.", Reggie put in. "Maybe this Abdul is a business rival of Mr. Lodge's."

    Ah, if only that were true.

    Veronica had been to Egypt as an exchange student two years ago, and knew most of the landmarks by memory. She could see she was still in America, and hadn't left the country.

    "This looks more like a Hollywood movie set than the Egyptian desert.", she thought to herself as she rose from her bed. The last thing she remembered was boarding Abdul's private jet at LaGuardia, then falling asleep. It was now about 9:30 pm, local time, and, yes, she was in Hollywood. That much she had correctly deduced. She looked out the window, and saw the full moon. Next instant, she glanced at her left arm. Her watch was missing, but that wasn't the issue at this particular moment. Her skin was starting to turn a shade of green----and scaly.

    "No! This can't be happening!", Ronnie exclaimed. She tried to run to the bathroom, but tripped over the hem of her nightgown, and fell. She took a glance at her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes now had yellow slits were her pupils would be. Her nose melted away, as did her eyebrows and ears. She tried to scream, but could not, as her throat became constricted, and her tongue was now forked. Her arms and legs vanished, and as her hair melted away, Ronnie realized what was happening. She was turning into a snake. Specifically, a python.

    Minutes later, she slithered out from under her nightgown, just as Abdul El-Azir, to use his full name, entered the room, and cradled the newly transformed teenager in his arms.

    "Your father will pay a hefty king's ransom for your return, my dear, but by then it'll be too late, and that ransom will pay for your new home. The venom now flowing through your veins was a welcoming gift from my pet, who now has a mate to call his own. Ah, but don't worry. You'll be human again soon enough, to lure your unsuspecting friends into my snake pit."

    Veronica had trouble processing all of this, with the adjustment to her new reptilian body. She'd experienced a similar transformation some time back, but nothing like this. What exactly did Abdul want with her and her friends, anyway?
    Meanwhile, back in Riverdale, Betty had gone shopping three days after coming home, and ran into a familiar face. Jasmine Shera had arrived in Riverdale the previous day. She was now on an exchange student program, albeit as a college sophomore, from the University of Alexandria in Egypt, and attending Northeastern, where Betty would soon begin her sophomore season. Betty & Jasmine met in Egypt two years ago, but at that time, Betty & Veronica had switched identities in a personal experiment.

    "It is good that I find you here, friend Betty.", Jasmine said. "I fear that some ill fortune has visited Veronica."

    "How do you know?", Betty asked.

    "My uncle Abdul has become consumed with a mad lust for power. He seeks to kill the President, and take over America by force."

    "We have an election in three and a half months.", Betty said. "The current President ends his term two months after that."

    "It does not matter to my uncle. If he has his way, there will be no election."
    Betty has no idea of what awaits her, and neither do the rest of the gang. Yet.....
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    Chapter 2:

    Veronica's mind swirled, trying to recall the chain of events that brought her back home, wearing the form of a python. Abdul El-Azir passed himself off as a talent agent, promising Veronica a more lucrative film career overseas. What she didn't know was that he'd spiked her drink in a Philadelphia restaurant with a potion that, within 72 hours, turned her into a python, now under his control. A male, white-skinned python laid in the cage adjacent to Veronica. Abdul intended for the couple to be mated, but not until they had carried out their mission. Abdul sought to collect a hefty ransom from Hiram Lodge, but it wouldn't guarantee Veronica's safe return. Not in the least bit.

    Around 10 pm on July 22, Abdul, driving a white panel truck, pulled up within half a block of Betty's house. He brought Veronica out of her cage, and carried her toward the garage.

    "You know what to do, my sweet.", he said. "One bite, and she becomes just like you. The same goes for the rest of the band. You will make me rich beyond my wildest dreams, and that's before I take over the country."

    Veronica had no choice but to obey. She knew Abdul wouldn't allow her to return to her true form unless it was with a specific goal in mind. Abdul took a ladder out of the garage, and climbed to the second floor, leading Veronica through the open window. Little did he realize that his prey was not to be found.

    Abdul pulled a flashlight from inside his jumpsuit, and scanned the room. Betty was not in her bed. Pulling a silent whistle from his pocket, he recalled Veronica.

    "I don't understand. She, according to your notes, is usually in bed at this hour.", he said.
    That was because Betty wasn't home, and Veronica's notes were, in truth, outdated. Betty was on a date with Archie, and spent the night with her beau, using a guest bedroom to sleep. Just before midnight, she received a telepathic call from her other best friend, teen witch Sabrina Spellman.

    "Abdul was spotted leaving your house nearly 2 hours ago.", Sabrina said. "Based on what you told me at work today, he intended for you to join Veronica in his little nest."

    "He has Ronnie's old high school diary.", Betty replied mentally. "He's going by that, thinking I'd already be sleeping. He's made his first mistake."

    "It won't be the last. We still have to warn the mayor about his intention to disrupt the President's pending visit to Riverdale tomorrow!"
    The next morning, Mayor Joanne Martinez had summoned Police Chief Robert Bolling to her office.

    "I've just been notified by the State Department that the President's visit today has been delayed indefinitely due to pressing matters in Washington.", she said. "Your security detail will not be needed."

    "I only had 10 men available for that detail.", Bolling replied. "Hiram Lodge is raising a stink--again---because his daughter has gone missing. She didn't come home from New York last week."

    "When Lodge decides to become mayor, then he can deploy the police as he sees fit."

    Outside the mayor's window, a pair of wasps were listening intently. It was really Betty & Sabrina, thanks to the latter using a transformation spell. The pair left the window ledge, and alighted in a blind alley behind the Victory Garden vegetarian restaurant, which Sabrina's aunts owned. Morphing back to their human forms, the two teens entered the restaurant for a previously scheduled double date for lunch with Archie and with Sabrina's beau, Harvey Kinkle. It wasn't until the girls reached New Dimensions Fashions and reported for work that they went over their findings.

    "I don't think Azir knows about the President's visit being cancelled.", Betty said. "Not after the Mayor and Chief Bolling issued a press blackout."

    "Only because I planted the idea in their heads.", Sabrina said sternly. "This gives us a chance to locate Azir and rescue Veronica."

    "He won't be hard to find. Stole an old panel truck and killed the owner last night, according to the paper."

    "That truck will be abandoned, if it hasn't already. He's still after you, Archie, and the rest of the band, and won't stop until he completes that goal."

    "Not if we hit him first. Let's give him something to think about."

    "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Betty?"

    "I think so."
    Later that night, Veronica, human once more, paid a call on Archie. However, she hadn't completely become human, as her eyes were still those of a snake, and she had to wear special contact lenses to conceal that particular......condition.

    "I'm sorry, Veronica, but Archie isn't home right now.", Mary Andrews said. "The last I knew, he was meeting with your father."

    "Then we must've missed each other.", Veronica replied. "Sorry, Mrs. Andrews. I'll see you later."

    But when Veronica approached a black SUV around the corner from the Andrews house, she removed her shoes and contacts, and morphed back into a python. Abdul was disappointed.

    "Those kids are somehow one step ahead of us.", he said. "Unfortunately, Mrs. Andrews now knows you're home, and likely will contact your father. That means we must accelerate our plans."

    The SUV pulled up around the corner from the Lodge mansion about 15 minutes later, and Abdul found a pair of brown pythons on the sidewalk. Some used clothing laid on the sidewalk behind them, including a monogrammed necklace belonging to Betty.

    "Well, well, it seems fortune smiles upon us after all, my dear.", Abdul said as he brought the two snakes into the SUV. "All that's needed now would be two more, ah, soldiers to complete the nest."

    "That's what he thinks.", Sabrina thought to herself.

    At the same time, Archie and Jughead left the mansion and started for the Jones house. Reggie sat in the passenger seat with a portable radar tracking device on his lap.

    "Sabrina & Betty are in position.", he said. "I can't believe, Red, you let those girls talk you into this."

    "Ever since Sabrina went public with her powers, along with her aunts, she's been a valuable asset to the police, helping them with tough cases. Betty was all too willing to go along with her on this undercover assignment, knowing that Abdul intended to capture her in the first place. Now, we can track that nut. The girls will lead us right to him."

    "Betty said Abdul was after us, too.", Jughead reminded. "It isn't about the money."

    "No, but it's what we know, what he doesn't know, that tips the scales, pardon the pun, in our favor, Jug.", Reggie said. "Maybe this will teach Ronnie not to fall for every handsome stranger that comes along."

    "Let's hope so, but I doubt it.", Archie replied.
    Abdul arrived in a rented hotel room about two miles from the Lodge mansion. Now carrying four cages, he pulled the male python from his cage after laying the cages on the desk.

    "Now, you have three brides.", he said. "Once they're fed this potion, they won't resist your charms."
    Oh, if he only knew.........
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    Chapter 3:

    Abdul placed the male python, Adam, on the carpet, then laid a tray of bubbling liquid in the center. The bubbles were what Abdul called, the Eyes of Temptation. The three female pythons (Betty, Sabrina, & Veronica) were then placed on the opposite side. Abdul knelt next to Adam.

    "Once they take a sip of this potion, they'll be ready to mate with you, my son.", he said. "Then, there's no turning back."

    However, Sabrina could read the molecular structure of the liquid with her mental powers, and nudged Betty & Veronica away from the tray as Abdul retreated to his bedroom. Once he locked the door, the disguised teen sorceress went to work.

    "That isn't a love potion in the tray.", she told Betty mentally. "One sip alters your molecular structure, so that you're trapped in the form of a python forever."

    "So how do we keep Ronnie away?", Betty asked.

    "Easily done."

    Sabrina mentally nudged Veronica away from the tray a second time. Then, she turned her concentration to the tray itself. Seeing the bathroom to the right of Abdul's quarters, she used her telekinesis to lift the tray and direct it into the bathroom sink. Once the contents were emptied, she placed the tray as quietly as possible in a waste basket.

    "Now, it's time to use some feminine charm on 'Mr. Wonderful'.", she quipped.

    Minutes later, Adam led Sabrina into a closet to the left of Abdul's bedroom. Sabrina then opened a mind-link with Adam.

    "You're just as much a victim in all this as my friend.", she said mentally.

    "I don't know how you know, but you're right.", Adam replied. "I was stolen from the San Diego Zoo a month ago. Abdul then injected me with some kind of strange liquid. He then extracted some back, mixed with my blood."

    "That explains how he turned Veronica into a python.", Sabrina surmised. "There is an antidote, is there?"

    "Yes. His grand plan was to leave your friend in a sort of comatose state for the police to find, to ensure that she couldn't identify me or him. The antidote is in the medicine cabinet, clearly marked. I can't see how you can get there, though."

    "Watch me."

    The two returned to the living room, and Sabrina cancelled the spell she placed on herself & Betty, restoring them to human form. Then, she slipped into the bathroom and found the antidote and some syringes. She first inoculated Adam, then Veronica. Minutes later, the heiress was human once more.

    "W-where am I?", Veronica asked.

    "Long story.", Betty said as she retrieved the girls' clothes from the closet. Abdul, hearing the noise, rose from his bed, but Sabrina slammed the door in his face with a psi-bolt. Once dressed, the three girls left with Adam.

    "It's time we got you home, big boy.", Sabrina said. Adam had been placed in his cage via telepathy, and now Sabrina was carrying him out of the hotel.

    "What about Abdul?", Betty asked.

    "It'll be a while before he wakes up. By the time he does, we'll be home free."

    A short time later, and Archie pulled up in his car. He took Betty & Veronica home while Sabrina took Adam to police headquarters, with the antidote and the mutation serum as evidence against Abdul.
    It wasn't until about 7 am the next morning before Abdul finally stirred and came to the realization that his four captives, Adam included, were gone. By the time he reached the hotel lobby to talk to the clerk, the police were waiting for him.

    "Miss Lodge swore out a complaint against you, Mr. El-Azir.", Detective Eric Benzinger said. "And, then, we received a warrant from San Diego. I believe they're waiting for you there on grand larceny charges."

    "I have diplomatic immunity, infidel!", Abdul exclaimed.

    "No, you don't, the last we checked. Seems you've lied about that, too."
    "It seems Abdul's gripe with the President was a figment of his imagination.", Archie said as he read a newspaper account the next day. "His lawyer's trying for an insanity defense, but the judge isn't buying."

    "There is one problem, Archie.", Veronica said. "After what I've been through, I may be called to testify. They'll never believe me."

    "You won't have to testify.", Reggie said. "Abdul has been extradited to California and is facing charges of transporting stolen property---the white python---across state lines. Seems that snake was taken from his real mate, and, from what I hear, she's expecting."

    "After all the weird happenings around here the last few years, I'm willing to believe just about anything.", Jughead put in. "I still think, Betty, that you & Sabrina put yourselves in a very dangerous situation that could've backfired."

    "Oh, I know, Juggie.", came the reply. "But it all worked out for the best in the end."

    "Indeed it did.", Archie said, caressing Betty's neck. "Besides, where is our favorite witch, anyway?"

    "At work. Harvey's picking her up for dinner when she comes off duty at 6."
    A month later, the girls flew to San Diego to see Adam and his mate, Eve, and their newly hatched children. In all, there were six baby pythons.

    "They were hatched yesterday.", Adam told Sabrina mentally. "The zoo, from what I hear, wants to do a naming contest."

    "They shouldn't bother.", Sabrina replied. "They can name the children after us and our friends."

    Adam & Eve had three sons and three daughters, and, yes, they were named after Archie, Reggie, Betty, Sabrina, Veronica, and, because of one son's peculiar shape, Jughead.

    "You girls weren't planning on putting in a bid for the babies, were you?", Veronica asked as they left the zoo.

    "No, Ron.", Betty replied. "That wouldn't be fair."

    "You know, this is really the 2nd time you two went undercover to rescue me. There was that deal with the worms three years ago, and then, I didn't think anything like that would happen again."

    "The Archies wouldn't be the same without you, Ron, regardless of what anyone thinks."

    "Just the same, maybe, just for fun, the three of us can dress up in snakeskin costumes for Halloween."

    "Do you really want to go there?", Sabrina asked. "We're all going to be at school."

    "Not me. I'm taking a year off, maybe two. Just wasn't comfortable in Albany last year."

    "I think I know why.", Betty said. "You were lost without the boys."


    "So why not enroll with them at Columbia?"

    "Because I'm not a journalist like them."

    "Good point."
    The end.
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