The Adventures Of Crash Tucker

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    This is a new project that's coming up, but I can't find any information on where or when it's going to air.

    Hey Matt, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Tell us all about Crash Tucker. What is your role on the project and where did the idea for it come from?
    The Adventures of Crash Tucker was spawned from my love of Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy. I have always been a huge fan. It’s truly a love that will never die. I have many roles on Crash, but “Creator†is the one I’m proudest of.
    With Crash I wanted to meld the vintage Sci-fi adventure serials (Buster Crabbe era Flash Gordon/ Buck Rogers) with a modern day approach to humor, cynicism and sarcasm (think shows like Ventures Bros and Archer). At its beginning stages, before it had a title, I referred to it as “Fletch Gordonâ€.

    Moron Life » Crash Course for Matt Eskew

    I only found out about it because it stars one of my lamentably lost hosts of Mythbusters Kari Byron.


    As you can see she looks like her character, or her character looks like her:p. Her name: Helena Handbasket:D

    Joel Hebner is Crash Tucker.


    The Adventures of Crash Tucker

    I almost put this thread in the Disney forum because one of their Facebook posts said that they tracked their dialogue at Disney Animation.



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