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Discussion in 'The Drawing Board' started by Outlander00, May 3, 2004.

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    In the past year, the workshop has grown from modest beginnings to a good source of information as well as valuable source to critiqe work. We felt it was time to post the workshop threads in one thread for easy access for all who visit.

    Here is the list. It will be changing to reflect additions of new workshops as they are posted:

    #1: Figure Drawing 101
    #2: Basic Color & Color Theory
    #3: Sequential Art
    #4: Color Applications & Techniques
    #5: Drawing women
    #6: Drawing Men
    #7: Mood, Setting & Expression Through Imagery
    #8: Color Mediums
    #9: Hands & Feet
    #10: Character Design
    #11: Perspective
    #12: Faces
    #13: Greeting Card Design
    #14: Animals
    #15: Photography
    #16: Portfolio Building
    #17: Graphic Design Fundamentals & Elements

    Drawing Board Reference Thread
    Photoshop Tutorial (by Discloner)
    CG Coloring Tutorial (by Bic)
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