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TALKBACK - Uncle Grandpa - "Prank Wars" - [4/1]

Discussion in 'The Cartoon Network/Boomerang Cartoon Forum' started by {Shadow}, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. {Shadow}

    {Shadow} #Toonami - Saturdays 11pm-4am!

    Mar 18, 2005
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    Episode 026 - [​IMG] - Number 126

    Prank Wars
    TONIGHT at 7p/6c
    [see schedule]

    This week...
    While engaged in a prank war, Mr. Gus pulls a prank that will get Pizza Steve eaten.​
  2. WMania

    WMania Check Out My Avatar Thread!

    Jan 29, 2011
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    Wow, who knew Mr. Gus could be so evil? :eek:
  3. Gatordragon

    Gatordragon Thirsty for adventure.

    May 14, 2012
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    This episode was pretty good. Pizza Steve should've been in that prank war in Regular Show. He would've been a one man army.

    Oh man, that was stone cold, Mr. Gus. That's like me pranking a horse by tricking him to go to a glue factory.
  4. I.R. Shokew

    I.R. Shokew DISGRACED and Rooting ONLY for Underdogs

    Sep 26, 2011
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    The ending to this episode made the whole thing worth it for me. It's always good to see Mr. Gus outwit that pizza jerk!

    Seriously, though. These guys really need to go help some more kids in need. Well, help, scar mentally... It's all good!
  5. Radical

    Radical The Face of Evil & Epicness!!!!!

    Nov 7, 2004
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    Great/funny episode,

    The highlights:

    Agreeing with Gatordragon, Pizza Steve should so be in Regular Show's epic prank war.
    Mr. Gus/Pizza Steve's rivalry prank war was funny/enjoyable, but poor Mr. Gus to get tortured.
    Pizza Steve's obnoxious jerkiness easily roots for the villains.
    Mr. Gus's revenge prank on the Pizza Eating Contest[​IMG] for Pizza Steve was so evil/brilliant as much as Mr. Gus kicking Pizza Steve's butt is always awesome:D, as much as I like it in cartoons when bullied/punching bag characters get revenge on the bullies/jerkholes that torment them.
    Uncle Grandpa doesn't know how awful/horrible Pizza Steve can be at times.
    I like Pizza Steve, but he deserved it in the Pizza Eating Contest[​IMG], next to other horrible jerkholes like Jerry Mouse/Spike, Mr. Cosmo Spacely, Walter J. Peck/Paul Smart, Wilbur Van Snobbe, Angelica Pickles, D.W. Read, Razoul, Cotton Hill, Scar/Zira, Timmy Turner/Cosmo, Bonnie(Kim Possible), Wayne Cramp, Bloo/Mr. Herriman, Kuzco, Lorraine/Lisa Silver/Henry Fischer, Candace Flynn, Heather/Amy/Sugar(Total Drama), Mildew/Snotlout, Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon/Angel, Rigby/Klorgbane the Destroyer, Appa/Scar, Pacifica Northwest, and Trina getting their satisfying bashings, hahahahahaha:p.
    Uncle Grandpa/Mr. Gus owning Pizza Steve with the Ignore Me prank, nice, hehehe.
    #5 Radical, Jul 14, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 23, 2015

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