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Teen Titans Fan Fiction Teen Titans: Haunted Destiny(Crossover)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Funkatron, Aug 19, 2006.


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  1. Funkatron

    Funkatron Active Member

    Mar 12, 2002
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    Teen Titans: Haunted Destiny(Crossover) Rated T for Teen

    Hey. I'm sorta new at this. Haven't written a fanfic before, so this is a new experience for me.

    This story is called "Haunted Destiny" and the idea has bee floating around my head for quite a bit. Its a crossover with Butch Hartman's Danny Phantom. I hope you non-crossover fans give it a chance, however. Both Canon's are equally represented here. If you are not familiar with DP universe, let me know. I'll try to explain the best I can

    I originally posted and started this story over at FF.net and so far I've gotten some good reviews. So I decided to give it a try here. I may change a few things for those not familiar with DP. And feel free to criticise. can't learn without getting burned.

    OK, Timelines.

    This story takes place post Season 4. Prologue takes place during "The End" and the rest of the story is 1 year later. in the DP timeline, prologue is a few weeks after "Reality Trip".

    Rated T

    Hope you enjoy.

    The gem was born of evil's fire.
    The gem shall be his portal.
    He comes to claim. He comes to sire.
    The end of all things mortal!

    With those last words said, Raven began to ascend into the air. The other Titans watched in terror as their friend and fellow teammate accepted her fate. The markings on her body began to take on a life of their own as they circled around her. He hand, which was desperately grasping a penny, the lucky penny given to her by Beast Boy, relaxed as the penny fell to the ground below. And with one final gasp, a blinding light engulfed her.

    Beast Boy, Cyborg, Robin and Starfire shielded their eyes as the portal was formed. They looked back again to see the stone hand, which had been the centerpiece of the lair, was destroyed and in its place, a real one reached for the sky.

    Trigon was free.

    “The Earth is mine!” he roared, declaring his claim on their planet.



    Danny Fenton and his friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, could barely hide their amusement at the way Jazz was acting. Danny couldn’t even explain how the heck his sister had talked him into giving her the grand tour of the Ghost Zone, the dimension where most ghosts inhabited. Though he, Sam, and Tuck had been there dozens of times (many times by the seat of their pants) Jazz had never been, and she decided that it was high time that she did.

    Danny smiled at the fact that his sister, who had at one time rejected ghosts and their parent’s crazy, almost illogical obsession of them, was now just as obsessed. He figured it was probably cause of her discovery that her little brother had been for almost a year now as the hero Danny Phantom, fighting them and keeping them from wrecking their town of Amity Park. He looked on as Jazz stared out of the window of the Specter Speeder, wide eyed like a kid in a candy store. He then began to chuckle as she pulled out a notebook and began taking notes of what she was witnessing. ‘Just like Jazz’ he thought.

    He made sure that he avoided many of the usual haunts of his known enemies, and was again grateful for the fact he had made a map of the ghost zone; it had helped him out in more than one occasion.

    While he navigated the craft, he looked over at the other passengers: Tucker was next to Jazz, once again using the Fenton Phones as wireless headphones for his PDA. He was swaying to the beat of whatever song he was playing, oblivious of everything around him. Sitting between Tucker and Danny was Sam. She was in charge of keeping the map, and making sure Danny was headed in the right direction. She nodded her head toward Jazz and Tucker, and gave a knowing grin at the pair’s antics. Danny smiled back, then looked down at the time on the console.

    “Ok, ladies and gentleman of Fenton Ghost Tours!” said Danny, mimicking a cheesy tour guide. “We are now making our way back to the ghost portal. Please fasten your seat belts and return your trays to their upright position.”

    “Wait! I’m not done!” yelled Jazz as she began to write faster on her pad.

    “Not done with what? We’ve been out here for hours already”, her brother asked.

    “We have to stop! I wanted to interview a ghost or 2,” Jazz answered. Both Sam and Danny looked at her like she had grown another head.

    “Jazz, you’re my sister and I love you dearly but are you trying to get us killed?” Danny hollered.

    “I’m doing research on the habits of ghosts in their natural habitat,” Jazz stated matter of factly, like she was talking about wild animals instead of supernatural beings.

    Sam rolled her eyes, thanking who ever was up there that she was an only child. Tucker was oblivious to the exchange, still dancing in his seat along with the music from his PDA.

    “Jazz, as much as I’d love to get attacked and eviscerated by ghosts, I agree with Danny. Its already late and we don’t want your parents wondering where we are. Isn’t that right, Tucker?” Sam said as she nudged her oblivious friend.

    “Huh? What? What’s going on?” Tuck asked in bewilderment.

    “Never mind. I guess your right. But next time we run into a ghost that I could have easily helped pass on today, don’t blame me!” Jazz told Danny, firing her last verbal salvo at her brother before continuing to write in her notepad. Both Sam and Danny rolled their eyes while Tucker looked back and forth, still clueless over what just had happened.


    The ride back was uneventful as they made their way back to the Fenton’s Ghost portal. Landing the Speeder in its usual spot, they made their way out of the craft and began to head upstairs.

    “At least Mom and Dad weren’t the lab. I’d hate to think what woul…” Danny paused abruptly as he stopped at the top of the stairs.

    “You’d hate to think what? What were you…” Sam also stopped mid-sentence behind Danny.

    “What’s going on up there?” Jazz questioned as she and Tucker finally made it up the stairs. She gave a sharp gasp as her mind finally registered what was in the Fenton’s kitchen.

    In front of them were 2 stone statues, resembling the likeness of Jack and Maddie Fenton. Their faces twisted in expressions pain.

    For a few minutes nothing was said. Danny was the first to move. He slowly walked up to the statues, with a look of dread on his face. The others joined him, still not quite sure what they were looking at.

    “What happened?” Sam asked meekly.

    “ Ghosts,” Danny said matter of factly. His head hung low and he was clenching his fists.

    “Danny, we don’t know if it was ghosts,” Tucker replied to his friend.

    “How can it not be ghosts? We live in Amity Park! Ghost central. Some ghost took advantage of me being gone and got back at me through my parents.”

    Jazz finally spoke up, “We don’t know anything for sure. We have to figure out what’s going on first before we jump to conclusions.” Jazz already decided she was going to be the calm, collected one of the group and try to prevent any hysteria from breaking out.

    Danny reached out to touch his mother’s face, then pulled back, afraid that he might damage her. He clenched his fists again, anger flaring. Meanwhile Sam walked into the living room, noticing something. She then realized what was nagging her: there was a big hole in the wall where the windows used to be. What was beyond the wall shocked her even more. Her eyes went wide.

    “Danny? Guys? You better come over here. Now would be nice!”

    The others ran quickly to her side and found they were equally awestruck: Their town was sporting a facelift.

    The sky, which should have been deep blue and riddled with stars by now, was crimson red. The buildings looked like they were in the middle of a war zone. Rubble littered the streets. Statues, like in the Fenton’s kitchen, were everywhere on the streets. They all seemed to be starring at the sky, their faces full of fear and pain, like they were being tortured.

    Danny’s fists began shaking. His eyes flashed green with anger as he looked at the carnage left behind in the city. His city. The one he promised to protect.

    “I- it’s my fault. Damn!” Danny’s outburst knocked everyone else back into reality.

    “Danny,” Jazz began.

    “No, Jazz its my fault! I - I should have been here! Should have done something to stop this! I should have...should have,” Danny stopped, unable find the words to continue.

    “Danny, you can’t blame yourself for this. You can’t be everywhere at once! And besides, you don’t know what would happen even if you were here. You could have been turned to stone just like everyone else.”

    “Are you trying to say I’m not strong enough to protect the city? Thanks a lot, Jazz”

    “That’s not what I meant. Danny!” Jazz defended, trying her best to calmly reason with her brother, but he wouldn’t let her finish. He flew upwards, phasing through the ceiling leaving the 3 other teens behind.

    ‘Oh no,” Sam exclaimed, realizing something. “Mom! Dad!” For the first time ever, she was worried about what happened to her parents. She quickly pulled out her cellphone and dialed her home number. Tucker did the same, calling his house to see if his parents were all right.

    Meanwhile, Danny looked out to what was left of his city. The devastation seemed to go on forever. From his vantage point in the sky, he could see the bay, now filled with lava instead of water. He wondered his mind what ghost could be powerful enough to do…this?

    Was it Plasmius? Pariah Dark? Dan? A new ghost he’d never met before? He pondered over the list in his mind, all the while feeling the mountain of guilt piling up on his shoulders. He had failed them all: his family, the city. He failed to protect the city from whatever threat caused all this destruction. And what Jazz had said added to his guilt. ‘Would even have been strong enough to stop it?’
    His mood deflating, he floated back down phasing back into the house. He returned to the living room, landing on his feet, then dropping to his knees, defeated.

    Tucker and Sam’s calls confirmed their suspicions; there had been no answer at either of their houses. Were their parents all right? Were they statues like the Fentons and everyone else in the city? Both of them saw hope fading fast.

    “Its my fault,” He repeated it like a mantra over and over, like a person
    possessed. Jazz realized her brother had returned and ran to him. She dropped down on her knees and began to hug him.

    “You listen to me, Danny,” she said, “You can’t beat yourself over this. Everything is going to be ok, little brother. We’ll get out of this, somehow.”

    Sam soon joined Jazz in hugging Danny and eventually even Tucker began to hug his friend. They all tried to comfort him and each other. Danny was now sobbing his eyes out into his sister’s shoulder, no longer being able to take the pressure. She calmly held him; stroking his hair much his mother did when he was small. She was going to be strong for Danny; that’s what big sisters did.
    Everything was looking down for Amity and the rest of the world.


    Jump City


    Trigon stepped back as his Raven uttered her signature magic phrase. She was now cloaked in white instead of the usual Dark blue robe and leotard she normally wore. As she uttered the magic words, a giant white bird, seemingly made of light rose from her and headed towards the demon.

    Trigon was shocked at what was about to happened. His own daughter, the portal, his tool that brought him to Earth, had turned on him. He wondered where this power came from that was quickly engulfing him.

    The other Titans averted their eyes as their city was once again was plunged into brightness…


    The 4 teens in Amity Park were still locked in an embrace in the Fenton’s living room when they felt the ground rumble. They all looked up just as a light overtook them and the rest of the city. They all were disoriented from the glare, which seemed last only a few moments. As they rubbed their eyes, all of them did a double take: everything was back to normal.

    The wall was once again whole. The morning sunrise was shinning through the blinds illuminating the living room. They suddenly heard groans and moans coming from the kitchen.

    “Mom? Dad?” Danny quickly ran into the kitchen. In front of him were Jack and Maddie, back to flesh and blood. They obviously looked disoriented and a bit out of it. Danny literally almost knocked them over (no small feat, considering Jack’s size) as he hugged them both. They both looked perplexed at their son’s reaction, as he held on to them both, almost afraid they’d disappear if he let go.

    “Danny? What’s going on? “ Maddie asked her son.

    “And why do I feel like I just spent 20 rounds wrestling an elephant?” Jack Fenton wondered.

    Danny couldn’t reply. He was just so overjoyed that his parents were ok. He felt the tears once again flow from his eyes, but this time they were tears of joy. He heard another ‘umph’ from his parents and when he looked up he saw Jazz had joined him in hugging them.

    “Dad! We were so worried about you guys!” Her roll of big strong older sister now over, she let her own tears flow. Her father gently patted her head, still confused on what was going on.

    “Jazzypants, why are you two so worked up all of the sudden!”

    “You mean you guys don’t remember anything.”

    Maddie thought for a moment. “All remember was that I was stopping your father from having another late night snack. Then I felt pain. Next thing I knew Danny had almost knocked us over!”

    Danny looked up with a worried look on his face. “ You mean you guy didn’t notice any ghost attack?”

    “Ghosts!” Jack looked around suspiciously. “No, I would have noticed any spooks attacking us. But now that you mention it: Maddie! To the lab! We have to see if there was any ghost activity while we blacked out!” And with that, the bear of a man ran down the stairs to the lab, with his wife not to far behind.

    Sam quickly rushed in, with her cellphone in hand. “My parents! They’re ok!” she cried with relief.

    Tucker came in with the same look of happiness on his face as he confirmed his parents were ok as well. “Hurry up!” he yelled, “There’s something on the TV about it!”

    They all ran to the TV to see what was going on. The bottom of the screen read ‘Live! From Jump City’ as a familiar reporter composed himself before reporting on their top story.

    “This Harriet Chin reporting live from Jump City, as the world is still reeling from the near end of life as we know it! If you confused on what just happened last night, stay tuned as we interview the now world famous Teen Titans as talk about how they stopped a massive demonic invasion from taking over the world!”

    “You see, Danny? It wasn’t ghosts after all!” Tucker exclaimed as he patted his best friends shoulder. Danny hardly registered it as he starred at the screen as they began to interview the Titans on their defeat of some demon named Trigon.

    Though he was happy his family and his friends were ok, he couldn’t help feel … helpless. He wasn’t able to anything for them. To help. The last time he felt this helpless was at the Nasty Burger incident, when he thought he had lost his family in the explosion. He looked down at his hands. He saw them shake. He didn’t hear his sister call out his name, or when Sam and Tucker rushed to him as he collapsed to the ground. The last thing he heard before he slipped into a shock-induced unconsciousness was a voice, his voice saying he wasn’t strong enough…
  2. Funkatron

    Funkatron Active Member

    Mar 12, 2002
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    Chapter 1: Everything Changes

    Ok, here is Chapter 1. Hope you enjoy.

    1 Year Later

    Jump City: 7:00am

    It was a peaceful morning in Jump City. The sun was rising across the bay, starting another day for the people in the city. People were getting ready for work and the streets were beginning to fill with cars. Kids were preparing for the last day of school, thinking about their plans for their summer vacations. Jump City was coming alive with activity, responding to the new day.

    In the bay was an island, a landmark for the city. On the island stood a tower. A tower shaped like a giant T. In this tower lived five teens, whose job was to protect the city from crime, destruction and whatever monster or freak looking for trouble. They each had extraordinary powers and had saved the city from certain doom many times over. They were known as the Teen Titans.

    The leader of the Titans, Robin, had just woken from a good nights sleep. The city had actually been quiet for a change, so all of the Titans were able to get some shut-eye that night without being woken up by the alarm.

    Robin finished putting on his signature red, green and black costume, and was headed to the training room for some morning practice, when he stopped. He sensed a pleasing aroma in the air, and smiled when he recognized the smell: pancakes.

    Cyborg, the tech expert and muscle of the team, was known for his big breakfasts, which normally included his world famous (or tower famous anyway), buttermilk pancakes. Robin suspected the smell meant Cy was cooking up a big morning meal for the team. With his thoughts of training gone and his stomach growling, Robin made his way down the corridor to the kitchen.

    “Robin!” yelled someone from behind.

    Robin could recognize that voice anywhere. He turned around and found himself being tackled by fellow teammate and girlfriend, Starfire. The alien girl from Tamaran had a big smile on her face as she hugged her boyfriend, and gave him a big kiss on his cheek.

    “Good morning to you too, Star,” Robin as he struggled in the girl’s strong embrace. Despite her appearance, the girl was many times stronger than he was.

    “And what a glorious morning it is,” Starfire beamed, finally letting go. Robin smiled. He always loved how she was so cheerful and happy about life. He wrapped his arm around her waist as they continued to walk toward the kitchen.

    “Looks like Cyborg is making breakfast again,” Robin said.

    “Oh, yes! I do enjoy when he cooks the breaking of fast in the morning.” Star replied, ready to eat the big meal Cyborg had prepared. “I do hope we have enough mustard for this morning.”

    Robin hid a silent chuckle. Starfire’s choice in food was always very interesting, especially her love of the yellow liquid known as mustard.

    As they continued their way to the source of the delicious smell, they bumped into Beast Boy. The green shape shifter still was rubbing the sleep out his eyes.

    “Morning, love birds,” the jade trickster teased, though he was sleepy, he gave his trademark grin at the two. Robin glared at him, and slightly blushed. He didn’t necessarily like the attention over his relationship with Starfire.

    “And a glorious morning to you, Beast Boy! Have you slept well?” asked the still cheerful Starfire.

    “Still am,” Beast Boy replied, which was followed by a yawn. “ But that awesome smell woke me up. Hope Cy made some non-lactose pancakes for me.”

    They all arrived at the door of the living room/ops center/kitchen. Beast Boy turned around to face Robin and Starfire.

    “Alright boys and girls! Are you ready to fill your stomachs and bust your guts with the famous chef Cyborg’s breakfast of champions?” he asked, mimicking an announcer from a TV show.

    “Let’s eat!” announced a voice from behind them. They all turned to find Cyborg standing, with a big grin on his face.
    They stood for a stunned moment, turned to look at the door, then looked back at Cyborg, who was still sporting his grin.

    “Wait a sec. If you’re not cooking breakfast and none of us are, that means-,” Beast boy stopped as his eyes bugged out over the implications of the situation.

    Beast Boy, Starfire and Robin all ran through the door and looked into the cooking area. There stood a familiar cloaked figure with their back turned toward them. On top of the dark blue head of hair was a white chef’s hat. The mystery cook turned around to reveal the fifth Titan, Raven. She was wearing Cyborg’s signature “Kiss the Chef” apron. In her hand, was a spatula, which she had been using to flip the hotcakes. Realizing her friends were all there, she put on a nervous grin.

    “Surprise,” she exclaimed warily, knowing what was coming next.

    Beast Boy and Robin just stood there, their jaws hanging open. Memories came flooding back from last year. Raven had tried to cook breakfast for them before with less then edible results. They remembered how nauseous the experience was. They slowly began backing away from the kitchen till they both bumped into something. They turned around to see Cyborg with a serious look on his face, but with a playful glint in his eye.

    “Now where do you think you’re going?” Cy asked in amusement.

    “Uhhhh, I just remembered I have some training to do this morning,” Robin replied quickly, looking for an excuse, any excuse. “And some research on…. crime reports! That’s it!”

    “And I gotta go clean up my room,” said Beast Boy hastily. He never cleaned his room, but was willing to do so to get out of breakfast.

    “Now, now. Not so fast you guys. Don’t you want breakfast?” asked Cyborg innocently, pushing the two back toward the kitchen table.

    “That’s ok. I’m on a diet,” Beast Boy responded weakly. Raven raised her eyebrows and couldn’t help but smirk. Starfire, who actually liked Raven’s cooking from last year, was overjoyed.

    “How can you be on a diet? You’re skinny as it is,” Raven quipped sarcastically.

    Robin and Beast Boy sat down, defeated. They then realized something about the pancakes Raven was currently flipping; they actually looked normal. The monstrosities they remembered were burnt, runny and sticky. These looked like actual pancakes. They stared in awe as Raven flipped them expertly until they were golden, and then pilled them onto a plate.

    “Wait a sec. When did you learn how to –,“ Beast began, but then stopped himself, realizing finishing the sentence might not be a good idea.

    “Learn how to cook?” Raven finished the changeling’s question. She smirked again, a sight Beast Boy still wasn’t quite used to. “I had a good teacher.”

    “You have done well, my student,” said Cyborg in a cheesy Chinese accent as he bowed toward Raven. Raven smiled at Cyborg’s antics and returned a mock bow back to him. The other 3 Titans were once again shocked that Raven was willing to ask someone for help. She normally was someone who would rather do something herself.

    “So, what’s the special occasion?” asked Robin.

    “Yeah! The world isn’t ending again, is it?” asked Beast Boy jokingly. Cyborg and Robin glared at Beast Boy slightly.

    Raven looked at all her friends, then looked down at the food she hand finished preparing. “I just wanted to thank you guys,” she said, feeling moisture forming in her eyes. “I’ve been so lucky to have you guys as friends.”

    “Oh, friend Raven!” Starfire squealed as she flew over and hugged her fellow Titan. “It is us who should be truly thankful for having you here.” The others smiled, voicing similar sentiments. Last year had been a tough year for them all, and they were happy they were able to survive through it.

    Raven began serving up their breakfast. She gave Cyborg a large stack of blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage. He began to drool and then dug in. To Robin, she gave chocolate chip (his favorite), and a glass of orange juice. Beast Boy got a plate of soymilk pancakes. His eyes became as big as saucers as he thanked Raven for respecting his vegetarian beliefs.

    She then came to Starfire, who had a strange look on her face.

    “Friend Raven, I am happy you have learned the cooking, but I wondering if-“ she began to ask until Raven interrupted her.
    “Already way ahead of you, Star,” Raven replied, revealing a plate to Starfire. On it were pancakes similar to the one she made last year, in all their burnt, runny glory. Starfire squealed with delight.

    “You have made them how I remembered them,” she said, and then with a fork in one hand and a bottle of mustard in the other, she began to slather the malformed food in yellow liquid. The other titans only stared, thankful to have been served something more palatable. .

    Raven turned off the stove, and poured herself a cup of tea, then sat down at the table, to sip her beverage. She looked around at all her friends as they ate her cooking, which they all thought was delicious. She soaked in all the sights and sounds like a sponge happy that she was able to share this moment with them.

    After her very filling breakfast, raven decided to head to her room for some meditation. Her teammates volunteered to clean the kitchen area as thanks for the meal, and once she left the room, the other Titans huddled together at the kitchen table.

    “You know, no matter how many times I see it, I’ll never get used to it,” said Beast Boy.

    “What do you mean, friend Beast Boy?” asked Starfire.

    “Raven smiling! She used to be Ms. Doom and Gloom. Now she’s all smiles. It’s so weird,” answered the green titan.

    “She sure is different now. Though I definitely like the new her,” Cyborg chimed in.

    “Do you blame her for being happy? She’s got a whole new lease on life now. She doesn’t have to worry about the curse anymore,” said Robin. Out of all the titans, he was probably the one who was closest to Raven. During her ordeal last year with Trigon, he had made her realize she had a life beyond the prophecy; that she could choose her own fate.
    Robin’s expression became serious as he looked around at the other members of his team.

    “All right, we got a lot of work and preparations to make. Everybody knows what to do today?” Robin asked the group. They all nodded in agreement.

    “I am to do the distracting of Raven today,” Star stated.

    “Cy and me are headed out the buy the decorations later today,” explained Beast Boy.

    “And my special all new 10-layer ice cream upside down cake recipe has been perfected and is ready to be made!” Cyborg proudly declared. “It’s gonna be 3 times better then last year’s cake.”

    “Good, then I don’t I need to remind you all of this has to be kept under wraps. We don’t want Raven finding out before the big day tomorrow,” their leader explained. “We’ll meet together here at 2200 hours.” They all nodded in agreement.

    “Operation Birthday Bash is a go!”


    Amity Park, 12:30pm

    Sam Manson sighed for the tenth time that day, as she sat next to Tucker Foley during an assembly at Casper High. It was their last day of sophomore year before summer vacation and the school was giving them one last lesson about summer and ghost safety. The kids were excited about the next two months of freedom, and many were planning summer trips and visits to the beach. Unfortunately, vacation was the last thing on the minds of Sam and Tucker.

    Sam looked worriedly a couple of rows in front of them. Sitting there was their friend, Danny Fenton, or their former friend. They weren’t sure anymore.

    It all began at the end of summer last year at the beginning of their sophomore year at Casper High. They hadn’t seen much of Danny after his mental breakdown. Much to Jazz’s chagrin, Danny had sworn them to secrecy about the whole ordeal. He didn’t want his parents worrying about him. Sam also figured that he was pretty embarrassed about collapsing that day. Jazz wanted him to at least talk to her, but he remained very tightlipped about it.

    Sam and Tuck hadn’t seen Danny for about two weeks after that. They were pretty worried about their friend, but Jazz told them he wanted to be alone. Sam tried to ease her own worries, thinking that Danny would bounce back to his normal self by the time school started. So when classes did begin again, they were happy to see Danny. Unfortunately, things didn’t go back to normal.

    Danny had become even more reclusive. Though he hung out with them, he hardly spoke to them, especially about ghost hunting. Whenever they tried to ask him about anything ghost related, he either quickly changed the subject, or just didn’t respond at all. Whenever a ghost did show up, he’d disappear to take care of it before they noticed.

    Sam noticed the bruises that appeared frequently on Danny. Though they knew Danny was prone to injury due to his ghost hunting, the fact that he never talked about it had worried her even more. He never said a word about how he received his injuries, or whether it was ghost related, or anything else entirely. Along with the injuries, however, came muscles. Danny seemed to have lost his scrawny physique overnight.

    As the year went on, Danny’s friends saw less and less of him. He’d disappear in between classes before they could even catch up to him. Lunchtime he was nowhere to be found. He’d often make up excuses whenever they asked him to hang out. He was always busy with something, though they never knew what. It was obvious he was trying to avoid them.
    They both questioned Jazz about the changes in Danny, but unfortunately, she was even more clueless than they were. She tried constantly to get her brother to open, but was met the silent treatment. Jazz wanted to do more to try to help her brother, but didn’t have the time, as she was busy preparing for college.

    So finally, they decided to confront Danny. They watched him from the back rows, hoping they would be able to catch him before did one of his disappearing tricks again. The assembly finally ended, freeing all the students from school, and they watched Danny walk out the side door of the auditorium. They quickly followed.

    Danny was almost out the door of the school when he heard someone call out his name.

    “Danny!” he heard Tucker yell. He turned around to face them.

    Sam had a worried look on her face. She found herself speechless as the questions she wanted to ask froze on her tongue. Luckily for her, Tucker had plenty to say.

    “We need to talk, dude,” Tucker stated matter of factly.

    Danny sighed, like he was expecting this moment to come.

    “What the heck is going on with you, man? We never see you anymore!” Tucker began.

    “Everything is fine. There’s nothing to worry about,” said Danny, saying more now than he had the entire year.

    “No, its not alright,” yelled Sam, now a bit irritated. Watching Danny just dismiss the situation as ‘fine’ had stirred up her anger. “We’ve been worried sick about you! You don’t talk with us, and you don’t hang out with us. You don’t even let us help you with your ‘hobby’. Why are you ignoring us?” She was now trying very hard to hold back her tears.

    Danny looked down to the ground, no longer able to look his friends in the eye. He sighed again, as though was deciding something. He finally looked at them.

    “Maybe you guys can’t take a hint,” he said coldly.

    “What?” Sam asked, not quite believing what she heard.

    “I said you guys can’t take a hint. Maybe I’m happier fighting alone. Maybe I’m sick and tired of babysitting you all the time. Maybe I’m sick and tired of you!” he shot back. Tucker and Sam were in shock as they listened to Danny’s tirade. A look of betrayal and rage flashed across Tucker’s face. He quickly closed the gap between him and Danny, grabbing his shirt bringing him face-to-face.

    “You ****ing dick! We’ve been worried sick. Sam has been worried sick! And this is how you thank us?” Tucker vehemently spat at Danny.

    “No one asked you to care. I can take care of it all on my own. I don’t need you. I don’t need anyone else,” Danny replied viciously. The temperature around them seemed to drop several degrees. A crowd of students began forming around the three. Not a word was spoken among the students as they watched the events unfold.

    “Do yourself a favor. Get yourself some new friends,” Danny said as he pushed Tucker away from him. He turned around and began to walk away. Tucker couldn’t contain his anger any longer. He clenched his fist; he walked toward Fenton, raised his fist and pulled it back, ready to deck Danny.
    Everyone gasped at what happened next. Danny, without even looking, easily dodged the punch. He then grabbed Tucker’s fist while it was still in midair and flipped him over. Tuck hit the floor hard, his breath knocked out of him. He wondered to himself when the heck Danny had gotten so fast, as he lay there on the ground he heard a loud slap.

    Danny now wore a large red mark on his face where Sam slapped him. She could no longer hold back her tears as they began to fall from her face. She just looked at him, not sure who he was any more. She knelt and helped the still dazed Tucker from the ground.

    “You’re a ****ing jerk,” she said simply and then walked away. Tucker followed behind her without a backward glance.
    And that was it. Every spectator who had watched the fight unfold was speechless. Even Dash had nothing to say. Danny just shrugged, and walked through the crowd. As he made his way onto the sidewalk he once again heard his name being called. He turned around and was suddenly face to face with his sister, Jazz.

    Jazz was there to pick her brother up from school, hoping to have a brother/sister moment on their way home. She ended up witnessing the whole confrontation as it took place in front of the school. Danny had expected her to be as angry as Tucker or sad like Sam, but the look on her face told him something different; Disappointment.

    “Why?” was all she asked? He simply looked back at her, and then tried to walk around her car.

    “Why, Danny?” she asked again. She was sick of playing nice. The kind therapist mask she normally wore melted away and was replaced with the look of a very po’d sister.

    “I had to,” he simply replied.

    “Danny, you just threw away the most important thing you had going for you! What the heck was going through your head? Why are you pushing them away?” she yelled, looking into his eyes, trying to read his expression.
    He looked back at her, his face devoid of any emotion. He averted his eyes from her piercing gaze, feeling very uncomfortable.

    “ I did it for their own good,” he replied, as if that was the only reason he needed, and he began to walk away again.

    “Is that it? Is that all you can say? You think you can take on the whole ghost zone by yourself?” she asked.

    “Like I told them, I can do it by myself,” he said defensively.

    “Danny, don’t you see we want to help you? You can’t handle the ghost hunting on your own. No one can take that stress, that burden,” Jazz told him.

    “I have to!” he said, yelling without realizing it. “Every time one of you tag along, you are in harms way. The closer you are to me, the more danger you are in!”

    “So you are protecting them by hurting them? What kind of twisted logic is that?” she asked.

    “Better to be hurt by me and alive than to get hurt or worse,” Danny answered his sister.

    “But we chose this! We have chose to put ourselves in danger to help you,” she shot back.

    “It’s not your fight!” he said, his temper flaring. “It’s mine. I’m the freaky kid with freaky powers. I’m the one who can fight them. It’s my responsibility. If I lost you or Tucker or Sam…” His voice softened, “I can’t take that risk. I can’t take that burden.”

    “And taking the burden of fighting every ghost out there is so much better,” she spat sarcastically.

    “I don’t have time for this,” he said, no longer willing to listen anymore. “I’m walking home. Don’t follow me. And let me handle all the ghosts.” And with that he left.

    “Danny! Daniel James Fenton, you come back here this instant!” Jazz yelled, sounding very much like their mother. He ignored her cries and continued to walk. She looked on, no longer knowing what to do. She wanted to help him realize that what he was doing wasn’t helping, but she knew time was running out; Jazz had just graduated from Casper High and in two months would be moving away from Amity Park to go to college.

    She felt worry overtake her as she realized that all too soon she wasn’t going to be able to watch over her brother like she always did. She feared that his current outlook was going to get him seriously hurt, or worse.

    She sighed. This was going to be a long summer.
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    Very well done in terms of remaining in continuity; the characters (from both shows) are nailed and I can almost picture them actually saying those lines.;) This tale had a creepy tone to it (somewhat overboard for Danny Phantom types, but it was done excellently nonetheless) with the nice little comedy thrown in at just the right moments.

    Aquagirl15 is a huge fan of Danny Phantom. You should consider giving her a ring to let her know about this fic. I'm sure she'd enjoy it.:D

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    Thanks. I basically marathoned both shows for a while to get a better feel for the characters.

    I'm just a big sucker for well written crossover fanfics. love seeing how different characters from different universes react. And I love adding a extra dose of angst to the mix. and there will be angst. Lots and lots of it. Whats a good Superhero story without angst?

    Thanks a bunch for the kind words. Next cappy should be in a week or 2..hopefully
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    Chapter 3: Broken Reflections

    Haunted Destiny
    Chapter 2: Broken Reflections


    Danny counted silently as he executed his sit-ups. After his altercation with Sam, Tucker and Jazz, he headed straight home. His mind was abuzz with the events of that day and he needed to clear his head. And the easiest way he knew how was to train. Glad that his parents were gone somewhere, he had quickly changed into a clean shirt and gym shorts and started his normal routine. Unfortunately, today it wasn’t working in easing his mind.

    He stopped halfway into a sit-up and sighed. He kept thinking back on whether he made the right choice. The emotions that had played themselves on the faces of his friends and his sister were still fresh in his mind. He shook his head, as if to make them disappear, but they were still there every time he closed his eyes; their looks of betrayal, anger, and confusion. He knew it would happen and had tried to prepare himself for it but it still shook him.

    He wished he could explain it to them, but he knew that it was better this way. Pushing them away like this was the best way to protect them. Like he had told Jazz, the farther away they were from his life, the better off they were. He knew that Sam and Tucker were both tough. They’d soon forget him and move on with their lives.

    Danny thought back to that fateful day almost two years ago. The day that altered his life forever. How one push of a button changed him from a goofy teenage boy into a hero; the ghost-boy Danny Phantom. If he had known of the weight that had haunted him from that day, he would have never walked into the unactivated ghost portal. What had started out as “cool powers” quickly grew into a responsibility that stuck and wouldn’t let go. It was his job to keep his town safe from ghosts. His job to keep the specters in line. His job to protect his loved ones, friends, and family.

    Though he made it through life merely by surviving, it wasn’t until the incident last year where he realized one thing: he wasn’t strong enough.

    He remembered how helpless he felt when found his parents in the kitchen that day, frozen in stone. His city, in ruins. Though finding out it had nothing to do with him or Amity Park should have brought him relief, he felt even more helpless than before. He had all this power given to him and he couldn’t do a thing to help his city.

    This wasn’t the first time he had felt this way. His memories came back to his older, evil future self. How even when he barely had defeated him, he couldn’t stop the explosion from happening. He couldn’t stop that future from coming. Danny remembered his heart almost stopping as he watched the Nasty Burger explode; the heat and the force of the blast knocked him back. If it weren’t for Clockwork, his future self would have won anyway.

    He thought about all the times he had won with pure dumb luck or with help from his friends and allies. How he managed to hold back and outsmart Vlad Master, aka Vlad Plasmius, still baffled him. And he was only able to defeat Pariah Dark the ghost king with his parent’s Ectosuit and even then, he wasn’t able to stop his other enemies from taking advantage of the situation. Time and time again he barely made it by the skin of his teeth. Last year made him realize that fate and luck wouldn’t always be on his side. So he began to train.

    After his collapse, he scrounged up all he remembered from gym class in school and started a training regiment. He knew from his 1 year of experience that his ghost form and human form was connected, so he began with training his human side. Sit-ups, push-ups, and running were now a part of his new routine. Finding he needed more, he researched weight training and bought himself weights. Though he saw progress, it wasn’t enough for him. He needed not only to become strong, but faster and more focused as well. So he turned to the one person who could help: his mother.

    Danny was actually rather surprised that his mother agreed to train him. He had told her that he wanted to get into better shape (which wasn’t so far from the truth). He assumed she was eager because he was showing interest in his parent’s profession (also not far from the truth). They started almost immediately the next day. She started teaching him basic stances and moved on to basic moves, such as punches, kicks and blocks. Everything he learned from his lessons he practiced in his personal training sessions and on his nightly ghost patrols. He soon found that ghosts that were once a challenge for him in combat were getting easier and easier to defeat.

    Physical improvement wasn’t the only thing he focused on. He also wanted to get a mental advantage over his enemies. So Danny brushed up on his knowledge of ghosts by reading. When he wasn’t training or ghost hunting, he was reading books on the paranormal. He’d often borrow from his parent’s personal collection of texts, manuals and reference books on ghosts, ghouls, and anything related to the supernatural. He read up on theories about ghosts, many of which were way off, judging from his own experience. There were however many which made sense, which he hoped would give him an edge.

    His studying actually had an unexpected side effect: many of the study skills he learned transferred over to his schoolwork. His grades, which were abysmal the last year steadily increased once he got back to school. Many of his teachers, Mr. Lancer in particular, were surprised at his sudden change. Though he still did disappear on occasion.

    Though he did improve so much in the past couple of months, he still felt it wasn’t enough; that he wasn’t enough. The memory of his parents frozen in stone still haunted him, as he drove himself further. The fact that he could lose his friends and family kept him going in his training. And helped him to become stronger. The more danger he saw, the more he realized: he wasn’t safe. His powers were like a double-edged sword. They helped him protect those he loved. But they also put them in danger. Ghosts were drawn to the halfa like a moth to a flame, constantly challenging his claim as protector of the city. And his friends were often in the crossfire.

    When school started again in the fall, Danny decided to keep Sam and Tucker out of his ghost hunting. He knew it was going to be hard thing to do. Both were eager to help him out and tag along with him. Whenever a ghost would appear, he’d disappear before either of them noticed to deal with it. He avoided talking about ghosts whenever they mentioned or asked about the subject. They were obviously worried about him, but he’d always play it off, saying he was fine. They became more and more insistent until he just found it easier to avoid them. He stopped talking to them at school and they never saw him outside of school, except for a fleeting sighting here and there of the ghost boy.

    He knew he was upsetting them, but he had no choice. The further away from him they were, the safer they were. He eventually knew that avoiding them wouldn’t be enough; that they’d sooner or later confront him. Danny wished he could explain why he was doing what he was doing, but he knew they wouldn’t understand. The more he thought about it, the more one solution made more sense: he had to pushed them away.

    He knew that they probably would hate him for doing what he did; he hated himself for doing it. But it was the only way. He loved them too much. Being near him would only get them killed. It was better them hating him than having their deaths on his conscience. Wasn’t it?


    Jump City
    Late Afternoon

    The doors made a swooshing sound as Raven entered her room, clearly exhausted. Starfire had decided to drag her to the mall for shopping and the “bonding of friends”. Following around the hyperactive alien girl was always an arduous experience to say the least. She was dragged around through almost all the stores inside the mall, while Star marveled at the wonders of Earth culture and merchandise. As the red headed girl literally flew around the mall, Raven was in tow, using her levitation powers to carry the growing pile of shopping bags her friend was amassing.

    Raven fell onto her bed, feeling fatigue taking over. She was too tired even to meditate, though she didn’t that much anymore. She looked over to clock on the wall that read five to seven. She then glanced over to the calendar underneath and slightly smiled: the next day was circled.

    It was her sixteenth birthday.

    She sighed and thought back to before she even thought to celebrate her birthday. She remembered when not to long ago her birthday brought her nothing but dread and despair. The very though of the day used to leave her locked in her room, hoping the day would end.

    Her childhood was anything but normal. She lived in a completely different dimension, in a city called Azarath. Azarath was a grand city of wonder, sites and most of all peace. To them magic was a way of life. It was a safe haven for all those who wanted to live peacefully.

    Though she lived there, she never saw much of the city. Raven spent most of her time in the main temple of Azar, amongst the mages that protected and guided the city. She was isolated from the outside world, though she didn’t mind – mostly. She almost never saw any kids her age or anyone else for that matter except for the mages who raised her. Her mother, Arella, was an important person in the city and rarely came to visit.

    Everyday Raven was tutored and taught to control her abilities. Her telekinetic powers were directly linked to her emotions, so it was constantly stressed that she control and even suppress her emotions. The mages gave her rigorous training exercises that though helped her gain control, left her almost emotionless. Between her sessions you could find her hidden in library under the complex, reading one of the various books and manuscripts. Without any children to play with, she favored the written word over people any day, the smell of old musty pages always welcoming her back like an old friend.

    Even at a young, she was aware of her unofficial status of an outcast. She was only let out of the Temple only on rare occasions. Everyone around her acted differently, even the mages and her own mother. Though she knew her mother loved her, Raven could always pick up that she always kept her distance emotionally. And then there were the whispers and the stares. The way the people of the city would look at her whenever she caught a glimpse. The hushed whispers of the mages in the hallway, as if they were talking about her. It wasn’t hard for an empath such as herself to pick up on these type of things: she could feel their emotions: some of them felt disgust towards her while others anger. The one emotion that distressed her the most was the one she saw was most common: fear.

    Raven never really did anything on her birthday, celebration or otherwise. Celebrating ones birthday normally involved extreme emotion, which the mages were trying to avoid. That of course changed on her thirteenth birthday. The mages decided she was old enough to tell her the truth about her origin: that her father, her real father, was one of the most feared beings in the galaxy.

    Trigon the Terrible was a name feared throughout the universe and even across dimensions. Wherever he went, destruction and terror followed. He’s conquered many civilizations and destroyed countless others that have defied him. For hundreds of years he roamed free to do as he pleased until finally one-century prior he was banished to a pocket dimension by the mages of Azar of that time. He’s been imprisoned there ever since up until thirteen years ago, when his followers was able to temporarily bring him back to normal reality. It was then where he chose and impregnated a young woman named Angela Roth. That woman was Raven’s mother. They then told Raven of the prophecy that told of her fate: that she was the one that would bring him back to their reality. She was the portal: his foothold into the domination of their universe. And it was to happen on her fifteenth birthday.

    Raven could only stare in horror as they explained who and what she was. She could feel all her training, all the control leave her as she felt a wave of emotions sweep through her like a raging torrent. Fear, confusion, pain and disgust all made their way through he mind. She tried to hold it back but they slipped through her hands like water through a net. Cracks began to form in the pillars of the building as her powers gained a mind of their own. Black waves of energy spread though the floor and crackled through the air as doubt filled her mind. She didn’t want to be evil. She didn’t want to cause any pain, any destruction. But unfortunately for her, fate had played a different hand. In the end, it was the embrace of her mother, Arella, who calmed her down. Tears fell from her eyes as she passed out in her mother’s arms.

    When she woke up, she realized things could never be the same. Her display of power only enforced the fear in both mages and herself. She realized just how powerful and dangerous she really was. She tried desperately to shut out her fears, her pain, and her emotions by throwing herself into her training and meditation. She didn’t want to feel cause feeling would lead to her hurting others (and herself). But it wasn’t enough. The fear was still there, under all the calm, just waiting to surface. The fear she would destroy. The fear that she was nothing more than a tool for her father or even worse, a monster. That she would hurt her city and be its downfall. So she did the only thing that made sense to the mind of a teenager: she ran away.

    She had found a teleportation spell that would take her away from Azarath. Anywhere, it didn’t matter. As long as she was away from the stares and the whispers. Once she found enough ingredients and courage, she said goodbye one last time and was whisked away.

    She arrived in a strange city in the dead of night. Gone was the peacefulness of Azarath; in its place was constant state of unrest. She could feel the minds of the city bustling around, people going about their business. It was busy and noisy, both audibly and mentally, but at least they weren’t staring at her. They didn’t know who or what she was. The name of the City was Jump, on a quaint little planet known as Earth. A place she only read about.

    Of course, fate once again had a way of intervening. That night her life would intersect and entwine with the lives of 4 others. They were all different: The noble detective Robin, the laidback Cyborg, Beast Boy the jokester and the always-exuberant Starfire. They all had something that made them unique among other people. And yet all shared the same goal: they wanted to protect the city. Eventually they teamed up and formed the team known as the Teen Titans.

    Raven never quite understood what brought them together; let alone why she joined them. She just knew that they were doing the opposite of what she was destined to do. Help instead of hurt. Building instead of destroying. They were making a difference. Though she isolated herself from the rest of her teammates, she somehow she found herself bonding one way or another with all of them. As the next two years rolled by they became more than just teammates, more than even friends. They were family.

    But even with that, she always kept a part of herself hidden from them: her past. She was always afraid of what they might think if they truly knew what her future held. She hoped what she was doing was enough atonement for what she might do in the future, though in the back of her mind she knew it probably wasn’t. She hoped that somehow, someway she would be able to run away from that fate. So when that day, her fifteenth birthday, finally did come, she locked herself in her room, hoping the day, and her destiny, would pass her by.

    Her father had other plans, however. Trigon, wanting to secure his return to the mortal realm, chose a representative to deliver a message to his daughter. Slade was one the Titans most cunning and dangerous foes. And he just happened to be dead. But things like death meant nothing to Trigon. He raised Slade from the dead, supplied the assassin with an array of supernatural abilities sent him to remind his daughter of one thing: that the prophecy will be fulfilled and she would be the doorway to the world’s destruction.

    Eventually she had to tell the other Titans the truth about her past and her legacy. She knew she owed them that much, even it meant risking them rejecting her. They didn’t shun her like she thought; quite the contrary. They wanted to help her. They had hope even when her own hope was failing. She realized that she couldn’t let her friends; her new family sacrifice themselves to protect her. Trigon was too powerful to be stopped; his will was too strong for her to resist. So when the day of his coming arrived, she stopped running away and gave in. The others could only watch in horror as she accepted her fate and became the key to Trigon’s ascension.

    After that was a blur to her. All she could remember was being lost. She found herself underneath the city, alone amongst the ruble. She couldn’t remember who she was, only bits and pieces of her memory floated in her mind. She wandered aimlessly until someone found her: Robin. She was afraid at first, not remembering who he was but she knew somehow he was a friend, someone she could trust. He helped her find her way back to the surface to the other Titans, whom even after everything never gave up. They kept fighting against Trigon, knowing there was no chance of winning. They defied the towering giant, who only saw them as insignificant pests. Raven saw how her friends still pressed on, despite the odds, despite the enemy. In the end it was their courage that inspired her to fight back. Her memories returned to her as she made a final stand against the demon that would be her father. And she won.

    Though the others were amazed at her display of power, but she knew that it was their strength that saved them all. Their courage and hope was what encouraged her and helped her to win against her father. And thanks to them she was now free.

    Now almost one year later she marveled at all that’s changed. She never would have thought she’d live past her fifteenth birthday and now she had her whole life ahead of her. She was free to live her life helping people and saving lives. She was now also free to feel. Over the past couple of months she has been more open with her feelings. Where there once was a scowl or a look of indifference was now a small smile (or an annoyed look when it came to dealing with Beast Boy). Her birthday was no longer a curse to her: it was a blessing she was ready and willing to celebrate with her friends.


    Jump City, Warehouse District

    They say crime never sleeps and for the city of Jump it was no different. Eight shady figures lurked towards their target on the east side of the warehouse district. There had been rumors of a shipment of artifacts and treasures come in the night before for storage. The items were to be delivered the next morning to the Jump City Metropolitan Museum. Malone and his crew were ready and willing to take the artifacts off the museum’s hands. Malone had an inside man who worked at the warehouse who would let his men in. It was the perfect time for them to strike.

    They all knew they had to work fast: not only did they have to worry about the police showing up, but the Teen Titans as well. Lucky for them, they knew where their target was located and they had a plan. There was a truck ready to load and drive off in a hurry if need be. They made sure they memorized the schematics to the building. It was an in and out job. Easy money.

    They made their way to the side entrance, which was conveniently left open to them by Marcus, their guy on the inside. Two men stayed at the door to keep watch while the others made their way to the goods. They made there way silently, each gripping their laser rifles, ready for anything. Everything was going perfectly. Until all hell broke loose.

    The first thing noticed was the eerie glow coming from the doorway of the room they were suppose to hit. Malone motioned his men to stop, and then ordered Drake, his right hand man, to take a peak. Drake crept to the doorway, and then ducked his head in to see. He was quiet for a few seconds, until he suddenly replied on his radio.

    “Boss, I think you need to see this!” he exclaimed nervously.

    Malone ordered all his men to follow him to the large doorway. They all stopped at the threshold, their tongues tied and their eyes wide in awe at the site in front of them.

    Every single box in the room was floating midair. They all seemed to be surrounded by a mysterious blue energy as they floated aimlessly. In the center of the room was a man, who was also afloat. He had blue skin, which was covered with weird tattoos. He was dressed like one of the workers there; he wore a shirt, overalls and a skullcap. He seemed to be looking for something amongst the floating boxes. They watched as his hands seemed to go right through each container, as he was looking for something inside each.

    Suddenly, the strange floating figure noticed he had company. He turned towards them, a sinister grin plastered on his face as he found some new prey. His eyes were on fire with an ominous orange glow. Malone’s men backed up, realizing they were in danger. The floating man uttered one word that sent shivers up their spines as he muttered it viciously


    Outside the warehouse, screams could be heard.
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    Hmm, a very interesting fiction. I myself am a large fan of Danny Phantom, but feel, sadly, that you have misrepresented both Danny and Raven. I do not know if you know, but after "The End", Raven was not miss smiles, but rather, herself with a bit more emotion. As for Danny, he would most certainly not be working out, whatever happened to him. His parents, in both Ultimate Enemy and your fic, survived, so theoretically it should have had no result whatsoever. Unless, of course, pushing Sam and Tuck to the side plays a major part in your fiction, I would suggest a bit of editing.

    A most well written part is the warehouse scene. I have narrowed the list down to two plausible ghosts. I believe that it is either Skulker, or most probably, the box ghost. (Beware... I am the Box Ghost!) to only mention part of a catchphrase would work very well, leaving the intuitive readers going ohh, and the other fans going, "Why didn't I get that???" Very well written part, I cannot help wondering, who is the Ghost though. I look forward to reading the rest.
  7. Funkatron

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    Thanks for the comments.

    In terms of OC, I've tried to make sure it wasn't completely out of the blue: I see both characters taking that route, with the right motivation and time. In Danny's case, he's exibiting a classic emo-hero/Batman complex: pushing his loved one away while trying to get stronger to protect them all the same time.

    For Rave, heck she deserves to be somewhat happy after all that crap happening to her. I'll be showing later on that she is still the same old Raven, just a bit more open with her emotions and with a much better outlook on life. If you notice, both of them have been reversed: Danny is more dark and Raven is more positive. I hope you like the interaction of when they finally do meet (it is a crossover afterall).

    And on who is the ghost? Floating boxes. Nuff said ;P
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    Awesome fic!

    I'm a mild fan of both TT and Danny Phantom, and think your fic is great so far.

    I like how you write Raven and Danny, I can see them both walking the paths you've chosen for them.

    I'm looking forward to Chapter 3!
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    The Dragon blinked, sat bolt upright, and said "Ahh," intuition kicking in at last.

    Beware! I will empty you of your useless contents! (Box ghost, DP episode.)

    Same old Rae, eh? good job, and while she has been through a lot, I'm just glad you didn't stick her in a tutu (That's for Cyborg alone.) :D (see "bunny Raven , the miraculously regenerating tutu bit)
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    Chapter 3: Boxed in

    Here is Chapter 3, fresh off the presses. Hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know if I screw anything up :p

    Chapter 3: Boxed In


    He woke up with a start to sound of someone calling his name. Danny’s eyes slowly adjusted to the sunlight that was blaring in through his window. He looked around his room, wondering what it was that woke him up. He yawned, slowly getting out of bed as got ready for another day. He was about to begin stretching when he heard it again.

    “Danny…” the voice echoing voiced called. Danny was fully alert now, looking around his room for any possible dangers. His ghost sense wasn’t going of at all, but her felt the hair on his neck stand on end. “Why, Danny?” the voice asked. Danny finally realized whose voice it was: Jazz.

    “I hope you have a good reason to annoy me, Jazz,” he started as he opened his bedroom door, expecting Jazz to be on the other side. But no one was there. All he found was an empty hallway. He scratched the back of his head, wondering if he was imagining things. He had been on edge lately. He made his way to her bedroom door; ready to knock when he heard it again.

    “Danny!” said Jazz’s voice, sounding frantic and afraid. Not thinking twice, he phased through the door to find … nothing. Her room and her bed were empty. He looked around to make sure everything was all right. He couldn’t find any signs of a struggle or foul play. He sighed and walked out to the hallway again. He wondered where his sister was this morning. “Probably downstairs drinking coffee,” he thought to himself. The last thing he wanted was another confrontation with her. But his stomach was telling him he needed food, so he dared to venture down to the kitchen.

    “Danny! Help!” another voice exclaimed, this time his mother’s. It sounded like it was coming from downstairs. He dashed down the steps, taking two at a time. He finally made it down to the living room and headed towards the kitchen. He barged in, slightly out of breathe. He paused as his eyes went wide and he uttered one word.

    “No,” he whispered silently. His parents and his sister were standing there, frozen in stone. “NO!” he said, yelling this time. “Not again!” He slammed his fists onto the kitchen table, denting it slightly. He couldn’t look at them, the sight causing him to flinch. He just couldn’t see them in this condition. His fist hit the table again with a loud thud.

    “Danny…” Jazzes voice wailed once again. Danny looked up hopefully. What he saw made him gasp and step back. All three statues were staring at him. Their eyes were filled with sad misery. “Danny, why?” asked she wailed again. Danny took a step back again, unable to speak.

    “Why what,” he asked meekly. But he had a feeling he already knew the answer.

    “Why, Danny? Why couldn’t you protect us,” Maddie Fenton asked as her face distorted, almost in agony. Cracks began forming along her face as her lips and face moved.

    “Why?” Jack moaned. “Why couldn’t help us?”

    Danny took another step back in fear. As he did so, all 3 statues tried to reach out for him. Unfortunately, stone wasn’t made for bending. Cracks immediately formed on their bodies, first in their joints, which quickly spread. He watched in horror their bodies just broke apart piece by piece. Fingers, then limbs disintegrated until finally there was nothing but 3 piles of rubble. Danny looked down at the remains of his family and ran as fast as he could out the front door.

    He didn’t make it that far. In front of house were the statues of hundreds of people. He could make out faces of teachers, classmates, people he saw every day. Even Sam and Tucker were there, petrified in place. They all stared at him.

    “Danny! Help us!” they called out in unison, over and over like a mantra. They all tried to reach out for him, but all met with the same results: each one of them began to crumble as they tried to move.

    “No!” he called out. He failed all of them again. There was nothing he could do, nothing he could say that could help them. Tears fell from his eyes as he sank down to his knees, defeated again. He didn’t notice that the sky had suddenly turned blood red and filled with dark storm clouds. He abruptly heard someone cackling loudly. He looked up as a dark figure descended from the dark clouds in the sky. Danny stood up once again, with a look of pure fury on his face. Whoever this was, he was going to pay dearly. He closed his eyes, trying to focus on the power that would transform him from Fenton to Phantom. But there was one problem; it wasn’t there.

    He tried to transform to his alter ego, but found that he couldn’t. That familiar power that always hid inside him seemed like it wasn’t even there. He tried several more times to transform, but each time was in vain. He looked up at the figure who was a mere few feet away from him. Lightning struck through the air, illuminating the area and revealing the mystery figure. It was none other than Pariah Dark, the Ghost King.

    “You couldn’t save them, could you child?” he sneered. “All that power and you couldn’t do a thing.” Danny stepped back as the ghost moved towards him, his eyes emitting an evil red glow. Suddenly, something odd occurred. His body seemed to blur and morph for a moment. Danny blinked in surprise: instead of the Ghost King was his archenemy, Vlad Plasmius. His vampire like teeth displayed in a malevolent grin.

    “You’re weak, Daniel,” he stated. “Be a good halfa and just give up already. You know you can’t win.” He walked around Danny like he was a specimen to be examined from all sides. Danny could only stand there, afraid to move, afraid to even breathe. “You can’t stop the inevitable.”

    The figures features morphed again. The horns of hair turned into fiery white flames. The costume changed from primarily white to a somewhat familiar mix of white and black. On his chest was a symbol. Danny Phantom’s symbol. When the shifting was done, there stood one of Danny’s worst fears: his alternate future self.

    “You can’t stop it from coming. Can’t stop me from coming,” he said, taunting him. He gave a ghastly hiss, wiggling his forked tongue. He leapt at the helpless Danny, who couldn’t do a thing to stop him….


    Danny woke up with a start and a scream. He was covered with sweat and was breathing heavily. He ran his hand through his hair nervously as he tried to calm himself down. He looked at the clock next to his bed, realizing that only a half an hour had passed since he went to bed. He had come home early after an uneventful patrol. He squinted at his hands in the darkness of his room, as they shook incessantly.

    He’d been having this same dream for months. Every time they got more and more intense. He’ had tried everything to try to stop them but they only got worse. Well, not everything. He could always talk to Jazz about them. She obviously knew he had them; she had asked him about them on more than one occasion. But he couldn’t talk to her. It’d only make her worry about him. He was perfectly capable of handling this, just like any other threat in his life.

    His heart finally slowed down and his stopped shaking somewhat. He placed his hands on his lap and took a deep breath, trying to calm the rest of his nerves. Without warning, he felt moisture fall onto his hands. He reached to his own face and found a trail of tears. He was crying.

    “When did I…” he thought to himself as he felt more tears fall onto his lap. He began to wipe them off his sleeve relentlessly, but they just kept coming. He cursed himself; he had made a vow never to cry like this again. He couldn’t afford to. He had to keep it together. He couldn’t protect anyone if he was a blubbering mess.

    Could he protect them? The images from the dream still haunted his short-term memory. His body shook and convulsed as he began sobbing uncontrollably. He hugged his knees and tried to flush them out. He couldn’t be like this. He had to take control! He couldn’t – he couldn’t let them down.

    He cried himself back to sleep as he whispered the words “I’m sorry” over and over again.


    Jazz had her ear to the wall as her brother finally fell asleep again after his nightmare. She was used to it now, even though his screams still woke her up at night. He was lucky that his room was far enough that it didn’t bother their parents.

    She wised Danny wasn’t so stubborn and brick headed. She smiled softly, knowing it was a trait that both was a blessing and a curse of her family. She wished that Danny would just let someone, anyone in. What he was doing, pushing everyone away, was definitely not healthy and would eventually tear him apart, if it wasn’t doing so already.

    She sighed and tried to get some sleep herself, though she knew she probably wasn’t going to get much. Worry was rooted too deeply in her thoughts for her to sleep well. Tomorrow was going to be a “three cups of coffee” day.


    Jump City

    The Titans had gotten the call ten minutes ago from the police. A robbery was in progress in the warehouse district. Some of the Titans were both happy and slightly annoyed over their latest mission. For one, they were quite happy to break the monotony that was the lull in crime in the city. It had been a while since any of them had gotten any action and they were eager to enter into the fray. But on the other hand, they were busy with other plans.

    The T-Car roared through the streets on their way to their destination. Cyborg was driving his “baby” with Beast Boy in shotgun and the girls riding in the back. Robin was ahead in his R-Cycle as it maneuvered the road. The ride to the crime scene was a silent one, until Cyborg decided to break the silence in the car.

    “Who’s ready for some butt whupping!” he exclaimed. He was excited that they were once again back in action. He knew all of them were getting a bit rusty and was hoping to pep everyone up.

    “I am ready for the whupping of the bottoms!” Starfire happily chimed in to her comrade.

    “As long as it isn’t ‘you know who’,” said Beast Boy from the passenger’s side. The rest of the Titans gave BB dirty looks, hoping he didn’t jinx the whole thing. They all knew whom he was talking about: Slade. The mere mention of his name sent Robin in an obsessive tizzy. Cyborg made sure Robin wasn’t listening in to their conversation over the comm. The last thing they needed was their leader in overprotective mode. Raven, using the book she was reading, promptly whacked Beast Boy over the head. He rubbed his head and grinned sheepishly.

    By the time they arrived to the warehouse in question, the police was already there. Both vehicles stopped near a familiar unmarked police car. Robin stepped off his R-Cycle and hung his helmet on the handlebars. The other titans exited the T-Car, heading towards their leader. Cyborg made sure to set the alarm to his prized car before joining the others.

    Detective Dick Wolf stepped out of his car, drinking a cup of coffee. He was the leader of the city’s special crimes unit. He had coordinated with the Titans many times in the past and became friends with the teenage crime fighters, especially Robin. They greeted each other as the detective prepared to brief them on the situation.

    “One hour ago the silent alarm was tripped in warehouse B-3. More specifically, the part that contains certain items belonging to the museum,’ started the weathered detective. Robin nodded for him to continue. “The SCU arrive here 10 minutes after the alarm. Since then, something weird has been going on.”

    “Such as?” started Robin.

    “Such as a weird glow coming from the windows. And screams. We heard several of them coming from inside. Problem is we can’t tell who its from. We know there were at least three guards guarding the place. At least one is accounted for the other two are probably still inside,” explained Wolf.

    “Hostages?” asked a concerned Raven.

    “Likely, but we’re not sure. Other than the screaming, we haven’t heard a thing from them. No demands, no ransom. Not a thing,” said the exasperated police officer. “That’s why we called in you guys. Thought you guys did a good job with the hostage situation two months back. Think you can work your magic again?”

    “We’ll do our best, sir,” said the boy wonder. Suddenly they heard a howling scream coming from inside the building. Starfire grabbed Robin’s arm. A green cat was clawing at Cyborg’s head, hissing, with its fur standing on end. Cyborg, unfazed, looked up and scowled at the cat. The feline promptly jumped off his head, transforming back into Beast Boy on his way down. He grinned sheepishly, scratching the back his head. Raven eyed him with a raised eyebrow.

    They suddenly noticed movement to the side of the building. Gunfire could be heard and a window shattered. All the officers on the scene immediately ducker behind their cars and readied their weapons. The Titans did the same: Robin readied some exploding discs. Starfire’s hands began glowing with starbolt energy while Cyborg’s arm transformed into his signature sonic canon. Raven was ready with he magic and Beast Boy transformed into a wolf. They all watched intently ready for any criminals to open fire.

    Three figures suddenly bolted from the building. They all wore black clothing and one wore a black mask. They made a b-line straight to the cops, who all trained their guns at them. Their faces looked terrified. They almost looked relieved to see the police there.

    “Please!” one of them exclaimed. “Take us! We give up! Get us away from here!” His face was ashen and his eyes were bloodshot. Robin took this opportunity to grab him by the collar and glared straight into his eyes.

    “Where are the guards?” Robin asked menacingly. The thief stared back wild-eyed and full of fear

    “G-Ghost!” He exclaimed, pointing towards the building. “Please, don’t take me back there! The ghost – oh, god, it killed Rico…”

    One of the other men began throwing up on the pavement. Robin looked away in disgust. Knowing they weren’t going to get much more from the hysterical men, he handed them over to the police and regrouped with his teammates, with a grim look on his face.

    “What the heck spooked them?” asked a somber Cyborg. He wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to know the answer.

    “Whatever it is, we have to go in and stop it,” answered their determined leader. Robin turned towards Wolf. “Get your men ready for anything. This may get ugly.” With that, he motioned the other titans to following to the entrance the would-be thieves had come out of.

    Inside the warehouse was quiet. Too quiet. Each Titan didn’t dare utter a word, for fear of being caught by whomever or whatever was terrorizing the place. They needed the element of surprise in order to bring it down. BB was once again an alley cat, using his big eyes to see in the dark. Cyborg was using infrared mode in his artificial eye to find any heat signatures. He then spotted a number of them in a corner.

    “Hey, Rob. I think I found something,” he radioed in. He slowly moved towards the heat mass till he was able to see four men huddled together in the corner. They all had the same petrified look as the men outside. Cyborg was surprised to see that 2 of them were the missing guards, who were just as terrified. The others converged on Cyborg’s location. One of the men just stared and pointed at a nearby box. BB turned around and then jumped back at the sight: two pairs legs were protruding out from under a rather large crate.

    “I think I found Rico,” said a slightly woozy Beast Boy as he resisted the urge to gag. The other Titans looked away as well, their stomachs fairing no better. Even Raven, who normally was neutral faced on the job was showing signs of being disturbed.

    “Raven, teleport these men out of here,” ordered Robin. “The rest of us will find this sicko. Ghost or no ghost, he’s going down.” Robin smacked a fist in his other hand as emphasis. All the titans nodded, while Raven engulfed the men and herself in her dark aura. She and the scared men disappeared from site and the rest of the team ventured further.

    Cyborg suddenly noticed something on his heat scope. “Rob, the room temp is dropping pretty quickly,” he warned Robin.

    “I have noticed the chilliness myself,” responded Starfire as she shivered slightly. She moved closer to her boyfriend, partly do to the temperature, but also to make sure he was still by her side.

    “You don’t think they left their fridge open, did they?” asked Beast Boy jokingly. The others didn’t respond. They knew he was just trying to lighten the mood, but now wasn’t the time.

    The closer they moved towards the center, the chillier it got. They then began to notice the glow. An odd blue-skinned man was floating high up, surrounded by boxes. The boxes seemed to empty themselves of their goods as the man inspected them. The most distinguishing thing about him was the tattoos that littered his body, as they gave an orange aura that offset his blue skin. He then noticed he had more guests and turned his attention towards them.

    “Who dares once again to interrupt my search,” he said in a menacingly, not so goofy way.

    “Who are you?” Robin asked defiantly. “And what do you want?”

    “Foolish mortal! You dare question the Box Ghost!” he exclaimed. “I only answer to my master and my master alone! Anyone who stands in the way of my master must perish!” With each word his eyes glowed brighter and brighter. Suddenly every single box and crate began floating high into the air.

    “Uh… this can’t be good,” said BB, stating the obvious.

    “Titans, GO!” Robin yelled. At the sound of their team battle cry, the other leapt into action; and out of the way of a number of boxes as they crashed down onto where they stood just moments before. Starfire took to the sky, dodging boxes left and right. Robin and Beast Boy jumped from crate to moving crate, hoping to get close enough to the self-proclaimed poltergeist. Beast Boy continuously transformed into small agile creatures, hoping his size and agility would prevent him from being squashed. Cyborg was still on the ground, blasting at the crazed Box Ghost with his sonic cannon and at the same time, dodging the rainfall of square containers. Unfortunately, boxes that seemed to move in at just the right time blocked each one of his attacks.

    Robin finally was able to maneuver close enough to the ghost to attack. He launched a volley of discs, birdarangs and boas at the blue man. Starfire, who also was able to dodge her way close enough, joined in the attack. She fired a number of her starbolts at her foe and finished off with a beam attack from her eyes. They watched as every single one of their attacks …

    …Seemed to go right through him harmlessly. Distracted by their failure, they didn’t notice a box that knocked Starfire out of the sky. Cyborg managed to catch her below. Robin was still mid air, his momentum carrying him towards the enemy. He extended his bo staff and swung at him with all the energy he could muster. Unfortunately, his staff also went right through and another box knocked him away from the grinning ghost.

    Beast Boy, as a squirrel, finally reached behind the ghoul. He jumped and as he did so, morphed into a gorilla mid-air. He hoped to catch the ghost in a surprise tackle. But instead of catching him, he hit face first into a rather large shipping crate, which promptly fell along with the changeling to the ground. He reverted back into human form, slightly dazed.

    Meanwhile, both Cyborg and Starfire were trying desperately not to become flat as a pancake as they held up a growing pile of boxes. One after another a box was added on to the stack as they struggled not to get squished. Both their immense strengths were holding for now, but that was soon about to change. Beast Boy ran to his friend’s aid, transforming into an elephant and knocking away boxes off of the pile with his trunk. He then was pelted with containers big and small as he tried to stand his ground. Robin was making good work of his agility, dodging the rain of boxes as he tried to make it closer to his team. They had to regroup and find a way to stop this guy.

    Suddenly, all the boxes just stopped all motion. A black aura seemed to cover them all and stopped them in their tracks. Raven suddenly appeared, eyes black as night with magic. She chanted her signature magic words.

    “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” she cried. Two black claws of magic sprang to life and they raced towards he surprised poltergeist. They grabbed his from the air and pinned him to a nearby wall. As the other Titans breathed a sigh of relief at their friend’s arrival, Raven flew towards their enemy. The ghost seemed unable to escape from her grasp. She was about to ask him a question when he said one word that seemed to freeze her in fear.


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    Well, that was a very interesting chapter, I must admit. Box Ghost being tough, and killing a guy? Box Ghost is usually pretty mild, and easy for Danny to take down. and, seeing as old 4 eyes is back, that explains the tatoos, because the last time I checked, (today) box ghost didn't have them. Though, the fight scene was inadverdently humorous. Danny would have beaten BG (pardon the nickname) easily. Danny's nightmares remind me of Rae's visions, foretelling 4 eye's return. Also, BB kind of did curse it. It may not have been Slade, but BG is working for the exact same person that he did for a while. I could definitly see Rae taking down the box ghost as easily as scaring Doctor Light, as her powers are most similar to Danny's. All in all, very well written, yet in some areas, a skilled reader can very quickly spot the foreshadow. a few words wold make all the difference, telling you exactly what's going to happen. Judging from Box ghost in Jump, I'm guessing that Slade, assuming that, if your set timeline follows correctly, is set right after "Things Change", He is the only villian capable of giving Danny a real fight. If Slade is working for four eyes again, then he most certainly has some special powers, and he would most certainly adjust his tactic to fight Danny. Forgive me for the thoroug analysis, it is simply my way. oh, and by the way, after you finish this tale off, I would recommend a TT/Pokemon crossover. That is a story with a lot of potential, and the chance for many laughs(Team Rocket chasing BB, thinking he's a Pokemon) I believe that you could easily pull it off, as you have a knack for making even the most outlandish story believable. All in all, good luck on the rest, I will be interested to see where this story goes.
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    Chapter 4: The Call

    Author’s Notes: Another chapter for my fans :D. These are becoming easier and easier to write, so hope I’ll be updating a lot more frequently, depending on time, work and school. This one is a shorter chapter showing the aftermath of Boxey’s (yes that was the Box Ghost) rampage. I think it might be rushed a bit, so let me know what you think.

    Chapter 4: The Call

    “Skath…” the ghost wailed. Raven floated there, her body paralyzed with fear. Did she hear correctly? The ghost looked her straight in the eye, as if he recognized something. He suddenly sported a large, evil grin as the answer popped into his head.

    “You are the lost gem,” he stated. Raven’s eyes went wide as the words from the old prophecy echoed in her head again. She backed off as her emotions flared inside of her. She lost her otherwise cool composure as her powers flickered. The boxes, which she had taken control of just moments before, lost their black aura as they tumbled to the ground below. The other Titans ran for cover as it was once again raining large objects. The ghost, using this opportunity, escaped from the grasp of her magic as it wavered. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, the ghost makes a hasty retreat, but not without giving a final “Beware!”

    The others ran towards Raven as she descended slowly towards the ground. She began to hug her shoulders. Her teammates called out her name as she landed on her knees and began to shiver.


    Ten minutes later, the Special Crime Unit was busy inspecting the mess caused by the battle. Many of the criminals involved were either hospitalized or incarcerated. The bodies found were taken by the CSI unit for autopsy, though it was pretty clear what killed them.

    Outside, the Titans were still coping with the situation. Raven was sitting on the sidewalk, drinking a cup of water to calm her nerves. Starfire was sitting right next to her, with her arm around the empath for comfort. Beast Boy was being looked at by ambulance workers for a head injury while Cyborg was coordinating with some officers. Robin watched the two girls from a distance, not sure on what to do. He had been close enough to hear what the ghost said to Raven and frankly he was worried about her. He knew she wasn’t quite ready to talk yet about it.

    “Hell, looked like you detonated a nuke in there,” said an exasperated Detective Wolf. He walked toward the boy wonder while lighting a cigarette. “Please tell me you at least know who did it.”

    “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” replied Robin, not sure if he believed it himself.

    “Try me,” Wolf dared.

    “It was ghost,” answered Robin in the straightest face he could muster. The detective just stared at him, not sure if he was joking or telling the truth. His cigarette fell out of his mouth.

    “You’re joking, right? Please tell me you’re joking,” he practically appealed. Robin shook his head. “Damnit, Rob, at least give me something to put in the report! Bad enough half the criminals in the city can level a city block without moving a finger. I can’t start putting crud about ghosts!”

    “We saw what we saw,” Robin replied. “We do have a few leads to look into. Speaking of which, is the museum curator here yet?”

    “Just came in 2 minutes ago,” Wolf stated, lighting another cigarette. “He’s over there. Name’s Prof. Marcus. Just don’t go into interrogation mode, alright?” And with that, the officer headed back towards the crime scene, puffing away.

    Robin walked up to the middle aged man the detective alluded to. He seemed to be surveying the scene of any damage. He noticed the titan walk towards him and turned to greet him.

    “Professor Marcus?” Robin asked. The man nodded.

    “Professor Julian Marcus, at your service,” he stated in a rather thick British accent. “Pleased to make your acquaintance,” he said while holding out his hand. Robin shook hands with him.

    “I’m going to have to ask a few questions about the contents of the crates,” Robin stated. “The ‘perp’ in question was looking for something and we’d like to have an idea what it is.”

    “Of course! As a matter of fact, we were going to notify you in the next couple of days on the matter,” the Professor said. Robin looked at him quizzically. “It’s artifacts and books we found excavating the old library.” Robin’s eyes went wide. He didn’t mean that library, did he?

    “I thought the city warded that off indefinitely?” Robin asked. Raven was definitely not going to like this news.

    “The city lifted the ban two weeks ago. We were going to ask for your consultation, of course. We know many of the items are probably magical in nature,” the curator explained. Years of living in this city had taught the professor never discount things such as magic. Robin only nodded.

    “We’re going to need an inventory as soon as possible,” Robin stated matter of factly.

    “Of course! We’ll let you know if anything’s lost,” assured Prof. Marcus. Thanking him, Robin walked towards his team. He had a feeling things were going to get worse and very soon.


    “Are you feeling better, friend Raven?” asked a very worried Starfire. Starfire’s heart always seemed to grow 3 sizes whenever her friends’ wellbeing was involved. Raven nodded, still sipping the cup of water she held.

    “A little, yes,” the empath replied. She never liked her friends to see her in such a weak state. She was, however, grateful for Star’s comforting embrace. She looked up and noticed Robin was returning. She could feel the overwhelming concern coming from him wash over her. As if on cue, Cyborg and Beast Boy joined the others as well. They all looked at her, the unasked question floating in the air. She sighed.

    “I’m fine. Just a little shaken up,” she said in her usual monotone voice. She didn’t want them worrying about her, especially in this situation. She looked over to their leader, hoping to change the subject. “Spit it out already, Robin. I know you found something.” Robin fidgeted a bit.

    “It’s about what was in the warehouse,” he started. The others looked at him expectantly. He paused, preparing himself to the grave news. “It was artifacts and books they dug up from the old library.” Everyone’s faces dropped two shades of color as they took in the news. Even Raven, who was pale enough as it is, was almost a deathly white.

    They all had reason to be in grim spirits. The library in question was built over a complex belonging to the Order of Skath, a cult who worshiped and followed Trigon, Raven’s father. It was there last year where the Titans had heard of the prophecy involving Raven, the gem of Skath. It was also there that Raven was used as the portal to bring the demon to Earth. The City had labeled it off limits after Trigon was defeated.

    “He knew,” Raven said meekly. The others stayed silent, waiting for her to continue. “He knew I was the gem. He knew by just looking at me.”

    “Doesn’t mean a thing, Rae,” Cyborg replied, trying to ease her mind.

    “It’s not only that. Those tattoos on his arm were Ararian,” Raven explained.

    “But why would a ghost be interested in Trigon?” asked Beast Boy curiously.

    “He was working for someone,” Robin explained. “He said he had a master. Who ever is this master, has ties with Trigon.”

    “Or is Trigon,” Raven stated.

    “But friend Raven, you were the one who defeated the evil Trigon,” asked a concern Starfire. “Surely, he is gone for good, is he not?”

    “I’m not sure,” Raven replied looking down. “I’m sure I destroyed him. But what if he’s able to come back?” Doubt was clouding her mind. She felt the cruel hands of fate and destiny once again weighing her down.

    “Don’t worry, Rae,” Beast Boy said enthusiastically. “Whoever it is, we can handle it.”

    “Wow,’ replied Cyborg. “The grass stain is right for a change.” BB stared at him indignantly.

    Raven couldn’t help but smile ever so slightly at her friend’s antics. She knew they were trying to help her feel better and she was probably happier it was working more then they were. She was glad that her friends cared about her this much, despite all the baggage she came with. Robin gave a reassuring nod then addressed the group.

    “Alright, lets head back to the tower. The professor from the museum is going to contact us with an inventory on the artifacts. Whatever the ghost wanted, we can’t let them have it.” All the Titans nodded and started to head towards their vehicles. Cyborg fell behind the rest along side Robin.

    “So, what’s the real plan?” Cyborg asked. He knew the boy wonder long enough to know how he operated. Robin looked up to his tall second in command.

    “I need you to do a favor for me, Cy,” the boy detective started. “I need you to do some research. Anything you can find about ghosts.”

    “Think we’re gonna run into them again?” Cyborg queried.

    “The more we know the better. Their weaknesses, how to fight them, the works. We couldn’t do a thing against one. Only Raven’s powers seemed to affect it,” Robin explained. “We can’t put that on Raven’s shoulders if more show up.” Cyborg nodded as they caught up to the others.


    The ride back home was a quiet one. Raven was clearly tired; her eyes were closed the entire trip back. The other titans were silent, not wanting to disturb her. Once they got home she disappeared into her room. The others met together to discuss their plans.

    “Maybe we should postpone the partying for Raven’s day of birth,” said Starfire sadly. “She seems not to be in the mood for celebration.” The others surveyed all the hard work they had done to the living room: streamers and balloons decorated the room while a big “Happy Birthday” sign was hanging in front of the main window.

    “Yeah, Star is right. She seemed pretty bummed out, to say the least,” Cyborg agreed.

    “That’s why we should have the party,” Beast Boy piped in. “She needs some cheering up!”

    “But won’t she just get mad like she did last year?” countered Cyborg.

    Robin had stayed silent throughout the exchange. He knew Trigon was still a sensitive subject for Raven and didn’t want to push her into anything. But at the same time, he saw Beast Boy’s argument.

    “Can’t I have a say in this?” asked someone from the entrance. All the titans turned to see Raven. Beast Boy ineffectively tried to hide the cake on the table, forgetting the fact the entire room was decorated.

    “Rae! Why are you up so late?” he asked, trying to distract her. It clearly wasn’t working.

    “I knew you guys were gong to try something this year,” she said matter of factly, ignoring the green changelings attempts of hiding the obvious.

    “And you are not mad?” asked a perplexed Starfire.

    “Just because tonight has been less then stellar doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate,” Raven replied. “I think I need to be with my friends tonight.”

    “Glorious! I shall fetch the meat hat of celebration!” exclaimed the orange alien. The others made faces.

    “You did remember the ice cream, didn’t you?” Raven asked Beast Boy. He grinned widely.

    “Coming right up!” he said, running to the fridge. Raven smiled, the prospect of being with her friends on her birthday comforting her as thoughts of her uncertain future buzzed under the surface of her mind.


    Danny woke up groggily the next morning. After his ‘dreams’, he always had a hard time staying asleep and last night wasn’t any different. He rubbed the crust out of his eyes and yawned. Turning his head invisible and intangible, he phased it through the floor into the kitchen. He could see his mother preparing breakfast and his sister at the kitchen table. He heard an explosion coming from the lab, indicating his father was working on some new invention. He breathed a sigh of relief, glad that everything was normal – or as normal as it normally was. He did his morning stretches and went to the bathroom for a quick shower.

    After his shower, he felt a bit more refreshed. He headed down the stairs to the kitchen. He sat down in a chair with a grunt. His sister looked up from her psychology book with a concerned look. Danny felt uncomfortable and averted his eyes. His mother placed a bowl and a box of cereal in front of him and smiled warily.

    “Morning, sweetie,” she said, worry creeping up in her voice. “Sorry we missed you last night. Your father and I had an emergency call last night.” The shoe was on the other foot as Danny felt worry well up.

    “Everything turn out ok?” he asked, trying to hide his concern. Maddie smiled.

    “It was just a false alarm. There hasn’t been a real ghost sighting in quite a while,’ she answered. “We are still trying to figure out why and where all the ghosts have gone off to.”

    Danny was wondering the same thing. He hadn’t seen any ghosts in weeks. Even the Box ghost, who seemed to be there whether you wanted or not, was noticeably absent. Danny could feel deep down that something was going to happen. Something big. He knew that this was just the calm before the storm. He had to be prepared for anything.

    “How was your last day at school?” Maddie asked. The question seemed to catch Danny off guard. He paused for a moment before replying.

    “It was ok. Nothing big really happened,” he answered. Jazz looked up from her book again with a look that said she knew better. She shook her head in disappointment before raising her book again.

    “That’s nice. How are Sam and Tucker? I haven’t seen them around the house in ages,” asked Maddie.

    “I’m not sure. Haven’t seen them in a while,” Danny answered coolly. Jazz coughed, and then sipped her coffee. Maddie looked at her son with a wary face.

    “Danny, did you have a fight with them?” she asked.

    “Mom, everything is fine,” he said. “I’ve been busy, they’ve been busy. We’ve just lost touch is all.” Jazz was surprised just how easily Danny had lied to their mother. He finished his breakfast, and then headed back upstairs.

    Maddie was now sure something was wrong with Danny. He had lied to her. He’d been lying to her for months, though recently had been more and more blatant. It was like he was a totally different person. He was so…distant.

    She was worried that he wasn’t hanging around with Tucker or Sam anymore. The three were inseparable for years. They always hung out and they always seemed to be there for Danny. She wondered what had happened between them to cause such a drift amongst the trio. What had caused them to separate?

    When Danny had asked her for training months ago, she was ecstatic. She was glad that Danny was finally interested in something she did. She hoped that they would become closer and she would finally be able to understand her son. They had drifted apart over the years and she saw this as an opportunity to renew the mother/son relationship.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth, however. Danny never really opened up during their sessions. He never even seemed to really enjoy them. He trained constantly like a man possessed. Though he learned the moves and the stances of karate (at a rate she’d never seen anyone advance at) Danny never seemed to grasp the philosophy of it: that of balance. As a matter of fact, it seemed to her that he became more unbalanced as he trained. It was like he had lost his way and the more he fought, the farther he got.

    Maddie glanced at her eldest child and saw the same worried look that she wore. She wondered if Jazz knew why Danny was acting so strange. Jazz was always known for being perceptive. Maybe she knew how to get through to Danny. Before she could speak up, however, the phone rang. Jazz got up to answer it, while Maddie decided to ask her later.

    “Hello, thank you for calling Fenton Works, where we provide all services involving removing, exorcising and otherwise ripping apart of ghost, ghouls, apparitions, poltergeists, spooks and other ethereal spirits!” said Jazz, reciting the greeting Maddie had them all memorize. “How can we help you?”

    “Hi! I was wondering if you can help me and my friends with a ghost problem,” said the voice on the phone. Jazz noticed it was a young man who was speaking.

    “Sure! We’ll be glad to help,’ Jazz replied. ‘What seems to be the trouble?”

    “Well, we ran into what we think was a ghost last night. We think it might be haunting our friend,” replied the young man. “We scared it off but we think it might come back.”

    “Was it floating? Pale grey, blue or green skin? Translucent? Any otherworldly abilities?” Jazz asked, questioning the man on what he saw.

    “Yes, blue skin, sort of, and does causing things to fly around count?” he asked. Jazz wrote down the answers on the pad next to the phone. “We’re hoping to hire you for some consulting work.”

    “Alright, where did you see this ghost?” probed Jazz.

    “Yeah, about that. Do you do long distance work?” he asked. “I think we’re considered out of town.”

    “How far away?” asked Jazz, her interest piqued.

    “Jump City too far?” he asked hopefully. Jazz could have sworn she heard of that city before. She was surprised someone from out of town would even consider calling them.

    “I’m not sure,” she answered truthfully. “I’m just the secretary. I’d have to see if Mr. and Mrs. Fenton are willing. You name?”

    “The name is Cyborg,” he replied, “of the Teen Titans. Maybe you’ve heard of us?”

    Jazz just stood there, not quite sure she heard correctly. She remembered where she heard of Jump City, home of the teen crime fighters, the Teen Titans. She slowly lowered the receiver.

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    One word describes that chappie: Awesome!

    They're gonna team up soon, how cool!

    Keep it up!:D
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    Thanls a bunch, Mandi-chan
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    Chapter 5: Travel Plans

    Author’s Notes: Another Chapter off the presses. Thanks to everyone who posted reviews on my last chapter. Glad to see my story actually has fans. You like me! You really, really like me!

    So what do have for you today? Lots of humor, shenanigans and some more emo-ness :p And the 2 worlds finally meet. Sort of.

    Haunted Destiny Chapter 5: Travel Plans

    It was barely morning the next day. Inside one of the many rooms of the tower the day was starting for one of the Titans. This room was quite different from the others, however. It looked more like a workshop than a bedroom. Various machines and computers littered the tables, many of them current projects. A rack of computer servers linked to the systems of the tower hummed quietly, lights blinking every so often to show activity. In the center of the room was a simple lift table. Sleeping on it was the titan’s semi-robotic member, Cyborg.

    He was attached to the terminal next to the table. The terminal served as his charging station, as well as a filtrator for his fluids, both organic and artificial. On screen was the current time of 6:59AM. Underneath was a number indicating the results of the search he initiated last night. He had sent search bots across the net in search of anything involving ghosts, as per Robin’s request. He found it easier to do it this way rather than to do it himself, like he knew their leader liked to do.

    The time on the screen changed to 7:00am, launching various activities in the process. The table automatically pivoted till it was standing upright. Cyborg’s mechanical eye, which had been dormant, lit up as various systems in his body booted up. His natural eye fluttered open and he uttered a very loud yawn. He stepped off the table as cables that were attached to him disconnected from his body. He checked his battery levels to find he was at 100%: he’d have to thank his friend Fixit for the new fast charging cells.

    Even with his batteries charged, his human side still needed a few hours of shut-eye. He and the others titans had spent the early morning hours partying, reminiscing and otherwise having fun celebrating Raven’s birthday. The party had turned out better than he expected despite all the bad news from earlier in the night. Though he loved a good party, he was one of the first ones to turn in. He knew he’d have a lot of data to sort through this morning, hence why he was awake so early in the morning.

    He turned to the terminal, which still read the amount of search results the search bots had discovered. He groaned slightly: he didn’t think there’d be that much information on ghosts on the net. He linked wirelessly to the terminal and started to peruse through the info at a fast pace. Though he preferred to read the old fashion way, beaming the info to his processing unit was the quickest way to sort through it all. He noticed obvious patterns, especially in recent studies and surprisingly in news articles. Various names kept being repeated throughout the search results. He indexed them, marking them as important. Those would definitely be shown to Robin.

    He then plowed his way through various theories on the existence of ghosts, why they exist, what they were made of, etc. He once again found some of the same names, more specifically the name Fenton. While doing this, he heard his stomach, one of the few organs he had that were still real, growling, ready to be filled. He headed out towards the hallway, with the intent of making a large, hearty breakfast. His door swooshed open as he almost collided with Raven. She gave him a curious look.

    “Morning, Rae,” he said, slightly nervous, but keeping a straight face. “Why are you up so early?” He knew it was a stupid question; Raven was almost always the first one up every morning. She didn’t need much sleep due to meditation.

    “I could ask you the same question,” she said in her signature monotone voice. She raised her eyebrow and gave him her famous ‘I know you’re up to something’ look. Cyborg suddenly became very nervous; Robin gave instructions not to let Raven know about the research. He quickly tried to think of an excuse to give to her.

    “Gotta start early for…waxing the T-Car!” he stated a bit too enthusiastically. Raven’s eyebrow rose a little bit higher. This time she had an ‘I don’t believe you for a second, but I’ll humor you anyway’ look. Cyborg grinned sheepishly as he tried to head for the kitchen. Raven was close behind, deciding to continue the torture.

    “So, what did you find out?” she asked, with a slight smirk on her face. Cyborg stopped and turned around, not able to hide his shock.

    “Wh-what do you mean, Rae?” he replied back, not to sure he wanted to know where this was going.

    “Whatever research Robin had you do,” she relied smugly.

    “Re-research? Have no idea what you’re talking about, ” he said, trying to save himself from the train wreck. He was failing miserably.

    “Cy, you do know you’re not fooling anyone, don’t you?” she replied. “I knew Robin would want to find out more about our enemy. And since he promised Star he wouldn’t lock himself in room doing research again, I figured he’d pass it along to you.” Cyborg cursed himself mentally. Raven was way too perceptive, second only to the boy wonder himself. He nodded in defeat, knowing it was useless to argue. So much for keeping it a secret.

    Claiming victory, Raven headed towards the kitchen to get her morning herbal tea, with Cyborg close behind, a cloud of shame hanging over his head. On their way, they passed the room of Starfire. The door opened as they passed, but instead of the orange-skinned alien girl, the found none other than Robin, trying and failing to sneak out of Star’s room without being detected.

    There was a long moment of silence as they all stood there starring at each other. Finding his wits, Cyborg took several shots with his electronic eye, saving the incriminating images for blackmailing later. Raven’s eyebrow shot up to its peak. The boy wonder began blushing profusely.

    “This isn’t what it looks like,” he said in a remarkable straight face. His hair was disheveled, his uniform ruffled and he was missing a boot. The looked their leader up and down before Raven replied.

    “What is it supposed to look like?” she asked. A smug smirk was once again creeping up on her face. Cyborg was fighting to keep his composure as a fit of laughter threatened to erupt from his lips. Suddenly, Robin was tackled from behind by Starfire. Her arms wrapped around him as a seductive grin spread across her face.

    “Robin, it is still much too early,” she cooed, something Cyborg didn’t even realize the normally naïve alien girl could pull off. “Please, comeback inside so we may…” she stopped mid sentence when she realized they weren’t alone. She spotted Raven and Cyborg in the hallway. She gave a rather loud “eek!” and hid behind Robin’s cape. She was a bit less dressed than normal. Robin was now doing a good impression of a lobster, as his face was now four shades more crimson than before.

    “Friend Raven and Cyborg! What a glorious surprise,” she said, trying to act innocently. “What brings you here this morning?”

    Cyborg couldn’t take it anymore. He burst into laughter at the compromising scene. Raven faired better, but still sported a devilish grin, which she tried to hide under her hood. Starfire face was a matching shade of red as Robin as she ran back into her room, dragging Robin by his cape. It took Cyborg several minutes to regain his composure.

    “That was awkward,” Raven stated, putting it mildly. She continued her trek to the kitchen, while Cyborg followed, wiping a tear from his eye. He definitely had to tell Beast Boy about this.

    They finally made it to the kitchen. Raven filled her kettle with water while Cy prepped the oven for eggs and bacon. The decorations were still hanging around the living room from the night before. As he began cooking, he continued to sort through data at a breakneck speed. He so caught up in doing two things at once that he didn’t notice his foot hitting something soft on the ground. This was followed by a yelp and a growl as a green dog was so rudely interrupted from his slumber. He eyed Cyborg for a moment before transforming into Beast Boy. Cyborg chuckled, noticing that Beast Boy didn’t quite make it back to his room last night.

    “Trying to sleep here,” he said groggily. His eyes went wide when he saw what his teammate was cooking. “Bacon?! You know I can’t eat this stuff! I’ve been a pig!”

    “Better than that tofu crap you eat,” replied the mechanized teen. His eyes glinted with mischief. “You’re lucky I’m not eating green eggs and ham.” Beast Boy blanched slightly. Raven rolled her eyes. This happened every time they ate. It had become tradition in the tower for the two to bicker about whether meat was on the menu.

    Raven turned her head as the doors swooshed open. Robin came in, his uniform in proper order and spiky hair back in place. He tried looking authoritative, but under the knowing gaze of Raven and amusing leering of Cyborg, he was failing miserably at it. Starfire came in seconds later, also in full uniform. She was wearing a nervous smile as she entered.

    “Heard you had a rough night, lover boy,” Cyborg joked. BB’s ears perked up, curiosity getting the better of him.

    “Nothing happened,” Robin replied coolly. Starfire’s face fell somewhat.

    “Last night was ‘nothing’?” she asked in hurt tone. Robin paled, realizing his bad choice of words.

    “No, I didn’t mean it like that Star!” he exclaimed, trying to stop the bad situation from becoming worse.

    “I don’t know. Looked like something happened,” Raven muttered quietly. Cyborg chuckled.

    “If last night meant nothing to you then maybe we should not be doing the dating,” Starfire said with an indignant huff.

    “Star, that’s not what I meant! They think we…” he said, continuing the explanation with a whisper in her ear. Starfire immediately began to blush.

    “Oh no, dear friends! We are not of age to do such things!” she exclaimed. Robin sighed in relief. “We only kissed. And did the cuddling,” she continued. Robin’s face turned red on the descriptions of last night. “And I asked Robin to do the thing with his mouth.”

    Everyone’s face turned beet red, his or her minds imagining what the ‘thing with the mouth’ meant. Raven coughed uncomfortably while Cyborg stood in shock and Beast Boy fainted.

    “What is wrong, friends?” Starfire asked innocently. “Is the nibbling of the ear considered taboo on Earth?” Everyone breathed a sigh of relief; everyone except Robin. He definitely didn’t want their romantic activities to be known by the rest of the team. He knew Cyborg and Beast boy wouldn’t let him live it down.

    Raven cleared her throat, catching the attention of everyone.

    “If you’re all done, I think Cyborg has some research he’d like to share,” she said. Robin looked at Cyborg questioningly as he merely shrugged.

    “Don’t look at me! She figured it out on her own,” Cyborg said, pleading his innocence. The talk of research caught Starfire’s interest as she once again focused on Robin.

    “What is this research Raven is speaking of, Robin?” she asked. Robin laughed nervously. “Did you not promise you would not be the brooding and obsessive?” Robin paled, realizing his troubles were far from over.


    After the lovers’ spat and breakfast, everyone gathered on the couch in from of the main screen in the living room. Cyborg was going to brief them on the information he’d found. He hooked himself up wirelessly to the screen.

    “All right, everybody, settle down,” said to the group as he prepped himself for the presentation.

    “Tell us, fiend Cyborg! What did you find about our foe?’ inquired Starfire. Raven herself was interested in what he found. Though she was versed in magic and many things paranormal, she didn’t know much about ghosts. She planned on doing some research of her own in her own collection of books and at her favorite bookstore.

    “Well, I did a lot of searching through the web, various news archives and even some web forums,” he started, now all business. “And in most of my results, a number of names kept showing up. The most prominent one was this.” The screen changed, showing a map of the USA. A target reticle appeared and pointed to somewhere in the state of Oregon. The screen magnified a few times until it reached the city level. The reticle pointed out a small town, labeled as Amity Park.

    “The name sounds familiar. Has anything happened there recently?” their leader asked.

    “Try every other week. This town is like the capital of ghosts,” replied Cyborg. “There seems to be a constant stream of ghost activity. Some speculate it’s the most active point of ectoplasmic activity in the country. Sightings, hauntings, you name it. There have even been at least two ghost invasions.”

    “Obviously the town is still there. How did they fight off the ghosts?” asked Robin, taking all the information in.

    “The first invasion was supposedly fought off by these two,” Cyborg replied as the screen changed to show a man and a woman. The man was rather large with graying hair. He wore an orange and black hazmat suit. The woman wore a matching jumpsuit, in blue instead of orange, and had reddish-brown hair. “Jack and Maddie Fenton: the local ghost hunters of the town. The ghosts seemed to cause mayhem and even kidnapped the mayor. Also supposedly, the leader of the ghost was this guy.” The screen changed again to show a young man in mid-flight. He wore a black hazmat suit with white gloves, boots, belt and collar. His hair was snowy white and his eyes in the shot shone a bright neon green.

    “Wait, I’ve seen that face before!” exclaimed Beast Boy. “On the news. Inviso-Bill or something like that.”

    “Right and wrong, BB,” remarked Cyborg. “He went by that name for a while until the second major ghost attack. He now goes by Danny Phantom.”

    “Is this Phantom person an enemy?” asked Starfire.

    “That’s the weird part. During the second attack he actually helped save the town. Fought against some ghost claiming to be the king of all ghosts. Town literally disappeared from off the map for a few days,” explained Cyborg. On screen showed waves of ghost skeletons walking the streets. In a separate window showed a crater where the town once stood, then another one time stamped on a later date showed the town returned to its original state.

    “Why help the town if he attacked it earlier?” Raven wondered out loud. She found his behavior very perplexing.

    “Not sure. But ever since then, Phantom has been spotted at almost every major ghost attack fighting against other ghosts. He’s actually pretty popular there. Fan club and everything.” Cyborg showed a “WE LOVE PHANTOM” fan site onscreen, with various pictures of the ghost onscreen. There was also a picture of a Hispanic girl on the bottom of the screen who was labeled as being the President of the club.

    “Maybe we can get some help from this Phantom guy?” asked Beast Boy. Robin shook his head.

    “He seems like a wildcard. We don’t know if he’d even want to help, let alone know how to even contact him,” the boy wonder explained. “What about those ghost hunters. The Fentons.”

    “They seem to know their stuff, I think. They definitely have more experience than we do on the subject,” Cyborg answered. “They do seem have to a few interesting theories on ghosts and ghost hunting. Plus they are the closest ghost hunters on the west coast.” Robin nodded.

    “Give them a call. See if they can do some consulting work for us. I’ll talk to the city to see if they can provide compensation for anyone that we hire,” Robin ordered. He then looked over at Raven. “Don’t worry, Raven. We’ll find a way to fight back.” Raven nodded, appreciating the sentiment. The last thing she wanted were other people invading their privacy but if it was the only way to protect themselves, it was a risk she was willing to take. She watched as Cyborg dialed the number on his communicator.


    “MOOOOM!” Jazz called as loud as she could. Cyborg winced at the volume level of the scream. Maddie Fenton raced to her daughter as she looked questioningly at her.

    “What is it, sweetie?” she asked in a confused tone. Jazz shoved the phone in her hand, shock written all over her face.

    “It’s f-for you! He says he’s a T-titan,” she barely mumbled. Confused, Maddie took the phone and placed the receiver on her ear.

    “Is anyone there?” the young man on the line asked.

    “This is Maddie Fenton. May I ask who this is?” Maddie asked. She heard a soft chuckle on the line.

    “You may want to sit down before I tell you. Sounds like I shook up your ‘secretary’ a bit,” he replied. Maddie decided to take his advice and sat down at the kitchen table. “My name is Cyborg and I’m a member of the Teen Titans here in Jump City. We’re calling to see if you can help us with a ghost problem.” Maddie blinked a few times.

    “The Teen Titans?” she asked in disbelief. She looked at the caller ID and it did indeed show a ‘City of Jump City’ phone number.

    “Yes, ma’am, those Teen Titans,” Cyborg replied. “Glad to hear you are taking this better…”

    “JACK!” Maddie hollered, forgetting to cover the microphone of the phone. Cyborg found himself once again covering his ears. Jack Fenton bound up the stairs from the lab in a huff.

    “What is it, Mads? You’ve seen a ghost?” asked the paranoid father.

    “No, Jack. We’re getting a job offer from Jump City! From the Teen Titans!” Maddie exclaimed excitedly. Jack’s face was blank, the news not quite registering. “You know, Jack. The superheroes!” His face lit up and a goofy grin was plastered on his face.

    “Really?” he asked. His wife nodded. The grin grew wider. “Hot dang! Say yes, say yes, say yes!” he exclaimed like a schoolboy with a new toy. Maddie, realizing the phone was still in her hand, placed the phone back on her ear.

    “Sorry, about that, Mr. Cyborg,” she apologized over the phone.

    “No problem. People get excited over us all the time,” Cyborg replied. “And its just Cyborg.” Maddie apologized yet again, and then went straight to the business at hand.

    “What kind of ghost trouble are you experiencing?” she asked in a professional manner.

    “We’ve only had one ghost so far, but we have a hunch there might be more. That’s all I can say over the phone,” Cyborg answered. “You guys seem to be the best around in this part of the country. We hope you’ll consider…”

    “We’ll take the job,” Maddie interrupted. Cyborg noticed she accepted all too quickly. “We can be on our way in two hours.” She and Cyborg exchanged and concluded the transaction. After hanging up she punched the air in triumph: they finally had business!

    “I’ll load up the Fenton Ghost Assault Vehicle,” Jack exclaimed as he headed to fill up the RV with ghost weapons galore.

    “We’re going?” Jazz asked.

    “We’re going!” Maddie responded.

    “Going where?” asked a confused Danny. He had gone downstairs to see what all the commotion was about.

    “We’re going on a trip to Jump City, dear!” his mother exclaimed. “We got a call from the Teen Titans themselves!”

    Jazz watched her brother as he took in the news. His face showed the shock of the unexpected news. It then twisted to an emotion Jazz couldn’t quite decipher. It only lasted for a second before he once again sported a disinfected, neutral face.

    “Whatever. I’m going out,” he replied.

    “No, you’re not, mister,” Maddie replied, putting on her ‘listen up or else’ face only a mother could make. “You need to pack for the trip.” Danny did a double take.

    “Wait, I’m going?” he asked in disbelief. “I can’t go. I have stuff to do. I have to…” he stopped mid sentence. He couldn’t claim he was hanging out with Sam and Tucker. And he couldn’t say what he really was thinking: that he could risk leaving the town unprotected. His mother stood there, waiting for a response. She wanted to here what excuse he was going to give. When none came, she spoke up.

    “Danny, its not everyday we get a job out of town, especially in a big city like Jump City,” she reasoned. “And we can’t just leave you two alone in the house. Now go help your father pack the RV, young man.” Danny remained silent, knowing she had made up her mind. He skulked down to the basement to help his dad not break anything.

    In truth, Maddie was hoping this trip would help her reconnect with her son. She was worried about extracurricular his activities. Something had caused her son to change so suddenly over the past year. She shuddered to think if it was drugs or drinking or worst. She hoped time away from whatever it was that took up his time would be good for him.

    Jazz was actually glad for this unexpected trip. It’d be easier to keep an eye on her brother, which she suspected was her mother’s intention as well. Maybe she would be able to reach him if he was away from the city and ghosts. Then again, if there was a ghost problem in Jump City, he would still be occupied with his obsession.

    She was also excited about meeting the Titans in person. She definitely had a long list of questions to ask them. She could finally have fresh material for her new thesis paper on the psychological impact of crime fighting on the teen psyche. Despite his recent behavior, she still considered her brother a hero. She hoped that being near other teen heroes his age would rub off him and somehow change him into something better.


    The Ghost Assault Vehicle aka the Fenton RV was packed and ready to go by 1:00pm. Jack, with the help of Danny, had loaded the vehicle with every ghost catching gadget they could think of. They made sure it was ready to handle anything any ghosts would throw at them. Each of the Fentons had brought along personal items as well: Jazz had brought along notepads for her planned interviews of the teen heroes of Jump city, books on psychology, a tape recorder and her digital camera; she was going to take lots of pictures. Danny had taken his laptop, an mp3 player full of depressing songs, books on the paranormal for ‘light reading’, and various hidden ghost gadgets of his own. Better to be prepared.

    They made their final preparations and started off on their trip south to sunny California. Danny looked out the window to the receding city line. He hoped that it would still be there when he came back. At least he’d be able to protect his mom and dad in case of any problems. And if there was a major ghost situation, he would be ready to handle it. It could have been entirely possible the ghosts were gone from the city cause they were cause trouble elsewhere.

    He actually smirked to himself at the fact the Teen Titans were asking for help about ghosts. Maybe he could show them a thing or two. Ghosts were his thing and he’d be damned if he let some rookies mess it up. Of course that would only matter if he were jealous. Which he wasn’t. Was he?

    -Your Favorite Neighborhood Funkatron
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    I can't get enough of this fanfic!

    The anticipation of Danny meeting the TT's is wonderful, I can't wait to see how this plays out!
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    Thanks, Mandi-Cchan. You and Dragon seem to be the only people enjoying it, however. Everbody else must think it sucks, appearently.
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    >flick< Just because a few reply doesn't mean 'everyone else thinks it sucks'. It means they're not replying. Just so you know, I've been keeping an eye on this, and I'm enjoying it. It's not War and Peace, but then, War and Peace was boring. :)

    If you have fun writing it, keep it up; screw what other people don't say. :D
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    Thanks a bunch. Just a little nod that I'm not writting for the void of the internets is appreciated. Chapter 6 should be up by the end of the week.
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    Chapter 6: Green Eyed Phantom

    Finally got this one cranked out. Hope you enjoy.

    Author’s Notes: Alright, I’ve decided a few things location-wise. I know both Jump City and Amity Park are fictional cities, so location is sort of tricky. I did some thinking and this is what I got:

    Amity Park, Oregon, USA: I’m borrowing this from another FanFic. To me it makes the most sense. According to Wikipedia, in “Fanning the Flames” Mr. Lancer mentions Northwestern Standardized Testing, so Oregon is as good a guess as any. It also makes it relatively close to: Jump City, California, USA: From the final season and the movie, Jump is definitely located on the West Coast. California is most probable. Having the cities in located bordering states makes it easier for the trip between the two.

    Now, on with the story!

    Chapter 6: Green Eyed Phantom

    The journey from Amity Park to Jump City was going to be a long one; the Fentons were going to be stuck together in the Ghost Assault Vehicle, aka the Fenton RV, for sixteen hours. Maddie and Jack took turns driving, much to the Jazz’s dismay. Unfortunately instead of relaxing in between her turns, Maddie spent her time trying to convince her Jack not to drive so fast. They were extremely lucky that they weren’t stopped by the highway patrol. When it was her turn, Maddie would talk with her husband about how excited she was about their first big high profile job outside of Amity Park. Business had been unusually slow recently, partly due to Phantom’s sudden increase in activity over the past year, which had left them with very few ghosts to hunt. By the time they arrived at the scene of a ghost sighting, Phantom would have already been gone, with their potential capture in tow.

    Maddie was curious about what drove the unusual ghost. She and Jack both knew and subscribed to the textbook definition for ghosts: manifestations of ectoplasmic energy and post-human consciousness. She believed that contrary to popular belief, ghosts were not always the spirits of the dearly departed, though a few were. Many times, they were just the intense emotions of a person that manifested itself into a being of energy. The seed of their creation was normally connected to their ‘unfinished business’ as it was commonly referred to. The reason, the motivation that kept them from simply disappearing? Their obsession.

    Maddie couldn’t quite figure out what Phantom’s obsession was. Most, if not all ghosts she and Jack encountered were malevolent. Their aim seemed to be to terrorize and frighten the living and create chaos; the constant ghost attacks up until know were proof of that. But Phantom seemed to be different. Apart from the unusual situation when he had kidnapped of the mayor a year and a half ago, Phantom seemed to be actually helping, fighting off the other malevolent spirits He certainly was doing a better job than they were. He always seems to show up and do the job before they even get the call from the city’s Ghost Watch line. She would love to the reason why he fought his own kind.

    The lack of work was even more prevalent during the past two weeks. There had been no ghost sightings, no ectoplasmic readings, nothing. They hadn’t even seen the annoying ghost obsessed with boxes, who had a habit of appearing where you’d least expect him. The only activity they had seen was from Phantom himself, and from what she gathered from his behavior, he noticed the inactivity as well. She thought that maybe the new sighting in Jump City was related. She had an uneasy feeling about it, but at least they had found work.

    While the parents were occupied absorbed with driving and each other, Jazz and Danny found ways to occupy their free time. Jazz spent her time reading books on the teen psychiatry, stealing concerned looks at Danny during the whole trip. The silence between them was unbearable for her. She thought fondly of the trip they had taken to Wisconsin for their parent’s high school reunion. At least back then, they were talking to each other, even if it was just typical brother and sister bickering. Danny hardly even acknowledged her presence now, barricading himself from her emotionally and mentally.

    Danny was all too aware of his sister’s attention. He tried to ignore it as he contemplated his immediate plans. This trip was putting a damper on his plans training and his patrols. He also had to investigate the lack of ghost activity recently. He knew a major attack was imminent and he was worried that he wouldn’t be there to prevent it. Unfortunately, his current situation couldn’t be helped. His parents were insistent that he join in their little trip and he wasn’t at liberty to refuse.

    Danny for the life of him didn’t see why everyone thought the Titans were so great. He had saved his town countless times. While they had numbers on their side, he had faced impending doom time and time again on his own; and yet they were the heroes and he was considered a nuisance. He was just as much of a hero as they were. He wondered how severe the ghost trouble was that the Titans had to call for outside help, let alone his parents. If they couldn’t handle a few ghosts, then he’d just have to show them how it was done.


    “We must hurry, friends! Our guests shall be here very soon!” exclaimed an exuberant Starfire as she rallied her teammates for a most daunting task: cleaning.

    Despite being superheroes known worldwide, the Titans were still five teenagers living together unsupervised. Needless to say, certain areas of the tower were in various stages of neglect and disorder. With adults present in the tower temporarily, Robin had ordered the Titans to engage in an impromptu cleaning spree. Starfire, in her usual bubbly way, rallied the troops on clean up duties throughout their home. She and her pet, genetically-altered killer moth caterpillar named Silkie, were taking up the task of cleaning the fridge, which was home to many forgotten leftovers from weeks and even months past. Much of the food was covered in strange colored fuzz, which Starfire and Silkie were disposing of by eating. Her fellow teammates, though a little disgusted, weren’t worried. They had seen her cook and eaten much worse.

    Beast Boy had won the unlucky task of cleaning the bathrooms throughout the tower. It was the last job he wanted, but he lost at drawing straws (which he suspected was rigged), so he was stuck. He gave a mock salute, hands donned in yellow gloves, head in a shower cap and toilet bowl cleaner held up high. He faced his first opponent (the downstairs bathroom) with a grim look on his face and began his rigorous task.

    Cyborg was doing the heavy lifting. He moved various items and gizmos that were lying around, out of the way and into storage. The storage room itself wasn’t organized very well, so he was forced to move various crates around to make space. Meanwhile Raven was in charge of making the guest rooms livable. She used her telekinetic powers to make the bed, dust and vacuum. She felt like a maid more than anything else, but she knew the work had to be done, so she didn’t complain.

    While everyone else was cleaning, Robin was making the necessary arrangements with city hall by securing payment for the Fentons if and when they completed their job. The treasury was being tight-fisted about allocating the funds. Although the city was no stranger to paying for combating the supernatural, they had a budget to keep. They also were reluctant and skeptical about dispensing money to so called ghost hunters. After much negotiation, the boy wonder was able to come to an agreement with the city that he hoped would please the Fentons.

    By the time the tower was in decent shape, the Titans were all pretty worn out. It was late and they were lucky that no emergencies or return appearances from the ghost they encountered earlier had arisen. Thinking they had a few hours left before their guests arrived, they decided to get some sleep. They all mumbled their goodnights as they shuffled to their respective rooms. That is, had they tried to until an alarm sounded stating someone was at their entrance.


    “Ha! Told you I’d find it!” exclaimed a very excited Jack Fenton. Maddie didn’t know how he did it (actually she had a sinking suspicion it was his haphazard driving) but the Fenton clan had managed to arrive ahead of schedule. The Ghost Assault Vehicle was now making its way through the streets, with Jack at the wheel and Maddie beside him, brandishing a map of the city.

    “Do you even know what we’re looking for, Dad?” queried a semi-conscious Jazz. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as she woke up from her nap. Danny was already wide awake, his nose stuck in a book on the paranormal.

    “Of course, I do, Jazzy-pants!” Jack replied boisterously. “Ghosts!” Jazz shook her head as Maddie gave Jack an exasperated look. She referred to her map again, trying to find her bearings. It was difficult, however, due to Jack unwillingness to slow down much since exiting the highway.

    “I’m no genius, but I think that big giant T over there is our stop,” said Danny, speaking for the first time the entire trip. The others looked in the direction he was pointing at to see a rather large tower shaped like a giant T standing on an island in the bay. Blaming fatigue for not noticing it earlier and ignoring Danny’s sarcastic tone, Maddie instructed her husband to head towards the bay. They reached the entrance of a tunnel going underground toward Tower. There was a gate blocking the passage, obviously to ward off intruders. They drove up to a panel and pressed the call button.

    To tell the truth, Jazz was getting pretty excited. They were mere moments from meeting the Teen Titans. Apart from her brother, these were the first heroes not related to ghosts she’d have met and she had Danny to thank for her interest. After finding out her brother’s secret, she had done quite bit of studying on not only teen psychology, but the psychology of superheroes as well. The problems of the average teen compounded by the weight and responsibility of being a hero were an extremely interesting topic. Originally a side project to delve into the mind of her brother, it became somewhat of her main focus of study, especially after Danny’s sudden change over the past year. She was even preparing a thesis paper on the subject. She was hoping to take advantage of this opportunity to get some insight from the teen heroes on the matter.

    After a minute or two of waiting, the panel came to life with activity. They heard a slight yawn from the speaker (it was quite late at night/early in the morning) and a familiar face appeared onscreen.

    “Titan’s Tower. How can I help you?” asked a fatigued Cyborg.

    “Ghost hunters Jack and Maddie Fenton here, ready to kick ghost butt!” and enthusiastic Jack answered. Cyborg was slightly taken aback by the older man’s energy. He gave the most welcoming smile he could muster in him sleepy state.

    “Hey, y’all! Welcome to Jump City!” Cyborg greeted. A click and a whine were heard as a scanner scanned their faces and RV. The lights on the panel changed from red to green and the gate rolled up, revealing the tunnel leading to the island. “Just follow the lights to the garage. We’ll be there to meet you.” The screen went blank as Jack floored it into the tunnel.


    “They’re here,” Cyborg said with a yawn. The other Titans were all sleepy eyed; their rest having been interrupted by there expected guests arriving unexpectedly early. Well, most of them. Starfire was giddy, as always, eager to meet new faces.

    “I thought they weren’t gonna be here for another four hours?” complained Robin tiredly.

    “Hurry! Let us go and meet our guests!” Starfire exclaimed, floating up a few inches while doing so. She flew towards the elevator, giggling the whole way. Robin smiled at his girlfriend’s unending cheerfulness (a trait he loved about her). He and the other titans followed her to the elevator down to the basement garage.


    As soon as the RV came to a stop, Jazz jumped out, thankful to be on solid ground. Her father’s driving always disturbed her. How a grown man could drive like he did and never get caught by the police was beyond her. But, she had to admit traveling with her father at the wheel was a lot faster than any other method. Maddie followed after her daughter, taking in her surroundings warily. Jack jumped out of the RV right after, brandishing a rather large bazooka. His eyes darted right to left, surveying the area for any threats. Danny was the last one to leave the vehicle. He also looked around, albeit more discreetly than his father. A door at the far end of the garage dinged, and then opened. The Fenton family turned their attention to the sight of the five Teen Titans walking out to greet them. Starfire flew ahead, a big smile on her face.

    “Greetings, friends!” she began. “Welcome to our…” She wasn’t able to finish, as Jack pointed his bazooka at the floating figure.

    “GHOST!” her cried as he pulled the trigger before anyone realized what was happening. Fortunately for everyone, the gun was of the non-lethal variety as Starfire was now covered in ecto-foam tm. She gave a shriek as she flew behind Robin’s cape for protection.

    “Jack Fenton, you put down that Ecto-Foamer this instant!” fumed a rather flustered Maddie Fenton.

    “But Maddie, it’s a ghost! Its flying and everything!” Jack replied, pointing towards the now hiding girl.

    “Jack, you just shot one of our clients,” Maddie answered, trying to keep calm. “They’re superheroes, dear. Of course they can fly.” Jack looked back and forth between his wife and the girl still covered in Ecto-foam. The other heroes still had looks of shock written all over their faces. Realizing what he had done, Jack dropped the weapon and gave a sheepish grin.

    “Uh, sorry about that,” he apologized. A smack could be heard as Jazz’s hand met with her forehead. Danny just shook his head. Raven surveyed the situation and wondered what the heck Cyborg had gotten them into.

    “I’m extremely sorry about that,” Maddie said to Robin. “Jack gets a little…excited when it comes to ghost hunting.” She held out her hand. Robin took it in greeting. “Maddie Fenton, at your service.”

    “I’m Robin. Welcome to Titan’s Tower,” the leader of the Titans replied. Jack stepped up and also shook Robin’s hand, nearly crushing it in the process. Robin wiggled the circulation back into his fingers as he glanced over to the two teens standing behind the ghost hunters.

    “I hope you don’t mind, we brought our children along to help,” Maddie explained, answering Robin’s unasked question.

    “Yup! Ghost hunting is a family affair for us Fentons,” Jack continued. “This is our daughter, Jasmine and our son Danny.”

    “Dad, please. It’s Jazz,” Jazz said, exasperated. She shook hands with Robin. Danny just shrugged, not saying a word. Maddie frowned slightly at his rude silence.

    “This is my team,” Robin began, pointing toward his fellow heroes. “You’ve already met Starfire.”

    “Greetings?” Starfire said meekly, her usual energy replaced with caution. She waved from behind Robin, keeping her distance from Mr. Fenton.

    “And you’ve talked to Cyborg over the phone,” Robin continued. Cyborg walked and shook hands with the couple. He then turned towards Jazz.

    “So, bow’s that secretary job coming along?” he asked mischievously. Jazz blushed at the question, slightly embarrassed.

    “Glad to see your hearing is back,” she said jokingly. “Sorry about the yelling.”

    “It’s no problem. It takes more than that to take me out,” he boasted cockily. Jazz giggled. Danny wanted to gag right then and there. Was Jazz actually flirting with him?

    “To tell you the truth, I’ve really wanted to meet all of you. What you guys do every day is really amazing! It’s great to meet some real live superheroes” Jazz exclaimed. Danny’s expression darkened at that remark. Robin coughed to get everyone’s attention then continued with the introductions.

    “And that’s Beast Boy,” he said pointing toward the emerald titan. At the sound of his name, Beast boy sprang to life in full court jester mode. He was a jokester at heart and he was ready to try out some new material on their guests. But before he could utter a word, he suddenly realized that Mr. Fenton was standing in front of him. In his hand was a notebook, which he promptly handed to Beast Boy along with a pen.

    “Could I have your autograph?” the large man asked the teen, who was dumbstruck by the request. The green boy quickly shook himself out of his funk and signed the notebook. Jack Fenton sported a big grin on his face as he walked back towards his wife, exclaiming, “I got his autograph!”

    “And Raven,” Robin finished. Raven nodded to the new arrivals. She was doing her best to hide the fact that her interest was focused elsewhere.

    Her first impression of the Fentons was definitely mixed. The father, Jack was a big bumbling oaf who was too hyper for his own good. He reminded her too much of Beast Boy, which explained the autograph scene. Maddie Fenton seemed capable enough. She seemed like an intelligent woman who knew what she was doing. She wondered how two people so different had ended up together.

    Their daughter, Jazz seemed like an intelligent person, albeit a bit too perky for Raven’s tastes. She did notice something, however about her. An emotion that seemed to waft from not only her, but the mother as well, though it wasn’t as strong: worry. An overwhelming wave of worry could be felt coming from both the women. It was hard for her empathic senses not to notice. It wasn’t their job that had them worried, however. Their thoughts of concern seemed to be directed at the last member of the family, Danny.

    Danny was the most mysterious of the four Fentons. He hadn’t said a word the entire time and seemed to give off an air of indifference, but at the same time Raven noticed he was all too aware of his surroundings. She observed that as Robin introduced each of the Titans that Danny had looked at each of them up and down, as though he were assessing their strengths and weaknesses with a glance. It was almost as if he saw them as a threat. When it was her turn for introductions, she could feel the chill of his attention as his intense glare bored through her. His electric blue eyes examined her only for a moment, but it seemed more like hours.

    She stayed composed, not allowing the unsettled feeling that was gnawing at the pit of her stomach show outwardly. She glanced at Robin from the corner of her eye to see if he had picked up anything from Danny and found Robin’s eyes were furrowed slightly, a sign he had suspected something, but he wasn’t sure what. He escorted the guests to the elevator to take them to their temporary quarters, keeping up a cheerful demeanor, not letting on that he was troubled in the slightest.

    “Let’s see if we can get the foam out of your hair, sweetie,” Maddie said to Starfire in a motherly tone as they walked through the hallway. Starfire smiled at the older woman’s kindness. “We’re not sure what long term exposure to living tissue would do.” Starfire’s smile faded as she turned slightly pale and gave a muted ‘eep’. Raven couldn’t but smile as she followed, observing from behind.


    Raven volunteered to escort the Fentons to their rooms so she could observe Danny a bit longer. Mr. and Mrs. Fenton shared one room, while Jazz and Danny shared another, much to the chagrin of Danny and the delight of Jazz. Raven could tell he wasn’t happy about the living arrangements, but he kept silent. She let them know that breakfast would be served at 9:30, and then left the family to settle in. As soon as Raven was gone, Jazz began gushing about meeting the teen crime fighters.

    “I can’t believe we’re actually in Titan’s Tower, with the Teen Titans!” she exclaimed excitedly. Danny just rolled his eyes, then plugged his ears with ear buds and turned up his mp3 player. Truth be told, he felt somewhat betrayed by Jazz’s remarks. Real superheroes? Was what he had to go through everyday not important? Wasn’t he a hero? He felt his disdain for the Titans grow even more as he replayed the events of the night in his mind. He drifted off to sleep, drowning himself in dark gothic rock music.

    As Raven made it to her room, her thoughts drifted back to Danny. There was something about him that troubled her deeply. She thought back to intense manner he had stared at all of them. She knew that the Titans, despite their almost celebrity status, weren’t welcome by all and she could handle a kid who wasn’t a fan. No, there was definitely more going on. Raven couldn’t shake the feeling he reminded her of something, or rather someone. It wasn’t just the stare, though, but his rather dark attitude, as though he felt the whole world would end any minute. It then dawned on her that his grim demeanor had reminded her of herself.

    AN: Finally done with this one.

    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Funkatron (Now with more FUNK!)

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