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The 40 year old grudge (Archie-Sabrina fan-fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    This time around, we're incorporating elements from the Teen Scene Investigations (TSI) era of the short lived Archie's Mysteries comics and a specific supporting character from Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (1996-2003) into our next story. As per normal, aside from incidentals created for this story, all characters are copyright Archie Comics/Viacom/CBS-Paramount.

    Chapter 1:

    February 1973:

    Crosstown High was closing in on their 5th straight Colonial Alliance title. With 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, they led Riverdale by 5 points. Team captain Adam Murphy was content with forcing Riverdale to foul in order to try to cut the deficit.

    Ron Mantle had other ideas. The senior forward stole an entry pass and laid it in to cut the gap to 3. Another entry pass was intercepted by Moses Clark, whose three-point play tied the game with under 90 seconds to go. Frantic, Crosstown Coach Ben Summerfield called timeout. That didn't help. Clark made another steal, and fed Charles Thomas for the game-winning jumper with 10 seconds left. A Crosstown foul iced the game. Riverdale's upset win, coupled with Clark Corners beating Berkshire High, gave Clark Corners their first league title, as Clark Corners had swept Crosstown in head-to-head matchups.

    The ramnifications were swift, harsh, and fatal.

    Two days after the game, coach Summerfield was gunned down in a grocery store parking lot by a hooded gunman who told his victim, "you have a price to pay for failure". That price was the coach's life.

    A week later, Moses Clark was beaten to death, with his girlfriend, Summer Madison, forced to watch, by six masked men in the same parking lot. By the time store security arrived, Madison was thrown to the blacktop, sobbing.

    Crosstown principal Stephen Corday and then-Riverdale principal Hal Fleischer both recognized what laid beneath the murders. There was an underground gambling ring operating in the city, focused on high school action. Crosstown was favored by 20, and flushed a 24 point halftime lead, losing by 4. Clark's death came at the start of winter recess, right before a sectional rematch between the two schools, who'd won their first round games. With heavy hearts, they played that game, two days after Clark's funeral, with players on both teams wearing black armbands. Crosstown won the rubber match, 66-65, but was eliminated in the championship game.

    A month after losing the title game, Corday, serving as acting coach after Summerfield's death, received death threats of his own. He contacted police, who couldn't find the caller or the killers. Four months later, Corday resigned and relocated to Arizona with his wife. Assistant Tom Hanlon was appointed to be the new coach. Life went on, and Crosstown went back to the business of winning league titles. However, there was always the threat of more violence if they lost another game to Riverdale. It seemed the gamblers never considered Riverdale to be in the same class.............

    February 12, 2013:

    The traditional Riverdale-Crosstown regular season finale was played at Riverdale City College, a neutral site due to an overflow crowd. This time, the two schools were tied atop the Colonial Alliance standings, with Riverdale having won the first meeting on December 14, 87-83 in overtime. It looked like it was deja vu in the 4th quarter.

    Crosstown was up 6 with 2 minutes left. Chuck Clayton, the coach's son, hits a 3 pointer to halve the lead. Andy Braddock's entry pass is intercepted by Roger Vickers, who'd transferred to Riverdale at the start of the 2011-12 season. Vickers finds Clayton in the corner. A 3 point shot rims out, but Archie Andrews, of all people, cleans up the rebound and tips it home to trim the lead to 1. 45 seconds left. Dan Braddock, Crosstown's coach, calls timeout. His son, Andy, has to come out of the game with a sprained ankle. His other son, Marc, is injured, having suffered a torn ACL in his left knee in the home opener on December 11. Again, the timeout avails naught. Andrews hits Vickers with an alley-oop pass for the game winner, and Riverdale sweeps the season series for the first time in school history.

    After the game, a group of men tried to tip over the Riverdale team bus, angered over the result. However, Superteen, a member of the United Three, intercepted the mob, and drew their attention, right into the arms of the police. As the masked maiden flew away, Lt. Nelson Pierce had a satisfied smile on his face.

    "We'd gotten a tip that there was a new numbers racket in town on high school hoops.", he said, "And wouldn't you know, you made our job easier."

    Crosstown, having won 8 in a row after losing to Riverdale the first time, was favored by 15 by the underground bookies. Again, there was the threat of collateral damage.

    2 days later, three masked men approached the Braddock house, guns drawn. One knocked on the door, and raised his gun. The door opened, revealing---surprise, surprise---Mighty Moose, another of Riverdale's secret defenders. He turned the guns into twisted metal and plastic, and clocked the three men before they could mount a defense.

    "Holy Hannah!", Marc Braddock exclaimed. "Looks like you were right about a possible attack!"

    "I didn't do the research, but Superteen did, and she said I had to be here.", Mighty Moose replied as Andy Braddock called the police. "Looks like she made the right call."

    Allan Colbert, Mickey Colson, and Dennis Shear were arrested and charged with menacing and harrassement, as well as possession of illegal firearms. Worse, some of the booking sheets were in Shear's possession, giving the police their first lead in locating the gambling ring.

    However, once again, the gamblers went deeper into ground, and the betting was suspended. Again.

    February 11, 2014:

    Amid threats of violence after the two teams split two early meetings, including Riverdale beating Crosstown to win their own Thanksgiving tournament, with Crosstown returning the favor and snapping a 3 game losing streak two weeks later, Riverdale City College hosted the annual season finale for the 2nd straight year.

    It was appearing to be another repeat, only this time it was Crosstown needing to rally, down 3 with 2:45 left. Marc Braddock tied it with a 3 pointer with 90 seconds left, then stole an entry pass to put Crosstown up by 2. Crosstown applied a full court press, but Vickers hit a 3 pointer to put Riverdale back up by 1. 25 seconds remained, and coach Harry Clayton called timeout. Now, it was Riverdale with the full court press. Vickers made a steal, then set for another three pointer. As the ball left his hands, a shot rang out from the bleachers. The ball went through the basket as time expired, but Vickers collapsed on the court. A collective gasp rose from the crowd, as players from both teams converged on the scene. EMTs were on the court in seconds, and Vickers was taken to the hospital, clutching his ribs, right where the bullet struck. Twin sister Regina, a cheerleader, left in the ambulance with her brother and Coach Clayton.

    "He'll live, and he can walk. The bullet went through his rib cage, but didn't cut into his spinal cord.", Dr. Aubrey McNally said later that night. "He probably won't play again this season."

    "He's a senior, same as his sister.", Chuck Clayton said. "This meant everything to him."

    "But who would do such a thing?", Regina cried.

    "Same guys that tried to kill my father and me a year ago.", Marc Braddock said as he and Andy entered the emergency room. "This means the gamblers took another bath."

    "And when the cops come after them, they'll run and hide like they did before.", Regina fumed. "They think they can decide who wins games. It should be left to the players on the court, just as it was tonight."

    "I agree.", Marc replied. "They're leeching off both teams, and they have a particular dislike for Riverdale. Don't know why, but that's just how it is."

    "What I can't figure", Coach Clayton put in, "is how they got the rifle into the building, through security."

    "I understand TSI is looking into that, dad.", Chuck said.
    Meanwhile, Archie, along with Reggie Mantle, had gone to the locker room after Roger Vickers had been taken to the hospital, changed into their street clothes, and, with the permission of the police and RCC officials, stayed on with cheerleaders Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge to investigate. Reggie had talked his way into acquiring the security tape, hoping to find the identity of the shooter and how he got the rifle into the building.

    "I hate to say it, but I can't believe this is really happening, 41 years after my grandfather had a hand in Riverdale beating Crosstown to cost them the league title.", Reggie said. "None of this should be happening at all."

    "If we can find the person behind this, Reg, and get to the roots of the gambling ring that's been around since the 70's, this will all finally come to an end.", Archie replied. "I think Dilton needs to see the tape in the morning."
    The next day, at Riverdale High, boy scientist Dilton Doiley and assistant principal Thomas Kraft examined the tape with the rest of the TSI team. Principal Waldo Weatherbee was out of town and would remain so, as a snowstorm was headed for Riverdale, which would conceivably wipe out TSI's chances of finding the shooter before the playoffs begin. However, in another part of town, there were some very concerned men meeting at an undisclosed location.

    "Vickers'll live.", a man said. "I only intended to scare the kid, not try to kill him."

    "Oh? Those kids have the security tapes. They can identify you, and we can't have that.", a second man said. "You've become expendable."

    "Wait a minute, man. I was out of there before the cops arrived. They'd never be able to find me on that tape."

    "Don't be so sure."

    The next morning, Dennis Shear's body was found in a dumpster not far from Crosstown High. Collateral damage taken again.
    So how does Sabrina fit into all this? You'll see in chapter 2.
    #1 hobbyfan, Feb 16, 2014
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  2. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    Classes went on as scheduled, without incident. However, at the end of the day, a man stood across the street from the Riverdale campus, carrying a burlap bag and wearing a backpack. Inside, Regina was getting ready to head for the hospital, as Roger was being discharged. She met Sabrina Spellman and her boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle, near the door.

    "Regina, it's not safe to go out there alone.", Sabrina suggested. "Why not leave the car here, and let Harvey take you to the hospital?"

    "Oh? I appreciate the support and the sentiment, Sabrina, but I'm perfectly fine.", Regina replied.

    "See that guy across the road?", Harvey asked.

    "What about----! Oh, snap! You don't suppose he's here for me?"

    "I'm afraid so.", Sabrina replied. "Apparently, whomever shot Roger feels the need to do something with you to send a message. I've got an idea, though, on how we can thwart that."

    Minutes later, Regina, wearing a red snowsuit and a black lycra mask, walked out to the parking lot with Harvey. The mask & snowsuit actually belonged to Sabrina, who let Regina borrow them for the occasion to protect herself. The deception worked, and the would-be kidnapper, Frazier Thorne, left the campus about an hour later, frustrated.

    After cheerleading practice, Sabrina left on the team bus, having walked to school that morning. When she made it home, her Aunt Hilda had a message for her.

    "Harvey called from the hospital about an hour ago.", she said. "He & Regina made it without incident, and that she would pick up her car at school in the morning. I guess you loaned her your snowsuit & ski mask?"

    "Yes, for an emergency.", Sabrina replied. She filled Hilda in on the case. "Right now, I should be headed off to work."

    "I'm afraid that's a no-go."


    "Barbara called right after Harvey did. They had to close the store after someone called in a bomb threat. I guess that's because you, Betty, Regina, & Veronica are all supposed to be on duty this evening?"

    "Exactly. So they know where to find us. That makes this even more of a chess game."
    Chief Robert Bolling & Lt. Pierce checked New Dimensions Fashions from top to bottom, and found nothing.

    "Seems like they targeted the four cheerleaders who work here.", Pierce said. "I don't want to have to advise keeping them home after school, Doc, but this is getting to be plenty dangerous."

    "I realize that.", Barbara Schubert replied. "Regina wasn't coming in today, anyway, as I gave her the day off after what happened last night. I just hope those men are found and locked up."

    "I agree.", Bolling replied. "Problem is, every time we get close, they run and hide like roaches."

    Riverdale & Crosstown High Schools ended classes early the next day due to the snow. As a precaution for safety reasons, Barbara closed the store at 2, and sent her employees home. She then texted Sabrina, Betty, Regina, & Veronica, giving them another night off. Meanwhile, Frazier Thorne made his move, and approached Regina as she returned home.

    "Don't even bother getting out of the car.", he said. "We're going for a little ride."

    "In this storm? Are you crazy?", Regina cried.

    "Do as I tell you, and you won't get hurt. Open this door!"

    "I've got a better idea.", said a voice. "Make like the wind and blow!"

    Thorne turned, and walked right into a right hand from Mighty Moose, who'd followed Regina home as a precaution. Lt. Pierce arrived minutes later and took Thorne into custody.
    Schools were closed the next day, wiping out the annual Valentine's Day dance at Riverdale, or, at least, postponing it until Sunday. On that morning, at an emergency meeting of the Board of Education, Board President Joseph DiMarco addressed the issue at hand.

    "I don't believe we should hold the dance tonight at all.", he said. "Too many kids will be imperiled on the roads and at the school gym. Too much collateral damage after what has happened this week."

    "And how would you know about collateral damage, Mr. DiMarco?", Mr. Kraft asked. "Aside from one of our kids getting shot, no one has been hurt. The gamblers have eliminated their own to keep them from talking to the police."

    "Ah, yes, Mr. Shear.", DiMarco replied, rubbing his chin. "A pity about him, no? Should've shot to kill."

    A collective gasp went up in the meeting room. It was known that DiMarco was a Crosstown graduate, but the venom in his voice spoke volumes.

    ""Crosstown has always been better than Riverdale at everything.", he continued. "The losses the last two seasons were aberrations, flukes, quirks."

    "What about the fact that Crosstown had to give back league & sectional titles in football & basketball from 1967-70 due to rampant on-field cheating, Mr. DiMarco? And the fact that those who spoke up and reported the bookies who were trespassing on campus to rig those games all suffered reprisals that went unpunished?"

    The voice belonged to Mr. Weatherbee, who had just returned from an administrative conference in South Carolina and had been briefed by Kraft.

    "It was only after that scandal died down that Crosstown began to regain its lost glory & respect. Our schools had been at peace for 40 years before the incidents last season and this. Someone had to have warned the gamblers that the law was closing in, and used his position to protect them from prosecution, hindering the law."

    "Are you accusing me, Weatherbee? If you are, you & Kraft can pack your bags in the morning, because I'll fire you both right here & now!"

    At that moment, a handful of gunmen entered the room, guns drawn. Weatherbee looked around. He knew he'd forced DiMarco's hand. Now, however, was when he needed backup.
    I don't really need to tell you to come back for the conclusion, do I?
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  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 3:

    "I hold all the cards here, Weatherbee. As President of the school board, I can remove you from office if need be.", DIMarco continued. "I'll give you a chance to recant your slanderous statement here & now."

    "Don't even bother, Waldo.", Hiram Lodge said. "The police have already been contacted."

    "A waste of time, Lodge.", DiMarco sneered. "It wasn't until after your term as president ended that I was actually allowed to come home from exile."

    "If by exile you mean prison, DiMarco, I'd say they'll have your old cell waiting for you when you get back there in a few hours."
    Meanwhile, Archie had also been texted on the matter, by Veronica, who was at the meeting with her father.

    "She says the police have been called, but that Mr. DiMarco, the president of the school board, has gone off the deep end.", he told Reggie, as the two were digging through the Gazette's archives, searching for clues. Reggie, in fact, had found something.

    "To be honest, Arch, I think the guy was a few fries short of a happy meal from the start.", he said. "Take a gander at this!"

    "It says here that DiMarco was an assistant coach on the Crosstown basketball team back in '73.", Archie said. "When Ben Summerfield was murdered, DiMarco assumed he'd be the next coach, but the school's board of trustees fired him instead, after they found betting sheets in his office at school."

    "Then DiMarco was betting on his own team, nearly 20 years before Pete Rose was busted for betting on baseball.", Reggie replied. "That explains his hate for our school. He invested too much of his own money by gambling, and lost his shirt when Riverdale upset Crosstown in February '73."

    "Right as rain, Reg. We haven't a moment to lose."
    Meanwhile, Superteen had reached the public library, where the meeting was held, accompanied by Captain Hero, Mighty Moose, and Mystyk, Riverdale's newest crusader, attired in a blue bodysuit & mask.

    "Is Pureheart joining us here?", Captain Hero asked.

    "No, he's working this case from a different angle.", Superteen replied. "You all know what to do."

    The four dispersed, and covered all 4 entrances to the building. Mystyk's very appearance drew the attention of the two guards posted at the back entrance, who were then sent flying into a dumpster nearby with a telepathic bolt. Mighty Moose & Captain Hero cleared their stations. Superteen did the same, except she needed some help, which Archie & Reggie provided upon arrival. Within minutes, the guards had all been rounded up and left for the police to find.

    "You boys go on inside.", Superteen said. "We'll provide the backup."

    "We're on it.", Reggie said as the boys headed back to the front entrance. There, Kraft met them halfway to the board room.

    "Where are the police?", he asked.

    "They should be here by now.", Reggie assured him. "They had to pick up the garbage collected in the back."

    Inside, DiMarco acted as if he'd won after all.

    "I'm sure we now understand each other, gentlemen.", he said. "All that's needed now is for Riverdale to withdraw from the basketball sectionals, and......."

    "That's not going to happen, Mr. DiMarco.", Archie said. "Instead, it's all over for you."

    DiMarco looked around, and found that his guards were gone, replaced by the police, and Superteen.

    "We did plenty of digging, once we knew where to look.", Reggie said. "Your high-priced lawyers got you off with probation after greasing a few palms in the right places, so you went deeper into ground and ran your operation from home until you felt the time was right to return, which was last year. Once we figured the pattern, the rest was easy."

    "Oh, you think so?", DiMarco smirked. "You have no evidence to tie me to any of this."

    "Actually, we do, DiMarco.", Lt. Pierce said. "A couple of your old pals talked back there, and told us everything. You're under arrest!"

    DiMarco and his goons were taken to jail. Mickey Colson confessed, as did Frazier Thorne, that DiMarco had made promises to certain well-heeled friends "in New York, Miami, & Chicago" that he couldn't keep.

    The Valentine's dance, delayed two days due to weather, went off without a hitch, but the celebration started just after 10, when it was announced on the news that DiMarco had been dismissed from the school board after it'd come out that he'd bribed a few influential people on the board to bring him back. Reluctantly, Hiram Lodge was named interim president for the rest of the school year, a job he had to be talked into taking, by Veronica.

    "It's only for four months, dad.", she said. "They'll elect a new Board before the end of the season."

    "Just as well, dear child.", Hiram replied. "I'd need help with it this time, since it seems I need a 30 hour day."
    Classes resumed on February 24, but with it came the announcement that Tom Kraft was leaving to take the head principal's job at Greendale High for the 2nd time. Fletcher Sommers, who'd succeeded Kraft 10 years ago, was retiring, and Kraft would only be filling out the final 4 months of the season. Riverdale was eliminated from the basketball sectionals, so coach Clayton would act as Vice Principal for the rest of the season.

    At Pop's Place that afternoon, Forsythe "Jughead" Jones tended the counter, as he was now working part-time to pay off his seasonal debt, per an agreement between Pop Tate and Jug's parents. He showed off his new uniform for the gang, and took dinner orders. Amazingly, he didn't try to double as taste tester.

    "I'm virtually working for free until the summer.", he said.

    "See what happens when you leave your money at home?", Reggie teased.

    "A lesson that will be hard to remember.", Jughead admitted. "But it's the fringe benefits that interest me more."

    Over at New Dimensions Fashions, Regina was saying goodbye as well. Having been hired a month earlier to replace Midge Klump, who'd moved to Kress' Department Store, where her mother was an assistant manager, Regina felt now she had to spend more time making sure her brother's rehab from his injuries went smoothly. After the twins graduate in June, the Vickers family is leaving Riverdale, while the twins enroll at Arizona State.

    "We're sorry to see you go so soon, Regina.", Barbara said, "But if you should change your mind, the door's always open."

    "Thanks, Barbara.", Regina replied, hugging her boss. "I'll miss this place after I leave town, but I will be back to shop before then."
    This concludes the first part of our "Tales of Riverdale" series, as we'll focus on some of the other kids in future stories.

    The end.
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