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The Bad Seeds (15)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Matt A, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. ArtificialIdiot

    ArtificialIdiot Doktor Aies

    Jun 7, 2004
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    This is just a flying review, and I apologise for that - But much like yourself, I haven't exactly been on top of my game recently. Not that I'm not absolutely ecstatic that you're back in the swing of things (or.. Um... Just threw up a chapter! :p) but, y'know, life constantly seems intent on stabbing you in the back the moment you take your eyes off it for a second or two. :p

    So without going into great detail - I love it!

    Ok, maybe that's a bit too minimalistic! :sweat: The obligatory Felix Ramble/probe into his psyhce was wonderfully flippant and near-offensive as always. I can't blame him for being irrate though, if my psyche was that red raw from all the probing - I doubt I'd have much time for the slobbering masses known as fiction readers either!

    As for the chapter it's self - It's really very wonderfully domestic in a way, which is a nice step back from the epic build up to the epic finale, and good at portraying Felix as a human being. Which, of course, you've been doing throughout, but who hasn't gone to a bar and recieved... Unwelcome attention? Well, if it was initially unwelcome is, of course, debatable - But the point still stands. It's just so intriging to see that the Academy's internal politics are so deep rooted that they even apply to who you sleep with... But hey, that's villains for you! Always ones to hold a grudge!

    I got a kick out of Miss White, mainly because she reminded me of some of my lecturers... Not in that they'd sleep or flirt with you, just that kind of alien friendliness that didn't really exist in schools. It's nice to see that even in the academy, even the staff are portrayed as humans - And not some form of untouchable, unsociable freaks/pillars of wisdom you will never understand! In reply to her little rant though... All I can say is, you've been reading Watchmen! :D

    Aside from all that... One of the best descriptions of a public toilet I've ever seen! And can you remind me who Mr. David is? It's... Um... been awhile. :anime:
  2. Matt A

    Matt A Smile. Or Else.

    Oct 15, 2004
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    Now that's a mixed metaphor.;)

    But still, I get what you mean. There are times when life just keeps on happening to you: the last eighteen months have been pretty much non-stop Life for me, and I really wish it would leave me alone for a while.:sad:

    You know, I'd considered his opening ramble to be more flippant than rude, but nonetheless, I still get your point. Part of this story's modus operandi is that it doesn't conform to traditional notions of "good writing", and that definitely includes Felix's narration style: rampant, unchecked metafictionality is often discouraged, but more importantly here, so is being unpleasant to the reader. Felix is completely aware of our existence, regards us as real people rather than an imaginary audience, and so treats us the same way he treats everyone else...so he isn't always patient or nice.;)

    Which was, in the decidedly vague way I planned this chapter (and many others), pretty much the idea. Felix attracts trouble like pollen attracts bees, and I thought it would be amusing to show some trouble that isn't inherently superhero/villain related. Or, to use your own words, the idea was to show him applying his think-on-the-run mentality to a more domestic dilemma. Well, something like that, anyway.


    But more seriously...the Academy owes a lot to the university lifestyle, a big part of which is maze-like social politics. I try to keep on the outside of it all, so I find it deeply amusing to watch the ever-changing alliances, feuds and tactically-deployed anecdotes. It's just like being in school, only a little worse, 'cause hardly anyone realises we're supposed to be above all that crap. But then again, I wouldn't have such a good story if I didn't, so I guess I can't be ungrateful.;)

    That's the other big thing about university: your lecturers are human beings, and you can relate to them as such (of course, you already know this, but never mind). Like the other night, when one of my friends spent the evening playing poker with a Philosophy lecturer. I can't imagine doing that back in school.;) Either way, I wanted to capture some of that atmosphere, and then drag it to its logical conclusion: Miss White and Mr David, lecturers who play the game of Social Politik even better than their students.:evil:

    Damn right I have.:D After all, it's a graphic novel about how all superheroes are screw-ups, made twenty years before I tired to make the same point with the Omega Force. Like I wasn't going to nod to it.;)

    Thank you.:D

    That's one of the little details I was rather fond of. I'm not sure what it says about male hygiene standards, but every single guy's public lavvy I've ever seen is just plain disgusting. Also, I've been in far too many pubs/bars recently.:sweat:

    Unfortunately, yes it has.:sad: He's the Fighting Skills lecturer, and the least used out of all my characters. If you want to refresh your memory, he has a scene in Lost Chapter A, and gets mentioned in Chapters Nine and Eleven.

    -Matt A-

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