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The Elf-Men

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by EthanMcPowersII, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. EthanMcPowersII

    EthanMcPowersII New Member

    Apr 20, 2015
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    The Elf-Men is a team of superheroes I have created whose members are the children of popular holiday characters.
    They are,
    Kit Kringle - the son of Santa Claus.
    Emit Biggles - the son of both Father Time and Mother Nature.
    Isaac Frost - the son of Jack Frost
    Ken Kringle - the son of the Halloween King, and cousin to Kit Kringle
    And, Aurora Borealis II - the daughter of Aurora Borealis I. She will actually be going by her nickname, Aura, and she will be the girlfriend of Emit.
    The team is formed due to a lack of holiday spirit. Kit decides to go to the human world and do what he can to revive the holiday spirit. When he gets to America, he finds he must also battle those who would cause corruption and thereby continue to diminish the holiday spirit. He is joined by his two best friends, his cousin, the girlfriend of one of his best friends and four reserve members.
    Kit's superpowers are the same as Santa Claus'.
    Emit has the combined powers of his father's (time control) and his mother's (control over nature) and is the most powerful member of the team.
    Isaac Frost has the power to freeze things and is both the smartest and strongest member,
    Ken Kringle's powers are mostly like Santa Claus' with alterations, he can tell what a person fears and, if necessary, use it to set them straight. There is a drawback to this power, if he uses the fear continuously or extensively, his victim can overcome their fear. Also, due to this power, he's taught himself to see the flaws in anything, and is the team's master strategist.
    Aurora Borealis II can create light. I'm also thinking about giving her power over electricity and magnetism.
    The group also likes to have fun fighting crime, as such, instead of giving them the traditional tights for their costumes, they will be wearing sports attire for their costumes, complete with a luchador style mask.
    I also have four reserve members
    The Sandman - the only member of my team who is based off the actual character and not the child of one. He can make people fall asleep, take sleep from people, and enter people's dreams. His role on the team is as mentor, he also records their activities and reports back to Santa Claus.
    Peter Black - the son of Santa Claus' head elf. He is super fast, highly intelligent and can create anything. He created all of the teams' gadgets, weapons and vehicles. He is also the teams' sidekick/mascot.
    Patrick Samson - the son of Uncle Sam. His powers are somewhat similar to Captain America's. However, just as the power level of Kit Kringle's abilities is dependent on Christmas spirit, Patrick's power level is dependent on the American spirit. And it's because the American spirit is also dwindling, he and his twin sister decide to join them. His position on the team is to teach them about American culture, a role he shares with his sister as he will mostly be aiding the American military
    Liberty Samson - the daughter of Uncle Sam. Again, her powers are similar to Captain America's, but her power level is dependent on the American spirit, which also adds to her beauty. Just as her brother's primary objective is to aid the American military, hers is to provide support to the families of the soldiers.

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