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Teen Titans Fan Fiction Teen Titans: Coda.[J]

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Death58, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
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    *BOINK* I'm alive I'm alive ;) Yes it has been a while since i ventured into these forums, but like you, i guess there's still some unfinished business i have here ;)

    Very impressive Death, even after all these years you still haven't lost the touch. i've forgotten how pitch black dark your writing was, and I still remember enough of Remnants to get back to the story. What can i say? There really is no room for hope in this dystopian world you painted. That reveal with Slade/Starfire was too twistedly brilliant for words. Raven's emotions running amok and manifesting themselves as literally the angel of death :eek:. Very awesome, and spine chilling. I think it struck me even more that 'Starfire' spoke in the same friendly way she had. Too twisted to picture.

    As always you paint Nightwing as a very.....how should i put it- Sociopathic hero. That line about the morgue sent chills down my spine. Raven on the other hand, you feel sympathy for just because of the lack of control she has over her own life and emotions.

    Now it looks like the final battle is commencing :) i'm going to sit back and enjoy.

    Propz for keeping this going for so long. I'm thinking of finally doing Episode 13 of the lost seasons too, like your story, mine has been popping in my head for the last two years :)

    Keep it up Death!
  2. Death58

    Death58 WFWC Vet.

    Jul 20, 2005
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    It is amazing to see one of the old regs here...and the possibility that you are going to be writing a bit more here is amazing. This is definitely unfinished business for me, however, I believe that this summer may indeed see a brand new fan-fic from me, so this may not be my swan song.
    Thank you.:anime: I was worried that I'd gotten out of practice a little bit, which is true, but I'm glad that I haven't slipped up too much. Again, I've tried to keep with the dark tone that has pervaded all of my fics, and what is to come...I hope will have some beauty in it, and perhaps there might be a dash of hope somewhere in there.
    I fought with the idea of bringing Starfire back in the early stages of writing this. Then it struck me that since she is nothing but a spirit being siphoned out of Raven, I decided that she would need a disguise while her organic body was still being made, and what is more striking than to become Slade as a disguise? However, Raven is still in control of all of this, or at least she has done all of this(the angel of death Starfire is still a product of Raven, so she essentially killed the Titans). I'm glad you enjoy the unchanged speech of Starfire. Expect a few more twists...
    Yes, Nightwing is still pretty hardcore. I like to think that he puts himself as a 'HERO' above all else. Even his former friends. Yes, sometimes I feel bad for everything that I've put Raven through, but it's all building toward something.
    :evil:How right you are. The final battle is going to be the biggest battle I have ever written in any single one of my fan-fictions, so I'm a little nervous about it. I hope you enjoy it!
    I've struggled to keep it going. I went from high school to college while writing this fan-fiction, and I have to say, college doesn't leave me much time to write much.:sad: I'm going to strive to get the last couple chapters up and out over the next few weeks, but it all depends. I hope you get to do episode 13 for Lost Seasons! I'll definitely be around to read it! It's really nice to see life in the old forum again. I hope this is an indication of the future here, because it would be awesome.
  3. Death58

    Death58 WFWC Vet.

    Jul 20, 2005
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    So here it is, after a very, very long hiatus which has kinda been my thing over the past few years. After this, there are only two more chapters and then the Epilogue. I realized the other day that I've been writing this since 2006, and it feels weird that I'm actually writing the last few chapters. Don't worry, Chapter Eleven is almost done and will be out in the coming week.

    Chapter Ten
    “…and we all fall down.”

    Seagulls in the distance clamored on about something. It was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. There were no clouds. A pure white morning sky. The beach reflected the white light. She wiggled her toes in wet sand, clumps popping up everywhere, one managing an annoying journey right into her face. Stunned for a minute, the tiny event began to sink in; she laughed. There was a strange gust behind her, a commotion, a cacophony of sounds. At least, that’s what she thought. It didn’t matter though, for the seagulls were still playing the better tune. The cacophony faded away. Her focus drifted to a derelict Titans Tower. There it sat, alone on its island, serene. Just like her.

    The myriad of sounds behind her burst into life. The serenity left only for a moment, however. She gently fell to her side, still staring at Titans Tower, the sand gracefully molding around her.

    Titans Tower. Names. Robin. Raven. Terra. Beast Boy. Starfire. Cyborg.

    Suddenly confusing. Too confusing. Tired. Sleep. Need sleep. Titans Tower. Robin. Raven. Terra. Beast Boy. Starfire. Cyborg. Beautiful. Serenity. Tired. Eyes. Heavy.

    Robin. Raven. Terra. Beast Boy. Starfire. Cyborg.
    Robin. Raven. Terra. Beast Boy. Starfire. Cyborg.
    Robin. Raven. Terra. Beast Boy. Starfire. Cyborg.


    Like a constellation of stars, light pierced through the room at certain points in the covered windows of the office building. The white wisps whispered rumors of daylight in the darkness. One such star of light appeared to move through the center of the room; the tip of a flash light.


    Labored breaths flooded the otherwise mute room. Each breath was a desperate cling to life, the body begging to stop.


    The breathing stopped. The beam of a flashlight vanished. These footsteps were foreign. They weren’t friendly. It was the pitter patter of a predator on the prowl. An unknown entity or entities scurrying in the room, mumbling incoherencies as they moved.


    Nightwing’s body became alarmed, his arm around Raven tightening harshly. His eyes strained in the ether, trying desperately to make the grey blobs of the room into discernable objects.

    “But puddin’…”

    “Shut up, will you…”


    Every vein in Nightwing’s body began to run cold. A shiver cackled at the back of his neck, his hair standing on end. His focus shifted to the grey figure he was holding, “Raven.”

    Inside the padded cell that Raven called a mind, the world was unfocused and off balance. Even with a slight whisper in her ear, she was barely able to hear his words. Making an audible connection was almost as difficult, “What?”

    “Please tell me that you’ve never met--”

    The room flashed into an orange, muzzled flashed existence, followed by a large rocket flying through the air. In moments, the constellations of light piercing through the boarded windows fractured in an explosive maelstrom. The outside world blurred into view, a large wound bleeding light into the pitch black room. New lighting revealed the pale skinned visage of a clown with an over exaggerated frown.

    “Harl—Have you been remembering to practice your bazooka training like I told you?”

    Stepping into the light, a girl with a red and black suit holding the freshly fired bazooka examined her handy work carefully. “Sorry puddin’. I just kinda’ point and click…”

    “Oh.” The clown chuckled, “Well, this is a little awkward. Don’t worry she’ll get you with the next shot.” All smiles, “Harley?”

    “Righteo Mista J!”

    Before the harlequin doll come to life could fire, Nightwing twisted Raven around toward the large hole. They stepped into nothingness, which happened to thankfully be only a two story fall. As the ground rushed toward them, the building cried out in another explosion. The two hit the ground, every wound and pain from the past day reminding them that they were only mortal. Raven fell forward to the ground, her balance already shot from the original crash landing into the building. Nightwing faired only slightly better, falling to his knees upon landing.

    Getting to his feet as fast as fast as possible, Nightwing scooped her up, “We’ve got to go!”

    “I can’t…I can’t…” Her leg was drenched in blood.

    “How did you create this—them?”

    “Who are they?”

    Nightwing tried desperately to move away from the building, the two of them more like a slow moving caravan than what you would expect to see when people run in fear. “The Joker and his b*tch of a sidekick…”

    “That’s the Joker? I-I’ve never even met him before…”

    “Really, bird boy…” His voice punctured every single though in Nightwing’s mind. “Old batsy taught you much better manners than that.” All activity in the center of the street stopped. Pedestrians simply began to dissipate out of existence. “You should really introduce us to your friend…”

    The bright sun of the day abnormally shifted to a strange, dark night. A frost hit the air. The temperature dropped, cooling every thing to that of a wither storm. Raven shivered. Nightwing remained strong and upright. Tension connected them with Harley and the Joker, even from twenty feet away. The clown’s face should have been cracking with as large of a grin as he had.

    Then, just in front of Raven’s face, a snow flake began to fall. It floated beautifully on the air, lackadaisically swaying this way and that. She held out a hand, watching the little flake collide with her skin evaporate into nothing. One detail was off, though. It looked like a black piece of falling ash.
    This imaginary world was crumbling along with Raven. That much was apparent. Starfire had quickly taken defensive measures to at least protect the outside of the dome, but if Raven couldn’t hold it together, the integrity of the dome would break. When the dome would break, Starfire would go back to nothingness. Black wings spread, she quickly burst through the bottom of the control room floor, the city coming into Technicolor view. Black snow rained down upon the city in sheets, the fictional civilians running away in pure chaos.

    Then, an explosion erupted, a smoke cloud snaking its way up above the buildings below. Nightwing.

    It was more than obvious what she would find when she got there, as she could sense that some of her memories were starting to influence the inner sanctum of the dome. In a minute or two, she had bridged the gap between herself and the explosion. She resided atop a short building glancing at the scene below.

    Mr. Napier and his friend…

    Nightwing and Raven lay strewn apart on the street, separated by a large crater that bled the sewers below. Raven had finally lost consciousness.

    The Joker clenched his teeth at Harley, “Really, how hard is it to hit two injured people with a bazooka!?”

    Harley straightened up immediately, hiding the bazooka behind her, her face contorting to that of a child apologizing to a parent, “I’m sorry, Mr. Jay, but I’m a little out of focus for some reason.” She dropped the bazooka, clenching her arms around him in a bear hug, “Maybe it’s because I can’t keep my eyes off of you, puddin’…”

    With a swift back hand, Harley made a bloody fall from grace to the street, “Get out of my way!” He grabbed the bazooka, aiming it dead on to a recovering Nightwing, “Now lets see bird boy’s bird brains! Hoohoohoohoo, hehehehehehehe, ahahahahahaha!” The rocket exploded out of the bazooka.

    Starfire smiled in pleasure.

    The rocket collided…

    …with a bird-a-rang in mid air.

    The street lit up to a vibrant orange for a second, the Joker trying desperately to shield himself from the blast. Then, there was nothing. Everything was mute other than the rushing wind of the storm.

    “Where the devil--”

    Nightwing came down straight on the clown’s head with the heel of his foot, Joker’s head making a disgusting cracking noise as it hit the cement of the sidewalk. Kneeling over, Nightwing turned him over only to be met with a bloody smile.

    With a spurt of blood, Joker cackled, “Can’t do it, can ya’ kid?”

    “You aren’t real.” Nightwing bashed him the face with his fist, the Joker coughing between laughs. With each laugh, Nightwing replied with another punch and another. The clown’s face finally did break as each punch began to borough a hole through his head. Nightwing stopped when the gurgling did. Pure rage shot a glance at Harley, who was attempting to get to her feet.
    “Mr…” Harley made it to both feet finally. “Mr. Jay?” Tears crept out of the side of her cheeks to see the Joker lying there, motionless, in a mess of his own blood. Her eyes met with Nightwing.


    It was over before it started. Nightwing released his hands off of Harley’s chin and neck. Her body fell like a rag doll, her head facing the wrong direction on her body. He had broken her neck; she was dead.

    “Well done, Robin.”

    Nightwing glanced up to Starfire, who gently was gently descending from her perch. He glared at her, the same look he had shot Harley moments before.

    Starfire shook her head, “Now do you understand why I did all of this?”

    “Yes, I do.” The irony of the moment was lost on him as he casually wiped the pints of blood dripping on his hands on his pants, “You’re crazy.”

    “Perhaps, perhaps not, dear friend.” Her feet lightly touched the street, “Even if you don’t understand my reasoning, you will still end with the same fate as the others.” With a childish grin, Starfire tilted her head, “For there is no where to run, no grappling hook, nothing.”

    Nightwing wiped the sweat from his brow, his face starting to feel frozen in the cold air, “There’s always a way Star, you just lost yours…”

    Clenching her fists, Starfire’s true emotions seemed to bubble up to the surface, “Then why didn’t you help me find it, Robin?” She walked toward him, each step a part of the interrogation, “Why did you leave me to rot away? I thought—I thought that you loved me…” She stopped.

    “I was a teenager, Star! We all were!” Nightwing ripped off his mask, his true self revealed. “I was scared! I didn’t know what to do…the doctor’s said that you were never going to come back from it. We had done so many things to save the world, but did we ever have normal lives, Star? When the Teen Titans ended, all of us were so f**ked up that we just wanted to try and find happiness somewhere. I never did. I didn’t mean to let you rot away in some god forsaken cell, but I was a kid, Star. A stupid, arrogant, kid. Being a hero--being a Teen Titan? None of us were ready for that. None of us. Look, I’m sorry. I am so sorry, but I can’t change the past. Because of you, there’s no future now. I had always hoped that all of us would find some common ground to form a family—never mind. To answer your question, I do love you. Your death destroyed me. I’ve felt guilty for so long, but I kept pressing on to save the world. Look where I am now. It wasn’t worth it. I have nothing left. I’m done feeling guilty. So—if you’re going to kill me…just do it.”

    The two simply stared at each other. Starfire lifted her hand, a star bolt charging up lazily. Hesitation flooded every fiber of her body. She glanced up at him, staring Dick Grayson in the eyes. They were so full of pain.

    “I-I love you Robin.”

    He smiled at her slightly, “I’ll say hello for you…”

    In a white beam of light that shot violently out of Starfire’s hand, Nightwing was gone. She collapsed to the ground in a sobbing mess.

    Raven began to stir.
  4. Death58

    Death58 WFWC Vet.

    Jul 20, 2005
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    Chapter Eleven kinda happened in the few hours since I posted Chapter Ten. It felt like when I used to live on these boards, so to speak. Anyway, one chapter left and then the Epilogue.

    Chapter Eleven
    “Happy Endings.”


    Starfire looked away from the black spot on the ground that used to be Nightwing. Through tear drenched eyes, she watched Raven dizzily make a journey up from the ground.

    “Nightwing!” Raven stared at the leftovers of the Joker and Harley Quinn. In horror, she found Starfire kneeling on the ground, sobbing. “St-Starfire…where is Nightwing?”

    Starfire put her face in her hands, “I did what you wanted—Nightwing is gone…”


    “He is deceased. It is just us, friend.”

    The black scorch mark on the ground told the story of Nightwing’s demise. Sadness. Raven had felt sadness for so long. She wanted to die. She wanted to be released from all of it. “You b*tch…”

    Putting her hands on her knees, Starfire kept her gait to the ground, “I was a part of you. I knew your deepest thoughts and wishes.” The tameranean finally looked Raven in the eyes, “You wanted them to pay and so did--”


    The ground began to rumble underneath, ghosts of the former Titans calling for vengeance, calling for blood. Black energy formed around Raven’s right hand, a claws extending at least a foot from her body.

    Starfire stood up from her position of repent, her wings flailing out in a bolster, “Friend, do not turn against me now for you do not know what power I wield.”

    The power that you wield?

    Placing a hand in front of her, Star began to charge up a blast, “Raven, do not make me do this. It should be the two of us side by side—we can relive our days as Teen Titans, change it…”

    Raven’s eyes began to shine red, splitting into four demonic eyes. “The power you wield is mine. You—You aren’t real.

    “Yes I am!” Starfire released the white star bolt at Raven. Unlike the other Titans, Raven simply grabbed the blast in mid air with black, energy claw.
    Aww—Little Starfire finally not getting her way?” Raven cracked a vicious smile, the star bolt in her claw evaporating into harmless smoke. “I understand now…you were the little voice inside me that corrupted and destroyed my life. You were the reason I was even sent to that hell hole of an asylum…

    Black energy formed around Starfire in an aura, the tameranean absolutely powerless to the whims of a fully realized Raven. All too soon, the creature that had taken form at the hospital all those months ago finally overtook Raven once more. It hissed at Starfire, grabbing her from the energy restraint she had been in. Pulling back with her arm, with all of her might, Raven threw Starfire across the city. The alien flew through the air, crashing through this building and that, ending her flight across the city into the center of a hotel lobby whose windows looked out over the coast line. Twitching as she steadied to her feet, Starfire tried to start running.

    The tameranean was met with a black claw grabbing her foot from out of the floor; she lost balance, slamming into the lobby floor on her chin. Patrons in the lobby ran out the door screaming. As she glanced out the door, Starfire noticed just in the distance…

    Titans Tower.

    Phasing through the floor, the black energy creature blasted Starfire through the front doors of the hotel out onto the street, a car swerving desperately to not hit her. Lifting her head weakly, Starfire witnessed the creature crawl from the broken doorway like a giant straining to get out of his cave. Raven hissed and growled at the fallen former Titan, the distance vanishing between them with each rumbling step. Claw extended, Raven began to strangle the alien’s body as she picked Starfire up from the ground. Even up close, the Raven looked like a sun spot as the black energy desperately clung to make some sort of visible form.

    Death was coming. Any moment, the creature was going to squash her until there was no life left. In the world of that claw, every choice that Starfire had made was tightening in on her, suffocating her until there was nothing left.


    Starfire’s vision began to go black, every muscle in her body straining and gasping for just a little bit of an edge. It was no use. This was it.

    The end.


    Release. Not from life, however. Starfire dropped in a heap to the ground, gasping and coughing for air.

    The black creature began to shrink in its energy form until nothing was left but Raven standing there in her blue cloak, apparently healed from former wounds. Locking eyes, Raven could see the genuine fear in this so-called Starfire. This psychopath, this monster that had destroyed everything finally seemed human. It finally looked like Starfire, even if its face was only partially organic—not it, her.

    Raven knelt down, placing a hand on the tameranean’s cheek, “No. No more death.”


    This still ends here. Raven closed her eyes, witnessing all of the memories that were in the original Starfire. This thing, though out of her mind, was indeed everything that was once the girl that Raven had once known. In a sick way, she finally understood all of it, why this had to happen. She whispered in Starfire’s ear, “All of us were already dead…weren’t we?”

    In reply, Starfire simply stared at her befuddled, her body still jolting from belabored breaths.

    “I wasn’t the only one to die before. All of you died with me. You were all remnants, desperately clinging to memories as your life force.” Raven gently stroked Starfire’s hair, “I’m sorry. You were looking for a happy ending for once, but you were still being eaten alive, like the others.”

    “I-I could not forget …”

    “Shh…Here it is Starfire.”

    An energy began to leave Raven’s hand, an aura gently floating around Starfire’s head. The tameranean recoiled for a moment, but her eyes slowly grew vacant. All too soon, the energy enveloped both of them.

    The black snow stopped falling from the sky.

    All of the energy around them slowly faded away. Raven slowly stood up from the ground, staring at the figure that lay curled before her. It was a girl in a purple skirt and top, red haired, but…human. No wings grew out of her back, no orange skin, no green eyes, and no half built face. The girl simply stood from the ground slowly, wide eyed and innocent.

    Apologetically, the girl asked Raven the first thing that came to mind, “Where am I?”

    With a smile, Raven replied, “Jump City. Who are you?”

    The girl began fiddling with her hair nervously, “I am sorry, I-I cannot remember what my name is. I do not know how I got here…”

    “It’s okay. Help will be arriving soon once this dome is gone from the city.”


    “Never mind.” Raven hugged the girl that stood before her, the girl’s body just tightening up from the awkward situation.

    “I’m sorry, but—but I do not know you either.” Released from the bear hug, she stared at Raven quizzically, “Who are you?”

    A memory, Starfire. “I’m no one that you know.” Raven slowly began to walk away from the former Starfire, “Wait here, help is on the way.”

    “Thank you, friend! Oh my…”

    High above, the nighttime sky etched away over top Jump City as the energy dome dissipated. Behind the façade, promises of a morning sky shined through. However, in contrast to the sky, the bright colors of the buildings faded away, revealing the true Jump City once more. Starfire’s clones dropped from the sky like burning into ash like a meteor shower. In the streets, real people walked around as though they had just woken from a dream. The fictional world was broken.

    Titans Tower was once more a broken relic.

    Almost like invaders, helicopters began to storm the skies of Jump City. Raven didn’t mind, though, she just kept walking toward the shoreline that had the perfect view of Titans Tower.

    It was the picture of serenity.
  5. Death58

    Death58 WFWC Vet.

    Jul 20, 2005
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    Here it is, the last chapter. The epilogue will be here shortly. It was weird, because as I was writing this I felt like I was saying goodbye to my little world of the Teen Titans. Actually, almost like I was saying goodbye to the characters themselves...but I guess I'm at least sending them off in a way that's personal to me.

    Chapter Twelve

    “Mr. Luthor? Mr-Mr. Luthor?”

    “What is it?”

    “It’s the dome, sir…it’s just-just gone.”

    “Turn the helicopter around at once.”

    The pilot uncomfortably shifted in his seat, “Sir, the area still may be comp--”

    Luthor glared at the man, homicidal fantasies already playing in pure Technicolor in his mind, “Do as I say.”

    With a nod, the little puppet proceeded to turn the helicopter on a route back to Jump City. Relaxing back into his chair, Luthor stared out the window at the morning lit landscape below. Fog was gently floated over the ground like ghosts floating to their final destination. With a smirk, Lex glanced at his watch. A press conference later this afternoon detailing our victory seems apt. If there had been any champagne on the helicopter, he probably would have taken his victory sips.
    No longer was there a friend there to save her from the fall. . .

    There was nothing, and that in itself is worth volumes to the mind.

    Raven sat alone on the beach, the events of the past few months playing on repeat in her mind. They were all dead, in one way or another. Starfire’s loss of memory allowed her to live on, but who Starfire was as a person was dead. The girl that Raven left behind on the street was a stranger who was going to go and live the rest of her life in peace. She was better off remembering nothing, rather than suffocated under the shadow of the Teen Titans.

    Raven rested her head on the boulder, “I-I’m s-scared. . .” Her eyes turned blank. Everything went dark.

    But that wasn’t the end of the story, was it?

    She laid backward a bit on the ground, propping herself up with her hands. Raven became lost in the white of the sky. With a burst of black energy, her journal lay before her. The last bit of reality she ever wanted to twist. She picked it up, flipping through the pages. The words were forgotten ideas and moments from her life, memories that meant nothing to anyone else but her, the remnants of the Teen Titans, her family.

    She pulled the pen that was clipped onto the spine of the book off, and flipping to the last page, became hesitant. After a few moments, Raven began to write.

    We were an idealistic vision of the world. We wanted to give people hope, give people a reason to keep dreaming. All too soon the utopia that we tried to create fell into a dystopian world that we began to live on a daily basis. We woke from the dream, doe eyed and broken.

    We gave everything that we had. Our dreams, our hopes, our sanity, our love, and in the end it meant nothing. The Teen Titans no longer had any dreams because we were jolted awake.

    Slade, Brother Blood, my father…none of them could truly do the damage that we did to ourselves. It turned out that the greatest villain that we ever were to face was Starfire. Actually—me. I did this. I have no one left to voice my regrets to. I would give anything for someone I loved to tell me, “It’s okay.” It’s okay.

    It isn’t okay, it never will be. I can only assume that this was the reason that my father, Trigon, brought me back. He wanted to watch me suffer in a world that I was no longer a part of. I wonder if he gave me this power to create the dome over the city to replicate my past? Did he bring Starfire back through me? She’s the only bit of life that came out of this whole mess. An actual living being that didn’t go away when the dome did. She is alive and not really part of me anymore. I want to call it a victory, but the price seems too heavy.

    I guess I want there to be some sort of good that came out of all this bad. One good thing that I did that I can be proud of. In this situation, I’m no hero. I am the destroyer. I guess I fulfilled my father’s purpose in way…

    I knew nothing good could ever come from me.

    Raven placed the journal down on the ground beside of her, a single tear rolling down her face.

    “Over here, we got something!”
    Luthor leaned forward in interest at message that had just broadcasted on the radio from one of his ground troops. He grabbed the small, plastic microphone and spoke into, “What did you find?”

    “Mr. President?”

    Lex slammed the radio on the console in anger, “Yes, be shocked that you’re talking to the president some other time, now what did you find?”

    The radio went silent for a moment, only white noise filling the silence. Then the man replied, “Just another survivor sir, but she’s wearing this blue robe…”

    “Keep her detained until my arrival!”

    “Uhm—Sir, the ground may not be secure enough for you to--”

    “I’m coming, end of story.” Luthor slammed the radio back into its holster on the console. I’ve read up on you Raven. It will be a pleasure to make your acquaintance…

    Having no memory made it difficult for her to even try to grasp what was happening at that moment. People were running in fear, helicopters were raining over the sky, and soldiers appeared to be coming in droves from all sorts of land vehicles. The red haired girl watched everything in pure confusion. Her breathing had become so rapid that she might have hyperventilated until a hand came on her shoulder.

    “Do you need help?”

    The girl turned around to face her would be savior, only to meet two white eyes that seemed to almost be glaring at her. The man that stood before her was draped in a large, black cape that seemed to form into his mask. At the top of his mask were two spikes, obviously having something to do with strange insignia on his chest.

    “I-I do not know who I am and I do not know what is happening…who are you?”

    Like a knight coming to save the day, he simply smiled at her, “A friend.” His voice was deep but very gentle. “The people I’m working with are here to help the city—you’re in good hands.”

    “Thank you, sir.”

    “Come on. Let’s see if we can get you on a proper transport out of here, and away from Lex’s storm troopers.”

    She turned her head sideways at the dark knight.

    He simply shook his head, “Believe me, you don’t want to go with them if you can help it.”

    With a smile, the girl simply hugged the man, whispering, “Thank you…”

    Seagulls in the distance clamored on about something. It was the most beautiful sound Raven had ever heard. There were no clouds. A pure white morning sky. The beach reflected the white light. She wiggled her toes in wet sand, clumps popping up everywhere, one managing an annoying journey right into her face. Stunned for a minute, the tiny event began to sink in; she laughed. There was a strange gust behind her, a commotion, a cacophony of sounds. At least, that’s what she thought.

    Behind her, a helicopter was setting down, the blades creating gusts of wind all around. The cacophony of sounds were coming from the soldiers that clamored around the helicopter and were much louder than the seagulls. Out of the helicopter stepped Lex Luthor, whose eyes were dead set on Raven.

    It didn’t matter though, for the seagulls were still playing the better tune. The cacophony faded away. Her focus drifted to a derelict Titans Tower. There it sat, alone on its island, serene. Just like her.

    Raven was only alone in her mind, though, as Lex Luthor walked directly up to the back of her, “Hello?” He snapped his fingers, the girl’s focus completely locked on the derelict tower that stood in the center of the bay.

    One of the soldiers simply shook his head, “She seems to be catatonic, sir, or really out of it or something…”

    “It doesn’t matter, this is a prime opportunity to get rid of one of a pestilence…give me that.” Lex grabbed a pistol away from one of the soldiers standing next to him.

    One of the other soldiers piped up, “Sir, if anyone catches you doing this, with all do respect--”

    “With no respect whatsoever, I am untouchable.” Lex cocked the hammer back, aiming the pistol directly in the center of her back. He pressed the trigger.

    The bullet tore through Raven’s back, the center of her chest exploding out onto the ground in front her. There was a little gasp that came out of her for a second as her body attempted to register what had happened. With a smile, Lex Luthor gave back the gun to his underling, happy to have done the dirty work himself.

    …and with that, the Teen Titans were over.

    Raven gently fell to her side, still staring at Titans Tower, the sand gracefully molding around her.

    Titans Tower. Names. Robin. Raven. Terra. Beast Boy. Starfire. Cyborg.

    Suddenly confusing. Too confusing. Tired. Sleep. Need sleep. Titans Tower. Robin. Raven. Terra. Beast Boy. Starfire. Cyborg. Beautiful. Serenity. Tired. Eyes. Heavy.

    Robin. Raven. Terra. Beast Boy. Starfire. Cyborg.
    Robin. Raven. Terra. Beast Boy. Starfire. Cyborg.
    Robin. Raven. Terra. Beast Boy. Starfire. Cyborg.
  6. Death58

    Death58 WFWC Vet.

    Jul 20, 2005
    Likes Received:

    Here it is. The end of my trilogy. My longest chapter that I have ever posted to Toonzone. This is probably also my swan song at the WFWC. I'll be a lurker, and I intend on reading more of the stuff on here, but I doubt I'll be posting any more Teen Titans Fan Fiction like I had planned to. What I will say is that this may not make sense because this is different than what I've written before. This is essentially my love note to the Teen Titans, there's no getting past that. I fought with this ending pretty hard, but this is how I always wanted it to be so I'm sticking by my decision. Nervously, mind you, but still sticking with it.

    First off, special thanks to:
    Matt A.
    Alpha Man

    Seriously, thank you for reading any of this. It's very much appreciated. Also, for any lurkers that kept up with this, thanks to you. Thanks to anyone that took time out to read it. Sincerely.

    One thing I have never done before is to thank the people who made the cartoon for Teen Titans. I am so happy that you guys made a cartoon that was so awesome, character driven, funny, and sad. I can never express how happy it has made me over the years.

    Anyway, now after all my thank yous and rambling, now for my formal goodbye to the Teen Titans.

    Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin.

    Cheers, guys.



    That voice…I know that voice.


    Father? Trigon…wait…

    “You disappoint me.”

    The gun fired…I was released…

    “To die such a normal death is disgusting…”

    Why am I not dead?

    “I will not have my blood line end in such a way.”

    It’s dark…

    “One more time, Raven, one more time…”

    Please, just let me go father…

    “You will remember nothing.”

    Like Starfire…wait, no, what are you doing?

    “Wake up little Raven…wake up.”

    -13 Years Before-
    Wayne Laboratories.


    From atop the little perch where the balcony was, he held Starfire limp in his hands. With a bit of a chuckle, he jeered, “Oh, look what I found…”

    Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg stood motionless, their eyes locked on every single movement that Slade even
    thought about making with Starfire in his hands. He stood at the front of the room, only for the purposes of egging the Titans on. Of course, there was nothing any of them could do.

    Slade eagerly stated, “This isn’t even the best part yet.”

    Raven's eyes glowed white, with a strange aura around them. Black energy formed around her hands and she rose off the ground, "Put her down Slade. My father's powers no longer flow through you, so I can break every bone in your body. . ."

    Slade glanced down at Starfire, and his visible eye narrowed. He simply shook his head and glanced up, "With your friend in my hands, that is nothing more than an idle threat to me, dear girl. Please, say something else, I believe I'm going to need ideas of what to do to Starfire if you make me angry."

    …and then…

    …with a burst of black energy, Starfire awoke in his arms, “No you will not!” The black aura began to surround both of them, Slade frozen in his position. Starfire reeled back her fist, upper cutting Slade back down onto the ground floor of the laboratory.

    Floating like an angel of death, Starfire used the black energy to pick up Slade’s limp body, catapulting him straight toward the other Titans. Beast Boy replied to the flying villain by quickly transforming into that of a gorilla, immediately ending Slade’s flight through the air with a back hand to the face.

    Forming back into human form, BB stood shocked for a moment, “Uhm—Did I just play hockey with Slade’s body after Star used Ravenish powers to throw him at me?” He chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head, “I mean, sure, it was fun but…uh…”

    Cyborg blinked very wide eyed, mouth agape, “So—Rae, would ya’ like to tell us what just happened?”

    Robin glanced at the slowly recovering Slade on the ground, and then up at the black aura possessed Starfire, “Yeah Raven, what was that?”

    With a shrug, Raven rattled off, “I’m going to have go with no idea.”

    Gently descending to the ground, Starfire’s feet planted quietly as they hit the floor. With that, the aura left her, and Starfire fell to the ground unconscious. The rest of the Teen Titans simply stood there dumbfounded at the scenario that had just been placed before them. Other than the grunts of Slade, everything in the room was awkwardly quiet.

    Naturally, Beast Boy fed on the awkwardness of the situation, “Sooo—how about we tie Slade up and, you know, wake Star up.”

    “Yeah, Beast Boy is right. Raven, check on Starfire, I’ll deal with Slade.” Raven made quick steps over to Starfire on the ground, gently placing a hand on Star’s back. Robin turned Slade over, grabbing him by the top of his chest armor, “Now, you are going to tell me every plan that’s floating around in that head of yours…”

    Slade grunted, his eye squinting in pain, “Really, Robin, after all this time, do you really think you can get to do anything you say?”

    A smile spread largely across Robin’s face, “Watch me…”

    A small groan escaped from Starfire; she was going to be just
    fine. Raven looked up to the other Titans with a smile.

    Although the smile was reassuring, it still sent shivers down Beast Boy’s spine, “Cyborg…”

    “Yeah, BB?”

    “Since Star is good, and Robin is probably gonna’ kill Slade or something, I gotta ask you…”

    “If ya’ make it an inappropriate question right now, I’m gonna’ brain ya’.”

    Beast Boy paused for a moment, pondering his next couple words carefully. Every axon in his mind seemed to fire in agreement that indeed his question was going to be appropriate for the situation. “Why didn’t you buy that normal brand of hot sauce that is really awesome instead of that garbage that we have at the tower now?”

    Every bit of Cyborg’s being shifted in anger at his little, green friend, “Did ya’ really just say that now?”


    --but Slade never gave up Brother Blood, and I still don’t know how Starfire had my powers. I’m sure this is probably the beginning of a new villain entering our lives, but why he or she helped Starfire is beyond me…

    He did, however, go to a prison that even he couldn’t escape. His true identity was revealed for the public to see, Slade Wilson. Not that it mattered it much, because that wasn’t his true identity to us. The persona he took on as Slade gave us all nightmares enough to make that side of him the real man…

    It didn’t take long for Brother Blood to rear his ugly head. However, we weren’t able to stop him from converting Blackfire into a cybernetic lifeform. Apparently, she was merely the prototype body until they could get hold of Starfire to convert her…

    That never happened, thankfully. Brother Blood sent Blackfire and Terra against us, Terra under some sort of mind control, but we stopped him. We stopped him, as Beast Boy would say, “Cause’ we’re the Teen Titans!”

    As horrible as it is to even write this, it was probably a good thing for Blackfire. She became friendly and kinder—with a bit of attitude thrown our way, but I admit that I kind of like it. She’s a lot like me in many ways. Her and Cyborg seem to be getting along rather nicely. More than mere friends, I’d say.

    Beast Boy was so happy to have Terra back, and without mind control, thankfully, that he made her an entire five course meal of nothing but tofu. He said it was to welcome her back as a Titan, but I’m not really sure that was his only intention.

    Robin and Starfire have managed to create something together as well. With so many couples floating around, and quite literally in this house, I feel like I’m kind of in the midst of a romantic comedy that I was never given the script to.

    As for me, which I suppose should be the main focus of writing a journal, I still have to fight to keep every emotion in check. However, I do occasionally join in a bit with some of the pranks that Beast Boy likes to pull, doing my best to disapprove the entire time he takes me along with he and Terra. However, I have to admit that Cyborg opening a door and getting flour poured all over him was funny.

    I laughed for the first time in a long time the other day because of that. It felt good. It felt amazing…and nothing happened. No one got hurt.

    Well, no one got hurt other than the fact that Beast Boy won’t let me live it down that he actually got me to laugh at one of his stupid jokes.

    -15 years later—Present-
    Atop the tall, wooden bookshelf sat the journal that Raven had poured her every thought into for so long. Dust layered on top of it now, and the day to day purpose for the small journal evaporated over the years. Now it was just a journal that resided amongst the many books on the large shelf. Only a few feet from it, the creature that owned that journal and the rest of the books on the shelf lay wrapped in a ball in the center of her bed, the sheets forming a midnight blue cocoon to stay cozy in.

    Sun shine, the bastard that it was, desperately tried to wake the creature from her slumber by beaming its rays right through the blinds and onto her face. However noble the attempt was by the sun to wake her, Raven simply turned around and faced the other direction on the bed that was still cast in shadows. However, light has a tendency to reflect…


    Unfortunately, Raven’s bedroom was nicely painted by Starfire, whom only seemed to have the concept of rainbows when it came to any color scheme. Blasted right back in her face from the reflection of the sun was an entire rainbow worth of color. Raven hissed in anger at the very idea that she was going to be defeated into opening her eyes and getting out of bed. She grabbed the covers, placing them directly over her head, a malicious smirk crossing her face as she did so. Sleep slowly started to come over Raven once again, only to be interrupted by the blaring of her alarm clock.

    She sat straight up in her bed, indigo strands of hair draped over her face like the girl from
    The Ring. Almost as though possessed, her head made a slow, angry turn at the small device that would not shut up. All too soon, the alarm clock learned the error of its ways when it was picked up in a ball of black energy and slung against the book shelf, her old journal ironically falling to the ground.

    “Uuuuuuugghhhhh….” Raven blew a strand of hair from her face, going over the benefits of getting out of bed in her head quickly.

    The pros on the list managed to beat out the cons…

    …but just barely.

    In a zombie shuffle, her feet landed lopsided on the ground, the day still somewhat unwelcome to her. With that, Raven glanced out the window beside her bed at the Metropolis skyline. It was going to be a long trip to Jump City.

    His toothbrush stuck lazily out of his mouth like a lollipop, the ambient sounds of the wilderness greeting him at the beginning of the new day. Beast Boy stared at the tall trees, watching a bird hum its tune atop one of the branches high above, his mind adrift in nothing.


    “Ohm—Uhm…” The tooth brush almost fell out of his mouth as his name pierced through the calm of his blank thought process. “Ahm out here Terra!”

    The cabin behind him sprang to life as Terra opened the screen door behind him, her blue eyes already accusing him without even a single word. Awkwardly, toothbrush still in mouth, he raised an eyebrow in confusion.

    “What are you doing?”

    Finally, he took the brush out of his mouth, “I’m brushing my teeth.”

    Terra shook her head, giving him a slight smile, “It doesn’t look like that. It looks like you’re staring off into the woods forgetting to brush your teeth all together.” She laughed, grabbing him from behind in a bear hug, “We need to get ready quickly today.”

    BB shrugged, “I don’t even think Raven’s awake yet…”

    “Don’t you worry about that, we’re going to give her a call to make sure she makes it on time today.” Terra pushed off of Beast Boy, walking back toward the door, “You just make sure that you don’t space out anymore this morning.” Opening the door wider, waiting for the oncoming rush, Terra smiled, “I made coffee so you have no excuses.”

    “Coffee?” He darted past her back into the cabin.

    She closed the door quickly behind her, following him into the house.

    Pictures and memories sat quaintly on the little table beside the phone. The picture in the center, bordered with a beautiful gold rim, had the original five Teen Titans in their natural habitat. In the picture, Raven looked like she was going to kill Beast Boy, Beast Boy was staring off to the side somewhere, Robin was looking at Raven with his hands held up, Starfire was happily interested in what a camera actually was, and Cyborg just stood laughing at the shenanigans that the rest of the Titans were involved in at that moment.

    Over top the picture on the wall was a diploma stating a doctorate in cyber mechanics. It had been awarded to Cyborg a few years after the Titans had decided to split ways. He went through the rigors of university and graduate school, and he had come out on top.

    Cyborg was far more proud of the picture of the Teen Titans all together. In fact, he stood staring at it with his morning coffee, the realization hitting him that he was going to see them all again in the next few hours. He stopped in his joyous thought process, a blank look coming over his face.

    The blankness was quickly replaced with a big smile.
    I should bring the T-Car…
    Of course, like she had suspected, the trip was long and the traffic was absolutely stupid. There were a few moments that Raven had thought about using her powers to help a couple of the drivers on the road move their car a bit more. It would have been a very nice public service, at least she thought. However, as her car came up through the tunnel and onto the island, all of the frustrations of the drive melted away. Titans Tower stood like a beacon in the afternoon sun, the beauty of it absolutely disarming. Raven’s car rounded the small road that led just up in front of Titans Tower. As she came around the bend, she saw Cyborg’s T-Car sitting in front of the entrance, shining as if it had gotten three waxes more than it needed. Beside of it, however, was a large boulder that sat awkwardly lopsided on the ground.

    Terra and Beast Boy…

    She stopped her car, parking it just behind the T-Car. With a few muscle aches, Raven stepped out of the car, closing the door behind her. Sighing in relief, she walked the few steps to the large metal doors the promised entrance into the tower. With a delicate push, she opened one of them, walking into the main lobby of Titans Tower. The grays and reds looked so very majestic in her eyes. In the distance, Raven could hear the loudly chattering Titans in the living room. She smiled, her pace quickening as she walked toward the door that led to them.


    Suddenly Raven was brought to the ground from behind by a small creature that could apparently mask its noise. The little being quickly moved round to her face, her eyes locking with two very green, very big eyes.

    She smirked with still a bit of shock, “Hi Enzo…”

    Enzo grabbed Raven around the neck, hugging her as tight as his little arms could manage, “Aunt Raven, it’s so good to see you!”

    “En-Enzo—I can’t—I can’t breath--”

    “Enzo, buddy, you’re strangling her!” Raven’s savior stood in the doorway with a little bit of a mischievous smile on his face.

    “Oh, sorry Dad!” Enzo stopped hug/strangling Raven, and went up beside his dad.

    Raven coughed a few times before managing to make it to her feet again, “Wow—still saving the day, aren’t we Nightwing?”

    “I try, but I doubt you needed much saving from this little guy.” Nightwing patted Enzo on the head with a chuckle. The “little guy” was obviously Nightwing’s son with the jet black hair and slightly pale skin, but Enzo had also inherited a few traits from his mother as well. Enzo’s eyes were green, but not in a completely green way like Starfire, just a normal green eyed kid. If it weren’t for the fact that he had super strength, the ability to fly, and a sometimes awkward ability to shoot startbolts, he’d be just normal. “Well, now that Enzo is at bay, would you like to step in?”

    “No, I just came to stand in the doorway.” Raven walked past Nightwing and Enzo, giving a pat to the little guy as she stepped into the living room.

    It hit her like a wall of bricks to walk into the old living room again. Nightwing and Starfire had kept it pretty much the same after all of those years. However, Enzo had done some of his own decorating by placing leaving his toys on the floor which created a squeaky mind field to pass through. Her eyes drifted over to the table and counter in the kitchen where the rest of the Titans were conversing and apparently getting tons of food ready.

    Raven’s socially awkward side strangled her voice a bit, “Hi…”

    The social awkwardness was rewarded by a devastating tidal wave of hugs from each one of the people sitting there.

    A bear hug from Starfire, “It’s absolutely glorious to see you again, Raven!”

    An awkward pat on the back by Terra, “Raven, hey…”

    A wet willy from Beast Boy, who immediately recoiled, “Gotcha, Raven!”

    Cyborg’s pick up and twirl, “Rae!”

    …and finally just a quaint pat on the shoulder from Nightwing, “It’s good to see you Raven.”

    “It’s-uh…nice to be here.”

    Beast Boy’s jaw dropped to the floor, “You know I never get used to you saying anything positive.”

    “However, it is good to see that you are in high spirits today.” Starfire quickly flew off the ground and over to the kitchen table again where all the food had been set out, placing it into one of the largest wicker baskets that any of them had ever seen. “I am excited for our picnic!”

    “Me too! I’ve been looking forward to this all week!” Cyborg bent down, picking Enzo up and placing him on his shoulder, “How about you little man?”

    Enzo’s face almost exploded in emotion, “Yeah!”

    Cyborg glanced over at Nightwing, “So I take it Blackfire isn’t gonna’ be here today?”

    Nightwing averted his gaze to the ground, trying to tread lightly on the subject, “I know it’s been a few years since you two ended things, but she still feels…awkward.”


    “Dudes, I just gotta’ say that this it’s awesome that we’re all together again.” Beast Boy looked over at the crowd of faces staring back at him with the same realization. “It’s great that after all these years we can still keep in touch, even if it isn’t as much as we like…”

    “Well lets get to the picnic already…I’m kinda’ starving.” Terra’s stomach rumbled loudly in agreement with her statement.

    “Well, I think Star has everything now, so lets--”, and suddenly Nightwing was cut off by the alarm in the tower. The monitor at the front of the room quickly shot up, revealing information about the crime. “Looks like a bank robbery…we better go.”

    Starfire sat the basket back on the table, staring over at Nightwing strangely. In fact, they all seemed to shift around oddly, sharing little smiles with one another then ending their gaze on him. Nightwing reared his head back a little, dumbfounded at the strange response he was getting.

    BB cracked a big smile, “Come on, Nightwing…Say it, please.”

    Nightwing’s body deflated at the thought, a little chuckle escaping, “Do I really have to?”

    Raven nodded, “Yeah, you do.”

    With that, Nightwing stated the words that started it all…



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