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Survivor 3: Tribal Council #1

Discussion in 'Reality Bytes' started by Colin, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Colin

    Colin Oh... this is not good.
    Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 22, 2001
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    *The Trajan Tribe slowly walks into the courtyard where Tribal Council will be conducted*

    Good Evening, Trajan, and welcome to your first tribal council. Before we begin, I have spoken with the Lord and Master of this Castle, and he has allowed a special guest to appear at Tribal Council that I wish to introduce to you. Going forward, this guest will be at all Tribal Councils to escort the tribe member who is voted off into the Survivor Afterlife... That's right, I have made arrangements for Death aka the Grim Reaper to be joining us at Tribal Council. Please welcome the Grim Reaper now.... *the Grim Reaper slowly enters the courtyard* [​IMG]
    Grim Reaper: "Hello!"
    Colin:WHAT?!?! I thought this was the REAL Grim Reaper he was sending down...
    Grim Homer: Oh, he's busy, so I'm stepping in. Don't worry I'll do just as good of a job as that Grim Persamathingy...
    Colin: Greeeeeat.

    Well, now that Grim Homer has joined us... Trajan Tribe... before you sit down, you should see a skull with your name engraved upon it. Normally in Survivor, we use burning torches to signify your life in the game... here in Transylvania, we shall be using burning skulls. Please find the skull with your name and carefully set it ablaze....

    Now, let's talk about the challenge...

    Top Cat... The challenge... What happened? I received no entry from the Trajan tribe? Was it a gap in communication that may have caused the issue? Was the challenge even attempted?

    Zach... It's always tough being the first tribe to attend Tribal Council. It's also always tougher to be the first person to be voted out. How do you feel going in to Tribal Council tonight? Do you feel safe?

    J'onn... Voting someone off is never an easy decision. What will be influencing your decision tonight?

    We will have more questions posed as time permits... It's just about time to get to the voting. However, before we start, there's one new element to Tribal Council that needs to be announced. The Spirits have chosen an individual to remain safe on your tribe. Should this individual be voted out, the ancient rites of Spiritual Protection shall allow that player to remain in the game, and the player with the second highest number of votes will be escorted from the Castle by Grim Homer...

    At this time, we shall begin voting. Remember, all votes are to be cast via PRIVATE MESSAGE to myself. Do NOT publicly reveal your vote. Once you have cast your vote, it may not be changed. You have until 12 NOON on SATURDAY to cast your vote. (If all votes are received early, they shall be revealed earlier)

    Good Luck!
  2. Colin

    Colin Oh... this is not good.
    Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 22, 2001
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    It's time to tally the votes.

    *Colin walks over to the urn and returns to the group*

    Remember, once the decision is read, the vote is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. Let's reveal the votes.

    First vote... <<Zach>>
    Second vote... <<Spyro99>>
    Third vote... <<J'onnJ'onzz>>... one vote each to Zach, Spyro, and J'onn
    Fourth vote... <<Ishtar>>

    No fifth vote was cast. We have a four-way tie... however, there was some spiritual intervention... and J'onn, at this Tribal Council the Spirits chose to protect you.

    Now we are left with a three-way tie between Zach, Spyro and Ishtar. Ties will be settled by the Spirits that haunt our terrain...

    *Colin walks over to a mysteriously shrouded figure and is handed an envelope. After Colin receives the envelope, the figure collapses into a pile of bones.*

    The Spirits have spoken, and have chosen to vote off...


    Spyro, you must bring me your flaming skull.

    *Spyro walks towards Colin*

    Spyro, the tribe and the spirits have spoken.

    *Colin douses the flame on the skull*

    At this time, Grim Homer will escort you out of the Castle. I hope you make it out alive... Good Luck!

    *Homer & Spyro walk out... Spyro with a strange look of fear in his eye*

    Trajan tribe, after a disappointing first showing at the immunity challenge, and a completely random voting a tribal council. I fear for you all. You are 4... but I'm not sure you are 4-strong. It's time to head back to your camp and start preparing for our next challenge.

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