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The Case of the Replacement Heroes (Super Friends fan-fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Preamble: Turning back the clock for this one. This story takes place in between issues 35 & 36 of Super Friends (1st series), meaning around the spring-summer of 1980. All characters, except those created for this story, are copyright DC Comics/Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros..

    Chapter 1:

    It was a rather atypical Saturday in Gotham City. Atypical in that, for this time of year, it was snowing. No, Mr. Freeze wasn't in town, and neither were Flash's enemies, Captain Cold or Weather Wizard. This was real snow. Because most of the citizens had put their snow tires away for the season, traffic was backed up for miles, leaving the police stuck in traffic as a trio of bank robbers attempted to take advantage of the situation.

    "Ok! We're clear!", one robber called. "Let's scram!"

    However, a pair of familiar figures swooped into view. Batman & Robin just happened to be in the area.

    "I know it's not winter anymore, but crime doesn't know the difference between seasons, anyway.", Batman cracked as he jacked a robber's jaw.

    The other thieves tried to escape, but the Dynamic Duo had a surprise in the form of Elastic Lad, the pliable, part-time alter ego of Daily Planet reporter-photographer Jimmy Olsen, who wrapped up the robbers rather quickly. By the time the police arrived, the three had been left in front of the bank, and all Lt. Martin Coffey could see was the Batmobile roaring off in the snow.

    "Would that Batman could return to help with snow removal.", Coffey mused.

    Ah, but all was not what it seemed...........

    The storm had abated within a half-hour. In the meantime, Commissioner James Gordon was at a loss to discern how the Caped Crusaders and Elastic Lad were able to reach the crime scene, unencumbered by the weather.
    Later that same afternoon, in Metropolis, Oswald Loomis, aka The Prankster, had pulled a bank job of his own, using one of his infamous trick devices. He expected Superman, but got the Man of Steel's cousin, Supergirl, instead. Either way, Loomis was prepared.

    "I was hoping Superman would show up, so I prepared this little welcome for him.", Loomis sneered, as he activated a hidden stud under his lapel. The flower he was wearing emitted a familiar green gas. Kryptonite gas. Down went the Girl of Steel.

    "Oh, this is rich! So rich!", Loomis said gleefully as he headed for his car. But, to his surprise, who should show up but Superman himself!

    "No! This isn't fair!"

    "You really should consider taking your idea of comedy onto an appropriate forum, like a night club.", Superman said as he hurled Loomis into a waiting trash barrel before Prankster could use the Kryptonite gas again. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman had showed up and administered an emergency antidote for Supergirl. Abruptly, both women heard the familiar sound of sirens.

    "Time to leave.", Supergirl said as she recovered.
    In New York, a few hours later, scientist Lex Luthor, founder of the Legion of Doom, had been apprised of Prankster's capture. With Luthor was wealthy socialite Priscilla Rich, alias the Cheetah, who was Luthor's date for the evening at a $1,000 per plate dinner for a charity that Rich had taken an interest in. Using the name Alexander Holt, Luthor adopted the appearance of a younger man, wearing a wig and a false beard, but looking like a model citizen instead of a master criminal. After dinner, he & Rich were alone in the latter's limo.

    "Loomis failed his test.", Luthor said quietly. "Captured by Superman, Supergirl, & Wonder Woman."

    "But that's impossible.", Rich whispered. "We were told that Superman & Wonder Woman, along with the other Super Friends, were far enough away where we could run these auditions for new members of the Legion of Doom."

    "Given that all three have super-speed, I don't think it's impossible. They could've flown from wherever it was they're supposed to be to Metropolis, and back, in mere minutes. We should be used to that by now. Still, I don't think this will deter plans for tomorrow. Gotham City is covered in snow, so even if Batman & Robin tried to leave, they'd be late to the party."
    Ah, but if only Luthor knew what was really happening.

    Back in Metropolis, at the Hall of Justice, Jimmy was seated in front of the TroubleAlert, answering a call from-------Superman, who was in London for a peace conference with Wonder Woman and the Dynamic Duo.

    "Everything went as you'd hoped, Jimmy?", Superman asked.

    "Yes, it did. A simple robbery in Gotham, despite the snow. Prankster in Metropolis. However, I don't think we can maintain the charade too much longer, especially if word gets out about the peace conference, which is supposed to be top secret.", Jimmy replied.

    "He's right, cousin.", Supergirl added. "With the information you gave us before you left, this project was meant to smoke out Luthor and bring him out into the open. So far, that hasn't happened, but I'd think word would get back to him by now, somehow, some way."

    "I agree.", Superman replied. "But this is why I called you in, Kara, for this assignment. You & Jimmy are the field leaders. I can't risk both of you being in the field at the same time. Luthor knows Jimmy, of course, but doesn't know you as well."

    At that moment, the Wonder Twins, Zan & Jayna, emerged from the gym after a workout, aided by Marvin White and Wendy Harris. For the first time in a year, all four of the "Junior Super Friends" were together on a case.

    "How long do you think it takes before Luthor tumbles onto us?", Marvin asked.

    "Probably not too long.", Superman replied. "Hate to cut this short, but something's come up here in London. I'll check with you tomorrow. Superman out."

    "I have to agree.", Wendy said as the video screen went dark. "Luthor is considered a genius, and if he finds out about the conference, he'll start putting the pieces together and deduce that his "auditions" have been thwarted by a substitute team. One that can still beat him at his own game."

    "How do we do that?", Jayna asked, as Jimmy began caressing her neck after a lengthy workout.

    "We're going deeper undercover.", Wendy replied.
    Comics fans know that during the Silver Age, Supergirl once went undercover to foil a gang of female thieves. To thwart Luthor, and whatever scheme he has cooked up, the Maid of Might may become a crook again, but only for appearances. We think. More in chapter 2.
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  2. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    The next morning, Luthor, in his guise as Alexander Holt, met with another of Superman's enemies, the Toyman. Winslow Schott had been sprung from prison thanks to a phony pardon notice from the governor's office, and now was meeting with his old friend for the first time in nearly 15 years.

    "I was briefed on the way here, Le---I mean, Mr. Holt.", Schott said.

    "Good thing you checked yourself, Win.", Luthor replied. "I can't let those dime store wanna-bes out in the hall overhear who they're really auditioning for."

    "Sorry. Speaking of wanna-be's, I'd heard there was another imposter Toyman in your Legion of Doom not too long ago."

    "Found that out after the fact, Win. I heard you'd killed Jack Nimball, but we had Jack's twin brother, James, wearing a similar suit. Got killed three months ago trying to escape from the federal pen in Leavenworth."

    "So....what have you got for me to do?"

    "A simple test for the recruits, Win. Ozzie ran into Supergirl yesterday, along with Superman & Wonder Woman."

    "Oh, I highly doubt that, old friend. Word along the grapevine is that the Big Blue Boy Scout and the Amazon were out of the country on another mission."

    "They both have super speed, Win."

    "True, but Superman has trained some kids of his own. Shape changers. Odds are Ozzie was tricked."

    "Blast it! Priscilla was right! We have to speed up the timetable!"
    Later, back at the Hall of Justice, actor Gregory Reed, who often impersonated Superman, had rejoined Supergirl and the others, dressed, as was the case yesterday, as Batman.

    "You said this was an emergency, Supergirl.", he said.

    "It is, Greg.", the Maid of Might replied. "Some of Superman's contacts here in Metropolis have tipped us to a plan to rob the Diamond Exchange later tonight. The Toyman was seen in the general area about two hours ago."

    "Same plan as before? Having our chameleon riding shotgun with me as Robin?", Reed asked, referring to Jayna.

    "Not this time. You and I are teaming up. Air & ground coverage."

    "Oh, I get it, Supergirl. We mix things up in case Luthor and Toyman tumble onto us."


    At that moment, Jayna & Wendy, dressed as burglars, had made their way to an office building across from the Diamond Exchange. Zan & Marvin were not far away in an unmarked van, which contained some electronic equipment. Seeing Schott and a fresh set of recruits approaching the Diamond Exchange, Marvin sent a message to Wendy on her communicator.

    "It's go time.", he said. "Just be careful. Backup will be along any time."

    "We're ready, Marv.", Wendy replied.

    Minutes later, the two masked females used a zip line to get from the roof of the office to the Diamond Exchange.

    "Just remember.", Wendy warned. "We can't be too perfect, but do just enough to foil Toyman and his crew. Watch out for those toys."

    "Check.", Jayna replied. "I wish the boys had suited up, too."

    "Couldn't risk that. Marv & Zan are the electronics experts, and Jimmy will be along in due course, but not as Elastic Lad this time."

    "Yes, I understand. Toyman knows him by sight."

    The girls used the back stairs from the roof to get to the ground floor. By the time they got there, Toyman and his recruits, a trio of college students all dressed exactly like him, were looting the premises, particularly a shipment of diamonds imported from South Africa, reportedly worth half a million dollars.

    "The guards are grappling with my friends.", Schott said gleefully. "We're home free."

    "Oh, no, you're not.", Wendy thought to herself. Reaching into a pouch on her belt, she pulled out four tiny smoke bombs, and hurled them toward the Toyman and his crew. Not only did the bombs blind the thieves, but it also exposed the electric eye beams that Schott had managed to evade.

    "C-c-can't see!", Schott cried. He'd dropped a sack of diamonds, which Jayna retrieved with a grappling hook borrowed from Robin. Well, not borrowed in the proper sense.

    "Got 'em.", she whispered. "Now what?"

    "We're out of here. Act 2 is about to begin.", Wendy replied.

    Back up the stairs they went, only to run into Superman & Wonder Woman. Wendy pointed downstairs, and, inexplicably, the Man of Steel went down the stairwell, as Wonder Woman glided toward the front door. Rappelling down the back wall, the girls retreated to the van.

    "I'll ask again.", Jayna said. "Now what?"

    "We'll leave the diamonds for Inspector Henderson to find.", Marvin replied. "The drop point was arranged ahead of time."

    A couple of hours passed. Luthor turned on the 11:00 news, to find that Schott and the recruits had been captured, and the diamonds recovered.

    "Blazes! Another failure!", he thundered.

    Priscilla, now dressed as Cheetah, had joined Luthor, and shook her head.

    "What I can't figure,", she said, "is how the diamonds were found in Shuster Park in the first place if Schott never got out of the Diamond Exchange."

    "Hmmmm, you're right. We're dealing with some upstarts, and not the Super Friends. They impersonated our enemies the first time, and now they've decided to beat us to the diamonds, only to give them up."

    "If only they knew what we wanted the diamonds for.", Cheetah purred.

    "Oh, indeed, but never fear, we'll get those diamonds yet. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself."
    Three days passed. Greg Reed was called away to Hollywood for a movie shoot, which complicated plans. The peace conference was coming to an end, and Batman & Robin were the first ones to come home. Gleek had gone on the trip, with Robin acting as a babysitter for the rambunctious Exorian monkey. The Dynamic Duo had been briefed on the case.

    "So far, so good, kids.", Batman said, grinning. "Good use of misdirection to this point, getting the better of Luthor."

    "What we can't figure out,", Zan said, "was what Luthor wanted the diamonds for."

    "I think I can answer that one.", Robin replied. "We met the South African delegate from the UN in London. He said that the diamonds were being specifically designed to use with a laser weapon of some kind, one that Luthor had stolen a month ago. He's laid low since, which is why we put this plan into motion."

    "And by posing as burglars to take the diamonds out of the exchange, the girls got Luthor to think someone had been impersonating Robin, Wonder Woman, Superman, & I five days ago in Gotham & Metropolis.", Batman added.

    "Credit Marv & Jimmy with that idea.", Supergirl said. "It would have been too tempting for me to don a burglar's outfit, after my last undercover assignment, so I laid back and let Wendy & Jayna play cat burglar."

    "It's a matter of time before Luthor makes another play for the diamonds to fuel his laser.", Robin reminded. "If he didn't know about the conference, he'll be surprised when we apply the full court press on him."

    Just then, the TroubleAlert sounded. Luthor was making his move. Or was he?

    "Something tells me there's an old cliche involved.", Zan said.

    "What's that, brother?", Jayna asked.

    "Two can play at that game."
    Zan could be right. We'll find out in chapter 3.
  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 3:

    Sure enough, it looked like Batman had suddenly appeared at the First National Bank of Metropolis and pulled a solo robbery. A short time later, he turned up at the Diamond Exchange and stole the diamonds that had just been returned. Convienently, the real Caped Crusader had just left the Hall of Justice for Gotham City, having gotten a separate call. Robin, Wendy, & Marvin left with him, just as Inspector Bill Henderson appeared on the TroubleAlert screen.

    "How can he be in two places at once?", Henderson wondered after Superman and the twins filled him in. "Still, I don't think he'll get past the roadblocks if he tries to leave the city."

    "Lex Luthor has gotten desperate for those diamonds.", Supergirl said. "Odds are he masqueraded as Batman to throw suspicion off himself. Problem with that is, Luthor, over time, has proven to be too predictable."

    At that moment, the Dynamic Duo and their proteges had made it safely out of Metropolis aboard the Bat-copter. Wendy had the same thought as Kara did.

    "Luthor's gotten desperate.", she said. "We foiled his first two attempts, and now he's gone and stolen the diamonds himself."

    "Yes, but he made a mistake impersonating Batman.", Robin replied. "We had a little surprise prepared for Luthor just in case."
    Back at the hotel, Luthor had changed outfits, back to his more familiar green & purple battlesuit, and had prepared to leave with Cheetah.

    "Where to now, Lex?", Cheetah asked.

    "We'll pick up the laser cannon from its hiding place outside the city limits.", Luthor replied, "And, then, we'll dismantle Metropolis, starting with the Hall of Justice, to send a message to the rest of the world."

    A couple of hours later, Luthor & Cheetah aimed the laser cannon in the direction of the Hall. Abruptly, Cheetah heard a noise in the woods behind them.

    "We have to act quickly, Lex. We have guests.", she said.

    "Take care of the problem, Priscilla. We should be done shortly.", Luthor replied.

    But as Cheetah retreated to the woods to investigate, she failed to notice an ordinary trapper's snare, which pulled her up by her foot to a nearby tree, where Supergirl was hiding. The Maid of Might knocked out Cheetah before she could make a sound. Seconds later, a second Cheetah emerged, and rejoined Luthor.

    "Well?", Luthor asked.

    "Just some stray dogs.", "Cheetah" replied. "No harm, no foul."

    "Fair enough. It's showtime."

    Luthor & "Cheetah" donned protective goggles to shield their eyes from an expected explosion, but none came.

    "I don't understand. How could this be? These were the same diamonds those thieves left behind!", Luthor exclaimed.

    "Actually, they're not, Luthor, if you bothered to take a look!"

    Luthor turned. "Cheetah" was gone, replaced by her arch-foe, Wonder Woman, who promptly dimmed the master criminal's lights with a roundhouse kick.
    Much later, with Luthor & Cheetah in custody, the Super Friends regrouped, save for Batman, Robin, Marvin, & Wendy, at the Hall.

    "Lex Luthor telegraphed what he was planning to do after stealing the laser cannon.", Superman told Inspector Henderson. "He took the bait and fell right into the trap, just as we'd hoped."

    "We found his duplicate Batman costume at the hotel, along with other disguises.", Henderson replied. "Maybe an extended stay in prison will improve his mind."

    As Henderson signed off, Gleek came running from the rec room, chattering wildly, and hopped into Zan's arms. Somehow, Cheetah had escaped, but it was really Jayna, who had tried on the spare Cheetah costume, just for fun. Seeing Gleek's reaction, she frowned.

    "I guess I can't wear this for Halloween, can I?", she asked.

    "Actually, you could.", Kara replied, "As long as Gleek's not around."

    "On the other hand,", Zan put in, "I don't think we'll watch the late show tonight."

    "Oh? Why's that, brother?", Jayna asked.

    "It's only going to give you more catty ideas. You know, like 'Kitten With a Whip'".

    "Spacey, Zan, real spacey."

    "Just between you and I, Zan,", Supergirl put in, "I think we will avoid having Robin find out you stole his act."

    "You mean his penchant for bad puns? How do you think I came up with that punch line?"

    "You know, your sister's right. You really are spacey."

    A couple of weeks later, Jimmy was on assignment in Miami, and just happened to catch Supergirl in action. The Girl of Steel, remembering the schoolboy crush Jimmy had on her before, met with him after wrapping up a quick case.

    "Sorry you missed the end of the Luthor case, Jim.", she said.

    "Oh, I heard about it, Supergirl. I was reassigned to another story and lost the scoop. I don't think Luthor will hear the end of it if he finds out it wasn't just you & Wonder Woman that put him away this time."

    "No, he won't, but I think for now, Jim, he's better off if he doesn't know how he was embarrassed by you and the kids. Out flanked and out-maneuvered from the start. By the way, you're not planning on ditching Lucy Lane for Jayna, are you?"

    "Actually, Lucy & I are on the outs again. I realize that in her other identity, Jayna has a boyfriend, but I can be like another big brother to her."

    "Hmmm. Seems Robin doesn't seem to be interested in adding her to his little black book, so maybe you've got a chance."

    "Tell you what. I couldn't help but notice you were interested in Zan. Maybe a double date's in order?"

    "I'll take that under advisement, Jim."

    Kara & Jimmy shared one kiss before she flew off, and Jimmy left for the airport, deliriously happy.
    And, of course, you know what would happen between Jimmy & Jayna later on.

    The end.

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