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The Ant & the Squirrel (Hanna-Barbera fan-fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    In 1995, Archie Comics had the license to produce comics based on various Hanna-Barbera properties (i.e. Scooby-Doo, Flintstones, Wacky Races, etc.). This lasted a little more than a year before the line was scrapped, and DC picked up the license in 1997, which is still active, 17 years later, though focusing mostly on Scooby.

    One of the first H-B comics from Archie presented a once in a lifetime meeting of two comedy heroes who actually shared a 1 hour block on NBC from 1965-7---Atom Ant & Secret Squirrel. Two years prior, H-B introduced the next generation of Secret Squirrel, but didn't get to the official passing of the torch, in a backup segment on 2 Stupid Dogs. Not long ago, we met this generation's Atom Ant, and now, it's time for another once in a lifetime meeting.

    All characters, save for ones I've created, are copyright Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros..
    Chapter 1:

    At the InterSpecies Intelligence Service (ISIS), the Chief has sent for his most trusted agent, Agent 0000.1---also known as Secret Squirrel, who arrives, predictably, in the most convoluted fashion possible, through a removable tile in the ceiling.

    "Secret Squirrel reporting for duty as ordered, sir.", the agent said, saluting the Chief, a yak.

    "Oh, you are so much more professional than your uncle was, Secret.", the Chief replied. "To cut right to business, Goldflipper has escaped from custody, and is headed for a most unlikely place, at least for him."

    "Maybe not so unlikely.", Secret answered, "If it's Sea World."

    "Smashing! Do you really believe he'll hole up there?"

    "Absolutely. Millions of humans won't know an international fugitive is in their midst."

    Just then, Morocco Mole entered the office, having overheard the conversation.

    "Sorry to interrupt.", he said, "But there are two Sea Worlds where Goldflipper could be headed. One in San Diego, the other in Miami."

    "It would be in Miami, then, Morocco.", Secret replied. "It's close enough to Goldflipper's former island headquarters."
    Ah, but it's not Sea World at all. Instead, Goldflipper has taken up residence in a most unusual venue.

    "Your request was received within an hour of your departure from ISIS prison.", Dr. Sergius McFadden said. "Everything is ready."

    "Good, good!", Goldflipper exclaimed. "The sooner we get on with this, the better. I have much work to do to get even with that accursed Secret Squirrel!"

    McFadden activated a device on the table, and a beam of light enveloped Goldflipper. Within seconds, the master criminal was gone, and in his place was a human of similar size, a bald man dressed in yellow, including his 3-piece suit. He quickly admired himself in the mirror.

    "Excellent work, doctor!!", he exclaimed. "Goldflipper was just a convienent disguise that served me well for years, but now, after hiding amidst the animal kingdom, it is time for Yellow Pinkie to become master of the underworld!!!"
    Three weeks later, at a charity softball game in Washington, Yellow Pinkie made his first move, robbing the box office of the gate receipts, and a giant, gold plated diamond shaped like a softball. It was some 25 feet high, weighing 1 1/2 tons. The aptly named Softball Diamond was airlifted out of the stadium, and caught the attention of one interested observer, Army Intelligence investigator Allison Powers.

    "So, the rumors were true.", she thought to herself. "Yellow Pinkie has come out of retirement, behaving as if he'd never left."

    Allison reached into her purse and pulled out a small, clear plastic box containing a brown termite named Chester, who was getting hungry and excited at the same time.

    "Dinner time already, Ali?", he asked.

    "No. We have work to do, Chet. Let's go.", Allison replied.

    Seconds later, Allison ducked into an empty ladies room, and hid her purse and duffel bag, containing her outer clothes, in a loose tile on the floor. Dressed in a red leotard and flesh colored tights, she pulled up a crimson hood over her head as Chester waited on one of the sinks. Allison extended her arms on either side.

    "It's been a while, Chet, so bear with me.", she said. "Up and At'em, Atom Ant!!!"

    Seconds later, five bands of atomic energy encircled the sleuth, transforming her into Atom Ant, who promptly shrank to insect size.

    "How are we going to follow them, AA?", Chester asked.

    "Easy. That diamond will drag them down. Let's hustle."

    The two insects flew through an open window and ventured out into the night sky, but......

    "That's impossible! They're gone!", Atom cried.

    "This was supposed to be easy, huh?", Chester replied.

    "I underestimated our new enemy. Maybe atomic vision will pick up Yellow Pinkie's trail."

    Adjusting the visor on her helmet, Atom Ant used a spectrascope to pick up Yellow Pinkie's tracks, but there was another surprise.

    "He's tricked us, using multiple images to throw us off the trail. We'll never catch him now, because once we get through the holograms, he'll be far away."

    "Not if we just ignore the holos.", Chester replied. "Might as well keep the visor and the atomic vision in play."

    "Good idea, Chet."
    Ok, so Allison has become Atom Ant again. How that happened, and how she was able to train a termite to become her partner, will be part of chapter 2. As for Secret & Morocco, keep reading.
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  2. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    At ISIS HQ, the Chief had been briefed on what had happened. Secret and Morocco had been called within seconds, and this time, arrived through normal means. Upon learning of Goldflipper's disappearance and the emergence of Yellow Pinkie, Secret was taken aback.

    "I thought he was dead.", she said. "Pinkie disappeared and was presumed dead some years ago!"

    "So it was assumed.", the Chief replied. "He was your uncle's greatest enemy, and there were suspicions about Goldflipper's familiarity with Morocco and your uncle."

    "Intel has traced Goldflipper to a Dr. McFadden.", Morocco said. "Goldflipper never left the building, but Yellow Pinkie was seen leaving in a limo on the other side."

    "McFadden has worked with a number of criminals, helping them into hiding.", The Chief added. "This might explain one important detail."

    "And that is?", Secret asked.

    "That Goldflipper & Yellow Pinkie are one and the same."

    A short while later, Secret & Morocco returned to their base. Secret was a second generation agent, the niece of the original. Morocco, though still vital and youthful looking, was actually much older. He'd been retired from field duty, but felt an obligation to the original Secret to look after his niece, Penny, who was now Secret Squirrel, right down to a modified mask, trenchcoat, and hat. She ducked into her bedroom, and re-emerged out of uniform, wearing a modest summer dress. Penny had a date that she had to keep.

    "This won't be long, Morocco.", she said. "It's just dinner. I should be back within the next 2 hours."

    "The Chief won't like it.", Morocco said, "But you do have a life to lead outside this business."
    Meanwhile, Yellow Pinkie was gloating over the fact that his new cloaking device and holographic projectors had enabled him to elude Atom Ant.

    "If that atomic bug couldn't find me, neither can Secret Squirrel.", he boasted.

    "Boss, I found our next target.", a henchman, Carmody, said, holding a newspaper.

    "King Sarducci of Hannavakia is coming with his crown jewels.", Pinkie read. "Perfect! Are the portable cloaking devices ready, Carmody?"

    "Yes, sir. They were ready this morning."

    "Splendid! We'll intercept the king at the airport tonight!"
    At Powers Investigations, Allison had also read the newspaper article.

    "Yellow Pinkie is a master jewel thief, and King Sarducci's crown jewels would be a tempting target.", she thought. "He'll be expecting Atom Ant to come after him again, but she won't. Not right away."
    Later, Penny and her date, Sylvester, a gopher, had left the restaurant when Morocco pulled up in an unmarked car. Penny quickly recognized that Secret Squirrel was needed again.

    "I'm sorry, Sly, honey, but I do have a curfew. We'll have to pick this up another time.", she cooed.

    "Fair enough, milady Penny.", Sylvester said, kissing her on the cheek. "You'll call me?"

    "After I get home."

    Minutes later, behind the tinted windows, Penny shed her dress, and donned the familiar rainment of Secret Squirrel, augumented now with a bronze leotard under her trenchcoat.

    "What's the emergency, Morocco?", she asked.

    "Yellow Pinkie's been spotted near the airport. The Chief sent an all-points bulletin to all agents in the area and to all law enforcement agencies. He's going after King Sarducci and his crown jewels.", Morocco replied.

    "Then we'd better hurry. I'll see you at the airport, Morocco."

    Secret pressed a button, which opened the trunk, revealing a souped-up motorcycle. Climbing aboard, she roared off to the airport, unaware of what awaits.

    And what awaits? Well, that would be telling, wouldn't it? Can't spoil the next chapter too much.
  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 3:

    At the airport, King Sarducci and his staff arrived under heavy guard. Suddenly, the guards were being thrashed about by seemingly invisible wraiths. In truth, it was Yellow Pinkie and his henchmen, who quickly disarmed and dispatched the guards. Pinkie himself locked on a sleeper hold he learned from watching pro wrestling on television, and relieved the King of the crown jewels.

    "We have what we came for!", he shouted. "We're out of here!"

    "Not so fast, Yellow Pinkie! Game's over!"

    Secret Squirrel had placed an infra-red visor over her mask, enabling her to see through the cloaking device. She set her cycle on auto-drive and dove into two of the guards, wiping them out with quick kicks. Meanwhile, Allison had seen what had happened to King Sarducci, and saw Secret battling "invisible" men.

    "Hmmmm. So Secret Squirrel is a woman now, too.", she thought. "My, how times have changed. I think she just gave Atom Ant an idea on how to fight these wraiths."

    Allison ducked into a nearby ladies room. Seconds later, Atom Ant emerged, flying at super speed. She tapped a button on her helmet, revealing infra-red sensors of her own.

    "If I didn't know any better, I'd think she got her tech from the same place I did.", she thought. "Better give Secret a helping hand."

    Within seconds, the henchmen had been beaten down, but Yellow Pinkie made good his escape aboard his helicopter. A short time later, introductions were made, and Secret was in disbelief, learning that her uncle's former ally had passed on his mantle to a female. Allison thought better of revealing her secret identity, passing herself off instead as an ordinary female ant. Soon, Morocco arrived on the scene, missing all the action. Or so it seemed.

    "Yellow Pinkie made off with the crown jewels, Morocco!", Secret cried, before introducing the new generation Atom.

    "We have ISIS agents tracking his every move, Secret.", Morocco replied. "We'll catch up with him."

    On command, Secret's motorcycle returned to its mistress, and the three returned to ISIS HQ. The Chief, surprisingly, was aware of Atom's dual identity. With some reluctance, Allison reverted to her human form.

    "You see, Ms. Powers, at ISIS, we're keenly aware of the passing of our good friend and ally, Atom Ant, a few years back, and knew he'd passed his powers on to you, a common human. We knew that one day, we would meet. I'm comforted in knowing you're on our side.", he said.

    "But I thought this agency didn't really exist.", Allison replied.

    "That's the whole idea.", Morocco said. "ISIS was born when the International Sneaky Service, my former employers, had disbanded in the late 80's. I, like you, was accustomed to working with humans. ISIS is a covert government agency that tracks evil of all walks of life, be it humans, such as Yellow Pinkie, or animals, be they marine or mammals. The human government agencies let us do all the dirty work that's necessary."

    "Your predecessor was a valiant emissary of justice.", The Chief continued. "We knew that, eventually, our paths would cross, and that a shape-changer such as yourself would be best suited to work for ISIS, rather than any other government agency."

    "You'd also be our insider in the military if you join us.", Morocco added, "Since we know about your family link to the Army."

    "When you put it that way,", Allison replied, "sign me up."
    Meanwhile, Yellow Pinkie was putting the stolen jewels to use for his own nefarious means. Particularly, a beam similar to the one used on him by Dr. McFadden to restore him to human form.

    "Goldflipper is no more.", he said to himself, gloating. "And, soon, ISIS, including that accursed Secret Squirrel, will also cease to exist as we know it!"
    Uh-oh! Atom has just joined ISIS, but only to put herself in danger? Don't miss the next chapter.
  4. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 4:

    Two months passed before word reached ISIS HQ of Yellow Pinkie's next move.

    "As strange as it sounds, Yellow Pinkie has invaded the Central Park Zoo in New York, armed with some sort of ray gun. I don't need to tell you the importance of this mission.", The Chief said.

    "Then, we're on our way.", Secret replied as she & Morocco left.

    "Wait, Secret!", Atom said. "This has trap written all over it!"

    "And how would you know?", The Chief asked.

    "Yellow Pinkie had been Goldflipper. He's using the stolen jewels to create a similar ray of his own, meant to turn animals into humans. He intends to do that to Secret & Morocco!"

    "Then get going! If you're right, they'll need your help!"

    In a heartbeat, Atom had caught up to the Secretmobile, which was halfway to the zoo. Using her super strength, she lifted the car and parked it several blocks shy of the zoo.

    "What are you doing, Atom?", Morocco inquired.

    "I tried to tell you. It's a trap. Yellow Pinkie thinks he can eliminate the two of you by turning you human.", Atom replied.

    "So.....how do we stop him?", Secret asked.

    "Atom Ant needs to take a little break. As Allison Powers, I can enter the zoo, and Pinkie won't know what hit him until it's too late. You two keep your distance. I'll send a courier for you when it's time. You just have to trust me."
    A short time later, Allison entered the zoo. She recognized one of Yellow Pinkie's guards from her infra-red scans at the airport.

    "He has a cloaking device in hand. Perfect. That's just what I need.", she thought to herself.

    The guard had fallen asleep while on duty, and Allison confiscated the cloaking device. An electronics major in college, she figured out the controls, and reconfigured the device so it would work for her. Seconds later, the detective had disappeared, turning invisible, while leaving the guard bound near a hollow tree. Meanwhile, Yellow Pinkie was preparing the species-changing beam for use on Secret Squirrel........and Atom Ant.

    "Once this beam hits those two meddlers, they'll be out of my hair forever!", he laughed. Pinkie left the room to get lunch, and left the beam unguarded. Allison crept in through the window, and removed the jewels from their housing in the gun, substituting some ordinary gumballs she bought from a vending machine nearby.

    "Now for the acid test.", Allison thought to herself. She left the room, and headed back toward the main part of the zoo. After deactivating the cloaking device, she then brought Chester, her termite partner, out of his case.

    "You know what to do, pal.", she said. "Tell Secret it's go time!"

    "I'm gone, girlfriend.", Chester chuckled as he flew away.

    Minutes later, Secret & Morocco finally reached the zoo with Chester. Yellow Pinkie was waiting for them, but had no idea of what was about to happen.

    "It's your finish, Secret Squirrel!", he declared as he prepared the ray gun. However, nothing came out of the gun.

    "What? The jewels couldn't have failed."

    Pinkie then checked the case where he hid the jewels, and found the gumballs instead.

    "I've been tricked! The jewels are gone!"

    "That's right, chubbins, and you're the next to go. In your case, it's back to jail!", Secret replied as she fired a grapple from her gun. Pinkie avoided the rope, but couldn't avoid the on-rushing Atom Ant, who delivered an atomically charged punch right to the jaw. Yellow Pinkie dropped to the floor, unconscious.

    "Perfect timing, Atom.", Morocco said as he tied up Pinkie. "Good job!"

    "Thanks, Morocco. Now, you see why I asked you to hold back?"

    "We do.", Secret replied. "We certainly do."
    Yellow Pinkie and his henchmen were sent back to prison, and the jewels returned to King Sarducci. A few days later, at ISIS HQ, Secret & Atom met over lunch.

    "Just between us, Atom,", she said, "what do you think I'd look like as a human?"

    "Hmmm. Probably a very, very attractive young woman, maybe my age or younger. Shoot, I could use having a kid sister."

    They both laughed, knowing that the means for turning Secret into a human were gone.

    The end.
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