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Teen Titans Fan Fiction Teen Titans The Lost Season : Christmas Special

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by DeathscytheVII, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
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    Just a little story to fit the occasion. And just to let you know, no, you do not have to read lost seasons to appreciate this :D Enjoy!

    Merry Christmas!


    Snow had arrived early this year, burying Jump City under a gentle blanket of white. Malls were crammed with seasonal shoppers, each hoping to get dibs on the lowest prices, while gift wrappers worked frantically to satisfy the long lines of impatient customers. It was a season of joy, a season of giving, and the charities were filled to the brim with presents, while volunteers filled the soup kitchens, handing out hot meals to the poor. Carolers littered the streets as well, singing the songs of the season.
    Everyone was in the holiday mood, well almost everyone….

    “Someone stop those annoying people.” Raven said in an annoyed tone as she attempted to continue her meditation in midair. A group of grateful citizens decided to put on a show for the local heroes, organizing a large rally that sang carols in front of the Titan tower.

    “They are just carolers Raven, no harm in that.” Robin said, slightly amused.

    “Yea Rave! Get in the holiday spirit!” Beast Boy popped his head up over the couch, an array of presents littered on the floor behind him. “Don’t you celebrate Christmas where you were from?”

    “I came from a demon world. Demons aren’t usually known for their displays of holiday spirit.” The dark girl said dryly.

    “But surely you will take part in the festivities Raven? It seems very beautiful and fun!”

    “Not to mention the Egg Nog.” Cyborg gave a satisfying rub on his stomach. “Mmmm Mmmm.”

    “Dude, that’s nasty, don’t they at least make it in tofu flavour..” Beast Boy stuck out his tongue.

    “I did say…. EGG nog. Yo, what is up with you? Everything that isn’t meat HAS to be tofu?”

    Beast Boy crossed his arms and turned his head away as if offended. “It’s better than that gunk you drink.”

    “At least it doesn’t taste like Styrofoam!.” Cyborg snapped back.

    “Oh yea!! Well I’ll have you know….” Beast boy went on in another shouting match with Cyborg.

    “Oh brother….” Raven, giving up all hopes of meditation, quickly landed back on the kitchen counter, content with a cup of herbal tea.

    “So….Star…have you checked your present yet?” Robin asked quietly as the Tamaranian girl entered the room.

    Starfire shook her head. “Oh no! I have not! I wonder what it is….” The Titans this year…were doing secret Santa, where they each drew lots to see what present they would buy for each other. Beast Boy had picked Starfire, but Robin was not one to give up so easily.

    ***********Several hours ago********

    “Nuh Uh dude! Remember the rules?” Beast Boy gave a grin as he greedily hugged the slip of paper he drew. “We can’t exchange! Oooooh boy, Star is so gonna like the whoppee cushion ill send her, maybe a box of Mexican jumping beans!”

    Robin nodded.. “Uh huh….”

    (A few seconds later)



    “This isn’t fair dude! I don’t even know what to get Raven!” Beast Boy complained as he swung back and forth on the rope he was tied to; upside down from the ceiling.

    Robin merely gave a grin, then walked out of the hall, holding the slip of paper with Starfire's name in his hand.


    “I am so curious Robin! I also wonder what you have got!” Starfire blushed, hiding the fact that she had drawn Robin’s name from the hat.

    “Maybe It’s a lump of coal from Santa…” Beast Boy said in his slightly peeved tone, until Robin shot a glare at him.

    Beast Boy quickly wiped the back of his head innocently, “Uh….did I say that…I meant umm.”

    “Who is this Santa?” Starfire wondered out loud.

    The rest of the Titans (save Raven who was quietly enjoying her tea.) dropped their jaws in shock.

    “Dude? You don’t know who Santa is?”

    The Tamaranian shook her head innocently.

    Beast Boy began his shotgun lesson immediately, pulling a gigantic blackboard with a over-bloated caricature of a happy old man who was drawn like a giant red ball. “You see, he’s a jolly old man in a red suit with a bunch of reindeer and a sleigh who flies around giving presents to all the children in the world.” Beast Boy explained, assuming an authoritative tone as if he were a professor addressing an eager pupil. Then he gave an ominous glare, and his voice became more dark. “They say he keeps a naughty list of every person, and when they are bad…you get…A LUMP OF COAL!” Beast Boy instantly produced a bag of coal he found under the kitchen sink, which was saved for Cyborg’s grill in the summer.

    Starfire took the shotgun lesson in quietly. She innocently stroked her chin with her hand.

    “You mean he spies on people? And delivers them this Black Substance?” Starfire said with a shocked tone. “Then we must put a stop to his evil ways.”

    Robin gave an amused reply. “Don’t worry Star, Santa’s a kind old man, Beast Boy has a way of…exaggerating things.”

    “I do not!” Beast Boy said, slightly offended.

    “I see…well there are so many things I have yet to understand about this holiday….why do all the buildings start sprouting all those beautiful lights? Why do the trees do that too? Is it in the Earth life cycle?”

    “Star….they’re decorations.” Cyborg interjected, then proudly pointed to the gigantic Christmas tree next to the window, which was lined with everyone’s presents. “Like that! Now THAT’S a Christmas tree!” He said with a tone of satisfaction, he was after all, the one who cut it down and hauled it up thirty flights of stairs to the tower.

    “Will you guys keep it down?” Raven shot dryly, she had just finished her herbal tea, and was resuming her meditation next to the Christmas tree by the window.

    “Aw common Rave.” Beast Boy said in his usual annoying tone. “Why don’t you get into the holiday…..”

    He never finished the sentence.

    The building shook now, and the Window Raven was meditating next to exploded in a gigantic flash. The room became bathed in bright white, then began filling with smoke from the rubble. Cyborg ducked behind the counter, while Beast Boy gave a surprised shout and jumped behind the couch. Robin jumped and pushed Starfire out of harms way, avoiding the shards of glass that exploded into all directions, digging into the TV, furniture and walls.
    Robin stood up now, his ears still ringing from the blast. He helped Starfire up. While the Titans recovered, terrified screams of fleeing Carolers were heard from below the tower.

    “Raven?” Beast Boy shouted as he and the other titans emerged from the smoke. There was no sound, then all of a sudden, Raven came flying through the smoke, giving a grunt as if she had been kicked.

    The smoke began lifting now, and the team watched in surprise as a silouette of a familiar figure approached from the window.

    “X?” Robin said with shock, he half expected it to be Slade, even that looney mad mod, who were still out there somewhere, but this was really the last thing he expected.

    Red X gave a smirk from his hiding place in the shadows, casually leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

    As the Titans prepared themselves for battle, Red X's first reaction with to merely give them a friendly wave.

    “Hey kids, did ya miss me?” He began in his usual taunting cocky voice, afterwards he suddenly whipped open his arms, making a whooshing sound as he took out his weapons; Each hand holding a X-shaped blade.............

    When there's trouble you know who to call
    Teen Titans!
    From their tower, they can see it all
    Teen Titans!

    When there's evil on the attack
    You can rest knowing they got your back
    'Cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol
    Teen Titans GO!

    With their superpowers they unite
    Teen Titans!
    Never met a villain that they liked
    Teen Titans!

    They've got the bad guys on the run
    They never stop ‘till the job gets done
    'Cuz when the world is losin' all control
    Teen Titans GO!

    1.. 2.. 3.. 4....
    Teen Titans!

  2. JAG

    JAG Active Member

    Mar 12, 2005
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    Red X vs. Christmas, huh? This should be interesting.

    This was, as per usual, a good intro. I particularly enjoyed Beast Boy's Santa 101 class. X was probably the last villain I expected to attack. I wonder what his motivation will be?

    Well, it's good to see new Deathscythe work on the board again. Can't wait for more!
  3. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Thanks Jag :D and yes, i am woefully aware i did not finish this by christmas, oh well, on with the show. It's not a typically lengthed ep, nor will it be anything as epic as "Integration", but just something to pass the time. Thx for reading!


    “So? Ready to play?” Red X crossed his arms again, the two blades glinting in the bright light of the Christmas trees.

    Cyborg had jumped over the counter now, turning his arm into a cannon as he landed on the floor, while Starfire and Raven both flanked the team, their energy beams already charging in their hands.

    “What are you up to X?” Robin’s voice was anything but friendly as he took out his Bird-A-rangs, three in each hand.

    Red X grinned. “Well, its been so long since our last rumble, so I thought I’d drop by for a nice holiday visit.” He lowered his stance now, as if ready to charge.

    “You’ve all been very naughty this year titans…..” He said darkly, then turned to Starfire with a flirtatious tone.

    “Well…maybe except you cutie, you’re on the top of my nice list.” He shot her a wink.

    “Titans! Go!” Robin shouted now, and the five heroes ran at Red X.

    X curled his arms now, then in a split second, produced two more blades in each hand, folding them out as seamlessly as a poker player would when he folds out his cards.

    “look out!” Robin stopped dead in his tracks, throwing his six bird-a-rangs at the villain, starfire and Raven swerved to the sides, avoiding Red X’s blades as he threw them at Robin. The blades made a sickening sound as it sliced through the air, spinning like a saw blade as they flew at the boy wonder.

    Each blade met one of Robin’s bird-a-rangs however, and the objects collided in mid air, causing sparks as metal clanged against metal. It did not matter of course, since Red X’s blades cut through Robin’s bird-a-rangs like a hot knife through butter.

    “Duck!” Beast Boy yelled, transforming into a turtle while Cyborg dove out of the way. The six Red X’s dug themselves deeply into the wall behind the titans.

    A much relieved Beast Boy got up. “HAH! You must be losing your touch dude, you just missed us.”

    Red X smirked. “Think again kid.”

    Each blade exploded now, causing the entire section of the wall behind Beast Boy to collapse into a gigantic avalanche of rock and rubble. Beast Boy stood there, dumbfounded until he saw the section of the wall fall through the smoke.

    “Azerath Metrion Zinthos!” Raven chanted, and the rocks stopped just inches above a much relieved Beast Boy’s head.

    Red X however, was fast, and he suddenly appeared behind Raven, attaching an X onto her back which shocked her in red energy.

    Raven fell down in pain, but not as much pain as Beast Boy, who was suddenly buried under a mountain of concrete as Raven lost control of her powers. The dust from the collapse obscured the whole room now, blanketing it in a sort of greyish white mist.

    “Robin?!” Starfire coughed through the smoke, “Where are-”
    A series of Red X’s flew at her now, pinning her to the wall. She saw through the smoke, the villain’s silhouette.
    Starfire charged her laser eyes now, but X was quicker, and he pointed both his palms at the Tamaranian girl’s face, shooting two smaller X’s that quickly covered both her eyes, a third one sealed her mouth shut.

    “Tsk Tsk.” Red X waved a taunting finger in front of the disabled Starfire. “No peeking until Christmas day.”
    A grunt came from behind X, and he somersaulted backwards, avoiding two bird-a-rangs that were thrown right beside him. Just as he was in mid air however, a swift kick contacted him in the ribs.

    X was sent flying back, right at Cyborg whose cannon was already charging. The Android fired, letting loose a stream of plasma energy at him. Red X however, simply planted a hand on the ground while he was flying backwards, and avoided the beam with another backflip as he touched ground, landing a swift kick in the head to Cyborg.

    Robin rushed through the smoke now, bo staff already out, and X barely had enough time to parry it with the X-shaped blades on his wrists.

    “What are you trying to do?” Robin said with strain as he forced X back slowly.

    “Just….” Red X said with strain as he pushed against Robin, the two were evenly matched in strength. “trying to make my holiday a little more interesting, that’s all.”

    He was not interested in a test of strengths, and instead ducked down, throwing robin off balance, and quickly gave a sweeping kick, tripping Robin on his back. The bo staff fell harmlessly on the floor.

    X stood up now, retracting his blades, and quickly scanned the room. Cyborg was out, an imprint of a foot still on his right cheek. Raven was still smoking from that huge shock he gave her, Beast Boy was presumably under that pile of rubble, Starfire and Robin were both immobilized.

    It was Payback. Short and sweet.

    He walked to the window now, ignoring the sounds the Titans were making as they recovered. Beast Boy had transformed into an elephant, throwing the concrete pieces around the room as he erupted from his stone prison. Starfire charged her eyes at full power, quickly frying the Synothium goo he gagged her with.

    X turned around now, and gave the reassembling titans a smirk. “Well that was a nice party wouldn’t you say?” The villain spread his arms now, his black tattered cape flowed violently in the wind as he backed away to the window’s edge. “Oh and thanks for all the great gifts. Have a good one.” He leaned back, falling out of the window and disappearing into the cold stormy night.

    “Aw man…” Cyborg groaned, “What do you think that was for? And what did he mean by gifts?”

    “I think I know already.” Robin said, pointing to the empty spot in the corner under the Christmas tree, which moments ago had contained five separate presents.

    Beast Boy was the first one to shout with outrage.

    “Dude! We’ve been ripped off!”

  4. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
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    “He took our gifts!?” Cyborg steamed now, and Beast Boy swore he saw steam blow out of the android’s human ears.


    Robin shook his head, while using his bird-a-rangs to cut Starfire free from the Red goo that bounded her to the wall.

    “I don’t know, but I bet it had something to do with that attack we pulled on Slade months ago” Robin was frustrated, not only by the fact that Red X got away again and that he was his responsibility, but thinking about Slade again just upsetted his mood.

    “Just remember Robin.” Starfire gave Robin a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “The Red X is our responsibility, not just you. We will defeat him together.”

    “You bet we’ll defeat him! Dude! I spent so much time thinking about what to get for our Secret Santa! He better not open them!” Beast Boy said in an annoyed tone.

    “Red X is just a thief, he’s not interested in hurting anyone.” Robin explained as he picked up his bo staff from the ground. “I think he just wants our attention.”

    “Well, if he wants to play, we’ll play.” Cyborg slammed his fists together.

    “Ohh! Ohh! Might I inquire what game we will be playing?” Starfire said with curiousity.

    Raven put her hood on again, her eyes glowing intensely from her black magic as she answered darkly.

    “Cat and Mouse.”

    “And I already know where our mouse is.” Robin held out his T Communicator with a smirk now, a small red bleep moving quickly across the screen.

    “Booyah!” Cyborg cheered.

    “Alright Titans, lets go make X wish he stayed home this Christmas. Move out!”

    The team nodded now, and the five titans jumped out the window, chasing X into the brilliantly lit skyline of downtown.

    Jump City Maximum security prison

    The storm blew worst here, and only the lights of the Prison walls were visible to the would-be observer.

    It was a damn freezing night, and the guard wondered out loud why he was guarding this dump as he paced slowly back and forth in the dimly lit dank hallways.

    The door he was guarding contained ‘evidence’, collected by the police from all the villains that the Titans ever fought. And this cold stormy night was no different from the others the experienced policeman worked on. He was pacing back and forth dutifully in front of the door, as it was the only thing that kept him sane, while thoughts of a nice Christmas break in Fiji floated in his head…

    A scrapping sound was heard in the distance, and snapped out of his daydream, the guard leveled his rifle into the dark hallway.

    “Whose there?” The guard shouted, then cautiously advanced, rifle drawn and ready. The scrapping sound intensified as he moved down the hallway, then it became mixed in with this soft maniacal laugh that seemed to echo through the empty halls.

    “Show yourself!” The guard shouted out, and he immediately received a reply as an object was thrown at him, falling feet away from him on the floor. The guard stared at it curiously, and then it was over.

    A brilliant flash of green illuminated the hallway as the guard fell to the floor, seemingly unconscious. Seconds later however, he stood up, lifeless like a robot.

    “Excellent…” The dark figure twiddled his hands playfully as he walked past the guard, who followed dutifully as he passed, as if under a sort of trance.

    “Ahem….” The figure looked up at the guard now, “that door seems to be a problem peon, open it.”

    “Yes…” The guard said in a zombie-like voice. The door opened now, and the room’s lights turned on, revealing a whole stash of weaponry used by every villain, from Killer Moth to Mad Mod.

    “Ah…I must have been good this year, look at all these wonderful presents. ” He said triumphantly as he entered the room, his glowing eyes glared maliciously as he rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

    “I feel like a kid in a candy store.”

    (fade to the Prison walls, guards patrol the parameter, looking slightly bored.)

    A huge explosion ripped through the prison walls now, followed by the ominous sounds of marching feet. The ground thundered as whatever did that got closer, and the guards began throwing up a road block at the hole in the wall, around twelve of them pointing their rifles in the darkness. The metallic sound of marching grew louder and louder, and each guard kept an itchy finger pressed on the trigger, wondering what horrors awaited them. Then they saw it, out the darkness and clear as day, and one of the guards thought of a wisecrack remark as they opened fire.

    The British were coming.

    The Redcoated British soldiers seemed as if they were plucked straight out of a history textbook, each sported a brilliant red uniform and gold lace, along with a shako and musket, the only difference of course, was that these soldiers were ten feet tall and metallic.

    Mad Mod’s Robots.

    The guards opened fire in desperation, but they might as well have been throwing pellets at them, for the bullets bounced harmlessly off their metal chests. The guards began fleeing now.

    The Prison alarm sounded, and more guards gathered to stop what was at least two dozen robots, who were marching in a straight line out of the compound, oblivious to all the gun fire the guards poured onto them. Riding on the shoulders of one of the Soldiers, was the dark figure…

    “I’ve always knew these chaps were more appropriate for the holidays.” He laughed maniacally again as the guards busted down the tall prison gates, marching on into the dark night…
  5. paranoidguy103

    paranoidguy103 Getting more paranoid everyday

    Apr 15, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Deathy, it's great to see you on the forums again:D! Ive missed you... This is a great story thus far, and I can't wait to see how this plays out. I wonder which villain is behind all this... Anyway, good stuff. Just wondering, do you know what the status is on your other story, the Lost Season? People have been wondering when the saga's final installation comes out:sweat:. Anyway, Happy New Year to all!!!
    Paranoid Guy
  6. Scathe's Gem

    Scathe's Gem Trigon's Portal

    Sep 30, 2007
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    This is pretty cool. The writing style kind of reminds me of how I was before I decided to get darker.

    I'm waiting to see more of this. *smile*
  7. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
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    ‘The Mall of Shopping’

    The doors of the Jump City Mega-mall were smoking now, blown open by Red X, who seemed to be on a Christmas Shopping Spree. The Five titans followed him in, after chasing him throughout downtown for the better part of the night.

    “So…why would the Red X journey to the wonderful mall of shopping? Does he wish to procure some wonderful hair ornaments?”

    Robin shook his head. “Most likely because he wants us to split up to search for him, it’s a pretty big place.” The Titans entered the dark hollow hallways as Robin spoke.

    The mall also seemed like a scary place, especially at night.

    The Mall's central hallway was lit by the moonlight, which filtered through the huge skylight in the roof. Although colorful Christmas decorations were put up, they were shrouded in an ominous darkness, a darkness that seemed to play on the imagination of a person. A Christmas tree branch here might look like the silhouette of an arm at first sight. Toy dolls, their faces smiling in joy, might look like sinister trolls grinning in the eerie moonlight.

    “Dude, this guy has some sick twisted humor making us chase him into here….its soooo creepy, almost reminds me of one of those horror movies. ” Beast Boy shuffled nervously as he walked behind Cyborg into the building.

    “My scanners aren’t picking up any signs of him, maybe he’s flown the coup?” Cyborg commented as his ocular implants were having trouble detecting X in such a large open space.

    “Raven?” Robin asked.

    “I’m sensing nothing….yet.” Her eyes were closed as she floated along with the team, she was trying to use her other senses and magic to see what her eyes couldn’t in the dark….

    It was quiet however…..too quiet.

    Then once again Beast Boy had to open his mouth.

    “Maybe…he’s not here?” He shrugged.

    Two Giant Red Xs shot down from the ceiling, exploding right above the Titans in a blinding red flash, illuminating the hallways as bright as day.

    “Titans! Scatter!” Robin shouted, taking out his Bo staff, pole vaulted out of the way as the second X, an explosive one, blasted an ‘X’ shaped crater in the spot where the five Titans were just standing.

    “Where is he?” Cyborg shouted out, slightly annoyed that he was unable to pick that up.

    A blurred image of a figure stood on the second floor now, and the team watched as X seemingly teleported to the top of the first floor escalator.

    “Hey Kids, How bout some early Christmas Shopping?” His voice was all cool and cocky like always.

    “How bout giving us back our Presents! Do you have any idea how long I had to think before I decided what to get?!” Beast Boy shouted, shaking his fist.

    Red X just chuckled. “You’ll have to find them first. Or catch me……as if you can do either.” He jumped off the escalator handrail now, and ran to the large Toy store that dominated the second floor.

    “Let’s us proceed!” Starfire said hurriedly, and she and Raven were the first to fly into the store, only seconds ahead of Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg.

    The Toy Store was completely dark, although they could make out the shapes of the Toy Soldier statues that stood by the main entrance. Mountains of dolls were in one section, while a gigantic model of Santa and his Reindeer dangled from the ceiling. Although most of the lights were out, there were still a few on in the store, highlighting the various models and Christmas displays the store had put on for its customers.

    Another X was shot at the Titans, only this one was from the group’s left. Cyborg and BeastBoy jumped out of the way, while Raven and Starfire simply flew up. Robin backflipped to the side. The X harmlessly cut one of the giant ten foot statues into four pieces, causing a huge explosion that temporarily lit up the room.

    “Where is he?” Raven muttered to himself as she flew beside Starfire. There was barely time for Starfire to reply however, for less than a second later, a dark shape moved behind her, kicking her down onto the ground with a great groan of pain.

    “Star?” Raven turned, only to see another Red X going towards her face.

    Not this time She blocked her face with both her hands, blasting the X away from her. She floated down to the ground now, and saw the dark figure standing over the temporarily dazed Starfire.

    “Think you can take me on?” Red X smirked as he activated the X-shaped blades on his arms. He rushed her. Just as Raven was about to fire a bolt of energy at him however, he disappeared right in front of her eyes.

    “Azerath Metrion Zinthos!” She covered herself in a black dome shield now, remembering his last trick. There was no way he could attack now…..

    The ground beneath Raven’s feet was splitting, and red bursts of light were erupting from her feet, forming an X shaped hole in the floor. Raven grunted as she collapsed the dome, grabbing onto the edge of the hole and pulled herself up, just as she emerged from the hole however, she stared straight into the face of Red X.

    “Is that the best you got?” He taunted her, and Raven immediately surrounded her hands with chakra, blocking each of Red X’s punches and kicks, but the villain was too fast, and soon Raven saw a fist heading towards her face, and she found that she did not have the speed to block this next hit.

    She closed her eyes in anticipation, but the punch never came.

    Raven opened her eyes now, and saw that the fist had suddenly opened into a bright red palm that was pointed at her face. X gave a smirk.


    He let loose an energy blast from his hands now, sending Raven slamming against the wall behind her.

    “That was easy enough.” Red X casually dusted his suit, then he jumped, barely avoiding Cyborg’s plasma blast.

    X escaped into the toy section, and the android pursued him relentlessly; Beast Boy and Robin close behind. Cyborg saw X now, standing ontop one of the giant toy soldier statues. He pointed his plasma cannon now, certain that he would hit him this time.

    “Aren’t you a little old for toys man?” Cyborg shot out as he charged his cannon for the blast.

    “You’re right, maybe I’ll go for some electronics.” X spread his arms now, pointing both palms to the walls beside him and shot a Red laser at the dark piles of merchandise that flanked him and Cyborg. From the Red light, Cyborg made out that the piles of store merchandise were actually a mountain of TVs and computers.

    Uh oh.

    The red beams filtered through the electronics, causing unnatural red cackles of electricity that sparked through the room, with Cyborg directly in the middle of it.

    “AIEEEEE!” Cyborg shuddered as he shouted gibberish, the electricity throwing his circuits off. The TVs around him eventually exploded, burying him under a mountain of electronics.

    Beast Boy was next up to bat, and turned into a Rhino, knocking down the Statue that X was standing on. The Villain jumped off just in time, only to receive a swift kick in the stomach from Robin, who timed the attack perfectly with Beast Boy.

    Red X grunted as he flew right into one of the displays, sending another ten-foot nutcracker statue crashing to the ground.

    Beast Boy, Robin and a newly recovered Cyborg gathered now, and watched as Red X emerged from the rubble.

    “I’ve always wondered kid,” X replied sarcastically as he rubbed his battered and bruised head. “aren’t you suppose to be in school this time of year?”

    “I don’t need lectures on how to stop criminals like you.” Robin’s voice was dead serious, and he took out two bird-a-rangs from his belt just as he finished the sentence.
    Red X met their glares with another casual shrug.

    “Maybe not kid, but you really need a lesson in lightening up. Learn how to have a little fun once in a while chuckles.” He grinned, and just as Beast Boy transformed into a tiger and pounced at him, he vanished, letting Beast Boy have a face full of concrete as he slammed into the wall.

    Robin and Cyborg were still scratching their heads when suddenly, X appeared behind Cyborg, a new gadget in his hand.

    “I’ve heard you’ve always wanted to fly tin man, so I thought up the perfect present for you. Courtesy of Wayne Enterprises” He smirked, attaching a small jet pack onto Cyborg’s back, and before the Cyborg could even reply, pressed the button on the pack, Which sent a screaming Cyborg straight up into the air, crashing through the roof and leaving a trail of smoke as well as a giant hole behind him.
    Beast Boy, just recovering, shook off his concussion and changed into a Deer, charging Red X and hoping to crash into him with his Antlers.

    X smiled, and shot two gigantic strips of red goo that attached themselves to the wall like a sling. Beast Boy was persistent however, and he kept charging, even though his body was caught in the red goo.

    Aw man…not my hair again! He’s so gonna pay!

    Beast Boy grunted with strain as he struggled against the strength of the goo. His advance started to slow down however, as he got ever closer to Red X, the goo began stretching out like a rubber band as Beast Boy advanced, getting closer and closer to X….

    Just when he was a few inches from the villain however, he simply smiled.

    “Hey Rudolph, don’t forget your nose.” X produced a red goo ball in his hand now, and with a gentle, almost mocking flick of a finger, sent it straight at Beast Boy’s face.

    That did it.

    “WHOA!” Beast Boy screamed fell back, the red goo swinging him back as if he were being sling-shotted. The goo held however, acting like a bungie cord, and Beast Boy found himself swinging back and forth between both ends of the room. He was already dizzy and by the time he stopped, Beast Boy’s eyes were spinning and he began muttering something about cookies before finally collapsing into the puddle of Red goo.

    He took out two blades now, but barely had time to use them as Robin knocked them out of his hand with his Bird-a-rangs. Starfire came to assist now, having recovered from her fall.

    “Give it up X, you’re not getting away.” Robin shouted as he assumed his combat ready stance.

    “You will return our gifts to us!” Starfire said with a slight tone of outrage.

    “If you want them so bad, they’re there.” Red X pointed casually to the gigantic Christmas Tree that overlooked the entire store. Underneath it, in the spotlight, were five nicely wrapped gifts.

    “Of course, assuming you can get past me.”

    He activated his blades again, each red blade on his wrist began whirring like a sawblade, it was a sickening sound.
    Starfire was the first to attack, charging him with a barrage of Starbolts and Laser eyes. Robin threw a packet of ball bearing like bombs at the villain.

    Red X simply backflipped away from Starfire’s blasts, and phasing away from Robin’s explosives. The store began rocking violently from the series of explosions as the two titans fought their hardest to bring the villain down.

    Meanwhile, in the corner of the Store, where no one was watching, the dark figure spied the five presents that were under the spotlight with intense interest. He also saw the fight at hand, and the room was lit in bright green one second, then in red, then in orange from the three fighters, as explosions and lasers stabbed through the darkness.

    “This is going to be easier than I thought…” The villain chuckled sinisterly, then he began moving towards the presents……

    “Give it up X!” Robin said icily as he held his Bo staff against Red X’s throat. Starfire was beside the boy wonder, her eyes glowing fiercely in green and both her hands were charged, ready to put the coup de grace on this villain.

    X was trapped, and he knew it, cornered against the wall like a rat, there was no way he could get out, no possible way. Or at least that was what Robin was thinking, until X starting chuckling.

    “What…may I ask, is so humorous?” Starfire asked

    “You’ll never catch me kids, these weapons are designed specifically to beat you.”

    “I beg to differ X.” Robin grinned, the bo staff already pinning Red X’s mask against the wall.

    “Oh really? I think not.” Another smirk.

    Robin was taken aback now…just what was he planning?
    Then it became obvious. It began lightly at first, but then suddenly got louder as it got nearer.

    Cyborg’s scream.

    The android crashed through the roof now, making yet another hole, but this time above Robin and Starfire. The dizzy Android was unable to move, his little Rocket ride taking most of his sense out of him. While underneath him and the mountain of rubble, Robin and Starfire were still dazed from the suddenly collapse of the roof, although Starfire’s strength saved them from being crushed.

    “Smooth kid, real smooth.” Red X gave his customary salute, then jumped out to the hole Cyborg just made in the roof.

    “Get back here!” Robin shouted as he pulled himself from the rubble,

    “Catch ya later kid.” X smirked, then disappeared, leaving five slightly dazed and confused titans to recover in the store….
    “Aw man!” Cyborg cried out in frustration. “I cannot believe he did what he just did!”

    He was still angry over the whole jetpack incident, and how he still couldn’t get the ringing out of his head. With a sigh, he sat down on the couch with the rest of the Titans, who were just a sore from their last encounter with the villain.

    “So…what did he give you?” Cyborg said with an aching groan as he messaged his sore head.

    “A red bleeding nose.” Beast Boy said in a muffled voice, as if he were having a cold. He was in an angry mood, and the ice pack that he held against his nose did nothing to cheer him up.

    Raven couldn’t speak, since her mouth was tied up nicely by a red X…AGAIN. Robin meanwhile, brooded by himself on the other end of the couch. Once again, he was feeling guilty since he still (amazingly!) thought the whole thing was his responsibility.

    “Do not despair my friends!” Starfire said cheerfully. “We shall catch him another day!”

    The gloomy atmosphere remained, and the four other titans sat quietly down on the couch. Then an idea hit Starfire.

    “I know! Since it is past midnight, and is already the eve of your Christmas, let us open our presents! That will cheer us up!”

    The presents, at least, were recovered from Red X, the one thing that compensated for a whole night of failure.

    “You know Star, Thad might actually bee a Gud Idea.” Beast Boy said excitedly, his nose still bruised and stuff. The rest of the Titans nodded in agreement, and they got up to open their presents. To the joy of Star, the atmosphere that the Titans had a few hours ago was slowly returning.

    “Oh OH! Let me open mine first! I am most curious to see what Robin gave me.” Starfire zipped past the four titans now, and she held up her present with avid curiousity as the other titans gathered around the tree, each picking up their presents.

    “I wonder who this came from.” Starfire said innocently, although deep down she already knew when Robin gave a slight blush on his cheek. She began peeling the wrapping off delicately, savouring this moment. The other titans picked up their present.

    Starfire’s eyes lit up as she saw what was in the box.

    “Oh! I received a cute little animal friend.” Starfire said as she opened the present, hugging the teddy bear affectionately. The other titans gave her a dumbfounded look.

    “Um Star…” Robin was the first to speak out.

    “Yes? Robin? Was it you? Oh thank you Robin!” She flew to hug him, and he stuttered as she shook him violently in her insanely strong embrace.

    “Staaar…..th…thanks…buuu..t…it….issssn’t…mine!” Robin shouted.
    Starfire stopped hugging Robin now, and she peered curiously into the box one more time, flipping it upside down to see what other contents were within.

    A familiar object fell out of the box, making a sharp metallic clinking sound as it fell onto the ground. It was one of Red X’s red ninja stars.

    “That thief! He switched presents on us!” Robin’s face lit up with pure rage as he realized what had just happened.

    “What about our other presents?” Beast Boy said with concern. “Did he switch them too?”

    “Only one way to find out.” Cyborg said dutifully, as the four titans tore the wrapping viciously off their presents.

    The presents were switched all right, and Raven, Robin, Cyborg and BeastBoy stared with amazement as they saw what they received.

    Wooden puppet replicas of themselves.

    “This can’t be…” Raven began. “Quick! Throw-“

    It was different this time. Before they even had time to throw the boxes to the ground, the spell took effect. It took affect the second they stared into the doll’s cold lifeless eyes. Soon Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Robin’s eyes turned blank, then green as a stream of pure magic shrouded their bodies, encasing their souls within the puppets.

    “Aw nooo. Not again” Beast Boy said as he lay helpless on the floor, unable to move. The four Titans’ bodies meanwhile, their eyes glowing bright with green, stared darkly at Starfire, as if ready to attack.

    A maniacal laugh echoed through Titans Tower now, and one of the Presents beside the four puppets began to jiggle violently. Starfire watched with horror as the large gift bursted open, revealing the sinister figure as he emerged from the beautiful wrapping. The deranged eyes, the insane cackle, his eerie crown and soldier’s uniform that had given her nightmares the first time she saw him.

    “Ohh..but this time you will stay puppets longer…much longer.” The Puppet King laugh maniacally as he dangled the four titans in his hands.

    “And this time deary.” He turned menacingly to Starfire, “You too, will become part of my collection….”

    He began cackling insanely now, the eerie laughs echoing into the dark Christmas night….

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