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Teen Titans Fan Fiction Teen Titans: The Lost Season, Part Two

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by The Guitar Slayer, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. JAG

    JAG Active Member

    Mar 12, 2005
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    Suspense! Gotta love evil cliffhangers...

    Definitely another good update. Very well-written fight scenes all around. I particularly liked the three-way fight. Argent's complaints about being ignored the whole fight were a nice touch, and I didn't expect Starfire to be eliminated so quickly.

    I'll definitely be interested to see who else moves on. Keep up the good work!
  2. Death58

    Death58 WFWC Vet.

    Jul 20, 2005
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    Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. Talk about a cliffhanger. You've always been brilliant at those.:D

    Since I missed the past two updates(all of ACT I), these comments pertain to both parts. First of all, I gotta say that the set up for the fights was absolutely amazing. Adding the pictures with gave the fic a nice visceral touch, not to mention a nice reminder of exactly what characters you were talking about. The interactions between the characters in the first part were fun. Especially the rivalry between Starfire and Blackfire. I love that it's essentially the only time that Star gets incredibly mean. Also, it was fun seeing Raven get in on the competitive action. She gave a valiant effort at trying to remain neutral. Alas, the heat between her and Jinx showed a very different side to Raven.:evil: I loved it.

    The fighting in general was really cool to read. Your descriptions seem to flow out with ease. One component you've always had in your back pocket when it comes to fights is tension. An example of this is Starfire's very brutal defeat. I was sorry for her, but a part of me being the way I am, I'm waiting to see just how badly damaged she really is.:evil: What makes this defeat so very unnerving, much to your credit, is that you've laid out your cards for us. You've created a danger to each of these matches because we don't truly know who is going to win. You know how to raise the stakes...

    I want to say, though, nice job with Argent. She was a character that literally had(maybe?)two lines in the show, and here it actually seems like she's more than just a pretty face with an accent. Chesire, for a character that doesn't say anything, is really well done as well. She's evil, but she has got some style. This brings me back to my original point, which is, that cliffhanger. Terra has a chance of getting really, really messed up, to put it bluntly...and I eagerly wait to see if that is indeed what happens.

    Keep it up, sir! I look forward to more!:anime:

    PS: This is my 600th post!
  3. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
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    ACT 2, Part 1

    Two circular platforms exploded as a soul bird flew through them, littering the arena with a rain of rubble and dust.

    "Is that the best you can do." Jinx laughed as she edged towards Raven, both palms charged with hex magic. The Titan transformed out of her soul bird form, meeting Jinx with her very own charged chakras.

    "Not even close." Raven's eyes glowed, then in a surprising move, rushed Jinx head on.

    The H.I.V.E member gave an amused look at this unorthodox tactic, then met the Titan with her own rush.

    "You think you can beat me in close quarters?" Jinx laughed as she charged Raven head on.

    "You bet." Raven motioned one of her palms forward, throwing a shock wave at Jinx which sliced through the ground like a hot knife through butter. Jinx skillfully twirled to one side, not losing her forward momentum and threw her own blast at Raven.

    The Titan reacted instantly, jumping over the hex and the resulting explosion, throwing herself at the villainess. Both girls struggled briefly as they grappled fists, Raven's chakra blast on her free hand being canceled out as it met Jinx's charged hands. The struggle did not last long as Jinx swiftly dodged one of Raven's swipes, kicking her opponent back a good few yards.

    Raven grunted as she impacted the ground, using her arm as leverage she dislodged a slice of the platform and threw it straight at Jinx. Jinx smirked arrogantly as the platform simply dissolved into dust around her, a barrier of hex energy formed around her.

    "What's that about beating me in close quarters?" Jinx laughed.

    Raven charged her opponent again, raising both her arms outward and levitating two nearby platforms on top of Jinx.

    The two stone platforms slammed into the ground around the HIVE member, but like the other projectiles they were sliced into pieces by Jinx's hex energy. Before she could even gloat however, Raven had closed the distance, reappearing behind Jinx in the form of a soul bird and swiping straight at her, knocking Jinx back in a powerful shockwave. The villainess screamed as she landed back in a cloud of dust.

    "You were saying?" Raven crossed her arms in a defensive posture, powering both her arms up with a fierce chakra charge.

    Jinx coughed as emerged from the smoke, a fierce glare already glowing in her eyes.

    A hex energy wave surged towards Raven, disintegrating the platform around it as it sped towards Raven. The Titan found herself falling onto her back but quickly took to the air.

    Reaching out around her, three more circular platforms became wrapped in black energy. With a wave of her hand, Raven sent each one flying towards Jinx, but the villainess simply hopped to other platforms, avoiding each of Raven's attacks. A succession of blasts filled the air as black magic blasts mixed in with hex spells.

    Raven, having quite enough, pointed both her hands at Jinx and charged up the largest blast yet.

    "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven shouted, sending a surge of black energy straight at her opponent.

    "I don't think so." Jinx snapped, meeting Raven's blast with one of her own hexes. The two forces smashed into each other and exploded upon impact, lighting the entire arena in an eerie glow.


    "UGH" Bumblebee grunted as she hit the ground, narrowly dodging the latest finger-spikes that shot out of the wall.

    "You cannot keep this up forever child, why not just surrender and save yourself the pain?" Madame rouge lectured her opponent in her condescending tone as she reformed her arms.

    "Not my style." Bumblebee shrunk again, firing more stinger blasts at Rouge, but the Brotherhood member simply brushed them off.

    "HA, if this is what the HIVE has to offer, then they are a waste of my time." Rouge outstretched her arm again, shooting it straight at bumblebee. The shrunken heroine quickly darted left and right, away from Rouge but the elastic villain's reach didn't seem to stop, she was tracing her flightpath like a snake slithering towards its prey.

    Finally, giving up on the chase, Bee grew herself back to normal size and decided to meet the villainess dead on, blocking the full force of Rouge's punch as it knocked her back a few feet in the air.

    "Impressive, but you should pay more attention." Rouge smirked.

    "Huh?" Bumblebee suddenly looked down and noticed that Rouge's other arm had just wrapped around her leg.

    "Now you are mine." She laughed, then swung her arm straight into the wall, with poor Bumblebee being taken along for the ride. The entire section of the pipeline wall collapse as Rouge threw Bumblebee straight through the concrete slabs, throwing up even more clouds of dust.

    Through the dust, two glowing stinger blasts hit Rouge in the face, taking her by surprise as well as deforming her head as she snapped back in surprise.

    Retracting her arms, Rouge covered her smoking face as more blasts fired through the smoke, each other hitting the villainess. But having adjusted to blasts, Rouge simply absorbed the hits like a rubber trampoline, with some blasts bouncing off her malleable body.

    "What do I have to do to bring down this crazy lady?" Bumblebee grumbled to herself as she hid around a corner, taking this lapse in fighting to catch her breath and plot her next move.

    "What was that child?" The wall suddenly came alive and Bumblebee widened her eyes as she realized Rouge had disguised herself alongside the pipeline walls with her shape shifting ability.

    "Lady, you're really starting to freak me out." Bumblebee let loose a barrage of stingers against the wall but all missed as Rouge instantly reformed in front of Bee.

    Madame Rouge shot out another one of punches, this one extending ten feet ahead towards Bee.
    Wasting no time, Bumblebee too to the air, then came down with a diving kick, intending to pin the villain against the wall.

    Rouge however, foresaw this manuveur and already grabbed onto Bumblebee's leg before hitting her, her other arm blocked Bumblebee's fist as it stopped just inches from her face.

    "Typical amateur."

    "You don't know what I'm capable of." Bee smirked as she used her free hand to charge her stinger and dug it straight into Rouge's face.

    The villainess screamed as he face began melting from the intense heat of the stinger, so much so that she violently threw bumblebee into the air. The heroine recovered and let loose another barrage of bolts at Rouge.

    "Why you little-" Rouge shot out both her arms at her assailant, but they hit nothing as Bumblebee shrunk again, closing the distance and appearing just beneath Rouge's face. Bee instantly reverted to her normal size and landed an uppercut straight into Madame Rouge's chin, knocking it up at least 2 feet into the air.

    Rouge however, chuckled evilly. "Big mistake."

    "Wha-" Before Bumblebee could even react, Rouge's long arms wrapped around Bumblebee, slithering around her body like snakes constricting it's prey.

    Bee grunted, shrinking to her insect size, but Rouge simply morphed her snake-like arms into a sphere, trapping poor Bumblebee inside.

    Instantly realizing she was trapped, Bumblebee reverted to her normal size again, but Rouge's spherical prison simply wrapped around Bumblebee like a garbage bag, constricting her movements as well as her breathing. The Heroine charged her stingers again but it was no use, Rouge did not let go.

    Struggling as she was wrapped within Rouge's Bubble, Bumblebee soon ran out of air, and after a few more defiant grunts, she lost all her strength.

    Rouge smirked, unwrapping Bumblebee from her arms and letting her fall harmless onto the floor. A split second later, a lightning zap teleported Bumblebee away, leaving Rouge standing victorious.

    "Bumblebee has been eliminated. The winner is! Madame Rouge!"

    "Foolish girl, you never stood a chance." Rouge sneered as she sharpened her fingers into metallic claws.


    "Come on, show yourself!" Terra shouted into the darkness as the laughter seemingly surrounded her. She edged closer to the walls, using it to keep her bearings, while at the same time she threw blind attacks at the darkness, dislodging a boulder here and there while sending a barrage of rocks in all directions. It was the only defense she had.

    As she aimed her attacks onto the ceiling and on the area in front of her, she felt a swift kick sweep at her feet, knocking her back. A sinister glint of steel flashed for an instant, and Terra had already summoned a stone bo staff from the cavern walls to parry it. The Titan brought her second fist up to send a rock pillar Chesire's way but the assassin kept attacking, keeping Terra off balance.

    Another kick sent Terra flying back, while in the darkness, Chesire armed herself with her wrist guard claws.

    Terra jumped back, sending a barrage of rocks towards Chesire as she had an idea where her attacker was coming from, but Chesire simply sliced them all out of the air.

    Hearing the footsteps, Terra summoned a rock boulder beneath her with the intention of flying above her assailant, but Chesire was quicker, knocking the Titan off her ride as she jump kicked Terra, making the Titan land right in the center of the cavern, far from the walls and rock formations that hugged the edge. Terra's boulder, now without it's master, unceremoniously dropped onto the ground, shattering into a million pieces.

    I can't keep this up forever. Terra thought, her opponent clearly had experience fighting in the darkness, but this was not completely new to her as well........



    Terra grunted as she fell face flat onto the desert plateau, her opponent already getting the best of her as he had all afternoon. Bruises and dirt scrapes covering her entire body, as though she had been dragged through an entire canyon and back.

    "Get up apprentice, the real training hasn't even begun yet." A tall dark menacing figure towered above her, black armor laced around him while a mask obscured his face. The figure, like Terra, had a bo staff in hand.

    "How can I?" Terra gasped for breath as the last kick took the wind out of her. "How can i even defend myself when you've tied THIS around my eyes!?" Terra pulled at the blindfold that was strapped securely around her head, almost forcibly. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't get it off.

    "If you wish to control your powers, you must first learn to listen to your senses. That requires focus." Slade went on, lecturing his student. "Focus requires no distractions. Taking away your sight is one way to hone your other senses."

    Before Terra could even get back up, Slade delivered another devastating kick towards Terra, straight into the stomach. Terra almost hurled as she was thrown back against a boulder. Gripping her fist, she sent a blind rock storm straight at Slade, only it missed him by a few inches due to her being unable to see.

    "Good. You are getting the hang of it." Slade said nonchalantly.

    "How can you expect me to fight if I can't see!?" Terra protested chidingly.

    "Oh, but you can see. You just don't realize it yet. That's why I am here, you just need the proper motivation." Slade said menacingly as he stepped towards Terra.

    Terra almost choked from the pain as she reached blindly for her bo staff. She had no idea why she even decided to take Slade up on his offer, but if it gave her a chance to control her powers again.

    Blindfolded, bo staff in hand, she rushed Slade again, this time parrying one of his blows briefly before getting smashed in the face with his counter strike.

    "Don't bother taking time to think, I won't give you the time. The first part of this lesson, is to simply hit me while defending yourself. You don't need to see to do that, it should come naturally to you."

    "I need to know my surroundings." Terra protested.

    "Why is that?" Slade asked innocently.

    "So I can plan my attack. You taught me those moves but I need to see someone to use them on, not to mention what's around me!" Indeed, Slade had trained Terra intensively in close quarters combat before this little exercise....so why was he putting her in a situation where they were totally useless?

    "You analyze too much my dear." Slade said simply.

    "Brains win over Brawn." Terra said defiantly.

    "Of course," Slade said instructively, "but Instinct wins over brains. Look at your friends...like that Beast Boy of yours, if he had to think every time he fought, he wouldn't be able to make it out the door. I want you to be able to act in the moment, to defend yourself and attack as though it is second nature. Thinking takes place at a higher level than mere pummeling."

    "Then why teach me all those moves?" Terra asked, slightly annoyed at Slade's smug tone.

    "That is so you know the fundamentals, but knowing that can only get you so far. You must practice, practice and apply until it becomes as easily as breathing to you. Do so until you can do the same moves over and over again in your sleep....or in the dark."

    Terra wiped the sweat off her brow, pulling up another stone bo staff from the earth so that now she was armed with two. Slade bots began surrounding her now as her master decided to take the training to the next level.

    She was ready.



    Terra she reached into her pocket, pulling out an old blindfold and began tying it around her head to cover her eyes. The cave was so dark that even this action didn't change any of Terra's vision as she finished the knot. Yet, she remained collected, her sporatic breathing from seconds ago reduced to a calm, meditative rate.

    Chesire, noticing that her opponent blindfolding herself, wondered whether she had lost her mind. But deciding that it was a moot point, she charged straight at Terra, claws and katana out, closing the distance with lightning speed.

    Sensing the vibration of the earth, Terra quickly turned around, jerking her head instinctively towards her opponent and summoning two rock spires that shot out in front of Chesire's path.

    The assassin was caught off guard by this attack, and jumped into the air, only to be met with Terra assaulting her with Twin bo staffs. Chesire quickly parried with the Katana, but could not avoid the second lunge straight at her face.

    Chesire's mask almost cracked as Terra landed her direct hit, temporarily throwing the cat-like assassin off balance. With a feral growl, Chesire retaliated, kicking Terra beneath the ribs as she was knocked down by the bo staff and sending the titan flying forwards onto the ground.

    Terra however, had by that time manipulated a boulder to appear beneath her, giving her a platform to land on before hitting the ground. Chesire meanwhile, dug her claws into the ground on impact, sliding to a stop on the other side of the arena. She was taken aback by Terra's sudden change in technique, it was as though she was fighting a completely different person.

    Deciding on the side of caution, Chesire assumed a defensive stance, confident that she could take advantage of any mistakes Terra may make on her offensive.

    "YAH!" Terra shouted as she propelled the boulder she was standing on straight at Chesire. The assassin slipped beneath it, letting it explode harmlessly on the wall behind her, she looked ahead to prepare for Terra's strike and on cue, a hailstorm of rocks assailed her. But Chesire effortlessly swatted these aside with her Katana and claws, cutting them to dust and rubble even as she was forced to step back a few feet.

    She fully expected Terra to rush through the rock storm, but to her surprise nothing happened.

    "Right behind you." Terra whispered, and Chesire barely had time to turn around wide eyed as the ground beneath her exploded with a tremor, throwing up a wall of ash and dust that covered the villainess.

    Terra stepped forward, bo staff in hand, and at that point, Chesire realized that she had hid herself behind the boulder she threw at her in the first strike, the rock storm being nothing but a diversion.

    Before Chesire could even get up however, snakes of earth were summoned from the ground, shackling her down by her wrists and legs. She snarled in anger, realizing that for the first time ever, she was beaten.

    "Game over." Terra smirked, pointing her Bo Staff downwards at her opponent, she had her dead to rights.

    Suddenly the entire arena lit up again, as torches magically appeared on the walls. A quick flash of lightning engulfed Chesire, and within an instant the Villainess was teleported away.

    "Chesire is eliminated, the winner is Terra!"


    "You think you have a chance against me Witch?" Jinx locked hands with Raven again, the air around them was rippling with flashes of electricity, both black and violet.

    "Look whose talking." Raven grunted under the strain, despite her power, Jinx was definitely getting the upper hand in these close encounters.

    "Azarath metrion-" The Titan began chanting.

    "Too slow." Jinx grinned as she shoved Raven away, snapping her fingers to summon forth another hex shockwave. Raven grunted as she was thrown back a good dozen yards, but somehow managed to bring herself to a stop in mid air.

    Jinx, to her surprise, noted that Raven's eyes were still glowing.


    A huge black soul bird quickly enveloped Raven, and with a cackling roar launched itself straight at Jinx.

    "You think your pretty light show can stop me?" Jinx said defiantly, then threw two waves of Hex energy at the soul bird. They simply dissolved on contact as Raven's soul bird continued it's relentless attack.

    "Oh-" Jinx shouted, just as the entire arena lit up in a flash.

    A low roar rumbled through the air, shaking all the platforms in the arena as the soul bird exploded on contact, disappearing into a ball of flame and black chakra, as well taking out the platform Jinx was standing and a dozen others nearby. With an 'OOOF', Jinx landed unceremoniously onto another stone platform, her uniform still smoking from Raven's last attack.

    Raven appeared floating before Jinx, evidently exhausted from the last attack. It seemed she used all her powers.

    "Is that all you've got?" Jinx smiled evilly as she realized she had the upper hand in power reserves.

    "Almost, but I don't need any more to finish you." Raven smirked.

    "What are you talking about? You've used more power than me. I've just been toying with you all this time." The H.I.V.E member quipped annoyingly.

    "Or maybe....I was just thinking ahead." Raven nonchalantly pointed to the arena around them, and within an instant, Jinx realized what had happened.

    All the circular platforms, the dozens of foating stone circles that filled the room when they started. There was only one left, the one Jinx that was standing on.

    "What?! This isn't fair!" The HIVE member, realizing this, cursed her opponent and her ability to levitate.

    "Better luck next time." Raven smirked, then snapped her fingers. A black shroud quickly enveloped the last platform dissolving it into a cloud of dust.

    "I'll get you back for thiiiiiiiiiiiiis!" Jinx shouted as she fell into the seemingly bottomless pit of the arena. Before she landed however, she vanished in a flash of lightning.

    "The winner is........... Raven!"

    Within moments, Raven herself vanished in a blinding flash of light.


    "Aw yeah! You won!" Terra gave Raven a friendly slap on the back as her friend materialized before her.

    Raven smiled as she saw that Terra too had advanced to the next round, but then she looked around the domed arena and the remaining contestants.

    "Where's Starfire?" The sorceress inquired.

    "I'm afraid she was too weak to survive the first round. A pity really." Blackfire emerged from the shadows, and within an instant was reward with a deathly glare from both titans.

    "Well played!" The Master of games cut off the impending confrontation as he appeared in another flash of light above the platform, right in front of the heroines. There were now five heroines left. Raven, Terra, Blackfire, Rouge and Argent.

    "You have survived the first round." The master spread his arms out magnanimously as if in tribute to his contestants.

    "What happened to the ones who didn't?" Raven stepped up.

    "Yeah, where's Starfire?" Terra asked.

    The Master of Games chuckled softly. "Please heroines, no need to worry. I was merely using a figure of speech. The others have been returned home safely. You need not concern yourselves with them, for now you must rest, for tomorrow, is round two!"

    Before Terra, Raven or the others could even say another word. The Master of games summoned another 5 bolts, these ones summoning his champions to their quarters outside the dome, where they would rest for the night.

    "This is even going better than I had originally planned....soon, the prizes will all be mine and then no hero or heroine will ever be able to match me again." He chuckled softly to himself as he casually clasped the jewel necklace he wore, ignoring the muffled screams that emerged from within it's casing.

    "Sleep tight, my little heroines, for tomorrow indeed, is a big day."
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  4. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Thanks JAG! I was very confused trying to write Argent since she appears for probably 1-2 minutes at most on screen. But she seemed to have interesting powers from when i first saw her :) and yes lol, poor her getting caught in the old rivalry between black and star.

    Starfire's elimination parallel's beast boys from the original ep, though i think he deserved to beat Wildebeast, BB essentially just screwed himself over if i recall correctly lol.

    Let's not forget your own :) I learned from the best lol.

    Yep, the pics were just my way of trying to mimic what the actual episode did, just to make that episodic feel as you've known so much in the lost seasons :) I'd imagine Star would still feel a bit stingy over what happened in Season 1, as it is still the 2nd season only.

    Ah yes, Raven being competitive? I can really imagine so :evil: especially when we get her playing video games haha.

    Thanks Death! I'm glad you like it, it's harder and harder to try and write fighting scenes just because it's been so damn long, but glad it's still as fresh for you :D And yes, now i remember, you were the one who always was interested in seeing how much Starfire could get pummeled haha.

    Let's take bets, who do you think will be in the next round? :cool:

    Thanks Death! I honestly have no clue what Argent was supposed to be like personality wise, since she did appear for a whole minute or two in the series, but i try my best :)

    Glad I could have added some tension to that fight, though to be honest, I think Chesire had the deck stacked against her, Terra, aside from being one of my fav characters :cool:, also is the one with perhaps the most potential power out of all the titans introduced (perhaps besides Raven). It's very interesting to write a fight scene for her, and fun too just because of her versatility :D
  5. JAG

    JAG Active Member

    Mar 12, 2005
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    ...and we have our winners! Rouge vs. Bumblebee was predictable enough, as Bee never stood a chance, but it was still a fun battle to read. I'll be interested to see how Rouge fits in to the rest of the story. She's proven herself to be borderline invincible, so the rest of the contestants have their work cut out for them.

    Terra vs. Cheshire was an interesting match. I particularly liked the flashback scene. It added more emphasis to Terra's victory by showing how she came to acquire the skills that made it possible. And, of course, Slade's involvment in anything is an automatic improvement.

    Raven vs. Jinx had my favorite ending, with Jinx trapped on the floating platform. A nice touch of comedy to an otherwise serious chapter.
  6. Death58

    Death58 WFWC Vet.

    Jul 20, 2005
    Likes Received:
    First off...

    I'm going to apologize for not being on the boards like I anticipated this summer. I had a job that ate up most of my free time, so my resurrection to the boards went up in flames. At least I'm replying now, if really, really late to the party...:sad:

    Also, let me just say that the picture of Terra with her bo-staff fighting the robots and Slade was very, very, cool.:D

    I've been gone for a while, but not long enough to forget the details of this. Simply put, you sir know how to set up a fight. Seriously, your on the fly descriptions of the fights create tension and mood so brilliantly that I felt as though I were just sitting back watching an episode of "Teen Titans". Act 2, Part 1 is definitely you at the top of your game. If you had any hesitations before, this is just proof that you are indeed back into the swing of things(however, I believe you other updates to this episode have been just as spot on).:anime:

    Rouge completely destroyed Bumble Bee, which I kind of expected, but the manner that you did it was really quite brutal. Bee never stood a chance against the onslaught that Rouge threw at her, however, you being you, there were some moments when I became optimistic that Bee might just get the W. Obviously, that was a bit crushed when Rouge trapped Bee, which by the by made me feel a bit claustrophobic at the very thought.

    Then we get back into the fight of Terra vs Chesire, which upped the brutality even more! There were a few descriptions in that fight that made me squeamish, especially the one particular hit that Slade landed on Terra during the flash back sequence. I don't know why, but imagining a straight on blow to the face is just...unpleasant. Which is good!:p The flashback sequence itself was a stroke of absolute genius on your part, because I always wondered what it would be like for Slade to train Terra. I figured that he wouldn't exactly be the easiest guy to train under, and you definitely portrayed that nicely. Watching the training immediately go into effect in the fight was nice, especially since Chesire was very good at beating Terra into a pulp during the first half. You had me guessing if Terra would even win, so it was nice when she actually did. I like Terra...

    ...and finally the book end fight to this part, Raven vs Jinx. There was a part of me that felt for Jinx when she was left with only one platform to stand on. It was a brilliant demonstration of just how very clever and powerful Raven is. To your credit, you managed to keep the fight on equal ground right up until that moment when the reveal happened. I was a little bit giddy.

    Anyway, I hope to see more. As always, sir, really good work. It's a pleasure to read.:anime:

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