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Teen Titans Fan Fiction Teen Titans : The Lost Season

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by DeathscytheVII, May 26, 2005.

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  1. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
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    Hey all, i'm brand new here. Anyways i've tried writing on the shrine forums, but i find that i don't really get a lot of readers, unless i put some preferred shipping into it but i don't work that way :cool: . Since WF is such a big place, hopefully i can get some more feedback here.

    Also, i don't write long novel like fanfics, although i used to, i find that i can't concentrate on one idea for long. The thing i like about TT is that they manage to convey such an awesome story in 22 minutes, or one episode. So my fics are generally short. Ideas i like to use for episodes. Short and sweet :)

    :sweat: , i appreciate any tips, feedback and changes you can suggest for me to improve. Just to save time, i'll thank all of you in advance

    Here are the current ideas i'm working on, in chronological order. I may add more if i get some explosion of inspiration :D I'll put the first one up as soon as i do some finishing touches

    Episode 1. - The Adventures of Captain Mumbo! Or…Five ways to drown a kitten.

    Summer vacation has begun, Mumbo tries his hand at reform and gets a job as a magician aboard a cruise ship, entertaining crowds with his amazing tricks. However, he does not count on one passenger, a skeptical and spoiled kitten.

    Episode 2 - H.A.R.D.A.C
    Cyborg finds a new computer system in town, one that is guaranteed to remove any traces of error from any computer program. To test it out, Cyborg installs a service computer to handle all of the Titans’ needs. All goes well at first, until Cy decides to install it into the Tower Defense systems.

    Episode 3 - Reflection
    A confrontation with Doctor Light leaves Beast Boy incapacitated, and in a hospital bed. As Beast Boy deals with his injury, the team reminisces about their own personal experiences with their teammate.

    Episode 4 - East Meets West
    The H.I.V.E five decide to try and free their old headmaster, Brother Blood, who is locked up in steel city.

    Episode 5-Cursed
    Raven tries to put the past behind her, but someone isn’t making it easy for her

    Episode 6 - T.I.T.A.N.S
    A documentary crew arrives to film a typical day for the Teen Titans, but their very presence ensures that what they get is anything but normal.

    Episode 7 - Circuit Break
    Overload returns, with new and improved upgrades. To combat him, the titans turn to Fixit for a solution.

    Episode 8 - Showdown
    It isn't easy being a thief, especially when you have assassins, robot commandos, and one persistant boy wonder all wanting a piece of you.

    Episode 9 - Trial *
    Starfire and Val Yor are held on trial in an intergalactic court, accused of wiping out a race. While that is happening, a conspiracy threatens the galaxy.

    Episode 10 - Revenge of the Freak
    He couldn't defeat the titans in real life, or in the TV. So Control Freak decides to take it to the next level, by defeating the Titans in his very own Video Game World.

    Episode 11 - Integration Part 1 ('Season' finale)
    An old enemy of Cyborg's returns for some payback..

    Episode 12 - Integration Part 2 ('Season' finale)
    The Titans take part in one of their toughest fights yet, and Cyborg is forced to make a difficult choice: Save the city, or save his friend.

    Episode 13- The Tournament of Heroines
    What really happened after 'Winner take all'? Beast Boy begins to have doubts about the team making sure that Terra was ever coming back, Raven drops in and comforts him, she tells him a story, filling Beast Boy in on what happened during that time Terra, Starfire and Raven were stranded by the master of games.
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  2. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
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    The Amazing High Seas Adventures of Captain Mumbo! or.......Five ways to drown a Kitten.


    “AND NOW! For my next trick, I will make this ring disappear!” The gray-haired magician placed the ring on his palm and in a few twists of his hand, it vanished right in front of the woman’s eyes. Gasps were heard throughout the deck of the ship as the ring magically vanished.

    Then came the applause.

    “Thank you Thank you! You’ve been a lovely audience!” The Magician smiled, enjoying every second of it, this was his life, his profession, and he never dreamt of getting sick of show biz. He was grateful for this job, his second chance. He had received his parole, which had allowed him to get back to where he had started, back to earning a decent and honest living.

    Perhaps this was the best way after all.

    The magician then leaned towards the woman, whose ring was still missing.

    “Don’t worry madam, you’ll get your ring back, this is my third time doing this trick and I’ve lost what? Two rings?”

    The crowd burst into laughter, and a look of shock ran deep over the woman’s face, but without another snap of a finger, the ring appeared back in his hand. A look of relief poured onto her face.

    “Let’s give this lovely assistant a big hand!” The magician shouted, and already the members of the audience, mostly little kids, stood up and cheered. The magician smiled, delighted that his tricks were pleasing his audience…until…..

    “BORRRRING!” The voice of a little girl droned on in the corner, somehow droning out the applause that the magician was receiving. “You call that a trick? My grandma can do a better job. Come on! Let’s see some real magic! I know its all fake.” A girl shouted in a high annoying voice. The Magician turned his attention to the corner, where a young lady and her friends stood.

    The Magician was taken aback by this young lady, who did she think she is?

    “My young lady, you must be mistaken, this is all very real. Don’t you believe in magic?”

    “Pfft, yeah right.” The young girl stood up and walked up to the stage, and the magician suddenly realized that she wasn’t so ‘little’ at all. She wasn’t a child like the most of his audience, but a teenager, a rather spoiled looking one at that. Indeed, she looked even more spoiled with that dress of hers, not to mention her friends too.

    “I can see through all your tricks, I thought you were supposed to be entertaining me. I didn’t plan on spending any of my precious summer vacation being bored to death by an old moldy magician.” The young woman asserted herself quite quickly, climbing the stage and staring down the poor magician.

    “Please miss, there are children here, why can’t you just sit back and enjoy the show like everyone else is?”

    “Because it’s not real!” The lady screamed impatiently, and with a flick of her arm quickly stole the magician’s hat.

    “See? He’s hiding all the stuff in his hat!” And sure enough, with a few shakes, a flock of doves flew out. Soon afterward, the young lady pulled the Magician’s sleeves up, revealing a huge stash of hidden cards.

    “Who do you think you are?” The magician, feeling humiliated as the audience bursted out laughing, asked indignantly.

    “The name’s Kitten,” She said as if it was a boast. “and next time you decide to take up MY precious summer vacation time, try doing something entertaining for a change! Like drop your pants!”

    The crowd began laughing now, along with the Kitten’s teenage friends, all of them laughing at his expense.

    With a grumble, the magician swiped back his hat. The children in the crowd, seeing that their magician was a fake, suddenly made disappointed groans, while Kitten and her teenage friends laughed at him.

    The Magician, deciding his show was ruined, gave a sad look on his face and quietly took his suitcase of magic tricks and walked behind a door backstage. She could insult anything, heck, he tolerated the personal attacks, but insulting the wonders of magic? That was it, he would show her.

    He closed the door, giving the girl an angry glare, reaching into his suitcase to pull out a new wand.

    Kitten however, having too much fun at the expense of others, decided to follow the magician even as he disappeared behind the door.

    “Hey! Come back! I’m not finished with you yet.”

    Before she even reached the handle however, the door suddenly exploded in a violent rush of wind. The children screamed as a giant tornado engulfed the deck, streams of silk, confetti and flowers poured out of the tornado and rained onto the deck, as if someone had exploded a giant piñata.

    Spinning out of the tornado, to the surprise of a Kitten, was a new Magician. A green faced one with white hair and a mask similar to Robin’s.

    “Who the heck do you think you are you stupid magician?” Kitten shouted angrily, suddenly realizing that the breeze had ruined her hairdo, which she had spent all morning doing.

    “That's Captain Mumbo to you kiddies!” He laughed even more. “Now get ready for a high seas voyage you’ll never forget!” He ended that last sentence with a dark grin.

    The green skinned magician laughed maniacally, and with a wave of his wand, wrapped up Kitten and her gang in silken ropes. The audience, alarmed by this, suddenly broke into a panic and began to flee.

    (Fade to song)

    When there's trouble you know who to call
    Teen Titans!
    From their tower, they can see it all
    Teen Titans!

    When there's evil on the attack
    You can rest knowing they got your back
    'Cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol
    Teen Titans GO!

    With their superpowers they unite
    Teen Titans!
    Never met a villain that they liked
    Teen Titans!

    They've got the bad guys on the run
    They never stop ‘till the job gets done
    'Cuz when the world is losin' all control
    Teen Titans GO!

    1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Go!
    Teen Titans!


    The sun was at high noon on a beautiful summer day. The waters of Jump City’s bay glistened brilliantly, and city’s seaside was bathed in glowing warmth. Waves crashed into the beaches, a cool refreshing white that seemed to line the entire shoreline.

    “Whoooo! Cowabunga dudes!” Beast Boy shouted, water skiing behind the T-sub, which was plowing full speed above the waves.

    “Think you can hold on B?” Cyborg shouted back from the cockpit.

    “Give me your best shot Cy.” Beast Boy grinned, transforming into an octopus and gripping the bar with all his tentacles.

    “Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Boo-Yah!” As if on cue, twin rocket boosters emerged from the rear of the T sub. The engines quickly sprung to life, throwing back a gigantic spray of water into Beast Boy’s face.

    Transforming back into a human, Beast Boy found that both his skis were gone, and that his feet were not even touching the surface of the water.

    There was no time to think, all he could do was hold on for dear life. The changling shouted above the roar of the engines and the spray of the waves. “Cyborg…I think you should….slow downnnnnn!”

    “What? Sorry B, can’t hear you.” Cyborg cupped his ear innocently, and the T sub, with the screaming Beast Boy pulling behind, made another pass around Titan’s tower, sending waves crashing onto the beach.

    Starfire and Robin meanwhile, paid no attention to Beast Boy’s plight. Instead, they focused on a good ole fashioned game of beach volleyball. (in their normal clothes of course [​IMG])

    “Oh come on Raven! Won’t you join us in volleying the ball?” Starfire shouted as she blocked another spike by Robin.

    “Tempting. But no.” Raven didn’t even open her eyes as she meditated under the protection of a beach umbrella.

    “Then perhaps you can help us in constructing our system of fortifications in the sand?”

    “I’m sure you can manage without me.” Raven replied laconically.

    “But Raven, it is the season of Summer! The most joyous period known to Earth people! Surely there must be some enjoyment which you can find during this time?”

    “Yea, it’s called peace, quiet, tranquility.” She replied, slightly annoyed.

    Before star could reply however, another sound cut through the air.

    “Look out DUUUDES!!”

    Raven looked up and saw an odd sight, a green dot that was quickly growing bigger in the sky. She barely had time to react as Beast Boy plowed into the sand, throwing up a wall of sand that buried Raven and her umbrella.

    “Why do I bother….” Raven sighed, then levitated her umbrella out of the sand pile and brushed the dirt off her cape.

    “Oh no! Our friend is stuck!” Starfire pointed with concern at Beast Boy, whose head was bobbed down in the sand like an ostrich.

    Taking Beast Boy by the foot, and firmly placing her feet against the sand, the Tamaranian pulled, and the green titan was freed in no time.

    “Pleh!” Beast boy spat out some sand. “Remind me next time not to let Cyborg drive.” The Green Titan sat down on the beach, furiously trying to rub the sand out of his hair.

    “Did someone call me?” Cyborg, parking the T sub just on the Beach, observed the whole scene while managing to keep a straight face. “You did say give ‘give me your best shot’” The android whistled innocently.

    “Is everyone alright here?” Robin, having just reached the group asked. “You look pretty beat Beast Boy.”

    Before Beast Boy could even reply however, a red light began beeping on each of the Titans’ belts.

    “Looks like Trouble.” Cyborg said seriously.

    Robin took the communicator from his belt, and stared at the small screen. With a nod he quickly snapped it shut and placed it back on his belt. “Titans, Go!”


    Screaming passengers ran all over the deck, tripping and fall over each other, running from a gigantic wave of bunny dolls, ticker tape, confetti and bouncy red balls. Explosions of confetti rained all over the place, and the children laughed, reaching for them as they fell in the air before their parents carried them away with them.

    “Leaving so soon folks?” Mumbo said gleefully. “Why leave? When there’s time for an encore!”

    A band of red, yellow, and blue silk suddenly wrapped around the doorway, forcing the audience back onto deck.

    “Time for some helping hands wouldn’t you say?” Mumbo took off his hat, sprouting about a dozen oversize gloves that were as big as a man. Each glove ran towards the crowd, almost scooping them into one place on the cruise ship.

    The captain did not notice the screams, and was very surprised to find two gigantic white gloves fly up to the ship’s bridge and punch through the window.

    “What the-“ The captain barely had time to protest as the gloves tied him up and bagged him in a sack. One glove tied the captain and his crew up while the other took the wheel, steering the ship out to sea.

    Back down on deck, Mumbo placed his hat back on with relish, and then turned to the audience. “Now I know you’ll all enjoy the next act as much as me. We’ll now see if Kittens truly do land on their feet.”

    He waved his hand toward the side of the ship, and a long wooden plank sprouted from the ship, extending at least fifteen feet out into the open sea.

    “Who wants to be my lovely assistant?” Mumbo grinned, then turned around to face Kitten and her spoiled friends tied up in rope and silk. “How about you my dear?”

    The rope around kitten suddenly sprung to life, dragging her towards Mumbo.

    “Let me go you creep! Do you know who I am? I’m -!” She was cut off as the silk wrapped around her mouth.

    “Ya ya, one spoiled brat, I heard it the first time kid.” Mumbo said in a tired voice, then turned back with a smile to his audience. “Now remember kids, don’t try this trick at home.”

    With a protesting muffled scream, Kitten found herself floating in the air, place squarely on the plank.

    “So kid, how’s that for real magic eh?” Mumbo laughed again, his top hat then transformed into a cockade hat of a naval captain.

    Kitten grumbled, somehow biting off the silk that tied her mouth. “Are you kidding? How do I know you aren’t controlling this stuff with a remote?”

    “Can a remote do this?!” Mumbo flashed his wand again, and this time sharks appeared in the waters below the plank, their fins circling the waters below Kitten.

    “You probably installed all of this stuff before we got on. Now untie me or I’ll get daddy to-“ A muzzle appeared in front of Kitten’s face now, and magically strapped itself onto her, before she could struggle out of it, a lock put the finishing touches on and clamped it in place.

    Mumbo sighed, wiping his face with an exaggerated sweat drop. “Everybody’s a critic.”

    The villain sighed, but suddenly cheered up again. “Oh well! Let's get on with the show!.” A saw magically appeared above the plank, and began cutting, to Kitten’s horror.

    “Maybe a nice dip can cool you down.” Mumbo laughed again, and watched as the plank collapsed, sending a screaming Kitten falling down into the cold sea.

    Mumbo, delighted that he was rid of that pest, turned his back and eagerly awaited the sound of a splash. But to his surprise, there was nothing.

    “Eh?” The madcap Magician wondered out loud as he peered over the railing. “Now where did my assistant run off to? WAAAH!!” This last imprecation was due to the fact that he saw the sole of a boot coming straight at him. The resulting kick in the face sent him flying back onto the stage.

    Robin and the rest of the titans climbed onto the deck, the boy wonder holding the dazed Kitten in his arms.

    As Kitten woke up, her eyes widened.

    “OOOO Robbie Poo! I knew it! You’ve come to save me and get back together!”

    “Um…..actually, we didn’t even know you were on the ship. Also, we were NEVER together.”

    Kitten gave a dreamy sigh. “Oh don’t worry Robbie Poo, I’m willing to forgive you for last time if you just-.”

    “For the last time, He’s not your Robbie Poo!” Starfire growled at the spoiled girl, her eyes blazing with green rage. “And are you not suppose to be in jail?”

    “Oh, Daddy was kind enough to take my prison sentence and add to his. Anything to get his precious daughter out of that nasty old jail.” Kitten said boastingly.

    “Gee,” Beast Boy whispered to Cyborg. “I can't imagine why?” Both titans began thinking about Killer Moth, who was probably enjoying his first nag-free day in the slammer.

    “What’s wrong?” Kitten said tauntingly. “Jealous because you know that Robbie poo and I make the perfect cou-“

    Robin unceremoniously dropped Kitten onto the deck before she finished. Kitten gave an exaggerated scream as she landed, and to Starfire’s delight, began crying out because her dress got wet.

    Robin meanwhile, focused on the real villain that stood on the stage.

    “Ah! If it isn’t my favourite audience! The Teen Titans!” Mumbo put his hat back on, and pulled his sleeves up as if he were getting ready for a fist fight.

    “Mumbo.” Robin replied in a serious tone. “Didn’t they release you for good behaviour? I see that didn’t last.”

    “Show Biz was calling to me!! Besides Robin, don’t be so quick to judge. I’m just bringing a little excitement on this floating rust bucket. In fact, let’s get this show started shall we? Mumbo Jumbo!” With a flick of a wand, Mumbo sent a bright stream of magic at the five titans.

    “Titans! Go!” Robin shouted, and the five superheroes instantly fanned out. Dodging the strings of silk that tried to grab the Titans.

    "Show's over Mumbo." The boy wonder said as he landed just in front of the magician, his bo staff already out and ready to swipe the villain off his feet.

    "If only i had a nickel for every time i heard you say that." Mumbo said gleefully. "Oh wait! I do!"

    The Magician took off his hat, and out poured a gigantic wave of coins that stopped robin right in his tracks, sweeping him away until he hit the railing of the ship. The wave was so enormous that the floor was barely visible underneath the ocean of nickels. Eventually however, they all flowed overboard, leaving a dazed Robin hanging on the railing.

    Beast Boy attacked next, transforming into an elephant and charging the magician. Mumbo however, just stretched his legs to an almost impossible length and let the green titan pass harmlessly underneath him.

    The elephant stopped dead in its tracks, but before Beast Boy could turn, he found Mumbo was next to his face.

    “This one's going to be tricky.” Mumbo grinned as he began pulling back his sleeves. Before Beast Boy could do anything, the Magician had stuck his full arm into his ear.
    Beast Boy’s face twitched as he felt the Magician’s arm probe his earlobe, every movement causing extreme discomfort to him.

    Eventually, the Magician pulled out a giant coin from Beast Boy’s ear, crushing the green Titan under its heavy weight. Mumbo gave another laugh, jumping up to avoid a blast of starbolts and black magic from the Raven and Starfire.

    Beast Boy meanwhile, transformed back into a human, trapped under the giant coin, he gave a dazed groan. “Oooh man….did anyone get the number of that truck?”

    “Eat this!” Cyborg charged his cannon and fired a blue sonic blast straight at Mumbo.

    “If you insist!” The magician laughed, taking off his hat and holding it towards Cyborg as if he were trying to catch the beam.

    The hat suddenly grew however, growing large enough to suck up Cyborg’s energy beam into its hole.

    “Huh?” Cyborg remarked with confusion, and watched as the hat began to make chewing sounds, gurgling and moving at the same time. Then suddenly the hat contracted and spat the beam back out at the android, knocking him back to the railing.

    "Must have been a little too spicy." Mumbo cackled, putting his hat back on.

    The villain turned, and saw that Robin was heading straight towards him with a dive kick.

    “Oh I just love an audience full of eager volunteers!” Mumbo laughed, sidestepping out of the way and making a seemingly bottomless hole appear right where he once stood.

    Robin cursed, trying to stop him from landing but it was too late. He fell into the hole in the deck, but there was no sound of him hitting the bottom. Moments later however, the boy wonder emerged as the hole began sprouting from the deck, in the form of a cannon.

    “Titans off the port bow! FIRE!” Mumbo pulled the string attached to the gun, and Robin was sent flying off into the crow’s nest of the ship. “AHHHHhhhhhhh”

    “And who ever said the boy wonder wouldn’t earn his wings?” The magician laughed, then got blasted from the side by Starfire and Raven.

    “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” Black energy, in the shape of a Raven’s claw headed straight for the blue magician, while Starfire let loose a storm of green starbolts.

    “Please ladies! One at a time!” Mumbo sidestepped away from the claw, in a sweeping bow, and then let loose a barrage of red explosive sponge balls that met each of Starfire’s bolts and exploded in a giant cloud of string and confetti.

    The two girls coughed as the smoke obscured their view.

    “Raven, can you see Mumbo Jumbo?” Starfire inquired, charging her hands.

    “That’s MUMBO to you!” The Blue magician shouted through the smoke, “Abra Kadabra!”

    The bits of confetti and string around Starfire began coming to life now, spinning her dizzily in a small tornado while tying her up, so that by the time the smoke cleared, Starfire resembled a mummy wrapped in red, blue, and yellow.

    “mrmph!!” Starfire struggled, falling onto the deck with a loud thud. Raven, having cleared the smoke, fired a black beam at Mumbo while Beast Boy, having freed himself from the coin, ran to help.

    “Hocus Pocus!” Mumbo shouted with glee, and suddenly coils of bamboo began wrapping around both Raven and Beast Boy.

    “Dude, what the-“ Before they even realized it, Both Raven and Beast Boy found their bodies encased in baskets, with only their heads showing above the lids. They both reappeared instantly in front of the Magician, who gave a dark grin. Beast Boy and Raven watched as Mumbo took out two hands of cards in his hands.

    “Now now, no need worry Titans, this is all part of the show.” Mumbo said reassuringly.

    “The unrehearsed part of it that is! Hahahahaha!!!”

    In an instant, the cards vanished in a puff of smoke, each one replaced with a cutlass that glistened menacingly in his hands. A blindfold instantly appeared in front of the villain’s grinning face as he prepared to throw them through the baskets.

    “GAAAH!!!” Mumbo gave a high scream as a blue beam hit him in the back, sending him straight past Beast Boy and Raven and through the door into the cruise ship’s interior, leaving a nice mumbo-shaped hole on the side of the wall.

    The blue magician gave a dizzy groan as he emerged from the hole, and saw the Titans reassembling in front of him. Robin, having just got back from the other end of the ship, was already in front of him, in a combat stance.

    It looked as though the two parties would try at it again, but then…..
    “Hello?! I’m still here! What am I going to do with this dress?! I just bought it!!” Kitten complained as she stumbled between the two groups of combatants. The blond girl was holding the bottom of her dress up in protest, to show the damage done. Starfire was tempted to throw her overboard, but luckily Raven intervened.

    “Hang it to dry.” Raven replied.

    The sorceress’ eyes glowed black, and with a scream, Kitten found herself hoisted up a flag pole by a black enveloped rope.

    “Allow me.” Mumbo added with a flick of his magic wand, and soon the muzzle found its way back onto Kitten’s face.

    “Now where were we?” Mumbo smiled, pointing his wand at the Titans.

    “Azarath…Metrion…ZINTHOS!” Raven attacked, and the rails on the side of the ship became engulfed in black magic. The bars flew straight for Mumbo, tying and twisting the Magician until it seemed like a metal snake was squeezing the life out of him.

    Mumbo reacted with a smile, saying some magic words to conjure more objects onto the field. Soon a chain wrapped around him, followed by a straight Jacket. A wooden box appeared next, suddenly encasing mumbo, before it became locked on with more chains and a lock. The entire box was soon magically lifted into a gigantic steel vault that also appeared, and began filling with cement that was flowing out of a wacky looking portal.

    “Er Raven…I didn’t know you could do that.” Beast Boy scratched his head with confusion.

    “I didn’t.” Raven muttered, then used her magic to tear through the layers of the box until she carved a hole to reveal the wooden box that mumbo had sealed himself in.

    The box opened……and the titans found that Mumbo was gone. In his place was a hilarious exaggerated caricature of himself, pointing down to a bomb that was already ticking.

    “Aw crud!” Beast Boy shouted as the Titans jumped out of the way. The box exploded soon afterwards into a gigantic maelstrom of confetti and stuffed bunny dolls, which littered the entire deck..

    Before the titans could gather themselves in the raining confetti, Mumbo was already running past the heroes with incredible speed.

    “HAHA I can’t believe I actually considered quitting this job! Hahahahahah!”

    His laughter stopped as he saw that he was surrounded once again by the five titans. Cyborg peeled the confetti off his cannon, Raven and Starfire both charged their palms, while Beast Boy was already transformed into a velociraptor.

    “Five against one is a little unfair I must say, let’s even up the odds shall we?” Mumbo popped out another cannon out of thin air. Changing his hat into that of a pirate and donning an eye patch, the madcap Magician lit the fuse. The Titans, thinking that the cannon was aimed at them, were taken off guard as Mumbo jumped in the air and pushed the barrel of the cannon down onto the ship’s deck. The gun exploded, cutting a shot straight through the hull of the ship and into the water.

    The passengers screamed as the ship began tipping over, signs that water was flowing fast into the ship’s hull.

    “Better hurry up Titans, or else you’ll all end up in Davy Jones’ locker!” The magician laughed, put on a comical pirate hat and ran off in a blazing trail of dust.

    “Beast Boy! Starfire! Get these people into the lifeboats! We’ll go after Mumbo. Catch up to us when you’re done!”

    “We’ll handle it,” Cyborg nodded. “Take care of Mumbo.”

    “Come on, Beast Boy, Raven, let’s go.”

    And so the three Titans entered the cruise ship, after the madcap Magician.


    They found that Mumbo had plowed through several rooms, leaving a hole on the walls of each room.

    The three Titans eventually stopped in a huge dimly lit theatre, with an indoor stage and curtains. Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy walked quietly down the aisle, ready for any sudden movements.

    It was quiet.....too quiet.

    Suddenly the room exploded into a bright white light, and the dazed titans watched as Mumbo took a bow on the curtained stage. The sound of clapping hands and cheering were heard, even though the seats in the theatre were empty.

    “Thank you! Thank you, you wonderful people. Remember I do encores, matinees and birthdays on the weekends”

    “Give it up Mumbo!” Robin pointed at the villain.

    “Well if it isn’t our star attractions. Let’s give them a big hand folks! Mumbo Jumbo!” The magician gave a flick of a wand, puffing himself up in smoke.

    “Er…what was that?”

    “JUMP!” Robin shouted, pulling Beast Boy away, while Raven phased through the floor. The two titans narrowly avoided a giant slap as a huge white-gloved hand floated above them.

    Beast Boy attacked, transforming into a Rhino and charging the hand. The giant glove however, merely caught Beast Boy and threw him onto the second level of seats as if he were a baseball.

    “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” A dark wave of energy headed straight for the hand.

    The glove however, simply pointed its index finger at the black magic, mimicking a gun, and with a puff of smoke, Raven’s wave of magic transformed into a stream of doves, which swarmed all over Raven..

    Robin however, had enough, and two birdarangs quickly cut through the giant glove, deflating it to the disappointment of Mumbo.

    “Exit, stage left!” The villain cackled, then zapped an elevator onto the stage and walked into it. Before the other titans could pounce on him, he was already going down into the floor.

    “Below us!” Robin shouted, and Raven quickly used her soul bird to send the three titans to the next level of the ship.


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  3. Pun-3x

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    Apr 17, 2005
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    Sweet! I just found this thread, and the story is great! The whole thing feels like an episode. I mean, the prologue already feels like the bit before the title plays. The characters feel real in their interactions, and the way you portray Mumbo is spot on! (I can tell you're having fun with him ;) :D )

    This is good so far. I'd like to see how the rest turns out!
  4. Reket

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    Wow! A first story? Very nice, for that. Told from a very interesting point of view. However, i think it would help if you posted in larger font. Helps on the eyes. :)
  5. JAG

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    I agree with Pun. Mumbo's one of my favorite minor villains, and you portray him perfectly! Kitten, too. Now if only Robin wouldn't have caught her in time....;)
  6. DeathscytheVII

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    Thanks Pun-3x! I really appreciate you reading this :) And yes, I LOVE writing mumbo :D and i'm enjoying every second of it :D muhahahahha Just wait till you some more tricks i have up his sleeve.

    haha thanks! Sorry about the font, i'll keep that in mind next time.

    Thanks for the feedback JAG. Yes, if only....:)
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    Great start!! :anime: :D

    I agree with everybody else. They've said mostly everything I want to.

    Man, I need to get on more.... :sweat:
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    ...Can't read...to small...brain straining....But I was strong and I decided your story was worth my pain:D Your story is cool and I spotted no fault.-shrugs-NO real reason to complain for anything...darnit! j/k I'm looking foward to reading a new chapter/short story/upcoming written word type thing.....OH and by the way I'm Ash.Welcome to the forum...where your dreams come true...if they arn't corrupted first;)

    Ash-meister,fellow renegade master
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    Yup, Mumbo is indeed cool. I should write some more stuff for him myself sometime...

    Anyway, back to you. As 3x already said, the episode-like styling of this story (main titles and all) is a pretty unique touch, and one that I'd like to see more of. Having Kitten - everybody's favourite spolit little b*tch - and a cruise ship chucked into the mixture as well only serves to make what was already the most original story on here even more inventive. Well done!:anime: :anime: :anime: :anime: :anime:

    -Matt A-
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    Thanks for responding guys! :D I only had like....three people read this on the shrine forums =/ didn't really know whether it was good or not.

    Thanks Crowgirl! I can't help but think i've seen you somewhere.....do you go to any other forum? =/

    ACK im sorry! The font size looks just fine on my computer =/, must be a glitch. Oh well, for you, i'll make it larger :D. Thanks for the good word ash, nice meeting you!

    Haha thanks Welshie! Yea, i'm pretty much going to do episode fics from now on, this one will be a somewhat tough act to follow :D. Feel free to offer any criticisms or advice! That goes to everyone too!

    Btw, i'm following the advice from your thread and reading your First Dwyr Budr story, it's amazing so far, as descriptive and realistic as Pun's Preparation. but it looks very long :S 17 pages! I'll get through it eventually :D

    Second half of this story coming up! and thanks for reading!
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    The civilians were already running for the boats. Most of the ship’s crew had helped in the evacuation, making sure that all the passengers had their life jackets and were accounted for.

    While that was happening however, Starfire and Cyborg were battling their way to the bridge, through an army of gloved hands. Starfire charged her fists and flew straight through one of the oversized gloves, while Cyborg tore one in half with his hands.

    “Payback for last time.” Cyborg smirked with a satisfaction.

    Six more gloves appeared at the end of the hallway, blocking the two Titan’s path to the bridge. Three gloves were standing, while in front of them, three gloves pointed their fingers at the Titans, mimicking a gun.

    “Hit the deck!” Cyborg dived forward, while Starfire swerved against a wall. Both narrowly avoided a barrage of bombs as the gloves seemingly fired their counterparts that were acting as guns pointing at the two titans. One of the fingers even comically pulled back the thumb of the glove, just as if it was cocking a gun.

    “This will show them.” Cyborg grinned, turning both hands into sonic cannons and letting the gloves have a full blast of sonic energy. The hallway became obscured in a huge explosion, with more confetti and glove pieces flying all over the place. The blast was so powerful, that it tore a hole right through the wall right into the bridge, where the captain and the other crew members were tied up.

    “Alright, rescue those guys, and we can go help the others.” Cyborg shouted, running towards the cabin door, with starfire following suit.

    “I wonder if our friends are having any difficulties.” Starfire said absentmindedly.


    The next level of the ship was the gallery, and the room was clean and white, bristling with rows of pots and pans. But there was no sign of Mumbo, only A chef dressed in red occupied the kitchen, preparing some French onion soup in a tall gigantic pot. He was just taste testing his latest dish, when suddenly………

    Every dish on the table flew upwards as the table shook violently, the Chef looked up to see someone had just jumped down from the roof onto the kitchen table.

    “AH! Just wait till you see what I have cooked up for you Titans!” Mumbo popped out of the pot with the French onion soup, sporting a white chef’s hat. The French chef, terrified, shouted something in a foreign language and fled.

    All the pots in the room became wrapped in black energy, and soon all of them launched themselves at Mumbo, piling him under a huge mountain of pots and pans.

    Next, Beast Boy transformed into a bear and attacked, while Robin charged with his bo staff.

    The Magician however, simply popped out of the mountain of pots.

    “Now for the first course! Titan Flambé!” Mumbo laughed, whipping out his red, yellow and blue silk rope and catching Beast Boy by the feet. Robin threw a birdarang to cut the rope, but by that time, Beast Boy was already hovering above a sizzling and fiery pot, which had grown five times its size due to Mumbo’s magic.

    “Ahhhh!!!!” The Green titan screamed as he fell, and kept screaming until he realized that he was floating in mid air.

    Raven struggled to keep Beast Boy from falling into the pot, which was just inches below his face.

    "Uh...hurry Rae...it's getting pretty hot here." A drop of sweat came off the changling's face, sizzling on the pot and evaporating on contact.

    “You think I’m not trying?” Raven replied, sweating from trying to focus in the midst of the battle.

    While that was happening, Robin took out his bo staff and advanced on mumbo.

    “Trying to challenging Zee Capitaine to a sword fight eh?” Mumbo smirked, jumping over the counter and wielding his wand like a sword.

    Robin twirled his bo staff with his lightning quick reflexes, showing mumbo that he was no match for his speed. “Give it up Mumbo, you’re cornered.”

    “I beg to differ, En garde!” His wand transformed into a sword. “Engarde!” To Robin’s surprise, a second arm with a sword sprouted under his right arm. “Engarde!” And another arm sprouted under that one.

    Mumbo attacked, and Robin desperately parried each of Mumbo’s attacks but it seemed as though the magician was adding more arms into the swordfight with each swipe. Robin tried to knock mumbo off his feet, only to have three sword arms parry the attack, he barely had time to dodge the other three swords that came straight at him.

    “HAHA No one out fences El Capitaine! No One! No-”

    Two starbolts and a sonic blast came from behind Robin, landing just before Mumbo’s feet and blowing him away. Robin looked over his shoulder and saw that Starfire and Cyborg had returned. Good, he thought.

    The three made a formidable offense. Robin let loose a barrage of explosive discs, while starfire fired her starbolts. Cyborg joined in soon after with his sonic cannon. The attack however, barely fazed Mumbo, as he dodged all the blasts nimbly as if he were dancing. While he was dodging, the magician produced a hankerchief from his sleeve and gracefully swept it in the air, conjuring a cluster of floating flowers that acted as a shield, nullifying the starbolts and discs.

    Before the flowers even dropped, Mumbo reached into his hat and whipped out a long rope of tied hankerchiefs, wrapping Cyborg around his legs and throwing him away.

    Mumbo barely had time to gloat however, when Robin dive kicked him in the face, knocking him straight into the air.

    The Magician exaggerated his flight path, and screamed as he flew through a wall in the kitchen.

    “Is everyone undamaged?” Starfire asked.

    “We’re fine.” Robin replied, watching as Raven and Beast Boy fell in behind him.

    “Everyone’s off the ship, its just us and him.” Cyborg gave his knuckles a crack.

    “The ship is sinking titans, so we got to bring him down fast.” Robin gave the team a nod, and without a word the five went through the hole in the wall to the next room Mumbo fled into.


    The room was pitch black, making it hard for the Titans to even see five feet in front of their faces.

    “So….where do you think Mr. Amazing took us now?” Beast Boy wondered out loud.

    The lights flickered on again, and soon the Titans knew exactly what part of the ship they were in.

    They were in Gym.

    “It’s time to Play ball!!!” Mumbo blew a whistle, and on cue, the doors to the storage room exploded in a gigantic wave of baseballs, footballs, basketballs and exploding cherrybombs.

    “Titans! Move!” Robin shouted, and they fanned out.

    Cyborg was cornered by the red bouncy cherrybombs, and was firing his sonic cannon to carve his way out of the mess while Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire flew up to avoid it. Robin meanwhile, used his bo staff like a pole vault and jumped over the wave of balls.

    Beast Boy transformed into a lion and attacked. Before he reached Mumbo, the magician zapped a trap door between the two of them.

    Beast Boy stopped just in time, transforming back to a human. “Ha! Did you think I was going to fall for that?”

    “No.” Mumbo smiled, pulling a rope that magically dropped from the roof. Moments later, A giant sandbag clobbered Beast Boy as it fell from above.

    “I expected this to fall on you!” Mumbo laughed, then saw Starfire and Raven flying towards him, Robin, with two birdarangs in his hands, was in the middle and ready to through. He was hoping to pin Mumbo against the wall.

    Rubbing his hands together, Mumbo smirked and gave the three a bow.

    “At no point during this trick will my hands leave my arms.”

    Robin threw his two birdarangs, and they passed by Mumbo harmlessly as he detached his arms from his shoulders. Each arm was comically wielding their magic wands, while the armless Mumbo laughed.

    “You wouldn’t attack a disarmed magician would you? Hahahahaah Mumbo Jumbo!” Each hand gave their magic wands a wave. Starfire found herself in a torrent of bouncy exploding sponge balls, while Raven was tied up in magic loops.

    Mumbo meanwhile, put his arms back together just in time to dodge Robin’s Bo staff.

    “Careful with that thing, you might hurt somebody!” Mumbo complained. “Alakazam!”

    “What the-“ Robin’s bo staff melted in his hands, and he barely had time to react as Mumbo threw a bouquet of flowers at him.

    “There, a truce offering.” Mumbo laughed, and Robin vanished in a cloud of smoke as the bouquet exploded on contact.

    “You tricks won’t work on me. Azarath, Metrion…Zinthos!” The shackles around Raven were torn to pieces by her magic.

    “Not too shabby,” Mumbo clapped his hands. “But there’s one thing missing in that trick……Talent! Mumbo Jumbo!” Another wave of a wave sent a flock of white doves at the Titan. Raven, finding herself swarmed in a tornado of white doves, was thrown into the bleachers by the wind.

    “Wish I could stay longer Titans, but I’ve got a boat to catch!” Mumbo laughed, zapping another elevator in front of him. He stepped into the box, which quickly jumped up through the gym roof and onto the next level of the ship.

    “Oh man…how long are we gonna keep doing this.” Beast Boy complained as Cyborg and Starfire tried to lift the heavy Sandbag off their friend.

    “Not for long.” Robin replied fiercely. “We don’t have much time, we got to bring him down.” There was no telling how long this ship would remain afloat.

    “But how? The Mumbo always has a trick for us.” Starfire replied.

    “You’d think he’d run outta ideas by now.” Cyborg rubbed his aching neck.

    “Well, we gotta think of a way to beat him fast.” Raven added, just as the entire floor began shaking and tilting to one side. “This ship is going to sink soon.”

    “Well remember what you said last time Raven?” Robin began with a grin. “Maybe it’s time we start using some of our own tricks……”


    The room that Mumbo chose for his next performance was the ship’s casino, the largest room yet. Hundreds of slot machines and card tables lined up the room, which was flushed with red carpet all over. A water fountain was in the center of the room, which was cut into two by a large red carpet walkway in the middle. At the very end of the room, stood a giant slot magic, flanked by two Egyptian statues. Underneath it was the largest card table in the room, which had two giant roulettes at each end.

    Mumbo rubbed his hands together in anticipation, like a kid in a candy store.

    “Well now, time to try out my luck.” Mumbo waved his wand. “Hocus Pocus!”

    Every slot machine in the room suddenly came to life, spinning their bars and playing music. Within seconds, they all stopped, each of them lighting up as Mumbo hit the Jackpot.

    A torrent of coins poured out of each machine, almost flooding the room in silver dollars.

    “Ah! Time to collect my first paycheck for an honest day’s work.” Mumbo laughed. A huge tornado spun out of his hat, travelling around the room and sucking up all the coins and bills, before finally streaming them into the Magician's hat.

    Mumbo barely had time to celebrate however, as an explosion blew open the doors behind the Magician, and Mumbo turned to see the silhouettes of Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven.

    “The only thing you’re gonna be collecting is this!” Cyborg fired his sonic cannon, which Mumbo dodged by bending his body like a rubber band.

    “Can’t you read the signs titans? No minors allowed.” Mumbo spun around and whipped a red, blue and yellow silk rope at Cyborg, tying him up and throwing him into some of the slot machines.

    Raven meanwhile, levitated a nearby machine and threw it at mumbo, while star fired some more bolts. Mumbo replied by simply turning all those projectiles into flowers, then pulled up a chair and sat behind the large card table next to the giant slot machine.

    “If you are all so insistent on playing, then perhaps I can deal you in!” Mumbo laughed, taking out two decks of cards from his coat. Beast Boy, having concealed himself on the walls as a Chamelion, attacked. The titan Jumped off the walls and onto the table right in front of mumbo, transformed into a gorilla.

    “Ah! Well if it isn’t our green friend! Let’s see your hand shall we?” Mumbo spread the cards out in his hand. “Not too shabby!”

    “Two pair! “ He threw two cards at Beast Boy, pinning his arms against the wall, another two pinned his legs. “Ace kicker! Watch it, this one’s going to hurt!” Mumbo threw a giant Ace card at Beast Boy, this one aimed at hitting him head on. The card expanded into gigantic proportions as it neared its target.

    Before the card hit, Raven levitated the card, and sent it back at Mumbo.

    “Don’t be so angry just because I dealt your friend a good hand.” Mumbo laughed as he dodged the giant ace easily, letting it impale itself on the wall behind him.

    “You haven’t seen yours yet. A Royal Flush!”

    Mumbo pulled a lever that he poofed onto the table, and a hole suddenly appeared on the table, letting loose a huge constant barrage of cards that swirled towards Starfire and Raven with the gurgling sound of a toilet. The stream was so powerful that it knocked them both down onto the ground.

    Before Mumbo could even gloat however, A sonic blast suddenly hit him, destroying the lever, his chair, and the center of the table in a giant explosion. The center of the room became obscured in a giant smoke cloud, the low rumble of the explosion still ringing in everyone’s ear.

    “Dealer bust.” Cyborg smirked, his energy weapon still smoking from the shot.

    “Not a fan of poker eh?” A voice shot through the smoke. “Then how about fifty two pick up?” Mumbo laughed, producing a deck of cards in each hand and spreading them out. “Fifty two thousand that is!”

    Thousands of cards fluttered out of the Magicians hand, turning into a giant wave that towered over the android and swept him away.

    "GAAAH!!!" Cyborg screamed as he slammed into the wall buried under the mountain of cards.

    Beast Boy, turning into a tiger, clawed away at the cards which pinned him against the wall. Freed once again, he transformed into a hawk and dove at the Magician.

    “Tired of cards?” Mumbo smiled. “Then take your luck for a spin! Mumbo Jumbo!”

    Beast Boy poofed out of the air, and suddenly found himself tied onto one of the giant roulettes on the table. Before he could even say anything, the roulette was spinning, spinning so fast that it detached itself from the table and rolled to the other side of the room, with a screaming Beast Boy.

    “Round and round it goes, when it stops. Nobody knows!” Mumbo laughed, all the titans were defeated, at last! He could make his escape!

    Just as he ran towards the exit however, a swift kick sent Mumbo flying back onto the table with a grunt.

    Robin stood firmly in front of Mumbo, the only obstacle left between Mumbo and freedom. His face was completely confident, serious.

    “Ah, Come to challenge the captain again haven’t we?” Mumbo grinned, preparing his wand for the next attack.

    “You’ve made it just in time to see the grand finale! Care to try your luck?” Mumbo gave a devilish grin.

    “Actually, your luck's run out Mumbo." The Titan grinned. "While you were busy playing cards, I was preparing a trick of my own.” Robin took out a switch from his belt and quickly pressed the button.

    At first the Magician had no idea what was going on, but the explosions that erupted behind him had told him everything.

    A large shadow slowly loomed over the Magician, and he turned around to see the giant slot machine tipping over and coming down above him.

    The Magician gave a sad look on his face as the shadow covered him entirely. Knowing that this was the end of the act.

    “Oh Barnacles.”

    The giant slot machine landed squarely on Mumbo, throwing up a cloud of dust before exploding into a mountain of coins. Sounds and a string of lights emitted from the machine, making even more coins flow out of the machine. A loud rumble echoed through the ship, as the dust clouded the entire room.

    “Looks like I hit the jackpot.” Robin smiled, and the four titans reassembled to pull the defeated Magician from under the machine.

    “Thank you…..thank…you…wonderful audience….sorry….kiddies…no…time for an encore…...” Mumbo said half dazed. Offering no resistance as Robin handcuffed the magician.

    Suddenly the room shook violently, as the ship tipped over even more. Slot machines and card tables began sliding to one side of the room, while plants, columns and statues fell over, smashing themselves on the floor. The Titans were finding it harder and harder to keep their balance.

    Time was up.

    “Raven! Can you get us out!” Robin shouted.

    The sorceress nodded, and soon, a black shadow appeared beneath the floor in the shape of a Raven. The Magic soon wrapped itself around the group, flying them to safety as the ship sunk silently beneath the waves.


    A squad of police cars waited at the docks, where the passengers were all taken out of their lifeboats and given blankets and food. Hundreds of people sat down on the pier, huddled together for warmth while the Police and workers assessed the damage for the insurance companies, interviewing the crew members and passengers.

    While that was happening, an escort of guards was quietly escorted Mumbo into a policing van.

    “Well, that wasn’t a bad way to spend our first day of summer vacation.” Beast Boy commented. “Let’s hope the rest of it is like this.”

    “I agree friend!” Starfire clasped her hands together joyfully. “We must endeavour to make this summer a most unforgettable experience!”

    “Wow…..i can hardly contain the excitement.” Raven muttered in a monotone voice.

    Robin and Cyborg smiled, then Robin suddenly looked like a thought had entered his head.

    “Robin? Is there something wrong?” Starfire asked.

    “I can’t help but feel…that we’re forgetting something.”

    “Can’t imagine what it is.” Cyborg replied. “Bad guy’s caught, people are saved, and there’s just enough time to go back home for another one of Beast Boy’s scary movies.” The android smirked.

    “Yea dude, maybe you’ve been thinking too much.”

    Starfire smiled, hugging Robin’s arm and leading him away from the dock. “I cannot recall anything important. Let us enjoy the rest of this summer day with our friends!”

    “If you say so Star.” Robin smiled, and the five superheroes climbed onto the T-sub and went home.


    Meanwhile, a mile or two off shore, the debris from the cruise ship was slowly being swept ashore. Broken pieces of wood, barrels, and other miscellaneous items littered the beach.

    The Police squad cruised by the road, and stopped as it sighted something unusual on the beach. They stopped to investigate.

    Mumbo meanwhile, was cuffed and sitting quietly in the police van.

    “Oh well….at least I can finally get some peace and quiet for a change.” The magician, exhausted by the day’s events, muttered.

    The doors to the police van opened, letting in a huge blast of light. Mumbo squinted his eyes to see what is going on.

    He gasped in horror as he saw it.

    Kitten, her dress completely wet and covered in seaweed, was being led to the back of the van.

    “Her name’s Kitten.” One of the officers replied. “She escaped with the help of her father a few months back, funny how she washed up right in front of us. Lucky catch I guess.” The officer said as he closed the door, leaving Mumbo alone with the girl.

    “Ok, I give up you stupid Magician, what did you do with the stinking ship."

    Mumbo’s reply to slam his head against the wall, like this was some bad dream.

    Kitten growled. "And where can I get a blowdryer to fix my dress?!! AND MY HAIR!??!” Kitten shrieked, screaming even more.

    The police cruiser sped away into the sunset and Mumbo gave one last protest as the pair were wheeled away to jail.


    The End
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    Wow...you got Kitty right on the mark.And dude...you work so fast!....You might be competition...I'm keeping my eye on you....alwasy watching......-ya my creepyness level is riding thin-Anywho that was a really good ending! And I could see it!....beware...your gonna get your first....oh screw it!..-runs over and huggles DSTII-
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    OMG, that was some killer action. I congratulate you! You portray the villains really well, didja know that? ;)
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    Man, there is a lot here. I'm making my way through, but I won't say too much until I've finished. I will say that I'm enjoying this immensely. Mumbo is my favorite TT villian, and Kitten is also somebody who I think shoud have another shot at fame. Writting these as though they were episodes is also a nice touch. You seem to have captured the humor of the show very well. I'll have to read further to see if you capture the action too.


    Ps. Awesome avatar.
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    I have to say, you REALLY got creative with Mumbo's lines and ideas. All the little tricks and schemes he pulled in this story were great, and one after another.

    I'll say it again, this story played out like an episode, and it was great because of it. Excellent storytelling, and great job! :)
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    Well, everybody else said what I was going to, so I'll just say that I can't wait for your next story!:D
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    I'm...um...honoured :sweat: :eek: :D

    Don't worry about me being competition, i rewrote that 'episode' several times before posting it on here, to make it squeaky clean :D. My next story will be slightly slower in the making, gimme a few days to a week lol.

    Depends on the villain i would say :D mumbo, he's fun to write!

    Hope you like the rest of it then and thanks! I call the avatar VGcat Vader :D

    Thanks a lot pun! really appreciate that :) I look forward to the rest of your story too hehe.

    Thanks! I'll start when i can. My next story is somewhat inspired by Killer moth, i heard he was a batman villain originally, so why not put another cool batman villain into TT? :D

    Stay tuned for the next episode : (i just love saying that :D)

    Episode 2 - H.A.R.D.A.C

    Cyborg finds a new computer system in town, one that is guaranteed to remove any traces of error from any computer program. To test it out, Cyborg installs a service computer to handle all of the Titans’ needs. All goes well at first, until Cy decides to install it into the Tower Defense systems.
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    Well, the second half the "episode" matched up to the first. Tons of quality action, enough genius from Mumbo to keep us going for a lifetime, and perhaps the funniest ending to a TT fic that I've ever come across. Well done!:anime: :anime: :anime: :anime: :anime:

    If you're gonna call me an anything, call me "Matt A", "Mate" or "WM". "Welshie" is reserved for the great Lord himself, and filching his name would be a heresy.;)

    Thanks very much!:anime: :anime: :eek: :eek: :anime: :anime:

    Now to wait for H.A.R.D.A.C, however that's gonna work...

    -Matt A-
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    I love that joke! :anime:

    I agree with Matt, that was great. Can't wait for H.A.R.D.A.C! Am I right in saying Cardiac might be there?

    *Sees odd glares* What? It rhymes, don't it?
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    This was it. One way or another, it was going to be decided here.

    The two combatants glared at one another as they circled the battleground, a barren wasteland of rock pillars and crevasses, the fight taking place under a star lit night sky. The peacefulness of the setting was quickly broken however, when one of the fighters began to charge.

    They were not normal warriors, but it was impossible to tell by just looking at them, for they were both covered by ragged cloaks. One of the opponents was huge, towering over the other like a giant.

    The battle began in earnest as the giant warrior jumped up to almost impossible heights, landing on one of the rock pillars and letting forth a blanket of laser fire from his wrists which lighting up the night sky in a blanket of red.

    Blasts of energy tore through the rock columns surrounding the other warrior, reducing almost everything around him into a cloud of debris and dust. The other fighter, dodging nimbly around the field, revealed his weapon at last, a small blaster cannon attached to his wrist, while in the other hand he held an energy blade. His weapons were much less powerful and dangerous than the other fighter, but that helped his speed and accuracy. This battle was to be the broadsword against the rapier.

    The fighter on the rock pillar tore off his cloak now, revealing a grey metal armor that glistened in the moonlight. Both his hands had cannons attached to his wrists while on his shoulders stood two missile launchers. The robot’s face consisted of only one feature, a red glass visor that acted as its scanner. While the other smaller fighter revealed himself to be a type of swordsman, his face covered by a red scarf.

    The swordsman charged now, just as the more heavily armed robot fired. Both wrist lasers fired in a continuous stream of blasts while the Robot’s shoulders exploded into a cloud of smoke, as dozens of homing missiles headed down into the valley after it’s target.

    The smaller fighter braved the laser fire, dodging it as well as deflecting it with his sword. He ran as quickly as he could, to close the distance.

    He jumped over a crevasse, doing a flip while in the same motion, cut one of the approaching missile’s in half, causing it to spiral down and explode in the darkness below. More trails of smoke approached the nimble fighter, and he quickly ran past them, shooting the missile heads out of the sky with great accuracy.

    The swordsman quickly made his way to the base of the pillar, and with a series of quick zigzag jumps, avoiding more blasts on the way, he made it to the top, appearing just feet in front of his adversary.

    The large robot tried to catch the swordsman, throwing a punch that pulverized the rock formations around them. One strike after another missed their mark, sending up clouds of stone dust

    The next parts came naturally to the swordsman, blind the foe, and a quick slice from his sword cut the Robot’s visor in half. The next sword thrust came at the Robot’s leg joints, forcing it onto its knees. Its mobility was gone, as was its sight, now was time for the finishing move.

    “HAHA, someone’s getting his butt whooped!”

    He jumped straight in the air, above the robot, using both arms to hold the blade in a stabbing motion.

    “Target acquired.” The swordsman said robotically, landing on the large Robot’s chest, his sword swiping down for the killing blow.

    ………Both combatants flickered for a second, disappearing and then reappearing in the next.

    “Target acquired.” The swordsman said robotically, landing on the large Robot’s chest, his sword swiping down for the killing blow.


    “Target acquired.” The swordsman said robotically, landing on the large Robot’s chest, his sword swiping down for the killing blow.

    The landscape was the next to go, flashing in white and black fuzz while the two combatants stayed frozen. The swordsman still in his previous pose.


    Cyborg dropped his jaw, along with his controller. His eyes opened wide as he stared at the screen, which was now full of static. The Titan’s face twitched even more as he saw sparks flying out of the computer terminal.

    The titans’ main computer was now smoked.

    Beast Boy, sitting next to Cyborg on the couch, rubbed the sweat off the back of his neck, and gave a nervous smile.

    “So……..uh………wanna call it a draw?”


    When there's trouble you know who to call
    Teen Titans!
    From their tower, they can see it all
    Teen Titans!

    When there's evil on the attack
    You can rest knowing they got your back
    'Cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol
    Teen Titans GO!

    With their superpowers they unite
    Teen Titans!
    Never met a villain that they liked
    Teen Titans!

    They've got the bad guys on the run
    They never stop ‘till the job gets done
    'Cuz when the world is losin' all control
    Teen Titans GO!

    1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Go!

    Teen Titans!


    It was just another sunny afternoon at Titans tower. Robin was practicing marshal arts on a dummy in one corner, Starfire was cooking…something that looked like it was still alive, while Raven levitated in the middle of her room, reading one of her novels.

    Robin grunted, throwing a flurry of punches at the dummy while adding a jump kick here and there. Starefire hummed some tune as she added the finishing touches to her new and improved Gorb Supreme.

    Raven sniffed her nose as she floated read the book, giving an awkward look, as if something were disturbing her.

    “Doe anyone…*sniff* ..smell something… burning?” The sorceress asked.

    The quiet tranquility that had once filled the room was quickly broken, as a blood curling scream filled the tower.

    “MY BABY!!!”

    The three titans immediately stopped what they were doing. Robin ran straight for the door, leaving his punching bag dummy spinning in circles, while Starfire turned off the stove and headed in the same direction as Robin, leaving a very hungry silky behind with the pots. Raven levitated the book onto the table and flew towards the door. Smoke was already coming out of the room where the Titans mainframe was.

    The three titans entered the room, and they were treated to a very awkward sight as they saw Cyborg running around the room, frantically trying to keep the system online. He would run over to a console, connect some wires and type some things there, and in the next second, he would be under the main screen, fixing the circuit board with some powertools, which threw off many sparks.

    “Er….what’s going on?” Robin asked Beast Boy, who was standing in the middle of the room while Cyborg ran from side to side in a panicky fashion.

    “Oh! Hehe…..” Beast Boy began nervously. “Well, I got the latest version of Atomic Ninja Space Robots!™ and since it took up so much juice from my gamestation, me and Cy decided to give it a try on the mainframe.”

    “And now my baby’s completely fried! ” Cyborg gave an almost crying whimper.

    “I thought you called your car, ‘your baby’” Starfire replied

    “A guy can have more than one ‘baby’ you know!!”

    “I guess this is what you humans mean when you say you feel ‘freak out’.” Starfire whispered to Robin.

    Robin however, didn’t reply to Starfire, simply stroking his chin as if he were deep in thought. “Cyborg, This is serious.”

    “You bet your butt it’s serious! How am I gonna install my new sound system now?” Cyborg complained, then smiled nervously when he saw Robin give him a glare.

    “I’m talking about running the Tower, Cyborg, how is our crime alert system going to work now?”

    Cyborg smiled, waving his hands as if he thought Robin was going to attack him. “Ok ok, chill man, all I need to do is get a new system.”

    “Where are you going to find one?” Raven asked curiously.

    “The same place where I get all my cool stuff.”

    The robotic titan gave a boasting confident smile.


    STAR labs, The Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Labs, was a world-renowned scientific organization, with access to some of the most advanced technological inventions in the world, such as the Max-7. Luckily for Cyborg, their nearest lab was located at the outskirts of Jump City. From the outside, it resembled a standard industrial plant; cold, drab grey concrete buildings surrounded by steel walls and barbed wire.

    Cyborg stood impatiently in the lobby, tapping his foot on the floor as he waited for his order to come.

    The room itself was interesting enough. An assortment of technological gadgets that made the geek inside him want to scream out loud. In the corner was what appeared to be some super high tech satellite dish, next to it was some advanced android that was similar to one of Slade’s battle droids. The shell of an experimental jet hung from the ceiling, at such an angle that it gave the visitors on the floor the impression that it was diving towards them. Cybernetics from industries all over the world were showcased in the lounge, although they were all safely deactivated for the safety of the guests.

    “Wow.” Beast Boy said in awe as he entered the room, like a kid who had been given too many toys that he did not know which one to play with first.

    “Wonder what this does?” The changeling said curiously, poking at the circuit board of one of the robots with his fingers. The control panel fell, crashing down onto the floor where it scattered into a million pieces. The seven-foot android followed soon after, falling onto one side and throwing up a gigantic cloud of dust.

    Beast Boy, surprised by this, recoiled back and gave a shrilling scream, only to have it cut off when he realized he was being watched by Cyborg.

    “Don’t touch anything, don’t breath on anything, and for once, please…..don’t be yourself ok?” The Robot Titan gave a weary sigh, he didn’t know why he was dragging Beast Boy along, although the green titan begged Cy to let him see the famous STAR labs.

    “Ok ok! I was just curious, that’s all!” Beast boy replied in defense, pretending to whistle innocently. Within moments, his eye caught a shiny object at the other end of the room. A small chip that floated in one of those anti-gravity beams, spinning slowly.

    “Whoa, shiny.” Beast Boy muttered.

    “It’s our latest advancement in artificial intelligence, fresh from Cybertron labs.” A new voice echoed the room, this time on the intercom. It reminded Cyborg of that spokesperson he heard on TV some time ago.

    “Just like that android you knocked down over there.”

    “Oh,” Beast Boy wiped the back of his head. “My mistake.”

    “Oh no need to worry. Your order has been processed by the way, just enter your code on the control panel in the wall on the wall to receive it.” The speaker’s voice said amicably.

    Cyborg followed the instructions, punching in the digits on the computer. Within seconds, a section of the wall opened up like a door, and two robotic arms carrying a crate emerged, dropping it right in front of Cyborg’s and Beast Boy’s feet.

    The Robotic Titan wasted no time, opening up the box and going over its contents.

    “Configuration disc, check, central processing unit. Double check. Sweet, this is way more powerful than the last system we had!” Cyborg replied enthusiastically.

    “If you are interested in further upgrades, please proceed into the next room.” The salesperson on the speaker droned on.

    “I don’t know…..” Cyborg said cautiously, his wallet was running thin.

    “We’ve got free waffles!”

    “Boo yah!” Cyborg smiled, running past the mechanical opening doors, but then he checked his advance and turn to Cyborg.

    “Now remember what I said B! Don’t touch anything! Don’t do anything!” Cyborg said, right before he bolted into the next room.

    “Aw geez. A guy can’t have any fun around here.”

    Beast Boy leaned onto the crate now, then gasped as he saw something that caught his eye.

    “No way………”

    He looked to the other side of the room, where a large black box standing in the shadowy part of the room. Its surface was bedecked with glowing red circuitry, while there, in big giant silver letters, were the words ‘Gamestation GSTX’

    “Words…..can’t think of…..any……” Beast Boy babbled incoherently.

    The green titan rubbed his hands eagerly together, then ran towards the system. Unaware that his elbow had knocked the floating chip into Cyborg’s crate………


    They were back in the tower within a few hours, Cyborg immediately set about working, replacing the entire Titan’s mainframe with the new upgraded units he just bought from the lab. The four other titans stood there watching him in the lounge as Cyborg worked intently, sometimes rubbing the sweat off his face while on other times he would take a break to drink a diet soda.

    Wires sprawled the floor of the lounge, and Cyborg was nowhere to be seen as he was hidden behind the gigantic piles of computer hardware that took up so much room. It was like Cyborg was working on two or three things at a time. Sparks would fly as the Robotic titan wielded something together with his blow torch, while the other titans might see a hand grab some tools sitting on top of one of the computers at the same time.

    Within a couple hours, it was done and Cyborg had gathered the entire team in the lounge to see his work.

    “I am proud to present to you. The new, AND improved. Titans mainframe!” Cyborg pushed one of the buttons on the console, a big proud smile on his face.

    Within seconds, the whirring of machinery and computers filled the room, and a loading bar came onto the screen. It progressed steadily at first, but when it got to the end, the system froze. Sparks began flying out of the console now, and the hardware that Cyborg installed began to smoke. It was all overheating.

    “Take cover! She’s gonna blow!” Beast Boy screamed, jumping behind the couch. The other titans prepared themselves, as if the monitor was about to explode. Cyborg, meanwhile, was frantically pushing buttons.

    “Come on!! Come on!!” Cyborg shouted, giving the console a hard slam with his fists.

    Just when it seemed the computer was about to explode, everything grinded down to a halt. The whirring of machinery stabilized and the systems began to cool. A small white line appeared on the black screen, which soon widened to fill the entire surface.

    A series of words began appearing on the screen.

    HARDAC OPERATION CODE 1736547365-3646547436.....ACCESSING FILES…….


    Thank you for activating me, Teen Titans.”

    A monotone computerized voice echoed through the systems.

    Beast Boy jumped back in surprise. “Dude, did the computer just talk to us? And…how did it know our names?”

    “I have downloaded your system files into my memory banks.”

    “Who are you?” Raven demanded immediately.

    “Holographic, Analytical, Reciprocating, Digital, Computer. You may address me as HARDAC”

    “Holo…wah wah….……..gah gah?” Beast Boy replied in utter confusion.

    “It basically means very, very smart computer.” Cyborg filled in the blanks for Beast Boy. “Must be the latest version of the mainframe I ordered.”

    “Why can’t you just call it that?” Beast Boy groaned.

    Robin however, was more cautious “So…..HARDAC….what do you do exactly?”

    “I am programmed to eliminate all traces of error in daily routines, to ensure complete and absolute efficiency in any and all operations taking place. Daily maintenance of computer and defensive systems, as well as domestic operations.”

    Cyborg explained, “Basically, a lot of stuff we used to worry about, is taken care of, no more dishes, no more chores, leaving us more time for pizza and kicking butt.” He gave a satisfied grin, then logged onto the computer console.

    “The readme file also says this one is a hundred times faster than our last processor.” Cyborg continued.

    “I’m still not sure…..but I guess we can give it a try.” Robin said, slightly skeptical still.

    “As long as it doesn’t poke its nose into my room.” Raven muttered.

    “I for one, am eager to see how our new friend helps improve our lives.” Starfire said cheerfully.

    “Thank you Titan Starfire, You will find that my services will be more than satisfactory.”

    While Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy continued conversing with the computer, Robin pulled Cyborg into a corner of the room and began talking.

    “I don’t know if it’s best to trust our security to a computer.” The Boy Wonder said sternly.

    “Why not? The thing itself said that it was error free. Won’t get hacked or crashed like our last one.”

    Robin shook his head in reply. “It’s not that…..its just that….I want to keep us in the loop too, we can’t trust everything to a machine.”

    “Don’t worry, got it covered.” Cyborg replied confidently. “The second anything goes wrong, I can override the system with this.” He produced a remote control that detached itself from a socket in his arm. “Besides, we haven’t even seen what it could do yet.”

    “How can we trust it?” Robin replied.

    “It’s programmed to serve. Robots don’t go against their own programming.” Cyborg said firmly.

    Beast Boy, overhearing the conversation, quickly cut in. “Dudes, there’s only one way to find out. Computer, can you find the latest working bootleg version of Mega Monkeys 4?” The Green Titan asked enthusiastically.

    The game was still not out yet, and although Beast boy had downloaded a file months before, it was corrupted. It was rumored that only one server in the world carried the working game, and after many months of frustrated searching the changeling gave up.

    HARDAC was already on it.

    “Processing…..……….Affirmative……….. Server located…….Requesting server information….processing…….. File downloading….Download complete.”

    The HARDAC screen soon gave way to gigantic monkey head title. A giant four exploded out of the center, which had three monkeys surrounding it. One was doing a kung fu action pose while the other was radioing on a walkie talkie. The last monkey sported a laser cannon. Rock and Roll music filled the air, blowing the titans away as the huge speakers came to life.

    Beast Boy gave an excited shrill-like scream. “I’ve been trying to get that for months! Can we keep it? PLEEEEEASE?”

    “Well……I guess it can’t hurt to try.” Robin replied hesitantly.

    “Alright!” Cyborg and Beast Boy gave each other a high five. Raven, who couldn’t care less about a computer, proceeded back to her room while Beast Boy wasted no time in jumping on the couch to play his beloved game. Robin and Starfire also left the room.

    “Is….everything alright Robin?” Starfire asked as the rest of the titans went about their daily routines. “You appear…disturbed.”

    “I don’t know Starfire, something just doesn’t seem right.” Robin muttered back in reply.

    “Do not worry, if Cyborg says that it is safe, then I trust him.” The Tamaranian replied confidently.

    Robin nodded, walking out of the room with Starfire leaving Cyborg and Beast Boy behind. Beast Boy was having trouble containing his joy at having been able to play his game, while Cyborg went back to making some modifications on the computer console.

    “It’s not Cyborg I’m concerned about…….”

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