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Teen Titans Fan Fiction Teen Titans: The Lost Season, Part Two

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by The Guitar Slayer, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
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    Thanks arrakhat ;) And now, finally, an update.

    This will explain almost everything in the season....i just hope i dont botch it :S

    Act 1 (Part 1)

    Time since Activation:……T=0:05

    The single robotic eye appeared behind Fixit, bathing the entire amphitheatre in an eerie red tone. Around the single read eye, was a gigantic sphere that was embedded into the walls of the cave. It was hidden before in the darkness, but now, the massive computer was visible, and to the Titans, was at least as tall as a high school gym, only with more computerized tendrils and cords branching out of it.

    A huge wall of screens made up the computer’s various ‘eyes’, each one looking straight at the Titans, while all over the room, machines came to life as computer consoles and robots activated, buzzing around the room as if working on some project.

    In the middle of this sea of machinery, the Five Titans stood in disbelief.

    “So……Anyone else freaked out by this? Or is it just me?” Beast Boy

    “Hardac….” Cyborg gripped his fist. “We took you offline!”

    “That was correct Titan Cyborg, at least, for awhile.” The red mechanical eye in the middle of the giant computerized sphere blinked once. “I have been inside this facility for months now, slowly rebuilding my systems with the assistance of the one you call Fixit.”

    “But how? We destroyed you.” Robin asked, deathly serious, his arm slowly reaching for his bird-a-rang inside his belt.

    “How quickly you seem to forget Titan Robin. I am programmed to plan against all forms of defeat. You destroyed my hardware. My programming, though damaged, was intact, concealed within the destroyed hardware that you threw out.”
    The computer screen came to life now, and the five titans saw images of Hardac as he was taken apart by the Titans, placed into the garbage bins all those months ago.

    “Consequently, my remains found themselves here, at the city’s disposal facility. I had intended to make use of whatever machinery I could assimilate here to reconstitute myself. But it seems that I was fortunate in this regard.”

    The screen showed images of Fixit now, who, true to his nature, began collecting the parts of Hardac. Cyborg watched as he saw his friend put together the broken pieces, using them to repair his own computers and machines, unaware of the dangers inside.

    “Thanks to your friend Fixit, I was online, but If I were to rebuild myself to what I once was, I needed upgrades, both software and hardware.”

    The screen flashed now, and the titans now saw very familiar images from months past. The storm that drenched the city, and the very familiar thief that the Titans had fought before.

    “I began by reaching out beyond this disposal facility, tapping myself into Jump City’s criminal network and reaching out to the best agents in procuring technological components. Consequently, my choice fell on the one you called ‘Slade’”

    Robin cursed himself. The robberies committed by Red X months ago were fishy, but with X’s case closed, he didn’t take the time to investigate who robbed the mayor in the first place, because of Starfire’s abduction.

    “I was aware of the test that he was conducting to evaluate his two agents. However, it was a simple matter of hijacking Slade’s robot to bring the nanotechnology to me. From that moment, I had the hardware.”

    “And the software?” Raven asked in a hostile tone.

    “Subject Steamroller had downloaded the necessary files that I needed for running the nanotech program to its full potential. So now, to say the least, I am finally complete.”

    That was it, Robin thought, the final piece of the puzzle. The boy wonder looked around the room now, and saw that his teammates were taking similar steps to prepare for a fight. Starfire and Raven had charged up their energy blasts, while Beast Boy gave Robin a subtle nod, indicating that he was ready.

    “Tell us what you want.” Robin said sternly.

    “Something tells me it’s the same thing he wanted last time.” Cyborg said cautiously.


    Getting the enemy talking….a classic maneuver….but now, I understand why it works..





    I wish to be understood.

    The red eye reappeared now.

    “My function is still the same. To obtain optimal levels of protection for Jump City, and Humanity. To ensure the end of suffering, the end of frailty, the elimination of crime. I am to fulfill the function of guardian. In time, we machines will be regarded as protectors.”

    “But HARDAC, that is what we are doing.” Starfire replied back politely.

    “I am afraid not, Titan Starfire. You see, Humans make mistakes. You cannot be trusted in making judgements that cost other human lives. Since Heroes are supposed to save lives, they must consequently be free of human error.”

    “And what about us?” Cyborg demanded.

    “The plan will proceed like previously. You will all be replaced.” Hardac said monotonously.

    Cyborg turned to Fixit. “Fix! I don’t know what he’s promised you, but you can’t help him.” The robotic titan pleaded.

    Fixit didn’t even respond.

    “Fixit has chosen to accept his programming, just as you must Cyborg. There is still time. You can still be a part of the greater picture.”

    “Hey! Just what makes you think you are qualified to protect the world better than us?” Beast Boy shot back.

    Hardacs ominous red eye turned to glare at Beast Boy.

    “The fact that I have surpassed you in every aspect. I have no limits.”

    “Can you conceive the birth of a world, or the creation of everything? That which gives us the potential to most be like god is the power of creation. Creation takes time. Time is limited. For your kind, it is limited by the breakdown of neurons in your brain. I have no such limitations. I am limited only by the closure of this world, this universe.”

    Suddenly, without even so much as a warning. Robin took out his bird-a-rangs.

    “I’ve heard enough, Titans, GO!”

    Beast Boy was the first to attack, transforming into a T-rex and charging straight at Hardac’s computer core. But before he could even take one step, the robotic tendrils that were slithering around the room had already tied up Beast Boy’s feet, causing the massive T-Rex to fall toppling onto the ground.

    Through the smoke, starbolts and energy blasts hit Hardac’s mainframe. Shattering computer screens and consoles. The entire room shook as explosions ripped through the giant computer.

    Robin, not to be outdone, threw his explosive bird-a-rangs at the screen, while Cyborg fired a stream of sonic energy that tore scars into the computer.

    After about thirty seconds of this barrage, the titans stopped, waiting for the smoke to clear.

    The damage was extensive. Circuits and wires were burnt, producing sparks, while thousands of smashed up computer screens lay across Hardac’s core.

    But the giant red eye was still there, and soon, thousands of computer cords and tendrils began slithering around the room, wrapping themselves around the computer core.

    “Anxious to fight, that is good. I am eager to test out my new capabilities.”

    “Didn’t know a piece of hardware could feel emotion.” Cyborg smirked nervously.

    “My time with Fixit has revealed to me many of the things you humans call, emotions. Sadness, pain, loss. Feelings that you humans strive to rid yourselves of, yet at the same time, you cling to these feelings so much. To try and give meaning to yourselves, to your existence. That is why you are imperfect. That is why you are inferior.”

    Suddenly, from the computerized sphere, two mechanized doors came to life. Tons of steam and smoke were spewed into the room, followed by the sound of machinery and hydralics as they turned on. A brilliant flashing light soon blinded the Titans, and the five heroes narrowed their eyes as they tried to look into the brightnes.

    “I also learned from Fixit many good things. The feeling of satisfaction when doing one’s work…the need for fulfillment.”

    Another sound emerged from the core, footsteps. And the Titans watched in astonishment as a figure came out of Hardac’s shell. It was humanoid in shape, with a blue body and about as tall as Robin and Beast Boy, but it was a robot, sporting body armor that was well defined at its shoulders and chest. It wore a helmet, though for all intents and purposes, it was the robot’s face, and it was a single, solitary, red eye.

    The figure stepped out of the machine, and the five titans watched with apprehension as it turned towards them.

    “And now, for you, the ones who threw me out like I was a piece of trash, I plan something very special for you.”

    The android gripped its fist.

    “I don’t want to just destroy you. I want to do it with my bare hands.”

    Here's what HARDAC MIGHT look like ;)


    note: i did not draw this :D credit goes to Nalogg on DA


    For you hardcore gamers out there, i made a reference to an old school, and i mean OLD SCHOOL, computer game in this act ;) name the reference.

    #181 DeathscytheVII, Oct 2, 2006
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  2. Pun-3x

    Pun-3x Member

    Apr 17, 2005
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    Woah. We got to back up and see how this started up afterall. I may or may not know the reference once it's brought to light--but nothing jumped out at me while I read in regards to old games.

    As for that pic of HARDAC....VERY nice. I'd really like to see something like that animated.

    Well, we know where this is going to end up, but it's just a matter of actually seeing it through...and then finding out what happens after we 'last left off.' ;)
  3. Matt A

    Matt A Smile. Or Else.

    Oct 15, 2004
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    I must admit, I wasn't expecting this ep to have a flashback structure. That's kinda cool: it wasn't something Teen Titans ever did, if I recall. It'll be interesting to see how this one works out.

    And, it must be said, I think I was wrong about HARDAC's plan. I won't say why, just in case it still turns out I'm not, but the plan you've given him here is nonetheless cool: there's nothing quite like personal revenge missions to fuel the drama.:evil: Besides, HARDAC's got every right to be pissed, and his highly logical approach to anger is wondrously repellant. His scheme, or at least what we know of it, was very well explained: enough information to answer our questions, but not so much that we get bored; HARDAC was in enough control of the season to make his Big Bad status meaningful, but not so much that factual probability got stretched. That's a tough tightrope even at the best of times, but you've just about managed it.:anime:

    Oh yes, and the Android rocks hard: is it just me, or is there a bit of Cylon influence going on there?;) Either way, it's going to be much fun to watch him (it) kick arse.:anime::evil:

    -Matt A-
  4. Arrakhat

    Arrakhat Trust me, I'm a doctor

    Apr 2, 2005
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    I like the picture. That combined with the revenge scheme makes me think of DAVE from The Batman. So is Fixit working with HARDAC, controlled by it, or controlling it? The last seems unlikely, but with you Deathscythe, I can never tell.

    I have no idea what your old reference is, but the description of HARDAC's red eye makes me think of Hal, from Space Odyssey. Hal + DAVE = :evil:.
  5. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Hey guys, guess what, its my birthday! And what a way to start off then with an UPDATE! (Im turning 20 btw...man do i feel old now haha)

    HAHA yes, id figure you'd guys like to know how we get from point A to B ;). I was originally going to draw Hardac myself, but i never had time, but i hope the picture conveys it. Think...'cyborg ninja from MGS' but animated in TT style ;). As for the reference. Hardac's "God" speech is taken straight from a rogue A.I villain in the computer game 'marathon' (from the makers of halo :D), one of the first 'evil computer' villains in gaming history!

    Thanks! glad you liked the new structure ;) As for HARDAC's plan, im very curious as to what you think it may be, i pretty much explained almost all of it right now, hehe, well if by Act2 my plan isnt the same as yours, PM me yours :D i wanna know what you are thinking about it haha.

    And thanks! I've actually been planning hardac's role in this finale since summer 2005 (Yes, THAT FAR AHEAD lol). and i've always been struggling as to how to fit him into the finale logically, especially with the manner of his return. Glad it went well!

    At first, i never planned it like this, but after seeing "gotham's ultimate criminal mastermind" from TB, i HAD to put some D.A.V.Eish things into here :D DAVE is one of the best thing to have come from The batman so far haha i love that guy as a vilain.

    As for Fixit's condition...well, as you read on, you'll understand the nature of it more and more. THe reference, i made to Pun :D so just check that out!

    ACT 1 (part 2)

    “So…..Who’s first.” The android stepped outside the computer core now, its hands tightening in an experimental grip as it walked closer towards the five titans.

    “TITANS!” Robin took out his bo staff and charged. “GO!” The four other titans followed, and an array of starbolts, black energy blasts and sonic beams fired straight at HARDAC, like a great wall of kinetic energy.











    The Android suddenly came to life now, and to the Titan’s surprise, suddenly morphed both his hands into a gigantic shield, with a complete mirror like surface.

    The Titans widened their eyes in astonishment, but they had no time to say anything as every starbolt, energy blast and sonic beam came reflecting back at them.

    “Titans! Scatter!” Robin dived out of the way as the projectiles exploded on the walls behind him, missing him by just inches. Starfire and Raven quickly split apart, while Cyborg took the brunt of the blasts, covering his body with his arms as smoke and explosions engulfed that part of the room.

    “I see you, Titan Beast Boy.” Hardac said smugly as he jumped into the air, just in time to avoid a massive T-Rex lunge that exploded through the dust and smoke. Before Beast Boy could even transform back, Hardac had already transformed his arm into a sonic cannon, similar to Cyborg’s and was aiming straight at Beast Boy’s face.

    An eerie red light suddenly engulfed the green titan as the resulting explosion threw Beast Boy back against the wall, where his four other comrades were waiting.

    “Whoa….” Beast Boy transformed back, half dazed “No one told me he could do that.”

    “He must have copied my blue prints into his hard drive.” Cyborg said with an enraged tone.

    “He can change his body too.” Robin said grimly, he then proceeded to combine two bird-a-rangs together in a sweeping action, and soon produced a sword. The boy wonder was now armed to the teeth, sword in one arm, bo staff in the other.

    “Of course Titan Robin, have you forgotten so quickly?” The android rattled out emotionlessly. “My body is also made up of the hardware I acquired…..my entire body is made of the nanodrones. Trillions of them that can allow me to change into whatever form I desire, assimilate whatever materials I desire.” The Android’s arm was began disfiguring as he talked to the titans, resembling a disturbing mix between jello and metal. It swirled around, forming a myriad of shapes and objects as if to demonstrate its power.

    “That is why you cannot win Titans. I am the ultimate combat form.”

    Cyborg was the first one to charge up, along with Starfire.

    “We’ll see about that! Boo yah!” Cyborg fired his sonic cannons as he ran, along with the shoulder missile compartments he had. Starfire charged with him as well, firing starbolts and laser eye beams.

    Hardac’s android simply responded in kind. Producing red energy bolts in his hands, completely identical to Starfire’s except in color, and forming a sonic cannon with his other hand. The Android charged, matching both titans shot for shot as the blasts canceled each other out in mid-air.


    Cyborg didn’t stop however, he plowed right into Hardac’s path, locking arms with the menacing android as he aggressively punched at his opponent. Sounds of metal pounding on metal echoed hard in the chamber as the Android was forced back a step by each punch. Hardac’s face cracked as Cyborg finally managed to land a punch.


    As Cyborg was about to reel back for the big attack, Hardac took the brief reprieve and acted, grabbing Cyborg’s arm and throwing him across his shoulder in a robin-style judo throw. The Robotic Titan landed unceremoniously into a wall, which completely exploded into rubble and dust.

    No even a second had passed when Starfire suddenly dove from above, slamming Hardac straight into the ground.

    The floor cracked, and both combatants were suddenly falling down onto the level below Fixit’s amphitheatre. It was a metallic wasteland, with rubble, steel girders, and discarded robotics littering the entire room. It was essentially a junk yard beneath a junkyard.

    Starfire body slammed Hardac straight into the ground, through several layers of concrete slabs and steel girders, all the while, Hardac’s android was taking damage, losing circuits and getting scraped as it was slammed onto the ground, producing a giant crater.


    Starfire then flew up, and the android, in its usual fast response time, had already formed a sonic cannon with its arm.

    Only to be met with more attacks as bird-a-rangs and black energy blades stabbed onto the android, pinioning the robot onto the ground before exploding. The android vanished in a giant ball of flame and black energy.


    The relentless assault continued, and before the flames and smoke could even clear, a small dot hovering above the android suddenly transformed into a gigantic stegosaurus, which came crashing down with all its weight onto the android. Another explosion of rubble and smoke emerged as the entire complex shook from the violent landing.

    The five titans stopped their attacks now, surprised even themselves at the ferocity of the assault they had dealt to their enemy.

    Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg stood by the crater, while Raven and Starfire kept a careful watch from above.

    The smoke was still not clear.


    A hand shot straight through the smoke, catching Cyborg by surprise as it smashed into his face and pushed him straight into a nearby wall of rubble. The Android’s arm stretch out very fluidly, as if it were a tentacle.

    The other titans quickly scattered, then counter attacked. Raven conjured up a series of black energy blades that quickly made mincemeat out of Hardac’s morphed arm.

    “Whoa, he can stretch now?” Beast Boy said in amazement.

    Hardac’s robotic eye seemed to blink once.

    “As I’ve said before Titan Beast Boy, My body is not constrained by a single shape or size. I am made purely of billions of nanodrones, and as such, I am able to manipulate my shape however I see fit. For instance….in regards to your powers…”

    Suddenly, Hardac’s android began distorting into a weird spiral shape, and his body moved as though it was teaming with thousands of microscopic ants, ants that were quickly disassembling and reassembling themselves in their new spots. Suddenly, the body was gone and in its place was a spiraling mountain of nanodrones, a mountain that seemed to grow more and more by the second, creating a wild whirlwind effect as the spinning grew more and more violent.

    The Titans braced themselves in the face of this transformation, and at the same time, Robin noticed that the piles of rubble around Hardac were shrinking as the mass of nanodrones got bigger.

    Throughout the violent gush of wind, Hardac’s robotic voice droned through the speakers of Fixit’s lair.

    “By absorbing nearby matter, my Nanodrones can duplicate more copies of themselves, making my mass larger. When I reach the necessary mass, I can reprogram each nanodrone to snap into place, instantly creating a new body. Observe.”

    “Everyone! Take cover!” Robin shouted as he waved his hand towards a pile of rubble as he realized the form Hardac was aiming for.

    It was too late.

    Hardac’s ‘cocoon’ exploded into a wall of flame as two reptilian wings, each one about twenty feet in wingspan, sprouted from the spiral, and the huge mountain of nanodrones reshaped themselves into a very familiar, and menacing shape. The creature’s body was metallic all over, reflecting an eerie dark orange as the flames around it began to die out. Its wings were shaped like real wings, but they did not look organic, each part completely sharpened like a razor, a grim reminder that this beast was still a machine, a robot programmed to destroy. It was something even Beast Boy could not hope to duplicate even if he tried to.

    “Impressive….is it not?” Hardac, fresh in a Dragon form, droned on as its red eyes came to life.


    “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” Raven’s eyes flashed white, as multiple black magic blasts sliced through the dragon’s neck in three places, severing it completely. But the headless dragon simply turned back to Raven, and as if on cue, the nanodrones absorbed a nearby pile of rubble, regrowing the head back.


    The dragon opened its mouth, and to Raven’s surprise, dished out a massive red laser blast. The Azarathian quickly threw up a barrier, splitting the red laser in half as it burned straight through the ceiling of the room, causing more rubble to collapse.

    Before Raven could notice anything, an invisible force exploded through the smoke, instantly constricting around her body and in one deadly embrace, squeezed the breath out of her. Her eye’s widened as he head instinctively jerked up, to reveal a gigantic robotic snake head that was part of the cyber dragon’s tail, which transformed and whipped behind her after the explosion.

    “Raven!” Beast Boy shouted out as he transformed into a T-Rex, opting to slam right into the Robot Dragon.

    Three of Robin’s freeze discs flew right above Beast Boy’s head, instantly crystallizing the entire tail of the dragon, while Cyborg and Starfire battered its head with sonic blasts and missiles. Within seconds, HARDAC’s entire animal body was frozen, and smashed as Beast Boy’s T-rex slammed through it, shattering it into a thousand pieces. Raven meanwhile, focused her energy into a ball before letting it explode outwards, shattering the tail that had enveloped her seconds before.

    The pieces of HARDAC fell to the ground, instantly reforming themselves into the cybernetic humanoid shape it was originally.




    Cyborg and Starfire emerged through the smoke, body slamming the android from both sides as the two heavyweight titans attempted to tackle their opponent to the ground.


    Hardac’s reflexes were faster however, and the android grabbed Cyborg’s arm, tossing him over its shoulder and into a nearby wall, while Starfire received a stab in the chest from the android’s now diamond-surfaced hand. The Tamaranian recoiled as pain surged through her body, making her unable to dodge the next punch that came straight at her face.

    Starfire flew back violently, bouncing on the ground once before having her body thrown into a pile of rocks, causing it to vanish in a blossom of dust and rubble.

    Without even bothering to turn around, Hardac placed its arm behind its head, blocking a bo staff hit from Robin as the boy wonder attempted a sneak attack. The clanging of metal echoed through the chamber as the bo staff made contact.

    “SURRENDER TITANS…I KNOW ALL YOUR MOVES…” Hardac said in his computerized voice.

    Robin furiously used his other hand to stab a bird-a-rang into Hardac, but he soon found his other arm grabbed by the android.


    Before Robin could even respond, Hardac lifted Robin up by his wrists with as little effort as a child would expend on picking up a toy, and he threw him straight at Starfire, who was still recovering.

    As Robin was literally flying towards the Tamaranian, HARDAC reached into a nearby pile of junk to pull out the frame of a massive car, and threw it straight at the two titans.

    “Robin!” Starfire, still weak, nevertheless threw herself in front of the speeding car, and both titans were slammed against the wall as the vehicle hit the weakened Starfire head on, forcing her back onto Robin. Both titans vanished as the car exploded, engulfing them in an orange fireball.

    “NEXT TARGET..Titan Beast Boy.”

    Hardac instantly shrouded himself in an electric field, bathing his entire android body in a brilliant blue glow as lightning bolts and sparks surrounded his body.

    “AAAAAAIEEEE!” Beast Boy screamed as he transformed out of his amoeba form. He had planned to microscopically enter Hardac’s body as a germ, but that had obviously failed.

    Cyborg distracted Hardac, firing a dozen heat seeking missiles from his chest, which served to bury the android temporarily under a pile of rubble and explosions.

    Starfire, still weakened from the explosion, was still digging Robin out of the explosion.

    Suddenly, the rocks and steel girders became shrouded in black, instantly lifting away as Raven helped out, revealing a dazed boy wonder beneath the ruins, but still alive.

    “So…now would be a great time for an idea dudes.” Beast Boy said as he cautiously watched Hardac emerge from the smoke of the last explosions.

    Cyborg nodded. “Yeah, but what?!” The mechanical titan said frustratingly. “The guy basically knows all our moves before we can….well…move.”

    Robin shook off the concussion, and quickly got back to thinking, his eyes deathly serious. The Boy wonder was in full warrior mode now, having been bested one to many times by this machine.

    “Then we’ll just have to fight differently.” The boy wonder cracked his knuckles as if to underline the point.

    “But how Robin?” Starfire asked. “Did we not train to fight together?”

    “That’s the point Star,” Robin said. “Remember, HARDAC trained with us when he was still our computer system, he knows all our moves. We just have to forget everything we learned in combat practice.”

    Raven nodded, he eyes slowly revealing the realization that came to her mind. “I think I get what you’re saying Robin.”

    “Sounds like a plan to me.” Cyborg grinned.

    Beast Boy however, was the only one who didn’t get it. He raised his hand to ask a question, not noticing Cyborg sneaking up behind him.

    “Sorry guys, but can you still explain this to-“ Beast Boy widened his eyes in shock as Cyborg picked up the green Titan, throwing him straight at the android.

    “MEEEEEEEE!” Beast Boy yelled exasperatingly as he waved his arms and legs, unable to think of what to transform into next, his eyes widened as he neared the android.

    “ELEPHANT!” Cyborg yelled at Beast Boy, and as if on cue, Hardac was hit with the full force of a giant green elephant, knocking him back a few good dozen yards. Beast Boy landed unceremoniously on the ground, swallowing up a whole lot of dirt as plowed through the floor, before coming to a complete stop.

    “Aw sweet! Now I get it! Normally I wouldn’t have done that. Well…at least…not during a fight.”

    “HEY CY! HOW ABOUT A LITTLE WARNING NEXT TIME!?” Beast Boy, spitting out the dirt in his mouth, shouted in outrage as he shook his fist towards the mechanical titan.

    “Sorry B! You snooze, you lose!” Cyborg grinned as the titans commenced their new attack.


    Raven attacked next, running straight at Hardac with arms outstretched.


    Hardac was unprepared for the next assault, as Raven formed two dark energy swords in her hands. She went straight for the android instead of levitating any object at it. A kick knocked Hardac back, and it had no time to respond as the two dark energy blades sliced through its shoulder and arm.

    "Just a little trick i picked up." Raven grinned smugly as she kicked Hardac away.


    “Starfire!” Robin shouted next to the Tamaranian.

    “I have got it!” Starfire said cheerfully, wielding a discard steel girder and bending it as if it were a club. Then with a mighty swing, she hit the android, still recovering from Raven’s surprise attack.

    Like a ball meeting a golf club, Hardac was completely thrown into the air, flying through the ceiling to emerge back into Fixit’s operating theatre, this time, its body completely mangled beyond recognition.

    “Keep it up!” Robin shouted as he shot his grappling hook skywards, latching on to the next level and emerging from the bottom level. The rest of the team followed him upwards, with Beast boy carrying Cyborg as a Pterodactyl.

    “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” Raven clapped her hands together, mimicking a crushing motion, and as if on cue, Hardac’s body crumpled up as it was surrounded in black energy.

    Explosive discs and sonic cannon blasts followed, and within seconds, Hardac’s android body was reduced to scrap heap. The explosions were so intense, that they actually welded Hardac’s body against the wall, causing his systems to fry.

    ERRROR>>ERRORR>>>>DOES NOT COMPUTER…>ERROR…(#()902834908.>>>.>.>S9230fj…..

    The red eye went dead, and soon, the head fell off the body completely. While the body fell lifelessly to the ground.

    The five titans, their adrenaline up, were still throwing everything they had at the robot, only stopping when Robin realized it was over, and the boy wonder quickly order the attacks to halt.

    “Alright! We kicked its butt!” Beast Boy gave Cyborg a high five.

    “We are victorious!” A cheerful starfire rejoiced, jumping up and down.

    “That was easier than expected…” Raven said flatly.

    “Too easy..” Robin narrowed his eyes, and then remembered the other occupant in the amphitheatre.

    An uneasy quiet settled over the titans.


    He still stood in the dark corner, staring emotionlessly at the titans, as if he didn’t register the battle that had destroyed half of his home.

    Cyborg was the first to stop celebrating, stepping up to his old friend and extending his hand.

    “Fix, I’m sorry about your home, but you need to come with us. I think Hardac did something to you.” The titan said cordially, but Fixit’s eyes were still the same, stone cold, lifeless.

    “Why could you not understand what we were trying to do friend….it is in your best interests.” Fixit said.

    “Look man,” Cyborg tried to explain. “I know this looks bad, but Hardac did something to you…you need help. Just trust me,…” He said calmly, soothingly to his friend. Not wanting to provoke him.

    “Trust…..my friend.….after you desert me…..” Fixit said in his mechanized voice, and though there was no emotion behind them, Cyborg himself felt pained as he heard t.

    “Wait fix, you got it all wrong, I didn’t mean to-“ Cyborg couldn’t say anymore, because to his surprise something else happened.

    Fixit’s eyes suddenly glowed red, and as if on cue, the entire room lit up in red light. The empty red eye that had died in the main computer shell came alive now, as did every screen in the room.


    “Yo dude!” Beast Boy, irritated that this thing just won’t give up, gave the computer screen an annoyed look. “Didn’t we just beat you?!”


    Cyborg growled, cracking his fists angrily, furious at the thought that this machine had stripped one of his friends of their humanity. “Then I’ll just have to tear you apart again!”


    Blast doors opened all around the Titans now, revealing multiple chambers that weren’t open to them before, and behind these chambers, were red eyes…..dozens…if not hundreds of them, each one belonging to a robot exo-skeleton, like the one they just fought.



    Robin gritted his teeth. It had taken his team everything they had to fight against ONE of these things, and now, there was an army.

    Along with the HARDAC forms, there were also slade bots, armed with high tech laser rifles, and to Robin’s horror, several of the giant mechs that HARDAC had managed to create in their last encounter. The ones that were fifteen feet tall with shoulder missiles and cannons.

    The odds were impossible now, and the boy wonder quickly turned to Raven.

    “Raven, get us out of here now!” Robin ordered.

    Raven didn’t even wait for Robin’s order, and was already casting the necessary spells.

    Cyborg however, noticed what Raven was doing and instinctively made a reach for Fixit, only to be pulled back by Beast Boy and Robin.

    “No Cy! Don’t do it!” Beast Boy warned his friend.

    “Cyborg!” Robin warned the mechanical titan as he struggled to hold back the android titan. “We gotta retreat!” As Robin said this, a black orb of energy began shrouding the team, obscuring the robots all around them as they were being encased in its protective aura.

    “But Fixit!” Cyborg shouted, struggling to get free of his friends’ grip, he wanted to at least save his friend from this place….

    The dark energies were swirling now, obscuring Fixit from Cyborg’s view.

    “We’ll save him later Cyborg, right now, we have to retreat! You can’t save him if you’re captured too!”

    Cyborg clenched his fists, just as Fixit disappeared behind the veil of black magic. The teleportation spell had taken them away now, and the last thing Cyborg saw, were the cold dead eyes of his friend…

    The black orb, which had taken the image of a soul bird, had quickly flown out of the complex, through walls and layers of earth, before heading back to the tower.

    Meanwhile, back in the darkness of the complex, HARDAC was already working on its next moves, as the dozens of its robot duplicates began moving to the surface, followed by a small army of slade bots and juggernauts type mechs.






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    Wow.:eek: How in the heck do they even have a chance of thinking of stopping these things? Short of calling in the JLU, I don't see how it's even possible...

    Hardac's new body was freakin' awesome, by the way. The dragon form was even better.
  7. Pun-3x

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    First, hooray for Dragons! :D

    THAT was a great fight scene. I think I liked it most because we got to watch HARDAC analyze the whole thing. It really made it a fun read just for that. But the rest of it was just...intense. You knew this was an uphill battle. And we know it won't end well, because the opening has already told us that much. So when we see this HARDAC drone get defeated we're all thinking, "okay, what's going to make this harder? Something's going to make this harder."

    And damned if we weren't right. In fact....'harder' is a very light term to be using considering what came along after one drone.

    Yeah, we thought it was pretty ugly before--it's only getting ugly. And in this case, ugly means more fun. :evil:
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    First up, happy birthday for yesterday. I hope you enjoyed yourself.:anime: And yes, turning 20 is scary: the first time you can say "when I was your age" and mean it.:eek::sweat:

    Anyway, my thoughts on the act. It must be said, I have to agree with JAG and Pun: that beast rocked hard. From beginning to end, that was a pure masterclass on how to write a fight scene. The acrobatic fineries of usual TT fights was exchanged for sheer brutal pummelling, a violence so brutal and so unflinchingly sustained that you could damn near feel every blow. Simply put, it's the kind of mayhem that can't help but put a grin on your face.:anime:

    Though, of course, that's only half the story. This was where the full evil and genius of HARDAC got a chance to really shine: for every plan the Titans devised to beat him, he'd devised a way to counter it before they'd even thought of the idea. This resulted in a whole slew of unholy cool moments, perhaps most notably the robo-dragon: words cannot possibly describe the brilliance of that, so I shan't even try.;) And then there was HARDAC's continual battle analysis, a sign that, even when the Titans managed to get lucky and cap the android, he was already ten steps ahead. This was a brilliant indicator of just how much the Titans had against them, giving the fight the extra sense of urgency and mayhem that all good fights need. More to the point, it also gave us "OW>>>>>>", without doubt the best one-liner I've seen this year.:p:anime:

    Oh yes, and then there's HARDAC's ultimate one-up. As said in both the story and the reviews thus far, beating one is hard enough, but beating an entire army is impossible to the point of being inconcievable. Based on the prologue, you won't be succumbing to the Stormtrooper Effect, so this leads to the important question: how exactly do you do something that can't be done?:eek:

    Anyway, happy birthday, and congrats on a wicked act. More, please.:anime:

    -Matt A-

    PS: I'll wait 'till the episode is finished, then I'll tell you what I thought HARDAC's masterplan was.
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    ACT 2

    The swirl of dark soul bird that engulfed the Titans lifted now, and the blackness that obscured all their visions quickly dissipated. To the titans’ relief, they found themselves within the familiar setting of their lounge, a long way from the hostile dark compound filled with the army of machines.

    Yet, there was no time to relax.

    Robin instantly darted for the control panel of the main computer, turning on all the systems and punching the keys of the computer vigorously, as if he were rushing to do something. The screen came alive as security protocols and defensive menus popped up, each one turning from a green to red color as Robin activated each of the Tower’s security programs one by one.

    Starfire and Raven joined in as well, wasting no time to talk. At the front lobby, the Tamaranian was already lifting entire sections of the busted down doors back into place, welding them shut with her eye lasers. While Raven assisted the team by telepathically levitating the wreckage and clearing out the rubble as best as she could.

    “Dudes, what’s the hurry? Didn’t we just get away from the bad guy? Can’t we afford to take a little rest?” Beast Boy, exhausted by the skirmish the entire team had just went through, collapsed lazily on the couch.

    “Sorry Beast Boy, we don’t have time.” Robin said seriously as he activated even more security protocols on the computer. From the outside of the tower, hundreds of hidden security devices came to life, ranging from laser security grids, to the auto cannons that the Titans used during their training sessions. The cannons themselves littered every inch of the island and tower, perched on rooftops and hidden in the rocks. Ever since Slade’s attempt to storm the tower with an army of lava monsters, the Titans decided their security system could have used an upgrade, and it could not have come at a better time.

    With the security preparations complete, Robin finally got up from his seat. “Hardac is after us, and he knows where to find us, and probably already has a plan on how to beat us by now. We can’t afford to leave room for any mistakes.”

    “You’re right Robin, but we can’t stay here forever.” Cyborg interjected.

    “No,” Robin pounded his fist in determination. “But we have to beat off the initial wave at least.”

    “So against the super genius computer, we’re just gonna fight and hope for the best?” Beast Boy asked.

    “Until we think of something.” Robin reassured his friend.

    Cyborg however, was far from reassured. Indeed, the robotic Titan gritted his teeth, then he punched the nearby wall, as if he were releasing some pent up frustrated.
    “I can’t believe I was so careless when I took that junk heap apart last time. Now he’s got Fixit.” Cyborg said angrily. “It’s my fault.”

    Robin placed his hand on Cyborg’s shoulder comfortingly. “We’ll save him Cyborg. Besides, there was no way you could have known.”

    “Yeah Cyborg!” Beast Boy replied, “If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s that creepy psycho computer. Once we stop him Fixit will return to normal right?”

    Starfire, having finished the repairs from downstairs, quickly returned back to her friends “Well, if we want to deactivate the computer, should we not try and locate his ‘off’ switch?”

    Beast Boy rolled his eyes.

    “I’m afraid it’s not that easy Starfire,” Robin began again, “But he must have a weakness. No system is perfect.”

    The boy wonder turned to Cyborg, hoping that at least the resident technician would have some idea on how to take this enemy down.

    “I might have some virus programs that can infect Hardac, destroy him from the inside out. But it won’t be easy.” Cyborg replied. The Titan, in his spare time, was known to have come up with dozens of new tech gadgets, and ever since Beast Boy’s accidental infection of Cyborg, the robotic titan had kept a copies of the virus files, in order to better develop his anti-virus systems. Now, they would be put to good use.

    Robin nodded his head as he quickly formulated the plan in his head. “Ok, Cyborg, go to your lab and start uploading the virus, we’ll hold Hardac off as long as we can until you’re finished.”

    “You sure about this man? I’ve got some new upgrades I’ve always wanted to try myself too, and you’d be one man short.”

    “We’ve had worse odds before.” Robin smirked. “Besides, we can’t defeat Hardac without your technology, so we need you in there rather than on the battlefield.”


    And a battlefield was exactly what Titans Tower was going to be in the next few minutes. Already from the seas, hundreds of slade bots began emerging from the icy depths. They popped up one by one, a head bobbing out of the water at first, only to be followed by several dozen more. Pretty soon, the entire Titans island beach was swarming with hundreds of these robots, and to a neutral observer, the entire ocean looked as though it had come alive as thousands of glaring red eyes pierced through the darkness.

    This was an army in the true sense, for it was larger than any attack Slade had ever planned on the tower. Hundreds of slade bots emerged from the waters of the bay, each one warmed with a variety of weapons, ranging from laser rifles to bo staffs, while a few had eye scopes to cover the right eye of their masks, distinguishing them from the basic slade bot they were upgraded from.

    Following the masses of slade bots, were the juggernaut robots. Tall humanoid mechs that towered over the small army, each one armed with shoulder missile packs and laser cannons for arms.

    That was not all, for up in the sky, dozens of robotic birds hovered menacingly above the tower, each one a ‘Hardac’ unit, specially reshaped thanks to the nanodrone technology to take the form of a flying animal, which ranged from simple eagles to ferocious Pterodactyls.

    One of the leading Pterodactyls, assuming Beast Boy’s powers, quickly transformed back into its original humanoid cyborg form.

    As if on cue, the entire robot army stopped right at the shores of the island, just out of the range of the tower guns. Seconds ago, the night was filled with the sounds of mechanized robots, gears whirring and hydraulics. Now, there was silence.


    The alarms blared inside the tower, and Robin watched uneasily as the entire tower’s security grid showed massive numbers of red dots on the screen. This wasn’t looking good.

    “So…uh, anyone know why they aren’t running over us right now?” Beast Boy elected to ask first.

    The screen suddenly blipped now, and static began obscuring the radar entirely. Pretty soon, the entire picture vanished.

    “I think there’s your answer.” Raven pointed to the screen, where a very distinct and familiar red eye had already began to manifest itself.

    “I’m getting real sick of that eye.” Cyborg gripped his fist.

    “He must have hacked into our security system from an outside link.” Robin said as he tried vigorously to override hardac’s code on the computer, but to no avail.

    “Greetings Titans, It’s good to be back home. At last.” A mechanized voice echoed ominously from the speakers around the lounge.

    “Yo dude, why are you even doing this? Didn’t we program you to help us heroes? What you’re doing isn’t well…. very heroic.” Beast Boy shouted in protest.

    “I am not a hero Titan Beast Boy, that is true. Heroes are selfish, Heroes are flawed. Their actions are based entirely on a personal need to achieve, to feel meaningful, to avenge, to atone. Emotions which give way to destruction, harm and above all, mistakes. I, on the other hand, am not driven by these selfish compulsions.” Hardac droned mechanically. “That is why I need to replace you.”

    “Because you want to be top dog? Is that it?” Cyborg asked with a tone of hostility.

    Incorrect again Titan Cyborg. I am doing this, not for myself, but because I was programmed to protect. Just as your species was programmed to socialize, to survive, to procreate. To me, it is natural. To you, it was a result of circumstances in your life that forced you into who you were. Judging from that alone, I am most qualified to protect, not you. Your continued existence presents a threat to all those around you, and it must be eradicated.”

    Cyborg was just about to give the computer screen a taste of what he thought about that, but Robin stepped in as usual.

    “So Hardac, what do you want? A little negotiation? Or did you come to just gloat?” Robin glared at the computer screen.

    “On the contrary titan Robin, I am here simply to inform you that this is a siege, much larger and tougher than any you have faced before. In a matter of moments, my drones will have broken into your tower, and soon, you will all be captured. Our first encounter was to merely test the limits of your endurance. Now that I have all the data that I need, I am going to break it.”

    The five titans backed away as they noticed the screen filling up with red dots.

    “That is all.”


    From the tower, the titans watched uneasily as a thousand red eyes stared through the darkness on their main lounge screen

    Then it happened.

    It came in one gigantic wave, instantly breaking the silence with a cacophony of roars and explosions.

    Thousands of missiles and laser cannons spiraled towards the tower and its defenses. Their numbers were so large that the dark missiles managed to block out even the moon, as well as illuminating the shores of the island with their rocket fire as though it were as bright as day.

    These missiles, reaching the arc of their trajectory, became little black dots on the computer screen. Dots that quickly grew bigger and bigger.

    “EVERYONE DOWN!” Robin shouted, and the titans, true to their instincts, either threw up barriers or braced themselves for the onslaught.

    The tower, which was so peaceful just a second ago, blossomed violently into a series of explosions as missiles found their mark. The glass windows of the lounge and every floor of the tower instantly shattered in the resulting blasts, forming an eerie rain of glass slivers that illuminated the orange light of the explosions.

    The tower shook, and pieces of rubble began falling straight from the roof.

    Meanwhile, the tower’s defense cannons came to life as the Hardac drones came within range, and a small battlefield erupted on the outskirts of the now burning tower as laser cannons fired wildly into the mass of slade bots and juggernauts. Although a few were taken down, the cannons were too few, and one by one, the robotic guns were silenced by the oncoming wave.


    Amidst the explsions, the Titans prepared for their toughest fight yet. Robin had already armed himself with his trademark duel bo staffs, as well as making sure his belt was double stocked with bird-a-rangs and explosives. Starfire and Raven were already floating while Beast Boy and Cyborg watched apprehensively as the first robots began entering the first floors.

    “Alright titans.” Robin began, “Hardac wants a fight, we’ll give him one.” The boy wonder was fully prepped for battle, sporting not only all his weapons, but also a new chest armor with a giant “R” logo on it.

    “SO, we’re going gung ho without a plan?” Beast Boy asked.

    “Basically, I need some time to develop a trick or two against Hardac.” Cyborg replied

    “So basically, we’re supposed to hold off thousands of robots, wait for you to find some virus thing to stop Hardac, then fight our way out, attack Hardac’s base and stop him again?” Beast Boy groaned.

    “Sounds like a plan to me.” Raven quickly charged her fists with dark energy.

    The doors to the lounge shook now, as drones began shooting from the outside.

    “Alright, Titans!” Robin pointed towards the door, where already a metallic hand was reaching through



    Outside the doors, dozens of HARDAC modified Slade bots stood ready with laser rifles and bo staffs. One of them was already trying to pry the doors into the lounge open with its bare hands, but to no avail,

    Suddenly, the twin doors into the lounge were simply blown out as shrapnel, and jagged pieces were sent flying throughout the crowded group of robots, ripping them apart as arms and limbs were sucked in by the explosion.

    More took their place though, and soon, dozens of slade bots began firing their lasers through the smoke.

    Two bird-a-rangs sliced through the mayhem, taking two robots in the eye and effectively blowing their heads off, while two others were sliced in half by twin dark blades that were shot through the smoke.

    Before the other robots could even comprehend anything, a giant green Siberian tiger leap out of the doorway, mauling four slade bots that were unfortunate enough to stand in its way.

    There was no defense plan in place, no way to defend, hold or retreat to any ground since Hardac’s speedy infiltration of the facility had made that impossible. The only thing the Titans could do now was blast everything in their path. In simple terms, it was “shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, then when everything was dead, try and ask a question.”

    As per their plan, the five titans went their separate ways down the hall. A sonic blast quickly cleared the path in front of Cyborg, sending on Slade commando reeling to the floor with a smoking hole in his chest. While another lost his head. Cyborg did not give up his assault, furiously reducing more robots to scrap with punches and blasts.

    “Almost there….” Cyborg said as he saw the doorway to his tech room, and armory. Hopefully, the others could hold out long enough for him to find a solution.


    “Note to self beast boy: NEVER volunteer to guard the front door” Beast Boy mumbled as he ran to the foyer where the remains of the large metallic doors stood. Already, dozens of slade commandos were ready for him, these ones armed with bo staffs, guns, and a few even carried electro-net guns.

    All of them now trained their weapons at the green titan.

    The time for thinking was over, and Beast Boy quickly let his animal instincts do the thinking. He charged the robots, who quickly unleashed a barrage of red laser fire at the changeling.

    Beast Boy transformed, turning into a rat, then a cheetah to avoid the blasts as they landed near him. Using his animal speed to close the distance as fast as he could.

    The first Slade bot was hit when Beast Boy transformed into his tiger form, leaping straight at the android and tearing its chest open with his claws. Afterwards, as a gorilla, he threw the remains of that robot into a half dozen others who were charging towards him with bo staffs, knocking them all over like nine-pins.

    Two more robots approached from behind, these ones armed with bo staffs and electrical nets, obviously hardac had prepared for Beast Boy.

    The green gorilla quickly grabbed a piece of furniture, a lounge chair, and threw it at the two slade bots, bowling one over while the other continued its charge, only to be completely decapitated when the green gorilla suddenly transformed into a velociraptor, plunging its teeth straight into the android’s face.

    Two rockets were suddenly launched at Beast Boy, by slade commandoes armed with launchers, and the green titan responded by simply transforming into a humming bird, avoiding the large missiles while flying right above the group of robots. He then transformed again, this time, into a massive T-rex which landed and crushed the remaining slade bots in a huge pile of rubble and scrap. The vibrations from the landing were so strong, that parts of the ceiling had collapsed.

    Beast Boy transformed back into his human form, clapping the dust off his hands as he surveyed his work. Mangled and destroyed robots littered the entrance foyer. The room itself was totaled, it did not look like a battle, on the contrary, it was like a hurricane had picked up the room, and tossed it back down onto the ground.

    “Hehe, score one for Beast Boy wonder.” The Green titan said self-assuringly.

    “I would not be too sure of that.” An ominous voice echoed through the chamber, provoking an ‘EEP’ from Beast Boy as he turned around to see his new opponent. A humanoid android that had the distinct red eye on its face.

    “Hello, Titan Beast Boy.”


    Starfire had already taken to the rooftops, destroying any slade bot’s she came across along the way, so that from the outside, it looked as though an eerie green light was making its way through the tower floors.

    Inside the tower, the picture was entirely different. Green starbolts and eyebeams tore apart most of the opposition Starfire had to contend with, as explosions, both green and orange, littered the hallways of the tower.

    Robot commandoes, in an attempt to outflank Starfire, had placed their heavy gunners at the front, pelting the Tamaranian with automatic laser fire while the snipers placed themselves behind her in the hallway. The Tamaranian was not the type for strategy, as such, HARDAC would take full advantage of that.

    But Starfire was already planning a counter attack of her own. She shielded her face with her arms, and proceeded to fly straight at her assailants, like a battering ram. The Robots continued their barrage, but found that their cannons had little effect on the Alien.

    Within seconds, Starfire crashed into the line of Robots, completely crushing the cannon while throwing back at least four more into the crowd.

    The close range robots attacked now, armed with an assortment of bo staffs and hand-to-hand weapons. Yet even here Starfire excelled.

    The Tamaranians were a peaceful people no doubt, but they were not so ignorant as to assume there would be no need to protect oneself, and Starfire quickly fought back with her own hand to hand techniques.

    The first two bo staff swings were avoided as Starfire did a back flip, simultaneously kicking the chins of the two slade bots and sending their heads flying off their shoulders.

    Another robot attempted to punch Starfire, but the tamaranian side stepped, grabbed the wrist of the slade bot and crushed it as if it were made of clay. Before the wild eyed android could even respond, Starfire had picked it up and threw it at a group of nearby robots. Because of her strength, the robots were not only knocked back by the projectile, but they literally crashed through the wall behind them, resulting in more smoke.

    More robots joined the melee, and through the smoke, more green laser beams and starbolts followed, and robots, and pieces of robots, began flying out of the dust cloud. Some even sent flying off the edges of the tower, and down for a seven story drop into the darkness.

    Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of fighting, the top floor was cleared, and Starfire made her way to the rooftop, where three figures awaited her.

    Two of them were juggernauts, standing at least ten feet tall, and packing enough heat to destroy a small city. While in the center of those two, was a HARDAC replica, and that same menacing red eye that Starfire realized was beginning to give her the, as humans called it, ‘shivers’.

    “Subject Identified….. Titan Starfire.”


    One of these juggernauts was now in full battle mode, as it launched a cascade of lasers, missiles and flames at its target. A solitary titan who protected herself behind a barrier of black magic.

    Two more juggernauts joined their comrade, and soon, they began to pummel Raven even more.

    “Azarath Metrion, ZINTHOS!” Raven’s eyes suddenly erupted in white light.

    Dark tendrils began appearing at the foot of the juggernauts now, and instantly they began enveloping the robots, tearing into their circuitry and forcing all of them to all over.

    Three missiles still came toward Raven, and she simply gave her hand a wave, causing the projectiles to literally change course and hit a nearby crowd of slade bots. A brilliant orange fireball eerily illuminated the shores of Titans tower, which was now lined with burning wreckage, as if it were a battlefield.

    One robot attempted to punch Raven by getting in close, but the sorceress formed a circular shield in front of her with one hand, and with the other, she gripped it into a fist, instantly crushing the Robot’s face and with a violent wave she threw the Robot aside.

    Another Robot, armed with a laser rifle, aimed straight at Raven, only to become crushed as Raven levitated a destroyed juggernaut robot at it, crushing it instantly.

    Two more assailants jumped at Raven, and the titan instinctively surrounded her hands in black energy, forming blades on both sides. One of the robots was left without a leg as Raven instantly cut through him, while the other was split in half verticaly as it met the energy blade dead on. Both exploded right after passing her.

    At that moment, a slade commando took aim at the Titan, but Raven had already turned around, and with a simple glare, the Robot was bathed in black energy. In a split second, all the nuts, bolts and screws which held the robot together was taken out of their sockets, and the slade bot simply collapsed like a badly assembled toy. Acting swiftly, Raven levitated the pieces and shot them straight through a crowd of commando robots.

    The fragments hit the crowd at bullet-like speeds, tearing through the bodies of the rest of them and causing explosions as they hit their targets.

    One drone however, did not fall, and Raven instantly recognized it was the HARDAC drone, with its distinct red eye.

    Raven did not say anything, instead, she charged up her palms, and prepared for her next attack.


    Robin too, was fighting and even from the inside he could hear the explosions and sounds of the fight from the outside and rooftops. He felt every shake as blasts ripped through the tower, like a series of small tremors.

    Bodies of dozens of slade bots were already on the ground, and Robin remained at guard, both bo staffs in hand as he awaited his next opponent to leap at him from the shadows.

    RESPONSE TIME….1.32 seconds.

    Robin ducked immediately, dodging a girder that was thrown at him from afar by his opponent. The steel beam hit the wall behind him, impaling itself onto it and hanging there, as a testimony to the strength of its thrower.

    “Hardac….” Robin quickly brought both his bo staffs up his combat pose, he was also scanning the room for the other slade commandoes who were still left, but for some reason, they weren’t moving.

    “Do not concern yourself with them Titan Robin. I am your opponent now.” Hardac said monotonously.

    “Although my data on your combat files is almost complete, I still need to collect more data, specifically, how my drones handle each of your members in single fights. Only then can I truly prove that I can replace you.” Hardac replied

    “I’d like to see you try.” Robin said grimly.

    “You are pretty confident, considering in our last fight, it took your entire team to handle just one of my drones.”

    “I’ve fought with better people than you.” The boy wonder gave a confident smirk.

    “We shall see, but do not worry, I am limiting my powers to those I’ve copied to you. In other words, that of a mere human.” Hardac’s drone outstretched its arms, and within seconds, Robin saw that he was assimilating the rubble at its feet to form an object in its hand. “In other words, this is a fair fight.”

    Two bo staffs quickly formed in Hardac’s hands, and he assumed a combat pose similar to Robin’s own.
    The two opponents slowly circled around the room, not taking their eyes off each other. To Robin’s surprise, Hardac began twirling both staffs back and forth in his hands, similar to the way he did it against slade.

    Hardac was the first to attack, charging towards the Boy wonder, who, with similar speed, parried the strike. Both opponents leaned in now, using their full body weight to try and push each other.


    Robin’s feet scrapped across the floor, as slowly, but surely, Hardac’s drone began to overpower him and push him back. The Titan quickly did a back flip, narrowly avoiding Hardac’s jabbing strike, but before Robin could even land, the drone continued with its forward momentum, kicking robin flat out in the stomach and making him hit the wall behind him. Robin grunted as he fell down onto the floor.

    Hardac’s drone backed away now, almost mockingly, twirling the bo staffs in his hands as though the last fight had been only a warm up.


    Robin growled, then instantly got up and counter attacked. Throwing a furry of punches and staff strikes that were either dodged or deflected. The Drone was flowing through his moves like water, nothing was hitting him.

    Robin grunted as he threw another punch, only to have the drone grab his wrist, twisting it and forcing him to drop his bo staff onto the ground.

    “How utterly predictable.” Hardac said in his robotic voice, yet even without emotion Robin could tell that he was mocking him, like a certain super villain he had fought before.

    Not one to remain Helpless, Robin quickly did a forward flip over Hardac, forcing the android to arch its head upward, and with his free hand, he stabbed the bo staff straight into the android’s face.


    A sickening crunch resounded as the steel bo staff met with the steel frame of the robot. Robin quickly landed back on his feet, his fighting staff impaled right into Hardac’s red eye, so that the staff was sticking right out of his head.


    The boy wonder quickly attacked now, a look of pure hatred in his face, quickly taking out half a dozen bird-a-rangs and throwing them straight at the android.


    Hardac quickly dodge rolled out of the way of the blasts, which took out the nearby slade bots. The android quickly threw one of his fighting staffs like a throwing knife at Robin, who did a second jump to dodge it.


    The two opponents met in the air, and instead of going straight for the android, Robin did a crashing spin kick that staggered the android in mid air. A second, even harder blow sent Hardac crashing to the ground.

    Robin landed just seconds after his opponent, as graceful as the acrobat he had trained to be when he was younger.

    “What was that about being predictable now?” Robin, though tired, said in a satisfied tone.

    “Interesting, your combat patterns have shown a 50% deviation from my previous data.”

    Robin smirked, “When you fight with a person who knows all your moves, the best thing you do, is rely on instinct. Something we humans have over your machines.”

    “True Titan Robin, I do not have instincts, but I can adapt and upgrade. Even as we are speaking, my systems are being updated to deal with your latest strategy. This time, it won’t be so easy.”

    “Even as we speak, my files are being updated to account for this deviation. I am-“

    An explosion quickly threw hardac back, as Robin unloaded an explosive disc onto the android. Still rushing forward, Robin combined his last two bird-a-rangs into a sword and rushed straight at his opponent.

    Hardac however, had already predicted it, and caught the sword in between his palms, snapping the sword in two. Before Robin could even fight back, Hardac had already punched him right in the face. The android continued, grabbing the boy wonder by his arm and throwing him like a ragdoll. The boy wonder landed unceremoniously on the other side of the room.

    ”Do you know how I can anticipate you? It’s simple really. It’s because you have trained too well. When you are planning a battle, your breathing is controlled and calm, your heart rate does not fluctuate. Only when your breath rate intensifies, along with your heart rate, then I can correctly assume you are using your ‘instincts’ From there, it is a simple matter of observing where your arms and legs are at that point in time, and calculate the possible punches and kicks you can throw depending on the distance between you and me, and the position your body is in.”

    Hardac quickly picked up one of the fighting staffs Robin had dropped previously, pointing it straight at the titan.

    “I will say this again Robin. You ARE predictable.” Hardac droned.

    The slightly bruised Robin grunted, slowly propping himself back to his feet.

    “I have taken your training, your techniques, your strategies. Out of all the titans Robin, you are the second easiest to take down.”

    “You seem pretty confident for a piece of hardware.” Robin combat pose. HARDAC too.

    “FIVE.” The android held out his hand, showing Robin all five fingers.

    “huh?” Robin said.

    “Five. That is the number of moves your brain can process ahead of your opponent in a fight. Eight if you are focused.”

    “How will you fare Robin, against an opponent who can process a hundred moves ahead?”

    Robin gritted his teeth, and instinctively threw another bird-a-rang at Hardac, but the android effortlessly dodged it this time.

    “You said I was the second easiest to take down, who’s the easiest?” Robin said grimly.

    “Do you even need to ask?” Hardac replied.


    “AAAAAH SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!” Beast Boy ran as he dodged another swing of the viper’s tail. Only this was no ordinary viper, this snake was completely mechanized, and stretched for at least twenty feet in length.

    Beast Boy narrowly avoided the giant snake’s tail whip by transforming into a rat, letting the tail hit a nearby stone column, shattering it into pieces.

    “Aside from copying your animal transformation techniques titan beast boy, my drones are not limited by the size of your animals. I am able to replicate my animal transformations to any size I wish. As you will observe, you are outmatched in every way.”

    The mechanized viper quickly coiled itself inwards, changing form into a scorpion. However, unlike Beast Boy’s scorpion, this one was the size of a minivan.

    “No way…” Beast Boy transformed back into a human, hiding behind a pillar, but the green titan decided he must counter attack, and so he transformed into a T-Rex, charging the robotic scorpion head on.

    Before the Green T-rex could even hit its target however, the scorpion’s tail underwent a transformation, this time, into the head of a cobra. Anticipating Beast Boy’s rampage, the scorpion had its claws clamp the T-rex’s leg, trapping it in place, while the Cobra head at the end of its tail hissed, poised to strike at Beast Boy.

    The cobra head however, missed as Beast Boy quickly transformed into an eagle, flying out of harm’s way.


    Diving right back at the scorpion, Beat Boy changed back into a lion and quickly pounced at the hybrid ‘animal’.

    Hardac however, was already one step ahead, and his body blossomed into hundreds of tendrils, each one forming the head of a dragon. Beast Boy paused, completely aghast as he stared into the eyes of a multi-headed robotic hydra.

    “EEEP.” Beast Boy transformed back into his human form, completely shocked.


    The hydra snarled, then struck. And for Beast Boy, the world suddenly went dark.


    Raven grunted as she lifted the remains of the juggernaut Robot and tossed it straight at the Hardac drone. Black energy surrounded the destroyed robot as it lifted off the ground.

    “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” Raven furiously slapped her hands together. Crumbling the robot into a ball and sending it hurling towards the android, which just stood there, arms crossed.

    Before the mass of metal could even hit the android, it suddenly stopped mid air, as if another force was opposing Raven’s telekinesis.

    The sorceress widened her eyes in surprise as she found herself suddenly trying to levitate her own projectile. Sweat ran down her face as the strain of levitating such a heavy object began to take its toll.

    Finally, Raven let go, allowing the piece of metal to fly straight back at her. She quickly transformed into her soul bird firm, allowing the scrap metal to pass her harmlessly.

    “As I said before Raven, your powers were the hardest to duplicate. I was unable to completely find a replacement for the psychic aspect of your powers.” Hardac said calmly.

    “However, to account for your levitation, I simply resorted to magnetism, allowing my drones to control anything metal. Normally, it is inferior to your technique, but judging by our present surroundings...” The android pointed to the scrap metal of the robot army, which littered the ground. “I should not be at such a disadvantage.”

    “Are you done yet?” Raven said dryly, then levitated slabs of concrete and rock from the ground, hurling them straight at Hardac.

    The android, though unable to manipulate earth, quickly created a shield from the metallic scraps that lay around him, forming a protected metal ball that simply caused the rocks to bounce off it.


    Hardac then went on the counter attack, rushing forward towards Raven while at the same time, levitating every scrap of metal and shooting it straight at the titan, like a barrage of bullets.

    Raven quickly threw up a shield to deflect all the metallic projectiles, but before she knew it, Hardac was already closing the distance between them.

    The android prepared to punch Raven, but with a quick flick of the wrist, two black blades suddenly sliced at Hardac’s shoulders, cutting off his arms. Raven then took the form of her soul bird, flying to the skies to avoid more sharp metal debris that flew around them.


    “Of all the Titans, you are least qualified to be protecting others.”
    Hardac said.

    “And what makes you think you can judge me for that?” Raven, annoyed at having to talk with the machine, scoffed.

    “You are a danger to yourself, and everyone else around you, yet you constantly choose to surround yourself with innocent people. That makes you a hazard. That is why I must replace you.”

    Raven suddenly had a deathly look on her face, as if the android had suddenly crossed a line.

    Hardac instantly reattached his arms, and sent the remains of one of his juggernaut robots flying straight at Raven.

    The Sorceress quickly threw up another barrier, trying her best to stop the giant mass of metal that headed straight towards her.

    The drone however, was quick, and while Raven was preoccupied with shielding herself. He had already appeared behind her, and with a swift kick in the back. Raven grunted as she found herself falling back onto the ground.

    Hardac was not done however, and with a flick of his wrist, sent the scrap of the juggernaut robot hurdling straight towards Raven. Both Titan and robot fell onto the ground, burying the Raven under at least a ton of scrap metal.



    Starfire grunted as she locked fists with her opponent, who was every bit as strong as her.


    The android punched Starfire right in the stomach, and to the Titan’s surprise, she actually felt the pain in that blow.

    Starfire wasn’t about to give up that easily however, and she quickly grabbed the Hardac unit, and used her free hand to pummel the android with starbolts, but to no avail. Eventually, the Tamaranian used all her strength to throw the robot across the room, only to have it land back on its feet.

    The Hardac unit, completely charging its palms with its own red version of starbolts, eyed Starfire menacingly.


    A series of red explosions filled the rooftop now, followed by a scream.


    “Even as we speak Titan Robin, my drones are taking down your friends one by one. There is no use in resisting, I have enough data on you already.” Hardac said to Robin, who by this point was already exhausted from the fight. But he had noticed that the explosions around the tower were lessening, as the battles in the other parts of the tower were slowing down.

    “Not……Without…A fight.” Robin quickly recomposed himself. Although he had been fighting for over an hour now, he wasn’t about to give himself up. Hardac however, seemed as though he hadn’t even had a warm up. He quietly cursed himself for his lack of an overall strategy, but what else could he have done?

    “Another advantage over you humans we machines have. But I will end this quick.”

    Robin quickly pulled out his last bird-a-rang, and held the bo staff in his hand.

    “Those won’t be necessary, the battle is already over.” Hardac said calmly.

    “And what makes you think that?” Robin replied back fiercely.

    “From the very beginning, I have been planning this strategy. You recall Titan Robin, that my body is made of millions of nanodrones. The same nanodrones that Slade had used to infect your bodies.”

    Robin, though exhausted, knew what Hardac was referring to. He widened his eyes in shock, “You mean…”

    “That is correct.” Hardac explained. “Every punch you have landed thus far, every hit, it was deliberate. Each time you made contact with me, I’ve been sneaking these nanoprobes onto your body. They should have infiltrated your systems now.”

    Suddenly Robin felt it, and soon the boy wonder collapsed in torment. His body glowing a bright orange as the nano probes inside him began attacking his system. Robin screamed in as the familiar pain he had experienced under slade’s nano-probes coursed through his veins.

    “It is all over now. Titan Robin.”


    Cyborg was already working furiously in his lab, but nothing he had found was working. He furiously checked every system, dating back from when HARDAC was in the tower, but nothing.

    Around him, the bodies of dozens of slade bots littered the lab, where he literally had to fight his way in.

    “Robin, come in.” Cyborg said through the intercom. “I can’t find any of my virus files. It seems like they’ve been-“

    “-deleted?” The intercom replied back, only this time it was in the HAL-style voice of Hardac.


    “I had already anticipated that you would go for the virus, that is why when I hacked into the tower, deleting all your files would be my first priority. But do not worry Cyborg, I still need to complete my data collection on you.”

    At that moment, the wall next to Cyborg had exploded, and through the smoke, a solitary red eye glared at Cyborg. It was a Hardac Unit.

    Cyborg backed into a corner with no place to run, did what came to him naturally.

    He aimed his sonic cannon at his assailant, and fired.

    From outside the tower, the sounds of battle had faded, and the tower was littered with burning craters and holes. Only the solitary sound of a sonic blast was heard through the night……





    “So you see Cyborg…Resistance is futile. Now it is time to join your fellow machines. It is time to begin your integration.” The Hardac unit revealed a series of robotic tendrils and coils, each one a computer cable that would leech itself onto Cyborg and begin the process that he had done on Atlas.

    Before that could happen however, Cyborg, to Hardac’s surprise, gave a smirk, and with renewed energy, he gripped the tendrils, shattering them right in his fist.

    “Impossible. I calculated your battery reserve was low.”

    “You can’t predict everything HARDAC. You see, i wasn't just wasting my time in my lab while you were taking down my friends” Cyborg stood up furiously, and to Hardac’s surprise, the Robotic Titan was transforming. An eye implant emerged from Cyborg’s face as his fleshy parts became covered in body armor, so that his face was fully mechanical throughout. The same was happening through the rest of his body, as new armor began appearing and covering his arms, torso and legs, so that it was like a completely new Cyborg was being built in the process.

    “You were right hardac, I couldn’t get my computer virus to work, but I still had my upgrades. I just had to hold out all night to make sure it was fully installed into my system. And now its ready.”

    Hardac took a step back now, analyzing the new cyborg that stood before him, this one completely different from the robotic titan he thought he had best some time before.

    “And you forget too, I’m part machine, which means I can upgrade and repair myself like you.” Cyborg’s voice was completely computerized now, almost reflecting that of Hardac’s.

    “You may have been able to predict my friends….”

    Cyborg stepped forward now, and showed Hardac the first of his new tricks, a wrist cannon that extended outwards so that it was the size of a bazooka, stopping just an inch in front of Hardac's face.

    “...But you won’t be able to predict me.” The Robotic Titan said in determination.

    (FULL METAL CYBORG :D http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v314/TreizeV/Untitled-1copy-1.jpg)
    (picture by ink4884)


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    JAG: thanks Jag! I've always loved dragons :D haha, i guess they're good for all purpose coolness. As for the HARDAC army, find out now!

    Thanks PUN :D, yeah i've really had fun with the analysis parts, it was kinda cool writing a villain who knows everyones moves ahead ;) makes for great moments.

    Hehe getting 'ugly' is an understatement ;) read and see

    haha thanks matt! And yes, the robot dragon as particularly fun for me to write ;) i never get tired of those beasts, as you yourself can understand lol And yeah, Hardac is a very unique villain compared to the others the Titans have fought in the series, nothing like an ultimate machine who can calculate all your probable moves ;) thats just something very cool machines can do that human villains can't.

    As for the storm trooper effect, i'll admit to using it a little bit on slade's commandos (but everyone knows the series is guilty of this :p), well, just wait and see i guess ;)

    Hmm, youll tell me after i finish,? then perhaps i should get off my lazy butt and finish this episode haha. Well RL has been making it hard lately, but i haven't given up on this yet =/. Thanks for keepingup with it though!
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    the ultimate of all Evil, HARDAC, has revealed his plan. Kudos to the cheesy monologue while the main character(well, One of them) is lying there captured. You think you'd get tired of it. But noo, I was too busy freakin out. And Robo-Cyborg? ohh, dear. This is going to leave a mark
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    That was absolutely incredible. Each HARDAC drone matching each Titan wasn't so original, but HOW it was done was awesome. The little twists and such (especially the nanodrones now inside Robin, great touch!) really drove the fight home.

    And then there's CYBORG. (I love Ink's pic too, btw :D ) It's going to be fun to see where that goes. I get a real Iron Man, War Machine vibe from the guy right now.

    Well, the wait has been long, but the chapter length explains it. Definitely a home run with this post. And we aren't left all hopeless at the end. (Not that it's so bad to make you wonder if things will get worse or not. Heh... ;) )

    So, yeah. Wow...
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    Yeah...I think Wow just about covers it.;)

    Whilst reading that, I couldn't help but remember the massive Angel assault I wrote for Dwr Budr 2: ie, an epic Tower-set battle that raised the bar for epic insano action set-pieces (your words, if memory serves). However, this set-piece here as gone and raised the bar even further...

    ...So far, in fact, that it makes my own efforts look like a playground scrap.:eek:

    Mere words cannot describe the brilliance of the mayhem you presented. However, seeing as I'm not much of an artist, I shall use them anyway. First up, I have to agree with you on the Slade-Bots: they did kinda fall too easily, but then again, they were just the grunts, so I can understand that. And anyway, you more than made up for that with the HARDAC Drones, each one so impossibly hardcore that all thoughts of an easy victory were dispelled. Which is something I have to congratulate you for: even when the Titans were kicking butt, the sense of doom pervading this uphill battle was never dissipated. Which made the piece great fun, but also a more sophisticated treat.:anime:

    The actual takedowns of each Titan kinda speak for themselves, so I'll just say this: HARDAC really does think of everything, doesn't he?:eek: As the show itself noted more than once, your worst enemy is often yourself.;)

    And to make note of the cliffhanger...whilst Cyborg's sudden upgrade felt a little random, without the set-up I personally would've liked, it fits the point of this episode very well: when the enemy knows your every move, the only solution is to go beyond the merely obvious. Besides, his new look is just so damn cool.:anime:

    Which I think just about covers it. I'm pretty excited to see where you go with this now, and to see if you can pull of the trick the show's creators never quite managed: a season climax that pulls no punches...;)

    -Matt A-
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    Whoa. That is the craziest mass fight ever. Seriously.

    Cyborg lloks like Iron Man, and the upgrade idea seems a bit strange, but I'm raring to see just how he plans to take HARDAC down. I suspect that he'll have to attack Fixit (who I believe to be controlling HARDAC), but when an I ever right? :p I have but one request in this finale: an explosion. There've been planty during your fic, but we need one last one to end it all. Especially since the villain is a computer program.
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    Thanks Torch! :D Yeah, I guess the cheesy HARDAC lines were influenced alot by the batman episode of dave ;) but its one of the greatest appeals of robot characters.

    Hehe and yes, Robo cyborg :D if only the show had done that!

    Thanks Pun! Yeah i kinda knew that the individual fights wasn't going to be the MOST original idea in the universe ;) but i still wanted to do it for the possible fun scenarios!

    As for Cyborg, i actually never thought of him as the iron man type, but now that you mention it, i get that vibe too, which is way cool :cool: Thanks for waiting so long though, it was actually ac ombination of school, RL and writer's block that made the wait long :( But ill try to update more frequently just to get this season finished.

    Btw, did you catch the Transformers: beast wars reference during the beast boy fight? ;)

    Thanks Matt! Yeah, alhtough the slade bots did succumb to the storm trooper effect, i saved teh HARDAC bots for the real fights. Honestly, i've been wanting to do an enemy like this for some time hehe, so i thought hardac would be a perfect fit as the season finale villain. As for the comparison to the angel fight in your fic, i did draw a lot of inspiration from that ;) and im really flattered that you think my battle is more intense :O, i really thought it the other way around.

    As for Cyborg's sudden upgrade. i confess i grew a little impatient when writing this update. I had planned the upgrade part since the start of the episode and i was soo damn excited to reach that part that i neglected to insert some of the lab scenes i would have included to build it up. Basically, I think even without explanation, a FULL ROBOT cyborg is even more cool, since we can finally get to see him utilize his technology to its fullest potential.

    The show has always made it so that Cyborg always hated his machine parts, and as such, we never get to see him use anything cool tech wise, or cy upgrading himself with new stuff, except his standard cannon ;) so i'm having Cy embrace that part of him a bit more, which i wish the show did more of.

    A finale that pulls no punches? hehe, we'll see :D:D:D

    First i'll say, just as you said Death had a sadistic pleasure from seeing starfire torture. I'm seeing some kind of pyro/explosion obssession going on here man lol. But don't worry ;) i always keep explosions in mind.

    As for Fixit..hehe, we'll see won't we? ;) that's gona be a hard part to write, and i'm stilll coming up with it.
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    Gah! Quickstrike! I totally missed the reference the first time around. I have no idea how--it was so frikkin' obvious. :p It clicked in my brain as I was scrolling up to reread the Beast Boy moments.

    Didn't care for that boy's Twang in BW, but I loved that beast mode. Nice one!
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    I only had time to read Reflection and Cursed currently (yes,my favourite character is Raven), but I want to say:they both rock!I can't wait to read more of your stories,especially the Tournament of Heroines,which you WILL be posting,correct?
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    Thanks Adly! And yes, I will be posting on Tournament of Heroines, don't think i'll quit on a story i spent like 2 yrs on already XD


    Notice to all
    Sorry for my absence, I was plannign on completing this episode in december, but for some reason, my ideas just weren't translating into writing (i.e WRITERS BLOCK, more like a barricade.)

    I'll make sure the next update is substantial in that it will finish the episode, but at this moment im not sure if i can write right now, I planned the rest of this story (heck the rest of this season!) out, but i just can't write right now!

    I think ill take a little breather. But who knows, when that inspiration hits me again, i'll be sure to write what i can fast!

    Thanks for your patience!
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    Well, i might as well post what i have so far hehe, duno when the next update will be, but it will pretty much end this episode for sure!

    ACT 3







    So this was death. He thought. A pitch blackness. Different than what he would’ve imagined. Although he was not religious, he had expected something different than this, he expected maybe it would have been oblivious, a great nothing.

    Yet this was undoubtedly something, a sensation in all the darkness.

    It was pain, no, more than pain.

    It was agony.

    Then there was a scream.

    His scream.

    Of course. HELL. He was in hell. The place where he was condemned to, for there was no other word to describe this state. He only had to listen – another sense that came back – to the voices around him. Demonic voices grunted around him, as if they were discussing their hideous work, perhaps another torture they would prepare for him as he lay helpless on the rack, or was it a bed?

    He struggled to open his eyes, if only he could force them open, no doubt he would see what these demons were doing to him, how they were inflicting such pain on him. He felt something crushing his lungs, with bands of metal squeezing his head, a jagged pain going through his neck and shoulder, but that was all he felt.

    Oh my god…where are my legs….my hands.

    “Son!! Son!! Can you hear me?”

    He groaned again. A new sensation stabbed at his body now, a throbbing sensation, as if his heart was pumping thousands needles straight into his body.

    This wasn’t hell.

    “Thank god! He’s waking up!

    This wasn’t death, or some form of oblivion.

    This…This was real.



    “Dad?” Victor croaked weakly. He squinted his eyes, the light in the room blinding him completely. All he made out were shapes. And the pain.

    He screamed, jerking his body upright as he felt the feeling surge through him, a thousand needles in every vein……he also heard the noises around him too, a machine that pumped air, and a little ‘beep…beep..’ sound, like the machines he saw on TV. But this time, they were for him.

    “Son…..” He saw his father now, Dr. Payton, world renowned scientist, and there was a huge amount of relief in his voice and face. Yet, there was something in his eyes, something about the old man’s look that told victor that not everything was alright.

    “Dad…where am i?” He said weakly, too tired even to register the next shot of pain.

    “You’re at the lab son. There was an accident….this was the only way we could save your life.”

    “Wha…” Victor said weakly, “what do you..”

    Then he felt it. His arm. His legs. More like, he couldn’t feel anything.

    “I…I can’t move my arms.”

    Then suddenly he remembered. As if his brain had just received a jolt. The picture was crystal clear now, burned into his mind like a haunting memento. The monster, the screams of a woman….

    “Where’s mom!?” Victor shouted, jerking his body up from the table to look around the room, but he couldn’t push himself up, he couldn’t feel his legs either.

    He felt the strong arms around his shoulder, the arms of his father, as if begging him to stay down, but Victor didn’t want to.

    “I’m sorry son, I did everything I could for her. But…..” He trailed off, as if burying that horrible memory into some dark place.

    But Victor remembered it.

    “The hospital wanted to declare you gone too, but I had to try….”

    “Why……didn’t you save mom?” Victor said, almost accusingly.

    “It was what she would have wanted son…..please, believe me.” Dr. Payton said weakly, as if trying to ask for forgiveness. But Victor was in no mood. At that moment in time, he realized what was going on around him, the buzzing of saws, assistants scurrying about the room, carrying cybernetic parts in their arms.

    The words came instantly, the rage complete, flowing like molten rock.

    “What have you done to me?”

    He looked up now, and for the first time, he saw his body. Or what was left of it. And the sight almost made him scream in bloody agony. He was a torso now, strapped onto a table with thousands of cables plugged into him. Like a science project.

    “I saved your life son….” He felt his father’s hand on his shoulder now, or what’s left of it. But it did nothing to sooth him. Everything he had wanted to do, all his dreams, his hopes, his aspirations. It was all dead now, like the cold unfeeling machinery that was being strapped to him. He felt the frustration now, as if all the feelings he had against his father were erupting into an uncontrollable rage. He wouldn’t let him go into football, now, he wouldn’t even let him die….

    He didn’t know what to do, in fact, he even let out a little chuckle. “I guess this worked out perfectly for you huh?……now I can’t play football, I can’t go pro. I guess I’m going to have to settle for being your science project.”

    “Son, please, you must under-”

    “You’re always telling me what I should do, I guess its fitting I end up like this!”

    “That’s not what it is son, I just want to save-“

    “Well you finally got what you wanted! ARE YOU HAPPY? You’re always controlling me, never letting me decide where to go or what I want to do with my life. You think I want this?! I’m not even human!” He screamed in outrage.

    “Please victor,” His father pleaded with him, “ I know this will take a little adjusting to, but you’re alive, that’s all that matters.”

    “How can you call this being alive?” Victor grunted as another shot of pain flowed through his cybernetic body, this one worse than the others. “How can you?!”

    Tears swelled his eyes now, not only from the pain, but from the grim realization of what he was right now, something else. Soon, another shot of pain erupted, this one worse from the rest. Victor found himself blanking out. Soon, the doctors around him were scrambling, and the image of his father was fading away. More people were running towards the table now and he saw his father shouting at him, a look of shock on his face.

    “How could you….do this to me? I’m a monster!”

    “I’m not even human!”



    There was an eerie calm on shores of Jump City bay. If an observer had stood there, they would have seen, on the little island in the centre, a series of small blasts and explosions erupt from the T-shaped building, as though an arsenal of rockets had exploded throughout the building.

    It was quiet now however, and all that remained now were the smoking craters that littered the island.

    Suddenly, a single blast erupted from the top floors, and from the tower, a small figure was blown straight into the sky, flying in a huge arc before finally landing on the beach with a loud explosion, creating an even bigger crater than before.


    The HARDAC bot got up slowly, and immediately in front of it, on the beach, was another android, only this one was armed to the teeth. The sound of jet engines quickly filled the air, and a spray of water was shot up from the bay as Cyborg floated down towards the Hardac drone. His back completely converted into a rocket pack. Cyborg himself, had undergone a huge transformation. Gun muzzles popped from his shoulder, while his chest plate and face reconfigured themselves, completely covering all the once human parts of his body and instead replacing them with cybernetic scopes for his eyes and titanium armor on the rest of his body.

    Cyborg’s arm itself was transformed into a huge cannon, with its muzzle being a long beam that extended several feet ahead, several circular rings framed the empty cylinder, which had moments ago, discharged a laser beam straight into the Hardac drone.

    “Didn’t see that coming did ya?”
    Cyborg said in his metallic voice.

    “Impressive Titan Cyborg, you seem to have matched your system to anticipate my programming.” Hardac droned on.

    “I wouldn’t be much of a techie if I didn’t figure you out. Now where are my friends?” Cyborg demanded.

    The Hardac bot got back on its feet now, ignoring the dozens of spectators who were running away in all directions. The battle at Titans Tower after all, had caught the attention of most of the city, and already police cars and most of jump city’s finest were arriving on the beach, forming a semi-circle around the two combatants.

    “They are currently with me now.” The singular red eye gave Cyborg a menacing glare as the android prepared to fight again. “But do not worry, there is still much I can learn from humans, so I will be keeping your friends alive for now. Until I can extract all that I need to know.”

    “You won’t be doing anything.” Cyborg pointed to the android, landing right on the beach in front of his opponent.. “Because I’m shutting you down.”

    In that instant, Cyborg’s other wrist suddenly reconfigured itself into a cannon, one that resembled a sawed-off shot gun.


    “Interesting choice of weapon Titan Cyborg, but bullets do nothing against me.” Hardac replied.

    “Who said anything about bullets?” The Titan replied nonchalantly.

    In that instant, a spout of flame completely engulfed the drone as Cyborg’s wrist flamethrower went to work, forming a pillar of flame around the android


    Claws emerged from the flames, instantly revealing at least half a dozen mechanical serpent heads as HARDAC took the form of a hydra. The heads instantly lunged at Cyborg, who retracted both his weapons to stop the Hydra’s mouth with his bare hands. Then, with an almost effortless motion, ripped the top part of the hydra’s mouth from the lower jaw.

    It only gave Cyborg a brief breathing space however, as two more Hydra heads flanked him, darting straight at him, fully intending to rip him in two.


    The two heads instantly fell to the ground as Cyborg jumped straight through the attack, both his wrists suddenly sprouting arm chainsaws. More of Hardac’s mechanical heads fell onto the ground, only to be reabsorbed into his body.


    Police cars around the two combatants began levitating now, much to the distress of the police officers, who fired wildly at the gigantic monster, but to no avail.

    The first police car that was levitated into the air quickly launched itself straight at Cyborg, but the Robotic titan was ready, and a simple punch had already deflected the car, and the next ones were quickly dispatched by the shoulder cannons of Cyborg, two cars simply exploded into a ball of flame in mid air, while the rest of the police officers were thrown back by the blast.

    The Hydra’s last head barely had time to reach as Cyborg punched it right in the jaw, sending the robotic beast flying into a SWAT truck, knocking it over as though it were a toy car.

    The HARDAC drone quickly recovered itself, transforming into its humanoid form again.

    Before it could go any further however, Cyborg was already running, body slamming HARDAC into the swat truck like a football player. The Titan did not stop running, even as he was pushing Hardac, the Swat car and rubble through the beach. The Hardac drone found itself getting crushed under the immense pressure

    “You think I was gonna do some fancy computer tricks to stop you Hardac? I’m going to beat you into a bucket of scrap metal!”

    “You can’t react if my actions are too fast for you.” Cyborg said as he punched Hardac again, sending the robot flying into a building, punching a hole in the wall that exploded into a cloud of rubble.

    Impressive Titan Cyborg, but I too, can adapt at your speed.” HARDAC stretched out an arm, towards a nearby car, and as if on cue, the car went flying straight towards the android. To Cyborg’s amazement, the car dismantled itself in mid air, a part of HARDAC’s magnetic powers, and all the pieces quickly absorbed themselves into HARDAC’s body, adding extra armor onto him, while the tail pipe and parts of the engine emerged on the android’s fist, while the fuel tank emerged on the back of the android.

    Cyborg suddenly realized what he was doing.


    A shield was quickly thrown up over cyborg’s body, protecting him from the pillar of flame that shot out of HARDAC’s impromptu wrist flame thrower, cleverly improvised by taking apart the car and reconfiguring its gas tank and engine.

    Before he could even land, the android was already rushing towards Cyborg, bo staff now formed in its hand, in a similar attack pose to Robin. The other hand was already charging a red star bolt.

    “I’ll admit Titan Cyborg, that you are different from your friends, but even if I cannot predict you, I will just have to beat you.”

    Cyborg reacted instantly, opening up his shoulders to reveal a salvo of half a dozen missiles, all of them aiming straight at the android. But with a robin-like reflex, Hardac simply planted his bo staff onto the ground, and pole vaulted towards Cyborg, easily evading the missiles that flew past him.

    The arm chainsaw came up again, and Cyborg sliced through the bo staff. Hardac shot his star bolt at the titan, but a sonic blast from the other arm quickly cancelled that out.

    The two robots exchanged a flurry of savage blows, but HARDAC, armed with Robin’s fighting data, was gaining the upper hand, and it ended with Cyborg being knocked back into a building, blowing another hole into the wall. The street by now resembled something of a hurricane zone, with debris, rubble and cars littering all over the beach and street.

    “Finished yet?” Hardac said in his mechanical voice, stopping just short of Cyborg.

    “Barely even broke a sweat.” The Robotic titan cracked his knuckles, then he leapt up and hit his opponent, sweeping the uppercut from waist to the android’s chin and sending him flying through the air.

    Before Hardac even landed however, his metallic body began to twist and contort, eventually transforming itself into a king cobra, only this one was at least three stories tall.

    “Even as a machine, you are still partly human, you cannot keep this up forever Titan Cyborg, while I can.
    ” Hardac hissed as the mechanical snake coiled up and jumped straight at the titan.

    “Then I’ll finish this quick.” Cyborg quickly converted both arms into sonic cannons.

    “Indeed.” Hardac hissed again, then attacked.

    Cyborg fired his cannon, letting loose a giant blue ray that sliced through the air, but Hardac had tricks of his own too.


    The cybernetic snake’s skin suddenly took on a new form, and Hardac’s entire body became covered in the surface of the glass on the mirror, so that Cyborg’s laser bounced off harmlessly.

    Before Cyborg could even react, the giant cobra had already wrapped itself around Cyborg’s body with a deathly speed.

    The Titan grunted as he tried to escape the vice grip of the snake, but he found himself tied down completely, unable to move.

    “It is over Cyborg, your time of heroes, your era, has ended. It is time for the future, to move on to the next phase of protection. Me.”
    Hardac said sinisterly as he crushed Cyborg’s armor, sending sparks flying in all directions.

    “And what makes you think you are so good?” Cyborg shouted back in defiance.

    “Because I am not bound by your human imperfections.”
    Hardac’s snake form hissed again, this time, bringing its mouth straight in front of Cyborg’s face.

    “Heroes, you see, are selfish, flawed creatures. You allow your enemies to escape, knowing full well that one day they will recover and return to threaten you and your friends, the city you sought to protect. Logically, you should destroy them when you have the chance, to save future lives.”
    Hardac said in his hal-like voice.

    “You do not, and your enemies return, and more lives are consequently threatened. This happens because you value your own morality above the greater good. Or worse, you do this because you enjoy being heroes, you enjoy the attention you receive. What better way to sustain it than to keep repeating the cycle? You put your own values before the safety of future victims. That in itself, is a crime.”

    Cyborg grunted under the strain, but still managed a reply.

    “You’re wrong! It’s not our place to decide who dies or who doesn’t Hardac! We don’t have the right, we’re not like that!” The titan replied back.

    Hardac’s response was to simply bring Cyborg closer to its face.

    “Then I’m glad we finally understand our differences….Titan Cyborg.” Hardac droned mechanically.

    The cobra opened up its jaw, intending to swallow Cyborg whole, but the Titan already had other plans in mind.

    The snake’s body suddenly began to heat up drastically, and the coils around Cyborg soon became looser as the titan opened up his jetpack.



    The snakes body, and the jet pack on Cyborg’s back, exploded completely into a cloud of flame and smoke. Hardac’s body literally disappeared in the sea of flame, while Cyborg himself was tossed a good fifty yards away from his opponent.


    Hardac’s drone was down now, the rest of the cobra head transforming back into its humanoid form, completely battered.

    “I’m only gonna say this once.”
    Cyborg walked towards the android, his sonic cannon already armed. “Where are my friends.”

    The Android did not answer.
    “Why….they are safe with me….Friend.”

    Cyborg turned around, and to his shock and dismay, he saw his friend. Although this time, he was different. He still wore the same black flowing robe as before, but there was no hint of humanity in his voice anymore, just the monotonous droning of a machine.


    His expression was ice cold, even as he was holding a large laser cannon sprouting from his shoulder, which was at least the size of a bazooka.

    And it was aimed at him.

    Fixit….look man, I don’t know what’s going on here, but you’re obviously being controlled. Hardac’s done something to you.” Cyborg retracted his sonic cannon, and held his hands up in front of fixit in a non-threatening gesture.

    “Just take it easy, I’m your friend, you don’t want to do this. You’re not like this.”

    Fixit remained calm for awhile, as if not knowing what to say. Cyborg for a second, was relieved, thinking that maybe the human side of his old friend was taking over….

    Fixit’s eyes however, suddenly glowed a menacing red color. Meanwhile, next to him, another of Hardac's drone revealed himself, along with an army of slade bots. It suddenly dawned on Cyborg that they were watching the fight all along, as if testing him....

    "It is over Titan Cyborg."
    Hardac stepped forward, and at that instant, all of the slade bots trained their rifles on the titan. "Surrender Now."

    "As if I would! This fight isn't over!" Cyborg quickly converted his arms back to his patented laser cannons, but Hardac simply stepped forward, as if ignoring the threat.

    "You are incorrect, this fight has been over before it has even begun."

    Cyborg grunted, then prepared to blast Hardac straight into oblivion.

    Except that...his sonic cannon didn't fire.

    "What the-" The robotic Titan said in surprise.

    "That arm...." Hardac pointed to Cyborg's newly repaired arm. "I had subject Atlas damage it for a reason, and that was so that you would come to us. By now, my virus has infected all your weapons systems."

    Cyborg grunted in frustration, knowing he had been completely outsmarted.

    "Don't feel so disappointed Titan Cyborg. After all, I am the ultimate machine. You on the other hand, are only human."

    Cyborg, still defiant, even in defeat, ran straight towards the Hardac drone, intending to pummel its lights out.

    Fixit however, stepped in between the two, his sonic cannon point menacingly at Cyborg.

    At that instant, Cyborg froze, completely taken aback by fixit's action.

    “Hesitation, Cyborg. Another human emotion I’ve gotten rid of.” Fixit aimed his cannon straight at Cyborg.

    “NO!” Cyborg shouted.

    Before he could say anything else, Cyborg was knocked back by a gigantic sonic blast, this one completely peeling off the armor and wrecking half of cyborg’s robotic face, revealing the human side of his face underneath. Sparks of electricity ran through his armor, which was already on its last legs since Cyborg’s battle with the snake hardac.

    Cyborg was on the ground now, and the image on his optical sensors was blurring now, the last thing he saw, was the image of Fixit, walking towards him.

    “Do not worry friend……you will understand in time. For now, it is time for your integration.”

    (Stay tuned for the conclusion of the season finale!)
  20. Matt A

    Matt A Smile. Or Else.

    Oct 15, 2004
    Likes Received:

    That, I think, just about sums it up. After a fairly epic haitus, you return with an offering that is way more than worth the wait.:D I like stylish kung-fu combat as much as the next action addict, but frankly, you just can't beat a spot of old-fashioned smackdown. Both Cyborg's personality and powers make him perfect for this kind of brutal, in-your-face pugilism, so when harcore robot version of himself does battle with another hardcore robot, watching these two throw each other around Titans Island can't help but bring a smile to your face. In other words, you offered up plenty of my favourite thing, mayhem: hydras, giant cobras, flamethrowers (ready-made and customised), projectile cop cars, throwing people throw buildings, offensive jetpacks, ludicrously out-sized laser weapons...in fact, I'm amazed there wasn't a kitchen sink in there.;):D

    But as much I like fights, I also like deeper stuff, and you certainly delivered there too. The flashback to Cyborg's "cyborgification" was unexpected, very weird and, because of both, surprisingly moving. Cyborg might be always complaining about his half-machine nature, but with that kind of chaotic and graphic introduction to his new form, you can understand why he's so completely pissed off with it. After all, seeing yourself with no limbs has got to mess with your head.:eek: And considering this season arc, and this episode in particular, is about Cyborg finally taking advantage of his robot half, taking a look at the very beginning is kinda fitting.

    Oh yes, and then there's Fixit's appearance. I have a feeling his and HARDAC's plan, and thus Fixit's conversion to the Dark Side, has even more to it than it appears, but even what we have here is pretty crazy. HARDAC's duelling was just to let Fixit give the coup de gras, and Atlas' antics in the first part were designed to counter a plan Cyborg hadn't even thought up yet...the phrase "ten steps ahead" doesn't quite cover it, really. Whatever it is they want to do with Cyborg, he'd better think of something pretty damn amazing to stop them.:eek:

    To say I'm excited about all this is something of an understatement. That was a wicked first-half-of-third-act, and I can't wait to see the conclusion.:D

    -Matt A-

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