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World's Finest Writer's Corner The Dark Knight Adventures

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Harley J, May 12, 2001.

  1. Harley J

    Harley J Guest

    Welcome to the Dark Knight Adventures


    Born from the cold blooded murder of Bruce Waynes Parents
    The killer of killers
    the darkness in the light
    the justice in the evil
    He is the Dark Knight

    Batman / Bruce Wayne: After seeing the brutal murder of his mother and father, Bruce Wayne took the alias of Batman and became a one man army for Justice. Already full of experience Bruce has taken on some devistanting Villians but nothing will compare to what he will face soon.

    Robin / Carrie Kelly: After being nearly killed by a gang of thugs Batman saved her life but couldn't save her parents who were killed by the fleaing gang. The orphan Carrie demanded that the dark knight took care for her and raised her to fight for what she believes in , Bruce some times questions if she believes in Justice or Vengence.

    Batgirl / Amy Walker: Amy's family are all criminals , she at one time was as well until the dark knight put a stop to the family buissness of stealing. After serving her time Amy realised she had been in the wrong and sweared that she would do what ever she could to serve and protect the Streets of Gotham. Bruce isn't happy with the fact she has called her self Batgirl but he is willing to except her into his world on a trial bases.

    Nightwing / Dick Grayson: Nightwing was Bruce's first Robin , after he and Bruce had an argument it was never the same for Dick, So he left and went on to be a highly sucessful Hero at another City. Some times Batman and Nightwing will cross paths and work together but the fued between them both is far from over.

    Keep an Eye out for The Dark Knight Adventures Episode 1 COMING SOON
  2. Kylewayne

    Kylewayne Mrs. Outlander00

    May 1, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Cool Intro!!!!

    Too bad you can't see the pics :(
  3. Harley J

    Harley J Guest

    If you can't see the pictures then right click on the x boxes and goto properties then highlight the address and paste it on your address bar press go and once the pictures loaded press back that way you can see them.

    I dont know why some people can see the pics and some can't it sucks a bit

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