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World's Finest Workshops Teen Titans forever

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Srebak, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Srebak

    Srebak Member

    Nov 15, 2009
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    As the title suggests, it's for ideas for what Teen Titans 6th season could have been or at least a spin-off series that took over where it left off

    These were earlier ideas of mine
    64: Blast from the past
    The titans begin to question the past of their newest enemy blee, starfire is hiding something from her friends, meanwhile blee and slade have combined their resources and are planning an assault on the city

    65: Like Father, Like Daughter
    After a fight with a group called the Quarrymen, the titans soon encounter a girl who claims to be robin and starfire's daughter

    66: Tough Love
    After a series of robberies made by what would seem to be animals, terra is reaquinted with an ex-boyfriend, who soon reveals that he is not only the shapeshifting robber, but also a face from beastboy's past as well, Lorenzo

    67: Thanks for the memory
    After a fight with slade and blee's goons (blee's three best soldiers and manticons actually, with slade's top robot and other robots too) robin gets injured and gets a case of amnesia, it doesn't take long for slade and blee to find out about this and to make their move

    68: War and Peace
    After a meeting between the Tamaranians and the Snakemen, unproven accusations begin after both represenitives are attacked, starfire and beastboy are beginning to accuse each other of treachery (beastboy is friends with the snakemen empire) which might lead to planetary war, as slade and blee planned

    69: City War
    Slade and Blee's goons, the HIVE and the Quarrymen are having a gang war for control of the city underworld, can the titans stop them before the city is torn apart?

    70: Friend or Foe
    After an arguement between terra and blackfire, the other titans start to argue and it gets worse as they go along

    71: The many faces of starfire
    After being attacked, terra claims her attacker looked like starfire but had powers beastboy, is there another tamaranian on earth or is this the work of a clone?

    72: Act your age
    Mangez is beginning to feel his age and because he wanted to act younger, robin and terra get captured by Slade and Blee, can mangez and the other titans save them before their captured friends are brainwashed?

    73: Reunions
    After crashing on an alien planet, the titans are greeted by blee's peaceful race, but are soon greeted by blee's brother Flee

    74: Limelight
    The titans are met by an old friend of beastboy's, who offers the titans a chance in the movies, but someone is out to stop it

    75: All Togther Now (1)
    After a series of robberies by 7 villains, the city falls into the hands of their leaders, Slade and Blee

    76: All Together Now (2)
    With the city in the hands of the Nefarious Nine, it's up to the titans to stop them, but can they save city from slade's grasp
  2. The_NewCatwoman

    The_NewCatwoman Oh you've got to be kidding me

    May 2, 2001
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    This is a list of ideas, not exactly a story. Moved to the WFWC Workshop.


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