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Talkback: Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon: "A Glaring Rivalry!" [8/19]

Discussion in 'Disney/Pixar Forum' started by Light Lucario, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Light Lucario

    Light Lucario Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    May 11, 2007
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    Join Ash and Pikachu as they make new friend and explore the Alola region.

    Team Rocket makes Beware's cave their secret base.
    James captures a Mareanie.
    Lillie's egg hatches into a Vulpix.
    Lillie bonds with Vulpix who she nicknames Snowy
    Lillie is able to touch Snowy, but is still unable to touch other Pokemon.
    Ash captures Rockruff after helping it to learn Rock Throw.
    Mallow's Bounsweet evolves into Steenee.
    Ash challenges Tapu Koko to a rematch and loses.
    Ash captures Litten.
    Litten learns Fire Fang.
    Team Rocket gets a Darkinium Z Crystal before Team Skull could.
    Sophocles catches a Charjabug.

    Last Time:

    "So Long, Sophocles!"
    Sophocles learns that his family will be moving away soon. Ash and his friends decide to throw a going away celebration for Sophocles. However, Sophocles doesn't want to move away. Will Sophocles be able to stay at the Pokemon School?​

    This Time:
    "A Glaring Rivalry!"
    Saturday August 19th, 9AM
    A mysterious new trainer named Gladion has appeared on Melemele Island. His partner is a strong Lycanroc and of course, Ash wants to battle him. However, both Team Rocket and Team Skull are planning to steal his Pokemon. Will Ash and Gladion be able to defeat the two teams and have their battle?​

    The 20th season of Pokemon is here to promote the seventh generation.
    Disney XD is the new home for the Pokemon anime series.
    The first season of Pokemon in HD is available for digital purchase and rental.
    Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon will be released on November 17th.
    There is a main series Pokemon game in development for the Switch system.
    A code for a special Salazzle is available from GameStop until September 4th.
    The episodes are available on both Disney XD's website and On Demand section.
    Please avoid using detailed spoilers here. Thank you.
  2. PF9

    PF9 Member

    Jul 9, 2008
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    This was a rather decent episode. Seems like Gladion has a past he is running away from.
  3. AnotherRandomGuy

    AnotherRandomGuy The cat's in the cradle

    Oct 29, 2016
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    This is where things start to get really good.
  4. Light Lucario

    Light Lucario Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    May 11, 2007
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    I thought that this episode was pretty good. It was cool to see Gladion in the anime. His voice was a bit different than I expected and it was a bit too wooden in places, but it generally fit with the character. Giving him a Lycanroc Midnight form and Umbreon were great choices. They fit with his design and his edgelord kind of persona. Even his call while throwing Lycanroc's Pokeball was melodramatic. It was pretty funny how he quickly defeated the Team Skull grunts. I liked seeing Ash doing some practice battles with his Pokemon. I think that needs to happen more often, especially with Ash staying in one spot, since it helps to show that his Pokemon are getting stronger.

    I felt like they kind of overhyped Gladion just a bit, particularly when he battled the random sailor who questioned how much power could one Pokemon have. I love Lycanroc and Gladion is pretty cool, but it seemed like they were trying a bit too hard to make him super strong. It was probably so that Ash would be interested in battling with Gladion even more than he would be otherwise. His reaction to Lillie and Gladion being siblings was pretty funny. Lillie's voice is still too high pitched for me, but she was happy to see Gladion. Gladion was pretty distant, but he was glad that Lillie could touch Pokemon now and wanted her to take care of it. Gladion wasn't annoyed at Ash for asking for a battle like I thought he would. Ash's Z-Ring and battles against Tapu Koko got enough of his attention to have a battle.

    Lillie was worried about Gladion being so different. He seemed more emotional during the flashback with the Eevee, but he still cared about Lillie and wanted her to take care of Snowy, so it's not like he was mean or anything. He didn't seem interested in coming back home even for a moment, so it does make me wonder if they're getting closer to adapting both his and Lillie's roles in the storyline. It seemed kind of weird for Umbreon to give him a notice for their battle, but Gladion wanted to be dramatic.

    The battle itself was pretty decent. Rockruff was excited to watch Lycanroc before, so it made sense Ash would use it for this battle. Lycanroc did have more powerful moves, but Rockruff was holding its own pretty well. I don't know if it would have won, but it probably could have lasted awhile longer if Team Rocket didn't show up. It was neat that Rockruff saved them since that probably made Lycanroc respect it more. Gladion using a Z-move against Team Rocket was pretty cool. It almost looked like they were blasting off just before Bewear showed up, which was pretty funnny. It was basically a blast off with Bewear.

    I wish that they had finished the battle. After all of the hype for Gladion in this episode, Ash didn't even get a chance to battle him. At least he learned about how he could get the Rock type Z-Crystal, but that does tie in with an issue I do have with the series. Ash's motivation for the Trials has been weirdly out of character. I thought that the Island Trials would play a bigger role here after the second episode, but Ash hasn't focused on them that much. Even his motivation for taking on the first Trial was weird. He just woke up, remembered that he couldn't use a Z-Move and wanted to get more Z-Crystals. Considering how he was always eager to head to the next Gym in pretty much every series, it feels really weird. Maybe it would be okay if we saw more of Ash training with his Pokemon or have him mention that he doesn't feel ready to take on the next set of trials without some more training, but he hasn't and we don't see him training with his Pokemon that often. I'm pretty sure Ash hasn't even talked about doing any more trials since his first Grand Trial and that was nearly twenty episodes ago. To be fair, important events have happened between those episodes, so it's not like Ash hasn't been doing anything, but it seems like he should be more focused on the Island Trials than he actually is.

    The school setting might also be more of a problem than I initially expected. I don't mind it that much when it's usually just a backdrop or another excuse for Ash to be in Alola, but when we have moments like Ash panicking that he'll be late for Pokemon School here or that open house episode where he had to explain what he has learned from the school, it kind of draws too much attention to how little it's used. If we saw what he was learning from the Pokemon School, that could help, but since we don't, it does make me question how valuable it is in the grand scheme of things. It isn't more important than the Island Trials, but Ash spends more time with Pokemon School stuff than doing the Island Trials or being focused on them. I don't think that the school setting bothers me as much as it does with other fans, but drawing attention to it can make me more confused by it.

    I don't know why he didn't want Lillie to watch their battle, but maybe he's just nervous going all out with his little sister watching. Overall, it was a pretty good episode. I was hoping it would give a bit more about Gladion and especially give him a full battle with Ash, but they probably just wanted to give the audience a taste of what Gladion will be like to get them more interested in his next appearance. Hopefully Gladion will be a good rival for Ash.

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