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Talkback: Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon: "Rocking Clawmark Hill!" [6/24]

Discussion in 'Disney/Pixar Forum' started by Light Lucario, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Light Lucario

    Light Lucario Moderator
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    May 11, 2007
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    Join Ash and Pikachu as they make new friend and explore the Alola region.

    Ash attempts to catch a Litten and decides to let it go.
    Lillie takes care of a Pokemon egg to help her with her fear.
    Ash takes part in his first Trial in the Island Challenge.
    Ash defeats Kahuna Hala for his first Grand Trial.
    Ash learns more about Kiawe's family life.
    Kiawe reveals why he wants to become a strong Fire type Trainer.
    Team Rocket makes Beware's cave their secret base.
    James captures a Mareanie.
    Lillie's egg hatches into a Vulpix.
    Lillie bonds with Vulpix who she nicknames Snowy
    Lillie is able to touch Snowy, but is still unable to touch other Pokemon.

    Last Time:

    "Getting to Know You!"
    Lillie's egg hatches into a Vulpix. However, Lillie is depressed because she can't touch Vulpix despite caring for it as an egg. Ash and his friends decide to help Lillie touch Vulpix. Will Lillie be able to bond with Vulpix?

    This Time:
    "Rocking Clawmark Hill!"
    Saturday June 24th, 9AM
    Rockruff has suddenly been coming back home covered in scratches. Ash and Professor Kukui find out that Rockruff has been training. Ash decides to help it with training for its next battle. Will Rockruff's training pay off and allow it to win in its next battle?
    The 20th season of Pokemon is here to promote the seventh generation.
    Disney XD is the new home for the Pokemon anime series.
    Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon will be released on November 17th.
    There is a main series Pokemon game in development for the Switch system.
    There will be a three hour marathon on July 1st with six brand new episodes.
    The episodes are available on both Disney XD's website and On Demand section.
    Please avoid using detailed spoilers here. Thank you.
  2. Light Lucario

    Light Lucario Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    May 11, 2007
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    I thought that this episode was pretty good. Rockruff is easily one of my favorite Alola Pokemon, so seeing it finally get some more attention is great. I was surprised to hear that it wasn't Professor Kukui's Pokemon though. I assumed it was this whole time considering how often it is with him and there wasn't anything indicating that it was a wild Pokemon beforehand. It does fit with how Rockruff are supposed to be loyal and friendly though.

    While Rockruff wasn't working on evolving like Sophocles suggested, it was trying to get stronger instead through those sparing matches with other wild Pokemon. That was pretty interesting since we don't see wild Pokemon training that often, let alone in a group. It was pretty nice to see Ash worried about Rockruff, but Professor Kukui knew that they had to wait until after the battle before confronting it. Of course Ash would be in favor of helping Rockruff train after seeing it battle.

    Ash was pretty energetic over his training methods, although I don't know how shaking Rockruff's head or wagging its tail was going to help it. Seeing Ash mimic a wagging tail was quite strange. At least his other methods like getting Kiawe's help to practice dodging Flamethrower made sense. Ash making himself a target for Rockruff's Rock Throw was a classic Ash training style. The class's reaction to it was kind of funny. They were just surprised and wondering if that would really hurt Ash.

    The battle against Magmar was a bit too short, but I think that was justified. Not only was Rockruff able to land a direct Rock Throw on it, but it was able to land a Tackle attack on it as it was falling from the sky. That would have made the damage all the more intense for Magmar. It was sweet how Professor Kukui wanted Ash to capture Rockruff only for Ash to ask if that was okay. Professor Kukui has been taking care of Rockruff all this time, but Ash was the one to help it learn Rock Throw, it trusts him the most now and he figured that it would be for the best for Ash to raise Rockruff instead. Like I said before, Rockruff is one of my favorite seventh generation Pokemon, I've wanted Ash to capture one since it was initially revealed and Ash desperately needs more Pokemon for his current team. It should be really cute to see Rockruff stick with Ash more and help him with future battles. It was cute how Ash kept running for the next phase of their training. Even Professor Kukui and Rotom Dex were running to keep up with them.

    Overall, this episode was pretty good. Admittedly, it did feel like they spent more time for the episode's setup and training session than they did for the battle and capture, which made the second half of the episode feel a bit rushed. It didn't really need to be a two parter, but it did seem like the time could have been better balanced out. Still, more Rockruff focus is always good in my book, it was nice to see Ash training a Pokemon on-screen again, even if some of the methods were weird, and the ending resolution was still pretty nice.

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