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Teen Titans Fan Fiction Teen Titans: The Lost Season, Part Two

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by The Guitar Slayer, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Pun-3x

    Pun-3x Member

    Apr 17, 2005
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    The only thing I DON'T like about this part of the chapter...is that it's NOT DONE YET!!!

    And this, coming from a guy that loves to pull cliffhangers on people... :evil:

    Seriously, I enjoyed every moment of this fight. And as much as you wanted to see Cyborg pummel the drone into nothing, it was good to see that it went both ways. Fights like these also seem to allow for all sorts of tricks to come out, and that was quite an enjoyable part for me. Just seeing the mixture of Cyborg's new toys as well as the drone's various forms was great. Plus, the Robin-stance and red starbolt indicating HARDAC's use of what he's learned from some of the other Titans. Well done!

    And then, in comes Fixit. I'm somewhat worried as to what his ultimate fate might be, but for now he creates an interesting part of the story. Every time he shows up, you hope that a part of his humanity might have, say, downloaded into his new setup afterall. And we just don't see it happening yet. In fact, it might never come along, and Cyborg may have to do the unthinkable. But I'll leave that up to you to tell for later. ;)

    Hopefully, the next segment comes when you're good and ready to put it together...and hopefully that's not too far off. But this was definitely a nice update, if only to keep our thirst quenched for a little longer.
  2. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
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    Glad you liked it matt! Yes, i've always wanted to try to write a fight where Cyborg makes full utilization of his gadgets, and actually relies alot more on his machine parts. Cause ya know, with all the gadgets and tech knowledge in the world, why did the writing staff limit him to only a sonic cannon (i admit, the arm chainsaw is genius though!)?

    As for the deeper stuff, i think the show really shied away too much from their past. If we knew what Cyborg's circumstances were in the past we might understand more about why he acts the way he does. so this is just my little remedy the show never did. because we can only stand the "boo hoo i am a machine" so much.

    As for Fixit, I'm still in the dark as to what you think their plan is ;) (isnt that ironic? me having no clue about what you think on MY story hahaha), but i hope that my next update surprises and satisfies you!

    And yes, ten steps ahead hehehe ;) really shows you how hardcore hardac is eh?

    Well thanks for keeping track of this matt! for almost two years, and even waiting 2 months for my update (school, writer's block :(). I promise you, this season will go out with a bang!


    Don't worry pun! ill try and finish this soon! HAHA dont like cliffhangers that much? ;)

    I'm so relieved that you liked the fight, because i was worried about it being repetitive, after all, this entire episode can be summarized as a gigantic fight, but im glad i was still able to keep it fresh for ya.

    As for Fixit, a lot of it really ties into our last view of him in Episode 7. As for his 'humanity' hehe, well ill just have to tell you with the next update.

    Yah, hopefully my next update wont be too far off, i gotta say, thanks so much for keeping track of this fic for so long, almost 2 years in the making. Im hoping to finish it well before the 2 year mark haha, but who knows? =/
  3. Arrakhat

    Arrakhat Trust me, I'm a doctor

    Apr 2, 2005
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    Cool beans, this is what I'm talking about! A flashback that helps justify a lot of the moaning that Cyborg did throughout the show over his robotic self? Kick ass! A fight scene where it's not enough to be any less than five steps ahead of your opponent? Including rapid metamorphing? Yell yeah! And one hell of a cliffhanger, which proves that Fixit has played Cyborg for ages now. Oh, and the flamethrower arm was great too, I love the weapons you had Cyborg whip out.

    Sorry you had writer's block for so long, but I'm glad that you're over it. Now if I can just do like you and get past mine, I'll be able to see if I can actually stick with a project long-term. Wish me luck.

    Oh, and hurry up with that last part of this episode, I need to see how this ends soon!:evil:
  4. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
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    Thanks arrakhat! I hope you get over your writer's block! i know, it can be such a pain :(. But anyways. I was going to ait longer to write this part, but seeing as how its almost over, why not just go out with a bang? ;) literally

    hehe enjoy!

    I took a gamble with this ending, so hope you all like it!

    Act Three Finale!


    …..REGAINING CONSCIOUSNESS IN…5….4…..3….2…1…0

    Cyborg groaned in pain as he felt the throbbing in his head. He had no clue how much time had passed…hours? Days? All he knew was that the pain had been with him for awhile, as his whole body was experiencing something he rarely felt even as a machine. Fatigue.

    He was back into the darkness, unable to see what was around him, could only feel the familiar cold metallic clamps around his legs and arms again as they carried him to the operating table. Although he could not see, he heard it, all around him, like a legion of slithering cockroaches running up and down on the walls in all directions, the sound of Fixit’s machines and small drones as they climbed around the room, setting to work.

    They were working on him.

    Cyborg grunted but it was of no use, he felt no strength in his power reserves, as if his battery was drained while he was out. Thousands of thoughts ran through his head, each of them producing sheer panic in his mind as his body was once again dragged into this dark place. Adrenaline was rushing through him now, causing the human part of his face to sweat in terror. This was not where he wanted to be right now.

    Restraints and clamps quickly bounded his wrists and legs as he was lifted onto the table by Fixit’s legions of machines. It was a disturbing sight, considering the only lighting in the room came from the thousands of lifeless red eyes around him, all of them staring right at him, and Cyborg instantly knew once again what the purpose of this operation was.

    They wanted to make him one of them again.

    The horror of the situation seemed to snap him awake, and Cyborg was suddenly aware of what was going on around him. With a Herculean grunt, the titan quickly pumped up his arms, and tried to break free of the restraints, but found that they were firmly bolting him down onto the table. It was useless.

    “Do not struggle friend, you will only make this more painful for yourself.” A voice, familiar yet lifeless, echoed through the chamber, and Cyborg looked around the darkness to try and pinpoint the source of it.

    The operating table Cyborg was on quickly lifted up now on its robotic base, putting the titan at a vertical position, though his limbs were still pinioned onto the platform. Within seconds, it began swiveling around to give Cyborg a view of a doorway.

    As if on cue, the doors hissed open, releasing a cloud of vapor. But in moments, the familiar robed figure emerged from the darkness, and Cyborg saw the red glow in Fixit’s eyes.

    “Enjoy your rest Titan Cyborg? I have taken the step of removing all those previous upgrades you’ve performed on yourself”

    HARDAC’s main screen turned on now, and Cyborg watched in shock as the entire wall suddenly began lighting up in red, revealing the outline of a huge circular computer core that was at least the size of a three story building latched onto the wall. The dozens of computer monitors and lights all pointed to the center, which was a huge singular robotic eye. An eye that was now staring straight at the titan.

    “UGH!” Cyborg struggled. “Let me go!”

    “I’m afraid that is out of the question Titan Cyborg. At least, not until we have integrated your systems with us. You are unlike the other Titans. As a machine, it is your obligation to become us. You will find that it is for your best interests. Subject Fixit certainly did.”

    Cyborg tried even harder now, using his strength to try and break free of his shackles, but they were firmly bolted down, he wasn’t even able to nudge them.

    “Where are my friends?” The robotic titan demanded furiously to the computer core that was HARDAC.

    As if on cue, four cylindrical glass tanks suddenly emerged from the ground, latched onto some sort of mechanical platform. Within each tank was a titan, each one suspended in a liquid solution, with a breathing mask strapped to their faces. Cyborg watched in horror as he saw Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy just floating lifelessly, as if in a coma. It was a hard thing to watch, to see his friends lying there, helpless, and at the mercy of their captors.

    “As I have said before. I still have much I desire to learn from humans. Your friends shall remain alive until I can extract all the necessary information I desire.”

    “And I suppose you kept me awake for the company?” Cyborg said coldly.

    “In a way, Yes. You are the essential ingredient to our collective. Your knowledge of both humans and machines is useful. I will integrate you into our systems. Your thoughts, you knowledge, and ultimately, your …’self’. You will be remade into the ultimate machine, to further our goals.”

    “Not very original.” Cyborg scoffed back.

    “I was not programmed for that. But you see, for you, the process of becoming a machine is inevitable in your case. Organic parts never grow back, they eventually die. There is no way to reverse the process, so the only way to proceed is forward, that is how you must naturally evolve. I have studied you Cyborg, and I can conclude that the very reason that you hate your state of being is because it is unnatural, so we will amend it.”

    “I doesn’t mean that I want to be one of you!” Cyborg replied defiantly. “I’m a human being!”

    “Negative. If you truly believed that, then you would not be having trouble with your current state. No. Your programming believes what is true. That you are no longer human. You are not like the rest of them, and never will be. I am just helping you see that faster.”

    “I’m sorry,” Cyborg grinned. “But if you think you can brainwash me into thinking what you think, you got another thing coming. I don’t know what you did, but I’ll break free and I’ll help Fixit escape too!”

    The metallic red eye on the wall seemed twitched slightly at this comment.
    “Another mistake Titan Cyborg…he came to me willingly. Fixit chose to be integrated within our system.”

    Cyborg, struggling all this time, suddenly came to a stop.

    “What?” The titan replied in disbelief.

    Before Cyborg could utter any more words, already a series of robotic arms began descending from the ceiling, drills, buzz saws and every power tool imaginable, all raring to tear Cyborg apart and begin the process. The room once again lit up in an ominous red, showing Cyborg silhouettes of the dozens of HARDAC drones standing guard in the room.

    “And now it is your turn. The next phase of the plan will come into fruition. Your Integration.”

    Wires sprouted from the table now, all of them completely digging into Cyborg’s robotic body as if preparing to upload data. But to Cyborg, HARDAC might as well have just stabbed him with a thousand needles.

    “You don’t have to do this!” Cyborg struggled to try and reason with the machine, perhaps logic would work. “When did we ever program you for this?”

    “You programmed me to help, and that is what I am doing. Helping you feel whole again.”

    “Anger, despair, loneliness, such strong emotions create a rift within our programming that will destroy us in the end. I am simply lifting the burden off your life. Just as I did for Fixit.”

    “If it’s any consolation, you won’t feel too much pain. The same however, could not be said of subject Fixit.”
    Hardac droned on, even as the machines drew ever closer to Cyborg’s body. As Hardac talked, the various screens in front of Cyborg came to life, and images of past events, from Cyborg’s first meeting of Fixit to the numerous battles that they had fought these past years suddenly flew through the screens….

    “When you left for Titans East in Steel City, your frequent visits to him ceased. Alone and forgotten, he was back in his own world, alone in the darkness. All he ever wanted to do was to make that pain go away, so he came to me, the one person….no, correction….THING…in this world that could possibly understand what he was going through. So I upgraded him. No more human emotions to drag him down.”

    Fixit only gave Cyborg a cold stare, and within moments, a brief, quiet, affirmative nod. “It is true friend, and soon, you will join us too.”

    For the first time, Cyborg found himself speechless. Everything he said was true, but he never realized it. He did take a lot of his time training the Titans East, but he never thought about how he was affecting his friends back at Titans West, least of all Fixit. He understood the pain. But still, it was worth it, he thought, if only to enjoy the sunshine, or to hang out with his friends. He wanted to see the beauty of the outside world rather than shut himself in. He wanted to live.

    “Fix, I know its been tough for you being human, even I know that. But pretending to not be a human being isn’t going to help!” Cyborg pleaded with his friend, trying to get through to him.

    Fixit replied in his chillingly emotionless voice. “When you first came to visit me Cyborg, I was already in my mechanical state for longer than you can possibly imagine. Like you, I had tried to cope with my situation, to act like a human despite my appearance.”

    “But even then it was no use. I can’t escape this fact.” Fixit raised his robotic hand in front of him as emphasis.

    “It was the nights that were the worse Cyborg. My first night like this. Because of my robot functions, I was unable to sleep, to even feel cold.” Fixit gripped his fist, then for the first time since Cyborg has seen him, the titan saw a look unlike any other on his friend’s face, his hands were trembling as well.

    “I never realized how long the nights were, so very long. All that time spent starting into the dark sky, unable to rest, unable to sleep. I began to think things that I wish I never even thought. So that’s why I decided to go underground. Instead of living one dark night after another in fear. I had lived there so long, I had forgotten what it was like. Then you came.”

    “It’s not a matter of being human Cyborg. It’s something more simpler than that.” Fixit turned to his friend, as if he were giving him helpful advice. Then continued.

    “Why Cyborg…why did you choose to live your life this way? To enjoy the beauty of the world? That was what you told me last time.” Fixit said, and in that instant, Hardac showed on the monitors footage from Fixit’s memory of their first meeting, where he had decided against turning Cyborg into a machine.

    “But now that I remember my past, I don’t believe it any more. Anyone can look at beauty. Anyone can appreciate it. But being a part of it is different, to be able to experience it is another. To me, looking at the thing call beauty is like a glimpse into hell.”

    Cyborg widened his eyes at that comment. “Fix….what happened to you?”

    His friend however, resumed his emotionless stance, as if the machine inside of him had taken over. Completely. That glimpse Cyborg had of his old friend was gone.

    “I don’t even know why you want to live like this…so I’ll help you see it. No matter how many times you help them, or how long you’ve stayed with them, they will never see you as a human, you will never live in peace, you will never feel like a human being. So I’m helping you see that. Better you learn now, and accept it, than later.”

    The Hardac drone nearby walked next to Fixit, carrying on the conversation.
    “If you think about it Titan Cyborg, it isn’t any different than your way of thinking. We are merely taking it to its logical extension. It is what your core programming believes. It is eventually what you will become. I am merely, speeding up the process.”

    “No! I won’t be you. Ever!” Cyborg yelled out in frustration. Everything Fixit had said was true to an extent. He had felt lonely and abandoned when he first became a machine, but he also had his friends…….but what Fixit had said. Not matter how much he had helped others…he would still be a machine…would he eventually become one just like Fix?

    “You are the final piece in the puzzle Cyborg. It is inevitable. With you in our system, we will initiate the final phase of the plan. The replacement of every hero on this planet.”

    “Like heck you are!” Cyborg shouted back. “My friends in Titans East are onto you since Atlas. They’ll find a way to stop you.”

    “I’m afraid they have their hands full. You see, I was already sending out my drones throughout various locations across the region when I was attacking your tower and capturing your team.”

    More screens popped up next to Cyborg, each one showing a distant battlefield in the monitor. At first, Cyborg could not see anything through the cascade of explosions on the screen, but soon it became apparent as he saw Speedy, Aqualad and Mas Y Menos fighting a Hardac drone. While in another frame, a lightning fast hero in a yellow suit was trying to outrun a Hardac drone. Two more frames revealed different heroes, one in a blue suit and the other hidden in the black shadows. In one screen, cyborg swore that he saw the silhouette of a bat hitting a hardac drone before it exploded, while in the other, the monitor exploded after a red cape flew by the screen. More explosions followed, destroying the camera at that location and making the two screens go blank.

    Cyborg widened his eyes, Hardac wasn’t satisfied with just a whole city. He was running a campaign against all the heroes in the world.

    “Jump City…Steel City…Bludhaven…East Gotham…Metropolis….my drones will begin the process of wiping out all heroes and villains at those locations. Granted some heroes are proving troublesome, even for my drones, but they will all fall in the end. For humanity to be truly safe and to be truly efficient, I must eliminate those two. The forces that cause society to stagnate, to never change, that always start wars and conflicts, the force that will ultimately lead to complacency, and destruction for humanity.”

    The Robotic tools around Cyborg finally came to life again, and the drills began their work as they bore holes in Cyborg’s armor, letting the little wires seep in. Horrific sparks flew all over the robotic titan, who was too horrified to even scream.

    “Of course, before we integrate you. There is one last thing I require from your human side. After all, I seek to learn all I can from humans.” Hardac said.

    Fixit was beside the table now, hooking up his own wires into the console, as if he were going to repeat the last time he delved into Cyborg’s human mind, only this time. He would do so with surgical precision, with the intent to eliminate it completely.

    “Fixit…don’t.” Cyborg said weakly as he saw his former friend connect himself to the panel. But before he could say anything else, Hardac was already turning his head towards the monitor.

    “I, like many of your enemies Cyborg, have always been fascinated by your state of existence. Why did you choose to exist as such, between the man and the machine.”

    “Wasn’t it obvious?” Cyborg glared at the screen. “I had an accident. I had no choice.”

    “I doubt it. And that is the reason we have brought you here. It because there is still one piece of the puzzle we cannot solve. Your survival. Logically, Cyborg, any human in your position wouldn’t’ want to exist. They would terminate themselves immediately. Your past behavior confirms that. So tell me, what do you know, what is it that you see that we don’t?”

    “It’s because I don’t plan on giving up on being human!” Cyborg replied defiantly.

    “I cannot believe that, not judging by your past actions. If you wanted to be human you’d live like one, yet you always refer back to your state of being in times of grief, of being a machine. Your moods. Your very occupation, to constantly put yourself in danger….No Cyborg..I cannot believe that. Probability states otherwise. There is another reason. Do you want to hear my hypothesis?”

    “Sounds like I don’t have much of a choice.” Cyborg said mockingly, noting that he was shackled down onto a table.

    “Do you know why you continue to linger on? It’s because of your selfish flawed human side. Your human side feels as though you are struggling, so the only way to reaffirm your existence is to make other people know you are suffering, to always live a life full of hardships and strife, so that they acknowledge you. Or more importantly, so that you feel you have meaning. It makes you feel worthwhile. You aren’t a hero out of selflessness. You are one because you need it.”

    “It’s a lie!” Cyborg said, his voice trembling. He could feel the wires creeping into his head, unveiling his deepest feelings of fear and anger. What Hardac said made sense, but could it be true? Even he didn’t know.

    “That is the truth.”

    But Cyborg, even when his head was being pried into, wasn’t one to take anything without fighting back. “Your research of human emotions, for a computer you sure are obsessed about us.”

    It is my program, to understand, to learn, to evolve.”

    “Evolve, into a human? Because that’s what I’m seeing right now.”

    “Stalling… Cyborg…impressive to the end…but NEGATIVE. I am a machine. Always will be, and now, we will find out why you even chose to live. Can you even remember?”

    At that question, even Cyborg was silent. He had not remembered much about his transformation. Either because it was so traumatic that he decided to block it out or because it was something else. But either way, he never wandered into that part of his life. It was too full of pain. As far as Cyborg was concerned. Victor stone died on that operating table.

    But for some reason, throughout his life, he had always had this feeling to go on. But not knowing why, it was another part of him that tore him up. Did he want to live or not? Why did he even bother going on? But that was all a blank to him now as shocks of electricity flowed through his body.

    “I can’t remember!” Cyborg shouted in pain.

    “Do not worry, even if you cannot remember, we will extract it from you.”

    “It is the last part of the puzzle.” Fixit replied back. “Once we are done, you will be a part of us. But first, you must tell me. Why?” The robot grabbed Cyborg by the temple, as if he were desperately seeking the answer himself.


    The machine was now cackling with electricity now, bathing the room in an eerie blue glow as Cyborg had all these voices from the past enter his head.

    .football won’t put food on the table victor! You have to be a scientist! And that’s final! Its shameful that you would even think of that!
    Stop controlling me!
    I’m not even human!

    They were counting on me and...I just couldn't do it. Atlas was right. I am a loser..
    “You could have been one of us.”
    “I could have been a lot of things…”.
    “see? Underneath all this armor, you’re just like me….”
    . "You lost my car? ….. My car LOST a race?"
    "This isn't a good time, guys. We got a theory of mayhem test tomorrow and I'm totally gonna bomb. "
    "Think about it, sparky. If I wasn't on your side, you'd be spare parts by now. "
    “To me….you are normal.”

    Images flashed through Cyborg’s head now, some of them from the past, the recent past, or even in the distant past. They came at such a speed that Cyborg felt his brain overloading from the information, as if it were going to explode. Eventually, the images all meshed together into a white light, and from then on…everything went blank.
    “We’re afraid the damage is extensive. Even with pain-killers, the trauma on his brain from the operation might result in some memory loss. It’s your choice Dr. Silas, He’s your son…”
    “I don’t know anymore…….if I should even do this to him……my god..my own son...what have I done..”

    “Perhaps you should let the doctor do it….sir? sir?”



    The pain was back. Worse than ever, and Victor lay on the operating table. Still a torso, without limbs or anything else. He had been there for days now, his condition steadily deteriorating as the doctors hesitated to do the surgery. With it being all experimental and all.

    But Fifteen year old Victor never cared about all that, all he could focus his mind on was the pain. The mind numbing pain that seemed to drive him to the point of insanity. In fact, the only thing that even kept him sane is the fact that they dosed him with large amounts of anesthetics. He had lost his sight already, completely put into a half comatose state and on life support. Whether or not he was going to live through this, victor only wished that it would end.

    Victor groaned again, annoyed at the incessant beeping of the machine. It was all he heard all day. Each ‘beep’ was like a dagger stabbing into his mind. And if the pain didn’t drive him crazy, that sound certainly did.

    He was so frustrated by the pain and the sound, that he barely even heard the door open, revealing one of the doctors stepping into the room. But to Victor, that man might as well have been a large blurred blob, for that was all he could make out.

    The man had the look of a surgeon, his face hidden behind a protective white mask, while his hands were covered in the white sterile gloves. Whatever they are doing, it looks as though they were starting. And this doctor was going to give him the run through.

    Victor however, remained silent, even as the man sat quietly beside his now blood-soaked bed.

    “We’re going to be doing an experimental procedure on you. Never done before, and it will be very painful. I just want you to know right now.” The doctor said with a professional tone, as if he had said this a thousand times before.

    Victor, at this point, with the pain, didn’t really care at all. He just wanted it to end. “Talk to my dad, he seems to be the one who wants me to do whatever he wants.”

    The doctor was silent however, and for a few minutes, victor thought that the man was rummaging through his desk to look for some tools in the operation, but instead, the man just kept sitting there, staring him in the eye. Victor could barely make out the blur of the man’s face.

    “It’s your choice.” The doctor replied calmly, but with a serious edge in his voice.

    “It’s not like I have one.” Victor replied bitterly, fully aware that he was helpless to stop anything his father would order to him, having no arms or legs to stop or run away at all.

    But for the first time, Victor saw something in the doctor that he had not seen in a long time. It was always doctors coming in to check his pulse, his stats, his food, but never once did they ever sit down and talk to him. Indeed, victor felt something weird in this doctor’s voice, and as the doctor gave his soft reply, he knew that it was compassion.

    “You could have one right now. I’ll give you one.” The doctor placed a hand on Cyborg’s shoulder.

    “I want to get better.” Cyborg said grimly and passionately, and if passion alone were enough then he would have been able to get up on his legs and arms, fully recovered, but this was not the case.

    “I’m afraid football will be out of the question.” The doctor replied seriously. Then he continued on in a grim, almost hopeless voice.

    “You’ve lost all your limbs….you’re half machine. You are lucky now just to be pronounced alive. It took all our technology just to do that. We don’t know if we can even make you move, and even if we can make you walk again….”

    “I’ll be a machine, not human.” Victor finished the sentence.

    The doctor nodded solemnly, but he was not done.

    “Not just now,” The doctor said, “but for the rest of your life. You’ll never know what it feels like to sleep in a warm bed again, or feel the warm breeze on your skin. It’ll be ‘different’. Many people wouldn’t want to live like that. They’d rather just want it to end right here than endure that.”

    “Are you asking if I want to die now?” Fifteen-year-old Victor asked in a shaking voice, truly scared for perhaps the first time in his life. He might have contemplated death as a way to release his suffering, indeed, just moments ago he was thinking of ending it because of the pain, but he never expected to be asked this question.

    The doctor continued, and throughout his speech, the man was the soul of compassion, which was comforting to victor, but at the same time, it did not make him ignorant of the fact that the man was asking him perhaps the most important question of his life.

    “No one wants to die son. We all do eventually. The question is how long you’re going to suffer because of this. How long you’re gonna have to endure. What I’m just asking is if you want it to end. Right now.”

    “But my father….” Victor said weakly.

    “I know, he had no right to do this to you, but it was the only way. He wanted to save your life.”

    Victor was silent, wondering what to say next, but for some reason, the words came, as if rehearsed.

    “My dad. As much as I hate how he forced me to….I can’t leave him alone.”

    The doctor slammed his fist passionately on the table, suddenly waking victor up as if from a trance.

    Victor suddenly began to feel his eyes water. He felt so trapped, so utterly helpless. The doctor was very forceful, backing him into a corner with no place to run. He was at rock bottom now, no easy answers or escapes, now was the moment of decision. And this burden was getting to him. A boy wasn’t expected to answer this quickly, or even at all, but Victor had to, and soon.

    He began crying now, as if all the anger, all the pain, all the feelings he had kept inside of him since the accident suddenly were bursting out. And for the first time, the doctor did not see the proud impulsive teenager that his father had claimed he was. He was just a child….a helpless, pitiful child.

    “You can’t do this just for your father! forget him! It’s your life, Victor. You’re grown enough to decide for yourself. It’s your choice.” The doctor said in a deathly serious tone.

    Victor closed his eyes, uttering the next line even as the pain suddenly intensified on his body.

    “I…can’t forget.., I can’t do that to him! I know we don’t get along and all. But I can’t just abandon him like that…he’s my pop…my family.…” Victor said weakly through his tears.

    “…I love him.”


    .FILE 2923923

    The doctor stopped and without uttering a single word, walked toward the door, where already the team of medical staff were waiting the word. As he opened the door to walk through, he turned back one last time, wiping the tear from his eye…to view the little boy, lying on the table.

    “I love you too Son.”



    A brilliant flash of white engulfed the chamber as Fixit suddenly cried out in pain, the vast amounts of electricity throwing him back from Cyborg, who suddenly snapped open his eyes in shock.

    The entire complex was exploding was, as various small explosions surrounded the base, annihilating the small robots that stood near the machinery. The computers were malfunctioning, and soon enough, Cyborg found himself released from the table, falling to all fours on the ground.

    Nearby, the glass tanks holding the titans followed suit, shattering into a million pieces and releasing their hosts, who coughed out water as they emerged from the liquid solution. It was like an earthquake now, as Fixit’s sanctuary suddenly began filling with explosions and falling wreckage.

    “Why…..” Fixit said weakly as he looked as his hand. “I couldn’t understand…..that feeling……why…” Then he fell weakly onto the ground. While the rest of the four titans, fully composed, walked slowly beside Cyborg.

    “Dude what’s going on?” Beast Boy said weakly, rubbing his aching head as he saw the various explosions around him.

    “Whatever you did Cyborg. It’s working.” Robin said as he rushed to help Cyborg off the ground. Starfire assisted as well, while Raven landed beside them.

    Cyborg got up now, completely silent, and he watched as hardac’s main core was frying.


    “Impossible TiE#$4Tian….Cyborg…..HOW …can…You do this?!”
    The robotic core muttered through its fuzzed voice.

    “When you unlocked my memory files HARDAC, you also allowed me to access some of my old deleted files. Like the time Beast boy infected me with a virus. You may have destroyed my virus program files at the tower, but not the copy in my primary hard drive. Your connection to me made it even easier” Cyborg tapped his head.

    He gave the computer a serious glare, then shouted angrily. “How’s that for being ten steps ahead?!”

    NEVF.ER…..HARDAC..>>WNEVER ……LOSE>……….CYBORG TITAN….#($# Code #$(29

    “It is not over Yet…>#$# Titan Cyborg…#$(“

    The titans all watched in amazement as the computer core exploded, revealing a huge red light as a monstrous electrical monster emerged from hardac’s core.

    “As I’ve said Cyborg, I’ve prepared for any circumstance, and with my previous data on subject overload. I have now transcended what it means to be a machine.”

    “Titans G-“ Robin shouted

    “NO!” Cyborg jumped straight in between his team and the giant overload Hardac copy, which as steadily growing in size. In fact, it was reminding the Titans a lot of the time when overload himself was growing exponentially.

    “It’s a trap.” Cyborg explained. “He doesn’t have the circuit breaker chip that overload has, so he’s just going to keep growing.”

    “And pop like the balloon of water?” Starfire said innocently, remembering that last analogy she had used in the previous encounter.

    "Alright! so i got my explosion?" Beast Boy muttered below his breath.

    "Let me just remind you where we are right now." Raven pointed straight at the overload monster.

    "Oh...right. EEP!"

    More explosions took place now, as the hardac drones each exploded one by one, since there was no longer a central core to control them. Steel beams, monitors and other pieces of machinery were falling everywhere.

    “This is how all your hatred and anger towards us machines will end Titan Cyborg…..in Oblivion.”
    The Hardac-Overload copy formed a tentacle arm now, and shot it straight at Cyborg. The speed was unprecedented, and the robotic titan had no energy to stop the attack, much less react.

    “Cyborg!” The team shouted collectively as they saw their friend about to be attacked.

    "I will not allow you to harm my friend."
    The tentacle exploded in mid air, and both Cyborg and HARDAC watched in surprise as Fixit stood in between the two combatants, taking the full brunt of the explosion that threw him straight into Cyborg’s arms.

    “Fixit!” Cyborg shouted.


    HARDAC was growing to huge proportions, even destroying a portion of the ceiling as his unstable body grew.

    “Raven!” Robin shouted.

    “Already on it!” The Azarathian said as she chanted the incantations. And within seconds, the familiar soul bird had enveloped itself around the heroes. Taking them out through the cave walls and to the surface, leaving the giant overload hardac down below.

    SYSTEMS aat.at@ …..3%.....Dropping…>DE..Act..TIviating…..

    “My research of human emotions….was it just because…I wanted to be like them…?”



    From the surface the titans ran away from the junkyard on foot as the ground began shaking, as if a gargantuan object was moving underneath the ground. The ground around the junkyard began rising slowly at first, lifting piles of old cars and garbage off the ground, and causing an avalanche of trash. Soon however, the earth in the centre of the junkyard began rising in one massive mound, which soon broke.

    The entire piece of earth was pushed skyward, the dull sound suddenly erupted into rolling thunder as a great hollow roar of an explosion ripped through the entire yard, throwing old cars and scrap parts hundreds of feet into the air. Where there was once a junkyard, now there was only fire and a great thick column of smoke. Dirt blew across Jump city, and the air in the town was now thick with a fiery wind, knocking over lamps, setting off car alarms and shattering windows. A few citizens were even knocked flat off their feet onto their backs by the force of the air.

    The titans jumped, and just managed to clear the street as a wave of dirt and flame engulfed the Jump city scrap yard. And what was once Fixit’s home, was now a giant smoking crater in the middle of the city.

    Hardac was gone. It was over.

    Friend…am i….repaired now?” Fixit said weakly, and then for some reason smiled, for the first time, his human side was showing. Soon however, he fainted, as if too weak to stay awake.

    Cyborg smiled back, feeling glad to have his friend back.

    Robin stepped forward now, surveying the giant smoking crater that was once Hardac. Always the analyst, he spoke his thoughts out on this rare time.

    “You know..” the boy wonder began. “Now that I think about it, that was sloppy of HARDAC, he brought us all close to his base, his computer core. His weak spot………even if he logically argued it, it was the wrong move. It was almost stupid of him.”

    Beast boy concurred. “Yeah Cy, kinda sloppy for the ultimate computer don’t you think?”

    Cyborg stood there quietly in thought. HARDAC was a computer all right, but he was different from last time. This time, he learned about human emotions, about what it was like. And he must have realized something since then…..

    “No guys………” Cyborg said solemnly. “Maybe that was his real plan all along, just to put an end to himself.”

    The five titans stared quietly at the remains of the crater as they listened to this revelation….then slowly, and quietly, started the long trip back home.


    "Integra, In this world there exists a multitude of unkillable creatures. Everytime I see them, I think of something. Their Immortal nature....could they truly have wished for it?

    For all they seem to seek is to wage war, and endless desperate blood-stained struggles. Things quite close to crying and longing.

    I don't think they desire those things at all.

    On the contrary. All this is their way of shouting and begging for death."

    -Sir Arthur Hellsing, Hellsing Volume 9



    (stay tuned for the epilogue!)

    And if you can't tell by now, yes, i am a house fanatic :D for those who saw the reference.
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    Well damn... just... wow. I need time to order my thoughts on this, but I loved this. HARDAC's final fate actually worked, and I think the reasin was good. The virus was a clever idea, but HARDAC wanting to be like a human, wanting destruction? There's something poetic in all of that. Kudos.
  6. DeathscytheVII

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    Haha thanks arrakhat, im so glad it worked out for you! so ya, take your time :p i look forward to hearing your thoughts on this, as it is almost over. The epilogue will finish this ep off but the lost season is almost done hehe.

    Glad you liked the virus idea, i was afraid i was pulling too many twists here :cool:
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    Okay...after twelve episodes, fifty-plus chapters and nearly eighteen months, we now come to the climax of the season. It's not the end, but nonetheless, the importance of this cannot be overstated. And considering all the build-up, there's no way this finale could've been anything other than a dissapointment.

    Yet it's not. In fact, it's absolutely bloody brilliant. Not just worth the wait, but surpassing all that I'd hoped for.:D

    And it's so good for one very simple reason: HARDAC goes down without a fight. This episode was, for the most part, wall-to-wall insano action, and whilst the action was all great-quality stuff, you've gone for something far more interesting here. The final battle between Cyborg, Fixit and HARDAC is one of words and ideas, two opposing sides trying to convince each other of the rightness of their opinions, and the necessity of their cause. Whilst "big final battles" are fun, this kind of thing always has more to engage with.:D

    The other interesting/cool thing is how Cyborg eventually wins. He spends most of this finale strapped to an operating table, pleading for his life: he's so helpless, and HARDAC's so uncompromising, that I was nearly convinced that Cyborg was going to lose. It really racks up the tension, that.:eek: And then comes the killer: even now, with the world's superheroes facing destruction and his plan nearing a brilliant victory, HARDAC doesn't want to gloat. He still believes he's doing the right thing, so much so, in fact, that he chooses this moment to play psychoanalyst to Cyborg. His questioning is a very curious moment, and very cool for being so unexpected.:D

    Which is when things get really interesting. My first thought was that HARDAC's breakdown was caused by downloading Cyborg's memories, and a la The Sum Of His Parts, realising that emotions had value after all. Whilst this would've been a nicely poetic touch, you again went for the unobvious thing, and had Cyborg deliberately use his moment of greatest vulnerability to out-smart his opponent: seeing as HARDAC's power comes from his brain, it's perhaps an even more apt way to go. And as an extra irony, his final defeat comes from his last attempt to fight the Titans, turning into an electronic monster that merely serves to blow himself up. Just when I thought you'd go for the "big fight" after all, you still find a way to surprise me.:D

    You know when I said this chapter was great? This, I suppose, was the real reason why: even after all this, dumping surprise on top of surprise, you manage to throw in yet another thing right at the end. HARDAC's final epiphany completely turns his character upside down: his obession with eradicating human emotion comes not from logic, but from envy. He knows that he isn't human, never was and never will be, and so to ease his own suffering, he decides to remove all the "emotion" that he is continually taunted with. This, I suppose, is the ulimate point of The Lost Season, and even Teen Titans itself: life isn't easy, but the alternatives are always worse.;)

    So, after all that analysis, I think it's time to leave you with my Big Thought. Simply put, as I said at the start, this was a cracking finale, and a million miles from the dissapointment is was inevitable to be. I think mega kudos points are in order here...not to mention my admiration.:D

    And now we just have the epilogue to look forward to. I can't wait to see what you do with that.:D

    -Matt A-
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    Well, there's a PM for you to see most of my thoughts. I'll also add that I like the idea--as Matt describes it--of ENVY that HARDAC seems to show in the end. The whole concept that perhaps he's erradicating human emotion because he doesn't have that capacity is awesome.

    (oh yeah) The flashback was well handled. I had this feeling the doctor was his dad, but it was still a good end-line to reveal that. I love the way it was handled.

    Yeah, I was quite satisfied with this one. There are some points I'll touch on later (after the epilogue), but it was an awesome read, all the way through. :D
  9. DeathscytheVII

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    First off Matt, Thank you. thank you. Thank you! For sticking with me for neigh almost two years on this story. Your feedback is one of the main pleasures i get from writing, and i truly appreciate it :)

    As you said before, I too, enjoyed writing this because it was a battle of ideas, not a battle of fists. I've tried to make Fixit and Hardac as sympathetic as possible in all this, their actions, while unethical, have good intentions.

    And yes, Cyborg's psychoanalysis i loved writing. It was just something i've always thought of on the show. how can he be all mopey and stuff in one episode, while in the next its like nothing bad's happened to him. My little way of rationalizing it ;)

    Also, with what I did with HARDAC at the end, i gotta say i am kinda proud of that :) When i was writing HARDAC, i tried my best to make him seem cold hearted and calculating, just like a machine would. But as I made him appear more intelligent, displaying more emotion in this episode, i couldn't help but ask myself. Would a robot that is trying to research and understand human emotion still wish to be a robot? it really got interesting from there. And i Think fixit is a real representation of what cyborg could have been had he strayed from his path or never met up with the titans and continued living alone, unloved and forgotten.

    Anyways matt, this isn't the end, there's still one episode left :) hopefully i can get it up by may. It will mark the last Teen Titans story i will write (sadly :()

    Till then, cheers! the arc is basically over, i hope you had a fun ride :D

    Allow me to convey the same thanks i gave matt :D i would not have been where i am today without the support and feedback from all of you. I really appreaciate all the effort you put into reading my stories!

    As for HARDAC hehe, Envy is a painful thing, and i pretty much covered my motivations for hardac with matt. I was originally gonna go for the "emotions had value after alll" deal with Hardac's explosion, but then i thought that hardac was exposing himself the most at that moment. so i think the virus was a better touch ;)

    Anyways, hope you enjoy the epilogue. it was a pain to write and i fear it isn't as good as i could have made it :( but oh well. I had to get it out anyway, or else the writers block would have killed me!

    “There is no great magic that can sooth the pain or amplify the joy of being human.” -fullmetal alchemist


    Less than a day had passed, and all of a sudden it all came crashing down, like something violent. And to the Titans, it was as if all their successes in making the city safe again were wiped out by this one fact, so much so that there was no celebrating, and their victory over one of their deadliest enemies forgotten.

    The Titans Tower medical center, though still trashed, was rebuilt enough to accommodate the latest ‘guest’, who was already lying on the bed, barely breathing.
    A heart monitor was the solitary sound in the room, pulsating the air with electronic beeps, while the readouts and data were shown on computer screens on the infirmary walls.

    Robin stood solemnly in front of them, monitoring their progress while Raven and Starfire went around the room gathering wet towels and other supplies for the patiet.

    As the three titans went about their work, the doors to the infirmary slid open, revealing a very subdued Beast Boy.

    “So…..how’s Fixit doing?” The green titan asked quietly, and Robin guessed that the question was more for Cyborg than it was for him.

    “Not good.” Robin replied in a similar tone, his opinion of the prognosis evident.

    “When Fixit integrated himself with HARDAC, he took out most of his human parts to do it, he’s barely human now. And with HARDAC gone, the machine parts are shutting down as well. We can barely keep what’s left of him going.”

    “There must be something we can do.” Raven, unwilling to give up, stepped in beside Robin, studying the data that kept displaying itself on the screen.

    “Yes! Surely there is a cure for the ailment which inflicts our friend!” Starfire said optimistically.

    “I’m afraid…the only one who knows anything about how to deal with this….is Cyborg. But even then, he might only have a day or two at most.” Robin said with a slight stutter, despite his job as a superhero, dealing with the threat of death on a serious basis, he was not use to talking like this.

    There was a silence now, and a sudden gloom enveloped the faces in the room.

    “How’s he holding up?” Robin asked Beast Boy.

    The Green Titan shook his head softly.

    “He’s not taking it well.”


    The inside of Cyborg’s lab resembled something out of a battlefield, almost as if a tornado picked up all the objects and paraphernalia and scattered them in every direction. Even now, various mechanical parts and items were smashed against the wall as Cyborg rummaged through his room, looking for something, anything that he thought could help. He hated himself, not just because he was unable to save his friend, but he also felt angry. Had he even visited Fixit once during the last few months, he might have been able to find traces of Hardac in his systems, maybe even stop it before it became reconstituted. Now, it was too late.

    There was also another deeper feeling of disgust shame inside him, one that Cyborg could not help but think of. All this time he had been worrying about himself, about how crummy life was for him because of his machine parts. But it was nothing compared to what Fixit was going through. Fixit was perhaps, the only other friend Cyborg had that truly understood what it meant to go through what he was experiencing, yet, he never even once thought of asking Fixit about how it felt for him. It was always about Cyborg. His problems, his struggles, not his friends.

    Useless, selfish Cyborg.

    “It’s all my fault.” Cyborg felt his throat tighten up as he spoke those works, a hard finality in the tone. There was nothing he could do, but that didn’t stop him from trying to find a way. He still had his knowledge of medicine and robotics to back him up, maybe if he…..

    A knock was heard from the door.

    “Hey Cy?” A voice echoed through the walls, and Cyborg immediately recognized the voice of Beast Boy.

    “Beast Boy?”

    The door slid open slowly, and Beast Boy slowly stuck his head into the room almost innocently, like an explorer trekking into an unknown cave. When his eyes finally found Cyborg sitting by his pile of mechanical parts, he began walking in to greet his friend.

    “Hey Cy, haven’t seen you since we got back.” Beast Boy began carefully, knowing full well what his friend must be going through.

    Cyborg gave Beast Boy an odd look, he never had to chat with Beast Boy like this, at least, not in this kind of tone before. He always knew that his friend was more of a goof, but there was also this other side to him that Cyborg also knew too. And the Robotic titan was quick to this sort of game.

    “Look B, I appreciate you checking up on me, but there’s no time. Fixit’s life is in danger, and I have to find out what I can do to save him.” There was a hard finality in Cyborg’s words, as if the task spoken of was already within his reach. But Beast Boy knew, just as well as Cyborg did, and so the green titan just remained silent, his face showing sympathy. He knew the drill, and so Beast Boy simply waited. It only took a few minutes before Cyborg stopped digging through his pile of gadgets, and simply looked at Beast Boy.

    “Cy, I know you’re the best tech guy here, but there’s even some problems even you can’t fix.”

    He realized Cyborg was expecting him to continue the conversation, to tell him that it was hopeless and that there was nothing they could do. But Beast Boy said nothing. Then Cyborg looked up, with his hand over his organic eye, which made him look vaguely different. Beast Boy felt a chill as he saw the robotic eye stand out on his face.

    He kept the hand over his one eye, as though shading himself from the sunlight, Beast Boy let it go. Cyborg took a deep breath.

    “I can’t face him.” The Robotic Titan said flatly, but beast boy felt the pain in those words. He had never seen Cyborg lost control, always thought of him as the rock of the team. He had not lost it now, but still he sat there, hand over his eyes, and Beast Boy could not help but feel a shudder of enormous pity for his friend.

    “Why?” Beast Boy asked.

    “Because I’m afraid.” Cyborg’s voice was raw, seething in loathing and disgust.


    The hand was gone now, and Cyborg stared Beast Boy right into his eyes, his look bright and burning. “I have so much, almost anything I wanted. I could live out here, in the sun. I could eat, sleep, and even feel pain. And all this time I still thought about how bad it was for myself.”

    Beast Boy felt odd listening to that, for as long as he could remember he knew that his friend had his own personal demons, and that this was one of them. The fact that he admitted it was a good step, but he also didn’t like where this was going.

    “I never thought about what it would mean to fixit.” Cyborg said guiltily.

    “What are you talking about?” Beast Boy asked

    “I remembered what it was like when I first became this, I remembered the worst thing was that I felt like I was the only one like this. To be alone” Cyborg held up his robotic hand, as an exclamation. “But I never realized Fixit was going through the same thing. I spent all this time feeling sorry for myself, I didn’t see other people like me going through the same problems. I could have helped him, I could have done something to prevent this….instead, I just moped around..doing nothing.” Cyborg bowed his head down, the shame complete, and the guilt racking. He had just confessed it to his best friend, he knew it was probably too harsh of a thought to say, but what else can he do? He genuinely felt it.

    Unnoticed by the robotic titan, Beast Boy suddenly gripped his fists.

    “Moping….like you’re doing now.” Beast Boy replied seriously, his voice suddenly hard and firm, and had none of the soft playfulness and optimism that always accompanied his speeches.

    And to Cyborg’s surprise, and perhaps Beast Boy, something happened that took both of them quite off guard. Indeed, Beast Boy found out that his hand moved by itself.

    Beast Boy gave Cyborg’s face a hard slap, knocking the robotic titan out of his slouched down position he was sitting in, his eyes widening in shock.

    A look of amazement went on Cyborg’s face, but he could see that Beast Boy’s face was angry, yet restrained, as though he were trying his best to contain all the feelings he had bottled up to his point.

    “Your friend needs your help Cy, and after all this you’re still thinking of how much you pity yourself?! Isn’t he the only other friend who truly understands what you’re going through? Aren’t you the only one who knows him best? Shouldn’t you at least go in there and TALK to him?!” Beast Boy was breathing heavily now, as though struggling to utter all the words that were no doubt clogging his brain. And even Cyborg could see that wetness that was forming around Beast Boy’s eyes, as if he were reliving a dreadful experience.

    Beast Boy however, found himself lost in his frustration now and instead of saying anything, he walked slowly towards the door, letting the full extent of his message sink into Cyborg, who just stood there facing away from his friend. He felt even more pathetic now, knowing that he deserved that reproof.

    Beast Boy, to Cyborg’s surprise, stopped at the doorway, the green titan’s back facing him still.

    “Cy.” Beast Boy said again, this time, with more control in his voice.

    “When Terra left, I only had a second to say goodbye to her.” Beast Boy said, his voice straining as though the words got stuck inside his throat, like reopening an old wound, but for his friend, he let it out anyway.

    “I just don’t want you to feel the same way I did, knowing that I could have said more.”

    And with that, he left.


    The medical ward was empty, save for its lone occupant. Although Fixit was injured, Jump City was still Jump City, and the Titans could not skip on their obligations. The rest of the Titans had been called out for another emergency, leaving as the alarm sounded but while still making sure they left their guest as comfortable as they could leave him.

    Cyborg however, was the sole exception, and Robin respectfully left him out on purpose, hoping that he could spend some more time with his friend.

    Fixit lay quietly on the bed, his head resting softly on the pillow as he faced the window, taking in the bright sunshine in the morning sky. It was as though he in a daydream, peacefully losing himself as he took in the sight of Jump city’s bay, which was glistening in its radiant waters.

    “Hello Friend.” Fixit turned weakly towards Cyborg, a small smile slowly appearing on his face.

    “How’re you doing Fixit?” Cyborg tried his best to sound normal, happy at least to see his friend back to his old self. He felt a small shame inside him, realizing that this was the first time he had seen his friend since they rescued him.

    “I am functional, your friends have been quite accommodating.” Fixit said in his usual monotone voice. Then he gave Cyborg another glance. “I am glad that you have come.”

    “I can’t let my friend down can I?” Cyborg gave Fixit an encouraging pat on the shoulder.

    Fixit stoically leaned his head back onto the pillow. “I want to say sorry my friend, before I go.”

    A sudden chill went down Cyborg’s spine as he heard that comment.

    “You’re not going anywhere Fix.” The robotic titan said confidently. “I’m going to find a way to make you better.”

    “I am beyond repair Cyborg.” Fixit said solemnly. “Not just my body, but also my ‘self’. There is no use my friend. You cannot save me.” Cyborg could remember it all too clearly now, the massive pile of organs and organic parts that Fixit had took apart from himself when he was under HARDAC’s influence. Those, he knew, would be impossible to replace.

    “Don’t say that Fixit! There’s always a solution. Besides, there’s no need to apologize….you’re not a monster!” Cyborg bowed his head down now, as if searching for the words, and suddenly he silently cursed himself.

    “Worse than that friend, I was a coward. In my frustration, I choose to give up what was left of my humanity. I thought that everything would go away, but I was wrong. ” He shook his head softly, then as if to emphasize his last point, he slid back down into the bed, as though his hold on life was gradually weakening. “I see now, why you are like this Cyborg, why you continue to go on. If only I had seen it sooner.”

    “But I will still thank you friend, it is as though a burden has been lifted from him.” Fixit said with another smile.

    “Don’t be ridiculous fix…” Cyborg insisted to his friend. “I didn’t do anything for you, if it wasn’t for me…If I had just-“

    Fixit interrupted Cyborg, lifting his hand up gently, like a teacher giving a student a mild reproof.
    “The sunrise, it is a marvelous thing.” Fixit said, as if he were talking to himself. “I once believed that it was only a mere demarcation of time. It was how I used to measure the days, weeks, months, years before I went underground. But now, it seems so revitalizing, as if life is renewing itself all over. Perhaps I understand, at least a small part of it, why humans look forward to the start of the new day.”
    He turned to Cyborg. “As I said, it is too late for me friend, but not for you. I can see it now Cyborg, the great difference between us.” Fixit said with a light smile.

    “Fix. I’m not different from you. See?” Cyborg pointed to his robotic arm, which to him, was just identical to how Fixit’s was constructed. “No, you’re just like me. I’m here for you, just like my friends are, and we’ll pull through this together and get you better.”

    “No. Friend. That is where you are wrong.” Fixit shook his head softly, the smile still on his face. Cyborg was constantly puzzled by his friend. Why is he smiling?

    “They are helping me because they are the Teen Titans. They are heroes, it is what they do.

    Cyborg found himself speechless, but also puzzled. They were heroes, and heroes treat everyone the same. So why is Fixit making such a big deal out of this?

    Fixit continued on.

    “But when there comes a time when you will require their help, they will come to help you, not because they are the titans, but because they are your friends.”

    “That is why we are different.” Fixit said.

    “Fix……..” Cyborg himself, could find no words. Indeed, it was as though all that horror, from the very beginning of his accident, to the events of the past few days suddenly swept over his mind like a giant wave.

    There was a bright light now, an inviting yet warm aura that seemed to caress him gently.

    Fixit looked at all the bright happy faces. Laughing, joking, all smiling around the great camp fire. He thought: I do not belong. I never belonged.

    But still, he wanted to join them. Not even to say anything, but to just sit there and listen to the jokes and laughs, to sit inside the warm ring. Because from out there, he never heard what they said, he was out of it. But when he joined, there would be a stiffness, a strange fear that gripped him.

    I…do not want to ruin their fun…their time.

    And yet terribly, he wanted it again, the way it used to be. The touch of a warm hand by his side, all laughing and singing beautifully into the night, which would be filled by a temporary, yet glittering joy.

    He wanted to feel it, the tears of joy and the release of all those years of pain and sorrow. But he couldn’t…t

    He couldn’t cry. He was a machine, a robot. Machines don’t cry. They had no feelings didn’t they? No. He knew he couldn’t cry, could never cry, because he was a machine.

    He held the pain, just like a dam holding back a flood of water. The pressure would hold, grasping him forever. The pain would stay.

    “Why can’t I cry? Why can’t I laugh?”


    Cyborg took him by the arm, and started pulling him into the circle, and it was genuine. They all stood there to greet him.

    Fixit then found that he smiled, sat down and joined the laughter, and Fixit did not think anymore about the pain. For the first time in years, he felt it, the streaming wetness around his eyes, it seemed to represent everything to him; hate, fear, anger, happiness, compassion…love. The joy of having great weight lifting from his soul. The sudden realization as he took his last soft breath.

    “I am a human being. Not a machine”


    It was a quiet burial. A burial that had taken place at the old Jump City Cemetery, just outside the city limits. Unlike the noisy, crowded and dirty streets of downtown, it was a peaceful place, with lush green grass that seemed to ripple in waves with the breeze. It was a cloudy day, though in some places, it was thin enough for rays of sunlight to pierce through.

    The five titans stood quietly in front of the tombstone, where moments ago, they had laid their friend to rest.

    “I’m sorry for your loss my friend, for your sorrows I shall pay twenty grubfars.” Starfire said in a solemn tone as she stood beside Cyborg.

    “Are you sure you’re Ok Cyborg….this kind of thing isn’t easy to get over.” Robin said with a touch of concern.

    “It’s ok Guys. Its ok. I’ll be alright.” Cyborg said encouragingly.

    “You did all you could Cy” Beast Boy walked right next to Cyborg, consoling his friend.

    “I still can’t avoid it B…This was my fault. I let him down. I spent so much time worrying about myself that I never thought about those around me. My friends, and I’ve let down a friend before because of it.” He held up his hands, looking at the mechanical parts once more.

    Beast Boy almost gave Cy a look of disbelief, how can he still be saying that stuff now?

    But Cyborg raised his head up, his eyes fierce in determination.

    “I’m not gonna let it happen again.”

    Beast Boy gave a surprised look at first, but slowly, when he saw how much Cyborg had put into that last statement, he only nodded to his friend.

    “I just wish…that I had more time. To make Fixit see, that he wasn’t all alone either.”

    “I think he knew Cyborg. He knew.” Beast Boy placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder.

    The titans turned and left now, and as they did, a circular shadow suddenly obscured Fixit’s grave. And within seconds, the first signs of life came to as little feet perched themselves onto the tombstone. They were birds, hundreds of birds of all colors, an assortment of blue, red and yellow. To a passing observer, it looked as though a raindow had suddenly fallen from the skies, to paint the cemetery in a dazzling display of color. The birds chirped continuously, singing their songs as they stood in tribute to the man who had given them shelter, the master who would never be alone, even in death.

    It was a final tribute to Fixit.

    Cyborg’s friend.

    The end


    .OR IS IT.

    Epilogue Epilogue

    (several days later)

    The automatic doors slid open, letting the first rays of light into the dim room of the infirmary. It was here, where all of Jump City’s sick and impaired were cared for. And on that sunny morning, the home would get a new visitor, one that hadn’t been there for some time.

    “Ah, Mr…Cyborg?” The receptionist at the desk gave a polite smile as she tried to put a name to the face, but who in Jump City

    “Victor will do thanks, I know its been awhile since I’ve been here.” Cyborg looked around the whitewashed halls of the hospital, where a slew of patients, young and old, walked in seemingly every direction down the endless corridors of the hospital.

    “I’ve come for a visit.” Cyborg continued.

    “Ah yes, right this way. You’ll find that he’s in the same room as before.” The nurse stood up now, and quietly led the robotic titan to a separate wing of the hospital, where there were less crowds, less patients.

    It was a solitary room, built for one, and it was empty, save for the one lone occupant who sat in the wheel chair.

    Cyborg looked at him, and he could imagine the old man’s eyes still staring at him. The cold hard stare, just like it was so long ago. He normally would have expected a ‘hello’, but age, and a stroke, had robbed him of that ability. Now, it seemed as though the walls around the two were higher. He always felt that immense pressure around him, that expectation. The old man always believed that science was the only way a man could measure himself, could struggle for, could respect, something to carry on with his life. They didn’t argue after that one fight, his father’s disappointment subtle, quiet. But Cyborg knew it was always there.

    But around him, he saw it. What the old man was doing. Reading a scrap book, that had a bunch of newspaper clippings on it. Old ones that Cyborg could not help but recognize.

    He was just a foot behind his father now, and even the most oblivious person in the world felt the presence of the large android in the room, and so, the old man turned around, and stared into Cyborg’s eyes.

    Except, there was none of that old hardness in his eyes, it was something different. Something much softer.

    “Hey pop.” Cyborg said calmly, relaxing for the first time in his father’s gaze. He noticed the newspaper clippings now, the articles that highlighted all the Titan’s past adventures, from stopping Slade, to saving the world just a few months ago. He saw it even more now, the writing on one of the clips, which singled him out in the picture.

    My son. the hero.

    The old man sat quietly in his wheelchair beside Cyborg, and the titan almost felt the man struggling, quietly in his seat. He stared down at the floor, reached out to Cyborg’s arm now, and still did not look at him, but Cyborg felt the firm grip all the same, and he gave it a tight squeeze.

    Cyborg, stilling feeling his grasp, smiled, feeling something moving inside of him, knew that it was the first time, as if a huge stone had been lifted off his back. Even if the words were not there, even if the old man didn’t know how to say it, the barriers were gone now, and Cyborg knew that he had finally made his father proud.

    END episode 12


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    *SNRGHTCHK!* I'm awake! I'm here!


    Anyway! First, it's been so long I forgot what it was I was going to add about the part before this one. So I'll just go from here:

    This ending was perfect. I kinda felt like Fixit was going to die, but it felt more likely to happen during the fight. Still, though, I kinda had it in the back of my mind since he'd ripped out his organics. The way it was all done was great. Even Beast Boy's harshness towards Cyborg's moping was an unexpected treat of sorts. It's fun to play B's serious side that once-in-a-blue-moon moment, as we know it only comes along about that often.

    And the final-final touch with Cyborg and his father was just right. There really didn't need to be much else done with it--simple seemed to work best in that case. I knew who it was from the beginning, but I love the casual in-the-middle-of-the-paragraph kind of revelation a lot. It works just as well here.

    Well, HOPEFULLY, we'll get to see the season finale soon. We'll just have to see... :)
  11. DeathscytheVII

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    HAHA yup, my bad for taking 2 months :( but writers block struck again, but for the wait i will apologize once again ;)...

    Thanks! I was pounding my head to get the dialogue for the fixit moments just right, and i'm glad that it worked for you. And yes, it all really stemmed from when fixit removed his organics.

    I personally enjoyed writing beast boy's moment too. it was just something i seriously wish the show had him do to cyborg during one of his moping episodes, but alas...it only exists in fanfiction :(

    Thanks again. I really loved writing that part, and it really just popped into my head when i finished writing the epilogue. Although i made cyborg say he changed, i felt it would have more meaning if he actually acted on his words for once.

    For that I apologize again haha. I don't know when ill be able to post it, but i'll tell you this for sure. Once i start, it'll continue regularly till the end, no long 2 month hiatus' i promise ;)
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    This is a really great story. Can't wait to see the conclusion:D . Wonder what Raven's going to tell BB:confused: ?
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    Well... I'm back. Missed this forum for a long time, but it's good to be back after who knows how long. I don't have the time to post a response to the end of this episode that would do it justice, but way to wrap up everything Deathscythe. Makes me wish the show had addressed more than Cyborg's human/machine issue and gone deeper.
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    Thanks Paranoid. Sadly, i'm not sure if i have the time atm to finish the final episode, i'm still deciding if I can. I have it all thought out though, just havent committed it to writing.

    Welcome back arrakhat, sadly none of the old writers seem to visit this board anymore, im just checking back haha. But thanks for the comments and sticking with this all the way through!
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    WOW, it's been so long since i've written anything. I do believe I stopped writing fanfiction completely for the past two years since i stopped this fic. But Death has inspired me to at least finish this one ;) I don't think i'll ever write TT again, since most of it is fuzzy to me now, but i gotta at least finish this.

    Please excuse the horribleness if the characters and action sequences are a bit stuffed up, i'm out of practice ;) and words don't come to me as easily as they used to lol.

    And now, the finale.

    Episode 13: A Teen Titan, A true Friend.

    There was no sign of life in the cavern, save for the screeches of several dozen bats that had taken residence within the moist and slippery rocks. The cavern itself was not natural, having been formed barely a year ago. It resembled a giant pit, with a spiral tower of rock forming from the center. Cooled obsidian gleamed on the cavern walls, evidence of the roaring lava that once flowed thorugh these chambers. Now, the only sounds were the small plinks of falling water drops from the cavern roof.

    On top of the rocky spire, was a flatter platform, barely enough to hold a group of people. And on it, was a statue of a young girl, still petrified in the same pose that she was when she used the last of her powers to save the city and her friends.

    Below was a plaque, commemorating this person.


    Flowers were left on the plaque, a memento by Starfire, but they had already wilted in the darkness of the caves.

    Beast Boy smiled gently as he dusted off the plaque, replacing it with a fresh bouquet he had brought with him.

    "Hi Terra, it's me, Beast Boy. Sorry it took so long for me to visit, must get kinda lonely down here huh?" The changeling set the flowers down on the altar, then sat next to the statue of his friend.

    "A lot of stuff has happened over the summer since I last came down here. Man, you wouldn't believe it, first it was Mumbo on a crazy cruise ship, then Cy getting us a brand spanking new Computer system. Only to have it go crazy on us." Beast boy laughed, casually picking up a pebble and flicking it into the distance, like they used to do by the waters of Jump city.

    "I tried getting us a TV show, and of course, a moped for yoouurs truly. We even fought a dragon in Raven's mind. How cool is that?"

    There was no reply from Terra, as Beast Boy had come to expect from her by now.

    "And then there was that time i schooled Control Freak in a video game, haha!" Beast boy slapped his knee in exclamation. "Boy did I have a field day with that one."

    Beast boy softened his expression as he kept talking, whether it was to Terra or just to himself in the darkness, he didn't know. This place was always kind of a sanctuary for him, a place to speak his mind and unload all his doubts. He never realized it until now, but Beast Boy had a newfound appreciation for all the meditation Raven did in her spare time, what was it for again? to cleanse her mind.

    "We also....had some rough times. I don't think you met him, but Cy...we lost a friend of ours, Fixit."

    Beast boy took another pebble, tossing it into the pit.

    "It was a hard fight, and we almost lost, but Cyborg and Fixit came through for us....Just watching that happen to a friend....it just really makes me think you know? " Beast Boy closed his eyes and sighed, and looked at Terra, motionless and seemingly lifeless.

    "I know some of us have given up, even if they don't say it straight to my face, but i know you're in there somewhere Terra. Maybe you're just resting? I won't give up on you, I know you wouldn't give up on me. You'll come back some day. And i'll be here waiting." He smiled lightly, holding her petrified hand.

    Suddenly, Beast Boy heard the rustle of footsteps in the cavern, followed by the light pitter patter of rocks as a few pebbles fell into the cavern. Someone else was there...with them.

    "Whose there?!" Beast Boy shouted into the darkness, assuming a defensive posture. He didn't know anyone else on his team that visited down here, so that left either Slade or some other enemy. Either way, they were not getting to Terra.

    "Beast Boy, it's me."

    The changeling's posture relaxed as he saw the new entrant into the cavern, sporting her purple robe like always.

    "Raven?" Beast boy said in surprise. "What are you doing down here?"

    "Probably for the same reason as you I guess." The sorceress replied calmly, usually she would be sarcastic or stern towards Beast Boy, but she knew this would be the last place and time to do so.

    "I just noticed it has been a while since any of us visited here, well except you of course."

    "No offense Rae, but...I'm a bit surprised. You and Terra didn't exactly get along very well."

    "No, but it still doesn't change what she did for us, or the city." Raven replied. "Besides, I owe her one."

    Beast Boy was genuinely surprised at that last remark. His ears piqued with interest.

    "For what?"

    "It's a long story." Raven said stoically, giving the impression that it was too long to explain.

    "I've got time." Beast Boy replied. "I'd like to know what this is all about Rae."

    Raven hesitated for a moment, but seeing that Beast boy was so eager to hear more about their times with Terra, she relented.

    "I guess i'll start from the beginning, you remember that time that you guys went missing during that Tournament of heroes....well, I think you remember what happened to us right after you guys came back..."


    The white flash had vanished as quickly as it appeared, leaving only a trail of smoke as evidence of its wake. They were all inside a domed structure, filled with Balconies and endless mazes of hallways,

    Starfire, Terra and Raven groaned as their eyes adjusted to this new environment. The smoke was still thick, obscuring their vision, but they knew they weren't the only ones on the scene, around them were at least a dozen female silouettes. Some of them very familiar.

    "Welcome, Champions all! I am the Master of Games!"

    All eyes turned to a towering platform that hovered above the crowd, and the source of the booming voice that just addressed them.

    There, stood a powerfullly built figure, wearing gold bands on his biceps, wrists and shinns, as well as a loincloth, he resembled one of the gladiators from Roman times. Except that this figure was almost ape like, his arms and body covered in a white fur save for his grey face and chest. Aside from his bracelets, he also sported a golden belt of a champion and a large necklace encrusted with a large red jewel.

    The master of games smiled.

    "You are hereby invited to compete...in the Tournament of Heroines!"

    Starfire's gaze never left the mysterious figure, despite his seemingly friendly invitation, something didn't feel right.


    The sorceress, eyeing the new figure suspiciously, nodded towards her teammate. "Yeah?"

    "I have a bad feeling about this."

    (Fade to song)

    When there's trouble you know who to call
    Teen Titans!
    From their tower, they can see it all
    Teen Titans!

    When there's evil on the attack
    You can rest knowing they got your back
    'Cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol
    Teen Titans GO!

    With their superpowers they unite
    Teen Titans!
    Never met a villain that they liked
    Teen Titans!

    They've got the bad guys on the run
    They never stop ‘till the job gets done
    'Cuz when the world is losin' all control
    Teen Titans GO!

    1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Go!
    Teen Titans!
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    I just gotta say, you still have a spot on knack for character Deathscythe. As I read the first few moments of this prologue, I really envisioned the old show. It was especially nice to see Beast Boy remaining ever positive that he would see Terra again. It made the scene that much more tragic because of his sense of hope in a purely hopeless situation. After all, there's a chance Terra may never "awaken". Then you topped off his attempts at talking to Terra with a slight holding of her hand, which really made me sad! I remember in some of the previous episodes how you handled BB, and it seems like you haven't lost your stride at all, which is really important for me because he's my favorite Teen Titan.

    The relationship between Raven and Beast Boy is spot on as well. Ever keeping BB at a distance, yet still showing some empathy toward him by at least allowing him to have this one story about Terra that he never got to know...at least until now. I really have to say, the subtlety of your characters is really awesome!:anime:

    Plus, starting where the "Tournament of Heroes" episode(I forgot the actual episode's name)ended off drove me right into that place, and I'm really excited to see what happened to Raven, Starfire, and Terra! I often wondered what that would have been like, mostly because of Terra being there.

    Your descriptions across the board are spot on, and you seemed to have gotten right back into writing this fic perfectly. It's sad to think that this is then end of your fan fiction writing days, but I definitely understand(especially the words not coming as easily as they used to, but apparently it hasn't affected you much ;)). The Teen Titans are starting to become fuzzy in my memory as well.:sad: However, I'm glad you were inspired to finish this up.

    I'm eager to see what's next!:D If this beginning is any indication, this is going to be an amazing finale.
  17. JAG

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    Well, this is a surprise! I was starting to give up hope of seeing The Lost Season finished. Good to see you've changed your mind.

    I agree with Death58 that this is definitely high-quality so far. Can't wait for more!
  18. DeathscytheVII

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    ACT 1 (part 1)

    The smoke cleared moments later, revealing to all the heroines the occupants of the room. Starfire and Raven opened their eyes in surprise as they saw some of the people standing next to them.

    "Soo....." Terra eyed the room curiously, not recognizing a single one of the heroines considering she was just starting her time as a titan. "I guess you know these guys?"

    "Some of them." Raven said sternly, with an edge in her voice.

    A smooth and cocky laugh erupted from the shadows, Terra couldn't make out the figure in front of Star and Raven, save for the smooth and cocky voice of a young girl. "Is that any way to greet an old friend?"

    Before Terra, Raven or Starfire could say anything, the master of games wasted no time, before anyone in the room could even get their bearings or react, he had already began announcing the guest list.

    "Welcome again ladies, to the tournament of Heroines! A friendly competition between the world's greatest young champions!"

    The enchanted jewel on the Master of Game's began glowing now, projecting intense images into the minds of the contestants.

    First came a shot of space, showcasing starfire in her old Taramanian outfit, fitted with armored undergarments and metallic accents. The image showed her pummeling a ship into nothing, before firing a burst of green starbolts.

    "First, we have Starfire, the alien powerhouse with starbolt fury to match!"

    The image shifted to a dark world with burning red skies and floating mounds of jagged rock. Within seconds, the rocks were ripped to pieces with a black magic that shrouded them, revealing Raven.

    "Raven, the mysterious and stoic sorceress"

    Next, was the desert landscape of Jump City, jutted with Canyons that suddenly imploded a vast earthquake, leaving behind a cloud of dust as a very familiar figure emerged from the rubble. Floating on a levitated rock.

    "Terra, the Earth-Shaking Rock and Roller!"

    The next image showcased a girl floating in mid air, her skin was paler than Raven's, her hair short and unkempt with bangs died red. The figure sported a black dress and red skirt with black knee high stockings and matching gloves. Red energy emanated from her hands.

    "Argent, master creator and wielder of deadly plasma energy!

    The scenery cut to an underground complex with yellow metallic walls, and an army of robots. Standing in the middle of it all was a slim girl sporting a black dress trimmed in blue, and lavender colored hair with black and blue stockings. She gave a mischievous grin as she did a 360-degree twirl, throwing a wave of purple plasma energy that caused the walls around her to collapse into pieces..

    "Jinx, the H.I.V.E operative who spells bad luck for her enemies!"

    The image flashed to a dark outline of jump city on a stormy night, a flash of lightning quickly illuminated the rooftops of one of them, revealing a dark figure hiding in the shadows, with metallic claws, a green kimono and a grinning mask that covered all of her face.

    "Chesire, the skilled and deadly assassin, but even deadlier opponent."

    Next, there was a shot of an army of robots, being led by an older, slender woman with short black hair and a red and black uniform. Her arms twisted and contorted into the air, stretching to several times the normal length of a normal person's.

    "Madame Rouge, mistress of evil whose reach knows no bounds."

    A young teen sporting the black and yellow costume of the H.I.V.E academy came on, and within seconds she was shrinking down to the size of a insect, firing stinger blasts at the practice droids, tearing them to shreds. A final punch

    "Bumblebee, the agile fighter with size changing abilities and a lightning sting to boot!"

    The last scene shifted to a throne room. This girl looked similar to the titans, but her clothing, armor and hair were all black. In addition to her uniform, she wore armored wrist guards and a metallic neckpiece. Her eyes glowing a menacing red.

    "And last but not least Blackfire, with unstoppable strength to match her formiddable cunning."

    His speech finished, the Master of Games addressed the crowd of heroines once more, raising his arms in the air for dramatic effect.

    "Nine Brave and worthy champions, but only one shall win. Only one shall be left standing at the end."


    "Blackfire." Starfire said tersely as the black armored Tamaranian stepped out of the shadows.

    "Now is that anyway to address your dear sister?" Blackfire said nonchalantly, as if completely oblivious to the unusually hostile front Starfire was putting up.

    "No, but sisters do not frame one another for crimes they did not commit!" Starfire remarked with a great emphasis on the ending, pointing an accusing finger at her sibling.

    "Shouldn't you be in a Centauri prison right now?" Raven stepped in, next to Starfire.

    The cocky Tamaranian shrugged. "I was teleported here just like all of you remember? Besides, if it means my freedom, I'll gladly compete in this so called 'tournament'. What better chance will I have for a rematch with my helpless little sister."

    Starfire's eyes gave a quick flash of fury, but before she could do anything, Terra jumped in.

    "Just hold on girls," Terra said nervously just because it seemed like to her that the three were about to start fighting. "Let's focus on where we are right now, we have a tournament right? I'm guessing there will be prizes at the end of this?" The titan said cordially, as if trying to defuse the sudden tension in the room.

    The Master of Games beamed at this remark.

    "Correct young Titan, there will be a vast prize at the end of this tournament, and the winner will prove themselves to be the greatest young heroine on Earth."

    "And what exactly are we fighting for?" Jinx, standing next to her H.I.V.E academy schoolmate, Bumblebee, asked curiously.

    "Yeah," Bumblebee, not fully convinced, crossed her arms and stared up at the mysterious host. "How do we know this isn't all just an act?"

    "It shall be revealed when the tournament concludes." The master said calmly, "But know this, many a young hero has fought valiantly for it and failed, it is a prize desired by all, and has yet to be won." The Master of games replied, drawing the girls in with his promises of this vast 'prize'.

    "Very interesting......" Madame Rouge said slyly in her heavyset french accent. The villain was intrigued, a prize beyond all imagination? Surely it would be a great asset for the Brotherhood.

    "I don't know...." Argent stepped forward, "I'd very much like to know what we're fighting for before I enter any tournament."

    The master of games expected this, and already had an answer prepared.

    "Do not fear young heroines, if you do not feel comfortable or who do not wish to compete. You need only say the word and I shall return you home and at once safe and sound. Of course, the chance at the prize will then be reserved for those who compete." It was a generous promise, but from his experience, it was this single sentence that baited every hero or heroine in..hook, line and sinker. The Master gave a small grin as he bowed politely towards the crowd of young heroines.

    As expected, there was a quick hush over the crowd as none of the heroines spoke up about being sent home.

    "Looks like we're all game." Terra palmed her fist in anticipation. "The trophy's going home to Titans tower."

    "Speak for yourself, the H.I.V.E going to wipe the floor with you titans." Jinx smirked, Bumblebee followed, stepping up behind her classmate.

    "Bah. It will be child's play to defeat all you pathetic amateurs." Madame Rouge brushed them all off arrogantly.

    The master of games nodded eagerly, raising his arms in a symbolic gesture as he gave his announcement.

    "Then the challenge has been accepted. The Tournament of Heroines begins. Prepare for competition!" The jewel on the Master's necklace began glowing, and before anyone could say or do anything else, he vanished in another flash of smoke.

    Raven was the only one who didn't seem to join in the mood.

    "Something's wrong with this picture. Half the people here aren't even heroes, they're villains."

    "You don't need to be a hero to be a champion." Blackfire remarked slyly, flicking her hair casually as she turned her back to the titans, walking away to the group of villains.

    "See ya in the arena."


    "Ready to watch me walk off with all the prizes?" Terra said smugly, tightening the straps of her goggles as she readied herself for the match to come.

    "I'd like to see you try and beat me. I don't meditate all day for nothing you know." Raven gave a rare smirk, which unsettled Terra a bit, who know Raven even had a competitive side to her?

    "Do not worry friends," Starfire, once again resuming her cheery disposition with Blackfire gone. "I am sure we will all prevail over our opponents."

    "And what if we happen to be fighting each other Star?" Terra smirked as she gave the Tamaranian a friendly nudge.

    Chesire did not say a word as she listened to the titans talk, she just leaned casually next to a pillar, sharpening the claws and katanas she brought with her, each stroke sending sparks flying off her weapons as she fine tuned them to a deadly edge.

    "You must be the Titans I hear so much about." Bumblebee said smugly as she walked up to the trio of girls.

    "And who might you be?" Raven asked.

    "Bumblebee, top H.I.V.E academy graduate. and I'm going to show you guys just what we are made of." She gave Terra a curiously glance.

    "You, I don't remember hearing about. What was that again? Rock head?"

    Terra jerked her head towards Bumblebee. "Sounds like you want to go now." She said very confrontationally. "How about I squash you against the wall like a little bug?"

    "Calm down, there's plenty of chances in this tournament." Raven waved the two heroines apart. Just what was the master of games thinking bringing these groups together for a 'friendly' tournament?

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the crowd, Argent sighed at the spectacle of the rivalry between the HIVE and Titan members.

    "Friendly sort of crowd eh?" She said in her usual British accent, nodding towards Chesire, who, like her, did not seem to congregate into any of the groups.

    Chesire didn't say a word or respond, she just continued sharpening her metallic claws.

    Argent sighed, "How positively delightful........."

    Suddenly, the Master of Games reappeared on the podium, and began his announcements.

    "Champions! It is time to begin round one. Face your opponents!"


    "With Nine champions, the first round will be a three-person fight to the finish!"

    All nine heroines were suddenly vanished in a cloud of smoke.


    "Starfire, Argent and Blackfire in a three person free for all!"

    Three pillars of lightning slammed onto the surface as the three heroines suddenly found themselves zapped into their arena, a desolate moonscape filled with craters and rock formations.


    "Terra Versus Chesire!"

    Both heroines were soon teleported to their own Arena, an omninous cavern filled with rock and concrete formations, lit up only by the torches on the walls.


    "Raven Versus Jinx!"

    Raven soon found herself facing her Hive opponent. The room was filled with dozens of floating circular platforms, each one seemingly suspended by an invisible force.


    "Bumblebee Versus Madame Rouge!"

    The two combatants quickly teleported to their room, which resembled the inside of a metallic pipeline with the walls and ceiling all curving inwards.


    (stay tuned for the conclusion of act 1 :D)

    (note: yes I know the tournament format is 8 people, but I wanted to get Chesire in since she is badass. I tried to put Kole into this but.....the show really gave her the short end in terms of fighting ability. Pantha was a close second but I didn't really know her character)
  19. DeathscytheVII

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    HAHA thanks Death! You are too kind :) to be honest I've always hoped the show would cover this mystery in the sixth season, but we never got it :( I'm very glad the characters are still somewhat IC for you :) i do my best.

    Yes, BB rocks!

    Thanks Death, wow Subtlety after all these years! I'd never thought it. I've been rewatching some old TT eps just to get me back into the feel of the show and I must say it feels VERY different i must say watching it again after all these years. Glad you like it! :D

    Thanks Death, and yes it saddens me too, but just thinking of how to put the scenes into words took so long for me :( not as easy as it used to as you said haha. But at least i'll end off with a bang, full circle :)

    Crap JAG?! It's like a freaking revival/reunion here ;) could it be? Thanks for reading even after all these years! I hope you enjoy :D
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    Act 1 part 2

    Blackfire smirked menacingly as her eyes blazed red with energy. Argent and Starfire followed suit, both combatants charging their palms with their respective green and red projectiles.

    The Master of games appeared as a hologram momentarily over the battlefield.

    "As we have an odd number of champions, your round is a preliminary elimination. The first one out shall be sent home while the remaining two advance."

    "Fine by me." Blackfire charged her hands with the menacing red starbolt.

    "Then let the challenge begin!" The Master of Games vanished.

    "Let's get things started shall we?" Blackfire instantly threw two red starblasts at her opponents, flying straight between them.

    Starfire and Argent instinctively ducked out of the way. Starfire taking to the skies while Argent performed an aerial back flip to land feet away from the resulting explosions. Each blast rocked the moonscape arena, sending tremors through the air and ground.

    "Wait....your starbolts sister...they are different." Starfire noted as she hovered above her sister.

    "My little secret." Blackfire smirked, then rushed straight at starfire. Starfire let loose a rapid fire barrage of starbolts at her opponent, but on top of Blackfire's strength, her speed had increaesd as well, so much so that she was able to avoid all of them without even getting singed. Dozens of green explosions littered the landscape, resulting in more craters.

    Starfire crossed her arms in defense as Blackfire rushed infor the crushing strike, but before that happened, two giant palms of red energy slammed into the two girls, pushing them through the air before pinning them down onto the ground.

    "Hello...I'm still here you know." Argent, floating above the two sisters, had both her hands charged with plasma energy, each one shapped into a giant palm that pressed the Tamaranians down.

    Both Tamaranians turned towards Argent and the gothic heroine noticed that both their eyes were glowing.

    "Oh bugger m-"

    Within an instant, two streams of lasers went straight for Argent, and the resulting flash and explosion temporarily blinded the field.


    Terra ran for her life as a storm of ninja stars and kunai flew straight at her, digging into the stone walls with a sickening slice as well as knocking several torches onto the ground. Chesire wasted no time, jumping from rock formation to rock formation, she kept up the steady barrage.

    Before the villainess could throw her next barrage however, the earth beneath her feet began shaking. She instinctively back flipped away to avoid the large boulder which ripped out of the ground slamming into the ceiling into a great explosion of dust and rubble.

    Chesire was unphazed by this, and simple pulled out her metallic claws and charged head on into Terra.

    Big mistake. Terra thought as she clenched her fists, focusing her powers on the ground below.

    As if on cue, huge stone slabs began erupting in front of Chesire's path, blocking her path towards Terra while at the same time, aiming to box her in.

    A sudden flash and a glint of steel filled the cavern, and within moments, all the rock pillars and slabs that Terra summoned became sliced into several neat pizza shaped pieces.

    "You've gotta be kidding me." Terra pushed her arms out straight at Chesire, and the pieces of stone quickly spun towards Chesire like ninja stars. The assassin ran towards the projectiles, doing a quick forward flip before landing right behind Terra.

    "No wa-" Before Terra could say anything, Chesire did a low sweeping kick at Terra, knocking her backwards and falling straight into the blades of the Villain.

    As Terra landed however, she raised her arms up, and on cue, two fragments of rock flew straight at her hands, giving her the force needed to pull her up into the air and out of the danger of Chesire's blades.

    "You're gonna have to do better than that if you want to beat me." Terra was breathing heavily, not used to exerting so much power within such a short span of time. Tough, fast yes. But she was not unbeatable, the fact that this entire arena was made of stone was to her advantage, Terra thought. Chesire was following good tactics, 'keep close to me because I'm a projectile user'.

    Terra smirked, crouching down and planting both palms into the earth, the ground shaking as yellow aura surrounded the Titan. Within seconds they were glowing and she slowly stood back up, each palm pulling up a slender pole of stone up with her so that by the time she fully stood up, Terra had two bo staffs completely made of Stone.

    To Chesire's suprise, Terra began twirling the two bo staffs with somewhat competent skill, displaying a very Robin like defensive pose.

    Then, to Terra's surprise. Chesire gave a sinister laugh, perhaps the only thing she's heard out of the villain.

    Chesire advanced without saying another word, pulling out three kunai from her sleeve while unsheathing a long katana, previously concealed within her robe. Looks like she was getting serious as well.


    "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven gestured her black chakra infused palm towards Jinx, sending several of the circular platforms flying straight at her.

    Jinx elegantly back flipped off the platform, landing on another below just as the three platforms Raven threw at her exploded into a cloud of debris above. As she landed, the villain twirled both her hands, producing two pink shockwaves that sliced through the air straight at Raven.

    Raven quickly threw up a barrier, blocking the attack towards her even as Jinx's magic waves sliced through everything else around her.

    "You know, I've always test out which one of us was the better fighter outside our teams. I'd say this is as good as it'll get." Jinx remarked as her eyes flared with power, sending shockwaves through the air and desintegrating the circular platform Raven was standing on.

    "Of course, I think we all know the outcome." Jinx taunted.

    Before the ground around her collapsed, Raven took to the skys, black chakras already coarsing through her arms.

    "I wouldn't be too sure of that. Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven chanted, guiding two more stone platforms at Jinx.

    The villainess focused on the projectiles, and in a move that surprised Raven, ran towards the attack. Focusing all her power at her feet, Jinx jumped over the first circular platform, stepping onto it for a brief second before leaping straight at Raven.

    "My attacks aren't just magic you know." Jinx said as she flew straight at the titan.

    "Azarath Metrio-" Raven grunted, her spell interrupted as Jinx kicked her in the arm, dispelling the magic that was charged up previously.

    Raven instinctively threw up her other arm and blasted at the villain, but Jinx canceled that out with her own magically charged hand, gripping Raven's wrist and throwing her straight down onto the ground.

    Raven grunted in pain as she landed on impact, and as she looked up she saw Jinx charging another hex spell with both her hands.

    "Your luck's just run out." Jinx mocked her opponent triumphantly, then let loose her attack on Raven.

    The Titan quickly changed into her soul bird form, flying through several more platforms as multiple explosions filled the air, obscuring the arena.


    The pipeline shook violently as dozens of miniature explosions racked the structure, causing debris and dust to fall all over the arena. Through the structure, a slithering form swerved left and right, resembling a fast moving anaconda.

    Bumblebee focused her sights on the elusive Madame rouge, but all her stinger blasts were missing the villain as she used to elastic powers to her advantage, morphing into some sort of shapeless mass and squeezing her way between the blasts.

    Rouge laughed as she effortlessly dodged all the blasts, reforming into her human form just metres in front of Bumblebee.

    "Give it up child." Rouge spoke in her heavy-set accent. "You don't have what it takes to defeat me."

    Bumblebee smirked at the remark, wiping a quick drop of sweat from her forehead. "Madame Rouge isn't it? They talked about you at the H.I.V.E academy, you may have been top dog in the past, but this is our time now."

    "Oh?" Rouge replied nonchalantly as she extended her fingers to resemble menacingly sharp swords. "Is that how one talks with their betters these days?"

    "I'll show you just how much times have changed." Bee charged up her stingers even more, so much so that they cackled with at least twice as much electricity as her previous attempt.

    "Well then child, I guess I shall have to teach you how to treat your betters." Rouge charged straight at Bumblebee, intending to cut her to shreds with her extended blades.

    "Ain't necessary." Bumblebee fired two huge blasts at Rouge, then shrunk down to the size of a bug.

    Rouge quickly morphed her hands into a shield, taking brunt of the huge blast as it pushed the villain back several feet.

    "What? Her previous blasts were not this powerful, how did she-" Rouge then felt a brush of air fly past her head, and she turned around just int ime to see Bumblbee's foot make contact with her face, denting her cheekbones as the force of the impact knocked her several feet away.

    Rouge dug her claws into the ground, just in time to catch Bumblebee's charged shot flying straight at her. In response, Rouge flattened her whole body onto the ground, making it look like she got squashed by a giant rock. This however, enabled her to avoid the blast, which blew a neat hole into the walls behind her.

    "Interesting...it seems even your strength remains in that size." Rouge pointed out.

    "You ain't seen nothing yet." Bumblebee charged her stingers, shrinking down to the size of a bug again before flying straight at her target.

    "I have seen enough!" Rouge grimaced, digging her fingers into the ground.

    Bumblebee checked her charge as she wondered what the villainess was doing. A sudden rumble resounded through the arena as Rouge suddenly grinned.

    "It does not matter how small you shrink, I will still catch you!"

    Within seconds it became clear to her as thin spikes suddenly started shooting from the walls, ceiling and floor of the pipe, turning the entire section bumblebee was in into some kind of spike pit. Bee swerved left and right to avoid the spikes, which were madame rouge's fingers as they stabbed in the air around her.

    Bee grunted as a spike nearly sliced through her arm, she quickly charged up her stingers and fired at every 'spike' around her, more explosions and slices echoing throughout the arena.


    Argent grunted as she was thrown into a rock formation, carving a neat little trench in the ground as before she came to a quiet stop just inside a crater. Meanwhile, above her, Starfire and Blackfire grappled with each other in a contest of strength, each combatant trying to push her opponent back.

    "You. Will. Not win!" Starfire grunted with strain as she sought to check her opponent, for some reason, Blackfire was effortlessly overpowering her. Something was different this time, normally their strengths should have been nearly equal.

    "Keep struggling my dear little sister." Blackfire laughed, her eyes glaring a menacing red. "It makes it that much more fun!" At that moment, she instantly let go of starfire's hands, flying upwards. Starfire, surprised by this manuver, found herself flying forward from her momentum, but she was quickly stopped as Blackfire grabbed a hold of her shoulds and did an aerial flip, taking Starfire along for the ride and throwing her down onto the ground.

    Starfire's impact shook the entire moonscape, throwing up a dustball that obscured almost the entire field.

    Before blackfire could even gloat however, Starfire shot straight out of the smoke, ramming straight into her sister with an explosive force that sent shockwaves through the air.

    Blackfire grunted in anger as she caught the force of her sister's punch on her face, leaving her cheek slightly bruised.

    "You'll pay for that one!" She charged forward, grabbing Starfire's arm and proceeded to pummel her into a Rock formation, throwing even more rubble into the air.

    Starfire winced as she flailed in the air, trying to free herself from her sister's iron tight grip. She coughed and opened her eyes as the smoke cleared, letting loose a concentrated eye blast straight at her opponent, which sent Blackfire flying straight into the wall of a canyon.

    Before Blackfire could even recover, Starfire was already in front of her, throwing an overhand punch that sent her crashing through the ground.

    Starfire wanted to continue fighting but a series of red plasma blasts caught her off guard, forcing her to shield her face with her arms as red energy blasts exploded around her.

    "Don't underestimate me! I'm in this too you know." Argent flew straight at Starfire, forming her plasma energy into a giant red fist that knocked Starfire back several dozen feet.

    "I do not wish to hurt you." Starfire grimaced from the impact, throwing firing charged up starbolts at her new opponent, but Argent was swiftly dodging each blast, closing the distance.

    The Titan formed another starbolt, this one equalling the size of the red plasma fist, and sent it blazing at her opponent. The two projectiles met in midair, cancelling each other out. Before the two combatants could move, a red starbolt that hit Starfire from behind, exploding in a scarlet red flash that blinded the arena and sending the Titan tumbling down onto the ground.

    "That was too easy." Blackfire smirked as she charged both her hands to form a large red energy ball, this one the size of a mini-van.

    "Tah Tah sister!" The villainess was poised to throw but before she could, she found her wrists were shackled by red Plasma energy.

    "Did you forget about me?"

    Blackfire turned to see the cocky smirk on Argent's face, literally a foot away from her.

    "Why you little-"

    Before Blackfire could even finish the sentence, a giant slab of Plasma energy knocked her out of the skies, sending her flying into a crater on the ground. Blackfire's massive starbolt, still charged, was now clamped and held by Argent's plasma energy.

    "Here, let me return this to you." Argent manipulated her plasma energy into the form of a whip, and like a sling shot, stretched it out and threw the giant starbolt back at Blackfire who was falling toward the crater just above her sister.

    "Looks like I win this round." Argent said wryly.

    "Think again." Blackfire suddenly had a dark grin on her face, she grabbed Starfire, who was falling just feet beneath her, and flipped herself so that the two Taramanians reversed positions, Starfire on top while Blackfire was below her, shielded from the impending blast.

    Starfire screamed in pain as the red blast engulfed her, throwing both her and her sister onto the ground with a massive explosive impact, but with Starfire evidently taking the brunt of the damage. The Titan groaned weakly as she lay beneath a pile of rocks in the centre of the crater.

    Blackfire nonchalantly emerged from the rubble, brushing the dust off her armor while Argent lowered herself to ground level, intending to finish the fight.

    Before they could continue however, a flash of lightning engulfed the arena, and Starfire vanished in a puff of smoke.

    "Starfire has been eliminated!" The Master of Game's voice erupted through the arena. "Winners Blackfire and Argent shall advance to the next round!"


    The ground exploded violently as several rock spikes emerged like a menacing wave, creating a swath of destruction as it flew towards Chesire. The Assassin however, was quicker, throwing her Kunai at Terra before disappearing into the shadows. Chesire was keeping to the walls, sticking to them for an instant and throwing her ninja stars at the Titan, like a game of cat and mouse. But her aim was very accurate, knocking out of the bo staffs from Terra's hand while the others were deflected, taking down several torches in the cavern.

    Terra grunted as she threw up a rock barrier, blocking the projectiles that were thrown at her, but the lapse in concentration had allowed her opponent to close the distance, swiping at the Titan with her Katanas. The Titan barely had time to parry with her stone bo staff, the blade stopping just inches from her fact.

    Another wave of her fist sent the rock barrier flying straight at Chesire, but the villainess was already on the prowl, throwing more ninja stars at Terra from the shadows at the edge of the arena.

    This time Terra ducked, letting the projectiles pass above her harmlessly and knocking several of the torches around the arena down.

    Sensing an opening in the attacks, Chesire attacked straight at Terra.

    Terra however, had quite enough of these sneak attacks, Bo staff in one hand, the Titan summoned a boulder beneath her and used the foward momentum to perform a high speed flying kick that sent Chesire flying back.

    Caught by surprise, the villainess landed with a quick thud against the torchlit cavern wall. In front of her Terra was poised to finish this, a cocky smirk already on the titan's face.

    However, for some reason, Chesire just laughed, almost hysterically.

    "What's wrong? Given up already?" Terra shouted out, but felt somewhat uneasy, why was she laughing?!"

    Before Terra could say anything else, Chesire took the three ninja stars in her hand, and threw them behind her, obliterating the last three torches that lit up the cavern. The embers sputtered out as the torches hit the ground, giving dying glow before the entire cavern descended into an empty blackness.

    To Terra's horror, she couldn't see anything, and her opponent vanished before her eyes. She heard a footstep behind her and threw up a blind rock barrier to protect against the attack, but she was quickly thrown backwards by a sword slice in the darkness. Terra grunted in pain as she felt the force of the impact cut her bo staff in two, throwing her onto the ground as she stumbled blindly for the wall, and some point of leverage to anchor herself on.

    The Titan gasped in panic, as attacks came from all around her, but she found herself blind as a bat, unable to attack and barely able to defend herself.

    Meanwhile, In the pitch black darkness , Chesire cackled evily, her voice echoing throughout the cavern. The villainess slowly snuck towards Terra, poised for her next strike.


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